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The largest Dragon Ball Legends community in the world! Come here for tips, game news, art, questions, and memes about Dragon Ball Legends!

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Welcoming persons experiencing spiritual awakening, who need intuitive guidance or clarity on how to interpret messages received in one's waking life and also in dreams.

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All about Lucid Dreams. Learn and share how to induction methods & techniques, post questions, challenges, articles, resources, and scientific news.

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2023.03.26 07:07 TrickLow704 how do i say no to giving my college roommate a ride home

i rlly hate my college roommate and now that i have a car on campus she will not stop asking me for rides home whenever i go home. for context we both live in the same city and she does offer to pay for gas i just cannot stand to be in a car 7 hours with her. what should i do??
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Check Liquidty Pool vs Marketcap . Golden Inu Token has a taxation/gas fee formula that pulls 3% of the 7% taxed back to liquidity. This means, the Liquidty Pool is always growing and will eventually provide a $1 to $1 backing against Market Cap.
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$Doge $9.9B market cap —vs— $289.2M liquid
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List goes on.
“Inu” in the name does not mean anything in terms of ROI. I’m up 400% to date. Buy $10 today and thank me later.
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2023.03.26 06:32 Kills-to-Die Saw a box of free DVDs on the roadside. This was the only good thing in there.

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2023.03.26 06:23 dead_thewolfkangroo idk

i know just like the last post i made here that this will go no where but, i feel like im everyone's "less favorite" in my family for a lack of a better term, i feel like i do nothing but stress everyone out around me constantly for a example, my sister got home after being gone for a while and she is going through some stuff and im jsut sitting there thinking about how weak and pathetic i am when shes going through all of this and my mom asked me if i was ok twice, probably because i was being quite and everytime i just knew my dad was thinking about how pathetic i am, ive talked about pretty much nothing because no one really cares but im thinking more and more about killing myself, i just feel like me being alive is jsut stressing everyone out around me and no matter how hard i try it never amounts to anything, i wish someone better was born into my body, someone that my family could actually love and sure my family might be a little sad if i was dead, id give it a week before they completely forget about me, i really dont matter
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2023.03.26 06:11 BallOnMyBall I got Caught - My Sinkpisser Revelation - A Memoir

Salutations to all of my fellow sinkpissers, I've just recently found this sub. What a time we live in, to find common folk with such superioristic although peculiar like-minded thoughts & actions.
I'll preface by saying I am & most likely will remain a proud sinkpisser until the end of my days. As I'm aware how abnormal this act may be, I take the utmost importance in sanitary & etiquette through practice (as all should do). This is not only out of respect & cleanliness for my own bathroom facilities, but others as well.
With that out of the way, I'll start by saying I started my serendipitous sink-pissing lifestyle by complete accident in March of 2020. Peak pandemic period had me working remotely with access to close bathrooms & comfortability. I live a very active lifestyle and exercise heavily after work. I'm also a proud HydroHomies citizen, so I quite frequently urinate. Pair this with the above new environment results in some experimentation to cut down on water usage & boost efficiency during my busy work day.
Afraid of bending societal norms, even in my own home I was a bit apprehensive in the act initially. However, an unexpected Kidney Stone would forever change my life. Due to genetics & not a poor diet, it was only a matter of time before I passed one. Not only was this the worst pain imaginable in my life so far, It lead to an epiphany. To negate as much pain possible while pissing and to see the little bugger actually pass I tried pissing in the sink during this period.
After days of sink-pissing in immense pain, I passed the stone & gained a forever changing act of convenience. Since then, I've continued the process. Recently however, my antics have resulted in the most unfortunate act. Getting caught.
As mentioned in my preface, I take utmost importance in etiquette in Sinkpissing. Public & non-owned homes are absolutely no exception of this. My only rule is I will not sinkpiss in public facilities that are public, i.e. no lock. Sinkpissing in a public restroom is just asking to get caught, and most importantly; one could be exposed. While I'm sure I can pull it off at times, there is too much risk. This is a no go for me.
Fortunately, I was not caught by a stranger in public. But by none other than my In-Laws and their family. While this is incredibly embarrassing, I'd much rather this happen around them than our new group of friends house as we've just started getting comfortable with them after a nationwide move.
How did this happen exactly? Well, I followed all my protocols per usual. This time however I decided to use the common area restroom as my go-to basement, while obscured, was occupied. I chanced it as my fluid intake had left my bladder full throughout the long trip there.
Although hydrated, my piss was quite yellow which is odd. During the process, the sink decided to NOT drain. Without a plunger in sight, and her family members waiting for their turn I panicked. I tried cupping my hands to drain, blowing, adding water to dilute it down but alas nothing worked. This sink was rather small with no overflow, so lots of piss and very little room left for water. I added some soap for suds, and decided to chin up and take the shame like any honorable person would do.
This was a mistake. I tried explaining to my SOs younger sister to not enter until I get a snake/plunger, but she insisted. The sight of her face, taking in my overly pungent, most foul smelling coffee paired with sudsy dehydrated yellow piss will never leave my mind. She rightfully proceeds to freak out and tell everyone that the sink was clogged with piss. While she didn't throw me under the bus immediately, It was heavily implied I was the one responsible, especially as I was soon carrying a plunger & cleaning supplies.
Not much was said about the event during the rest of our gathering, but boy was it awkward. I had to explain to my SO why I clogged her parents sink with piss & embarrassed us in front of her relatives. I told her the truth. She was never aware of my process as I only use our spare bathroom to Sinkpiss, out of respect & cleanliness of her. After a long conversation, she was a bit weirded out but mostly upset about doing it around her family. We eventually just dropped it, but for a few days things were tense. This happened last Christmas. Things are still awkward to me, but fortunately will never come up again.
I have continued my Sinkpissing lifestyle, but I ensure to take precautions such as testing sink drainage beforehand.
Learn from my mistake, please. I will forever be known as a sinkpisser around my in-laws. Luckily, they are cool and learned to laugh it off with only my dignity at expense.
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2023.03.26 05:44 GClubz How To Solve All Hogwarts Secrets In Hogwarts Legacy

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2023.03.26 04:56 bkbk1995 how much does chemistry matter?

Wondering how much chemistry actually matters? About to start weekend league and deciding between 2 teams to use. Running a new (3 week old) RTG where I can only use first owner players.
Team 1 has 31 chemistry and is slightly worse than team 2
Team 2 has 27 chemistry (6 players with 2 chem) and is slightly better than team 1.
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2023.03.26 04:53 IAmA_CisGenderedScum M200-ANC pauses all computer audio when pausing any media

For example: let's say I'm playing a game, listening to music, and talking to friends on discord.
If I use the media button on my mouse to pause my music, all audio drops. Not just my music, but also my game, discord call, and any other computer sounds.
The same thing happens regardless of how I pause: mouse media button, keyboard media button, m200 media button, or the actual pause button directly in the music app. All of them disable all computer sound until the music is resumed.
The same thing happens with videos. If I pause youtube, everything turns off.
Could someone help me fix whatever causes this?
I'm on Windows 11 in case that's relevant.
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2023.03.26 04:01 autumnalcasket Hello Stalkers :)

I just wanted to say hello, and also specifically to see how many people go through my account history each day! Because y’all be lying, I have way too many followers not to have anyone checking on me lmao.
I’d also prefer if you told me what made me so interesting to warrant such a look, either here or in DMs. I don’t bite I promise!
But if not, no worries! I hope you have a nice rest of your day :)
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I watched as Cynthia's face darkened. She looked extremely upset now. Her heated gaze turned to Joe as she said, "Sorry I have tutoring in the morning tomorrow,"
Evan saw the sign for Sunny Haven. It was large, but unimpressive. He made a left into the trailer park, thinking about Darlene's words and how their conversation had made another drastic turn. It was weird how she used the word he had been thinking. What did she mean by special? “She is.”
I entered the room and turned the lights on. Shelby ran to the mirror to verify what she was feeling. She shrieked when she confirmed that she was trapped inside of a boy’s body. Shelby wore only a pair of boxer shorts that had a huge bulge in the front, which she had yet to realize. Wha…what do we do?” Shelby begged. “You’re in my body!”
“Very well Kids” Tom said. We’ll talk about all the ins and outs of pulling this off when we get home. And Kenny I certainly hope that you realize that your sister can never be just ‘another notch on your belt’ . . . She has given you the ultimate gift.”
“ You sure what if he wants it back?” She asks as I nod
Eric: “I have some baby oil. Let me get it. I felt really embarrassed buying baby oil at the store. It felt like the cashier knew I was buying it for jerking off.”
"Well yeah but I guess I'd like to. Kiss her that is."
He pulled out of her and she spun around and opened her mouth. I didn’t get to see him shoot as she wrapped her lips around him and began to drink down his cum. He came for about thirty seconds, yelling out as he did so. Once he was done they both fell back on the mattress and enjoyed the afterglow for a few minutes. I watched as Cindy walked up to the video controller and winked into the camera before turning it off.
"Oh shit yeah Steph, that feels incredible!" I had yelled out. I fucked her faster and faster, enjoying the little squishing sound of my cock pushing against the folds of her pussy. "Fuck Steph I'm going to cummmm!" I roared.
Cheryl had a feeling that she was the one he was thinking about, but unsure if she had actually also been his first kiss. “Okay, now ask one of us a question.”
“Honey, you know we only kill bad people, not even your aim is that good,” she teased, clinging to his arm.
“Yes, but it hurts.” She whispered back.
"By the way, I walked Ralph a couple hours ago, so don't worry about it. How was school?" He called from the kitchen, searching the pantry and fridge for calories to make up for what he had burned in his "marathon".
"Yeah," my sister added next to me, her frustration much bigger than mine. "why do you always have to be such a bitch?" Mia said to mom and my eyes widened as our mother lifted a pair of cold eyes to my sister.
2014-02-28 12:47:35
I broke our kiss to remove her shirt. Her sports bra was removed easily as I continued groping her breasts. Her little nipples became hard and instinct took over.
“And you would deny me and mine our time to relax and enjoy ourselves? What happens when things break out of your control again? Gonna call us back to answer for things we didn’t have a hand in again,” Gabriel asks me and now he’s not smiling,” We want to stay for the show, it’s going to happen soon and we’re going to want front row seats.”
“Me too, Derek, me too. But what the hell are we going to do about...him? We can’t have this held over our heads.”
"Incest,” Becky said with wide eyes. “Yeah, and that makes it more exciting, but it's still just
"Its your mother, she's having one of her spells again, she needs you...Now!!"
Stacey said, “Mine too…well from a boy!”
I approached April with an idea. My kissing experience was equal to hers, which is to say, none. “Let’s watch YouTube about kissing. Maybe we can learn how to get someone to do it with us.”
"How was that, did I take you hard enough, bitch?" She whispered. Bailey was still recovering, and only managed a weak "hmmmm". Sage smiled and took this as a yes. She left her wet panties behind, which Bailey used later that night to sniff and lick while she rubbed her clit, cumming once more. Jade heard her moaning, and walked in, cleaning up the mess her hot older sister had created, giving her a lick on the cheek before going to her own room, where Dylan was waiting. They fucked again, this time more slowly and passionately, and as he cummed onto her ass, and she onto his face, they slept happily. What an amazing weekend.
Turning off the comments at the bottom of the stories has worked out very well for me. I have received many personal messages and find that too be much nicer. You too can send me a personal message by clicking on my name behind the story title, clicking leave a personal message, and following to prompts. So far I have answered every message and have actually fulfilled about half of the requests.
She shivered in anticipation and tried to concentrate. “Ummm…we talked about…Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and…ohhhhh…” My fingers traced the crease between her thigh and pussy.
The feeling was far beyond anything I had ever experienced. My inadequate masturbation while looking at nude pictures of women had never given me this kind of sensual explosion. As she stared into my eyes she twirled her tongue around the head several times then up and down the bottom side as she slowly pushed the entire length to the back of her throat. I was rigid all over, holding as still as I could for fear of loosing control. In less than a minute I was ready to spurt my load of semen but was just managing to hold back.
‘I’ve waited so long to make you come.’ Eleanor murmured in her ear. ‘You like it when mummy makes you come, don’t you?’
Book 1- as is
"Well, I know that subject can be a bit uncomfortable for people like you..."
I blinked rapidly to hold back tears. “I just don’t want to risk something that may not make her feel better.”
“Listen I was…,” I start and she cuts me off.
weeks when I saw Jenny
Another shot expelled another cry from Eva with the 3rd and 4th just warranting a whimper as she resigned her self to the fact he wasn't pulling out.
“Fine,” she replied.
“For your information, I have perfect breasts. And anyway if it weren’t for the internet you probably wouldn’t even know what breasts looked like. You definitely won’t be seeing boobs anytime soon if that back there was the best you can do.”
"Well, don't wait, big boy, let me have it" She said in a sexy, but playful voice.
After reaching the cottage, she locked herself in the bathroom for half an hour where she changed and showered. All this time I sat outside and soaked in the atmosphere. She came out wearing another conservative set of clothes, but I could not complain she looked beautiful. She was the most beautiful women in the world to me. We slowly walked to the restaurant which was in the main building, and had a quiet romantic dinner. As our hunger was satiated we began speaking more openly. I ordered a beer. She took a sip when I offered her and said that it was the first time that she tried alcohol, and that it was not as bitter as she thought it would be. Our conversations drifted on well into the night, as our waiter told us that the restaurant was closing.
That asshole didn’t even apologize for his behavior.
“I’m sorry, mom”
My eyes roamed her body from her head to her luscious chest, then my jaw dropped as they curved around her perfect ass and slide down her tender thighs. She is a beauty beyond compare, Brown hair with a luscious golden glow that causes her to shine. A mild tan enveloped her arms and legs, and her green eyes seemed to dance around my body as I absorbed her features. Her bust for our age is extremely developed, only fourteen yet she her breasts entitle her to the title of a 34C, true perfection. Her hips complimented her hourglass figure, and gave promise of what would surely be the greatest ass.
the sound of it skittering across the yard brought him awake. After
“What are you talking about? Of course we’re still friends – why wouldn’t we be” Kenny said back in all sincerity.
Another long, boring introduction ensued as my mind wandered again. I was really good at occupying time with over analyzing social situations, looking at them from every angle possible, which was a curse and a blessing. For one thing, I was never bored, but at the same time I was always spacing out. As Mr. Hutt read off the attendance sheet, he came across Isabelle.
"Ok, I dive towards the hearth and grab the fire stoker."
“This is taking too long,” Freddy said to Katie. Just then a plop sound was made. “Ok lets go,” Freddy said as he was about to stop time.
“I actually live like a five minute car ride from here in like the south side of the neighborhood.”
I looked down at her, asking what there was to forgive.
“Believe me, relax. It’s not like there’s a conspiracy against you or something. I’ll say… I’ll say that it isn’t a bad thing, okay?”
“Umm, yeah, I guess so,” Lucy replied, not close to being awake yet, “I’ll meet you guys there, if I haven’t forgotten some appointment on my calendar. Tell you what. If I can’t make it, I’ll call you, okay?” She tried to get her fuzzy brain to come awake, with only partial success. “Oh, and Marsha? Thanks for the invite. I really appreciate the way you guys have been trying to help me get back on my feet again. No one’s ever done that for me before. Also, I’ve got something to share with the two of you, so don’t let me forget.”
"Why?" I asked.
Megan grabbed at the rim of her nightshirt and pulled it over her head, feeling confident that if her father didn’t come upstairs yet, he wouldn’t come at all. He had doubtlessly figured the loud noises were a temper tantrum and avoided it at all costs. She dropped the shirt onto the floor and tugged at Aaron’s head, still wiggling her hips a bit coming down from the orgasms.
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If anyone else has had this problem and found out how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it! This is like one of my first posts so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense all that well.
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Hey, this is a story from my college days about my old friend James, hope you enjoy. Any feedback in comments appreciated. X
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