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For students and alumni of CSULB. California State University, Long Beach.

2023.06.08 10:27 SomeShawarmaDude What makes Kuwait unique? (Visit)

Kuwait doesn't have much of a tourism sector, it also takes very long to process visa due to war trauma.
So just curious, what incentive would I have for visiting? As a resident in Qatar.
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2023.06.08 10:27 EngineeringOdd2235 what's the best oil painting reproduction company?-paintingu.com

what's the best oil painting reproduction company?-paintingu.com
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2023.06.08 10:27 MicrowaveBurns The ethnic Bashkir fighters of Rota Bashkort in the UAF have published an appeal to the peoples of Eastern Russia: "the Russian Empire shall soon cease to exist, then our people will gain their long-awaited freedom. It's time to act! Rise up! Fight for your independence!"

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2023.06.08 10:26 gonshairlinee How many of you are living the “broke student life”?

This is really just a post for reassurance. I’m honestly well off compared to some of my peers but my normal cheque account is on the verge of entering triple figures. This would normally be alright since I’d work during the break but I got way too many assignments due on the first week back (take 4 year long courses) so fuck that shit, school comes first. I refuse to accept money from my parents, they’re already providing me with a roof to stay under. Guess I’m gonna start living on tuna and crackers til the next sem break where I’ll finally be able to work. (I never work during uni, tried that in my first sem and my grades subsequently suffered).
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2023.06.08 10:26 Batteredcode [D] CycleGAN performance immediately deteriorates

[D] CycleGAN performance immediately deteriorates
Hi, I've been trying to train a CycleGAN on spectrograms for a while now but I'm really struggling to get very far. I'm using this model and a dataset of about 6000 512x512 mel spectrograms. No matter what I do, my results start of at their best (not necessarily great) and get worse after 1, maybe 2 epochs. For a long time 'the best' wasn't very good, however I've finally got somewhere so the first 2 epochs' results actually look half decent.
I'm assuming my loss functions aren't working correctly, as they explode at the same time. I can post more info about the specifics I'm using in the model, but I guess I'm looking for general ideas of what I might be doing wrong.
more info:
- images are resized down to 256x256 - the generator architecture is resnet_6blocks - there 32 filters at the last layer - discriminator is 4 layers deep - lr has generally been 0.002 but on my most recent run I tried 0.0002 and it seemed to maybe hang around in the minima for a bit longer before exploding - image attached shows loss functions
Thanks a lot
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2023.06.08 10:26 No_Surround7716 Anyone fixed thiroid problems/autoimmune diseases through fasting?

Hello everyone. I got a extensive blood test because I am always very tired and feel like I had something choking my throat. Long story short, they found me high anti-tpo (5 times more than the limit) and that might cause my problems and it's probably due to hashimotos disease. An autoimmune disease, so no official cure for that. Anyone had any experience from something similar and if fasting helped them heal it? I am just thinking of trying an extended water fast and hope that autophagy will heal myself... Because today's doctors only prescribe to take hormones to balance the effect but I don't wanna live like that for the rest of my life... (male 27y.o.)
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2023.06.08 10:26 Brief_Milk_5385 [Tenant -US-CA] Landlord not wanting to provide a written vacate notice

We rent in Los Angeles and have been in this duplex for 7 years. On the 1st of this month the landlord called me on the phone to let me know he sold the property and will need us to move out within 30 days. He also agree to pay us $8,000 to move out for rental relocation assistance. I texted him afterwards if it was possible to get a written notice about this as well as more questions about the money being offered since the Los Angeles website descubes that it would be more since I’m disabled renting a 4 bedroom unit. A day goes by and no response. I texted him again the same thing and immediately get a phone call. First thing he says is, “wow, after everything we’ve done for you as landlords, I can’t believe you’re doing this to us” keep in mind I have NEVER been late on rent ever. He decides to come by and still collect rent, while offering us $13,000 to move out now. Something seems illegal here? Any advice on how to handle this?
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2023.06.08 10:25 Unusual-Help-2500 BPI Mobile No. Registration

Hi! Would like to know lang how long did the bank take bago nila na register yung mobile number niyo in their system?
To give you guys context, I do not have any savings acct sa BPI. Pero I still took a chance na mag-apply for a CC and luckily I got approved last May. I already received the card. Pero I cannot register my acct sa BPI Digital App kasi wala daw record yung mobile number ko.
I already went to the bank and filled out the form last June 2, Friday. Pero until now same na prompt pa din lumalabas sa app.
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2023.06.08 10:25 DJayRainstorm Looking for books with AI/robotic Main Characters

I've always loved stories that deal with societies of robots, AI, robot wars, human consciousness in a robot, etc. Examples: Detroit: become human, choice of robots, primordia, Chappie, We are Bob, anything by Isaac Asimov
So I'm looking for books with similar stories to those games, movies, and books I listed. Assume I've read all the popular ones, though feel free to list them since it's possible I missed one, but I'm seriously open to anything as long as it has robots, preferably books that are less well known though. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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2023.06.08 10:25 MA-121Hunter AITA for not leaving my waiter a tip tonight?

Took the wife a kids to El Nopal tonight. When we got there our waiter sat us right behind an very old man probably in his late 80's that was wearig a VFW hat and shirt. He was eating alone and this kinda killed me inside to see. Asked the waiter if he had gave the elderly man his ticket yet and when he said no I told him I would like to pay it.
We were right beside the register and the waiter was by his boss telling this vet that someone picked up the tab. I couldn't make out the whole conversation but the older gentleman had a hand full of money and put it on the table. I looked at it and it was 4 $5 bills. The waiter comes and scoops it up. When we got our bill and his, his total for everything was $16.97.
I was pissed. At the waiter and myself. I should have said "Thank you for your service. I'd like to pay for your meal." The waiter could have said "This guy left his tab on the table, so you don't need to pay for it." It's simple fucking etiquette. Instead the waiter saw an opportunity and the only one we really helped out was him in the long run.
The waiter we had was decent but in my head, that was a shitty thing to do so for the second time in my life, I didn't leave a tip. AITA?
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2023.06.08 10:25 SweetUploader Ready for the beach!

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2023.06.08 10:25 SaltyLittleLich Having trouble with pachies? Here's some advice from a pachy player!

So, complaining about pachies is the flavor of the month, just like last time was anos, and before that was rex, and before that was kentro, and before that was stego, and before that was conc, and it goes on and on.
They're really not hard to kill, I have a quest log with dozens of unclaimed pachy trophies to back that up. I play solo, and even earlier today I won a 2v1 against random pachies, and then a 3v1 when they came back with another friend.
Here are some of the things you need to know.
  1. Pachy is tied for the lowest herbivore health.
  2. Pachy is slower than a lot of carnivores (and one herbivore) that can easily beat them.
  3. Pachy has a low combat weight at only 2000, and because of that, low damage.
Alright, there's the facts, now here's how to use them. First off, the meta for pachy is double speed. It makes them ridiculously squishy. Secondly, all fast dinos that have tight turn radiuses warp around. It's not their connection or yours, it's just the servers. Anyone who's played for long enough knows that raptors and young megs are literally impossible to kill if they know how to abuse it. Concs used to abuse it when they were meta before the bleed nerfs, because you could apply bleed before the person sees you right beside them.
The trick is to attack before the pachy gets to you. They're not that fast, so you can generally guess their pattern. They'll loop back to you, and that's when they'll attack. Attack just before they get to you, and worse case you'll trade damage. With a little practice, you'll hit them every time. I can't remember the last time I lost more than half of my health killing another pachy, and it's just from learning when to attack.
You can also back up to a wall. This keeps them from getting behind you, and forces them to trade damage. Since pretty much anything you're playing as will have more health and weight, this is ideal for you. And once again, if you're playing sty, the reflect bleed they'll take if you're the 2x sub is enough to kill them without even attacking back.
Bleed annihilates pachies. Defense doesn't reduce bleed, so lone survivor and a defense hide on a brawler pachy like mine do nothing to stop bleed damage. Sty absolutely shreds pachies, and is faster than them. Allo's claw attack has a ridiculously huge range and cone, and 2 of those to a pachy's head will kill it, while it takes them 40+ hits to kill you. The more they run, the more they bleed, and pachy has to keep running or they die.
Venom isn't a big deal now, but with the stamina changes coming soon, metri will be a huge threat (and I believe metri will be the PvP dino to replace pachy) because a pachy without stam is dead.
If it's a group of pachies, don't chase. That's the worst thing you can do as the others will charge you from behind and the sides. Play smart, use terrain to your advantage. Pachies are atrocious in water. If you can lure them in, they'll be out of stamina extremely fast, and they're super slow and vulnerable. A lot of other dinos like dasps, allos, etc. are tall enough that they can float just deep enough to keep breathing, but the pachy has to swim to reach you, and when it does, it's dead.
Pachies are like megs, most are bad players who see people complain and think pachy is an 'I win' button. Most only punish other bad players, while skilled players wipe them out. But with that in mind, even the best pachy player isn't going to beat a decent sty or half a dozen others.
Pycno groups are death for pachies. Just don't stop and let them get behind you. And if you do, use tail attacks! Crouch and use tail attacks if you're playing something tall as they'll be doing reduced damage to your back while you do increased damage to their head.
Water and bumps on the ground, or even smooth rock surfaces all cancel out pachy's charge. Charge is also lower damage than just a headbutt, unlike ceratopsian charges. When you hear them snorting, turn to a side and run back at them. They can't turn fast enough to hit you, and you'll make them waste a ton of stamina if they don't immediately cancel the charge.
That's really all it comes down to. Don't let them bait you into chasing so you're at a disadvantage, bite just before they get to you, and use terrain to your advantage.
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2023.06.08 10:25 skirilla i need some help

(15F) lately, i dont feel like im good enough. i dont have any real skills. i feel like im very average (or bad, even) at living life. i have done nothing at all, with my life. im an average student, have no social skills, no particular interests (i loved drawing but i eventually dropped it, i failed to get better at it and lost the spark of it. i also loved singing, and i actually attend singing classes. but they feel something like a burden for me to attend, so i dont enjoy that either so im not quite good at these, as well). i play video games, but none of which im good at.
i always ask my mother why im so bad at everything. she tells me that i have a good personality. i may sound kind of immature on this one, but what is good about having a good personality? its not like anyone is nice to me. i used to be a kind person in elementary school, but everyone just used me. now i dont even talk to anyone in real life.
she (my mother) asks me why i don't continue to draw anymore. all i literally do is sit to a screen. i feel miserable about it, but i GENUINELY don't have the mental energy for anything else, it just seems easier to sit by myself to a laptop in the dark room listening to music. whenever someone asks me what my hobbies are, i always have a hard time answering the question...as i dont enjoy it anymore. i rlly wanted to give this another try, but its just hard to do it. i thought i would catch up with drawing over the summer vacation, but i neither got the actual time (due to insane amount of homework) and the motivation to do it.
i have some physical issue in real life, so, a lot of times i am not in the state to study my materials. but even when i am healthy, im not doing anything special... just sitting in a corner of my room, because it just feels like too much mental effort to compensate, no matter what, i just cant do it...and its kind of starting to harm my year. i cant afford screwing up, but its so difficult not to.
also, i dont know why, but i feel like im taking my family for granted. i want to spend time with family more, but it feels easier to just stick to the electronic like a zombie. i feel miserable because i dont know how to manage my time with studies, family time, hobbies and screen time.
am i possibly too young to face this? am i too weak? am i possibly doing SOMETHING wrong with my life, that i end up in this state? why am i so bad at living life? im kind of lost, so i really think i could use some guidance. im starting to think that i'm at fault because maybe its due to how much of screentime im using. i dont want to ruin my school year(bonus point: my school uses google classroom simultaneously for posting material, so a lot of stuff is digital), so i need some advice to get some sh*t together. i dont want to continue having to be a slave to these electronics. im sorry about the long paragraphs but i am in DESPERATE need of help. if you help me, i will be grateful towards you. if u have read this far, thanks a lot. lastly, my english is not great as im not a native speaker, so pls cut me some slack.
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2023.06.08 10:25 melofelo21 ACC Puerta del Sol Summer Sublease

Hi all,
I’m urgently looking to sublet my Puerta Del Sol 2 bed-2 bath shared starting June 19 to early September. The time span of the lease/move-in is negotiable.
Rent is $768/month + electricity fees and the room may be shared with another roommate. Must be a female UCI student.
Please message me for more details if you’re interested!
I am usually more responsive on discord (jamiiie#6319) or instagram (@jamiiee.ee).
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2023.06.08 10:25 quis2121 Wish Willow would've died

So she gets saved by Nina's aunt. She was on deaths door and comes out on the other side and she's still saying Nina, a woman who's mom put her in a 20 yr coma, would've been worse to have as a mom than the woman that put her into a sex cult, murdered people including attempting murder on Carly, and was a outright criminal who time after time put her life in danger? Excuse my language, but get the entire fuck outta here. Nina messed up and did do an unforgivable thing. Nina was also an asshole to Willow and has caused damage and stress to her family. I'm not saying Willow has to forgive Nina, but worse than Harmony? Would these writers please write something remotely believable? If she was just gonna come out of this the exact same then what was the point of this long boring storyline? I can't for the life of me see how anyone can like or enjoy this character. I wish she would've kicked bricks all the way to the upper room
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2023.06.08 10:25 WimmelSan Stellar Warp - character of choice

Stellar Warp - character of choice
Hi team,
I almost concluded my 300 Star Rail Pass warps, and am almost entitled to choose a character.

I already have Gepard, Welt and Himeko, and am in doubt which character to add to my team. I love to work with a solid base for long fights on auto-battle with Gepard, Welt and Natascha and would like to add a complementary member.
Short fights i tend to work with Welt, Natascha, Asta and Dan Heng. Welt is really my favorite goto character.
My thoughts and doubts so far:
Bronya: at this point i think Bronya will be the most beneficial to me. For wind encounters i always use Dan Heng and a second wind char could work out for me. (not a big fan of Sampo).
Clara: As i have a lot of suvivability (heal and shield) in my team, if I need a DPS on physical, i take Sushang, so i am in doubt about Clara if she will bring something to the table.
Yanqing: I honestly don't know much about this little fella. But as a tend to use Gepard often, having a second Ice character, doesnt has the highest prio?
Bailu: this is a tough one, and she is as high on my list as Bronya right now. I really like Natascha as a healer, but i wonder if Bailu brings something extra what Natascha can't?
Out of the box: what about choosing Welt another time, as an Eidolon?
Any input is welcome, thanks
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2023.06.08 10:25 lemon_bottle Bloggers who host statically, do you use Jekyll or Pelican to roll your blog posts?

There are many static generators available in the FOSS market but these two are quite popular I guess. I had switched from Jekyll to Pelican a long time ago but considering moving back to Jekyll now, especially due to github pages providing built-in integration.
At that time, I had thought my Python knowledge would be somewhat useful in configuring Pelican but an overall assessment of the two tools is now more leaning in favor of Jekyll I think.
For one, you don't have to actually "generate" the blog posts with Jekyll. Since github provides the cool integration, you can even use the github web interface to create a markdown file inside _posts folder and start writing your post. With other site generators, you must be on a laptop or PC to run those tools, generate the HTML files and then push them to github. This process is a bit tedious and it makes sense switching to Jekyll instead, what do you think?
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2023.06.08 10:24 MicrowaveBurns The ethnic Bashkir fighters of Rota Bashkort in the UAF have published an appeal to the peoples of eastern Russia: "The Russian empire shall soon cease to exist, then our people will gain their long-awaited freedom. It's time to act! Rise up! Fight for your independence!"

The ethnic Bashkir fighters of Rota Bashkort in the UAF have published an appeal to the peoples of eastern Russia: submitted by MicrowaveBurns to UkraineWarVideoReport [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:24 EmperorWetBread I feel like I'm going to breakdown soon, I genuinely feel like my life is a lost cause right now

I turned 25 last month, I haven't gotten anywhere in life, everything I've done has just been for someone else and I've gotten nothing for hard work, loyalty, whatever. I've lost alot of hope and saying all this is disheartening is an understatement. I'm tired of starting over and barely being able to do anything because most of my money goes to rent, travel and a few groceries.
I'm constantly stressed, second guessing, overthinking or feel overwhelmed, my nails haven't grown at all the past threw weeks because I've been biting them.
I was gyspy living for a bit and finally got a place. But it's not a place I want to be, the two room mates are younger than me and bogan and one of then doesn't work and they're both irresponsible
I feel like my life has never been my own, like at all, I'm so damn lonely, I've noticed I've started to get fairly teary recently when I think and I get emotional, ultimately I just don't know what to do anymore, I haven't had any direction and I feel like I've already run out of time
Sorry for pointless rant, I needed to do this just to feel a tad better, though if anyone has any advice, I'd be happy to hear it.
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2023.06.08 10:24 Bramil20 Another renotoid complaining about Landqueen for no reason at all

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2023.06.08 10:24 som1takethispainaway I can't help myself

Every person has their own pain they go through. Some more horrible than others. Some are left with wounds that never heal, minds that are broken, and night terrors left in their life. It is a tragedy that humans have to go through these turmoils.
You, we, us, as humans, go through so much in life just to be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. Go through hordes of problems and yet we all pass at different times for different reasons.

Something I wrote when I am at my lowest. Something that goes through my mind like a TV show stuck on that one scene.

When you have been beaten and troddened by people you trust in the whole world, you try one more time to open your heart and trust them. Maybe you have gone through a divorce and you can't pick a side. Side A says Side B is wrong, while Side B says Side A is wrong. Who to trust?
Let's say you go to Side A, listen and trust that they are saying the truth. After years of manipulation and abuse, so much abuse to the point you break down in the middle of your weekend shift in highschool; You realize how demented, twisted, and damaged goods you have become. You are cynical, rude, and judgemental. You blame your problems and mental strain on Side B. You cry your heart out with Side A and think they are your saviors and the right side. Side A tells you and soothes you that you caused most problems that occured in your life. You are blamed for the abuse and mistreated. You feel that Side A is right, that you are responsible for it all. You want to escape but you don't know how.
You meet a lovely partner who wants the best for you. Doesn't care about your scars or mental instability that breaks every so often. They are there for you, thick and thin. You begin to trust them even if Side A screams and begs you not to go. You fall in love, elope, get married and 'escape' the grasps of Side A. Your partner doesn't push your boundaries, doesn't hurt you mentally or blames you for ruining their day. Doesn't force or push you when you are in the bedroom. They are respectful and loving, something that you never had when with Side A.
Fast forward years, you become anguished over the years of torment you went through, how you were treated, how much you were 'brainwashed'. Your partner keeps you sane and holds your hand through it all. Eventually, your partner wants you to see the bigger picture and see Side B's story. But only when you are ready and emotional prepared. What a loving partner.
You reconnect with Side B and learn of what they went through. You hear their stories, their torments and anguish. You learn more that Side A manipulated you and twisted the truth. How horrible and gut wrenching it feels to be used and lied to. Side B must be trustworthy since they shared their experiences and their pains. You feel guilty that you were played by Side A and did not look farther into the truth. How shameful you feel. Since B supports you and engulfs you with love and care. Not yelled at, manipulated with crocodile tears or lied to. It felt good to be cared for by the long lost family you thought were evil. You thought Side B was the manipulators and caused all the grief when it was right in front of your face. How dumb you feel, how humiliating, thinking of how you stood up for Side A in the courts, how you thought you were doing right by them. Side B comforts you and makes sure you know the whole truth. They make sure you know how horrible Side A is and how much they are a narcissist manipulator. Almost as every gathering you have with them...a little too much.
You feel at...ease finally. Able to trust some side properly and understand the whole picture. You were there with Side A and you heard what Side B went through. It felt good to know each side and which is right and wrong. But wait, why is there still some tension? Maybe your brain is tricking yourself that it's just years of abuse that cause you to think that way...no no, Side B is correct now. You ignore that sinking feeling that creeps up on you. How you wished you ignored it.
I'm sorry I can't write anymore
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2023.06.08 10:24 Pocket26 [EVENT] The State of the Boyar Duma, 1520

15 April 1520
The Duma has long been an important institution of the Muscovite state, the council through which the nobles could limit, oppose, or support the Grand Prince as the first among equals. However, as the princely states began to be consolidated, so too did the power of the Grand Prince over his nobles. No longer could they threaten to abandon him for the service of another prince, for there were no more princes left to turn to. As such, the council had slowly morphed into a body of advisors rather than decisionmakers. Regardless, Dmitri’s grandfather Ivan III had made a point of consulting with his boyars and encouraging pushback on decisions they disagreed with. While this had certainly given the boyars greater influence in the realm, the nature of Russian administration prevented them from obtaining threatening powerbases.
Grand Prince Dmitri was also inclined to follow his grandfather’s example when dealing with the governing council, dictated primarily by his humanist approach to life. Of course, his faltering war record also forced him to take a more conciliatory tone, lest his boyars feel the need to relieve him of his duties. Until he could prove himself a capable ruler, he would have to cede the floor to them more than he’d like.
With this in mind, he has issued an updated list of boyars and convened the council to discuss the recovery of the state following the long war with their neighbours.
Name Rank
Prince Dmitry Fedorovich Belsky Okol'nichy
Prince Ivan Andreevich Chelyadnin Boyar
Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Vorotynsky Okol'nichy
Prince Semyon Fedorovich Kurbsky Boyar
Prince Vasily Danilovich Kholmsky Boyar
Prince Zakhary Ivanovich Sugorsky Boyar, Treasurer
Prince Ivan Dmitrievich Pronsky Boyar
Prince Yuri Dmitrievich Pronsky Okol'nichy
Prince Mikhail Ivanovich Bulgakov Boyar
Prince Boris Fedorovich Ovchina-Telepnev-Obolensky Okol'nichy
Prince Ivan Meshka Bulgakov Boyar
Prince Dmitry Ivanovich Bulgakov Boyar
Prince Vasily Ivanovich Shemyachich Okol'nichy
Prince Vasily Vasilyevich Nemoy Shuisky Okol'nichy
Prince Boris Ivanovich Gorbaty-Shuisky Okol'nichy
Prince Mikhail Danilovich Shchenyatev Boyar
Prince Ivan Timofeyevich Dolgorukov Okol'nichy
Prince Varfolomey Grigoryevich Glebov Okol'nichy
Prince Grigory Nikitich Rzhevsky Okol'nichy
Prince Timofey Alexandrovich Trostensky Okol'nichy
Prince Ivan Vasilyevich Belevsky Okol'nichy
Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Repnya-Obolensky Okol'nichy
Prince Pyotr Semyonovich Loban Ryapolovsky Okol'nichy
Prince Ivan Andreevich Mikulinsky Okol'nichy
Prince Semyon Fedorovich Kurbsky Okol'nichy
Prince Vasily Semyonovich Odoevsky Boyar
Prince Ivan Vasilyevich Telepnev-Obolensky the Mute Okol'nichy
Prince Mikhail Danilovich Shchenyatev Boyar
Prince Joseph Andreevich Okol'nichy
Prince Vasily Danilovich Penkov Boyar
Prince Pyotr Semyonovich Loban Ryapolovsky Okol'nichy
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