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A place for all things chef knives. A place to talk about the use, maintenance, and acquisition of any bladed kitchen instrument as well as whetstones, cutting boards, and more!

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2023.06.08 09:59 PiskAlmighty Request for season 3: toned down soundtrack

I think there's a lot for the team to be thinking about for the next season, but my main request (in the small off chance they see this post) is to tone down the music.
We all love 90s music: Nirvana, Radiohead, Garbage, Cranberries, Pumpkins, etc. And it can be very impactful to have a 90s banger over a poignant scene, but I feel it just happens way too much and becomes very intrusive.
My sense is that music is being used as a crutch to make a scene feel more emotionally deep, presumably because they're either not confident that the scene carries itself or because they've had to edit weirdly and the music smooths it out. But I find the over reliance on very famous songs to carry the emotion starts to grate after a while.
For instance, I rewatched the "oops we killed Javi" scene from the beginning of ep9 with some simple, sad music, and it felt a lot more emotional to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the Cranberries, but I found them blasting Zombie over the action pretty distracting. On top of that, this episode had Street Stpirit, a Metallica cover, a Buffy Sainte Marie song, and two (!) versions of Killing Moon, all of which made the music feel really intrusive.
I hope season 3 has more original music which is designed to fit the tone better, and maybe a limit of 1 or 2 90s bangers per episode.
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2023.06.08 09:58 yu8ugg67 I really wish I was circumcised.

I've had the desire to be circumcised my entire life. Something about it just seems so appealing to me. The hygiene benefits, The appearance, Needing to use lube to masturbate, Ect. I spend so much time daily wishing i was circumcised. I think about how I wish i was circumcised the whole time I even have sex pretty well.
For years I've been struggling with deciding if I should get it done. Besides it costing me like 2k$ and being 19 im incredibly worried about the results. All over the internet you hear about how it's mutilation and itl ruin sexual pleasure or make it worse. I talked too a therapist about this and explained how I feel and she essentially reccomend I should do it as much as she could.
I've been to 2 consultations so far and the 2nd one was originally to get the circumcision preformed. I traveled about 6 hours and spent around 500$ on the trip to see the doctor and he seemed great but last minute I got too scared and didn't do it. That was the absoutle perfect time for me to do it financially and time wise and I regret so much that I didn't do it.
I really want to get it done in July when I have the time and money but im so scared il cancel last minute or be too scared to do it. I just want to be circumcised and I've been in this cycle for too long.
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2023.06.08 09:58 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 06/08/2023

The following events happened on this day in history!
What event was your favorite in this list?
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2023.06.08 09:57 Fallen-Republic Costco tires on non-OEM wheels

I thought I'd post this, as I just left Costco after buying tires.
My 09 Avalanche came with these gaudy 22" chrome wheels. Bought it used, and the tires were 305/40r22's. The wheels were a bit too flashy for us, but we have kept them for about a year and a half. The chrome just hasn't been doing se well on a vehicle that's now almost 15 years old. We hit a nail in the road, and after Les Schwab repaired it, they jacked up the wheel bead, no doubt due to the chrome peeling. But in short, the tire no longer holds pressure, even after just eight hours. Dead flat.
We decided this was the time to change things up, and found some good 18" wheels, then decided on a set of BF Goodrich Trail-Terrain T/A tires. Costco had the same price as anyone else, so we used them because of their warranty and ability to get any road damage repaired. For the record, we went with 285/60r18's.
At the Costco tire shop, they told me they wouldn't even touch the vehicle if the wheels weren't stock. Our salesperson was probably going with the notion that people who buy tires there aren't capable of changing one themself though. I had the (brand new) wheels AND sensors. After a bit of talking, they admitted they'd still sell me the tires, plus mount and balance them—but that since my wheels (and new tires) weren't the same as on the doorjam sticker, they'd do the wheels themselves—just not the truck. That's an important distinction.
We can't drive our Avalanche in for a rotation or tire balancing, but if we bring the wheels in seperately, they'll do it. They'll mount and balance and warranty and tire that fits on the wheel—they just won't touch the vehicle they're being used on if they don't match the oem sticker.
The tire/Costco warranty is still good. They'll still fix leaks. They'll still balance them. They just won't do shit if we bring them in mounted on our vehicle. If we have a leak that needs repair, if we have a warranty issue, we just have to bring the wheel/tire unattached from the vehicle.
No prob for me, I rotate on my own, and I can change a damn flat. Costco will still fix it, still warranty my T/A's up to the 60k miles—I just have to bring them in separate from the truck.
I searched and found a BUNCH of old posts about Costco not warrantying and tires/wheels that aren't OEM, that's just not true. They just WILL NOT touch a vehicle with non-OEM wheels. The solution is beyond simple: Take off the damn wheels, and bring them in on their own (as needed)!
Costco WILL warranty tires they sell, regardless of vehicle or OEM wheels. They just simply WILL NOT TOUCH a vehicle that rolls in with non-OEM wheels.
Hope this helps someone.
we do a lot of mountain driving.
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2023.06.08 09:57 Still_Rub_2917 Eligibility to enlist with poor credit/ accounts in delinquent stats

Hello, last year I talked to several recruiters and had a hard time getting accurate answers. I (F28- masters degree/ I worked in healthcare) was interested in commissioning as an officer but have had several life changes where now I would like to expedite the process and considering enlistment.
I had to take care of my mom/ siblings which resulted in credit card debt, unpaid student loans, payments are delinquent status. As explained to me, the difficulty is gaining the security clearance with the negative marks on a credit score/ exhibiting poor financial history.
Does anyone know about potential for successful enlisting with debt and unable to make payments? any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.08 09:57 Ipod732 25 [M4F] California - A Definitive Advertisement To Find That Someone

Hello! I've posted here on r4r a handful of times now and I wanted to try and write up a more definitive ad. Every time I've written up a new one it contained new information or less information than a previous post so, I'm going to try and compile it all into one master post. That way everything there is to decide whether you'd like to message me is easily available and accessible to you without having to dig around a dozen other posts.
Now that the "prologue" is out of the way let's jump into why you're here and what it is I'm looking for.
Who Am I?
Things I enjoy:
What I'm Looking For?
A woman who I can meet, befriend, love, marry, have kids, and grow old with. I'm a hopeless romantic, I guess lol. It would go in that order and as for the timeline, that's for fate to decide.
Age - Ideally 21+, but will accept as long as you're 18+. Ideal age range 21-30. If you're slightly older or slightly younger that's fine too. +/- 7 is the general rule of thumb.
Looks - Personality beats looks, but attraction is still important. I don't have a type per se. Don't really care about race/ethnicity. I'm trying to work on my weight myself so I rather not cast a stone at a glass house, but proportionality is something I find attractive. A gym partner or someone who can help me with my weight would also be appreciated(we can run together or go hike, etc.)
Personality - I find that sometimes when I'm not attracted to a person , their personality attracts me to them. Personality can elevate a 5 to a 10 or reduce a 10 to a 1 instantly. All I ask is that you're intelligent(a woman who can think for herself, articulate her thoughts, and is able to challenge me when I'm wrong), kind, communicative(communication is key in any relationship), and is sociable(don't need to be extroverted, just able to socialize when the situation calls for it).
Location - In California, looking to move to California, or willing to relocate (a hard ask considering everyone is leaving California lol). For the foreseeable future, I'm stuck here for work and family. Maybe someday I'll have a nice plot of land in the middle of nowhere and can live off the fatta the land with some rabbits. If you read the post and know the book, you got the reference.
What can I Give You?
Tea - As I mentioned before, I'll brew you tea and sometimes I might have a good story to tell over tea lol.
Laughter - I have a contagious laugh and I enjoy joking around. I laugh at most things so it's not too hard to elicit a laugh from me which might get you laughing too.
Adventure - I like visiting new places with friends or a companion so as long as you desire it, we can always adventure out to new places. Whether it's a beach, a new city, a forest, mountain, you name it, we can go.
Optimism - I have a generally happy-go-lucky attitude with life and I'll be happy to reassure you life is good and things will be fine. And if you need the opposite with harsh realism, ask and you shall receive lol.
Hygiene - I do my best to keep myself clean. I also wash my own dishes. I try to keep my home clean, but it's a bit difficult when you're never home. I bought my first condo in 2021 and now I understand why people rent. It's difficult to maintain everything and expensive. And on top of all that you gotta keep it clean even when you're not home.
Attention - As much as you desire. I enjoy people and having someone around all the time is fine by me. I also don't mind some alone time and lawyer stuff can be a bit time-consuming.
Food - I can't cook, but I'll try. I tried to make sushi and failed two weekends ago. Rice was too sticky and too hot. Also the sashimi refused to thaw no matter how long I waited(was well over 12 hours...) But wrapping it was actually easier than I expected just not evenly distributed along the roll.
I think that covered everything I needed to add or wanted to add in here. If I come up with more I'll be updating this master ad over time. Feel free to message me or use the chat feature. Also if you like we can move to Discord, feel free to ask for it. Attached is a photo of me as well. Thanks for bearing through this long post. And if you didn't read it all, that's fine. It's too damn long.
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2023.06.08 09:55 --JUST-PASSING-BY-- What’s wrong with me

I’m sorry if this is really long, don’t feel obligated to read the whole thing. I just wanted to write my feelings down, and more than likely will delete this later today. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments of your own though.
I never shared any of this with anyone, but I think just posting it here will hopefully nudge me in the right direction.
I sleep every other day or I sleep all day. I don’t eat everyday, and sometimes I binge. I drink every weekend, too much and by myself. I hate my body, I hate my face, I hate my voice. I’m very insecure and easily discouraged.
I have a hard time enjoying myself, my hobbies and downtime seem pointless sometimes. I have a hard time doing anything these days. I just want to sleep.
I feel sad, lonely, and paranoid everyday and I don’t know why. I never leave home, except to go work. I feel like a different person at work, engage in small talk, smiles, laughs, because I don’t want my coworkers to notice and feel concerned for me.
I haven’t seen my family since Christmas 2021 and I feel guilty for that. I live across the country from them, and it’s not easy saving money to fly home. I wasn’t there when my family members and dog passed away, and cry for them whenever I could be alone. I still do.
I don’t have any friends besides my brothers who I haven’t seen in years. I avoid going outside or into public spaces, because I feel scared I’ll be seen. I even avoid messaging anyone, because I don’t want to bother them.
I’m scared to seek help because i feel like they won’t understand or believe what I’m feeling. I don’t even believe in what I’m feeling. I’m scared to seek any sort of therapy, because I am pursuing a healthcare degree, and I don’t want to lose that either to a record of behavioral health services. My fear of therapy probably developed when I was in the army, as seeking behavioral health treatment was looked down upon secretly. I know that’s not true, but I just can’t get over it. I also feel like my negative and fearful experiences don’t matter, since we all been through it.
I care more for others than I do for myself. I will do anything for a friend or family, but I’ll do the bare minimum for myself.
I think about how nice it will be if I were dead. No feelings, no sadness, no problems. Just dark and quiet. I could finally sleep.
The guilt of leaving my family behind keeps me going. I love them too much. I have these thoughts, but I know I will never act on them.
There is so much more I want to say, but I just can’t.
Thank you for letting me post here, and I appreciate your time. Good night.
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2023.06.08 09:54 cdieck Should I leave my employer?

I have been at my employer for almost 2 years. I started out as a Distribution Associate with over 3 years of Forklift, Inventory Control and warehouse operations. I had applied for a Warehouse Lead at a different facility a few months after starting but was overlooked. They had offered the position to 3 others before finally giving the position to the Lead at my current facility. That person is now a Supervisor at that facility. I had also interviewed for other corporate positions before what happened next. About a year ago, they offered me a Lead position at that same facility where my Lead went but we couldn't come to an agreement on the pay. Two days later, I was contacted by Corporate HR about how my position had been eliminated and had a choice to take a settlement or move to the production side. I chose to go to production because I was under the impression they were eliminating positions by seniority and I wasn't the lowest on seniority, nor had I been applying anywhere.
After a couple months in production, I held a position that was within 40 cents of what they had offered me for the Lead position at the other facility. I found myself in an uncomfortable situation (employee safety) in that department which led me to bid out to an entry position. I had turned in that uncomfortable situation to the employer's ethics hotline. Since then, I have not been interviewed for any positions that I have applied for. I have a bachelor's degree in Business - IT Management from WGU, as well as an AA in emphasis in Programming from University of Phoenix.
Should I stay with the employer or move on?
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2023.06.08 09:54 Embarrassed_Sky_yes Online "Data Science" Msc at Leeds uni

I just graduated maths/physics at the OU (in 37 and have worked in IT for 15 years). I've been taking some data analysis stuff on coursera and was considering what to do next, and came across this:
Since its brand new I'm not sure what to think, can anyone offer any insight? Interested in thoughts about this qual as well as whether or not you think it's worth the extra 15l student debt from an employability perspective.
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2023.06.08 09:53 Far_Agency9667 Leaving

Got a 36 cent raise. No interest in moving me up positions within the store or the company. Then ASMs act surprised about me putting in my two weeks. I’m 25 years old with just an associates degree, but now I’m ready to work full time at a job that’s more challenging in terms of personal and career development. Another company has decided to hire me as a manager and I’ll be getting a 20% pay increase when I start compared to what I was making before. It’s wild how someone else at another company can see so much in me that no one at TJ Maxx did apparently.
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2023.06.08 09:53 SailorMoonChihuahau Update - 2 years NC

I disappeared after my last post because of the response to my last post. I gave my mom the text with my intention to go LC shortly after that post and she took it badly as expected.
The thing is, despite a lot of people saying it was a bad idea, I not only expected the response I got, I needed it. I thought long and hard about how I would feel if my son sent me a text saying he’s in therapy and that our relationship was part of what he was working on. I would honor that request, and if possible, even fund the therapist of his choice. My mom’s lack of accountability is a continual wound for me, and since I hadn’t just been vulnerable in a while, I needed that one last stab to the heart to show me that this wasn’t all in my head. Her response? “What about me?” Excuses. Being told I make her walk on eggshells—the usual.
Though I had originally started out wanting LC so she could still FaceTime DS once a week, she made one strange attempt at contact that resulted on her going NC on her own a month or so later. She went out with DH and DS to a drive through Christmas light event. While they were driving around, she kept trying to FaceTime me. I refused to answer and asked DH what the hell was going on. He was driving, step-dad was in the front seat, and JMMom and DS were in the back. He said he didn’t know she was even doing that. My heart was racing a o I texted and told her to please stop calling because seeing her name pop up on my phone was too much for me. She stopped texting or calling altogether after that.
I’ve been in therapy this whole time but I’m still NC. It’s taken a lot to realize my problem all along was believing my mom would want growth or change. She won’t ever change who she is. If there’s ever hope of us having a relationship, I would have to be confident in my ability to maintain boundaries and gray rock—and to be honest, I’m not yet.
DH and I are still not completely aligned on my mom, but being her intermediary for DS has given him a lot of perspective. JMMom is still only doing supervised visits. I’m unaware of the frequency because DH successfully leaves me out of it. He gives me info at my request only because it’s hard in me sometimes. He maintains that contact with JMMom under supervision is still best for DH and that she’s on best behavior with him watching.
I don’t know what the future holds for my relationship with my mom. Sometimes I long for more physical distance, so that there was an extra boundary in place if we ever resume contact. I miss her some days. I recognize she is a deeply traumatized individual. I also recognize that how I experienced her as a mom is not ok. It’s just so unfair that she will never take accountability.
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2023.06.08 09:53 Embarrassed_Sky_yes New DS Msc being offered at Leeds

I just graduated maths/physics at the OU (in 37 and have worked in IT for 15 years). I've been taking some data analysis stuff on coursera and was considering what to do next, and came across this:
Since its brand new I'm not sure what to think, can anyone offer any insight? Interested in thoughts about this qual as well as whether or not you think it's worth the extra 15l student debt from an employability perspective.
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2023.06.08 09:52 ThinkMo-Jacky ThinkMo & Cisco Technical Documentation Understanding Attributes of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a fundamental routing protocol that plays a crucial role in the functioning of the internet. As an exterior gateway protocol, BGP enables the exchange of routing information between different autonomous systems (ASes). This article aims to provide an overview of the key attributes of BGP, highlighting their significance and impact on internet routing.
Path Attributes:
Path attributes are essential components of BGP updates, containing information that determines the best path for routing decisions. The following are the primary path attributes used by BGP:
a. AS_PATH: This attribute lists the autonomous systems through which the update has passed. It helps prevent routing loops and provides valuable information for policies based on AS path length.
b. NEXT_HOP: The NEXT_HOP attribute identifies the next-hop IP address that should be used to reach the destination network. It allows routers to forward packets correctly within their AS.
c. LOCAL_PREF: LOCAL_PREF is a local parameter used within an AS to indicate the preference for a specific route. Higher values are preferred, and this attribute helps in influencing inbound traffic.
d. ORIGIN: The ORIGIN attribute indicates the source of a BGP route. It can be one of three values: IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol), EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol), or incomplete.
Well-Known Mandatory Attributes:
BGP defines several well-known mandatory attributes that must be supported by all BGP implementations. These attributes include:
a. ORIGIN: As mentioned earlier, the ORIGIN attribute specifies the origin of a BGP route.
b. AS_PATH: The AS_PATH attribute provides information about the autonomous systems the route has traversed.
c. NEXT_HOP: This attribute identifies the next-hop IP address that should be used to reach the destination.
Well-Known Discretionary Attributes:
In addition to the well-known mandatory attributes, BGP also defines well-known discretionary attributes. These attributes are recognized by all BGP implementations but are not required for basic BGP operation. Some of the well-known discretionary attributes are:
a. LOCAL_PREF: This attribute indicates the local preference for a specific route within an AS.
b. ATOMIC_AGGREGATE: The ATOMIC_AGGREGATE attribute signifies that a route's aggregation is not complete.
Optional Attributes:
BGP also allows for the use of optional attributes, which are not universally recognized or required by all BGP implementations. These attributes can be used for specialized purposes, such as policy control, traffic engineering, or path manipulation.
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a vital protocol in the internet's infrastructure, facilitating the exchange of routing information between autonomous systems. Understanding the attributes of BGP, including path attributes, well-known mandatory attributes, well-known discretionary attributes, and optional attributes, is essential for network engineers and administrators. By leveraging these attributes effectively, network operators can optimize routing decisions, implement policies, and maintain efficient and reliable internet connectivity.
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2023.06.08 09:50 thejoshway Luton Sensible Transfers – Defensive Midfield

Sensible transfers – Defensive midfield
Welcome to another edition of my ‘Sensible Transfers’ series, where I analyse what I believe to be realistic transfers (to varying degrees) for Luton Town FC ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League season. In this post we discuss the defensive midfield position. with Nakamba’s loan finishing and him returning to Villa, there’s a huge void in front of the defence that needs filling. This list includes some ‘first-choice’ picks I believe are realistic, and some ‘wildcard’ picks that I think would be nice but are less realistic for one reason or another.
I cannot stress how important it is that Luton sign Marvelous Nakamba permanently. His presence and ball-winning ability was pivotal to Luton’s rise from January onwards, providing the shield that the defence didn’t have under Nathan Jones. His wage demands might be a stumbling block, but he’s a known quantity at the club and thus worth the outlay. Bring him back!
I have been a fan of Ethan Ampadu since I saw him boss the midfield at the base of a diamond for Exeter at 16 years of age. Since a big money move to Chelsea, the versatile Ampadu has fallen victim to the loan merry-go-round that plagues Chelsea’s development team. This has allowed him to develop a pedigree playing in a number of different positions in different leagues. Given his utility in midfield and defence, either a loan or a permanent loan here could be win-win for all parties involved.
I know Hamza Choudhury didn’t pull up any trees for those lads down the road, but I’d imagine its hard to succeed in such a toxic atmosphere. He’s strong in the challenge, has Premier League experience, and is available on a free. He’s worth a punt as a rotation player in my opinion.
Daniel Neil was a key player in Sunderland’s rise into the playoffs this year. Capable of playing across the midfield, Neil was a product of Sunderland’s youth system. He chipped in with 2 goals and 4 assists this year, and could deputise for Nakamba with the potential to make the position his own in the long term. He would command a substantial fee however, having just signed a new deal in March.
Stefan Bajcetic is in this section as its unlikely Liverpool will loan him, but has shown enough talent in the limited time he’s been given for their first team this season that he should be under consideration. For a teenager he shows incredible poise on the ball and demonstrates an ability to dictate the tempo of a game. As Liverpool are rumoured to be signing up to 3 midfielders, he could be sent out on loan to gain more experience.
Another longshot is Tunisian anchor Ellyes Skhiri. I was impressed with Tunisia’s ability to defend at the world cup, with Skhiri key to their defensive shape. Domestically, he’s managed to chip in with 7 goals and 1 assist in the Bundesliga this season. As such, he’s likely to have a lot of suitors this year, especially as he’s out of contract.
Florian Grillitsch is set to leave Ajax on a free transfer after joining them for free last year. Ajax have not had a great season, and neither has Florian personally, only making 10 appearances in the Eredivisie. Before this, he was a solid Bundesliga defensive midfielder. A spell at Luton in the Premier League provides him with a big stage to revive his career.
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2023.06.08 09:49 Heavy-Actuary2711 I am 24, I have failed in life and I feel like I am running out of time..

Hello everyone I am a 24M. I am about to graduate with my associates degree in business and I am about to apply for an internship at a real estate company. I am sitting here crying my eyes out because my depression will not allow me to take a breather. I sit here and constantly feel like I could have been successful yet I am not. I am graduating from a COMMUNITY COLLEGE and now I am finally getting an internship at 24! I just want to briefly rant about my life story, so here it is..
When I was 17 I had health anxiety and thought so many things were wrong with me for three years. During those three years I developed agoraphobia, an eating disorder, and various forms of OCD. It was hell waking up everyday and dealing with a new imaginary illness or bearing OCD where I would count my breaths or think everything was going to kill me. I had to pay no rent, no bills, and for money I would gamble online and made a few thousands which allowed me to buy things for my hobbies. In 2019 when I was 20 I discovered trading within the stock market. I instantly fell in love and tried to do it full time since I literally could not do anything else. My schedule was filled with doctors, therapists, and so much free time. At this time I was also trying to make youtube videos, or stream on twitch. Despite being trapped in my house I tried my hardest to make the best out of it.
I did not understand how far behind I was from kids my age. I was trapped in this high school, teenage mentality for three years straight. My brother would remind me of my 20th birthday and I would just freak out thinking I was robbed of my youth. The pandemic hit and I put loads of money and time into the stock market. The idea of the pandemic just let me give up on everything. I said fuck my anxiety, my illnesses, and everything holding me back. I did crazy things during the pandemic that I have never done. Drank a lot, took pills, basically gambled all of my covid relief checks in the stock market. It was the worst and best time of my life and I wanted to die every night.
When I turned 21 I finally started consistently taking antidepressants. This is when life changed for real. I was able to hang out with family again, talk to friends again, go outside by myself. I was taking the world again with my mom, and brother by my side. I then applied to community college because my grades were terrible in high school. During the ages 20-22 I would stock trade options all the time for income. During the pandemic 2020 I was a degenerate and did not know what I was doing. I accumulated so much wealth but since I wanted to die I just wanted to go all in everytime. I lost so much money during that year. I then tried to trade when I was 21 after the pandemic started to cool down. I was much more consistent but yet still lost so much money due to my mental and physical health. By the time I was 22 I easily lost over 50 grand trading stock options. I knew how to trade, I understood how to adjust positions and I read books, courses, and every waking moment was dedicating to learning the market.
I realized it was my life outside of trading that really needed to improve. So at the end of me turning 21 to 22 I stopped trading and had a few thousand to my name. I wanted to focus on all the things I could not have done. I was not able to eat outside in public, I was not able to go to the movie theaters, stay out late, etc. I did everything I always wanted to do. I was enjoying the normalcy. I felt normal at 22, going to college online, dating and hooking up with girls. I did what I craved to do. I just always felt like I was late in life to do these things or I was a loser for doing some things for the first time. I turned 23 and had an official girlfriend who we would spend much time together and I was just completing school.
I had no bills, no rent, and a few thousand in my portfolio and bank account so I was just going with the flow. I kept telling myself I am focusing on my mental health. Honestly I was happy, waking up, going to school, reading books, trying so many new things, enjoying a first official girlfriend. Life at 23 was a huge change for me finally. I was at my lowest financially but mentally I was recovering. Now I recently turned 24 a month ago.
At 24 I am basically done with an associates degree, I live at home with my parents, I have slept with a decent amount of girls, I drive a decent bmw, I have a few thousand to my name, I am 5'9, I am super skinny still, insanely insecure about myself, overcame my eating disorder but still battle it daily. I am insecure with my ears, my face, my skin color, my height. I hate myself and I keep reminding myself that all the things i've done in the past years do not count because I did them too late or because I am not where I want to be. I dreamed of living on my own with a nicer car and just having more financial leverage to prove to everyone I did this. I feel like I am running out of time and I am trying to be more consistent with my investments. I am doing things right again and I am aging. What if I never succeed? We all hear stories about those who have chips on their shoulders and make huge successes. Why do we never hear about those who genuinely give up on life?
I sit here and think that I should give up. Anything I do that is new or fun I erase it in my head because I am "not where I want to be." Everything feels fake and feels wrong because I am broke, living at home, and I am in a place my younger self would laugh at. I just wish I could stop thinking about all the money I have lost, the years I lost due to illnesses, and all the "What ifs." I try to workout everyday now, I finally eat everyday, I go outside a lot, I have been more social to strangers, I work on my car with other car people, and I am dating a few girls. I feel like such a fraud. Am I a fraud? I am essentially broke and struggling. I have no bills, no rent, and I have a whole floor to myself. Should I just isolate myself and not live because of how much of a loser I am? Does anyone feel like this?
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2023.06.08 09:49 Broad-Fishing-298 在巨大的利益面前,国会进行自我监管的可能性极低。早在2012年,美国就通过了《停止利用国会消息交易法案》,禁止议员进行内幕交易,然而这部法律处罚力度极低,几乎没有震慑力。

在巨大的利益面前,国会进行自我监管的可能性极低。早在2012年,美国就通过了《停止利用国会消息交易法案》,禁止议员进行内幕交易,然而这部法律处罚力度极低,几乎没有震慑力。 submitted by Broad-Fishing-298 to u/Broad-Fishing-298 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:49 Baptm9n Should i summon more

Hello, early/intermediate player here!
So i've completed a full rotation of the banner. I've been lucky enough to pull 2 ultimate escanor, 2 transcendant Ban, 1 blue estarossa, 1 red tarmiel, 1 merlin (the infinite witch), 1 red Sariel and 2 true king excalibur Arthur. I think i have been lucky enough.
However, I would really love to have Purgatory Meli as, well... I just love Meliodas ... And that would complete my demon team: Purgatory Meli / Blue Estarossa / Sigurd / Green Zeldris (backrank unit). I am currently playing it with Assault Meli but since i can't beat his demonic beast yet, i don't have his relic.
So here i need more experienced players advices: Is it worth ? I don't really care about Tristan and next Arthur but i've heard better banner will come later.
Thanks a lot everybody, enjoy your day/evening! (This is a report because i think i had the wrong tag on my previous post)
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2023.06.08 09:44 Affectionate_Emu5292 Am I overthinking?

I need some advice regarding my friendship with my BFF. (A long one but please read)
My BFF and I both met and married our men around the same time (with 3-6 months of each other. She got married first and they became a blended family with no kids together. my husband and I got engaged, then I got pregnant and we married after our son was born. My husband and I are a blended family. 1 together and he has 3 and I have 2 . Our kids love each other and they all love to love on their baby brother.
My BFF & I talk all the time and of course vent about our husbands but I do keep some stuff reserved for just my marriage. Lately I have noticed some things with her. Idk if she’s in competition with me or jealous but idk how to bring it up without trying to accuse her of anything in case I’m overthinking it (I’m naturally a overthinker and an empath).
Whenever I say I want something or show her something online that ima ask my husband for, she says her husband already bought it for her and it’s on the way. Now I don’t mind us having the same things ( I know companies make hundreds of products) but it’s the tone. Almost as if she is saying “haha I got it first”.
Now I wasn’t the one who originally noticed it. My sister (my BFF, my sister and i have a group chat) & my husband both brought it to my attention at separate times and that’s what made me start thinking is something else going on.
She has vented to me about her husband and how detached he is and they are pretty much like roommates. They don’t have sex besides once every other month they have been married going on 2 years. I, of course gave healthy suggestions, like role play, date nights, getting it in randomly in the laundry but she refuses to even try these things. She complains that my husband and I have sex too much but in the same breath will say she wish her and husband had sex as much as me and mine. (The question came up during a game night for her 21 yr olds birthday). Sometimes I feel like I’m giving advice but she won’t take it. I have started asking her during conversation “do you want my advice or am I just being a listening ear” so I can know how to support her.
Sometimes I can’t even tell her my good news because she always make me feel bad for having some many good things going on in my life. I can say “oh I can’t hang Saturday, we have date night” and she will say “eww y’all always together, what do you need a date night for” or “I came first, cancel your plans and hang with me instead”. The few times her and her husband have a date night planned and I asked her to hang out, I usually say “enjoy and have a shot for me”. I don’t get the problem of actually enjoying spending time with my husband. We have very busy lives so little things like going to target together makes me happy and we just like to talk. My husband and I can laugh and talk for hours. She gets upset when she calls and he’s around. I have to explain to her we were just having a convo when she called and she will say something smart like “well call me when you have time to talk to me which will probably be tomorrow cause your always talking to him”.
I guess I’m getting at the energy is not being reciprocated.
Recently my husband got a job offer and doing all the HR stuff to start soon and will be making almost $80k a year. I work full time as well but also received a job offer so our income will about well over $100k. Me being excited about this because I can finally rebuild our savings and save to purchase land so we can build our home from the ground up, I told my BFF. Not trying to rub it in but just wanting to share the good news with her because I was so excited and she says “must be nice”. I ignored it and didn’t say anything else. During this same conversation we started talking about Amazon and spending habits. Her and her husband were at our home and my husband heard me say I was hungry. While he was talking to her husband, he walks over and hands me his wallet. I asked him what it was for and he tells me to get dinner for everyone (them included). I asked for a spending limit and he said “just get whatever you want and make sure it’s enough for everyone”. Me and her leave and she says “must be nice to have a man just spoil you. The fact you can touch his wallet. I bet you have access to his accounts”. I quietly confirmed that I did and she goes on a rant about how I always ended up with the good ones and she gets the bums that have her paying all the bills. I just changed the subject to the music on the radio.
There has also been other smart remarks but I over look it and say to myself “she my best friend and she didn’t mean it like that” but I think I need to start taking it how she said it.
Am I crazy? I love her to death but it’s starting to hurt my feelings and effecting my mental health.
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2023.06.08 09:42 DarkLiberator /r/Taiwan will be going dark from June 12-14 (maybe extended) in protest against Reddit's API changes which kill 3rd party apps

I could not get it to crosspost, so here is the original text from the original post on Save3rdPartyApps

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.
What can you do?
  1. Complain. Message the mods of reddit.com, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at our sister sub at ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
  3. Boycott and spread the word...to Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible. This includes not harassing moderators of subreddits who have chosen not to take part: no one likes a missionary, a used-car salesman, or a flame warrior.
taiwan mod response: We're very supportive of joining this effort and the community here seems to be as well judging from the threads we've had on it so we're joining it.
Our perspective is that in general many subreddit mods spend their labor to making Reddit a better place (not always of course lol but in general), and do it without compensation, and without recognition for the daily amount of spam, harassment, and extremely rude people they deal with. taiwan itself has grown like crazy in terms of size and member growth (when I joined we'd be lucky to get 50 new members a day, now it's 10 times that daily easily).
As the size of subreddit has grown the complexity of moderating has not really scaled properly with it. taiwan isn't a default sub but we get a lot of visits due to the widespread attention from the geopolitical situation and being a travel hub. Use of 3rd party apps is therefore basically a given here. The healthy 3rd party app ecosystem is precisely what makes Reddit so awesome.
And threatening access to this will affect many. Reddit also puts out new features which has not really helped us either (modding through the official app is unfun to say the least). Now some people reading this might not care about the situation, we just hope you understand us more.
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2023.06.08 09:42 irJamzz Improper non sterile compounding

To preface im a retail pharmacy technician with 5+ years experience for a large corporate company working in CA.
Recently, all of our pharmacies had our Fill-masters for reconstitution replaced by newer updated ones. In our pharmacy, about two weeks after the new unit installations a patient came back to complain that they were all out of their kids medication even though it was day 5/10 and they were giving them proper amount. Parent had told us that even the first day when we first mixed it he stated to our pharmacist that the medication looked very thick and was concerned it wasn’t mixed properly, but our pharmacist told them that it was done properly and not to worry. After further investigation, I found out that after installation our Fillmaster wasn’t calibrated by the installing technician by fillmaster, which after I then calibrated myself. While it was missed by them, it’s still within our responsibility to make sure that we calibrate it at least once monthly. Off a reconstitution where it was supposed to dispense 60mL, it was only dispensing about 40-45mL. So essentially, we were mixing medications for about two weeks with the improper amount of water. After letting my pharmacist know, she called our corporate practice coordinator(PC) to ask how to proceed and he told her to just replace any medication for people that come in and complain that they don’t have enough medication and to basically not open a can of worms, which my pharmacist complied with and said “well PC said it was okay etc” and did really nothing about it but replace only that one patients medication. By this time we had already reconstituted probably 15-20 patients medications improperly, but our pharmacist only corrected the issue for this one patient. Our pharmacist didn’t even tell the patient what had happened, just replaced the medication and let them go.
For me, I feel that we have a responsibility to make sure that everyone’s medication is mixed and dosed correctly, and if there is a mistake on our part then we should at least inform the patient. We’ve had issues of similar caliber come up in the past, but when reporting it to my pharmacy manager he always gives me a spiel that I need to trust my pharmacists etc, when realistically I only bring these things up if feel it’s a true concern. I’m well educated, have a bachelors degree in science and just got a second degree in engineering while working here to pursue a different career so I feel that my concerns are coming from a valid reason of thought.
I’m just looking for advice on how i should understand this because it’s tough on me and has been dwelling on my mind, at this point I just feel like I’m overthinking it. If you feel that way too, please let me know, no harsh feelings, I’ll take any comment negative or positive constructively. Thanks if you read this far and have any input, I really appreciate it.
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2023.06.08 09:40 2DWaffle2350 How much will taking Organic Chemistry I and II online over the summer hurt my chances of getting into medical school?

So to make a long story short, I failed organic chemistry I last semester. The original plan was that I would pass it and take organic chemistry II over the summer in person at a community college, but since I did not manage to get credit for organic chemistry I, I was not able to register for that class. As a result, I decided to take both organic chemistry classes online this summer through my 4-year university. However, as I am about to get ready to take my first exam for organic chemistry I, I realize that the questions on the practice exam are all multiple-choice and extremely easy, way easier than what I had to do last semester. I am starting to get worried about medical schools will see that I ended up taking the easy way out of completing these essential prerequisites and thus will not give me a chance. Is there any chance a high MCAT score (like a 520 or above) will balance out this conundrum, or have my chances of getting into medical school significantly decreased now?
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2023.06.08 09:39 Still_Rub_2917 Potential to enlist with poor credit score/ delinquent in payments

Hello, last year I talked to several recruiters and had a hard time getting accurate answers. I (F28- masters degree/ I worked in healthcare) was interested in commissioning as an officer but have had several life changes where now I would like to expedite the process and considering enlistment.
I had to take care of my mom/ siblings which resulted in credit card debt, unpaid student loans, payments are delinquent status. As explained to me, the difficulty is gaining the security clearance with the negative marks on a credit score/ exhibiting poor financial history.
Does anyone know about potential for successful enlisting with debt and unable to make payments? any advice is appreciated.
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