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2017.07.22 18:57 Watch and Learn

Gifs, videos, etc. that teach you something.

2015.04.22 06:28 SwagmasterEDP the thicker the skin, the better the roast

Roasting (v.) - To humorously mock or humiliate someone with a well-timed joke, diss or comeback. (As defined by urbandictionary) Hone your roasting skills, meet other roasters, and get yourself roasted! Everybody needs to laugh at themselves! And other people, of course!

2011.06.28 22:18 fuzzy_dunnlop Rest in Power, Young Dolph

THE subreddit for trap muzik, dirty south, drill, crunk or any other rap you would bang in the club or during a drive by. If someone has referred to your hip-hop as “ignorant”, “materialistic”, “violent”, or “stupid” but you know the shit bangs hard, you belong here.

2023.06.10 06:29 gaigeyxox have any of you gotten covid so far?

heya frens. im currently recovering from a covid infection. first time with the plague, i did everything i could to avoid it. i failed i guess and learned the hard way this shit is not just a cold i could feel the organ damage i was getting happen in real time. im concerned that aome chronic or longer term things will persist but its too early to call on that.
i guess i just feel lonely cus of it. lonely and bleak. i was high on life so hard before this happened. i fell in love, found a lot of motivation for my ambitions, i have all these big plans and i have community and im fully accepted as a woman in every community i go in and out of for the most part (on little communes and some other set ups, i travel a lot to new places) ive found my self worth, confidence, self love all this good stuff i was lacking my whole life. i even managed to maintain a hopeful optimistic worldview and framework and am told im a shining light in other people i meets dark bleak worlds. its fufilling
and right now all of that feels so robbed from me. hoping i can get back into the thick of it asap but its hard for me to do much at all, hard for me to socialize, being faced with the underbelly of the pandemic just put me in this depressed dark bleak mad at society headspace(which im always mad at society but in a productive motivating way, this feels defeating). i literally thought i was going to die and so i had to let myself explore that possibility and reflect on my life from that scary dark pov. i feel defeated. and now im just waiting to see the results of this dice roll life forced me to take on the Disability Roulette Table™️
my life was just starting, i dont want it to be over. which im pretty optimistic realistically that ill recover fine enough to not even spend any time thinking about it like this, but theres a chance i wont. and im still so tired and exhausted from it, its only been 11 days since the onset though. too early to tell anything like that.
thanks for responding i love you all keep fighting the good fight <3
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2023.06.10 06:29 BitcoinSatosh Cashing Out Moons During the All-Time High

I wanted to share some insights and tips on cashing out your Moons tokens during their all-time high. For those who are unfamiliar, Moons are community points on the Ethereum blockchain that are earned through active participation in the CryptoCurrency subreddit. These tokens can be a great way to engage with the community while also potentially gaining some value over time.
Now, let's get to the exciting part: selling your Moons at their peak!
  1. Stay Up-to-Date: Keep an eye on the market and subreddit discussions to identify when Moons are experiencing a surge in value. Market trends, positive news about cryptocurrencies, and general hype around the crypto space can all contribute to an increase in Moons' value.
  2. Choose the Right Time: Timing is crucial! You want to sell your Moons when the market is bullish and demand is high. Pay attention to the price charts and observe if there's a consistent upward trend. Consider selling when the price has reached a significant milestone or all-time high.
  3. Find the Best Exchange: Look for reliable and trustworthy exchanges that support Moons trading. Check if they offer competitive fees and have a user-friendly interface. Some popular options include decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap and centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.
  4. Set Realistic Targets: Determine your profit goals and set realistic expectations. It's essential to have a clear plan in mind before selling. Consider selling in increments rather than all at once to mitigate the risk of potential price fluctuations.
  5. Be Mindful of Gas Fees: Gas fees on the Ethereum network can be high during peak times. Ensure you have enough ETH to cover the transaction fees when cashing out your Moons. Timing your transactions during periods of lower network congestion can help minimize these costs.
  6. Manage Your Taxes: Keep in mind that selling Moons for a profit may have tax implications depending on your country's regulations. Consult with a tax professional to understand your obligations and ensure you comply with local laws.
  7. Secure Your Funds: After cashing out your Moons, prioritize securing your funds. Consider transferring your profits to a hardware wallet or a secure software wallet for long-term storage. This step helps safeguard your assets against potential hacks or exchange-related risks.
Remember, investing and trading cryptocurrencies involve risks, and the market can be highly volatile. It's crucial to do your own research, assess your risk tolerance, and make informed decisions based on your individual circumstances.
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2023.06.10 06:29 SoCal714- Free comp rare team sig hit!

Free comp rare team sig hit!
But I already have his prime completed.... Long term project indeed
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2023.06.10 06:29 drugtlex Switching careers from a data analyst to something else?

Hi, I'm 22 years old and I graduated from college a year ago. I've been working as a data analyst for about a year now, including a 6-month internship and 7 months as a full-time employee at an e-commerce company.
I'm feeling burnt out and I'm no longer passionate about being a data analyst. I feel like I'm not making a real difference, and I'm constantly stressed and overworked. I'm thinking of switching careers, but I'm not sure what I want to do.
I'm considering becoming an SQL developer because I have a good command of SQL. I'm also proficient in Excel, Tableau, and data analysis. But still, no real clue.
What kind of jobs should I look out for with the experience I have and as a fresher? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 06:28 Maleficent_Loan_27 What happens after campaign?

Not literally, no spoilers pls.I love this game way too much so I’ve been putting off story, so far it’s my favorite part of the game. Everyone one , literally everyone is telling me the game starts after campaign, but Im worried I’ll get bored. I’m level 48 Act 5 , havent done a single side quest so maybe that’ll hold me up & I haven’t done pvp.
Also I’ve been so fuckin excited bc the edition I bought had a battle pass I thought but where tf is that at? Does new seasons mean more story / quests / locations? Sorry for so many questions
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2023.06.10 06:28 yeechiaaaa It’s been a week since I’ve gone to In Your Dream Concert and here’s what I’ve got to share.

Just want to document this experience down and also share it here to anyone who’s interested. I was there on Day 3 and I had a blast. (It is going to be long.)
First off, setlist. Most of the songs were kept the same from TDS2 (except a few removals like Boom, Diggity, My Youth, Walk With You, Beatbox, We Go Up was played during pre-encore), but we got Drippin’, Rewind and Graduation. Haechan did mention that they didn’t have much time to prepare for this, yet the boys did great.
Some songs had new arrangements and I personally enjoyed them - they did the Glitch Mode domino choreo version with lots of dancers (so dope), Hot Sauce with Jaem taking the center and leading the intro beats with taps and claps, TTF was a band version with Chenle’s incredible extended adlibs at the end of the song (he said he did it jokingly during rehearsal and everyone ended up liking it so he did it during the concert).
Ending it with the sequence Rewind, Dear DREAM, Graduation was genius, esp for older fans like me who has gone through the part where members had to face the uncertainty of not being a fixed unit, to seeing the achievements these boys have reached today - it was an emotional ride.
Secondly, the members. Mark keeps getting better looking by the day! Even though his condition wasn’t great that night (the members mentioned it during instalive after), you can’t tell at all, he gives his 802% throughout. And you can clearly tell Mark loves and dotes on his dongsaeng members A LOT, just so much love in his ments and just the way he looks and interacts with them. Soo endearing to see.
Renjun remains everyone’s Heather, the chemistry between him and the members during stage interaction were so good I always look forward to them. When he had that solo spotlight during ANL bridge, he sounded sooo heavenly. He was in high-spirits that day, literally rolling on the stage and all that. But I thought it was really nice of him to mention the story about a fan who listened to Hello Future and gained strength for her operation during his ending ment. He got emotional and almost cried aww
Jeno is just electrifying on stage whenever he does the cooler tracks like Stronger, Countdown - his energy is unmatched. Yet on the other spectrum he’s such a softie (and cutie of course) when performing the ballads and more light-hearted tracks. Like TDS2, he said “I love you” to the members again that night during his ending ment that caught everyone’s surprised - such an endearing moment!
Haechan is my bias and he keeps proving why he is. His dance is so captivating everytime, his honey-like voice melts in my ears whenever he sings. He absolutely killed that opening of MFAL acapella version when there was no bgm or back vocals but his voice. He’s also such the moodmaker (which indirectly created the chaos where fans ask the members to reveal their abs), showing the 7Dream friendship rings to fans (he also revealed they did discuss to have a design for fans, hopefully this happens!)
Jaemin is another level - I love his stage quirkiness, I love how he calls us “princesses and princes”, I love how real is he when he mentioned our ‘hardships’ at coming to the concert, I love how he isn’t shy to create these cute lovable interactive moments with the fans. Aside from the abs reveal and how his chest was distracting me the whole time, I love seeing how he’s enjoying himself on stage. He’s such a fun one to watch.
Chenle is the member I was looking forward to the most because he couldn’t make it to my country’s stop during TDS2. He did NOT fall under any expectations at all - his passion was radiating, his adlibs, his vocals, his stage presence, how he also knows how to have fun on stage, these just confirm how essential of a member he is to the team and how his energy just makes the concert experience heaps better. I’m so glad I got to finally see him!
Jisung my baby, the only one who teared up during Graduation. His ments were so sincere my heart went soft, esp when he mentioned that this is not forever and wishes to create happy memories with fans as much as he can + he worked hard hoping to not feel our time is wasted. I just wish I could tell him that he is already doing very well! And hearing him sing live this minute and then rap the other, plus how well he nailed every dance solo during BTG, Glitch Mode, Hot Sauce just shows what a versatile and all-rounded idol he is. SM GIVE HIM A SOLO PRODUCTION ALR.
Lastly, some special mentions. I do think some friendships are worth mentioning here based on the concert. Haechan was looking at Mark during Graduation and this sent feels. We all know the emotional rollercoaster ride with the graduation system back then. Jaem and Jeno are practically the inseparable pair at this point - personally I enjoyed all their interactions on stage and those by them are the best for me. Major ‘best friends I wish I had what they have’ energy and vibes (that day was also their decade anniversary of first meeting each other in SM!) Jisung’s unexpected backhug to Chenle during Candy was also a pleasant surprise. And Ten, Kun, Yangyang, Minho came to the concert!
7Dream, though young, you can tell they are a bunch with experience and it shows. I can see their sincerity in every stage, also love how they are able to add their ideas to the stages making everything better. I can’t wait for their comeback this month already. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT KNOW IT.
That’s all!
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2023.06.10 06:27 assblister Print Orientation for Sig Style Brace?

I am having some trouble with cracking/layer separation for the Sig Style Brace by Land of the Printed; there were no instructions or images of print orientation with the STLs, so I just printed in whatever orientation was easiest. Though when I tighten the pieces together, particularly at the pic adapteend of the brace body, there are some stress cracks.
I really can't find any other fixed stock that uses a picatinny mount, if there is a sturdy single piece one I would love to print it instead. This Sig style brace looks really cool but it's just not that strong to shoulder it properly, especially if I can't even put it together without it cracking.
I should mention this is not due to my print settings, I have excellent layer adhesion and I know it is likely just the orientation I printed the parts in. But since I'm debating reprinting it, I might as well use something with a beefier design, if it exists.
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2023.06.10 06:27 Radiant_Yam9074 Selling my 1st year books

Hii i’m selling my books at a low price pls dm me if interested! :)
  1. The Fault in Our Trial Balance (JC Domingo)
  2. Bentahan (JC Domingo)
  3. Ultimate Accounting Reviewer II - Merchandising, Manufacturing, Cash (JC Domingo & Frances Nicolas)
  4. Hairy Potter (JC Domingo)
  5. Partnership Accounting (JC Domingo)
  6. MANECON - Managerial Economics Business Strategy
  7. OBLICON - Notes in Business Law (Soriano, 2016)
  8. INTACC 1 - The Intermediate Accounting Volume 1 2020 Edition (Robles & Empleo)
*Books 1-5 can help sa FAR :)
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2023.06.10 06:26 Nervous-Guava-7390 We were the only team that realistically could’ve beat this nuggets team. (If a certain point guard of ours remembered how to play basketball)

The NBA finals are over. Denver just cakewalked the entire NBA like they were a bunch of JV teams. Although we got swept we only lost by an average margin of 6 points with our starting point guard having a historically bad series. Here’s something that might jump out at you, the Lakers are 8-0 in the playoffs when Dlo scores at least 15 points but 0-8 when he scores under 15 points. Dlo was the X factor. ANY game he showed up to in that series would’ve been ours. Hoping he either turns it around or we get a PG that is competent in the playoffs.
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2023.06.10 06:26 Superflash87 Beyond Freezing Season 3 - Episode 4

Hello! Welcome to Beyond Freezing UHC, Season 3. Beyond Freezing UHC is an ultrahardcore Recorded Round Organized by VioletSin, based on fire and ice~! For our 3rd season, we will be doing a Rigged Teams of 4, with the following gamemodes:
TERRAIN CHANGES: Only snowy/cold biomes. Redstone is replaced by packed ice. Lava pools are much more common on surface. There is scattered netherrack underground. Andesite/Granite/Diorite are all replaced by soul sand.
Blazed Apples - Apples don't drop from leaves. Instead, all Skeletons are replaced by Blazes. Instead of making Golden Apples with apples, you make them with blaze powder that you get from killing blazes. All golden apples eaten give 30 seconds of fire resistance.
Burnt Diamonds - There is a 50% chance you get set on fire when you mine a diamond. There is a 5% chance a diamond you mine is replaced with charcoal.
Flame Perk - There is a 10% chance a bowshot will light the player hit on fire.
Rodless - You know the deal. Rods don't work. Snowballs allowed.
Snow Curse - Upon crafting anything that uses diamonds, you will be frozen. You cannot move for 5 seconds, but you also cannot take or deal damage. Once that 5 seconds is over, any entities within a 20 block radius get set on fire, and get weakness 1 & slowness 1 for 10 seconds. This includes mobs, other players, and yourself.
*Bold = Highlighted
Team Color
Team 1: Dark Red
Granbel Blown up by Creeper
TheRealHagrid Tried to swim in Lava
VioletSin Episode 4
xCand Episode 4
Team 2: Aqua
Nuclearsugar Episode 4
sr8611 Episode 3 & 4
TehBaconBrawlerZ Episode 4
Zebobo10 Full Footage
Team 3: Purple
132SteveBobKoharu20 Episode 4
idklyn PC Crashed
JaqOnCraq Lost Footage
LoserSky_ Lost Footage
Team 4: Pink
Big_Z60 Gems Among Rocks
jimmyjegs Episode 4
Ninetals38 Episode 4
Ryfri Episode 4
Team 5: Red
azoof Slain by TehBaconBrawlerZ
Eluniel Episode 4
Greeples Slain by Big_Z60
rippersteveM5 Super excited to team with my good friend Eluniel
Team 6: Lime
Flohp Episode 4
Jordtim Episode 4
lexicuhlGIGATONHAMMER Episode 4
wizarde Before The Rendezvous
Team 7: Blue
nishimarii Anata no
nug17 Slain by sr8611
stupidsylvia Slain by sr8611
ZENlTH Slain by Nuclearsugar
Team 8: Yellow
78ford Episode 4
Markedbooboy The Boots
winterf unresponsive
zac083 Episode 4
Team 9: Green
Andronicus Full Footage Combined
fruitlogic Episode 4
MercuryParadox Slain by lexicuhl
omchris Episode 4
Previous Episodes
Intro Link
Episode 1 Link
Episode 2 Link
Episode 3 Link


Production - VioletSin
Hosting - MarcusWest
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2023.06.10 06:26 Mean-Vegetable-4521 Charge 2 battery finally bit the dust. Help me pick; inspire 2? luxe?

Can anyone say coming off the Charge 2 if the Inspire 2 is really as hard to read in daylight as people say?
I am annoyed the charge 5 doesn't have an altimeter. I would just go right to that.
here are the things that are important to me; seeing the time, the step count at a glance. I don't want to have to set anything to "workout mode." I want to just move and forget about it.
Prefer to have date like charge 2 on main face but not mandatory. And I need to switch the band out to the magnetic ones. I've had the same amazon one for 6 years and love it. I can't adjust a traditional style watch band.
I don't like that they switched the fitbits from metal to plastic. So I feel like charge 5 is out without the altimeter. The reviews have them breaking often, and without the elevation it's a bigger face than I need.
Is the Luxe all metal like the charge 2 was? I'm inclined to go with the inspire 2 vs the 3 because the faces seem to offer a simpler "step, time" format without it being that sideways weirdness. the 3 still doesn't seem to have a lot of aftermarket bands available yet. I'm allergic to the regular bands they come with. And the not being able to adjust a watch band points me to the magnetic one I've loved for 6 years.
Is the luxe more comfortable than an inspire 2? I got used to the charge 2. I don't even feel the annoying bubble anymore. But wouldn't be sad to not have it. It seems like the band connection may be stronger on the luxe than the inspires 2/3.
I want ease of tracking. Sleep, which I can see from the app, step count and time which I check frequently and want it on the first screen. I love the tap feature. I don't need it on all the time.
How do the inspire's and the luxe compare in comfort to the charge 2?
If charge had elevation I would do it in a heartbeat and keep my fingers crossed about the unit constantly breaking.
I debated getting a charge 4 to retain elevation but the reviews don't seem great.
My health insurance will pay for an inspire 2 in full, the 3 is $38, Luxe is $61, charge 5 is $78, versa 4 is $122. Which is more than I wanted to spend for more smart features I don't need at all and a much bigger watch face.
I tried to see them in person to try on but no place let's you anymore.
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2023.06.10 06:26 TaskForceCausality [Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day-Date ‘Interstellar’] Taking a field watch to the Field!

[Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day-Date ‘Interstellar’] Taking a field watch to the Field!
We’ve all seen it. The internet is packed with people showcasing a luxury watch & proclaiming it a “field piece”, never mind the closest these people get to a field is the potted plant at their local Starbucks.
Not the case here. As circumstances turned out , a friend needed immediate help feeding their grazing animals. Part of that job involves filling a water tank and taking it to their pasture. It’s the sort of job which prompts watch collectors to run for a G-shock. Being away from home , for better or worse my Hamilton was along for the ride.
Turns out the big 42mm case & legible dial pays dividends when your hand’s are busy pulling a water pipe out of a truck bed. The bracelet clasp sports some more scratches on it now- but I’m proud of every mark. I realize some may scream bloody murder at “abusing” a watch like this. But these Hamilton’s aren’t built to collect dust in safes, and I wear mine accordingly.
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2023.06.10 06:26 throw_away_bay_bay Best places for furniture diving in Nashville?

Best places for furniture diving in Nashville?
Hi everyone,
We're moving to Nashville later in the summer and trying to avoid taking too much of the really big stuff with us in the move. So I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to suggest some general areas where good/usable furniture (lamps, end tables, shelving) could be rescued.
Partner and I met at grad school in a college town where the international students tended to occupy a specific set of apartment complexes, and the dumpster diving was always incredible right around lease end time in late July early August. We are hoping to find something similar because that will be right around when we're moved in and know what furniture pieces we still need. Moving will be very expensive because we'll be on the hook for a huge fee to break our current lease, so the savings will be a bonus.
Pic for attention: one of my favorite dive scores, which is moving to Nashville with us, a pre-lit Christmas tree. Clip-on and real butterflies were not included :)
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2023.06.10 06:26 Necessary_Effect_894 Anyone starting the game in Japanese?

I’m conflicted about it since I know the story is designed to be experienced in English. And me being part British feels somewhat excited about that.
But I always consume media in the original language it was created in, if possible. Like a Russian film with subs rather than dubs. The original ideas came from Japanese writers that were adapted into an English story, in this case. With emphasis on accents and shit, in this case. So it’s a bit of a unique case.
Is anyone else gonna do their first run in Japanese? If so, do you have faith it will be as good as in English? What with the lip-syncing being all wrong in Japanese and the subtitles probably being mistranslated (or depending on your perspective: super well translated). I speak some Japanese but nuances might escape me.
Anyway, probably not the most pressing issue or important topic, but still, some opinions may help me clear my mind.
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2023.06.10 06:26 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Jason Wardrop – Agency Partner Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 06:26 ProcedureIcy2928 Is it common for people to feel they ended up “better off” due to it happening?

My girlfriend and I worked on this post together all day the other day and after posting it here she was looking forward to the feedback/discussion that might stem from it. She has been isolated with this for her entire life and so this is the first time it is going out in “public” but shortly after posting the entire account was shadowbanned. I am hoping by posting again her story won’t be silenced. I think it’s disgusting anyone would try to silence her story for any reason, especially here.
This story is about my girlfriend and I have her permission to post this here, she helped me write it, as we have talked about this and not only does she want to hear the responses but I am also curious considering all of this remained between us until now.
My girlfriend of several years was molested by her Dad and her Mom growing up. It started before she can even remember and went on until she left for college, where we met her sophomore year.
According to her, her mother and father were always very kind, sweet, affectionate, never violent, never cruel, and treated their sexual time together as basically just another aspect of being a family.
She knew that she couldn’t tell anyone because according to them “not everyone loves their children the same way we love you and people don’t understand” along with more explanation but you get the point.
So she kind of had this dual life where she would go to school and extracurricular stuff as she got older but no one knew about any of it. She never told anyone out of fear they wouldn’t understand or her parents would get into trouble.
After we met and things got serious she disclosed it to me at a point she was comfortable and has told me repeatedly that it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She said it made her closer to her parents, taught her about sex and intimacy with people who will always love her, set a high bar for all future sexual/romantic relationships, and as much as it shocked me to hear the details of how she was raised (because a LOT happened early on) the most shocking part to me is how she sees all of it as a positive, and the more I hear her out the more it makes sense.
Now I’m feeling conflicted because it goes against everything I have been taught and told about it. She even referenced a meta study done that heavily disputed the connection between CSA and trauma.
All of this to say, how normal is this for people? Is she some rare case where Al though what happened was obviously bad due to moral/ethical reasons, it was “good” for her?
I’ve met her parents and they are the nicest and most friendly people. I grew up in a very sex-negative house where I was basically told masturbation was something the devil made you do, so our childhoods are basically polar opposites.
Anyways I hope the community can provide some feedback because she has been struggling with feeling isolated with these feelings for years. She doesn’t want to see a therapist because she thinks they will just gaslight her into feeling bad about something that in her mind has only benefited her. But it has taken a toll on her feeling this way and not being able to relate to anyone or talk about it outside of her family.
I will end by saying both of us acknowledge for a lot of people it’s obviously an easily “that is horrific” case where there is violence, force, coercion, fear, blackmail, etc. She wanted me to be clear, as do I, that in no way is this implying that it’s somehow okay or that other people’s trauma isn’t valid.
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2023.06.10 06:25 dootdootpup101 My(24F) boyfriend(28M) left for three months and I’m pissed

Am I valid or crazy? My (24F) boyfriend (28M) of four years went on a three month long vacation and is coming back in a few days. I’ve essentially been single this whole time as he didn’t really keep up with me emotionally/mentally and I resent him for straining our relationship like this.
I feel like my emotions have no where to go, I don’t want to hold resentment but I also don’t want to pretend everything’s fine when I feel hurt. I have an abandonment wound and this whole experience sucked for me.
While he was away I noticed he had been following a lot of women he had met, some with very scandy pics and that hurt me a lot. I talked to him about it and he says he has been faithful and it’s nothing to worry about. Part of me doesn’t even want to be intimate with him when he comes home because I’m afraid he’s cheated.
I feel like I’d be a sad puppy/doormat if I welcomed him back with open arms as if nothings happened but I also don’t want to be a bitch and I understand he needs to live his life. He also promised to fly me out during the trip but never followed through.
Basically my question is how do I receive him in a way that shows I care and want to work on us without being pathetic?
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2023.06.10 06:25 Comfortable-Time2662 EMDR therapy different depending on therapist?

Are there different kinds of EMDR therapy? My past therapist did EMDR with me and it seemed to go really well, she helped me process the situation and asked intriguing questions like what parts of me feel hurt, what do certain parts of me need, I could add support people/things like imaging a bubble around me when thinking of the event etc…. I’ve been seeing a new therapist for insurance reasons and I did an EMDR session with her and it felt completely different. It was like she was reading a script and had me run the memory in my mind and she asked what came up, then to focus on that and rerun the memory, then rate my distress. She was surprised when my distress over the situation wasn’t decreasing. But it just felt like a loop of the same emotions and feelings and just rerunning the memory in my mind without anything changing. I was wondering has anyone else experienced this? Or if there are any therapists who may have insight, I would greatly appreciate it!!!!
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2023.06.10 06:25 aiKaiz Wife's First E-Bike Purchase...

...and we're hopelessly lost!
We're from Canada - and in our province, you can get a 500$ Rebate if you purchase from a storefront, BestBuy, Walmart or Costco.
As such- she found one she loved in store- the Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru. With the rebate & taxes - she ends up looking at 1498$. However, I've also found a few others-
The Ride1Up 700 Series - 2137$
The RadRover 6 Plus - 2000$
The Ride1Up Turris - 1869$
She would be using it only for casual city-riding, however, our city has some STEEP hills. She'd avoid the steep ones - but we do still have some hills.
My knowledge is limited and I can't really find much in terms of details of the Go! - but it doesn't seem to have a throttle. Would that make much of a difference for the hills?
She's mostly using it for exercise - but I feel like she will get tired and want to have an easy ride home some days.
Would it be worth it to add the extra 370$ for the Turris, or go all the way for the 700 Series?
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2023.06.10 06:25 GC_Kitkat Got rated a 1050 when I’m 437😁

Got rated a 1050 when I’m 437😁
Also had a 88.7 percent accuracy
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2023.06.10 06:25 NotaReli So... First impressions?

What are your first impressions with the season everyone?
For me, I hate being negative but so far I don't really like this season as much as the previous 2 from this chapter. Luckily it's just the beginning so that might change in the future but there are several things I don't enjoy at all about the game right now.
So to begin with is the new biome, it looks gorgeous, but it's terrible to play at, specially on console since you can't reduce foliage, enemies pretty much disappear in plain sight because of how many plants are in your way, the rain doesn't help either. Not to mention that at least for me on PS5, the pretty graphics mode has a bit of trouble sometimes with the biome, random stuttering sometimes which can get annoying, but I assume that might be fixed soon enough.
The new weapons are fun although the red eye is still better than both of those so either they need to nerf the red eye or that's going to be the only ar you see people using. Also the thermal seems to be bugged or something as 90% of the time the "thermal" part of it hasn't worked, enemies just look as blue as the rest of the environment.
Continuing with the weapons, the drum shotgun is a mistake, I'm sorry but it's still as annoying as it was back in ch3 S2, at least in zero build. It's very interesting to me that they decided to bring it back considering the backlash from that season.
The boomerang is fun but honestly feels lack luster when you compare it to the other 2 kinetic weapons from this chapter, specially because of the mobility thing.
On that note, mobility is not bad but coming from 2 seasons with some of the best mobility ever (maybe a bit too much during those star wars week last season) the game feels a bit awkward to play IMO, I'm used to be able to move vertically to gain a bit of high ground when in disadvantage and now that's pretty much impossible, also because there's no mobility items that you can carry, if you're caught on an empty field in Zero Build you might as well give up.
Augments are pretty meh once again, maybe we were spoiled in s1 but there's like 3 that are worth going for the rest are pretty disposable.
The battle pass is pretty good IMO.
So on first impressions I give it a solid 4/10 but as I said, that may change as updates go on, what about you?
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