Kitchen wall light over sink


2021.04.25 13:55 Customrustic56 OldCampcookcastiron

For anyone with an off the wall way of camping, cooking and using cast iron. (Also on Instagram customrustic56. ) Especially diy projects to this end. What did you make to cook or camp. Post your projects Old style camping, overland, trail or wild camp in beautiful locations. For those who like good food cooked over a fire or in cast iron in the light of an oil lamp. Likers of the trailblazers in campfire cooking showing the results of their trying the recipes good or bad.

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For when you find those ʟ's or ʙ's that don't have subreddits! Other letters like ʜ are accepted aswell :)

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For lovers and fans of Anna Zak לחובבי ואוהבי anna zak

2023.06.05 05:11 HorseFase Hotel/University Installed Audio, brands to know? Specifically controls.

I've worked 'in' hotels as an outside A1, but I've never worked 'for' a hotel.
Which means I've used a bunch of wall-panel controls for things like room lighting and installed speakers, but I don't actually remember any of the names of the systems. Recently, it looks like I've started seeing wall-panels being replaced by iPads in newer installs.
I've got a job interview with a hotel coming up, they share facilities with a major university. I want to do a bit of homework and learn about these systems, who are the top manufacturers? Who should I know? Cheers!
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 05:10 madamesouffle sharing a story- hopefully this helps others dealing w the horrid ~recovery bloat~

i consider myself recovered but i recently went thru a breakup and had a four day episode of bingeing and purging. obviously this made my body upset and i’m on day 2 no purge/no binge and my body is swelling up no matter what i eat. i’m trying to stay positive and tell myself i’ll get thru it but as we all know it’s super easy to slip back into the cycle and start up again when these feeling arise. just a reminder that- the weight you “gain” on the scale when you’re bloated isn’t permanent. you aren’t gaining weight. your body is just taking a lonnggg time to digest food normally again. today i had a green smoothie for breakfast, bloated up immediately. then i had a small coffee and a salad for dinner, then a green juice and a probiotic shot shortly after. i was in major pain, stomach was a huge balloon, and i felt defeated. i was so mad because i ate all the “right” foods to avoid a bloat but i was in major pain. i decided to give myself a little shoulder massage, and was obviously still thinking about food so i made the decision- do i eat or do i call it quits for the day and close the kitchen. i made a bagel w butter about an hour later & i literally feel less bloated and less stressed. i see the light at the end of the tunnel. hiccups are normal. our bodies need substantial food. a salad and some green juices simply weren’t gonna cut it and i’m glad i chose to eat that bagel. be easy on yourselves. we’re fighting to find balance every day but ik we will all get there. hope y’all have a good week <3
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2023.06.05 05:10 rememberstaycentered Anyone have initial anxiety go away?

So I've been on bupropion for exactly three weeks at this point. The anxiety started at the end of week 1 fairly intense and has somewhat lessened now, though there are occasional peaks. There have been positive effects as well such as increased energy, decreased appetite, somewhat better focus, and what I believe is occasional improved mood, but I think at this point the anxiety is overshadowing them. The frequent feeling of unease has slowly chipped away at me and I'd hoped it would've gone away by now.
Has anyone been in a similar boat? I'm sure I can rough it out for another couple of weeks if there's possibly light at the end of the tunnel. It's frustrating because with these types of medications it seems like people can go through gauntlets over months just to find something that works. I have started Prozac as well because of this to see if it can counteract the anxiety because I do enjoy the positive effects, but also possibly just as something to move onto as well if side effects don't improve within or after the Prozac's building period. My doctor was more in the camp of just dropping the Wellbutrin for the Prozac, but I said I wanted to at least wait a bit. It was odd, but within that first week I did feel I saw only positive effect that I was hoping would stay or would've came back by now.
Any suggestions/similar experiences would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 05:09 notlikethatglue What do I know about glue

Yo glue. You don't use this place so you'll never hear this but I got to tell someone and I'm not going to send it to you and sound even crazier I don't want you thinking I'm some kind of psychopathic stalker and I want you to feel comfortable and respected with your boundaries. So let's get down to brass tacks.
Girl when I think about you and all this s*** that went on and I think about me. It reminds me of when in pulp fiction Bruce Willis is popping Marcellus Wallace (Ving rhames) in the face saying "you feel that?" That's your pride f****** with you or some s*** like that.
Man glue how the hell are my feelings going to be hurt and how can I be so selfish as to even think that I deserve to be respected or put any expectations on you I'm not going to go into huge detail. Reason being is because the rest of the world will hear it but you probably won't but at least out there in the void I'm going to make it to where the respect you deserve this voiced from me and that you're honored for the things that you've done selflessly. Being thet our sister birthday was yesterday and she's no longer with us I think she would smile from above knowing that I finally said something like this.
Hey let me say thank you for real. Thank you for shutting my ass down and thank you for this list I'm about to go through which I will go into detail at a later time.
I'm going to write a story about our lives. I'm telling you it's going to happen. I started three separate writings and I'm ready to scrap them all to tell our story. I'm going to focus on that in my writings anyways on to the summary of what glue means to me or what I acknowledge about glue.
What you were up against.
When we met. You a teenage girl. Abandoned by one parent in a very vile way. The other parent was raising you. We were running around, you got sick, and you were in the hospital for weeks with some very serious troubles. Towards the end of the hospital stay cuz I was in there with you the whole time. The other parent came said that they won't going to deal with you and for you to figure it out a young girl in the hospital. The crazy part is you had done nothing wrong. That was my first real dose of surrealism in people next to some childhood stuff from one of my mother's boyfriends. And shortly after you were told you didn't have a home to come back to as a teenage girl in the hospital the doctors came in and said you would never be able to get pregnant or bare children. You moved in with us me my mom and my sister. And after all that you have been through you would think that you'll be nervous or anxious or things will be awkward. No. You stepped into the home and you immediately brought light into it that it was missing. You immediately were a part of the family and you were a part that was missing the whole time that no one ever knew about. You became a daughter to my mother a sister to my sister and more important things than my words can express right now to me. You kept a strong mentality and glue you were always the caretaker. You dealt with me a young pig-headed man very much in love with you with the drug addiction you catered to me. But not like a slave you catered to my soul there is never someone that I can ever dream of to treat me the way you did. You were loyal man you were my everything. I was yours. None of this is going to be an order but I've traveled with you across the country. We moved to Louisiana. I got a job on the tugboats. You were in the middle of a new scary town. And here I was gone 30 days at a time. But you held on. That was a really stressful time when I look back and that was a time when even though it was an experience I regret that decision because being gone that long from you at that young seemed okay then but even though my buddy's family was around I should have been there. But we did it the best we could. Eventually that didn't work out I'll never forget two cats in a 1984 Ford escort and all our s*** driving all the way to the East Coast. That escort could do some runs now. Anyways we moved to the beach. Being close to home my drug addiction was still an active Factor at all times you held on every time you could. When we move to the beach we decided we were going to do other things we came back to the city. That's what my sister move to the beach with her friend and we were in the city and got to call she had been in a car wreck.
We fly down to the beach before that even cut my sister out of the car we made a 2-hour drive in about 45 minutes. They will my sister in you were right by her side by my side you were there fam you were going through it with me, with her, with the parents. The wheel her in she said she couldn't feel her legs. Boom paralyzed never going to walk again. Thank God she lived and thank God she has such an amazing sister beside her during it all.
After rehabilitation the situation that it happened put my mom into a absolute mental tailspin. So we stuck around as my mother could barely function to tend to my sister.. to your sister. So you a young young woman who had been s*** on by her family. Took over my mother's role and began caretaking for my sister, all the while taking care of my mom with her mental episodes and and down time, and taking care of a loving man with an addiction that had selfish tendencies and you filled the role of all three caretakers and still manage to love me and show me affection with a smile on your face. You took care of the whole house. You took care of the animals. I'm not talking about any of the good really that I did or anybody else did I just want you to be recognized here.
We decided to move to Florida after a long time of you taking care of my paralyzed sister and helping her acclimate until she started lighting it up. What she took off and became president the Honor society went back to school started doing fundraisers was in the Miss wheelchair state runnings eyeballing Ms wheelchair America..once she got in her groove... We went on to Florida.
In Florida you dealt with a man that had just found the purest cocaine he had done in a long time for dirt cheap prices. Through pretty much the whole stay we were there the years we were there. But I wasn't completely a lost cause so in Florida you became a business partner, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a teammate, a valuable asset, Chief cornerstone that all things business relied on between us and my buddy that we went into business with. Your pragmatic approach and abilities dominated with mine. The things I fell short in you could put into place... I don't want to say my inventiveness and idealism was the exact complimentary opposite to that where you lacked. But I'm going to be straight up with you you were just as inventive, sellable, full of ideas, practical enough to make it happen, and able to execute. So you were still at a young age early twenties the most amazing business partner I could ever ask for. Not to mention the fun in the sun the palm trees the tacky gold the new cars living on the beach man I was built for that s*** and I know you were. Eventually when the big collapse of the towers came, and us with our lack of savings which was a big part my fault. After September 11th the market just crashed and we didn't do business and s*** started going backwards and we sold our debt for what a couple thousand bucks? To watch my friend hold on to that business and buy us out of all that debt until it finally bankrupted was insane he really held on to that dream.
Anyways by the time we get back to our hometown not only is my sister been in a wheelchair now my sister develops a tumor on her pituitary gland Cushing's disease. My drug addiction is full force when we pull back into town. You jump right into action taking care of her everyone and by this time your family had got back in your life your parents. And you forgave them and let them in boy I'll never forget to work it took for you to get over that I remember the days that I sit with you and helped you work through that stuff. But you forgave you opened your heart and you opened your arms and embrace family. And you took care of everyone.
We get married. I get you pregnant the first child. I'm so far in addiction now that we're back home ground zero for those old habits. You're neglected, I'm high, selfish,I'm ashamed so basically I either don't come home because I've been up all night High s*** spending all of our money. And I mean all of it taking right out of my pregnant wife's and the baby's mouth to serve my f****** addiction. and you just held on. Remainder Rock still taking care of my sister. Still being there for my mom. And absolutely the polar opposite of what the doctor said when we first met about not being able to have kids. So after neglecting you constantly pawning off tons of responsibilities on you and spending every penny we had and expecting you to take care of the kids and never being home and being unavailable because I had a disgusting ratchet ass bottom of the barrel love affair that started with cocaine but once I tried to sling and learn how to cook cocaine became Crack to be exact. I traded you, businesses, vehicles, Mom Dad the kids, stability love, God, futures, anything everything I traded for that nasty b**** crack. Mind body Spirit trade it at all.
And what did you do you kept managing with what you we had you kept trying to hold it together and you held on for dear life.
Now you had already become a daughter to my mother and you were a sister to my sister so my part to play in that has nothing to do with y'all's relationship at this point. There's a very painful thing that I'm even scared to talk about maybe one day. Anyways finally you said you couldn't do it anymore I had driven us in the dirt I had literally turned us into basically homeless people with kids and I just could not stop when I would get to the bottom I'd bring a jackhammer and I'd find a new bottom. And you finally took your eyes off of me and you looked at what was the most important our child and you said it's time to separate you had to do it. Our separation you still tried to work with me as I got off the drug short-term and you came back and that's when I got you pregnant. That's what I want to talk to you about one day when we have time. But that has nothing to do with the honor you deserve because you are always were and not a doubt my mind always will be a loyal honorable commendable Royal woman a true virtuous woman.
Anyways when we started talking again during the separation I got you pregnant again. We got back together to try to make it work for both our kids now. But I wasn't going to give up crack for you all the families all the religion all the money and all the happiness in the world. I was that f****** stupid. God is good because I didn't 12 step my s*** out of there with that God come down and put a disgust and a chill in my bones about that s*** and made it disappear overnight. Maybe another time because it was way too late when it happened. Anyways I got you to raise two kids stole all of our money stole all of our food stole everything we didn't even have gas half the time. You hold on. You held one. I still have the claw marks in my soul from where you didn't want to let me go because you were that committed and that good of a woman. That in tune with family.
You went on to raise the kids by yourself you hooked up with another dude he got you pregnant then you dealt with him abusing you physically. Torturing that household. I know he's changed but I know some of this s*** that he did to my kids because I could see it in their eyes every time I would drop a fork. Thank God they healed from that. Whether they healed fully especially one of them I don't know. But then the question would have to be raised does the pain in the issues they go through revolve around him or revolve around the traumas from me. Cuz a dad supposed to be there. You basically dealt with him terrorizing y'all raising hell you've told me some of the things that he used to do to you I don't see how you can still talk to me like he needs you and you've got to be there for him but that's on you and I respect it but the way that you explain some of the things that he did to you to me it makes me sick to my stomach because I could just never see myself like harming you physically over and over and over again and doing things to you in other forms of physical abuse and getting pleasure or control out of it. But I can see taking you everything you ever owned and never given our kids a chance or anybody else and giving it all to crack can I so I don't know there. I just know it blows my mind. But I think it comes a lot from the fact I left us so bottom of the barrel out back from my addiction that as long as somebody was providing you felt some form of security over top of what I left you with which was complete insecurity. Maybe that's why you stuck around for the abuse and still justifiy it over top of the things I've done to this day.
You raised his kid, you raised my kids, you were the one true parent you were two dads you were one mom. You were a counselor, a provider a mediator a caretaker a teacher a protector a shelter a guide a mentor a motivator a problem solver you were a parent and you played the role of three parents. Plus you worked plus you were there for my family whenever they needed you. You were there for my sister all through her Cushing's disease. And there's so much more because you were building towards the future on your own establishing financial security vision for yourself holding the fort down getting damn near no financial help from me none 00.
I incurred 135,000 child support debt with you. How's that for deadbeat dead? See this isn't about the arrogant narcissistic guy you think I am this is about who you are. Let's just fast forward so we getting locked up for child support even though you had already told me you weren't working on getting all of that got rid of. And yes you may not believe this but my whole f****** inheritance is going to you not one red cent goes to me because you earned that. Yo you earned like 50,000 times that times a hundred times 50. All of the money in the world in my opinion is still not enough compensation if it was given all to you for the things you've done.
Now fast forward to my sister dying she's on her deathbed she's checking out. you stay and active part of her life and you check on her and you stay by her side and you are there with her as a friend you coming you become her caretaker in the end you help my mother you stand by my family side we see my sister into the Afterlife and we live the lives we live.
I come to the city out of the blue I'll come to find out there was a warrant out I get arrested. With some help from another family member if y'all bond me out with $13,000 cash. A week later I'm called by the courts they said we didn't have to show the decision could be made without us there and when we pop up they walk out and they say here here's your piece of paper sir. You owe $14.75. I'll look at the piece of paper it says Mr so and so your debt with child support enforcement has been cleared in full please pay us these $14 processing fees and your case is closed. You smiled me a smile at you.
And you said the most horrific thing I've ever heard in my life from someone. I'm being cynical here because it was really the most amazing thing but I hate the term because I'm a basket case. You looked at me and said be better do better.
Fast forward after that I started trying to get my s*** together started trying to help you with vehicles and stuff around the house and somehow... Some f****** way... I had the audacity to get offended by the way you were treating me. And I had a nervous breakdown. And I begin saying things to you the absolutely weren't true that I absolutely didn't mean and I f****** flaked.
You with no contact to protect yourself.
Look at what you have done how could I have done that?
Anyways I've seen my mom turn on you with her words. I've seen your parents turn on you, I've turned on you, seen your friends turn on you, I've seen a world I've seen your ex's turn on you, but you know what I've never seen you turn on the people that you give your ability and your honor to and your bonds to I've never seen you turn on them ever.
You didn't turn on me you were protecting yourself.
Glue you were the strongest f****** woman I've ever met and you are worthy of an award that his world renowned and recognized because there are so many things that I haven't said here.
You are The Rock, you are the glue, you are the ties that bind... You are the virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 versus 10 to 31 is the description of who You are. Even to the point of where our kids were raised by you to place the dwelling now that you're at. You have taken in so many other people's kids you're like a parent to everyone. You excel at every job that you do. Vital asset to every team that you join. Highly efficient highly intelligent. Insanely gorgeous. Smart funny. God your sense of humor is so f****** awesome.
I'll see things in pictures my brain sees things in pictures and I just see pictures of you sometimes where always if we were around somebody that was down you would do the goofiest s*** you had to do to get them to smile because that's what you do. Just like sis did and this is her birthday gift from me because she told me several times to think about how hard you have worked. And she begged me to draw that picture before she died I got it toward the day before she died it was so important to her that picture is me holding her hand and her grabbing a star and her feet rooted to the ground and the roots coming into my feet and it says my brother taught me to reach for the stars my sister taught me to remain grounded.
And it's weird because I look at that and I think about how much of a icon and how much of a aura and presence glue was see y'all were glue one and two. And I'll go get that picture that she had me draw and it brings these overwhelming senses of things because I miss her so much but it brings you into the picture too because you always kept me grounded and I could envision anything anything on vision and you could take it for what it was and you could be like okay it's not that practical but it can be done and you would make the systems that made it happen no matter what it was I could create anything with you. You are after all Earth. I'm air. Reach for the Stars grounded etc.
Do you have so many amazing qualities and you have done so many honorable things. And for my sister's birthday I honor you her sister because the things that she said really ring true now. If you never talk to me again I respect it, if you want us to try to have some kind of working amicable relation I respect it but I have to have communication, you are so much of everything good and honestly I still love you so much thatI fall apart in your presence. But forget me man for real f*** me. Glue I want you to be happy you deserve happiness and if I take away from that then I need to shut my f****** mouth and I need to take that s*** so I went down and I need to smile because I know that you're happier. I truly know what it's like to want something so bad because I have for years but I never got healthy I'm just now getting around to taking care of myself. But I have for years wanted you and when I couldn't have you that's when you became Bruce Willis and you was popping my ass in the face saying you feel that boy that's your pride f****** with you.
Will glue I'm swallowing my pride. I want you to be happy no matter what I want you to be honored. If you ever do decide you want me in your life in any form please give me the communication I need to approach it healthily if not I'll f*** it up. I'm not even going to ask you what you want I'm not going to bug you but if by some chance in hell you ever find this letter just know at any point anytime you can reach out to me and ask for anything. I have taken and taken and taken and you have given and given and given it's time for me to sit the f*** down shut the f****** and love you the way you're supposed to be loved. And that means unconditionally loving you for who you are not loving you for me loving you because I absolutely adore who You are and I want to see the best life you can have happen.
You probably can't see your value and priceless coming out of my mouth or anyone else still does not do it justice.
Going to write a story about us glue.
And I promise to never promise again and just show you by allowing you the power dynamic you deserve to make your own choices and get the happiest healthiest life you can without me interjecting you've done it well this far better than me. Have made myself look like a total helpless loser in this but we both know what I'm capable of and what I'm about. If you need a roll for me just communicate it. I'll give it my all even if giving it my all means standing outside the box looking in but never burdening you with the fact that I am anymore.
And I'm not going to bring it up. Man I hope one day you get all the things you deserve.
You're admired appreciated loved and honored. By many. You are the Chief cornerstone woman. You are woman all woman.
I love you always will. Have my power dynamics take what you need and should you ever need me to flex my power because we both know all you got to do is make the call and I'll flex on whatever the hell you need me to as hard as you need me to and I'll scoop my ass right on out the way if that's what you need after it's done
Thank you glue
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Hello! My roommates and I are looking to transfer over our lease at the luxury MIdvale Apartments for a 2 bed, 2 bath unit to a group of ideally 4 people.
Address: 540 Midvale Unit #1406
Size: 926 sq. ft
Lease Term: August 1, 2023 - July 21, 2024
Monthly Rent: per person (4 people) ~ $1,205 + utilities
Community Amenities:
  • Resort-Style Swimming Pool and Spa
  • Rooftop Access
  • 24-Hour Fitness Center
  • 24-Hour Laundry Rooms
  • Bike Racks
  • Study Lounges
  • Conference Room
  • Gated Access
  • Dry Sauna
  • Package Lockers
  • Elevator
  • Minutes from UCLA
  • BBQ/Picnic Area
  • Subterranean Parking
Apartment Amenities:
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Central AiHeating
  • Mirrored Closet Doors
  • Large Closets
  • Cozy Gas Fireplace
  • Private Balconies and Patios
Unit Tour:
Building/Amenities Tour:
Please DM me if you’re interested! Serious inquiries only.
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2023.06.05 05:08 ItsScarzzz My Opinions on the Upcoming Balance Changes

-Increased main attack damage from 440 to 480 per card
-Increased SCR from 12 to 11 cards
Despite how toxic of a brawler Tara can be with her super attack in ladder, I will magnanimously accept that Tara did need buffs. Her damage felt insufficient in most 3v3 matches, although I see her played very frequently in ladder Gem Grab. I really do hope that these changes don't make her too unbearable in ladder gameplay, but more viable in competitive play.

-Increased main attack damage from 900 to 940
This has been one of the most controversial balance changes since they were released to the public eye. I too, am very skeptical of even the slightest buffs to Mortis. He ruins Brawl Ball matches throughout all of ladder and mid-level power league, and is often extremely toxic in general matches. However, his win rates were abysmal and I wouldn't mind a small buff as long as they continue to proceed with caution in balancing these certain brawlers.

-Hexed enemies no longer charge super
-Increased super range from 7.67 to 8.33 tiles
-Willow now shields herself while an enemy is hexed
I do think Willow is naturally annoying as a thrower, but I also think that her super was fundamentally useless everywhere except for Volley/Brawl Ball game modes. She's been forgotten and mostly neglected since her release a couple of months ago, and I am looking forward to seeing some more Willow abundance with these buffs.

-Increased health from 4800 to 5000
I do think this is a good buff, but I don't think it's necessary either. In my opinion, 8-Bit was already one of the most solid/balanced brawlers in the entire game. If anything, they should have reworked his 2nd gadget because that ability is completely otiose outside of Heist. However, I don't seem to mind this change too much because it's doesn't make much of a difference for a brawler who was as tanky as Pam.

-Decreased Drop The Bass health form 1500 to 1000
-Decreased Drop The Bass lifespan from 20s to 10s
-Decreased main attack damage from 1000 to 940
-Decreased main attack SCR from 6 to 7
These changes are nothing short of overkill. I predict that Janet will easily by a bottom 10 if not 5 brawler in the game. And I say that because of the damage nerf in particular. Janet already dealt a relatively low amount of damage with her main attack and took some time to focus to layer on top of that. I think they missed a core detail making her so strong: her super duration. For me, Janet has been an extremely annoying brawler to face against in a 3v3 setting. Her super lasts 6s and she remains airborne for that long. She is also intangible to other brawlers and cannot be damaged, while she drops bombs on opposing players. I think they should have nerfed her super duration from 6 to 5s or maybe even 4s, because that super is very unfun and annoying to deal with in most matches. On the contrary however, I do agree with the other changes and am hopeful that Janet will finally subside once and for all.

-Decreased health from 3200 to 3000
-Decreased main attack damage from 340 to 320 per zap
-Decreased main attack SCR from 12 to 14 zaps
Boy am I glad to see some Max nerfs. She along with a select handful of brawlers (including the aforementioned Mortis), have ruined my 3v3 experiences far too often. She has an extremely annoying gadget which hasn't been balanced since its release, and her super ensures that her team will claim victory in most cases. She offers such immense pressure along with all of these tied together, and again, allows for easy, effortless annihilation.

-Decreased Mech Form health from 4000 to 3700
-Decreased Jolting Volts healing from 2250 to 1500
I agree with these changes, because Meg was running rampant everywhere, especially in Solo Showdown. She felt nearly immortal starting in that mech after her recent rework, and definitely needed to be toned down significantly. I do think that this will make her a much healthier option throughout most ranks and levels, and won't be as much of a nuisance as she once was among most.

-Decreased Shell Shock duration from 4.5s to 2s
-Decreased health from 3800 to 3700
I completely agree with Shell Shock being nerfed, although it was way too harsh in my opinion. Also, why did they slap her with what seems like an unnecessary HP nerf? That was the least of her issues of being top 5 in the meta, unless somehow she was too problematic for noobs, but I am satisfied to see these nerfs taking place as soon as they are.

-Decreased Power Shield duration from 5s to 2s
-Decreased Power Shield shield from 80% to 50%
One of the most toxic brawlers in the entire game, FINALLY receives more nerfs to his gadget. That ability alone made him a shredding feral monster against nearly any brawler, with zero skill necessary. I don't know why they addressed him again any sooner, but I'm thankful that they decided to do it at all.

-Decreased Salty Barrel health from 2000 to 1500
-Decreased health from 3400 to 3200
It's about time that Salty Barrel received some much needed nerfs in favor of those assassins and close-rangers. However, I will send one message to Supercell: PLEASE stop nerfing her base HP and revert that change before you roll it out. Her health is already low enough, and is now again starting to struggle with approaching enemies due to the reduced range compared to before her rework last year. You will reverse the progress you've made with the rework. If anything, her cannon needs to be addressed. It is way too toxic and unbearable in so many maps, and it is able to cover way too large of a proximity for being able to shoot over walls. Other than this, the Salty Barrel nerf was a very welcome change.

-Decreased health from 5400 to 5200
Much like 8-Bit's health change, I don't mind it too much, but I think it was also unnecessary because Ash already seemed to be solid and not too overbearing from what I've seen. I don't play or face against Ash much, so I'm not very obligated to opine here, but that's where I stand.

-Decreased main attack SCR from 3 to 4
Very delighted to see more nerfs to that brain-dead menace. I've always hated facing against Bea, and would much rather be prompted to throw my phone across my room in fits of rage than tolerate her spamming mechanisms. I applaud the fact that Supercell is addressing more of the toxic brawlers among most players, yet more forgettable brawlers among high-level players. I do agree with this change, and it should suppress her dominance in the current metagame.
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2023.06.05 05:08 Calis80 Custodes Neuro synergy?

Rereading End and the Death and again I noticed the term Neuro Synergy used several times to describe how Custodes communicate. I went through other Custodes books Emperors Legion, Master of Mankind, Gates of Bone etc and there is no other mention of it. Nothing in the codex that I recall either. It appears to be a new thing Abnett had introduced.
Evidently Custodes have some sort of limited telepathy which allows them to communicate with other Custodes. It’s mentioned several times most notably when Amon confronts the Wardens and asks about clarification of orders.
“‘Directives have been issued,’ says Harahel. ‘Confirmation of those directives may be obtained from the captain-general.’ ‘Obtain them,’ says Amon. ‘This is not currently possible. Captain-General Valdor is unavailable.’ ‘Obtain them via neuro-synergetics.’ ‘This is not currently possible,’ says Aedile-Marshal Harahel. ‘Captain-General Valdor is not present on Terra, and neuro-synergetic link is unviable.’
Later on when Valdor and his strike team land on the Vengeful Spirit you get this
“The others in the company strike. Their reactions could not be faster; reflexes that would shame mere Astartes. From pre-flare precipitation through materialisation through first daemon murders to their first kills, barely six nanoseconds pass. They are at pitched combat instantly, without prelude or warning, like pict-footage edited to play from the middle of battle. They are moving and killing before Geliden hits the deck, before the pieces of Astricol begin to separate, before Valique starts screaming. Constantin Valdor truncates the daemon he appears face to face with. His power sword is in and through the thing before it can react. Its head – massive, horned, manged with disease – is still grinning in anticipation as it is sheared off its shoulders. Valdor doesn’t need to speak. His command over his Custodes is partly wordless neuro-synergy, and partly decades of relentless drill and rehearsal. The company moves as one thing, like a troupe of gymnasts, their performance at once both precise choreography and acutely nuanced reaction. Their conditioning and combat formats are cured into them, practised to the point of objective perfection, but the expression of them is ordained, demi-second by demi-second, by Valdor’s neural cues. He doesn’t need to speak because there is no need for verbal command, and because there is nothing to say anyway.”
It’s mentioned 7 times in the novel and best described by this quick exchange when two Custodes switch stations and one just touches the other in passing
“The forehead touch is not a greeting, or a gesture of respect, it is merely a rapid neurosynergetic transfer that instantly acquaints Dolo Lamora with the circumstantial detail of Caecaltus’ vacated post, as though he had been standing there himself all this while. Uzkarel Ophite does not look up to watch Caecaltus go, nor does he look up to see Dolo Lamora arrive. He is simply aware of the situational change. His concentration and alert remain pure.”
So evidently a mere touch can relay all pertinent information from one Custodes to another. Furthermore there seems to be a range limit but it’s also able to transfer information and commands over a distance as evidenced by the Valdor passage and this when Sanguinius is confronted by a Custodian.
“He is aware of the others now. Four other senior Sentinels, summoned no doubt by the proconsul’s neurosynergetics, have arrived behind him in complete silence.”
Am I missing something? This seems to be a new thing and may explain why tho it looks like Custodes fight individually they are actually so in tune with each other that they instinctively cover each others blindsides without any need of communication.
Also did a quick calc. 6 nanoseconds from teleport in to first demons dead is absolutely insane. There are one billion nanoseconds in a second. We have examples of Custodes reacting in nanoseconds before but never given an exact number it’s always been vague. There reaction times here are basically light speed. As light travels roughly one foot per nanosecond. Assuming the Custodes appear within 6 feet of the the first demon kills that’s almost exactly light speed movement.
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2023.06.05 05:06 room_surprise Preview of Chapter 3 of "Show Me How to Get Off the Ground" Kabru/Mithrun fanfic

The fic just hit 400 views on AO3 so I'm celebrating. Here's a little preview from the next chapter, featuring Marcille and Falin:
“–Slimes in the elevator shaft, and a tentaculus growing in the stairwell!” Marcille was in the middle of saying. “All the common areas are disgusting. As soon as my lease is up I’m getting a new apartment. One in a building that has a real dungonium, not just a courtyard with a pest control problem.”
“Where will you move?” Falin asked, her eyes wide behind her glasses.
“I don’t know,” Marcille huffed, “Hopefully somewhere closer to campus. If your brother would get his own place, I could move in with you…”
“Laios doesn’t make enough to afford that…”
“Didn’t you say he just got a job?”
“Yeah, but it doesn’t pay that good.”
“I guess it’s better than being totally unemployed,” Marcille said with a sigh. “But I’m telling you, he’s never going to shape up if you keep babying him. He’s the older sibling! He should be taking care of you!
“Well… I don’t want him to move out, I like sharing with him…” Falin said reluctantly.
Kabru had never met Falin’s brother, but he’d overheard enough to understand why Marcille had such a negative opinion of the guy. Laios Touden had followed his sister to Vakstran to get away from their parents, something Kabru could relate to, but after arriving, it sounded like all he did was get high and play video games. As far as Kabru knew, their parents didn’t know Laios was here, they sent Falin money every month to pay her bills, and the Touden siblings found some way to make that money stretch to cover two people.
Well, at least he had a job now, that was a step in the right direction. Falin seemed to like him, so maybe he wasn’t a bad guy, just going through a hard time.
“Where’s he working?” Kabru asked, both because he was curious and because he wanted to help Falin get out of the uncomfortable conversation she was stuck in with Marcille.
“Oh, I keep forgetting the name, but it’s a fast food place!” Falin replied, “There’s a clay oven for baking bread, it’s really spicy, they serve curry… Oh! Korma Kitchen. That’s what it’s called.”
“Huh, I didn’t know there was a fast food place that served South Vestran cuisine,” Kabru said, genuinely surprised. He didn’t think of the food from his home region as something that was popular enough with the mainstream to have a fast food chain that featured it. When he’d been growing up, South Vestran food had always been an exotic specialty that was confined to ethnic neighborhoods and specialty grocers, you had to know where to look if you wanted to get it.
But apparently the times were changing. South Vestran culture as a whole had been growing more visible over the last decade, in no small part due to all the immigrants that had been forced out of Vestra by the numerous civil wars that regularly rocked the continent.
Kabru didn’t normally eat fast food, but maybe he’d have to check Korma Kitchen out sometime, just for the novelty of it. ======================================*======================================
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2023.06.05 05:06 JoshAsdvgi The Monster Bird

The Monster Bird

The Monster Bird
This version of the legend comes from Pliny Earle Goddard's 1917 collection Chipewyan Texts.

In the beginning, two young men secured some geese and tied them to their canoe so that they might be drawn through the water by them.
The young men lay down in the canoe, saying to the geese, " Take us wherever your land may be."
When they stood up, they found the geese full grown.
As they were without food, they killed them, built a fire, and cooked and ate them, and when they had finished their meal, continued their journey.
After they had gone a long distance, they again found themselves without food.
Some wolves came to them and fed them with fat and pemmican.
" Do not eat it all," the wolves admonished them, "leave some to eat in the morning after you have slept."
The wolves also gave them arrows but cautioned them as to their use and said, " If you should shoot grouse, after a time, and the arrow sticks a short way up in a tree, do not climb up to get it."
The young men resumed their journey.
After a time, one of them shot grouse and his arrow fell rather high on a tree.
Not heeding the warning of the wolves, he said to his companion, " I am going to get it." " No," said the other, "the wolves told us not to do that."
Thinking the arrow was not very high, he stood on something and reached toward it.
The arrow moved still further out of his reach and the young man involuntarily ascended toward the sky after it.
The one who had ascended to the sky traveled alone until he came where a tipi stood.
He found an old woman there who blackened his face with a coal.
He heard two girls laughing in the brush behind the house.
When they came in, they said, " Mother, what sort of a bad animal has come here? "
They laughed at him a long time, and then went out again into the brush.
The old woman immediately washed his face and combed his hair.
Soon he heard the girls talking again, saying, "We will go in again and laugh at that thing which came."
As soon as they came in each said, "I would like to have that man.
I will marry him."
That night, one lay down on either side of him.
After a time, when the man woke up, he found he was under the ground and could not move.
ln the morning, he heard the family going away.
He heard the two girls laughing as they started; but the old woman was crying, and saying to herself, "
They have done that way to many nice men who have come to me."
Not long after that he heard some wolves coming to the campsite. "What has happened?" one of them said,
"There is the smell of a live man."
One of the wolves, named EbedahoLtihe, was addressed, " There is a man under the ground.
We will take him out.
Go and get the partly chewed bone we left behind the old camp."
The man heard someone tapping with a spear on the ground as he ran along.
Soon he heard the same sounds as the wolf returned.
They tried to dig with the rib which he had brought, but it broke. "Get something else," he heard him say.
He went again and brought the leg bone of a moose which has the two side bones and dew claws.
That did not break and with it they soon dug the man out.
Then he found it was the wolves who had done all this.
The wolves then gave him two arrows and directions for their use.
" This arrow is female," one of them said, "and this one is male.
If when you hunt, a cow moose runs away into the brush, you must shoot this female arrow toward the place.
But if a bull moose runs into the brush, shoot in that direction with the male arrow.
When you have killed a moose, take the intestines and tie them back and forth on a tree.
Then you must tell one of the girls that you have left a rope with which she shall carry the moose.
If her rope breaks and she begins to curse we will attend to her should we hear her saying, 'mean wolf.'"
Then the man went on, following the tracks of the women.
When he came close to them, he began to hunt.
Seeing where a cow moose had run into the brush, he shot the female arrow.
Where a bull moose had run in, he shot the male arrow.
He found that each of his arrows had killed a moose.
He then went where the people had camped and said to the two girls, " Go and get the moose I have killed."
To one of the girls whose name was Weasel-vermin he said, " You need not take a rope with you, for I have left one for you."
He told the other girl called Mice-vermin, to take a rope.
The girls started for the moose, the man following along with them.
When they came near the place where the moose were lying, he said to Weasel-vermin, "You get the one that is over there."
He found that each of the girls was accustomed to carry an entire moose on her back at one time.
Weasel-vermin found that he meant the intestines when he told her that he left a rope hanging in the tree for her.
When she attempted to carry the moose whole with it, the rope began to break.
She began to curse and finally said, "mean wolf."
Immediately, he heard her running in a circle and shouting.
When he came to the place, he found only some human hair lying there, and the marks on the snow where the body had been dragged away.
He ran immediately to the other girl and pulled her clothes off.
Mice ran under the snow.
He found that she was a mouse and the other girl a weasel.
After that, she became a person and married the man.
The man lived there with his mother-in-law.
He remained there for considerable time.
He killed many moose but did not know what became of the skins of the moose which he killed.
His mother-in-law had dressed just one of them.
After a time, she said to him, " Your relatives are lonesome and I do not like that.
There is a hole through the sky here ahead of us.
Let us go there."
When they came to the place, she wrapped the man in the one moose hide she had dressed.
He found that she had made rope of the other hides.
With the rope she lowered the man. "When you feel yourself touching the ground," she told him, "you must untie the rope and pull it several times."
After a time, he thought he felt the ground under him.
He crawled out of the hide, pulled the rope repeatedly, and it disappeared toward the sky.
When he looked about he was astonished to find that he was not yet on the ground but on the nest of the flying things which feed upon people.
Human bones were lying about.
A young one of the birds was sitting there.
He took a liking to the man and said to him, "I usually eat people but you shall live.
Sit here under my wings."
The bird was so large that a person could hide under it.
Soon it spoke to him again, saying, "After a while, it will be dark as if it were night.
It will be my mother coming.
When it becomes light again, my father will come." After a short time it grew dark, and the mother bird lit there.
She said to the young one, " I smell a human odor coming from you." "Oh, its the human remains lying there which you brought," the young one told its mother.
"No, it is not. It is the odor of a living person, which I smell coming from you," the mother replied.
When she had found the man, the young one said, " You shall not do anything to him, he will live.
If you kill him you must kill me too."
After a time it became light again and the father bird arrived.
He said the same things to the young one and received the same replies.
On account of that the man was allowed to live.
When they had both gone off again, the young one said to the man, " I am going to put my wings on you.
You shall fly across."
The man found that the nest was on an island and that there were rapids on either side in the large stream flowing there.
The bird put the wings on the man saying to him, " Fly around here until you are sure you can fly across."
The man flew about the nest a little way until he felt certain he could fly across the stream.
"Do not put my wings right on the ground, lean them against a tree," the young bird told him.
"On your way home, do not travel at night.
Even if you think you have not far to go, lie down wherever night overtakes you."
Then the man flew across from the nest, took off the wings, and leaned them against a tree. From there he started toward the place where his relatives used to live.
He came where a heaver had his house and commenced to dig it out.
After a time, it became dark without his knowing it. "
The house is not far away.
I will not sleep here since it is so close by," he said to himself and started on although it was dark.
As he walked along, he carried his spear with which he had been chiseling for the beaver. Suddenly, he felt himself being taken up into the air without visible cause.
He found that Hotei,bale, the bird monster, had taken him away.
When he had been carried a long distance, above a high rock he was thrown down upon it. Catching the top of the rock with the spear, he jumped over it and saved himself.
Again, he was caught and carried away.
When he was thrown again upon a sharp rock, he placed the end of his spear against it and jumped over it.
He found that this rock was covered on both sides with dried human blood where the people had been killed.
He was carried, still alive, to the young bird.
When the young one saw him it said, "This is my grandchild, that I love.
This is the one I said you must not kill.
If you kill it, you must kill me too." For that reason he was not killed. " You shall remain here," the young one said to him, and he lived there with him.
When he had been there some little time, he began to think how he might kill them.
They slept only in the daytime.
He placed a quantity of hay and small brush on the tree under the nest.
When there was much of it there, the old one said, "Grandson, why are you doing that?" "Oh, I am playing with it," he replied.
After some time he spoke to the old bird, " Grandfather, let me have your firedrill.
I want to play with it."
He addressed HoteLbale, as Grandfather.
He was given the firedrill.
Then when they were asleep, during the day, he set the brush and hay on fire and burned the nest with them in it.
They lay with their wings all burned.
Taking a club he struck the old birds on the crowns of their heads and killed them, but he let the young one live, rubbing the burned portions of its wings away.
He said to it, " If you had been the only one, I would not have done it; but your parents have killed many of my relatives."
After that, there were no such monsters but the young one was still alive.
Someone has recently heard from the west that it has grown again.
A man who has knowledge of something magical does not get killed.
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2023.06.05 05:05 JennYaretzi Does anyone else get super overwhelmed or sad when wedding planning?

So me and my fiancé are getting married October 28 of this year. Before we got engaged, we started lightly planning we got engaged Because I knew I would get overwhelmed at the amount of questions everyone had. We’ve been friends for 13 years and dated for 1 . I’m very excited and happy to be married for him, but I get really overwhelmed and sad when people ask for questions. I have a really hard time making decisions and I’m constantly over analyzing if I’m making the “right” one. I know at the end of the day all of the little decisions matter are used to get myself worked up. Every decision just seems so final and it builds off of all the previous decisions, and will influence the future decisions. I never thought I would get married And I know if I did, I wanted it to be very small of close friends and Immediate family. He’s more of the one that has been dreaming up his wedding since he was a teenager And wants to have a bigger one. He doesn’t exactly know what he wants. He just wants it to be cute. I’ve been leaning on him to help with some of the things I just get overwhelmed with. Thankfully, he does want to be involved too. I just feel awful kind of seems like I get overwhelmed with everything. I also feel the pressure that I’m trying to maintain family expectations and the fact that we’re never gonna have this happen again. Does anyone else feel this way? Also any advice or tips would be great.
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2023.06.05 05:04 Da3awss [US][SELLING] Death March LN, Overlord LN, Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul: RE, Vinland Saga and more plus FREE Merch.

Selling everything I’ve collected so far with regards to manga, light novels, and merch. Shipping is a flat $5 for media mail for purchases up to 8 volumes. Anything over 8 volumes will depend on volume count. I’m not looking to split the larger volume sets, but will sell the single volume, or volumes at the end. For example: With the collected volumes 1-10, I would not sell 4 or any single volume in the middle. I would sell volume 10 and any previous volume as long as it doesn’t create a gap.
Light Novel Images Manga Images Merch Images
- Most Merch items were photographed a long time ago. Here is the links showing the bulk items with the timestamp: Merch & Figures
Most items are new and never read and are in G5 quality. Death March & Vinland Saga are really the only items I ever read with most bein still in G4 to G5 minus any exception stated below.
I tried to price the items fairly and in accordance with my will to get rid of them, but I am open to offers. All of the Merch is free. I am planning to get rid of it by the end of the week if no one on this platform is interested in any of the items. If you are interested in the merch itself and not the LNs or manga's, the item is free minus shipping.

Light Novels Volumes Price Damage
Bakemonogatari 1 - 3 $24
Kizumonogatari $9
All Monogatari $30
Death March in a Parallel World 1 - 9 $60 Volume 8 has water damaged pages
Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! 1 $8
Overlord 1 - 4 $45
The Rising of the Shield Hero 1 - 4 $30 Slight discoloration on volume 1's outer pages
Tokyo Ghoul: Days $8
Tokyo Ghoul: Past $8
Tokyo Ghoul: Void $8
All Tokyo Ghoul $20
Manga Volumes Price Damage
A Silent Voice Complete: 1 - 7 $50 Volume 5's cover has a creased corner
Battle Angel Alita 1 $7
Berserk 1: Shrink-wrapped $9
Black Clover 1 $6
Death Trance 1 $6
Delicious in Dungeon 1 $9
Dojin Work: CE 1 $4
Final Fantasy Type-0 $7.5
Fire Force 1 - 5 $30
Gothic Sports 1 $5
In/Spectre 1 - 2 $13
K-ON! Kakifly 1 $5
Konosuba 1: Loot Crate Edition $10
Land of the Lustrous 1 $7
Soul Eater 1: Loot Crate Edition $10
Spice and Wolf 1 $8
Takeru 1 - 4 $20
The Girl from the Otherside 1 $8
The Seven Deadly Sins 1 $6
Tokyo Ghoul 1 - 9 $70
Tokyo Ghoul: RE 1 - 5 $40
Twin Signal 1 $5
Vinland Saga 1 - 6 $70
Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches 1 - 15 $95

Merch: Free with purchase of any of the above listings.
Apparel -
Figure -
Miscellaneous -
Finally, I have most of the 2018 Newtype magazine from Japan that focuses on anime. Only missing January and Novembers edition.

If you have any questions regarding the items, feel free to reach out.
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2023.06.05 05:04 Nabakin Head's up: June 12th protest of Reddit's API changes.

This subreddit will be joining in on the June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes that will essentially kill all 3rd party Reddit apps.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do as a user?

What can you do as a moderator?

Thank you for your patience in the matter,
-Mod Team
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2023.06.05 05:04 Inevitable_Cat_909 My good friend (23M) and I (22F) kissed, and I’m not sure if he was avoiding me because of it

We’re both part of this friend group which includes another girl, same age. We always have a lot of fun, it’s chill and no dramas.
About 10 months ago, we were hanging out playing video games and having light drinks at the guy’s place after dinner. The other girl left first to meet her bf that night. The guy was gonna drive me home but we were trying to sober up.
We started chatting about random things but the topics started getting more intimate/sexual, which has never happened before. We’ve known each other for over 4 years, and it’s been strictly just friends, no flirting ever. He just got out of a long commited relationship and a much shorter one right after that.
We talked about the people we found attractive and our views on relationship, sex, hookups etc. Which I had zero experience of at the time. He said that he doesn’t see anything wrong with casual stuff and all, and that it doesn’t have to be complicated. He asked me if I was curious and bla bla, one thing led to another and we ended up kissing. I was curious and thought it’d be safer to try it with this friend instead of some random at a bar… We were both clear no feelings were involved and it stopped at kissing.
We have never spoken about it after. But after that he had been super unresponsive when the group wanted to meet up. This made me overthink a LOT. And it felt like he was avoiding me because he met up with the other girl in our group like 2 weeks ago and they didn’t invite me….
We finally met up recently and it turns out he was really depressed. The hangout and group dynamics was fun as usual. But I’m still concerned that it was because of the kiss? Is it a stretch? Should I address it or ignore it??? I’m probably just overthinking it but I like things to be out in the open, yet I don’t want to seem like the virgin who overreacts over a kiss…. I don’t have feelings and I definitely don’t want to pursue anything serious with this guy, but I treasure the friendship (which makes me regret complicating it with the kiss tbh). He’s going overseas for a good 2-3 months tomorrow, so this is probably going to be the last chance if I wanted to address it. But also how?
TL;DR my good friend and I kissed and I’m not sure if he was avoiding me because of it. Should I address or not, and if yes, how?
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2023.06.05 05:04 Only_smiiles Increased Anxiety

I started on Zoloft 50 mg on April 28th. Side effects included constipation, light-headedness, and brain fog.
After 4 weeks my OB increased it to 100 mg. I’ve now been on that for a little over a week and my anxiety is sky fucking high. It’s truly debilitating. For some reason it’s manifesting as health anxiety? Right now I’m convinced I have leukemia and a DVT. I mean for crying out loud.
Someone tell me the anxiety subsides because I’m ready to wean myself back down to 50 mg. Fuck.
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2023.06.05 05:04 xaolin987 Any 3* Light Cones worth keep 2 of?

Any 3* Light Cones worth keep 2 of?
Have all the 3* light cones Superimposed LVL 5 haven't rly been using any but wondering if any are good enough to keep 2 of otherwise might salvage
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2023.06.05 05:03 RyderHammer Dont.Go.Outside.

"Don't go outside," my mother warned me, her eyes wide with fear. "Something's out there, something that wants to hurt you."
I laughed it off, telling her that there was nothing to be afraid of. But as the night wore on, I started to feel a sense of unease. Something was calling to me, luring me towards the darkness outside.
I tried to ignore it, to distract myself with TV shows or books or video games. But no matter what I did, the voice kept calling - soft, insidious, impossible to ignore.
Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed a flashlight, and headed towards the door. My heart was pounding in my chest, and my palms were slick with sweat.
But I couldn't help myself. Something was out there, and I needed to know what it was.
As soon as I stepped outside, I knew that I had made a mistake. The air was thick with darkness, the absence of light almost suffocating. I shone my flashlight around, trying to see what was in front of me.
And then I saw it. A figure, shrouded in shadow, its eyes glowing red like hot coals in the darkness. It was the embodiment of fear, of all the things that lurk in the darkness.
I turned to run, but it was too late. The thing was upon me, its claws digging into my flesh, its breath hot on my neck. I screamed, but no sound came out.
I don't know how long it lasted. Hours, maybe. Or maybe just seconds. All I know is that when it was over, I was back inside, my body covered in scratches and bruises, my mind tormented by the memory of what had happened.
"Don't go outside," my mother told me again, her eyes full of tears. But it was too late - I had already experienced the horrors that lay beyond the threshold of our home, and I knew that I would never be the same again.
The moral of the story? Sometimes, when people say "Don't go outside," they really mean it. The darkness is a dangerous place, full of terrors that are best left unexplored. But sometimes, even the most rational among us can't resist the call of the unknown. And when that happens, we can only pray that we make it back in one piece.
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2023.06.05 05:03 sarahrubi Satin or semi-gloss finish on unstained red oak baseboard mouldings and window trims ?

I am replacing the baseboard mouldings and window trims in my living room and kitchen for red oak with no stain. Any opinion on wether I should put a semi-gloss or satin finish ? The walls are natural white, and the floor is birch with a satin finish.
Thank you !
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2023.06.05 05:03 LeEpik1 Anyone know what this worm thingy is?

Anyone know what this worm thingy is?
Found them under the kitchen sink. They have these yellow spots near their heads.
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2023.06.05 05:03 Impossible-Change-39 Want rainbow reflections all over your walls?
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2023.06.05 05:03 the-rock-doctor Floor Drain Woes

Hey y'all!
I'm in my first year of homeownership, and have been battling persistent back-up of the only basement floor drain (sewage, because it's tied into our main stack, which is about 10 feet away). I've had the main line cleared two times in the last 8 months by two different plumbers. It was also cleared by the previous owners before we closed on the house as one of our terms for closing (so, technically, 3 times in 8 months).
For my plumbers, I took both plumbers about 6 - 6.5 hours to clear the line, and neither pulled anything out. Both were a bit baffled and described the clearing as something like "getting the sludge moving."
In between the two clearing efforts, the drain would back up, then recede completely, then back up, and recede again (less than a couple of gallons at a time) until it really backs up in the basement again. I've just had it cleared, and it's repeating this pattern, just like before.
Once the big back up occurs, the water mostly maintains the same level, despite our usage or non-usage of water (suggesting some kind of potentiometric surface equilibrium of sorts?). There isn't any danger of electricity and water mixing, as I've built up a bit of a dam to hold the water on the non-electrical side of the basement, but it's still a problem I'd like to solve.
Obviously, I don't want the sewage to make it's way into our kitchen sink (the next lowest drain) so I don't think plugging the drain is a good answer, but I don't know how to fix the problem. The plumbers who have come out to take a look agree that it's weird the drain backs up so frequently, with no apparent cause for the clog (no roots, tampons, grease, etc they could find, even with a camera). The best guess is that the main line could be too flat, or potentially back-pitched. One suggested adding in a sewage-ejector pump, but I haven't yet thought through the potential ramifications of that...or how one might be installed in a floor drain.
Anyone else have experience with a similar problem or have thoughts about what might be going on? Hoping to avoid having to replace the whole sewer line, but if I have to do it, so be it.
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2023.06.05 05:02 UnDead_Ted Daily Wisdom Sunday, June 4th 2023

Daily Wisdom Sunday, June 4th 2023

“I walk in the way of righteousness.” — Prov 8:20
How does the Lord Jesus—who speaks here under the name of Wisdom—lead his saints “in the way of righteousness?” By casting a mysterious light into their souls, whereby they see what the word of God has revealed, and shedding abroad a mysterious power in their hearts, whereby faith is created, to receive, lay hold of, and credit that which God has made known.
We may read the word of God forever in vain, unless that word is made life and light to our souls; but when the Lord the Spirit, whose covenant office and work it is to take of the things of Jesus and reveal them to the heart, sheds a mysterious and blessed light upon those Scriptures which speak of Jesus as the law-fulfiller, as having brought in a glorious righteousness, and at the same moment is pleased to raise up faith and power in the heart to receive, credit, embrace, and handle what he has thus revealed, then by his own persuasive power he leads the soul “in the way of righteousness.” And O what a wonderful way it is! that God should ever find out such a way, as to make all his people righteous, by imputing to them another’s righteousness! It will be the wonder, the song of saints through all eternity; it will exhaust all the depths of their finite wisdom to look into these secrets of wisdom, love, and power.
Yes, the angels themselves, who so far exceed men in wisdom, are represented as “desiring to look into” these things, and therefore when the ark was made, and the mercy seat put over the tables which were enclosed therein, the seraphim were framed as looking down upon this golden mercy seat, representing how the height, breadth, length, and depth of these mysteries overpass even the faculties of the angels themselves.
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2023.06.05 04:58 PlainJaneNotSoPlain I'm gonna lose it...autism tics??

Ok so I'll start with, I have ADHD and OCD so I really do try to be understanding and generally my son's quirks don't bother me.
He's 14 and autistic. Let me preface this with I believe he is the LIGHT of my life and I always want what's best for him. He's achieved so much in his short life and im so unbelievably proud of him, everyday!! Of course, I'm his mother, but I don't want someone to take this the wrong way.
Today he's started this tic? He's doing just a little "hmm" and he's doing it continually all day long.
I don't know why...but it's driving me up a freaking wall!! I've tried talking to him about it, he is verbal but we still have difficulty communicating complex topics. He seemed kind of suprised/hurt when I asked him "why are you making that noise? Hmm?"
Help me freaking understand this, please?! For the love of God, I'm gonna snap. For some reason it's just got me on the edge of my nerves and I'm irritable as can be.
I'm not certain why I HATE it. Maybe because it similar in tone to when he whines??
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