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A subreddit for the reddit savvy citizens of Taft.

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A place for bleach art of all kinds. Shirts, shoes, hoodies, jeans, bedsheets, whatever.

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A sub dedicated to experienced/veteran AB users to discuss beauty brands, makeup, skincare, and product reviews from Asia. We also have PSAs about the latest products and sales.

2023.03.29 12:02 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.03.29 12:01 cryptosoftindia Readymade MLM Software Company in Chennai

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Key features of our MLM Software
o Admin Panel, User Panel, Franchise Panel
o E-wallet
o Spam Controlling
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Easy to operate
The user interface is very simple so, it makes easy to use for anyone. Altogether it’s a 100% user-friendly Software available in market.
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SMS Integrations
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Point System/ Bonus
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Swap & Repositioning
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Unusual interface for viewing every team member and level at once.
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o Customized MLM software services based on client needs
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2023.03.29 12:01 HasonKenji Amai Odayaka Elimination Concept

Amai Odayaka

Week 1

Week one there will be a little newspaper that is going to be put up, possibly outside of the school. This newspaper will be sold to everyone and will hint to you about the second rival!
The newspaper consists of Amai apologizing for being sick on the first week and saying she is making a bake sale to raise money for her mothers bakery!

Week 2, Monday

A secondary way of killing Amai could be to use the screwdriver inside of the science club, distract her by giggling to get her to move and then mess with the cooker for it to blow up in her face. Just a secondary simple killing method for Amai also.


Tuesday Night


Wednesday Night


Thursday Afternoon


Friday Night

Monday - Week 3

Monday Afternoon

Monday Cutscene


There is another cutscene of Amai crying her eyes out as she is scolded by the investigator. Not only did he leave such a disgusting review of the bakery but he shut it down, seeming it unfit to be cooking food inside of. Amai's mother was also arrested and she was forced out of town due to the findings inside of her kitchen.
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2023.03.29 12:00 AutoModerator Daily Advice Thread - March 29, 2023

Welcome to the Daily Advice Thread for /Apple. This thread can be used to ask for technical advice regarding Apple software and hardware, to ask questions regarding the buying or selling of Apple products or to post other short questions.
Have a question you need answered? Ask away! Please remember to adhere to our rules, which can be found in the sidebar.
Join our Discord and IRC chat rooms for support:
Note: Comments are sorted by /new for your convenience.
Here is an archive of all previous Daily Advice Threads. This is best viewed on a browser. If on mobile, type in the search bar [author:"AutoModerator" title:"Daily Advice Thread" or title:"Daily Tech Support Thread"] (without the brackets, and including the quotation marks around the titles and author.)
The Daily Advice Thread is posted each day at 06:00 AM EST (Click HERE for other timezones) and then the old one is archived. It is advised to wait for the new thread to post your question if this time is nearing for quickest answer time.
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2023.03.29 11:59 Fun-Major7425 Found Cat

Found Cat
My boyfriend and I found this beautiful cat near Union Rd. and William St. in Cheektowaga. He is not neutered or chipped. We believe he has to be somebody's cat due to him having a collar. He seems to have been in a few fights, but the emergency vet told me how to care for the small wounds. We are calling him Marmalade for now and he will be safe with us until his owners are found 🫶🏻 Please share if you can!!
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2023.03.29 11:59 AutoModerator [Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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You’ve broken the one inviolable rule of running an agency and not kept a full pipeline.
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It’s why I created Copy Paste Agency…
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So you could take, copy and paste the exact methods I use in my own agency into your agency. Copy Paste Agency students learn:
How I continue to run a multiple-six-figure agency from home with a skeleton staff and minimal expenses.
How to command higher retainers… and retain those clients for longer.
How to automate, delegate, and optimize every area of your agency from lead generation and sales to service delivery and client communication.
Plus get access to the latest tools and software used by my own agency, IAG Media such as reporting templates.
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2023.03.29 11:58 unurfntsticfrnds 37 [M4F] Looking for tita

Looking for plus size women., tita... single mom or in a relationship. around rizal/marikina or near area. I just want to eat and lick that pus$y and grab that boobies. Inbox is open hit me up serious only have a good day
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2023.03.29 11:55 Top_Engineer524 I am so happy about this))

I am so happy about this))
3 days ago i asked Mikhail in Twitter about math formatting in Bing.
Then 3 days later, this is happening I am so glad that I have made such a contribution to the development of chat))
3 days ago
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2023.03.29 11:54 Salty_Bench8448 My dog barks at other dogs only when we are sitting?

Sorry for the long text but I feel this needs a bit of context. So I have a 5 year old westie that I've been caring for since she was about 2.5 ish. She's the sweetest dog ever and I love her so much. She's never been formally trained but in general she is very loving, well behaved and doesn't cause me any trouble whatsoever. However, there is one exception, when we are out she will bark like a maniac at any dog that goes by, but that only happens when we are sitting down (like on a bench, or at a coffee shop). When we are walking she is very well behaved and friendly to other dogs 99%, of the time. When I first started taking care of her she used to bark to every dog when we walked as well, but over time this has faded a ton. When my parents had her as a puppy and until 2.5 they didn't let her socialize with almost any other dog on walks because they were afraid of her getting ticks/fleas or parasites. This concern does have some validity as I live in a country where most dog owners don't take proper care of their dogs and don't do prevention. Also in their defense she did get a protozoan parasite when she was a puppy that was a pain to get rid off and we have found a flea on her once even though she gets prevention for those. However, when I started taking here out I felt bad not letting her go near other dogs so I decided to take my chances. I began to let her go near leashed dogs as long as she wasn't barking and the other dog looked friendly and decently clean. Very slowly over time I noticed that she barked at less and less dogs and now we've reached a point where she almost never barks unless the other dog barks first or is showing signs of aggression, and obviously in this situation we just walk away. So the problem is partially resolved, except for when we're are sitting down, there she goes nuts for every single dog. I've been trying for ages to understand if this is based in fear, or excitement, or if she's being protective of me or another reason. Recently I've been thinking that probably it's excitement and a lot of frustration from not being able to go meet the other dog. See when we're walking, we pass the other dog and she knows I'll let her go meet them (most of the time). But when we're sitting, I don't have control over that because I'm not going to get up to go after the people with the dog. So it's up to the other people if they want to bring their dog over but usually they don't because they just going about their own business or she scares them way with her crazy barking and they think she'll be aggressive so they don't come close, which I feel frustrates her even more.
Please tell me what you think the reason for this behavior is and what could I do to help her out? I want her to be calm in these situations and also I'd like to take her out more often but this kinda limits what we can do together.
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2023.03.29 11:53 incantoweddingitaly Rustic Wedding Italy - Rustic Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues

Find the Best Rustic Venues in Italy. We provide you Rustic Wedding Planner for Outdoor Wedding Ceremony with the best venues near me.
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2023.03.29 11:53 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Surpasses 150 Million Units Sold As GTA 6 Hype And Rumors Heat Up

Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong nearly eight years after it first debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (remember those?), followed by a slightly newer re-release on Windows PCs and the the PS4 and Xbox One. To date, publisher Take-Two Interactive has sold over 150 million copies of GTA V on various platforms.
The publisher revealed the impressive sales stat as part of its earnings report for its fiscal first quarter of 2022. Looking at the data from the previous quarter, it means T2 sold an additional 5 million copies in the past three months. Not too shabby, given that GTA V is far from a new game at this point. That is not the end of it, either.
T2 plans to launch an "expanded and enhanced version" for the latest generation game consoles, those being the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, on November 11, 2021. Developer Rockstar Games had previously said the updated version will bring "new features and more" to the table, but the details are still largely a mystery.
"The new generation versions of GTAV will feature a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements to take full advantage of the latest hardware, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever," Rockstar Games said last year.
We presume the retooled version of GTA V will tap into the fast storage capabilities of modern consoles, to drastically reduce game load times. It will also leverage the newer hardware in the latest gen consoles, namely the custom SoC based on AMD's Zen 2 CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics.
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2023.03.29 11:53 vaasuki1359 5 important on-page SEO factors

What are the 5 important on-page SEO factors?
Knowing SEO's many different components and how they work together is crucial to understanding why SEO is so important. In other words, SEO is crucial since it raises your website's exposure, which boosts traffic and the chance that users will become paying customers. Additionally, learning SEO from the good Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore can be beneficial in several ways.
If your ad ranks higher in SERP for phrases connected to your sector, it becomes more visible online. As a result, you have more chances to transform eligible leads into paying clients. When executed correctly, SEO may boost your brand above the competition as a trustworthy business and improve visitors’ interactions with your brand and website.
Businesses need SEO because it's a very effective approach to boost their exposure in search results, increase traffic to their websites, become recognized as experts in their field, expand their firms steadily and sustainably, and do a lot more.
Below listed are important On-page SEO factors:
Keyword in the title tag
Keyword in the H1 tag
Keywords early in the content
Keyword in the meta description
Keyword in the title tag
The title tag occurs in the webpage's head section. The title tag includes the page title that occurs in the browser window but not on the actual page. It is critical for SEO to include your phrase in the title tag.
Keyword in the H1 tag
H1 tags are HTML markups for a document's biggest title. It is placed in the webpage's body and has a sizable title that the reader can see. For SEO purposes, including your term in an H1 tag is vital.
Keywords early in the content
The majority of search engines completely index webpages. However, this consumes a significant amount of memory and disc space, therefore some just save and index the first few lines of the page. An essential keyword for ranking is one that appears in the first 100 to 200 characters of a page. It indicates that the term is vital to the content and assures that it is present in the page's index.
Keyword in the meta description
The majority of search engines don't include the text of the meta-description element in their analysis of the page. The meta description is mostly employed to explain the purpose of the website on search results pages. The keyword will be emphasized and the outcome will be more enticing if it occurs in the meta description. The key justification for why it's still crucial to provide meta descriptions for your website is this.
All the above-mentioned on-page factors are very crucial to be aware of. One can learn all these strategies from an institute that offers the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore. One Institute that can consider is Digital Academy 360. The most complex topics in digital marketing are covered in detail, and students are taught by subject-matter experts with years of relevant experience. It provides a variety of inspiring, engaging, and team-based learning opportunities to motivate students. It offers a comprehensive learning strategy that combines online learning that is self-paced, expert-led virtual classroom education, and experiential learning opportunities.
Course Curriculum:
Customer-Centric Marketing & Branding
Content Writing & Copywriting
Organic Lead Generation & Brand Visibility
Performance Marketing & Brand Promotion
Mobile Marketing, SMS & WhatsApp Marketing
How to Make Money Online Digitally
You will be able to better target your audience with the help of Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore, identify the keywords that are most pertinent and useful for your company, and optimize your website and content to rank high in search engine results.
Digital Academy 360 Digital Marketing Courses and Training Institute in Bangalore
Address: 5, 1st Floor, Above Med-Plus, 41st Cross, 22nd Main Rd, 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069
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2023.03.29 11:52 Vince_Van_Gogh Amsterdam next week...anyone there too?

Hey guys,
Im in Amsterdam next week for 2 days (06th to 8th of April). I would love to hang out with someone who knows the city well and shows me some chill spots where we can smoke hehe. My hotel is in the near of the Vondelpark, so just contact me if you there next week and wanna meet up ;)
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2023.03.29 11:52 TheElephantInDeRoom Alright who the fuck was this

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2023.03.29 11:51 learnkolkata How Can Learn Home Tutors Offer Your Child Much-Needed Help?

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2023.03.29 11:51 meesy77 [H] Cheap Private/HQ Shared Accounts With Warranty Incl Netflix,Hulu,HBO MAX,Disney+,ESPN+,Spotify,Tidal HiFi,Crunchyroll,Paramount+,Showtime,DAZN,Fubo TV,Sling O+B,BritBox UK,DirecTV Stream,NBA League Pass,NFL Sunday Ticket,MLB TV,Curiosity Stream,Nord VPN,Udemy e.t.c [W] Paypal/10% off BTC

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Spotify Upgrade
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Fubo TV Canada (380 Premier League Games+ Serie A)
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  5. Sales are final. No refunds or charge-backs will be entertained. However, I retain the right to refuse to transact with anyone and the right to refund proportionately at any point during service. It's the buyer's sole responsibility to find out if the service they are interested in works in their country with/without a VPN and with their specific streaming device before purchasing.
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  8. Limited stock available. Prices and terms may vary over time so kindly refer to my latest thread.
  9. All buyers are assumed to have read and agreed to these terms before purchase.
Kindly PM me or open chat if you have any further questions.
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2023.03.29 11:51 djaeger11 Old age crankiness

OK, so my Jake turns 10 in a couple of months and he is getting increasingly cranky. It's not directed at people but the other dogs in the house which includes 2 Saints, 3 pit mixes ( not mine), and a Border Collie mix. Jake is the oldest in the house and been my velcro buddy. It seems he has no patients for the other dogs. Not over food or water ( I open feed) but seemingly me. As I move around the property I always have a train behind me with Jake in the lead and if another dog gets near me he goes nuts growling and barking until I pet him. The pack configuration has not changed in over a year and this behaviour only started a couple weeks ago.... Thoughts?
He's guarding me in my office
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2023.03.29 11:50 siputter [Here] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
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- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
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2023.03.29 11:48 josephinesparrows Update Post: Growing My IG Experiment (Changing my strategy!)

Here's link to the original post from 11 days ago and I'm already changing my strategy and mindset
I wanted to grow my social media to increase the possibility of book sales focusing on IG first and I do agree that it can help, but after watching a video from Bethany Atazadeh interviewing Sarra Cannon, I've changed my mindset and I'm SO EXCITED.
When I first posted I had 304 followers and now I have 311. I've done 3 reels and 3 photos. Reels received a total of 44 likes and the photos only 13. No comments except the reel I did about a day in the life of an Aussie maternity leave parent.
Reels are undoubtedly more popular, so I will put more effort into learning how to do a quicker style reel than what I had been doing (mashing a ton of different clips together so the editing took forever).
I also was going to do Mondays - writing post, Wednesday - book post, and Friday - life post. I struggled with the life post.
After watching the video from Bethany & Sarra:
I'm going to post more bookish content than anything else. I'm not going to post life content unless I have something I deem share worthy and then I may just do a story. I would like to do a regular writing update to remind people about my book, but I need to focus more on what readers will enjoy instead of the nuts and bolts. E.g. when outlining, instead of talking about which save the cat beats I'm struggling with, I should talk about how a brainstorming session led to extending the elemental magic so that some characters can wield extensions of their base element, e.g. some water wielders can also control ice. I'm still talking about my story, but in a way that will interest potential readers.
In the video Sarra talks about how having a 1000+ following on social media doesn't translate to sales. That her writing channel has thousands of subscribers, but not many buy her books because she does writing content so the writers flock but they aren't necessarily readers of her genre. Bethany also echoed.
So, if you goal is to use social media to sell books, you need to tailor your content to readers. For me, that means posting about what I'm reading and getting a bit more involved in bookstagram challenges to give me ideas of what to post (I'm a slower reader and wouldn't have enough currently reading content) and also hopefully to get more people seeing my account.
And then advice for marketing the first book in your series before you've got title, blurb & cover to reveal, is the good ol' reader magnet to your newsletter. This can be a short story, first few chapters from the novel, fantasy map, character art, etc., etc.
Part of my marketing plan is to also use Book Sirens and paid Book Tours because they seem the most budget friendly, but also have a decent success rate. I would like to look into newsletter swaps too, but I don't have much to offer at the moment since I have 4 people 😂 When draft #1 is resting, I'm going to write my short story, but in my spare time (haha) I might try to make a fantasy map of the magical campus to offer as a reader magnet straight off the bat.
In summary, the video is super encouraging because it has made marketing seem doable and much less scary. I know my best tools are to write a great book, and sequels, and have gorgeous covers and blurbs, but it's also nice to have a plan on how I'm going to get my books in the hands of readers.
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2023.03.29 11:44 Tommyboytrader123 $USAU Getting some Premarket volume here.. $5.82 now up 7 percent..trading like a champ here!

U.S. Gold Corp Anticipates Copper and Gold Sulfide Concentrate from Its CK Gold Project to Be Readily Marketable
8:47 AM ET 3/22/23 Dow Jones
U.S. Gold Corp Anticipates Copper and Gold Sulfide Concentrate from Its CK Gold Project to Be Readily Marketable
PR Newswire
CHEYENNE, Wyo., March 22, 2023
CHEYENNE, Wyo., March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. Gold Corp. (Nasdaq: USAU) (the "Company", "we" or "our"), a copper and gold exploration and development company, released information regarding gold and copper concentrate quality from its CK Gold Project, (the "Project") located near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Management is pleased to report that metallurgical testing at the Project site has produced a gold and copper concentrate desirable to smelter-refinery operators due to the quality of its gold and copper content and absence of some of the common penalty elements. The concentrates will be shipped off-site to a smelter for further processing and blending with other concentrates. Metal extraction that takes place off-site at an established smelter is an indication that very few chemicals are utilized at site. Additionally, there will be no emissions at the site associated with smelting and refining.
Kevin Francis, our Vice President of Exploration and Technical Services said, "We have done extensive testing and are pleased with the metallurgical work completed to date on the sample concentrate analysis. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Michael Mason, a 45-year veteran of the smelting and refining business, who has been assisting us with recommendations for marketing the CK Gold Project concentrate and providing insight to its value. Mr. Mason has operated smelters and traded concentrates to meet smelter demands and his expertise has served to be invaluable."
Mr. Mason, in commenting on the CK Gold Project concentrate sample, said, "With a high relative level of gold content in the copper concentrate, the absence of arsenic and very low levels of other deleterious elements such as mercury, I expect that CK Gold Project concentrate will be a desirable feedstock to smelters always on the lookout for material that will enhance options for production. The gangue minerals in the CK Gold Project concentrate have favorable characteristics as a flux medium further adding to the desirability of the concentrate."
The Project's mineral processing facility is composed of a jaw crusher, semi-autogenous and ball mill grind with froth floatation and cleaning. The nominal throughput rate for the facility is 20,000 tons per day and on average, approximately 170 tons per day of concentrated product is projected to be generated for sale to North American or overseas customers. During operation, the mine anticipates shipping over 450,000 tons of sulfide concentrate off-site for refining. The filtered sulfide concentrate is anticipated to include <10% moisture content and solids containing copper, gold and silver-bearing minerals.
Based on extensive metallurgical test work, the sulfide concentrate will be a clean product that will be in demand for its high gold content and lack of deleterious metals. The exact metal content will vary over the mine life, but on average, per our prefeasibility study (released December 1, 2021), the concentrate will contain approximately 19% copper, 1.5 oz/ton gold and 1.7 oz/ton silver. The balance of concentrate mass will be made up of chalcopyrite and gangue minerals such as quartz. This composition, together with the near total absence of any deleterious elements, makes the concentrate an attractive product for sale in very well-established international markets. The copper market is expected to remain strong -- bolstered by ongoing demand for electric vehicles, wind turbines and other CO(2) mitigating technologies.
Final offtake contracts have yet to be settled, but the Project anticipates sales to one of a number of domestic copper smelters, which means that transportation of product by road is viable. The nearest facility is the Kennecott Utah smelter, near Salt Lake City, Utah and this is the most logical destination for the product. Other facilities are located in Arizona and eastern Canada.
About U.S. Gold Corp.
U.S. Gold Corp. is a publicly traded, U.S. focused gold and copper exploration and development company. U.S. Gold Corp. has a portfolio of exploration properties. Our CK Gold Project is located in Southeast Wyoming and has a Preliminary Feasibility Study technical report, which was completed by Gustavson Associates, LLC. Our Keystone exploration property is on the Cortez Trend in Nevada. Our Challis Gold Project is located in Idaho. For more information about U.S. Gold Corp., please https://www.usgoldcorp.gold/.
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2023.03.29 11:44 endlord79 My friends creepypasta

On a sunday afternoon when my parents were gone, I decided to grab a video recorder and binge my favorite episode “Any sport in the storm”. Except when I played the video it immediately cut to Luz chilling at her locker, I didn’t even know why they were in the human realm in their season 3 appearances, but since it was just the beginning of the episode I kept watching. Masha walked in and asked Luz where Amity and the gang were to which Luz told her that they were driving around town while she was gone, then it cut to Amity, Willow, Gus and Hunter in Camila’s car as a car behind them started to get closer until it fades to black with a massive explosion being heard in the background, for a second I heard Boscha’s voice but until I could get a better idea of the voice It cuts back to Luz as she comes home from school and turns on the TV only to be met with a news broadcast talking about a horrific car crash and the 4 victims who got caught in the flames, Suddenly Luz shuts off the TV as she starts crying while her mother comforts her with tissues. Before I can let out the horrifying shock of what I just saw Luz and Camila end up driving to a therapist, unlike the rest of the episode the scene was really calm, Luz was talking about the incident while also talking about how Eda and King sacrificed themselves to keep Luz safe. Then as the therapy session was going to wrap up Luz spotted Boscha in the hallway, when the camera pointed back to Luz who had a shadow smothering her face with only a white pupil and a massive grin peeking out of the darkness, suddenly Luz smashed the emergency box, grabbed the axe and lunged at Boscha as she repeatedly smashed her face in, each time the axe swung into Boscha’s face I flinched a little, after Luz was done her face was completely unidentifiable and Luz wasn’t looking so hot either, her eyes turned into black voids with nothing but a single white dot shining through the darkness, then Luz walked through the door as she started stalking the blonde girl at her school before chopping her head off, I decided I saw enough and tried to deject the disk but it wouldn’t budge, So I was forced to watch Luz as she committed several accounts of murder, at one point after she killed off some emo kid she hid into her house and started creating a pentagram, luckily the sound was cut off for this part so I didn’t have to hear what she was talking about. Then a portal opened to the demon realm as she stepped in and began the killing, the next scenes were more brutal than her other kills, she started killing off most of the Hexside students 1 by 1 including Boscha’s friends. Finally after Luz chopped Viney’s limbs off Bria started shooting at her with a glock she found in the human realm, suddenly they started running, as Bria was running through the town the radio started playing that described skara’s death, “ victim #1 eyeballs and skin were unable to be found, unidentified fingerprints were found near the corpse’s neck”. Bria runs into a dead end in an abandoned house, but before Luz could land a swing the door locks behind her as the building burns down, Bria manages to escape as they call the authorities. My heart finally calmed down, but when I started to take deep breaths Luz sprung up this time with taller limbs made of obsidian and jagged teeth and started killing the guards, suddenly before Luz could kill the final guard a title card popped up reading "Any massacre at midnight” as a depressing piano song played in the background. I was finally able to shut the TV off, but it didn’t even matter at this point. Ever since that day Whenever my friends talk about the owl house I have flashbacks to that fateful night. And it didn’t help that whenever I tried to watch “any sport in the storm” it just sent me to a screen that said “Sorry but the episode can not be found please come back another time” with a black background, and even when I pirated it I just got a very creepy portrait of Luz with a photorealistic pair of eyes and a small, white toothed smile that just kept saying “piracy is a crime”. I don’t really know how to end off this story, I don’t even have any tips on how to steer clear of this episode, I didn’t pirate it, I didn’t buy it from a weird man like most stories, I didn’t even play with an ouija board. But if you ever see this episode just turn the volume to 0, put a blanket over it and have a great sleep.
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