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2023.06.11 00:24 TiltedRL [RLCS EU] EU Spring Invitational Day 2 VODs

Here are the VODs from day 2 of the RLCS EU Spring Invitational. A quick & easy way to watch all the action on both your favourite platforms Twitch & YouTube!
Please note games marked in BOLD are for Twitch.
I have formatted this to avoid spoilers as much as possible, having every series go to it's full length, placing organic looking dummy links in place of any non-played series.
Watching in order should give you the best VOD experience!
Enjoy! (:

Lower bracket round 3 (Bo'5s)

Series 1 - Monaco x Hogan Mode
Game 1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=0h39m45s
Game 1 hhttps://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=2061
Game 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=0h47m37s
Game 2 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=2533
Game 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=0h55m39s
Game 3 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=3015
Game 4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h2m12s
Game 4 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=3408
Game 5 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h9m44s
Game 5 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=3846
Series 2 - Moist x G1
Game 1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h27m36s
Game 1 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=4932
Game 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h34m53s
Game 2 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=5369
Game 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h42m59s
Game 3 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=5855
Game 4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h50m23s
Game 4 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=6299
Game 5 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=1h57m53s
Game 5 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=6645

Upper bracket semifinals (Bo7's)

Series 1 - Vitality x Team Liquid
Game 1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=2h15m13s
Game 1 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=7789
Game 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=2h24m10s
Game 2 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=8326
Game 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=2h33m5s
Game 3 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=8861
Game 4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=2h47m3s There was long tech pause, I thought it was best to start after that even though a goal had been scored (:
Game 4 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=9700 There was long tech pause, I thought it was best to start after that even though a goal had been scored (:
Game 5 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=2h58m42s again tech pause so I started after the extended break, no goals before the pause this time (:
Game 5 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=10398 again tech pause so I started after the extended break, no goals before the pause this time (:
Game 6 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=3h4m52s
Game 6 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=10768
Game 7 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=3h13m11s
Game 7 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=11267
Series 2 - Karmine Corp x Team BDS
Game 1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=3h40m40s
Game 1 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=12916
Game 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=3h47m57s
Game 2 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=13353
Game 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=3h55m51s
Game 3 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=13827
Game 4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=4h4m37s
Game 4 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=14353
Game 5 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=4h12m38s
Game 5 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=14835
Game 6 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=4h21m9s
Game 6 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=15345
Game 7 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=4h29m49s
Game 7 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=15864

Lower bracket quarterfinals (Bo7's)

Series 1 - Team Liquid x Hogan Mode
Game 1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=4h56m14s Further tech pauses, started here as it is still 0-0 & to dodge the pause (:
Game 1 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=17155 Further tech pauses, started here as it is still 0-0 & to dodge the pause (:
Game 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=5h5m45s
Game 2 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=18021
Game 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=5h16m4s
Game 3 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=18640
Game 4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=5h25m1s
Game 4 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=19177
Game 5 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=5h33m42s
Game 5 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=19698
Game 6 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=5h43m21s
Game 6 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=20278
Game 7 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=5h51m16s
Game 7 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=20752
Series 2 - Karmine Corp x Moist
Game 1 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=6h17m47s
Game 1 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=22344
Game 2 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=6h25m15s
Game 2 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=22791
Game 3 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=6h36m35s
Game 3 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=23471
Game 4 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=6h48m25s
Game 4 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=24181
Game 5 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=6h58m34s
Game 5 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=24790
Game 6 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=7h5m12s
Game 6 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=25302
Game 7 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1842716677?t=7h12m53s
Game 7 https://youtu.be/JdwDAAWCm6U?t=25929
You can connect with me @TiltedRL on Twitter for my game day RLCS predictions & giveaways! or My Discord server for RLCS chatter & giveaways! (:
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2023.06.11 00:12 Agreeable-Mud-1464 Negotiating salary for Entry Level?

I recently graduated with a Associates in Information Technology: Systems Security. I have been applying to every open IT job in my area that is near me and have my first interview this week on zoom.
It is a help desk I position starting at 39,500 on salary ( about 19.50/hr according to my calculations ) for a big corporate center.
Talking to a family friend he said that is way to low and I should keep looking. My current job is paying 19.75 but it is in the restaurant industry.
Both places are lower than the cost of living here ($20.10 an hour). I’m curious about what I can expect to negotiate to as I’m not sure what I qualify for. I know a lot which makes me wonder if I can just right into help desk II or even a Jr sys admin.
I live in Asheville, NC and have no certs/ prior IT work experience other than school. Do I have any leverage or should I take the small pay cut.
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2023.06.11 00:00 Bluebell-4636 Panache Rocha Spacer Bra 32DD - Cari's softer, gentler cousin

There's another recent post inquiring if anyone had tried the panache rocha spacer bra and if it was similar to panache cari spacer bra. I just received this in the mail from amazon on Friday so I thought I'd share my thoughts and pics so people can see it up close.
For reference my measurements are currently 30/29/28/35.5/36.5/36. FOB, center full, average roots, slight/average projection I think. natori is too shallow, but freyas seem to be too projected for me.
The cari spacer bra fit me well in 32DD but the gore stabbed me painfully and left deep marks. Also the cradle on the cari felt like very sharp lace and it aggrivated my skin and was really uncomfortable.
The cut and shape of the rocha feels very similar to the cari. It's softer over all though. The spacer foam is softer, the band is softer, the wires feel softer. The band on the rocha feels looser than the cari however. It does feel soft and supportive. The first time I tried it on the band seemed wrinkly but I was able to smooth it out bettr this time. The gore feels much better to me, hopefully it would stay that way by the end of the day.
If the cari fits you, I think rocha will too, just know it's softer, and maybe looser in the band. This is based on recollection as I sold my cari bras last year.
The blue color is pretty, at first I thought it wasn't like the pictures online but I think it is now.
I think it fits me very well. I don't need more bras but I'll probably keep it because of the fit .
Anyways, on to the pics!
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2023.06.10 23:53 valik99 Exploring the bizarre case of multiple --no parameters

Here is a post for the curious ones!
I discovered earlier a weird glitch with the --no parameter (actually, multiples of it) and I'm now trying to make sense of it.
For context, what happened is that I accidentally wrote 2 "--no" parameters in my prompt and I got a very bizarre result.
See 2 examples here, it's wild:
I haven't any mention of this (I'm not even sure what to call this phenomenon) and so I decided to experiment a little. I tested different combinations and tried to make some sense of the results. I actually don't have any deep technical understanding of Midjourney, this post is mainly for curiosity, although I'm sure a proper study might give some fascinating results! (anyone up for conducting one?)
Let's dive into it! (If you just want to see the glitches you can jump directly to the Double --no part)
The prompt we're using, without any --no:
view from a valley from above, castle in the background, arch architecture, elwynn forest, luminescent lightscapes, in the style of kodak ektachrome, dreamy vistas, 35 mm film, wet-on-wet blending --ar 25:18
I picked one of the variations. It's a pretty landscape. All looks normal so far.
Single --no
Before generating the glitches, let's just check what a single --no is capable of producing. A single --no is the intended use of that parameter.
Variations without a river:
--no river
One of the variations seems to include a river anyway but otherwise everything looks okay, albeit slightly less realistic than the original result. The "arches" seem to appear on these variations very prominently.
Next I tried to remove an element that is actually included in the prompt (in this case I ask to include a castle while also asking not to include a castle)
--no castle
I'm actually surprised by this one! All the variations look very good and almost inline with the initial image. There doesn't seem to be a problem in asking to draw a castle and not to draw simultaneously.
Normally, if you want to remove several elements you would add a comma after the first prompt, not use multiple --no. This is what it looks like:
--no river, clouds
The results are interesting. By asking for no clouds I had a clear sky in mind but Midjourney chose to simply crop the sky altogether, fair enough and cool results (a bit too fantasy-ish but alright).
Double --no
Here is where it gets funky. The addition of a second --no parameter seems to cause an artifial brainfart to Midjourney. Let's say I want to avoid having a river and avoid having clouds:
--no river --no clouds
It is very hard to make sense of it. There is a mix of resolutions accross the different images. They all seem to represent houses though, indoors and outdoor scenes. Weird artifacts seem to appear such as the pixelated ghostly shape on V4 (it truly scares me), the black and white spaces around V1 and V3, the pixelated wooden frame on V2.
Just for the lulz I wanted to see what would happen if I removed an element that's not particularly expected to appear in the castle/forest/river scene from earlier.
--no river --no cat
Only thing I can say is that for some reason, Midjourney seems to have considered the "arch architecture" from the prompt (arches as a shape are present on all variations)
Now let's repeat what we tried in the first part. Namely, removing elements that were included in the prompt:
--no castle --no forest
First thing that struck me is the colors and tones, very different from what we have obtained so far. Looks like some old pictures. I think that I get the wooden frames part now. Since "castle" was bundled with "background" in the prompt, it now only relies on "in the background" to generate. With a bit of mental gymnastics, one could come to the conclusion that the images generated are indeed "in" something (such as a frame traditionally) and that they are being in the "background". If that's what's happening, then it must have included "Elwynn" in the variations (coming from "elwynn forest" in the prompt). But I've never heard of an Elwynn outside of WoW so I'm not sure what to look for.
And just for the sake of it, let's try to remove not one element, but two, that are not to be expected in the scenery I was originally trying to obtain:
--no cat --no saxophone
I'm observing that the overall vibe is respected (greenish landscape images) but that the results are very uncanny, especially for V1 and V2. They look TOO real, as if someone was shooting from the hip somewhere in Europe. Poor composition and balance of foreground/background, etc... I've always tried to get this kind of amateurish type of imagery using normal prompts but it almost feels like Midjourney wants to beautify anything it did no matter what. Well it definitely didn't beautify anything here!
I tried with 3 --no parameters as well but it doesn't get any more random.
Well I'm not sure what to conclude but this was an interesting experiment! I'm especially eager to hear the thought of the community on this. I see this as a new way of producing glitch art :) You can be sure I'm gonna go down the rabbit hole of this multiple --no use. Next, let's see if double --ar and double --chaos produce anything interesting (if that works at all)
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2023.06.10 23:39 HanzBananz77 As a prospective Grad Student from NC, what towns/areas are the cheapest and easiest in terms of traffic to live in around Davis?

I am a 28F with a 28M partner with two cats and a dog. We are currently living in Charlotte, NC. I am applying to UC Davis this fall for a PhD program that would start in the fall of 2024. I am beginning my research and am aware of the high cost of living in CA, which is a concern of ours. We wouldn't have to live on or right up against campus - I'm assuming that would be more expensive anyways. My partner is a professional oil painteartist and I'm imagining he'd have work and shows out of/near San Francisco. So I'm imagining we'd want a town/area towards that way, but closer to UC Davis than SF. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.10 23:28 Jingga88gacor Jingga88 Situs Slot Online Deposit 5000 Tanpa Potongan

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Pilihan permainan judi online slot gacor saat ini ini terlalu menarik untuk dipilih, lebih dari satu di antaranya adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Slot Online Gampang Menang Buffalo Blitz - Playtech

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4. Slot Online Gampang Menang Happy Rich Year - CQ9

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6. Slot Online Gampang Menang Roma - Joker123

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2023.06.10 23:13 picklemaster448 Name changes in NC?

Hey y'all! My fiancé and I are both ftm and we live in Raleigh, NC! We were wondering the best way to get his name changed prior to us getting married then mine!
Any advice on getting a paralegal/lawyer We are pretty lower middle class but willing to save for it :)
Thanks friends 💓
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2023.06.10 22:38 LxRaider Soft lock?

I’ve been playing the Minish cap using Nintendo switch online and have the first 3 elements, but when I go to the Royal valley, an area with one a ghost and a sign saying up repeats infinitely, is there a way to fix this or is the emulator just terrible?
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2023.06.10 22:33 zqron Upcoming indies with low system requirements

Hey all. These are some of the low system indie games that I have been waiting for a while and I wanted to share them with you. What do you guys think? I would also appreciate any suggestions.
Nocturnal – I love 2d platformers and visually Nocturnal seems just so good. Effects and animations is what makes me curious about these games, also gameplay looks promising. It's actually out and also has a discount on Steam.
Dordogne – I'm not a big fan of walking simulators but something about Dordogne make me intrigued. It somehow reminded me Edith Finch which I also love. It also seems Dordogne’s story is about family and unceovering secrets of a childhood and I’m just a sucker for these concepts.
Anomaly Agent - It's the game that I'm most looking forward. It's a platformer with fast pace combat and it reminded me Katana zero, which is a title that I played twice and really enjoyed. It's visuals and desing also looks very dope, with cowboy bebop and cyberpunk vibes it's just very appealing. Don't know when this game is coming out, but I'm just waiting for it.
Serum - I always loved survival games and Serum seems very interesting. I recently played Chernobylite and it was great. I hope Serum gives me similar and joyful experience.
Spirittea - I like Ghibli and especially Spirited Away and Spirittea gives similar vibes. It also looks realy cute and reminded me both undertale and stardew valley. Can't wait to play this game.
Way to Woods - It's about two deer that trying to get their home. I always loved games where we are not alone and have companions like last of us, and this game has somehow similar vibes. Maybe I'm exaggerating but it seems promising.
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2023.06.10 22:09 Windairsunearth NC w FOO and now NC w MIL? Is it me?

I’ve been with my partner for 6 years. I am NC with my family (BPD mother, neglecting father, divorced, 2sibs who never got therapy). I attended a PHD graduate program during that our initial courtship. Anyway, when I met his family I had negative experiences. His father monologued at me for 5 hours straight, talking about himself and his family lore (some interesting stuff, but 5 hours with no interest in reciprocal conversation? No thanks). I was too new and wanting to make a good impression so I endured it. I won’t do it again. No obvious interest in me or asking any questions.
I stayed with his mother and SD during a family event. I had just graduated and had major burnout. I ask SO to give a heads up that I would not be 100% and that I would be resting a lot. In-laws are both very neurotic, which I can deal with if there is mutual respect. My graduation was not acknowledged and we were not consulted about anything. They treated us like children and told us where we were eating, who we were seeing and when. Unilaterally decided everything without consulting us. Just no consideration. I like quiet in the morning and I hate people houvering over my plate when I eat and commenting on my food. I had an ED for 20 years and my BPD mother was food obsessed. In-laws had to come over and inspect what we were eating, ask what it was, etc. I couldn’t do anything without an oppressive audience. I started to hide in our room and my SO would bring me drinks and snacks on occasion. MIL decided to express her “concern” that he was doing “too much for me” and that I was aloof despite my heads up that I wouldn’t be that available. She was upset that we weren’t spending every moment with them, but I can only handle anyone in small doses and had stated that before the visit. This is me. I’m not here to morph into who you want.
I flipped my lid (privately) and SO stuck up for me to her. She wanted to speak to me privately and I declined, saying this is between all of us, she is SO’s mother, etc. She tried to blame other family members and I said I don’t talk about people who aren’t in the room. I reminded her of my boundaries and excused myself.
We stayed with his sister and husband and they kicked us out of our room in the morning at 8am to use it for nonessential reasons (without notifying us before our stay so we could make an informed decision). This was my first time meeting them and I had about had it with this family. DH called them out and said he was embarrassed that they treated me this way and they just got defensive. Nobody has tried to own anything or express care or love. I am NC with my family, have had a TON of therapy and just don’t have it in me to deal with this stuff. After a life of being ignored, dismissed and shamed for my needs , I am not volunteering for more of the same. I already told him I am done for the foreseeable future. No kids or anything so what is the point? Am I making a mistake?
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2023.06.10 21:53 RocksX What is the best way to create a fishing rod & line?

Hi all,
I have been attempting to create a fishing game where the player casts a rod and (depending on the power the user uses) the rod will cast the line a certain distance. I have been struggling with starting this portion of the game. What is the best way to go about creating a rod and specifically the line and line physics? I have been looking into line renderers and setting a bobber as one point and the tip of the rod as another where the bobber flies out from the tip and the line follows. Is this a good way of going about this problem? Is there anything I'm missing? For reference, think of Stardew Valley's fishing mechanic.
Thanks all for the feedback.
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2023.06.10 21:48 ClasperSauce14 2nd attempt at leaving for good.

If you are in a relationship and the other person Harms, degrades, neglects, endangers, or disrespect you; Leave immediately. Otherwise you just set the tone for the rest of the relationship that they can wipe their feet all over you AND THEY WILL. I learned this the hard way over my ex of 3 years. You absolutely can love the wrong person. I was insanely in love with a woman that over time showed me she didn't love me at all..... I forgive her for cheating and it's been a stressful insulting pathetic shit show ever since. I was good to that woman. I loved her and wanted to do anything and everything to make her happy. She saw that and took advantage of it, to no end. Today is my second attempt to have just completely blocked her out of every aspect of my life today. First time i intended complete NC I made it 9 days and folded. Soon realized what a big mistake it was to let her back in. I feel a great wave of relief knowing I don't have to put up with her or her behavior ever again. Cost me years of my life I'll never get back plus the self harm and destructive choices I've made because i started to hate myself for allowing her to treat me so poorly.
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2023.06.10 21:42 Lawile Worried that my sister may have inherited narcissistic traits

For context, she's 10 years younger than me. My mother kicked me out of the house when she was 8 but I've always been involved in her life in one way or another, I almost raised her so she's like a daughter to me (she used to call me mom haha). We are very close. I'm the scapegoat and she's the GC, altough since I went NC with our parents (both narcs) I believe she has become the target but tbh my parents aren't as bad with her as they were with me. They never were and I''m (kinda) glad that I took that damage instead of her.
The topic of discussion: Recently she told me she had an argument with her BF. The problem they had it's not important at all, what I'm worried about is how my sister is behaving. The guy is a little clingy, like anxious attachment and my sister is the opposite. She's cold. She never shares her deep feelings or show strong emotions, I've seen her cry with a movie or anime but she has never cried about things happening to her...like when a prior BF ghosted her and disappeared out of the blue. She chugged it and talked about it like you had just asked about her weekend. Something like that would have affect me. Not her.
Now, the reason I'm worried is that I think the way she's handling her argument with her BF is not healthy at all. She applied the silent treatment. The guy wants to talk to her to solve the problem, to communicate and she's been avoiding him for 10 days. She even told him not to go back to their shared flat (they live together and right now the guy is visting his family) because she needs space and doesn't want him there. But she didn't tell him until when. It's his home too...
Yesterday her BF talked to me looking for advice, because he feels she's punishing him and he admited that he handled their argument badly by being jelaous and overly attached and he wants to apologize. He wasn't looking for my help to intervene, it was more like "help me understand your sister because I love her and I don't know what's happening".
She does answer his texts tho, vaguely. He ask her how was her day or if she did good in her exams and she replies with short answers, totally uninterested. "Yeah" "Good" things like that. Never engaging and never texting first. She ignores him.
I'm trying to not intervene but as I said I know my sister is cold and sometimes it even looks like she lacks empathy... This behaviour sounds like my mother. When our mother was mad at you she would apply the cold shoulder and silent treatment for long period of times. You didn't exist to her, you didn't matter. You were below everything else. This is a form of abuse.
I know people deal with arguments differently, some people need space to cool down (I do) others need to solve it right away but there's a fine line between needing space and applying the silent treatment. When I'm angry at my own partner I tell him I need to cool down first and when I'm better I make the effort to talk about it. If my partner is feeling really hurt, I can't helpt it and I react to it.
I think the nuance is that my sister didn't give her BF any date or anything to hold onto or look foward to and she doesn't seem to care if he's hurt or overthinking what happened without answers or the chance to talk about it...
EDIT TO ADD: Her BF already told her she's hurting him with this behaviour. She knows he's hurt and she doesn't care. She told me that yesterday when I told her about her BF asking me for advice. I told her I pity him because he sounds depressed, her words were "I know. He's always like that. I don't feel pity about him" That answer shocked me.
IDK, maybe I'm wrong. Sorry this is very long. What do you think?

TLDR: My sister is ignoring her BF after and argument. She forbid him to go back home and doesn't care he is extremely sad and desperate to solve things between them. I'm worried this behaviour (conciously or not) could be inherited from our nmom that used the silent treatment to punish people.
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2023.06.10 21:37 FAHQRudy What’s a movie you simply refuse to watch even once, and why?

For me, The Truth About Charlie (2002), because there’s absolutely no way that cast can improve on Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Matthau, Coburn, & Kennedy.
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2023.06.10 21:37 IrishBlarney23 I may not fit the average on this subreddit. 52M in Florida looking for online and (hopefully) local friends

Ok, 1st, while I am ok speaking with people much younger than me, please, for safety & public opion reasons, no one under a legal age per US standards contact me.
Now that is out of the way, I have always been more comfortable with female friends for my life so far. And before you ask, I am straight & not looking for a romantic connection. Just actual friends. That doesn't mean I wouldn't care for male friends, I just have always had an easier time talking to females, both younger and a bit older than me. I am ok with online international friends but I only speak and understand English & have had snail-mail penpals in Australia and Japan in the past, but more prefer online these days to snail-mail. I'm ok with just email, chat or texting or voice or video chatting through certain apps/platforms. Keep in mind if we do voice/video that I am somewhat hearing impaired, so I sometimes have issues hearing and/or comprehending voices. Some more than others.
Now, male or female, if you are in Northeast Florida & want to hang out, go to movies, conventions, arts & crafts festivals, or other in-person activities, that would be good as well. I am not really into sports very much. I am somewhat of a fan of Georgia Tech Yellowjackets & Carolina Panthers (as I lived in Charlotte, NC when the expansion was formed), but rarely watch any of the games. Also, I may be interested in trying pickleball in the near future. I tend to go out to movies I like, attend a few concerts, read (mostly fantasy genre & some mystery), watch recorded TV shows & movies, and occasional road trips.
I also play some games, board, PC, & game system. If anyone wants to play Diablo II, Diablo III, Diablo IV, EverQuest 2, & Neverwinter together sometimes, let me know. I am usually available more in the evenings Eastern time or weekends. Depending on overtime availability, I could be available to start as early as 3:30 pm Eastern weekdays, but could be as late as 7:30 pm. I also like some anime. Examples are Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, Danmachi, and have watched Lum, the Mermaid Scar series, Maison Ikkoku & some Kimagure Orange Road. There are others I have enjoyed, but can't remember titles right now. Not really much for most of the mainstream anime that has been on US TV. It has been a while, but I used to enjoy running/DMing D&D tabletop campaigns & participating as a party member in them in person. I am somewhat hard of hearing, so I'm not really comfortable with games in comic book shops & other similar venues.
Ok, the book is coming to a close, but a few last things. I have, but don't especially like Discord or Twitch. I do have other likes & interests, but this is far more than enough for this post. If you are interested in seeing if we could be friends or gaming together, feel free to chat or DM me.
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2023.06.10 21:32 AwkwardBurritoChick [Transcript] OMG Let's Beeze Livestream

This transcript is from the livestream called "OMG Let's Beeze" instead of a Highlight.
skin looks bad where's my filters and there we go hi babe you're first hello
hi Lulu you're so early - yeah I know it's just all us now...the beezers, the beezers are first babe is first king Beezer. Gemini gem, what's new and exciting ? guess who's back...Lynn the pig and Grandma's back, back again...warmly...I know I'm terrible sorry you know just have a lot going on...Marissa 24 months you are the loyalist of beezers, I swear! radiation, you deserve every arm shake of that, I call them girl...hi shoot kickers and rats Ava hi, hi beezers
oh my God it's hot in this room.. why, why is it hot in this room? oh yeah so don't fear don't fret
um I'm in the spare room with the door shut there's no pets in here and I don't know if it's because it's vapor but uh this dissipates like instantly. it's not like lingering. tobacco smoke like two minutes later, you would not be able to smell anything in this house of... any kind of tobacco at all. you'll bring the fan really I would, so. appreciate that, honestly
Golden Girl, one year ~oh my gosh~ you deserve that too loyal Beezer ~~ Ready, Set! when did you guys all start watching me? I need to know... I'm curious what caught you onto my channel hi Carolina [Music]
these are... do I look like a virtuous woman? don't answer that... I will follow him, follow him, wherever he may go... I don't want to have that in my head all of a sudden [laughs] and on my hijab... style is kind of weird today. it looks like I have like a floppy chin. you know? like, three years ago no way...I can't believe I've been on YouTube for how long now
sanela, hi...
how long has it been? foodie Beauty days. Beauty foodie days... a couple of you now you get to see me in my marriage Arc. I'm very, very thankful for that. when I look back on some parts of my life, I'm, like, still, like, sometimes... I still wake up and I'm, like, I can't believe I'm here in the Middle East married to a wonderful man, you know? it's crazy. it's, like, surreal almost. I don't know
yeah, it is warm in this room. I don't know why... they're just, like, well... it's well ventilated but I don't know... maybe just because I'm so used to having the fan on me all times. you love the henna ink? thank you ~ yeah it's um very dark... I chose the black. they're like, do you want black or do you want red? so I'm like a half black but um... it's very nice you know?
my lovely angel, hey baby, oh you have to show them your beard cut! you had a beard trim... if I searched Amber... thank you so much for bringing that to me because.... oh wait.. the.. she said... yeah, it should be okay right? yeah, yeah the reality
the content room.... the content room needs to be a few... a few uh degrees lower, okay? nice... yeah, thanks... that's perfect. thanks for making me comfortable, my sweet love... you're welcome honey
sir, on YouTube during the Amber and Johnny Trail... Amberly came up? no way hi visas ~ oh my God ~ doesn't he look like 20 years younger? surprise...we could really see her mouth no more beard hair. you're still my handsomest man...handsomest man.... handsomest man
you guys...you guys are used to him with his beard now, huh, but whenever we met each other, this is, like, the look he had this one called the Summer Style. yeah it's too hot...yeah it's too hot for all the facial hair right? does it make a difference? yes, yes
he's too handsome - careful Chantel he's not going anywhere right? yeah
thank you guys oh I missed a bunch of comments okay
baby I'll keep using with them...yeah thank you, babe/ okay guys see you in the chat yeah and uh, they'll come live with me one of these days soon and do his own streams
hey I forgot the lights look better in the dark...is there two lights in here or one? [Music] turn one off...Okay, thanks. not all of them yeah...
hello Beezus foreign [Laughter]
[Laughter] thanks baby
creepy spooky looks good with your hair, looks dark and handsome
oh yeah...if you got a new mask [Laughter] it's spooky. that's cool.. it looks cool. I like it thank you honey [Laughter] happy Halloween everybody! eyesight shot yes my favorite movie actually. besides The Shining. which are both Kubrick movies... by the way, okay, which lighting makes me look nicer? the other one? I think this one wait check try the other one again.
I love you, honey pinch
whoa~ this one.. yeah, this one. the other one reminds me of a bait my basement. when I was a kid we had this...okay let me catch up here ...I travel mayonnaise [Laughter]....okay see you later alligator! someone... someone has to sound bite that [laugh] I've got that one there sorry, guys. I'm gonna be gonna contain my chin... and also... okay let me catch up here... I swear.
okay, um ,thanks Golden Girl...yeah, this is the henna but it goes like to here. I usually don't show you guys my wrists but you can see for the the purpose of the henna. so I washed my hands a bunch of times and it's still... I did the dishes. it's still on strong so I'm happy about that. are you going to address? uh, did you tip the artist? what what a weird question, duh... Whitney, actually tips are not very common here, but yeah I did. um, what are you looking for honey?
my phone? I think you see it you left your phone here no in the bedroom maybe yeah. um are you going to address all the fires in your home country?the fire...? there's fires in Canada right now? oh really?! yeah, in Quebec... Quebec area. I think eh.. um.. yeah, in specific, uh, area or what? yeah, I have to look it up. I'm not really sure. like, I know in Quebec region but was like five years ago.. it's fine, I think, yeah, I don't know ...like how severe it is... but there's, like, it's causing a lot of smog like in the US as well.. it's like going everywhere is all that I know.
[Note: some regions of Canada and the US had highest impurity rates globally from the particles in the air making the air dangerous for some people]
Michelle, they will be safe, yeah. thanks for the super chat. um, are they gonna start blaming me for the wildfires? yeah, I don't know. I mean, want to hold a vigil or what you like? the trim? it's a lot of the hair. yeah, the beard trim, yeah. thank you, uh Ali L, welcome to put your feet already [ __ ]. please, um, what in the kinky's going on okay?
we're in a room... welcome to budget piece and we're just like beeze, oh, I'm really behind... basic basic, it was smoky in Toronto. the air is bad really? well, I heard that it's bad.. like the small the the smoke or whatever...we got Eyes Wide Shut... that reminds me Andre Marie that was, like, one of my favoritest movies. favoritest movies ever! I love it. this is a weird hijab style... it was just like I had to get ready fast. so, I'm in the spare room right now. hi Ali L, welcome, welcome!
I know I haven't been going live really but ~oh my gosh~ we have so much going on in our lives and the new the pets are keeping me really busy. I have, like, a whole routine like I don't know how people do it with kids... like, I think I would die. like, I don't know if it's just like mentally I'm just not able to cope, with, like, too many responsibilities. because like taking care of home and then taking care of, like.... has been taking care... he takes care of me too... but you know what I mean? and then, like, Howie I have to spend time with Howie in a room by himself. he's he's in a room by himself now and the cat's in a room right now with her, like, food and water because we don't smoke with the pets.
like, you know at all... so um, so, then I have to like get up and like spend some time with howie... give him his vegetables, let him run around kiss him a thousand times and then Julia wakes up. Julia, yeah... welcome back guys! sorry I'm poor, that's okay... it's going to Wisconsin?
Julia cats are good at sneaking. I swear! I swear, she's snuck in the room when I was like coming in to see Howie. I didn't even know she was right behind me so she came in and she kind of just like just stared at him. but I think she...I don't know... she did one thing kind of weird like once, but it never happened again, so I'm okay with it, you know? I'm like, I hope it doesn't become a problem. she doesn't ...I don't think she likes the door being closed and me coming in here and paying attention to him. so one time that she was outside and I wasn't here she like pooped right up front of the door. I think it was like to say, like, "hey this is my territory this is my home, you little rodent" kind of thing but then ever since then she hasn't done it. like, she only did it once, I think, to like, assert her territory and then she just never did it again. she just, like, you know, poops in her box fine and she pees in her box fine and yeah... so far so good, mashallah. like. knock on wood but she's very very loving. she's like. I should have named her shadow she will not...if she's awake she will not...she, like, will not leave your side. like, she's the most loving cat. and if you, just like, you can... she's like a rag doll. like, you can just grab her and and hold her and just, like, and just like, she's just like... floppy and just loves attention and she's constantly....constant, constantly purring but she's also kind of naughty.
like, she's....when she gets the Zoomies, she freaks out and runs around everywhere, jumps all over the place and, like, she plays with things she shouldn't be playing with, you know? so it's like at that age she's, like a kitten right? so we have to like, um, you know, we have to, like, hold on. there we go... we have to feel uncentered. we have to, like, teach her you know? but she's... I say, you know, a lot, but she's like, she's so loving you know?
Hi Megan! so you think you can cats too well? yeah... my solid. what? well, my cheese salad? yeah hi pnv! yes, I hope you're having a good day at work. hi turbo toots! yo guys, yo Salah baby, baby... so yeah she's baby. how are you? do you love Julia? so she's adopting very well. my female cat gets mad at my own Grandma cat and she'll pee in the litter box extra messy. like, I won't even squat...makes a mess, yeah.... cats have strange Behavior sometimes you know? but yeah, I don't know. like, she's she's very hyper sometimes because she's just a kitten right? so I have to make sure to play with her a lot with her feather toy and, like, I have to like daily scoop out toys under the couch because she always gets them lost in there.
[Note: it seems Salah is teaching her basic cat care like a child]
sometimes if I open a bottle of water, like the cap, I'll just throw it. like, hey here's another toy that's not under the couch right now because and she just loves it!
foreign first class falcon getting a hair transplant... where in Turkey? you've always wanted to try that henna? thank you... yeah. it's really cool. I'm glad I tried it out. maybe next time I get it, um, I'll just get the uh,... it's like having a tattoo. like, it's a really cool... like, it looks like a really cool tribal tattoo or something I don't know? when I was watching her do it and it didn't take long at all. she's just, like, you know....
the Kitty's in another room while I'm smoking. and howie do have.... we the other day... I thought he was stuck in his tunnel but he was like, just listening or something... I don't know... because he put a bunch of his corn kernels in the tunnel overnight and he was just sitting in the tunnel, like, this like, like, stiff, like, a mannequin. so I started freaking out. I was like Howie! Howie! so I took all the tunnel apart and I'm holding it like this and he's in it and I'm like trying to go like this and he finally woke up and went... I hear horror stories you people scare me or like he could get stuck in a tunneling so here I am thinking oh my God he's stuck in the tunnel but no he can still, he still has so much room! he can turn around but ~uh oh my gosh~. anyway, I freaked out. that's like, the most exciting thing going on right now. actually Julie is the sweetest Beezer.
she's sleeping.... yeah, [reading comments in live chat] "my daughter has four cats and they were so picky that they each needed their own litter box". yeah... like, when I had the other cats like. we had that big litter box upstairs and then we had another one downstairs and because I was thinking like bbj's old, like, what if she can't make it? like, she had accidents a lot. because, you know, like, mostly starting when she got older. other than that, she was like a good cat her whole life, you know? and Sam no problems. but they ended up just using one litter box, so you know...
my fiance as a kid that honestly don't like... he doesn't even cover his poop. honestl?y Julia doesn't really either. she just goes and leaves it but so I go and I, like, cover it and then I scoop it. it avoids mess on the scooper. but she she gets the worst Zoomies after she goes to the bathroom. I always know when she goes and it's like, "okay, time to go get the scoop the Box" because she, um, I guess I'm keeping everything ultra clean now. and especially, like, you know, we have a smaller... it's smaller than my old place. so it's like you know if you don't ...the smell will just permeate as well. so yeah... she like runs around freaks out
I hear her go like she's so I'm going to the bathroom. people don't put leashes on their dogs. I want to go out. you had a Nashi zombies? yeah? wait... now she's are available right now in Canada, I'm missing out! no, the only matches I find here are coleslaw in them. like, Burger King is the only nashie. like, the Zoomies, I had to explain like salah never had a pet before, right? so this is all new to him so I had to explain what this is... Zoomies were... so I'm looking up Tick Tock videos of Zoomies. Like, he's like, is something wrong with her? I'm like, no, this is normal. check it out and, like, some cats get like the really bad zoomies, you know? it just happened in Florida? young and mischievous, yeah young and full of energy so...
I find smoking shisha makes you um thirsty. yeah, I'm going live a little earlier today because it's like 10 30 here and we're kind of tired. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm a little sleepy. so I don't know how long I'll be on but I wanted to say "hey" because I missed you guys. like, if I don't feel like if I don't go live for a little while, I feel weird. like, oh my God! I missed you guys! you know?
[Note: Chantal has pretended her chats and followers are her second family when she makes them dispensable and has a high turnover. It's a false audience relationship in this regard.]
I can't believe they have the the Nashi in Florida! what the hell?! that's so weird.... it's quarter after 11 here already. that's crazy! as you can see I haven't been able to quit shisha and I don't think I did I didn't do uh\, I didn't do a good mukbang today. so, I'm not gonna put it out. it was kind of boring. I don't know.... maybe I will.... maybe I won't... we'll see.
sorry for always adjusting this....these chiffon ones I could never... I love how they look the most but I could never fix them properly. they never stay in place.. even if I like put them here under my chin see? can you get lavender to smoke, relax you? [reading comments] I don't know can you get lavender shisha... but I think it's only fruit flavors... but I'm not really sure. the water looks good. yeah, these are the water towers in Kuwait. yeah, I just drink a lot of water. like, this is the water bottle water we drink. we buy, like, our whole wall is like full of like water bottles. even if we have a filter, it's like the water in Kuwait in the summer, like, I wanted to have a coldish shower right? I put the water on the coldest setting it was hot. Like I couldn't even shower it was that hot. it was like, so hot I had to wait till evening time to have a shower because the water cools down in the evening. but in the daytime if you want to shower be prepared for the hottest water! it's so hot it was like it felt like 45 degrees today. so... but the AC and the new car is really nice.
Michelle.. and um, we, had like a slush today but I'm not sure about the lavender. Golden Girl, good question... um what did I have for dinner? actually I ate KFC because I was craving it and they have this new flavor of like chicken it's like Flamin Hot Lays and they have chicken tenders...and I had these twisters... and you know I tried to mukbang but I was just, like, in one of those moods where I'm like, what does it look like I'm wearing? shoulder pads? what the heck does it look like I'm wearing shoulder pad?....um, just like a really tired,hot.... not in a really talkative mood. kind of, like, I am now... so I'm like, I should probably do a live stream, you know? I don't know ....I, I really, just yeah.... I wasn't really in the mood. so I was just, like eating kind of quietly and I think most people um.... what was I gonna say? like, like, conversation with my videos, you know what I mean?
what month does it start getting the hottest? um, I don't know.... babe, what like month, like April... no the hottest actually probably like June? July? like it's gonna be like now but it's gonna get like I think even hotter.
[Note: Useless fact: The longest day of sunlight is on or around 20 June. It takes the earth 30 days to absorb and emit the heat so hottest days in many regions in the northern hemishperes is on or around 20 July]
so why he jumped his face like as big as FFG?!! LMAO! not even close! [Laughter] sorry... but it's true... this is, like, this is material all bunched up by the way but yeah I have a double chin.
July, August, September... um September too? oh great so we have... so here it's like reversed in Canada. the longest season is winter and here is summer [Note: Wait until Chantal learns about the equator]
thanks Golden Girl! thank you! remember this lip gloss... it's the...you guys remember when I went to buy this the Estee Lauder one? um will be 50 to 60. does it hit 60 like every summer? oh my God! I can't imagine... like, I have to go outside even for just a minute to experience what 60 degree weather is like... and we have to do like a test... like, I want to do that fried egg test. we have to put an egg on the pavement and see if it fries... but you know I can go peek my head out come right back in the building because the building is well air conditioned...like even downstairs in the lobby.
I don't know where people get this idea that we don't we don't have AC. it's not like...it's not a third world country um...there's AC everywhere and actually there's, like, um, I don't know like people put charity water tanks all over the town, like, different parts of each City. so, so, like, you can have clean drinking water and then there's like tunnels with like AC so people can have a break and walk through the tunnels instead of being outside. so there's, like, a lot of Refuge... is it respite Refuge? I don't know what word I'm looking for.... there's a lot of.... like, you get a break from the Sun.... if you even just going into malls, like, all the malls are very well air conditioned. um, so I would not be able to, yeah that's hot... I would not be able to survive here without AC. even Salah you will test it and we'll be grilled.
I remember one morning where one morning we woke up and he opens the curtain... actually, we do this every morning, like mashallah, I have to say it...we, we open the windows and we see the the beautiful ocean view.. and I'm like, one time I was like okay.. let's go out and he was like if you go out at this time you will be Chicken on coal! so, we have to wait until a certain time like after 4 or 4 30. I'll melt like cheese.
I wonder if I put cheese out if it will melt... hi Anastasia! sunblock will be useful...yeah, I need to get some, babe, true. creepy comfort and crime, [reading live chat] oh I just seen you... I just saw you ready...welcome, welcome to the very important users! thanks for becoming a Beezer!
yeah and I don't think that I'll be experiencing a winter, you know? not an all gun wood for like the next long while so I don't know when I'll go back to Canada for a visit.... but if I do go back, I'll be like a tourist right? because I don't have a place there anymore so, well it'll be weird be like a a Canada tourist.
[Note: Chantal doesn't understand her own citizenship status with Canada because she doesn't have a physical mailing address or residence. However, she is still a Canadian citizen].
cheese melted 'michelted'... you want to watch a horror movie, babe? I don't know... I might fall asleep but that's okay... what's a good horror movie from like the 2000s that we have? I don't know...
we tried finding "the ring" [horror movie] but we couldn't. why don't we last watch? oh, escape room one and two? those are good movies there's Escape rooms here but they're expensive I tried it several times to fry an egg here in Kuwait and it was successful. really?! no way?! you just leave the egg thereafter and like animals will eat? [reading live chat comments] a day when I lived in Vegas when I was in high school, I fried an egg in the street... no way! it gets hot like that? and it's just, like, are there some states where it gets super hot like Texas... say in Vegas.... I guess Death Valley is one of the hottest place... is quite hotter than Death Valley.. I'm happy to not see you in winter in Canada again.
yeah ...that's true... you leave a for the winter that's smart... that's what, yeah, my, I have family members who do that. Anna, hi dream! Insidious is good.. he watched... I don't think he liked Insidious. I don't know why... he likes more gross movies we watched a really gross zombie movie called "yummy"... oh my God... but it was pretty good movie, I guess. but just like one of those movies I'd only watch Once... don't ask me about security emoji. I can't believe the last horror movie watch was The Exorcist and it's like in the 70s that's so long ago...
[reading live chat again] it gets really hot in Vegas... really? like over a hundred? The Descent, oh, is that about a monster? I'm Chucky hi I'm Chucky you want to play no Chucky I want to burn you in fire and lava seriously I would drive and throw him in a volcano and then you go home and he's on your bed I'll burp I'm waiting to murder you God The Descent I think I watched it a long time ago you know what's really creepy? okay, the catacombs, like stories about the catacombs freak me out... like, all those tunnels under Paris? imagine getting lost in there! you'd be dead...you slept with your parents? I used to get scared and sleep with my mom too... she was like come on now there's nothing! you know, your parents get annoyed? no wonder... they probably want to break from us. I don't blame them. it's about the group of girls in a cave... ah but there's like a monster right? I think should I tell the Tank Engine ~oh my God~ that is my favorite picture! can you send it to me by emails? like, and [laugh] oh my God ~ actually the Crypt ~oh babe look at the picture [Music]
oh my God! that made my day! my potato face, choo choo, that, you know, what Thomas the Tank Engine used to be my one of my favorite shows as a kid... and Babar, potatoes ~ oh my God you're living like 15! oh I live in central California and it can get to 112. you that's hot! we will watch Descent movie... okay that I think that's I saw, that movie oh
Cassie oh my God! I need to quit smoking... I can't even [laugh] no oh my God that's so funny! all righ,t that's a perfect picture. I love that! I don't know if that was meant to be hate, but it made me laugh. so like my magnet, I found one of my abayas that's been missing. it was in the suitcase. we haven't unboxed yet. I keep forgetting ...do you unpack this one suitcase finally? did it you know... the hardest part of um putting together your home is organizing. I like finding, like, nice containers and all this stuff. I got um these nice little baskets, little baskets to put under the TV so we can put all our stuff in there you know? like watches and stuff like tha...t Chargers and especially we have to cat proof the home so, like, every, lik,e even this.
I'm not gonna put it take it off and I'm not gonna put it somewhere because the cat will lose it... remember I used to have that problem with the bees or Cuts I had with um with Sam and BBJ with my earrings? I would always only have one... yeah hi Cassie! did you uh forget your biscuit again? yeah ,thank God my family's okay now... but uh you know I'm kind of worried... like, I don't know the fires are getting bad eh?
pretty sure what New York looked like yesterday from the smoke... no, I have to look at all this up. I guess I've just been really self-absorbed. I haven't really been paying attention, but yeah are there wildfires like every year in California or like, the Wildfire is just like, remember how bad they were in Australia a couple years ago... a few years ago? I had a lot of beezers and viewers then in Australia. I was worried... about there's a lot of school and outside activities canceled? oh wow! that's bad! I'm sure the kids love that! hi blacks,hey long time no see! I missed you guy,s you know ?I used to pray for some kind of natural disaster when I was in school years... anything to get out of going, you know, like, are you sure the buses are not canceled today? you're still going I'm getting great, like, one before my mom had a car I'm getting Grandpa to drive you ...no I don't want to go to school [Laughter]
I used to pray for any illness... I know it's bad, but any cold any flu you... now I even remember like being in class with some kid who would be sneezing and you could tell they're getting sick and I'd be, like, you know, they'd be, like, okay, pick a partner for your for your uh project? okay, I want to go with the sick kid so I can catch his flu so I don't I can miss school. uh anything I hated, I hated going... I hated getting up in the morning since I was born. I was even late coming out of the womb, like, my mom had to have a C-section. I didn't want to come out... I was late... I was supposed to come out... mine was I supposed to be born I think the 26th... Kelly's pretty bad but it's been cool, like a cucumber...really how much snow? oh, it has to be like 30 centimeters or more for them to cancel school well it has to be a lot.
[Music] oh the flyers in Nova Scotia
[Laughter] the other options of school was wishing for a disaster... yeah, I was like please give me the flu! everyone's getting the flu but me, I swear it must have been the Papaya juice my mom used to give me in my lunches. I hated Papaya juice. I don't think I ever told her and just suffered in silence... a lot of vitamin C... give me the Capri Sun! it's very smoky where I am in Northern Ontario jeez lemon mint, cough, hey where were you I've already been... I've already been.
coughing what the [ __ ] I swear... I ate it going to school like, honestly, whenever, like, my mom would check and I had a fever, I was like "yes" because like when you're young, you think you're Immortal... you don't care if you have a cold, you know what I mean? you don't care if you have a fever... you're like, whatever, I can survive this now. well now I worry a bit... you know? I was born at uh yeah warmly I have a dark sense of humor .I was born at 4 30 in the morning. I blame that! I'm being a night owl, yeah... I was born just after midnight explains a lot. Julia's so cute! how is she? I know everyone is going through it but I'm going through it. you only... oh we're always setting you positive energy blocks... hope you're okay, what's up? you can share with us
um Julia is amazing she's just a Beezer she's a bit of a Beezer and uh but she's so cute and she's so cuddly. like, he's probably the the cuddly she's even more cuddly than BBJ if that's possible. early morning babies are babies born between 4 AM and 8 AM grow up to be persistent. they are generally intelligent and always prepared for different situations. they might face... wow do you know what time you were born babe? that I'm not in that category at all... so I was born what who has a dark web passport what the heck I'm so out of the loop
oh what did Golden say? oh Southern Ontario it is really widespread? yeah, that's what I heard but I didn't know how bad... oh my gosh! it's your husband's birthday? happy birthday zero support! that can be tough.. we're here for you... honestly, like, I like ,to beeze and like why not? we're all humans we all go through hard things. even though we're on the internet doesn't mean that we can't share and you know, be here for each other. you don't even have to explain what's going on all you need to say is you have you're having a hard time you know? to be born during business hours you're, like, I'm not being born during business hour,s mom you got to make those bucks! oh okay, since you've had a date, uh are you like the type that doesn't, you know ,what? getting a babysitter is not that easy... I know, I remember my mom trying to get a babysitter sometimes for me. it was hardened the babysitters I was left with. sometimes remember I told you my story times about one babysitter Beth. ew. yeah
I had some bad babysitters I always tattled on them and never had to see them again. though, so that was good, but yeah it's not as easy you know, it's not as easy as that what people are displaced oh my God. well Canada is really big... there's a lot of places to go but not if the fire's spreading that far. that's crazy !I really hope that everything people stay safe and everything goes well "we have two kids and one special needs so hard I just need a flip a couple of hours sometimes I just don't get that I love my girls but I hope no one takes that out" [reading live chat again]. yeah hey that's totally understandable.. it's very overwhelming... you know, you do your best but he got burnt out. like, caregiver burnout is a real thing... and actually when I worked in healthcare, we used to have a lot of people who would go into homes just to help with respite for people who were burnt out, you know? so at least you recognize that maybe there's some kind of like organization like that you know......Tracy, 18 months? oh my gosh! hi Tracy! I'm glad to see all you beezers here these stats are not accurate but we have to say it yeah, yeah, babe...you set her hair on fire oh my gosh that's Criminal! did you go on a group home after that?
I'm so protective too so that doesn't help uh you just don't let anyone go in yeah I understand. that, you know, you're leaving like loved ones in the care of strangers so it's hard.
hello Tracy! oh that's sweet babe! Maya lobby with your side and bless you sweets. parenting is hard yeah, like you know, I couldn't even imagine! I'm having a you know, like, being a pet mom is challenging. sometimes, honestl,y I couldn't imagine because some universities provide daycare at affordable rates.. that's true... my University had a daycare... excuse me, um I'm glad I never had to visit you know? something about daycare is creep me out... I remember being in daycare, like, I remember the smell of like old microwave dinners the cots... the cots that we had to take naps on. I had to go to a daycare after school and they made us have a nap every, every, every class. I went to as a young kid. there's always a kid who pukes. I don't know why, but there's always a pukey kid. sometimes I was a puke kid on the bus and then they always made us play with this like water and cornstarch mixture daycare. oh I'm glad I'm an adult as much, as... as much as life could be crap when you're an adult I don't miss being a child.
hi Katie Katie! she lost a few strands thank you guys, to see each event! hey, you're in the right place the hen is not itchy like thank goodness. you know, because I did look it up and apparently people have more issues with the block. which I didn't know... but they made me sign a waiver and I was wondering why. but now I know allergies... but oh thank goodness. yeah "I love being a mom but it can sure be hard not having any yeah not having any support" is definitely tough for sure, thanks Fox! yeah permanent is harder for sure... you'll have to replay later yeah I've been on for about 47 minutes.
what's Loch key, hey Chloe ,Tabor! am I saying that right? welcome, welcome! We're Gonna Save beeze hello! oh yeah Ali's a new Beezer. I missed the economy when I was a child. now I'm working everything... ye,s you're right. the economy was and it seemed people back then like in the 80s you know, um, from the I was born in the 80s... so old oh my gosh, everything was different, you're right. like, people had, like, you know? were able to sustain a life with jobs. you know, like, I don't know the quality of things just seemed better. I don't know how to explain it... like, even I don't know... maybe I'm not remembering that right. whenever you're a kid everything is just like the world is like mysterious. now when you start learning everything about it... it's like, you know,... well before I became like, religious, there was a huge period of time where everything just felt hopeless and meaningless... and I was like atheist for a point and I was like what the heck is the point of this, you know?
it's so mundane and tedious and you know... and now it's not like that wine and grapes come.. company yeah bringing up children because you're always having to dedicate all of your time to them. like, you're responsible for the bringing up of a whole human! like, that just terrifies me... like, even having a cat... hi witchy! hi beaters! sommelier! that's what it's called... nice that's interesting but if you can, you're strong you seem very strong .blacks so, if anyone can do it, it's you. I don't believe God gives us anything more than we can handle and honestly? even though it tests our limits, like, I don't know if people just think everything is just going to be sunshine and rainbows all the time. like, life is how can we be tested as people, if we don't go through hard things, you know, so it's just I see things in a very different perspective than I did even just last year, you know? and just getting rid of that hopeless feelings um helps me deal with depression in a lot of ways... there's a lot of ways I try to deal with my depression. um instead of ignoring it, uh, there's still a lot of things and tools I could use... but I find that my faith medication and just proper self-learning techniques of how to deal with anxieties and things, you know ,more emotional intelligence... that I'm really trying those things have been really, really, really hard to learn.
oh my gosh! yeah, I heard they're insane on me. that's what we've been saying! just bought Resident Evil 4, Jack ...nice have you been playing? have you started playing? I didn't know you were a gamer... no, I don't go to therapy here. therapy is ridiculously expensive here ridiculous like I think well from what a research I did it's like very very expensive like very but not just that um it's I guess I just cope with like learning like watching a lot of videos... reading a lot about emotional intelligence, coping techniques. like, this social media can be very useful for educational things. like, that um also I you know pray a lot and turn to my faith read the Quran and just, I don't know ...I feel like I've matured a little bit in that way, you know? an online therapist? that's like, yeah, I keep forgetting about that... move a TV? oh my gosh it must be strong! I think one therapist I checked was like 500 K.D that's like two thousand dollars, unless I got that wrong. maybe it was 500... I don't know... definitely give that to the when I when it piles on. just gets a lot it... does health issues it just piles on? yeah it seems insufferable. so like, uh, insurmountable sometimes content over meditation how you cope with negativity that's a good idea, thanks, Jack. thanks guys for noticing... he used to be a gamer what's your favorite all time? I don't know if I'm... in a minute... I'm gonna check it out again, actually and see. because I was a while ago. I checked... I don't even know if I have it right. but I remember being expensive a lot more than Canada.
Korean Pizza what's on that? I have an online there like uh Korean Fried Chicken. I have an online therapist and it's been good not sure how much it would be in Kuwait. though yeah I'd have to check the Korean. I've heard of sushi Pizza, that sounds gross to me. has anyone have sushi Pizza? reading the Bible, yeah whatever.... reading whatever religious text that you follow can be very calming, yeah... even just like when you're praying... it's like calming. Resident Evil 2 right here... another Resident Evil fan! Salah your favorite is Resident Evil 4 right? because you love Ashley so much. Sushi burritos, whoa, "you can't take care of others with an empty cup" that's true, yeah... that's why they say you have to take care of yourself first, but I mean how realistic is that? it's so hard to do ,you know, to find time for yourself when it's just constantly like, you know....
I can't even compare but even with a kitten like I forget how much work they are because I was so used to having adult cats, you know? for a long time but I remember, even BBJ was a Beezer. Sam was a Beezer, you know ,and you have to cat proof your house. you have to keep an eye on them when they're awake, and sometimes when she's sleeping, I'm like oh finally! you know? like, she's not busying because like I have to like get up so many times to like make sure she doesn't get to the through. Like I have to hide every wire.. every everything, everything in the house. but she's worth it... actually gross, okay Golden Girl, no problem. short rib pizza? oh my gosh! that sounds so good! yum! yeah happy birthday to him... I'm so proud of you having a higher power and seeing purpose. do you drink ever at all or no drinking? a Mormon? oh really Chloe oh you were Mormon? um no I don't drink anymore... um any kind of um mind-altering substance you know is is like forbidden it in Islam. but um CBD is... is okay though because it's not like mind-altering. but drinking is definitely... drinking is like illegal here. you won't find... you won't find out any legal alcohol here. I don't know about illegal... I don't know anything about that... but you won't find any legal alcohol here. you know,
oh my God ,what did you do all day? well it depends on the day lemon mint. I mean, like, a regular domestic day? is that what you mean? because it just depends you know, like, I... I'm planning on doing some day in the life of videos. Maybe. you know but you know, it just depends. depends on the day. um regular domestic stuff most days you know taking care of the pet the pets keep me busy um you know cleaning just stuff. like, that doing videos talking to family. we go out sometimes, go run errands. go get coffee. go get dinner. whatever. go to the movies ,stuff like that. how's the beezing kitties? she's so mischievous I do give her already some kind of chicken Pate she loves it... hi baby...alcohols... yeah, I believe that too. more dangerous than media need a Beezer membership buddy. yeah, I really haven't can't believe I haven't come up with merch yet.
hey babe, hi baby... what's up for you, baby? oh did she give me a creepy chocolate. hi, I miss you... you're so handsome. I love math thank you, honey. I think it looks cool. what kind of mask is this guys? is this the Anarchy mask? I like your hair guys.. don't tell her it's Secret [Laughter] it's that V for Vendetta mask isn't it? you ever see that movie V for Vendetta? no, foreign Edition? ah, yeah, I think it is vendetta. The Purge has started. chocolate creepy chocolates, thanks babe. I didn't know we had any more of these. I thought we ~I~ ate them all. I'm kidding! are you alone there without me? yes, I'll come soon. software on it, love you, love you most, love you mostly look pretty. Tracy we were actually... we were out shopping and he's like what do you think of this mask? it was like a store with all masks in it. this is a milk. have you ever had these? they're good. I'm gonna try.. I'm not really hungry. I had too much to eat but hmm I put your tea and sasqually... my God she's a pig... foreign I go through like two of these a day! it's not diabetes I should do a review of Quake snacks, yeah. because they do have a lot of different ones. like, you've seen some of them in my grocery hauls you know the pop pops? they have a lot of like a lot of things... a lot of things are flavored with zatar you guys know what that is? around oh.
[Laughter] Julius here hi!
hi baby, oh, oh she doesn't want to be held right now. hi, honey... she looks like church... hi baby... let me holder better.. okay. honey it's okay. it's okay. it's okay.... she might be scared of your man... she's purring. oh really? oh baby girl
hi sweetie oh you're a sweet girl here oh poor girl okay yeah yellow.. say bye. say bye! yeah I sing to her. you kno,w the song, um the queen hi! to me vintage SO thanks Chloe! my shisha's done anyways. so you want a Calico? she looks like church from um pet cemetery. her eyes the same color. she's so she's so cute anyway.s um oh yeah so you want a fat ginger cat and call him Garfield? zatar is like a seasoning made out of like Thyme and like I think sesame seeds. I don't know, lik,e exactly what's in it... but it's mostly made of thyme so it's really tasty. actually I want to go cuddle Julia now. she's... but she eats a lot. she eats a lot mashallah. she eats a lot she has a good appetite on her. she's so small. I think kittens eat more right? because they're growing but we feed her wet and dry and I give her some cremo treats. those creamy treats, she really loves those. so yeah that's Julia next time I'll show you Halloween Howie try sumac yeah, I have tried sumac before. like, in babba ganoush and stuff. it's like sour a bit. eh or something.. I don't know... I know what I know what it tastes like... I need to whiten my teeth or just wear red lipstick. look what you have here Harry he's here on this side is here on this side. hi Emily! let me grab him for the cage
[Music] hi Emmy here he is oh you big boy Hey Big Boy
[Music] oh Howie don't fall out there's a cat now! I'm kidding! hi everyone! rattler I love you so much, you big fat boy! damn son, he's cute. say "bye, hello, bye-bye yellow" back to your home. he doesn't want to get off my hand yeah it looks like a final grumpy Haggard rat freak and oil thanks, babe. vitamin C, really? I didn't know that, she's cut...e you don't want to come off my hand because he doesn't want to go back in the cage. is that a rat? I'm gonna tease him now. are you a rat are you a mouse are you a hamster? I always say that to him he's a hamster. but he looks like a mouse. I don't know he's a freak of nature. I don't know what to say but yeah he's um he's so cute. I love him he's my big boy, Howie! I let him run around and he was Beason... he got he kind of got stuck under the door but no not actually stuck but he was trying to get out. he's a ratster. oh my God, yes... are you a register? he looks like a hamster to me, yeah. he's like a big chubby hamster and he likes to just like, we this is the second wheel we get him. so we got him a wheel and we moved all the hang out of the way and it's turning fine. you know, the guy at the store was even like, this moves really well. so we put the new wheel inside and remember, whenever we got first got him, he was in that little cage? he was playing on that little wheel but this feels way bigger instead. of he doesn't like that it moves. he doesn't like that it moves so he went out of his way to move the hay, all the hay I took the trouble of moving out for him he put it all back to so that the wheel would be stationary because he likes to sit in the wheel and clean his bum, so he likes to have a clean bum cleaning station and it has to be stationary. he's got his own little like hamster rap personality. he likes to go to the bathroom in one corner. um he chooses wood. he loves his corn. any I have a medley a hamster food medley with like all different nuts and seeds but he only eats certain things. and I could tell when he's had it like I have to replenish his food because only these little grain. he doesn't .I think there's like quinoa... I'm not sure. there's like these tiny little circle pellets he doesn't like them. so he leaves them. he only eats the the certain things inside the medley. he's so picky and weird. I don't know he's a weirdo. That's What I Love About Pets. they all have their own like different little personality. you know personalities? chinchillas they're so cute... yeah they had some at the pet store. I couldn't believe some of the animals they had there! like they had meerkats. they had tucans, like, some people have pet tucans. they're very demanding like, like, having having an exotic pet like that?
anyways guys I think I'm gonna go because it's like late here and I want to go to bed and you know, relax. getting some coffee PJs? oh excuse me... Birds scare the crap out of you, really? I love birds. you have weasels? get out of here! like, the weasels from um Roger rabbits? does Harry still get to run? yeah like he's most of the time in this room, I only came in here to smoke but I don't have my shisha... finish I think it's finished um other than that every day like twice a day. first I come in replenish his, like, spot clean, give him some fruits and vegetables. replenish his Kibbles. then I take him out. he always comes out of his little hay hen and goes like he knows I'm in here. and then I let him run around. and there's like still Parcels in here from moving and stuff. he likes to climb them like they're Mount Everest for him. he's weird. I don't know who he climbs but he likes to run around and then I put him back in attend to Julia. then I come back at night and let him play a bit, you know? but I have to stay in here like I don't.. I could let him stay but I don't know I prefer to just ever since he tried to get up the bottom of the door. I watch him now that I'm in here. he can't be unsupervised he's not trusted. he lost my treasury, so I just set up the gaming station and just watch videos or whatever preferable. if Julia's asleep because she gets very Territorial and like, jealous if I'm in here with the door closed. so kind of thing, anyway... it was nice chatting with you guys um thanks for watching me play with my hijab for an hour uh yeah so what was I gonna say.
I guess that's it, I'm tired. so um thanks for beezing and I hope all of you guys days get better and easier and we'll chat next time. I guess, yeah, um maybe next stream I'll try to think of something fun to do. I like just coming on here and just chatting though really I don't know I like just talking and socializing it's like a form of socialization for me I guess but yeah my beezers so guys thanks for a reason without a reason that's what I'll call it be then without a reason um and I'll see you in my next video or my next live stream so toodaloop, bye guys.
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2023.06.10 21:11 Cellar_Door_789 Isolated and trapped living in my parent’s house.

TW: s ideation
People can change. So when my older brother showed up at my place five years ago seemingly ready to listen to me and hear my side for the first time I was open to him. And for the last five years I grew close to him. Eventually he became the number one person I relied on.
A year and a half ago I had a health crisis, and in my delusional state thought I could forgive my parents. I was released into their care. I’m disabled, live at their place and depend on them. For the most part they are on good behavior (I think they worry about me finding away to leave and go NC again.)
During the time post hospitalization I’ve lost regular contact with my friends and am now across the world from where I use to live and can’t see them in person.
Any extended family I have will tell my parents what I said to them, so I can’t rely on them.
I thought “at least I have my brother.” But a few months ago he started treating me the exact way he did before. Not only am I actively being hurt by him, but now I’ve lost the one person I thought I had in the world.
I’m struggling so bad I’ve been plotting to end my life. I’ve tried reaching out to crisis help hotlines, but they haven’t helped. And due many family events I had to attend this month, I haven’t seen my therapist for a month.
In a week I will be going on a family vacation where my parents, siblings, their partners and I will all coup up in a hotel penthouse. It will be close quarters, and I’ve considered backing out going, but I’m loosing my mind being stuck in my parents house all the time. I can’t drive, there is no public transport here and I have no one to socialize with. If I don’t give myself this chance to go away and go to the beach, I think I will kill myself while alone in their house, so I have to go.
But I’m so distressed that my older brother will pick a fight with me, and my whole family will turn on me like they use too.
I know I can’t completely trust the rest of my family, so I keep them at a safe distance emotionally. For this vaccination I was planning to play games with them, go in the hot tub/beach and talk but guard what I share with them. I was excited about it. I don’t want to give up on it. My plan is, and it’s worked on my mother so far as well, is to act like nothing is wrong, like I am ok with him. To pretend. And if he offends me to not react. I’ll have my own room, I can “take naps” but really give myself space if I need. I’m just worried despite my best efforts, that I will react and trigger a scene. I need someway to work on not reacting.
My life feels so broken. I sleep every night in the very room I was traumatized in growing up. I depend on care by the people who caused me to be so ill. I’m not well enough to get out on my own again. It’s all so twisted.
I’m working everyday on my recovery, but my progress is so dam slow. And to be honest, during the time I was NC I struggled, I was ill, poor and almost homeless. My parents take care of me financially and will continue. It’s in my best interest to stay in contact, because of my health I can’t make it on my own. I don’t know what my future looks like, maybe I will end my life, but otherwise I hope to eventually better my situation. For now, I’m desperate for some feedback.
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2023.06.10 20:58 Flashfall Sharing some thoughts before the sub goes dark

Since this sub and some 4000+ others are going dark in 2 days in protest of probably this site's stupidest decision ever, I figure this is probably the last time I'll get to share my pointless thoughts on this game here, so may as well. It doesn't really matter anymore if it's full of awful takes and people just downvote and insult me in the comments, it's been a grand time and I'll miss seeing posts and having discussions over this dEaD gAmE.


Base/Map Design




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2023.06.10 20:44 Fellow-Worker Change my mind: Mark Robinson is not as popular as everyone thinks he is

Everyone seems to think that the GOP loves Mark Robinson and that the Stein/Robinson race will be close because of this. This shows a lack of basic analysis around poll results in the state, including Robinson's own team, who are promoting a devastating poll (discussed below) as a win.
I'm referencing two polls here:
The Differentiators poll found only "54.8% of respondents had a favorable opinion of Robinson...8.4% view him unfavorably. The poll found 15.6% had no opinion one way or the other, and 21.2% had never heard of him." 21% had never heard of him! That seems like an awful percentage for someone whose bigotry has earned national headlines. You could compare Robinson's pitiful favorability rating with, say, favorability among likely California Republican voters, who give both DeSantis and Trump favorability ratings in the 70s.
The Opinion Diagnostics poll used a subsample of 408 likely Republican primary voters and asked who they'd vote for in a three way race with former Congressman Mark Walker and state Treasurer Dale Folwell. Though Walker and Falwell only got 11% together, most Republicans (56%) are undecided or voting for someone besides Robinson. If Robinson was as popular as people think, he'd have way more GOP voters locked down.
In both polls, there is a large percentage of likely Republican voters who either had no opinion on him (yeah right) or are undecided about the primary.
Mark Robinson is such a chump that even likely Republican voters in the state realize it. Change my view.
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2023.06.10 20:37 notimportant8574 should i break NC for this? is it ruder to do it without giving a heads up?

i have a large box of my ex’s stuff that has been sitting in my apartment for the 3+ months we've been broken up now. I want it out of here because as long as I have it, it feels like there's a possibility of us talking/meeting but it's definitely never happening.
we've been NC for like 6 weeks now but tbh it's been more like 3 months with extremely brief check ins that i would barely count as contact. here's a timeline: - 3+ months ago: she leaves me (dated 4 years) - 3 months ago: we text abt meeting up to talk/exchange belongings. she says yes she wants to talk and she’ll lmk when she's available but never does. - 2 months ago: i send a message to ask if she still wants to meet up - 7 weeks ago: she replies, “im not ready, unless there's something pressing it shouldnt happen soon” (gist)
tbh I'm pretty sure she's never going to reach out to me ever again and we definitely will never meet or talk ever again. it's not like an emergency but I want this shit out of my house! I'm tired of knowing it's here and I feel like it's the last thing keeping me from really moving on. i don't want to bug her by breaking NC for something this small but I also don't want to look like a weird dickhead for just dropping it off without saying anything.
I was thinking of sending this text at some point in the next few weeks: “hey, hope you're doing well. i have a box of your things at my apartment and i wanted to check with you about returning them. i can either drop it off at your door on my way to work or give it to (mutual friend), whichever is preferable for you. no rush or need to respond, if i don't hear from you within the next 2 weeks (which i understand, no hard feelings) i’ll go ahead and drop it off. i wanted to give you an opportunity to decide how you'd prefer to handle it. thanks.”
can't decide if this is appropriate or I should just drop it off, or if it's really better for me to just keep the box in my closet and hope I forget it's there until she maybe one day possibly asks for it back or sends a friend for it.
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2023.06.10 20:11 The_Real_Katakuri [Chatper 1086] Rested Review: Looking back

Ch. 1086 p1_2
The chapter starts with this color spread. Very colorful, very very clean. It's very readable. Every element, including water on the characters is easily understandable, the ground is beautiful and the puddles are even more beautiful. That's the good part.
I have three problems with the cover, though:
  1. Mugiwara pirates again and again and again. We've had some similar color spreads in the past and it gets to a point where they feel repeated, even if they aren't. I'm convinced most readers would prefer more different characters making it to the color covers.
  2. Franky's hairstyle. Because Franky wasn't horrible enough in last chapter's cover, Oda needed to find a new and even more silly hairstyle for Franky. I wonder if he's ever going to swallow his pride and go back to draw Franky either with his original hairstyle or the shaved style with which he came back after the time skip. Every single other hairstyle has been ridiculous and has only served to ridicule Franky.
  3. The perspective is completely messed up. The flowers in the top right part of the cover show peprfectly where the vanishing point is (in the middle of the image very close to the top). The vanishing point is the point where the camera is "looking" to, even if Oda likes to put it outside the image sometimes for artistic reasons. The thing is, every character on the ground (not Luffy), and most notably Nami, is drawn with very short legs as though Oda was trying to do a very high angle shot. And that doesn't make any sense accounting for the perspective of the background, but also because he's really only shortened their legs and not the rest of their body and it's very very weird. Look at Nami's legs and the umbrella. The umbrella isn't distorted but the legs are. That defeats the purpose of distorting the legs and it simply feels like she's a dwarf now.
In any case, the work on the reflections of every character in the puddles are awesome.
Ch. 1086 p3
Last chapter ended with Wapol escaping from Pangaea castle with Vivi (and Kinderella?), and this one begins and they have already successfully left Mariejoise. Igaram, Pell and Chaka are searching for king Cobra and Vivi.
It isn't clear at all when is this happening:
I find it very strange, regardless of time, that Igaram, Pell & Chaka haven't been dealt with by the nobles. It's not like they're hiding precisely. The way I see it, there are only 2 ways to proceed with them:
  1. Tell them "the king is here, please come" and kill them.
  2. Tell them about Cobra's death and frame Sabo as soon as possible in ortder to avoid suspicion.
If they aren't killed, and the nobles are not answering to their questions about the king either, anyone would connect the dots and imagine Cobra was murdered by the nobles.
Also, it's good that Igaram cares for Vivi, but what about caring a chapter or two earlier? What was more important for Igaram than protecting Vivi? What was he actually doing??
In fact, why was Vivi waiting for a Gondola to leave the Red Line when his father was just getting to a meeting with the Gorōsei??
Ch. 1086 p4
Wapol and Vivi are hiding in the Aegis' kingdom ship and arrange a way to go with Morgans. Good. That takes partial care of explaining how they ended up with Morgans. But the real question is how did left the Red Line? Did really no one go looking for them? It's ridiculous.
First the Revolutionaries show how anyone can infiltrate at Mariejoise and now multiple people show how anyone can escape as well. The humiliation is scandalous.
Wapol doesn't want to tell Vivi about Imu or his dead father because he's sure CP0 are trying to kill him. That doesn't make sense. If you're sure they're going to kill you you don't act in your future assassin's favor. If anything, trying to get as much attention as possible from the world is the way to go. It might fail, but there's a chance the attention could make Imu want to discredit Wapol rather than kill him and fuel the conspiracy theorists.
Ch. 1086 p5
With the recent announcement about Oda having eye surgery and him saying he couldn't see properly, it would be reasonable to consider how that could have affected his ability to draw.
Let me tell you the truth about two things:
  1. People with astigmatism don't become functionally blind until they have surgery correct their vision. They wear glasses and that's the end of it. Surgery will make Oda not need glasses, but that's all. The astigmatism wasn't preventing him from drawing at all.
  2. Look at the cover again. Oda can draw really well when he wants. Look now at this page. It's difficult to know whether it's king Stelly in the first panel or not because he's as much of a scribble as Sabo's picture, that might be a legit scribble.
Spandam, Gismonda ans some other agents are lookinig for Vivi and Sabo, but not the former CP9 members, who had Vivi in their custody and lost her. Also, where's Rob Lucci and what's he doing? Is he completely ignoring his duty as well?
Ch. 956 p9
So... Stelly was staring so hard at Vivi's poster that he didn't see Sabo's poster and couldn't listen to anything regarding the terrorist attack lead by his brother despite the whole Mariejoise was being searched for him. Interesting.
Ch. 1086 p6
The gorōsei pick up the ringing den den mushi. This is the only relevant thing happening in this whole page.
The narrator puts emphasis on Cobra's death and Vivi's disappearance but not on the clash between the Revolutionaries and the admirals. Why is that? It's to bolster the retcon'd timeline.
Ch. 925 p9 & 10_11
Remember that back in chapter 925, the highlight about the Reverie was the clash between the Revolutionary Army and the admirals. And it was said to happen during the 4th day of the Reverie. However, in this and the immediately previous chapters, events are happening during the 7th day (the last).
Another detail is that then the silhouettes indicated that the news included Sabo fighting the admirals, but during this recent flashback, Sabo didn't even met them.
Ch.. 956 p4
Then, in ch. 956 Garp explains that the incident with Cobra happens after the Reverie ended. That clearly separates the operation of the Revolutionary army (4th day) and Cobra's death (+7th day).
At the same time, Garp says that happened after they left, and that it was reported to him even later. And asks Neptune and his family not to fear humans because of it.
This and Shirahoshi's reaction make sense only if they had no better reasons to fear humans, like Shirahoshi being assaulted a second time by Charloss, and if Shirahoshi bid farewell to Vivi while everything was fine and now she's surprised to hear that.
But that's not what the recent flashback tells us.
Ch. 1086 p7
Contrary to last page, this one has mane things to consider.
Imu wants to "test" the "Mother Flame", a Vegapunk's invention, and the Saturn says they haven't had the chance to try it yet. Another gorōsei suggests a forest for the test but Imu wants "Lulucia" kingdom. The gorōsei show concern for the choice but at no point they question it.
We will see in the next page that they're talking about the weapon that destroyed Lulucia kingdom. And the first thing that calls for my attention is that the gorōsei look like complete amateurs here.
They've had a mass destruction weapon for "some" time, but haven't tested it yet. Can you imagine how many things could go wrong when trying new technology for the very first time? But don't be fooled, Imu doesn't want to "test" it. She wants to use it.
The gorōsei have been waiting with such a weapon in their power without testing it because...?? It's obvious that there must be a lot of places in the world were Imu, the gorōsei and the World Government in general should be perfectly fine with testing the Mother Flame, from certain uninhabited areas of the Red Line, to unaffiliated countries and from the top of my head, if anything else, Punk Hazard comes to mind. A government island they think is closed off because Akainu and Aokiji made it useless. It's the perfect place to test these kind of things. But they think they've had "no chance to try it yet". Sure.
In an attempt to defend Vegapunk from the undeniable increasing evidence of his evilness, I read some say the weapon is not "he Mother Flame" but "Uranus" and that the Mother Flame is only a power source.
That makes even less sense. First, because Imu clearly instructs to use the Mother Flame and not Uranus. And second because there's no way they can actually think they haven't had the chance to try a power source
Ch. 1086 p8_9
Imu answers about the reason to choose Lulucia and the five gorōsei are formally introduced. And three things stand out to me:
  1. They're named after planets of the solar system (other than the ones already used lol) and at the same time, they're not. There's Saturn and Mars, but there's also Ju Peter and V. Nasjūrō, who read like Jupiter and Venus + japanese traditional name ending. And lastly there's Valcury, who by elimination and obvious similarity should reference Mercury, but this one is clearly different. And I wonder if this is Oda wanting to name the gorōsei after planets and at the same time being obsessed with being unpredictable.
  2. With this names two middle names are introduced: "Ju" and "V.". So far, only "D." has been a thing. It was odd enough if you think about it, but the fact that now two more exist and that they do so in order to not write the name exactly like the planet feels quite odd to me as well.
  3. What is this "warrior god" thing? What does that even mean for them? I mean, I understand what "warrior god" means, but what's an "agriculture warrior god" or a "finance warrior god"??
Has Jupiter ever waged war in the name of agriculture or something like that? I get it, it's something meant to assign specific roles to each of them despite they have acted like a council for 1086 chapters, but wouldn't it make more sense to be "finance god" and "justice god" instead without the "warrior" part?
Also, do they really have any authority over their "department"? Last page showed they are nothing but the butlers of Imu. It's difficult to imagine they have agency.
To me, this looks like the upteenth attempt at hyping us for nothing. First, people living in Mariejoise were titled "World Nobles". Then they were rebranded as "Celestial Dragons". And recently they've been rebranded again as "Gods". And for no reason and without explanation. Just the narrator coming up with new ways to extol them. But at the end of the day, words are just that and so far, even the gorōsei have only prooved (this chapter too) to be very incompetent.
Now that I think about it...

Imu says Lulucia has been chosen for proximity alone. So, officially, both the fact that Sabo had gone there and that the country had rebelled aren't the reason. I wonder whether Imu's answer is just a way of saying the gorōsei to not even ask for explanations and just obey or actually a whimsical and very plot convenient occurrence.
The gorōsei note the convenience of being able to use the Mother Flame "freely" and I'm sure they're not talking about authorization, because Imu rules the world, but about the cost. Certainly the Mother Flame must consume a lot of energy. If only they had some scientist trying to develop a troll-science self´-sustaining power source, right?
Well, they got one but they're very heeadstrong in killing him, for some reason.
Ch. 1086 p10
We get to see the seraphim we hadn't yet seen. I don't think there's anything relevant in this page, but I've read some people arguing S-Croc could be a girl, you know, the old theory about Crocodile being originally a woman since Ivankov said he made Croc a huge favor, even though it could actually be anything else.
Personally I don't think S-Croc has particularly female traits in this image, but it's true that he has the same starry eyes as S-Snake, while S-Shark and S-Hawk do not (the others haven't shown their eyes). But if I had to guess, I'd put my money in Oda has decided to always have at least one gender-ambiguous character to troll the readers with left and right.
Ch. 1086 p11
Sabo telling more of what we already knew and saw.
Ch. 1086 p12
And this page is again, dedicated to justify the retcon'd timeline as though it was not.
Back in chapter 1060 (that's the beginning of this very arc, do you still remember what this is arc was about?), Sabo was at Lulucia when the annihilation happened.
Ch. 1060 p13, 14_15 & 16
We saw him as we were only seeing Lulucia and its citizens being shot by the Mother Flame and also the call ending abruptly immediately after the shot.
Now, Sabo says he was near, but not exactly there. And tries to explain the ending call saying it was an indirect call that was "rerouted" through another den den mushi on Lulucia.
First I wonder how do you do that from a ship? It's true that the specifics about how den den mushi are operated have never been told, but regardless, if this "rerouting" were a thing, surely it would have come in handy to many characters through the story before.
Also, since when can Marines (or any third party) locate den den mushi? They have been able to intercept communications and listen to them, but not guess where was any of the snails making the call. And even if they could, given he himself says it was not an encrypted den den mushi, hence being vulnerable to interception, why wouldn't they locate the original signal from Sabo just like the one at Lulucia?
Ch. 1086 p13
I don't remember Lulucia's name being romanized before, but it can be read in the ship's sail. It's written with a C (until another assistant thinks otherwise at least).
Sabo rules out living thing and natural disaster as the cause for Lulucia's annihilation and Ivankov pretty much implies Imu is someone from the void century who has lived this long because she's immortal thanks to the Ope Ope no mi.
Regarding Sabo's claim, I think we've seen all sorts of surreal things in One Piece to agree his assumption is very bold. A shadow in the sky is no indicator of no living thing or natural disaster. In fact we've seen shadows in the sky caused no more and no less by living beings and natural phenomena.
Ch. 299 p12_13
On his part, Ivankov's assumption is also quite bold. Does a name really reference one single instance of a living being? There can only have ever been one Imu? What about one Oars?
There's also plenty of people known for their outstanding longevity like Kureha. (Interesting that this made me think of her...)
It's true that Ivankov accounts for the name being not truly a reason next page, but the fact that he implies it with this force under an argument he knows is very weak... This is just Oda telling us "this is this way because a character is saying it" or trolling us for fun.
Ch. 1086 p14
Also, as I said last chapter, anyone can know of Imu and it was completely unreasonable of Imu not to tell Cobra about her, considering they were going to kill him no matter what and she said she was going to address his questions.
Could anyone else than Imu from 800 years ago be the one commanding the gorōsei? Why not? What kind of reasoning is that?
Next Ivankov makes his best guess of the day and claims Vegapunk must have created the Mother Flame (confirmed some pages ago by Imu). And it's now of all assumptions that Dragon intervenes to stop jumping to conclusions. Really??
"Vegapunk would never intentionally design a dedicated killing machine". What kind of joke is this?
  1. Kuma
  2. Mass-produced Pacifista model 1
  3. Mass-produced Pacifista model 2
  4. Mass-produced Pacifista model 3
  5. Seraphim
And after this and out of absolutely nowhere, they speak of ancient weapons. This page and the previous one is some of the most forced text I've seen in One Piece.
Ch. 1086 p15
For the final page of the chapter (yes, 15 pages only again, 2 of them cover), a new character makes his debut by sentencing to death Saint Donquixote Mjosgard.
He's named Saint Figarland Garling and is said to have been king of God Valley. Unlike everyone else, apparently, I'm not going to theorize about his relationship with Shanks, I want to talk to you about two other characters.
First, Dr. Kureha.
Ch. 154 p8
She looks just like she was Garling's twin sister. It's interesting, because a couple of pages back the matter of longevity was brought up and now we see a world noble said to have been king of a land outside Mariejoise and outside the Red Line. As we've been told in a number of occasions (last one being last chapter), only the Nefertari family were founders of the World Government who stayed at their homeland. This means if Garling was actually king of God Valley and not just a descendant of the last king, he's from the void century. Not as an hypothesis like with Imu, but confirmed. Thus, the simmilarities with Dr. Kureha aren't just physical. Both have incredible longevity and I think it was worth noting.
Last, I want to talk about Garling's predecessor: Crescent moon Gally.
He's the villain in the first version of the Romance Dawn oneshot that would later become One Piece. As you can see, The crescent moon motive in the hair is there just like with Garling (and the nose too). If you take the crescent moon out of the hat and apply it to the hair together with the beard, and change the mustache stretching to the sides for more hair to make it more exaggerated, you get Garling. Even the pose and facial expression is pretty much the one in this image.
Also, in his original name written in japanese, there's no indication of whether his name is "GaRling" or just "Galling".
And that would be... Oh! I almost forgot! Yeah... given Garling sentenced Mjosgard, where does this leave Saint Topman Valcury? Wasn't he the "Justice warrior god"? Why isn't he the one handing out justice? What other affairs regarding justice does he manage if not judging disputes among celestial dragons?
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2023.06.10 20:05 total-space-case Conversation Boundaries

I’m NC at the moment, but I realize I have poor boundaries around conversations.
What are some ways to end certain topics of conversations (“I don’t want to talk about that/I don’t ever want to discuss this again”) and to end conversations all together? In-person and on the phone.
I’m not great with words so far, so I do varying mixes of riding it out and not feeding it.
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