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2011.04.04 06:13 DiscontentDisciple Project1999

Welcome! Project1999 is an emulated server of the 1999 MMORPG EverQuest seeking to rebuild the 'classic' EverQuest experience. Whether you are new to EverQuest or returning, this is the place! Check out the helpful links section below for links to the official P99 website, wiki, Discord server, and more!

2014.05.01 22:57 Fugitivebush Exploring the Database

A Log Horizon-specific roleplay subreddit

2014.03.03 19:43 Restless-rooster Free Clams for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

free clams & Coins, no private pms unless commenting on an open give post first.

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2023.06.08 10:32 assmoriendi super weird double fenris bug on PC? [no spoilers]

asking this question on my husband's behalf. he's playing DA2 on PC and has a very strange bug that displays two fenrises on the party select screen. they're layered directly on top of each other in the spot where fenris stands, and he can add both fenrises to his party as if they were two separate characters. we've been calling them Fenris #1 and Fenris #2, lol.
additionally, he is romancing fenris, but he had to force it using console commands, for reasons i will explain below:
Fenris #1 is wearing his unromanced armor and has a visible approval bar, but the little status arrow is stuck in place about 3/4 of the way toward full friendship regardless of how much approval he gains or loses, while Fenris #2 is wearing the romanced armor and has no visible approval bar at all.
if he takes Fenris #1 on a quest with him, and makes a choice that affects fenris's approval, he will see the little text notification about the approval change, but like i mentioned above, the approval bar on his character profile doesn't change.
if he takes Fenris #2 with him, choices that should be affecting fenris's approval don't result any text notification, so he's not sure if the choices are even affecting the approval at all. and he can't check, because Fenris #2 has no approval bar, and Fenris #1's bar is stuck!
because of all of this, fenris's approval is an unpredictable mess, so that's why he had to force the romance to trigger.
husband has some cosmetic and gameplay mods installed, but nothing that should be affecting fenris aside from cosmetic changes. we have absolutely no idea what could be causing this problem and i haven't been able to find anything online about a bug like this! anyone have any ideas?
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2023.06.08 10:32 Caesardog1117 Hoi 4 won't launch

Hearts of iron 4 won't launch for me. After trying to load up for a minute or two then it comes up with the following:
Some errors are present in the map definition and have been logged to error.log
You might want to disable your mods and try again. If that fails, check the integrity of game files inside steam. If that fails, try clearing your user directory from the launcher.
I have tried both of these things and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Does anyone know or have any solutions?
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2023.06.08 10:30 ogreatgames King's Field: A Must-Play Dungeon-Crawler RPG - PS1 Game

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2023.06.08 10:30 BaseballBot [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 6/8/23

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Thursday 6/8 Division Discussion Thread: The Centrals
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Saturday 6/10 No subreddit features planned
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2023.06.08 10:28 chaseinthyface Frustrating side quest issue

Been playing the game since launch. Did not realize that there was a side quest limit (20) that you could track at a time. Found it out the hard way tonight. I started getting messages that the quest limit had been reached. No big deal. Didn't think anything of it.
About 30 minutes later, I killed a Loot Goblin. This particular Loot Goblin dropped a book upon dying. That book counts as a side quest. I was not allowed to pick it up.
Realizing the issue now before me, I went to the nearest available side quest to me (did not fast travel at all)- completed it, and then came back to the exact location where the book was. It was now gone, likely reset because of the Map.
This just feels bad. This could have been easily resolved by either NOT having a weird quest limit, ensuring that a really unique item of that nature doesn't just disappear so easily from the map, or having it appear in your stash like legendaries do.
Anyways, back to playing I suppose!
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2023.06.08 10:28 Y2Square Cable Driver Not Installing - Vivado 2019.1

It's like the title says, for some reason, the cable driver (xpcwinusb.inf) is not installing on my laptop.
Let me get a few things out of the way:
  1. I am attempting to install this on Windows 11 for ARM
  2. I am running Windows 11 on my M1 MacBook Air via virtualization using Parallels
  3. Buying a new laptop/pc isn't an option (no tengo dinero)
  4. Using a different version of Vivado also isn't an option as 2019.1 is required by my professor
Now that that's clear, lemme tell you walk you through what I've already attempted.
So, initially, while installing Vivado, I got a pop up (see image below) basically saying that the install was successful but there were a couple warnings/errors, and to check cable_driver_install.log for more info. So I did, and this is what it contained:
INFO: InstallPath="C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2019.1\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\" windrvr6 is not installed (this is expected for Windows 10 and later) INFO: Installing Windows 10 pcusb driver... Microsoft PnP Utility Processing inf : xpcwinusb.inf Adding the driver package failed : A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider. Total attempted: 1 Number successfully imported: 0 ERROR: Unable to install inf file C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2019.1\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\dlc10_win10\xpcwinusb.inf for driver. ERROR: Failed to install Windows 10 pcusb driver, exiting 
Original Warning from right after Installation
So then I looked up what the issue might be, after a ton of seemingly useless searching, I ended up specifically looking up the line about the root certificate not being trusted. I found one link that provided me with a way of viewing all the root certificates on my installation of Windows via mmc (Microsoft Management Console). I also found out that the certificates used by/needed for Vivado were "Microsoft Root Certificate Authority", "Microsoft Root Certificate Authority 2010", and "Microsoft Root Certificate Authority 2011" and that if one of them is missing, that is likely the source of my problem. However, when I checked, they were all there, BUT, the first one, (the one without a year after) had expired in 2021.
Microsoft Management Console > Certificates (Local Computer) > Trusted Root Certification Authorities > Certificates > Microsoft Root Certificate Authority
Support Forum where I found out which Certificates to look out for
So then I moved on to the next logical step which was to find out how to renew or extend the certificate so that hopefully the driver would install, but I haven't been really able to find anything concrete. There seems to be one reoccurring answer every time I search but it seems to be something that only works in Windows 10 because when I right click the certificate and go to "All Tasks", I am not given an option to renew the certificate. So now I'm stuck, as is, Vivado runs and I'm able to do everything as I need to, but whenever I plug in my board and use auto-connect to actually install the program onto the thing, I get nothing. Any and all help/advice would be extremely appreciated, thank you all so much!
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2023.06.08 10:27 Educational-Tea602 Major Plot Oversight

Essentially, the plot after completing the Great Sky Island is to look around for Zelda, discover that the one you've been following is a fraud, search for the fifth sage (you do not know their name at this point), find Mineru and build her a body, as then get told by her to go to the Great Deku Tree to find the Master Sword. Alternatively, rather than completing the main storyline, you can complete other quests, namely Impa and the Geoglyphs and then, The Dragon's Tears, and throught completing it , it reveals Zelda's location to Link, and that she cannot be the one you see in the Regional Phenomena quest. Despite this, even if you complete The Dragon's Tears first, Link will tell the leader of the village that the whereabouts of Zelda is unknown. Additionally, he will be lured in to the trap set by Phantom Ganon, even though he knows it's not Zelda. Once again, we already know who the Fifth Sage is and where she is (Mineru's spirit is in the Purah Pad, and yes I know, you do need to follow the quest to build her body and allow her to communicate with you, but my point still stands). She then directs you to go to the Great Deku Tree after telling her you do not know where the Master Sword is, even though you know it's in the sky, on Zelda's head. Some dialogue or even quests just don't make sense if you complete the quests in this order, even though Nintendo has clearly allowed it, and this also includes the whole Reported Princess Sightings quest. Another strange side effect is Impa not returning to Kakariko until after the Find the Fifth Sage quest has been completed - she just disappears until then.I know this has been mentioned before and that it has spoilt the plot for some people, but I just wanted to add that it causes Link to completely lie . It seems strange that Nintendo would overlook something so significant.
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2023.06.08 10:27 Ayytye Unable to log in

I can’t log in currently. Just want to know if there’s any issues for multiple people? Or if it’s just something on my side
submitted by Ayytye to UlalaIdleAdventure [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:27 RedditMrPriest Just Finished - A Few Points and Rants (Spoilers)

After around 6 deaths on HC and restarts (only 1 of them was above level 30 though) I finally did it. Now the real game starts hah. I love the game and series, but some things just bother me when they are not taken seriously enough, especially when I like something. I am just dumping some thoughts and questions here, I wonder if anyone has input for that.
  1. Inarius. Are you stupid? You don't have eyes? He recites the damn prophecy and believes he needs to stab hatred in the heart. Then he stabs in the stomach. Is that where Lilith's heart is, Inarius? Existing for countless years and you think it's alright to turn your back on an enemy? The hell? Hatred should make him cruel, not stupid.
  2. How does death work for higher beings? We all know the prime and lesser evils regenerate, but Lilith and Inarius don't? Does ripping angel wings all it takes to kill them? How does hell lose to them in that case?
  3. After seeing Inarius' fighting style, I can totally see him coming back in an expansion... as Cth'ulu. He fights and moves with his wings like tentacles. He also sank into the depths as he died (?). The ending also has something related to the sea, so maybe underwater expansion or just a different continent.
  4. People want a paladin or crusader, but seeing the theme of the game (witches, werewolves, vampires), if it happens, it will be an inquisitor, no? That said, it won't fit the narrative, as they will believe in their angel no matter what...
  5. That one quest chain with the witch girl. How do villagers run across half a continent that wants any living being dead? How do they arrive just on time multiple times? I guess it's for comic relief, but that's just lazy and stupid writing imo.
  6. It also bothers me that it takes a few days of studying to master Horadric texts to stand close to the level of veterans. Makes them seem underwhelming.
  7. The NPCs barely react to the death of two lesser evils. We spend an entire act to avoid the summoning of one, being told how horrible it would be if they come out... And you barely get a line of text when you beat one of them. So underwhelming.
  8. There are a lot of small bugs and annoyances that could easily be fixed, but they aren't. Why? For instance, how NPC voices change (their tones, the volume) during conversations, bad animations, the delay between actions in inventory, the first act mine dungeon skipping an entire floor (you enter the dungeon and appear at the entrance to the next level, rather then at the start of the floor). That's super lazy, especially considering the ease of fixing those.
submitted by RedditMrPriest to diablo4 [link] [comments]

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2023.06.08 10:27 Ok_Youth_5560 Issue with vr since update

I’m using a quest 2 and since the update installed it doesn’t boot into the normal full screen vr. Instead it boots into a kind of windowed version like I’m just looking at the normal pc screen in the quest link ui.
Has anyone else had this issue or have any idea how to fix? I have also updated the oculus program on the pc.
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2023.06.08 10:26 Merlin-silent First missions I got with Itu.

First missions I got with Itu. submitted by Merlin-silent to ShadowFightArena [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:25 SaltyLittleLich Having trouble with pachies? Here's some advice from a pachy player!

So, complaining about pachies is the flavor of the month, just like last time was anos, and before that was rex, and before that was kentro, and before that was stego, and before that was conc, and it goes on and on.
They're really not hard to kill, I have a quest log with dozens of unclaimed pachy trophies to back that up. I play solo, and even earlier today I won a 2v1 against random pachies, and then a 3v1 when they came back with another friend.
Here are some of the things you need to know.
  1. Pachy is tied for the lowest herbivore health.
  2. Pachy is slower than a lot of carnivores (and one herbivore) that can easily beat them.
  3. Pachy has a low combat weight at only 2000, and because of that, low damage.
Alright, there's the facts, now here's how to use them. First off, the meta for pachy is double speed. It makes them ridiculously squishy. Secondly, all fast dinos that have tight turn radiuses warp around. It's not their connection or yours, it's just the servers. Anyone who's played for long enough knows that raptors and young megs are literally impossible to kill if they know how to abuse it. Concs used to abuse it when they were meta before the bleed nerfs, because you could apply bleed before the person sees you right beside them.
The trick is to attack before the pachy gets to you. They're not that fast, so you can generally guess their pattern. They'll loop back to you, and that's when they'll attack. Attack just before they get to you, and worse case you'll trade damage. With a little practice, you'll hit them every time. I can't remember the last time I lost more than half of my health killing another pachy, and it's just from learning when to attack.
You can also back up to a wall. This keeps them from getting behind you, and forces them to trade damage. Since pretty much anything you're playing as will have more health and weight, this is ideal for you. And once again, if you're playing sty, the reflect bleed they'll take if you're the 2x sub is enough to kill them without even attacking back.
Bleed annihilates pachies. Defense doesn't reduce bleed, so lone survivor and a defense hide on a brawler pachy like mine do nothing to stop bleed damage. Sty absolutely shreds pachies, and is faster than them. Allo's claw attack has a ridiculously huge range and cone, and 2 of those to a pachy's head will kill it, while it takes them 40+ hits to kill you. The more they run, the more they bleed, and pachy has to keep running or they die.
Venom isn't a big deal now, but with the stamina changes coming soon, metri will be a huge threat (and I believe metri will be the PvP dino to replace pachy) because a pachy without stam is dead.
If it's a group of pachies, don't chase. That's the worst thing you can do as the others will charge you from behind and the sides. Play smart, use terrain to your advantage. Pachies are atrocious in water. If you can lure them in, they'll be out of stamina extremely fast, and they're super slow and vulnerable. A lot of other dinos like dasps, allos, etc. are tall enough that they can float just deep enough to keep breathing, but the pachy has to swim to reach you, and when it does, it's dead.
Pachies are like megs, most are bad players who see people complain and think pachy is an 'I win' button. Most only punish other bad players, while skilled players wipe them out. But with that in mind, even the best pachy player isn't going to beat a decent sty or half a dozen others.
Pycno groups are death for pachies. Just don't stop and let them get behind you. And if you do, use tail attacks! Crouch and use tail attacks if you're playing something tall as they'll be doing reduced damage to your back while you do increased damage to their head.
Water and bumps on the ground, or even smooth rock surfaces all cancel out pachy's charge. Charge is also lower damage than just a headbutt, unlike ceratopsian charges. When you hear them snorting, turn to a side and run back at them. They can't turn fast enough to hit you, and you'll make them waste a ton of stamina if they don't immediately cancel the charge.
That's really all it comes down to. Don't let them bait you into chasing so you're at a disadvantage, bite just before they get to you, and use terrain to your advantage.
submitted by SaltyLittleLich to pathoftitans [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:23 Arlekiel Is it me or the game is becoming boring quiet rapidly...

I used to be a genshin impact player, played from beta all the way to mid inazuma patches. The thing that kept me going was that events were fun... I remember one of those events that was like defend the tower.. The reason why I left genshin was the lack of multiplayer interactions (visiting someones pot, and the occasional world jump gets boring after a while).
I had some hope with Honkai, and I had a blast with it in the beginning... and had my hopes up for 1.1. (the first patch). But so far, I have gotten LESS multiplayer interactions, and the event is boring... its looking for grafitis and after that... we literally got the same type of turn based combat (which I autoplayed)... Nothing else.. no multiplayer.. no main story, and no new content. I feel like I log on once a week... do my weeklys , one or two runs in the simulated universe and that's it for the week... but it gets to a point that why would I spend into a gacha.. for just like 15 minutes fo play each week... There is no real satisfaction.
Should I continue to give this game a chance? whats everyone stand on this? am I the only one getting bored... ?
The first story and the first real final boss (cocolia).. with the music and everything was a MASTERPIECE... too bad that moment cant hold up a whole game..
submitted by Arlekiel to HonkaiStarRail [link] [comments]