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I’m visiting my hometown for a week and got a week long free trial at one of the big commercial gyms. Showed up to workout and immediately walked right back out. There was seriously probably about 200 people in there and insane lines for equipment. Every mirror had dudes hitting zyzz poses, I didn’t think that was a real thing. I thought we all just joked about that. I normally go to a private gym to avoid waits but this was something else. How do you bros get adequate workouts in a circus ass environment. Do I need to sniff gym seats again to assert my dominance?
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2023.05.07 13:34 whiggert how much are these worth, his famous discontinued posing shorts? Worn and used by zyzz himself

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2023.03.29 22:48 RingoCross99 The Adventure Games (Section 2 of 4)

The Adventure Games (Section 2 of 4)

The Adventure Games
By Ringo Cross
(Chapter 2: continued...)
His theatrics made us all blush. I closed the pantry, took a deep sigh, and made my way over to the table. I glanced nervously into the eyes of what had become my unwanted audience. They were all waiting impatiently for me to begin what was arguably one of the most awkward, forced introductions in recorded history:
“H-hello. My name is um... um... Joshua Graham. I’m originally from Waterbury—uh—Connecticut, sorry. My parents relocated to Clayton, Missouri when I was twelve. I have one sister, she just turned seventeen. She’s the reason I’m here. Phew. Man, I, I told them I’d join if they’d help her. They agreed and I, um, well, and now I’m here, right? There’s really not much else to say—oh, I’m 29, work for Amazon, delivering packages all day. That’s pretty much it. I live a pretty normal existence, oh and I’m... human? I don’t know why we have to mention that, but whatever,” I told my unwanted audience while standing there and waiting for any unwanted questions they may have had.
“So, basically, you already got your wish?” Bully asked with a mouth full of sandwich.
“I guess you can say that.”
“Humph. That’s suspicious.”
“How is that suspicious?”
“How isn’t it suspicious?”
“Man. My sister was literally days away from dying! I traded my wish for her life.”
“That explains the name tag,” Bully laughed contemptuously at me.
“You’re a real piece of work. But thank you for reminding me to take this stupid thing off,” I said while peeling the name tag off my shirt.
“It’s noble if you ask me,” the Lover said, with a wink and a smile. Then he kind of gave me an innocent little bump, indicating that I should step aside, as if the spot I was standing on had become the place to be. I obliged and he began his longwinded introduction:
“Greetings, everyone. As you already know from today’s prior announcement, my name is Roger Pierson. I hope this doesn’t come off as a jump scare, but I’m afraid I am indeed one of those filthy ‘nonhumans’ she was talking about. I’m a vampire to be precise, but please, please you have nothing to fear. I’m not some starving brood waiting to kill you in your sleep,” he said before tittering away like an amiable courtier. “Ok, where was I, oh, yeah—”
“Wow, wow, wow,” Bully managed to stammer out without choking. “What do you mean you’re a vampire?”
“Humph. I don’t know how else to describe it,” he said with a slight sigh and shrug.
“Bro. Are you being serious right now?”
“Deadly serious—ok, so I probably shouldn’t have said that. That wasn’t funny,” he said before placing a hand to his chest and huffing in displeasure. “But no. In all seriousness, I’m totally a vampire.”
“This is unreal,” the Followed muttered.
Roger placed a hand to his head in exasperation, “Oh devil, I knew this was going to be a hardship. Why wouldn’t it be? I’m obviously telling a bunch of randoms the most shocking bit of news there is.”
“I call bs!” Bully said rather mockingly. He folded his arms and looked over at Roger with an annoyed expression. “Dude. Come on. This isn’t the time for pranks. We got enough going on as is.”
“It’s true...” the Rationalizer spoke. He had been lingering around in the shadows for so long I forgot he was a part of the group. He slowly made his way over to us, and added, “He’s not lying. Now let him finish. If this is our only task for the day, I’d like to be done.”
“Fine. The floor is yours,” Bully said very sarcastically and mockingly of Roger.
Roger took it in stride, showing off his decorum. “Thank you, and thank you,” he told the two gents before finding the main road again, after that volcanic segue. “Where was I? Ah, yes, that’s right. Ok, so like I was saying, I am a vampire. I’m 44 years younger,” he paused for a moment to gather his thoughts. His eyes lit up in fanciful imagination. “Ah, yes! How silly of me. I almost forgot about my precious Ana. Ok, everyone, last but certainly not least, let me tell you a thing or two about my darling sister. Oh, my, you guys are going to love this. Her name’s Diana but we call her Ana. She just finished her blood rituals with a strapping young lad from a noble family! It is to a lesser house but a decent, well pedigreed one. I’m so excited for them and for this amazing marriage! I can’t tell you how much this helps increase my already voluminous profile in vampiric society. Hmm... I wonder... Maybe that’s the reason I was given the master bed? I must be the highest ranking notable in the bunker? Pfft. Any who. Like I was saying, ‘nobility’ and ‘royalty’ are interchangeable terms in the vampiric world, since technically we aren’t the real power behind the throne. Hope this doesn’t come as a shock, but the real power behind the throne belongs to our—”
“Put a sock in it already!” Bully barked.
“Excuse me?” Roger asked with a scowl.
“You heard me, stick to the point!”
“How rude,” Roger uttered. “Fine. As to why I’m here. Isn’t it obvious? I’m here because I was promised patronage from one of the elven original vampiric houses! Any order will do, since we live in LA, I’m thinking it’ll be the Vandervelt order. There’s no way I’m getting into the Báthoric order. Or the Dracul, or the Hapsburg, or the Windsor. Yeah. It’ll probably be the Vandervelt’s. They’re like the only ‘American’ clan,” he bumbled and mumbled. There was an odd pause. He looked at us and quickly realized we were all staring at him as if he were a madman, not only for talking to himself but for talking to himself in front of us about things we had no clue about. Seeing this, he wiped the sweat from his brow and nobly carried on, “Whew. Ok, so I know that was a lot to take in. Sorry about my little conniption there. Oh, and as far as work, hah, labor isn’t really my thing. Oh my. Now that I think about it, I’ve probably never worked a day in my life. When I do ‘work,’ as you commoners say, I coordinate parties and other high-end affairs for the highborn.”
Everyone looked at Roger. No one knew how to follow that up. I looked over at the Follower and gestured for him to go next with an innocent head nod. I think he picked up on what I was putting out there. Because he stood from his chair and gingerly and clumsily made his way over to what had quickly become the speaking spot of shame.
When Roger saw this, he cringed as if the boy was a smelly hunk of meat. He hurriedly got out of his way, trying his best not to stare. I’m guessing he didn’t have much experience with humans, let alone urbanites. To him, we were all probably repulsive smelly hunks of flesh. He was too stuffy and uppity to appreciate anyone who didn’t appreciate fine linen or fine dining.
The Follower tore off his name tag with a shaky hand. Then he waved at us, all unsure of himself, like this was his first time addressing a group:
“Sup? Name’s Aaron. Just turned eighteen. Little bit about myself, as you can see, I like tattoos. I’m into stoner and skater culture. Grew up in Virginia Beach. I’m mixed so you know I try my best not to be no vulture and always rep ‘the culture.’”
He made an odd hand gesture when he said the last bit about ‘the culture.’ Then, as if that wasn’t already cringy enough, he carried on, saying, “Right now I’m part of the gig army. Uber Eats, Lift, Spark, Insta, all that good stuff. I don’t know man, it ain’t like it used to be when my parent was growing up. Everything was cheap. It’s hard out here nowadays. That’s why I joined. They said if I win, I can get a full ride to Duke. I’m a huge Blue Devils fan. If I was taller, I swear I would’ve been a baller, but it’s whatever now. That stuff’s old news,” he abruptly stopped, but before leaving so someone else could talk, he looked over at Roger and blurted, “Oh, and I’m human! If what bro said is true, I think vampires are sick man! You gotta tell me more, big homie, I’m all ears!”
Roger folded his arms and smacked his lips as if what Aaron said had left a tart taste in his mouth. He didn’t even bother with a remonstrance; a simple eye roll and an “Ugh” were enough to convey his disdain.
Aaron got the message and hastily sat down next to the young girl. She leaned over and whispered into his ear while staring at Roger. The two erupted into laughter. The type of boisterous uproar only teenagers could get away with. We all just kind of looked around waiting to see who would take the initiative and go next. When no one else stepped up to the plate, Bully finally decided to go next. I could tell he had an attitude. This guy was going to be trouble I thought to myself.
He stood there for a moment, frowning and fuming, like he wanted to smash something. Instead of giving in to his lesser angels, he held his head high and gave in to his better angels: “I’m a human, like everyone else here,” he peeled off his name tag while grumbling, “Stupid nonsense. My name isn’t bully. I’m not a freaking bully. My name’s Brock. Brock Berger. I’m twenty-five, and as you can clearly see, I’m heavy into the fitness scene: weightlifting, deadlifting, flexing for the ladies, all the usual stuff muscleheads do,” he said before flexing his bicep muscles.
I can’t lie, even though he had the personality of a milk carton, he was Zyzz levels of ripped and about as aesthetically pleasing as a Greek god. He gave the Narcissist a wink before transitioning his front double bicep pose into a Greek god pose.
She glared and scoffed at him, “Can you like, hurry up? I’m not here to find a boyfriend.”
“If I win—no. When I win, I get a brand-spanking-new Wrangler Sport and an all-expensive paid road trip—from my home state of Maryland, all the way to Malibu! I can’t wait! Malibu here I come baby! Wahoo!”
Brock continued to cheer for himself like a total you-know-what. Once he was done being bothered with us, he went over to the fridge and grabbed a whole jug of OJ. The bastard began chugging it straight from the bottle. I had never seen someone drink so ravenously. I suppose all those muscles came with a hefty energy demand.
Everyone waited to see which brave soul would take the floor next. There was a bit of awkward silence. But before things could turn from awkward to downright uncomfortable, someone spoke: “The name’s Markus. I don’t really have too much to say. I’m 33, unemployed, my last job was at a call center. I’m into comics, I’m also a vampire, and if I win, I get a million dollars, hard cash.”
Roger’s eyes lit up. He raised his hand as if he were a student gaining the teacher’s attention. When Markus saw this, he asked him what did he want.
Roger said, “Wow. You’re not much of a charmer. Riddle me this? You’re a vampire, correct?”
“Yeah. What about it?”
“Pureblooded, by any chance?”
“Nope. No chance.”
“Oh, that’s too bad.”
“I take it you are?”
“Naturally,” Roger crowed.
“What are you guys talking about?” I asked Markus.
“It’s nothing,” he mumbled.
“Oh, it’s definitely something,” Roger chortled.
“I’m what you’d call a brood.”
“What’s that?” Aaron asked.
“All it means is that I wasn’t born a vampire. I was human once. I was changed into one. So, in our world, vampires like me are considered impure.”
“How is that a bad thing?” I asked.
“I know right?” Aaron seconded.
“It’s not. I don’t feel like explaining. Let’s just finish introducing ourselves and move on.”
Roger scowled as if his lowly thoughts of Markus had somehow exceeded expectations. I had no clue what the beef between them was. I made a mental note to find out more. If I wanted to do that, I would first have to find a way to get one of the last two people to go.
The only two contestants left were the girls. The younger of the two, the one whose name tag read “Teenager,” tried to make herself smaller.
When she hunched over into a ball, all eyes seemed to naturally gravitate towards the Narcissist. I don’t know if she was daydreaming or what. But when she finally noticed what was going on, she stopped playing with her fingernails. Her cold stare said it all. She folded her arms and stewed for a second. Then, to everyone’s shock and relief she complied. She didn’t bother standing up, she just sat there and began angrily addressing us:
“Tch. This is so stupid, whatever. I’m already so over this. Name’s Lisa Pilgrim. 21 years old, 50k followers on Instagram. I’m human, like, I don’t know what all this vampire talk is about, but it is so not cool. Only reason I’m even here is because they promised I’d get a blue check mark if I participated or whatever.”
“You joined for a blue check mark?” Brock asked with a chuckle.
I jumped in and said, “It’s not like your wish is any better.”
“You guys are so clueless. If you don’t know why it’s important that’s not my problem. I’m not your mother. I know because I hate kids.”
“Wow. Ok,” I told her.
“Anyways,” she said with an eye roll to die for, before returning to nothing, I mean, staring and playing with her polished fingernails as if we were nothing.
The only person that was left was the girl. She peeked around the room nervously before ducking her head back down when we exchanged glances. Since no one else was going to do it, I walked over, crouched down in front of her, and gently asked if she wouldn’t minding introducing herself.
She peeked over her knees and smiled nervously. Her cheeks were rosy red. I could tell she absolutely hated me for coming over and putting her on the spot like that. I knew it was a bit trashy, but I was hungry, tired, and frustrated. The sooner she got on with it the better.
“Fine...” she sheepishly squeaked before standing up. Her eyes darted around the room. She glared at me for a moment more before getting on with it: “Hi. My name is Sarah. I’m human. I’m sixteen.”
When she told us her age everyone was a bit taken aback. How in the world was she allowed to participate in whatever this was without parental supervision? Seeing our baffled expressions, she added a bit of clarification: “It’s not like it was my idea. I know what you guys are thinking, and I would never sign up for something stupid like this.” She took her name tag off and ripped it into pieces, grumbling, “My father’s so controlling.”
“He did this to you?” I asked.
“That’s brutal,” Brock said.
“Why?” Markus asked.
“Why what?” I asked, taking somewhat of a defensive stance on behalf of the girl.
“Why’d he do it?” he asked her with folded arms, as if he was questioning her story.
She gave a slight shrug and said, “It’s complicated. I did some things I probably shouldn’t have, and he kicked me out. Oh, and I don’t get anything if I win. Well, I will get to see dad again, but I have mixed feeling about that, considering how harsh he punished me.”
“That’s awful,” Roger said.
She swiped the tears from her eyes and told him it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. He went over and gave her a cautious hug, making sure not to invade too much of her personal space.
“Thanks,” she shyly spoke.
“It’s okay, honey. I’m here if you need me. Trust me, I know what it’s like to have overbearing parents. Why being born into a pureblooded family will do that to you,” he said with a playful wink.
Markus unfolded his arms and grumbled, “This guy,” as if rubbing in his status wasn’t irritating enough. He was being condescending as well.
“You know that automated voice sounded a lot like you,” Brock told her.
“Excuse me?” Sarah said.
“The lady who was over the loudspeaker when we first walked in.”
“What about her?”
“She sounds like you.”
Sarah shrugged but said nothing, staring at him as if he had lost his marbles. I went over and gave Brock a playfully slap across the shoulder, “Better be careful. She might kill you first, tough guy.”
He laughed, “Yeah right. If anything, I need to be worried about you, hero-boy.”
“What do we do next?” Aaron asked.
“Food,” I quickly replied.
“Ok, let’s do food,” he snorted.
Lisa turned away in disgust. She stood and headed for the recreational room, which was right across from the kitchen. Markus took her seat at the table but said little to nothing. Roger headed straight for the whiskey cabinet, which was to the right of the kitchen cupboards. I had no idea it was a whiskey cabinet until he opened it. He briefly examined the contents within before seeming genuinely impressed with the selection.
Brock opened the fridge and began helping me make ham and turkey sandwiches. Aaron and Sarah were sitting down next to Markus, asking him a bunch of question about being a vampire. I probably would’ve joined in, but I was too hungry to think straight.
Aaron seemed pretty animated, asking a million and one questions about the odd and surprising ins-and-outs of being a real-life vampire. There was much laughter and banter. For this to be a kill box, we all seemed to be having a good time or whatnot. The mind was funny like that. It was like our traumatic entrance into this insane asylum, and all the questions, and all the problems that came with it had been forgotten.
“So, you guys don’t live forever?” Aaron asked.
“Not even close,” Markus replied.
“Aw. That sucks,” Aaron moaned.
“I want to be a vampire!” Sarah smiled.
“Yeah, me too!” Aaron exclaimed.
“Trust me, you do not want to be a vampire,” Roger mentioned while pouring himself a glass of whiskey.
The two looked over at him and waited for him to elaborate. When he didn’t, they turned to Markus and waited for him to explain. Markus just shrugged, leaving the two youngsters in the dark.
“Speaking of which. What was that all about earlier?” I asked Markus after placing a plate with a sandwich and some chips down in front of him.
“What is this for?” he asked with a suspicious snarl.
“Vampires need to eat, right?”
“You just answered your own question.”
“I’m not eating this,” he told me.
Brock came over and sat a plate down for each youngster. He gave Markus a playful push and said, “He didn’t poison it, I helped him make it.”
“Humph,” he grumbled under his breath as if he was pissed off by Brock’s insinuation.
Brock laughed while grabbing a stack of sandwiches off the counter like a Gothic king fresh off a good sacking of Rome. “I’m going to the rec room. Wish me luck, maybe I’ll get lucky with the Narc. You guys enjoy your stupid vampire talk. And you better eat your sandwiches, or I’ll make you a five finger one next time! Losers! Ha!”
“What a jerk,” Sarah mumbled.
“I’m not a jerk, I’m a bully, remember? Respect the name tag!” he shouted while walking away.
“Anyway,” I said before turning my attention back to the group. “So, like I was saying, what was that all about earlier when Roger was chiding you?”
Markus looked over at Roger and watched as he sipped his drink like the intellectually vacant elitist he was. The way he examined each whiskey bottle was revolting. Markus hid it well enough, but I could see the anger and resentment in his eyes. He took a bite into his sandwich, staring at me the whole time he chewed, as if I had done something sinister to his food. The ire roiled in his eyes a moment more before he finally gave up the goose and said, “Like I said, Roger is what we call a pureblood.”
“Because he was born a vampire, right?”
“So, he thinks he’s better than you?”
“All purebloods do,” he said.
“Wow, you can be born a vampire?” Aaron asked.
“I know right. So cool,” Sarah smiled.
“It’s not what you think,” he replied.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“There’s really no difference. It’s just their way of discriminating against us so they can keep all the good stuff to themselves.”
“I don’t get it,” Aaron said.
“Me either,” Sarah added.
“I get it,” I said.
“You do?” Aaron asked.
“Yeah,” I said before taking a bite out of my sandwich. “It’s their guys’ version of poor and rich. Humans, like Markus, who were altered into a vampire are considered less than and called broods. Those who were born into the blood are considered rich and given privilege.”
“Oh, I see now,” Aaron uttered in astonishment. “Dang, dude, that’s pretty messed up.”
Markus frowned, “What pisses me off is how he acts like he’s nobility. They’re even worse. Those blueblood bastards. They pretty much hate us all.”
“A blueblood? Ah, man, you just threw a monkey wrench into the equation. What the hell is that? Is that a step higher on the social rung of injustice?” I asked.
Markus sighed. I could tell he wasn’t too eager to give us, what had to be another mind-numbing explanation. “They’re basically the ones who rule over us. They’re completely insane and do nothing but kill each other, and us too, if we get in the way of them killing each other. Think Game of Thrones, but with vampires.”
“Never seen it,” Sarah said.
“Me either,” Aaron seconded.
I shrugged and said, “Good show.”
“Are you allergic to sunlight?” Sarah asked.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah. Really.”
“Garlic?” Aaron asked.
“Crosses?” Sarah asked.
“How are you not harmed by sunlight? I think he’s pulling our leg,” Aaron said.
“Me too,” Sarah smiled.
“Hey, Roger?” Markus said.
“What is it?” he asked.
“Are we allergic to sunlight?”
“No. Why would we be?” was his reply.
“That’s what you see in the movies,” I said.
“Stop believing everything you see in the movies,” Roger said with a soft chortle.
“Wow, that’s crazy. You’d think it would be more like in the movies,” Aaron mentioned.
“Why would we be harmed by the one thing that our prey utilizes more than anything? That would be like finding a shark that’s allergic to water,” Markus said.
“Let me guess, you guys don’t get any superpowers either?” Sarah asked.
“Nah. Not really,” Markus stated.
“Really?” I asked. “So, what’s the point in even becoming a vampire then?”
“Just picture the best version of yourself. That’s what it’s like to be a vampire.”
“Humph. I hope you’re right,” I mentioned as my thoughts drifted to my sister.
Seeing this made him raise an eyebrow. “You want in? You want to be one of us?”
I told him, “No.”
“You sure? You seem pretty invested,” he replied.
“It’s... it’s my sister.”
“Ah. I get it. That’s rough.”
“Get what?” Aaron asked.
“His sister was attacked by one.”
“Wow. Is that true?” Sarah asked.
“Yeah. And if everything those agents were saying is true, my sister became one.”
“Oh my God, that’s epic!” Aaron gleefully and naively exclaimed.
“She was on the verge of death.”
“Really?” Sarah asked.
“Yeah. That’s why I’m here.”
“Aw. That sucks,” Sarah muttered.
“I know right,” Aaron said.
“Don’t feel bad man. It’s pretty much like that for everyone. It’s a real crapshoot.”
“Why is it like that?” Sarah asked.
“Well, if it were that easy to become a vampire, everyone would be one. Our job is to blend in and not be seen. Prey is supposed to outnumber its predators. I know it’s not glamorous, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s more ‘uncanny valley’ than supernatural.”
“Uncanny what?” Aaron asked.
“Uncanny valley,” he repeated.
“What does that mean?”
“Well, it really applies to AI. For some reason the more realistic AI appears, the more repulsed and negative the human emotions. There’s like a mathematical threshold that delignates acceptance from fear. Theory has it, this inert fear goes way back to a time when humans were hunted by a species that mimicked them. Crazy part is they’re right. It was a primitive version of vampires called Grigori. You see a true vampire stays just below the peak of the uncanny valley curve. We hide in plain sight just out of reach of human insight. I’m not doing my job if you know. The worst thing that can happen is for you to know.”
“That’s pretty sinister,” I said.
“That’s nature for you,” he replied.
Roger walked over and stood behind Markus. He listened to our conversation while examining the stupidly expensive bottle of scotch in his hand. “You shouldn’t be telling the kids scary stories before bed.”
I could tell our little conversation tickled him by the amused look on his smug face. When no one responded to his grim warning, he told us, “Very well. I’ll be in my room if anyone’s interested.”
“No one’s interested,” Markus mumbled after making sure Roger was out of sight.
“I heard that,” he shouted back.
Roger’s response caused Sarah and Aaron to burst into laughter as if it was the funniest thing they ever heard. I chalked it up to youth before getting up from the table to go and examine the whisky bar for myself.
I saw something out of the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was a trick of the light. When I looked over, I saw that it was Markus. He was standing there, silent, and still as a lion, right before it pounces on its prey with a lethal neck bite.
Meanwhile, Sarah and Aaron were at the table laughing and giggling away about things that my twenty-something mind could not possibly comprehend. She tapped him on the shoulder, leaned over, and whispered something shifty into his ear. Aaron looked over at me before nearly erupting into a million pieces from unadulterated laughter.
I shook my head and pulled a bottle of Jim Bean from the cabinet. I placed two shot glasses down on the counter and looked over at Markus.
He frowned a bit before saying, “You think it’s a good idea to drink?”
“No. But, so far so good, right?”
He checked his watch. “The night’s still young.”
“Eh. I think Brock might be right.”
“Ha. He isn’t.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Just look at him. Does he look like a human who’s right about anything?”
I glanced over into the dayroom and saw Brock and Lisa engaged in a half-hearted conversation while watching TMZ on the big screen. The two kids were in the kitchen doing what teenagers did best. And Roger was supposedly in his room. So far no one stood out except for him.
I guess Markus read my mind because he said, “I don’t trust him either.”
“Who Roger?”
“You know it.”
“Yeah, but I also know you’re a vampire. And if it wasn’t for the task, you wouldn’t have mentioned it. Roger on the other hand. He has a cruel honesty about him.”
“Ha. I see. You don’t trust me either?” Markus said with a slight snicker. He grabbed the shot of whiskey and took it to the head. After exhaling, he said, “Remember. I’m a brood. The lowest of the low. I used to be human. I know what it’s like. But those types, they have no idea. They have no sympathy or compassion for you. They don’t know what it’s like to be what you are.”
“Humph. Is that so?”
“I wouldn’t lie.”
“When someone says that it usually means they’re lying,” I told him.
“Whatever, man,” he grumbled.
“Who spoke to you? I wonder was it the same two agents who spoke to me?”
“Was one a woman with black hair. Looked to be about your age?”
“Yeah. And the other was some older gent who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder.”
He nodded. “I’ll never forget that asshole.”
“What was his name?” I asked.
“Agent Adams,” he said before putting a hand on my shoulder. “Let me tell you, I’ve seen some sketchy figures, but that guy. He takes the cake.”
“Really? Why do you say that?”
“Want to know something crazy?”
“Depends on how crazy.”
Before he could respond, the two youngsters agitated us yet again with their wild giggling. Sarah tapped Aaron on the shoulder. She glared at me while whispering what had to be another crude remark into his ear. He looked over at me and was in absolute stitches. After wiping away the tears of joy, he anchored the last bit of sandwich above his mouth. Sarah said, “choo” “choo” like a train, right before he dropped it down the hatch. This as you can imagine made him snort and chew wildly.
I turned my attention back to Markus and did my best to try to ignore their teenage antics. “What were you saying?” I asked him.
“Want to know a secret?”
“Depends on what it is.”
“We’re not the only—"
Markus paused when we heard a loud commotion. I whipped my head around to see what was going on. That’s when I saw Aaron floundering in his chair like a fish out of water. His plate came crashing down. Black and purple veins wiggled across his face like vines wrapping around an old Roman column. His eyes bulged in terror. He gripped his neck and wheezed in horror.
Sarah jumped from her chair, knocking it over. She backed away while screaming hysterically. I rushed over and began slapping Aaron across the back. The commotion drew Lisa and Brock’s attention. Brock hopped over the couch and dashed into the kitchen.
“Oh my God! He’s choking!” Lisa cried out.
“What do we do?” Sarah frantically asked.
“You’re doing it wrong!” Brock shouted as he practically knocked me over. He wrapped one arm around Aaron and knocked over his chair with the other. Then he secured both arms around Aaron’s stomach and began applying abdominal thrusts. I could hear the panic in Brock’s voice. He gave it a good effort, yelling and screaming for Aaron to hang in there the whole time. Aaron was slipping in and out of consciousness at this point. After a few more agonizing moments of this, his body went limp. Brock let go of the kid’s body and headed straight for me.
“What happened?!”
“Nothing! Why are you asking me?!”
“Because he’s dead! What did you do?!”
“I didn’t do anything!”
“Why is he dead! Why?!”
“Let me check for a—”
Brock blocked my path. “Uh-Uh. You’re not going anywhere, mate. Not until we sort this out.”
“Please! Somebody! Check for a pulse! It might not be too late. We can still do CPR!” I screamed.
“Brock’s right. He’s dead,” Markus spoke while glancing down at the body. The way he calmly pronounced Aaron dead was very unsettling.
It wasn’t suspicious enough for Brock apparently, as he wasted no time laying into me once more, “Start talking, hero-boy,” he practically demanded.
I backed away and said, “Dude! What’s your problem? I was over there by the whiskey bar with Markus! The kid. He, he just started choking!”
Brock stepped right into my face, killing whatever illusion of personal space I had managed to regain. He growled while staring me down, going over scenarios in his head as to how he could take me down. “Is that so, hero-boy? You telling me nothing happened? He just started choking out of the blue, huh?”
“Maybe you should be asking the girl that same question,” Markus told him.
Brock and I kind of gave him the side eye when he said that. It’s funny, in what was arguably our most heated moment, he gave me one of those “are you thinking what I’m thinking” expressions. I was and the tension between us came to a screeching halt.
We both looked over at Markus and then the girl. There she was, kneeling over Aaron’s body, bawling her eyes out, apologizing for things she had no control over. She kept telling him to wake up. And that she was sorry. The moment spoke for itself. Her grief wasn’t from guilt. I had no idea where Markus was going with his accusation.
“Oh, look at you, you’re a real tough guy,” Brock told him with a sneer.
“I’m not a tough guy,” Markus fired back.
“Oh yeah?”
“That’s right.”
“Punk,” Brock bellowed under his breath.
“Hey, hey, hey—come on guys!” I shouted when the two got in each other’s face.
Markus turned right then and there. I could tell he had lost control by the flash in his eyes. The realization made it considerably harder to breathe. I don’t know what it was. I suppose his transformation tapped into something primal. Something that instinctually told me to run. His fangs... I-I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I imagined him going into a feral frenzy and unleashing unstoppable pain and power upon us all.
“Yeah, that’s right go head and show us your true colors, vampire scum,” Brock stated.
He groaned at Brock’s comment. For some reason, he kept stealing glancing at his neck. I imagined he desired nothing more than to drain his life essence with a brutal bite to the neck. If he seized the jugular vein instead of the more desirable carotid artery, surely, that would be enough to put an end to his bullishness.
Having had enough, Lisa spoke up, “Guys, knock it off already. Gah! So stupid.”
“Yeah, come on, guys. It’s not worth it. Back off. Let’s figure this out,” I told them.
Brock tried to side-step me so he could get to the vampire, “I bet you did it!”
“Did what?” Markus asked.
“Killed him!” he said, pointing to the corpse strewn about on the floor.
“He didn’t! He was standing over there with me! I promise you! The girl didn’t do it either. They were laughing and joking the whole time.”
“Ok, so what happened?” Brock asked me.
“It-It was an accident. That’s right—he must’ve choked on the sandwich! It’s... It’s the only thing that makes sense,” I hurriedly explained while looking baffled as I thought about my own baffling explanation in real-time.
“Yeah, the sandwich you made,” Brock said.
“You mean the sandwiches we made?” I asked.
“I don’t trust either one of you,” Brock spoke.
“Yeah, well, I don’t trust you either,” Markus told him.
“Don’t you guys have superpowers or something? You must have mesmerized him!” Brock shouted.
“You watch to many movies, pal,” Markus hissed.
Just then, as if things weren’t chaotic enough, Roger huffed and puffed his way towards the kitchen. I could hear him grumbling about the loudness, and about him being the only civilized one out of the bunch. His ranting came to a halt when he bent the corner and saw Aaron’s body sprawled out on the floor. Before he could ask what happened, I yelled, “It was an accident! He choked on a sandwich!”
“The sandwich you made!” Brock exclaimed.
“Hey, back off before I hurt you!” Markus snarled before shoving him out of my face.
Brock stumbled sideways. He looked alarmed and surprised by Markus’ strength. I guess it must’ve finally dawned on the meathead. The fact that he was squaring off with something designed to kill him. He quickly backed down, like the bully he was, and determined he’d have better odds studying the crime scene.
I could tell Markus wanted to end him right then and there, but out of civility and decency he held back. He centered himself until he had returned to normal. Relief washed over his senses after wrestling control of his primal urges back from the vampire within.
“Thanks man,” I told Markus.
“Don’t mention it,” he grumbled, I could tell by the way he said it that he wasn’t fully convinced that I had nothing to do with it.
This was crazy. What the hell did I sign up for? I asked myself. I could tell everyone was thinking the same thing. Because everyone just kind of looked at everyone else with an accusatory eye.
Aaron’s body was twisted, as if his final moments were his most miserable. He was laying on his back. His hands sprawled out and his face black and blue. I looked away after looking into his eyes.
“Dammit man,” I muttered.
“What do we do now?” Sarah sheepishly asked while wiping away another round of tears.
“What did the lady say?” Brock asked.
“What lady?” I asked him.
“You know, the voiceover—from when we first came in; she said something about coffins,” he stated.
“Oh, you me the burial room?” I inquired.
“That’s right! W-We gotta take him there. Come on let’s go,” He stammered out before hunching over and quickly scooping Aaron’s body off the floor.
It was surprising and haphazard, the way he did it, but hey, I suppose perfection wasn’t the goal. He had Aaron slung over his back, like a sack of rotten potatoes, showing off his might in the process. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Lead the way, hero-boy. I wanna make sure I keep you in my sights.”
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2023.03.27 03:08 QCMyShoesPls_ PETITION: Can Derek and Mods please ban everyone over 18 from this sub?

I identify as a xe/xim/xey broccoli head, and I think I speak for the whole youth of this sub fr.
frankly, the old fucks are a disgrace to this sub. acting like our repetitive jokes are somehow "bad" and "unoriginal". they also are constantly talking about how our new slang is somehow worse than their slang from when they were young. stfu ur just mad ur old now lil bro 💀
Let us hop on tren, post tinder screenshots, be gay, and hit sick zyzz poses to mog our fellow gym goers.
BTW, anyone who disagrees with me is a idiot oldhead or a heterosexual male

Edit - Before anyone makes stupid “zoomer” comments, I graduate high school in a couple of weeks - Fuckheads
Edit 2 - Some pinheads are giving me shit for using "whippersnapper" in a comment a while back. The difference is I used it ironically - that post was obviously a joke. Some adults on here use that type of slang regularly, leading to a gradual degradation of the English language.
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2023.03.04 14:02 EmppuB Women will never understand

Women will never understand what its like to be an optimal, biohacking, supraphysiological hypertrophy omega 3, 4 sets of 12 unilateral glute spreads, scrotum sunning, zyzz, creatine monohydrate, homicidal urge testboost, vit D megadosing penis gains, mansplaining sigma guyboss, vacuum posing, nofap, chris bumster, grass-fed beef liver & duck eggs consuming, amphetamine junk rubbing, yeah buddy, lightweight, tren, dbol, 987ng/dl testosterone, PR, protein, fight club anarchist, lat spread, legday skipping, synthol delts, ryan gosling, HGH, mk-677, Hardstyle rave muzzing compilation, redpilled and based, efficacious dosage. testicle atrophied, nightcrawler, individual toe glutamine endocrine heat response, burger king deadlift routine, kyriakos grizzly, for the difficult, golden era, alcohol protein synthesis, 8 hour arm workout, non existent waist, tevvez - legend, halotestin, kaczynskite, manosphere subculture leader, lockerroom vaccination, hunter-gatherer neurological pathways, fatphobic, RPE 10, kino travis bickle, cialis arm blaster bicep curl pump, commercial gym terrorizing, chicken broccoli & rice cycling, bloatmaxxing, tren abuse braindamage, glygocen loaded, negative bf%, 130kg bw, anti-seedoil, hyperborean anti-industrial schizo, chinese anabolic hormone pinning, aesthetic anabolic swag mogging gymcel sickkunt.
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2023.02.28 00:33 ProHermione Dionysus at Wasteland

Did not know what to expect, seeing one of the “Zyzz hardstyle” producers play a live set, but I was so pleasantly surprised. He had awesome energy and the crowd was so wholesome and had the best vibes. The floor was a little flooded because of all the rain and yet I see people dancing and even doing jumpstyle in the puddles. So awesome. So many dudes on other dudes shoulders, flexing and doing the Zyzz pose, and even as someone who’s not that into that community I just loved the positivity of everyone there. Dionysus played a bunch of tracks that I thought I would never get to hear live, like “Don’t Care” - Refuzion and “I Can See Now” - MYST, and had so many genuine interactions with the crowd.
I’m definitely guilty of having pre-judged him and this up-and-coming hard dance community but my opinion of it is nothing but positive now and I’ll definitely be catching his sets whenever I get the chance.
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2023.02.07 19:19 aliamay1 Jeff Seid teaching ZYZZ Pose! 🔥

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2023.02.07 19:13 aliamay1 Jeff Seid teaching ZYZZ Pose! 🔥

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2023.02.03 22:32 AdSufficient855 "I love this shit. Making sure that every rep hurts worse than the last one. Turn that pain into strength. #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnesstransformation #posing #gym #motivation #motivationalquotes #zyzz #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #chasingaesthetics #aesthetics #mentalhealthawareness"

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2023.01.31 10:00 ainerigby1 Ronnie Coleman Zyzz pose 🔥

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2023.01.15 15:07 Carthicc01 STAR PLATINUM hitting that Zyzz pose!

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2023.01.03 11:33 popiepoepie I always thought the Pillars of Creation really looked like the Zyzz pose, so lo and behold. The pillars of Zyzz

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2022.12.22 16:49 zenzlia I drew Nana Shimura doing the Zyzz pose lol

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2022.12.10 22:22 Burgerplayer Zyzz pose on top of a snowy mountain in Sweden!🔱💪

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2022.11.24 22:46 Fluffy_Zebra_5901 My evolution

It all started in May, I don't remember the exact date, but it was a total life change... I was weighing 120 kg, after 6 months of heavy training and diet I lost 20 kg. by the way my height is 1.90 cm, and finally I feel good... ENJOY THE ZYZZ POSE
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2022.11.20 01:25 Kejira__ I ordered some neeko figurines and wanted to share them here made by: @StrongPorco

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2022.11.17 17:29 KodzghlyCZ Looking for Zyzz fan art for my new track

I just made a hardstyle track in honor of Zyzz, the only thing I need now is a thumbnail for spotify, YouTube and such. I'd like to have just some simple drawing (something like black and white vector graphics, probably of the Zyzz pose)
If you have some of your fan art you'd like to share, let me know down in the comments. I can't promise you how good I'll be able to promote you as a person, but I'll definetly mention you on the release day in my postst.
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2022.11.08 19:26 DonutDucky Seeing the Zyzz pose in a random ass Greek Mythology video thumbnail makes me so happy. Zyzz really does live on forever.

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2022.11.03 20:51 Glimmer_on_Reddit Fuark! this is a fictional map of Fuarkistan I made, Would you buy it if it's placed on the back of a sweater?

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