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2023.06.09 17:05 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 224

Sir David
Sir David suppresses a sigh. He couldn't say he hadn't been expecting a conversation like this. He gestures to a nearby bench and sits down, leaving Ariane room to scoot in next to him.
"Well firstly, I'd say you're my wife now. My surname does sound nice on you. A bit faster than I wanted to move perhaps, but let's call it a battlefield promotion."
Ariane offers him a half hearted smile. "Except I fled that battlefield like a little girl with her tail tucked between her legs. If I am your wife then my place is next to you. I can fight. You know I can fight David."
"Darling, in the end I'm the trained combatant in the family, and getting you out of the line of fire was my absolute first priority. This isn't to doubt your abilities, I think you're perfectly capable of defending yourself, but you don't have an Undaunted brand for thermal protection against a race known for fighting with fire, or any other covert protection. Nor are you an adept. You're immensely physically strong, far stronger than me even at your reduced size... but you're not a killer my dear... and I am."
Sir David sighs for real this time, but doesn't move his gaze from Ari's eyes. He had to meet her head on with this sort of thing. Take wife by the horns if you will.
"I don't want you to be a killer. It's my profession, I have no shame in it, for I end the lives of wicked people so good folk can sleep soundly at night. I did so on Earth, I do so now. I put myself at risk to protect the people I care about. My children. My grandchildren. My wife... and now my wives."
Sir David gently takes Ariane's hand, their fingers interlacing naturally.
"So if given a choice to ensure you're as safe as you can be, even if it means putting me at more risk... I'll always take the option that means you are as safe as possible. Even if that costs me my life. That's my promise. My oath. My duty was to Queen and country, and now to the Undaunted... but I took those oaths for Mary, my children... and now you."
Ariane nods softly, clearly still a bit upset.
"I ah... I understand, I think. I suppose I'm a bit upset with myself more than I'm upset with you. I was just... so scared. Even as I was incredibly, violently angry I was terrified... and the relief I felt when I ran was... shameful to a degree. Leaving you to die maybe. It hurt me a lot, like a razor was tearing at my guts. I just thought about what I'd do if you died or got hurt because I wasn't there and I-"
Tears start to well up in Ariane's eyes just a touch and David wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her in a bit closer.
"There, there. I didn't die. Nor was I going to. Not to trash like that. Nor is fear a shameful thing. Fear is a natural response. I get scared. Captain Bridger gets scared. Even Cannidor get scared at times. Usually of me or Captain Bridger in my experience. Anyone who says they feel no fear is a liar, a fool, or psychotic. Or quite possibly all three. Soldiers train to overcome their fear to accomplish significant things... but you my dear aren't a soldier."
David caresses Ariane's back, stroking down her spine and drawing a sigh from her as she relaxes a bit, tension bleeding out of her body.
"You need to master your fear just enough to flee smartly, summon help, barricade yourself, or as a last measure, fight. Which you did today. Just like you did on the Talasar Spire when you saved all those children. You're quite the heroine from just doing those things you know? You don't need to do more. Nor, if my preferences at all matter, would I wish you to. You're a beautiful soul to me Ari. I adore how fresh and bright you are about the things in the world you love. I want you to focus on that. Focus on being a joy to this galaxy... and to me. Instead of worrying about the profession of arms that is not your own."
Ariane sniffles a bit, then plants a kiss on David's cheek. "You know, you play the hard, tough, man, with that almost piratical swagger of yours... but you're just an old softy aren't you?"
"Guilty as charged my dear."
"I uhm. I think I'd still like to learn how to shoot. Or something. Just be better able to defend myself... and our children."
"Heh. Well I think we can take care of that... though I'll note that wasn't at all subtle Ari."
Ariane leans over again and kisses David hard on the mouth this time, her tongue briefly tangling with his and leaving him breathless.
"No. That wasn't subtle. I fully intend to reward my knight for gallantly protecting me, and you'll see just how unsubtle I can be David Forsythe."
"I'll look forward to it then. To close the loop on our previous conversation though. You know that if you had been even a talented markswoman with a pistol I'd have still sent you running at the earliest circumstance right?"
Ariane nods, nearly knocking one of her horns against David's head.
"I understand."
David gives her another gentle kiss on the cheek.
"Capital. Like I said, even if you're capable, your best defense is avoiding a fight entirely. You should only fight if you absolutely must. That's why I fought in the court yard. Not because I could win, but because we didn't have a clear or safe avenue of escape. As soon as we had such an avenue I got you out, and were I alone I'd have fought a fighting retreat to follow you in hopes of moving to a more defensible location. Or getting help from the wardens of the Inner Shrine."
"Which is exactly the type of behavior I have to beat into new recruits." Comes the now familiar smoky voice of Miri'Tok, as the click of her heels on stone announce her return to the room.
"I'm terribly sorry about the wait, police procedure is tedious, even for clear cases of self defense. David I'm told you have a bounty hunting license, so you'll be receiving some credits for their heads. Not extremely bad girls, save the boss, but bad enough to be worth some money. The local police are paying out a bonus for the living ones. That blue haired girl apparently won't shut up; she's rolling on her old boss so enthusiastically they had to bring a synth in to transcribe it all. It's going to be a busy couple of days for the capital district police force."
David nods. "Take half for yourself would you? I hardly need the credits and you did the lion's share of the dangerous work, I just had a little target practice."
Miri'Tok laughs. "Ah the sheer gall on your husband Ariane, a little bit of target practice he calls it. Some of the cleanest shooting I've seen in years with gangsters with rap sheets that combined stretch from here to orbit and it was just a bit of target practice! Hah!"
Ariane and David join in the laughter this time, the room returning to a hospitable warmth as Miri'Tok seats herself on a bench near the couple.
"I must compliment you as well Ariane." Miri'Tok says, orienting herself more squarely to the Agela.
"Me? What did I do?"
"You kept your head in a dangerous situation and didn't go to pieces like a great many women would have. This is a great deal of credit to your name. Even Apuk civilians, socialized to violence from birth, can go to pieces when real violence is forced upon them."
David nods.
"More or less what I was saying dear, you did a splendid job getting us help. If things had gone a bit more poorly, it's help we would have direly needed too."
Ariane's smile returns to her face like dawn for David, warming the room up even further as she snuggles a bit closer to him.
"Well if you're both telling me that, who am I to argue?"
Miri'Tok chuckles, and rises. "I'm afraid I must actually return to my duties, I've lingered longer than I intended. I'll take you down the hall and leave you with the Wardens in their ward room. Nar'Jan and the girls have been preparing an impromptu victory party for you both. Just a little toast, then one of the girls will give you the full tour of the war shrine. You're both welcome in the Inner Shrine whenever you please, so please come back while you're on Serbow and they'll gladly receive you."
Miri'Tok turns to leave, only to be stopped by Ariane tugging on her sleeve. When the Apuk warrior turns, Ariane holds up her communicator.
"Before you go let's exchange contact information. I really enjoyed our time with you, and I know David did as well. Perhaps we can meet again soon? Without another fight preferably."
"Oh!" Miri'Tok gets that same dusky tone that David associates with a blush in Apuk.
"I uh. I'd like that. Perhaps dinner or something? I know some great places to eat in the city."
"Sounds wonderful, I'll send you David's contact information later once I have a minute."
"I ah. Thank you. I'll look forward to it."
Miri'Tok offers a bow from the waist and quickly hurries away, the echo of her heels fading down the corridor.
David raises an eyebrow and looks over at Ariane.
"You know, when you said you were going to show me how unsubtle you could be, I was expecting something a bit more... intimate shall we say."
"So let the knowledge that things can get even more forward make you wonder at what tonight holds when we get back to the Tear."
David chuckles, caught entirely off guard with the sexual aggression from the normally demure Ariane.
"You're showing me all sorts of sides of yourself today Ari. Still, that really was a bit too forward wasn't it?"
Ariane cocks her head, giving David a slightly confused look.
"What? She's an excellent candidate for a third wife. Better to preempt her asking a bit so we can take the time to discuss it, and it doesn't hurt to put the welcome mat out when to my eye she's so accomplished and so obviously interested. Plus she'd be a good recruit for the Undaunted from her decorations. She's a very skilled warrior even if she's not a battle princess. Though she might be a princess. You never know. She's not wearing a crown, but apparently a lot of the battle princesses in service to the Imperial military skip the crowns outside of formal occasions, instead only going by their ranks."
Another eyebrow raised, a common thing when Ariane was in the mood to surprise David it seems. "Where did you learn all that? I haven't the foggiest about how to read Apuk decorations."
Ariane shrugs. "When I finished that book about your unit back on Earth, Eastern Approaches, I read a book or two on contemporary Apuk martial culture. I thought it might come in handy."
"So what does your reading tell you about Miri'Tok?"
"Well as she said she's an Apuk Imperial Marine. She started as an enlisted woman, and has done a century of service at least. She's done at least a dozen combat deployments, and numerous space deployments. The difference being specifically going to a conflict zone, and floating around on an Apuk Imperial Navy vessel looking for trouble.”
Sir David doffs an imaginary cap. “An activity I heartily approve of.”
Ariane rolls her eyes with a smile before continuing.
“She has five wound medals, an even dozen valor medals in varying grades and has been named as a member of an Imperial martial order. Knights for lack of a better word. Not all that dissimilar from you really if you'd had another forty years with the Royal Marines and SAS. Then there's a variety of competence awards that aren't as important. Suffice to say, Miri'Tok is very good at what she does."
"Hmmm. Yes I could see that in the fight, and you think she's interested in me?"
Ariane rises, and saunters the step or two to David slowly, placing her hands on his shoulders and leaning down to kiss him deeply.
"Darling, from her axiom she's single. From what she tells us about how her family treats men and views sorcerers, you're literally one in a billion... and she got to fight alongside you. I've heard Ghorza Bridger crowing about getting to fight side by side with the Captain at a bar on the promenade after the Talasar Spire with the same enthusiasm most girls save for a once in a lifetime present or getting pregnant. I also could tell that her shield sisters were green with envy. Well. Greener than normal anyway. If Miri'Tok wasn't interested, I'd be worried she'd hit her head in the fight. Plus her body always seemed to be facing you, except when she was speaking directly to me."
Ariane stands back up and tucks some of her hair back into place, with an exaggerated attempt at a glamorous, flirtatious pose..
"Well, with such a gifted potential candidate it wouldn't exactly be a hardship to share. I'll just have to take solace in the fact that I'll always have a bigger rack than her."
David's eyes naturally drift downwards from her face, considering the rack in question, only for a slightly embarrassed Ariane to stick a finger up to direct his attention back upwards before covering her reddened face with her hands.
"My horns David. I meant my horns. I have bigger horns than she does."
It takes every fiber of discipline he's ever possessed for David to suppress the cheeky grin that desperately wanted to plaster itself across his face, and to tame the school boy giggle fit he so dearly wanted to have. He stiffens his upper lip like a proper British gentleman and manages to dryly respond.
"Well my dear, let's not talk about other women. You have a fantastic rack and I look forward to appreciating it later tonight."
Ariane shoots him a look, clearly over acting her slight embarrassment into mock outrage, playing along with her husband easily.
"Now you're doing it on purpose!"
"Yes, but you're cute when you're flustered."
"You're impossible David Forsythe!"
"That I am Mrs. Forsythe."
Ariane chuckles, and leans over, planting another gentle kiss on his lips.
"And I wouldn't have it any other way."
First Last
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2023.06.09 17:03 UmmenyDunny Constant work in progress

Constant work in progress
New white height adjustable desk legs arrives tomorrow, so I'm going to rip everything out from my setup. What are your tips for a better layout? Outlets are to the right and left of my setup, but only one is used as the balcony door is to the right as well (trip hazard).
As it is floating in the room, my robo vacuum makes cable managing a must. The curtains are always closed as the sun is blaring onto my setup all afternoon otherwise.
My setup is used for gaming, work, music, video and designing.
Phantek Eclipse P500A (want to get it off the floor) Subwoofer RME FF800 2 Yamaha HS7 with Ikea Obegränsad stands Samsung Odyssey G5 32" QHD HP Laserjet P1005 Dymo 450 turbo Ikea Alex drawers and door unit RPi (for home automation) and router in a Kallax 2x4 not shown but is to the left. Table top is a dining table made of oak. Planning to get a 3d printer as well, but could have it in a different room.
Surprise! The new legs are not Ikea!
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2023.06.09 16:56 Dead-Sync KeyForge in Connecticut - Winds of Exchange Prerelease!

KeyForge in Connecticut - Winds of Exchange Prerelease!
Attention Archons of CT: KeyForge is not just coming back, it's BEEN back!
The Ethereal Lounge is a new LGS that opened a few months ago in Shelton, CT ( ~15min from Bridgeport, and ~20min from New Haven and Waterbury). Since their opening, I've been working with the store owners to run monthly KeyForge tournaments of various formats and sets, and we've been building our player base each time. (We also have casual KeyForge meets on many Thursdays, organized ad-hoc through the store's Discord server)
We've run three monthly tournaments so far since the store's opening; new players have joined each time and there has been genuine excitement and interest building about this 'new game' they've discovered! Some veteran players have come out to see the return of OP in their area too. Our CT KeyForge community has been growing, and we couldn't be happier!
June's tournament is special though: as it will be our Winds of Exchange Prerelease Event! Everyone participating will get one sealed Winds of Exchange deck, ahead of the set's retail release. Details are in the images below (text-only version beneath that). If you're in the Connecticut area, we hope to see you at this month's tournament (or a future one)!
Event Details

Event Details:

Sat. June 17, 2023, 12pm - 5pm ET
  • Sealed Archon Winds of Exchange Swiss
  • $20 entry: Includes 1 Winds of Exchange KeyForge deck
  • Prizes provided by Ghost Galaxy!
  • Noon is a social hour: with "What's New in Winds of Exchange" and "Learn to Play KeyForge" sessions being offered at that time as well.
  • Matches start at 1pm ET
  • At Ethereal Lounge: 495 River Road, Shelton, CT 06614
Ethereal Lounge Discord - Come chat with our local community and learn more about upcoming events!
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2023.06.09 16:45 eXeK_ks Windows 11 boot issue

Since I am temporarily moving out in a week, I wanted to install Honkai: Star Rail on my deck to at least do daily task when not near my main PC. I decided to install Windows 11 on my external SSD (Samsung T7 Touch) because I don't want to risk getting banned for using 3rd party launchers.
I downloaded Rufus and followed the guide I found on YouTube. Everything seemed fine but when I selected the Windows SSD from the boot list, it showed Steam Deck logo, told me to wait a little, and instead of beginning the Windows installation, it just booted to SteamOS like usual. I tried to format my SSD 3 times and each time it failed, I am confused since I followed the guide from beginning to end. Did Steam Deck had an update preventing booting from external drives? Is there a problem with SSD I am using? It does come with some software in order for fingerprint lock to work correctly but I'm not using it anyway.
Did anyone else encounter the issue?
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2023.06.09 16:34 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)
After Emma's wedding and a few outliers of insanity there would be little that would shake the galaxy to its core for nearly a decade.
News reports would stream in about the war. The Alliance was winning, but all too easily. Alliance and the individual homeworld militaries were all convinced that the Scareek were laying a trap.
They were right, but it wouldn't show itself for some time and the loss of life would be catastrophic. The blow to humanity would drive them to a fevered madness. We would all get to see the beast that lurked under the skin. It was the same beast that lurks under all our skins, the one that prevents the Symphony from being heard.
But that is for another volume of tales and memories. These memoirs were made by gathering the bits and pieces of many points of view, as well as putting in my own. I'm not certain half will be allowed to be published, but these events occurred as did so many more. These were just the brightest times, before the Scareek showed their mettle and matched human ferocity. Before they took from every life in the galaxy. Before the Alliance stood up and drove them back to primordial waters where they now live, simple non-sapient lives.
They were the times that defined my life and though I am glad we mostly know peace, I fear what still waits out in the depths of space. The galaxy and hyperspace are still not completely explored and we have made a lot of noise.
Shoal looked at the last line. He shook his head, he was getting dramatic in his old age. He hopped off his writing stool and walked to his window. Cith lay before him, he was now the oldest leader of Ancin at almost four hundred years old, not that that meant anything, clans were now just families in all regards, just more formal than normal. He watched the children of his siblings as they watched their grandchildren.
He stretched and wandered back to his table and folded up the manuscript. So many pages, all written by hand. They had to be anything less would be an insult to the lives of his friends, to the lives of those the Scareek had taken and to his own innocence.
He laughed, he couldn't believe he thought he was worldly at a mere Seventy-five! How utterly foolish. Another laugh took him though as he saw the picture frame that Emma had given him the day after her wedding. The young woman Anna was in it with her father, he was certain their chapters would get eaten up by Alliance Intelligence or the publisher would think he was insane and refuse to print them. Either way he knew their existence was now penned down somewhere.
He then took the manuscript down several floors and to a large room that was ostensibly a large fabrication printer and scanner. Three hundred years on and no one had found better tech, they just made it work better and cheaper. He smirked and shook his head.
"Hello Dasha!" The happy voice of Driffi shouted as she picked up her father's cousin.
Shoal stared at the woman. Somehow losing nearly half the clan never destroyed her positive attitude. He loved that about her, but it was also an obstacle at the moment.
"Driffi, I need to send scans of this manuscript to some friends." Shoal sighed.
"Mr. Van and Hadley?" Driffi asked as she sat her clan leader down and immediately got to work setting up the central scanning pad.
"Add Rex and Ezekiel Dirge to that list." Shoal advised.
Driffi nodded. "I wonder if Mr. Dirge will join us for Cith-has this year."
"Unlikely, he can't stomach Civeet cuisine." Shoal laughed as he put the book on the scanner pad.
"Wow that's dense Dasha, you know we have an older model, could take a day to scan and send." Driffi sniffed the air.
Shoal nodded, then remembered something. "Oh! Send it to the Captain as well. It will want to read it all."
"Of course Dasha." Driffi smiled.
Shoal nodded and smiled, "I'm off to the garden."
"Give my love to my parents!" Driffi called out.
Shoal nodded and soon found himself in the clan garden, surrounded by statues of his ancestors, siblings and even his parents. He filled small dishes with water and left them at the bases of their statues.
He stayed for hours, meditating and focusing on the universe. The stars and their wondrous symphony were out of his reach, he had accepted that, but he could always try to recall that wondrous symphony.
He slowly became acutely aware of another presence. It was quiet and respectful, so he didn't respond until they made it clear they were here for a reason. An artificial clearing of the throat told him it was his old Captain.
"Hello, sir." Shoal smiled.
The Captain did not speak, but walked over to a statue of a non-civeet, the first one ever made in generations. Sekaz had made it in honor of the individual.
"They never have eyes." The Captain voiced his usual complaint. "Humans should always have their eyes depicted."
"I think Emma would be fine with it." Shoal said, not getting up from his sitting position.
"I was in the system. The Network got the manuscript first. We approve." The Captain said. "How will you continue?"
"I was hoping you would." Shoal grinned. "After all, you couldn't stay away from your precious Galactic Social Dynamic and you have the best understanding of what occurred during the retaliation." Shoal explained.
The Captain paused and looked at the kesta honoring Emma Brunte. The Captain nodded, she truly would have been happy to know she was remembered in a friend's family.
"For the truth of the matter?" The Captain asked, probing the civeets motives.
"To remember the fallen and live on for the living." Shoal smiled.
"The children out there are calling you 'Shifu'." The Captain said with a slightly robotic chuckle. "Why did you let them see such an ancient movie?"
Shoal snapped out of his meditation. "Because it is awesome!" He jumped to his feet.
The Captain's slightly robotic laugh echoed. "I will do this, old friend. We will till the Galaxy of all those that sacrificed and what was truly lost."
Shoal smiled. "Thank you. Did, uh, did we ever find out where Hadley went during their lost years?"
The Captain shook its head. "We all have our suspicions, but they remain unwilling or unable to speak of it."
Shoal nodded. Hadley had vanished at some point during the Scareek retaliation. It was devastating to Emma and their friends and then one day they were back and working as hard as ever, though their closest friend swore the Intelligence had become more paranoid.
"Eventually the truth comes into the open." Shoal nodded.
The Captain extended its hand and Shoal shook it. The two old friends took a few more minutes to honor the ancestors and allies of Clan Ancin.
////End Galactic Social Dynamic Volume 1////
Previous GSD!
Previous Zoo-nanigans
Volume 2 Awaits!
Zoo-nanigans will continue!
So a little over half way with the story I had the realization of how disorganized I was in writing it. All because I didn't expect it to take off and never made a physical outline. So I asked, why would this be like that in the world it takes place in.
Answer the memoirs of everyone's favorite civeet, mixed with other accounts he had gathered.
And volume 2 will mostly come from The Captain's point of view. Exploring the changes in its network and itself as an individual as well as its continuing awe and love of humanity.
So Volume 1 of Galactic Social Dynamic comes to a close, mostly. We still have some Zoo-nanigans to get through.
Peace and Love folks! I got a DND game to set up for!
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2023.06.09 16:18 Fabulous-Letter-5649 Engineer retires, and is replaced with a Human (Pt 6)

Pt 1 If you haven't read it yet.

Pt 2 If you haven't read it yet.

Pt 3 If you haven't read it yet.

Pt 4 If you haven't read it yet.

Pt 5 If you haven't read it yet.

The sun had begun to set, so I made my way over to the metro station we agreed upon as the rendezvous point. The walk took me about 20 minutes so by the time I got back the streetlights were beginning to switch on as the last red rays of starlight dipped below the horizon. It was there I anxiously awaited for Tromō, expecting him to take longer. I stayed for about a half hour, but at that point my stomach had slowly begun to sink with dread. My mind raced. In an attempt to dismiss these fears I reached for my communicator to check his location (I know, I know, risky in a public location but I had made my way over to a much quieter location.) I found him en route to the warehouse district, about 20 kilometers north-northeast of my location. Something had gone terribly wrong. Sensing the worst I quickly commandeered a nearby truck, hot-wired it, and hauled ass back to the hotel. I was never particularly any good at combat so
a different strategy would be required. I also had many moral qualms at the thought of murder, but since Tromō would likely have his identity compromised, protocol states clearly that anyone who comes in contact with that knowledge must be promptly terminated, and the blind rage made quick work eliminating that psychological barrier.
On the drive back to the hotel I began to plot his rescue. My mind, overcome with anger, jumped to a most unorthodox manner of dealing death. The plan I had settled on was to deploy a gas, engineered to only affect Ix. The gas would serve as the medium for the transmission of a specially designed virus to act as a genetic trojan horse to gain access to their cells, and disable their DNA from being read. None of their immune systems could cope with such a virus, allowing it to wreak havoc on their bodies unimpeded. Now, I did design the virus to prevent itself from spreading to new hosts and would only last a few milliseconds while outside the gas.
Getting back to the hotel room I sequenced the Ix's genome so I could tailor the virus. How it would work is a CRISPR protein would be released once access had been gained to the cell, this would identify active strings of genetic code, and replace them with deactivated strands, which the body wouldn't read for. Repeat this 100 or so trillion more times and you have a rather unpleasant appointment with the grim reaper in just 48 hours. The gas, however, would paralyze them, preventing any movement while the virus made its way through the body.
I worked for the next 4 hours, as quickly as I could, making sure to inform Bridge about what had happened to Tomō, but only mentioned that I was "Handling it." when it came to finding a solution. Captain didn't follow up as there was a general understanding that you don't talk about what you had to do on a rescue mission. At regular intervals I checked his location and vitals making sure that not only was he not moving, but also still remained alive.
Leaving the hotel I got back in the truck and went as fast as I could to the warehouse they were keeping him in. Rage and fear boiling over. What were they doing to Tomō? Is he hurt? I'm gonna kill those fuckers. They fucked with the wrong person and now they're gonna be in a world of hurt unlike anything they could possibly imagine.
Slamming on the brakes when I got there, I took in my surroundings. The building was small, no larger than a barn, with a slanted roof with two skylights. Surrounding the building was a tall fence, nothing I couldn't climb and the entrance was padlocked shut, both the gate and the door. After scaling the fence I climbed up a dumpster and up onto the roof, making sure to crawl whenever I could. Peeking through the skylight, which was cracked open slightly, allowing me to not only see but hear what was going on inside.
It was a most distressing scene, Tomō, tied to an iron column, all bruised and bloodied, with four other people, 2 men and 2 women, standing nearby. I was lucky to have calibrated the dose for 5 people.
"It's been 5 hours, your little friend isn't coming to save you." One of the men said approaching Tomō
Fearing that he could hurt him once more I readied the bow with the special arrow that would release the gas on impact.
The arrow landed right in-between the man and the three others. They all turned to look at me, but I had quickly hidden myself from view.
"Looks like your friend is here after all. Shame he missed!" He shouted.
"I didn't need to!" I shouted back, clicked the button that would release the gas along with the virus.
I crawled back over to the skylight to see my creation take action. They began to cough. One of them fell down.
"You don't know, do you?" He said, laughing and still coughing.
"We knew where you were. That tracker is on you too. Oh, and that little bioweapon you designed, it doesn't work on us."
He pulled off a sort of latex disguise. He was not Ix, none of them were. They were all Trexel, the sworn enemy of The Federation who they had been fighting with, largely in the form of border skirmishes and territorial disputes for the last 200 years.
"Get him." The man said, pointing at me as the three others began running out of the building.
I quickly climbed down the roof and only had time to get onto the top of the dumpster, I was unarmed, or so I thought, remembering the pair of scissors I kept in one of my pockets. I did ditch my bow and at this point it was dead weight to me.
"You're gonna fucking pay for what you did to Tomō." I growled.
"With a pair of scissors! HA!" one of the women said.
"You fucked around..."
Splitting the scissors in two, I grabbed one of the halves and threw it.
"ACK" Was her last word as the blade pierced right through her neck.
THUMP was the noise her body made collapsing onto the floor as she bled out and choked. Her peers readied their swords. (Kinetic weapons would make too much noise and Energy weapons could have some... unintended consequences.) I grabbed a short, half-meter pipe and taped the remaining half of the scissors to one end.
"with a human.. and now... you find out."
I jumped down from my position, while that did mean sacrificing my high ground, I needed to make the quickest work of the two in order to get to Tomō as quickly as possible.
They both charged me at the same time, trying to flank, but I just circled around, making sure to keep line of sight.
Eventually one charged me, I let her attack me, always making sure to move out of the way, this kept the both of them in motion, never quite getting close enough to strike.
Leading them in circles I eventually picked the man who didn't seem as skilled due to his lack of participation compared to his other colleague.
Lunging towards him I made quick steps towards, when I got inside striking range he I had to sidestep his sword, but in the end that didn't matter, a swift stab to the chin and I just pushed him aside with the other end of the pipe to bled out.
Now all that was left was the woman standing there, alone, and moderately terrified.
Adrenaline coursing through my veins in ever increasing quantities, and desperation coursing through hers, we charged at each other, and I stabbed her in the torso, striking one of her vital organs.
But I was but a 10th of a second too late, and the steel of her blade sliced about 2 and a half centimeters into my right shoulder. Adrenaline quieted the pain, but it still hurt like hell as the blood trickled out and I began to lose feeling in my right arm.
Pulling my communicator I hit the SOS button.
Pushing her body to the side I ran as fast I could to the door and charged the last man toppling him to the ground. But he was prepared, holding a knife in his hand, stabbing and slashing until his last breath. When all was done I ran over to Tomō but collapsed just centimeters from freeing him as the amount of blood I lost grew, and the pain returned.
I waited for 2 minutes, but it felt like eternity, barely being able to open my eyes, and the pain shooting throughout my body, all while I could hear Tomō struggling to break free to try and treat my wounds.
But at the end of those two minutes I was lifted up into a medevac shuttle.
"Tomō?" I groaned, forcing the word out with every fiber of my being.
"Yes we have Tomō he'll be okay but our priority is you right now."
I recognized the voice, it was Jiply, the ship's doctor, but I could barely parse it out through the noise of other doctors and whirring, beeping machines as the crew of doctors attended to my injuries.
By the next time I had opened my eyes I was lying down in a cold room by myself, dressed in my underwear and a knee-length hospital gown, hooked up to a heart rate monitor and a pack of blood to replenish what I had lost. Nearby though was a call button, which I sat up slowly to reach, upon sitting up I inspected myself, noticing that my torso had 5 scars from the fight, and I estimated another 2 on my back judging by the tenderness of the skin. I pressed the button repeatedly until someone came.
"Well I see you're awake!" Smiled Jiply.
"Would you like me to tell the crew you're awake?"
"Just Tomō for now, I'll tell the crew myself" I said, groggily.
"Oh and could you get me something to wear please?"
"Sure thing I can get you something!"
She left the room and shortly afterwards brought me a pair of pants, the same color as my gown and made of flannel. Since I couldn't get out of bed quite yet she put them on for me.
"Thank you." I whispered.
Jiply left once more to get Tromō, I didn't have to wait long until I heard him bursting through the door.
"You're okay!" He exclaimed while crying.
"Oh thank the stars you're okay!"
He bolted towards me, tightly wrapping his arms around me.
"Too much squeeze, too much squeeze!"
Not only was he hugging me too tightly, but it also irritated my tender scars. He quickly loosened his hug, allowing me to feel his soft, wrinkly skin, and hear the pitter-patter of his hearts.
"So good to see you're okay too."
We were both crying tears of joy, and while I knew whatever just happened would only be the start, I would always have someone I could rely on. Tomō would always have my back, and I would always have his. I fell asleep mid-embrace.
When I woke up once more, it was already the next day, and while the bag of blood had been removed, its place was a clear IV bag to, you know, prevent me from starving.
I just laid down, facing the ceiling, taking in the calm. Savoring it. For about... 5 minutes, after that I got bored, so I pressed the call button. To no-one's surprise by this point, Jiply walks in shortly afterwards. I strongly suspect that she was personally overseeing me as it likely got priority over Klob'lar freaking out over stubbing their toe again.
"Is there anything I can help you with?" She asked
"Could you get me a cane, I would like to tell the crew that I'm okay."
She handed me a cane, carefully lifting myself back onto my shaking legs.
"So what's the damage doc?"
"Well, your liver got punctured but we were able to repair that, and we had concerns about the long term viability of your L-3 vertebrae and your right shoulder so we replaced the both of them."
"Not too bad." I chuckled.
I slowly made my way over to the door one hand clasped around the cane, and the other around the IV bag stand. It took me about half an hour to head down the hallway over to the bridge. The door opened and I belted out as hard as I could
"IMM BAACK!" *Cough* *Cough*
Everyone stood up to face me and began to clap, which I signaled for them to stop since I didn't care for the noise. I was smiling though
"We figured you were okay, Tomō seemed happier than ever before so we assumed it meant good news for you!" The captain said walking over to me.
"Awww man he spoiled the surprise!" I laughed.
"Oh please, seeing you walking is plenty surprise enough."
"So how did you manage to rescue me so quickly without being discovered?"
"Oh we didn't, we unfortunately had to prematurely inform them of other life in the galaxy."
"You're fucking with me aren't you."
"After how you fought, we all respect you too much to fuck with you like that."
"Well shit." I said, the smile I had was wiped from my face.

So that's it for Pt 6, hope you liked the fight scene! Pt 7 should be coming out in another 2 days. As always, thanks for reading!
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2023.06.09 16:12 rollersky Why left-wingers should be in favour of Freedom of speech

An actor everybody is pretty much somewhat familiar with, Rowan Atkinson that plays Mr Bean recently made an about 10 minute press release speech and statement. It was directly concerning the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom to merely express themselves, to perform the very human act of communicating and sharing.
The fact that the U.K is unfortunately by law a tyrannical state that dishes out criminal punishment to anyone who says anything anyone finds offensive, no literally they actually have laws that get you arrested for posting normal song lyrics and other mundane normal usage posts. It's from a recent yet slightly older law from 25 years ago, and it enables anyone to be charged with hate speech for saying or since the advent of social media posting anything anyone ever finds offensive.
I wish it were otherwise but unfortunately these authoritarian tyrannical laws are also present... in Australia and you have probably forgotten but they were on full display in 2019... when the Pharmaceutical companies became the wealthiest and most profitable companies on Earth... the same companies that sponsor Political Parties,... and Television advertisements,... Social Media companies (like the one your on now) and literally run the tests and produce all medical scientific papers (studies, theories, hospitals, physicians on payroll, fund entire hospitals and livelihoods... etc. etc.) The best example I can remember of the absolute Tyranny Australia was under is a case whereby a pregnant women in Victoria was arrested for writing on a Facebook post that she was against lockdowns and supported the protests against them... the Police came and arrested her... for 'Hate Speech'... it luckily enough got picked up media companies (TV stories and articles). Luckily. So the police, after dragging this pregnant woman kicking and screaming out of her apartment (not exactly literally) let her go without charge. Only out of the fear of public ridicule and hatred that would have emerged. She was lucky that happened. Very very lucky. And there is no way she should have had to have been 'lucky' for merely making a post on Facebook. Had it not been picked up by media companies, that pregnant woman could have still been in prison to this very day (though possibly and likely house arrest or community service).
America simply does not have this problem as written into the very constitution as the 1st Amendment to their constitution by the founding fathers in all of their wisdom, intelligence, good faith and if your religious like they where, filled with divine enlightenment wrote it such that the Government in America has no ability to write any law to restrict people's rights to express themselves (Freedom of Speech), restrict the press (because back then they lacked smart phones, social media and all modern technology, which should be obvious but perhaps it is not and is difficult for people today to even begin to imagine life back then despite it being very loosely similar to today's world) and finallu restrict people's religious freedoms (written in reverse order to this because they were all wise God loving, humble, noble and brave men.
America's 1st Amendment is the only Freedom of Speech law written into its very constitution in the entire world, it is the reason that America is referred to as 'Land of the Free' and the second part of that phrase, 'Home of the Brave.'. As for protests, peaceful assembly had always been constitutionally protected, not violent assembly so riots and revolution is still very much illegal and is met with lethal counter force every time. [As a side note, if peaceful assembly fails to prevent America becoming a Tryrannical State, then the 2nd Amendment is the fail-safe. As the wisdom of the founding fathers literally argued and intendeded]
Australia does not have that phrase and frankly I feel that every Australian that knows that, feels a deep unspoken, subconscious shame over that fact and far more importantly that all Australians simply do not have the constitutional right to even speak their minds freely, as every human being alive desires.
As Rowan Atkinson stated 'Hate Speech' is not real. It is a term used to silence, censor and remove power from whomever those in power disagree and dislike or are offended by. There are seemingly endless examples from history of the evil deeds of enactment of those disliked by existing powers for example, Galileo (ostracised and persecuted by the church and all religious folk for merely stating he believed that the sun was the center of the Galaxy and not the Earth), Nikola Tesla (defamed by the work of Tomas Edison and countless people trying to claim his inventions as their own by way of patent theft and lies for the purpose of advertising like don't by an American organisation NPR over the discovery of radio), (Jesus Christ himself by his crucifixion by my Ancestors, the Romans) and as the last example, the NAZI's by locking up any intellectuals that disagreed or dared critisize any of their doctrine and propoganda, their torture of anyone condemned for death by way of countless sadistic and grotesque torture methods, and some though quite few, for scientific discovery purposes, their burning of the books followed in time by bodies, and lastly their brutal slaughter of the Jews, no evidence of wrongs but only stirring words and speeches from their beloved demagogue, Adolf Hitler and gigantic amounts of absolute propoganda distributed to the masses, orchestrated by NAZI Propoganda Chief Joseph Goebbels and his team. (Which every highschool student should have, though potentially didn't, have already learned from Highschool History class, at least in every Public School, Private Schools may be permitted a different curriculum.) Offensive caused by speech has only 1 solution. More Free speech, Rowan Atkinson a famous actor that has probably more wealth than this entire subreddit conveyed this message, and it would seem as an absolute truth as far as I can tell.
I have written this in hopes of sparking and pasing wisdom and knowledge into whoever needs to have read this. And hopefully you will pass this type of message on yourself from now on. Australia needs the Right of Freedom of Speech written into its very constitution. As demonstrated during COVID19 it needed it years ago but now even more than ever.
And to those that would say it will do nothing but allow mass disinformation, manipulation and mislead people, I would say this, history has proven you absolutely dead wrong on that statement and sentiment, the only solution to offense from speech is more Free Speech and if you silence, censor or try more modern trends of the same kind known as deplatforming or cancelling, then all you do, all you achieve, everything you are trying to stop will only be made stronger, more resilient and more popular then ever before. As examples, take Jesus Christ, he has the Roman equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered, he was crucified, publicly executed like a lamb to the slaughter to send a message of absolute obedience being required to the rest of the herd. Yet because of that Christianity exploded and has been far more viral than COVID19 or any viral video has ever been to date. And for modern times look at Tucker Carlson, deplatformed by pressure from Pharmaceutical companies, lawsuits from shitty voting machine companies and pathologically idealogically fanatic ex employees in lawsuits. Tucker Carlsons show on Fox was the most popular show on Fox News and it drew in about 2 million people every night to watch it... after he was fired... is now getting 35+ million on the regular after he started up on Twitter. I do so imagine that actuall that will be an understatement in the coming future as currently he's on his 2nd episode ever. The 'Streisand Effect' in full unbridled, unstoppable force.
Every Australian deserves the right to express themselves freely, meaning free of all Government persecution and all possible Government and legal persecution. This is and has always been a left wing idea, as the rule of Tyrants; Dictators, kings Pharaohs, Caesar's, Shoguns, Kahns, Lords, Nobles Knights and Emperors have always, always been majority perpetuated by people with conservative temperaments, whereas free thinkers, creative and imaginative people are the minority of people perpetuating the rule of Tyrants.
We here in Australia critisize China for authoritarianism and tyranny when there is weakness in our own ranks. 'Those in glass houses should not throw stones' - some famous person, 'never lay cannonfire on your enemy with a glass cannon' -me. Western countries, especially our home country Australia's true colours, true laws and beliefs of of Australian people were broadcasted for the world to see during covid. And they paint a very dark authoritarian picture of our nation to the world, something China is more than smart enough to take advantage of... and much to our chagrin they are and have been since Covid ended for us. Chinese propoganda, their Television Channels, all Chinese State OWNED... all of them constantly bring up how Australia, England and America all were even worse if not just as bad as China was during Covid19, and as the best and most convincing propoganda always is... its harrowingly mostly true. (Only, partly mostly thankfully) but domestic Chinese TV isn't the most important propoganda outlet taking the easy win by using our sins in their propoganda... no, that would be the Confucius Institute in Australian Universities. China's unelected ruling communist party (communist in name only these days, just a full bull authoritarian tyranny is their ideology nowadays) main propoganda outlet in Australia is a Chinese University group called the Confucius Institute (I could be wrong about the name and I've spent too long writing this to be bothered to look it up). They target young, impressionable Chinese men and women when they are studying abroad in Australia's universities, our most popular young adult Chinese attraction, I dare say, maybe even 'Global young adult Asian attraction' as I once met a man from Tibet who said exactly that in a course I had to take for my construction job (white card). The Confucius Institute goal is promote CCP propoganda via demonising the way Australia and all Western countries are so that as few young people ever believe in the ideals of Democracy and want to return to China, such that the CCP can perpetuate its tyrannical rule over China forever. Idealogically brainwash 'loose ends' - Mafia Terminology if you understand. They thanks to what happened to Australia under the Lib/Nats Coalition 2019 to late 2022 they distribute and spread half truths about Australia and countless other lies about every part and aspect of life in Australia as well as pay members of their organisation to organise pro China protests, (sign holders and chanters) in Australian Universities, footage of this circulated sparsely in Australian media and articles during 2014-2018 roughly though probably a bit before too. They actively seek out and target specifically ethnically Chinese and often try to emotionally blackmail them, incite fear into them, speak exclusively their propoganda to then and rarely but almost certainly literally blackmail them using the threat of violence, torture and death of their families back in China. Naturally there's no direct evidence of that claim except for Chinese Father and Husband in England that was blackmailed (husband of high ranking shipping Port official wife) they abducted his wife and child and forced the wife read a script to the husband over the phone (utilised emotional and physical blackmail and just directly veiled and unveiled threats, I recommend you look up interviews from the husband) and if you look up the articles of the Confucius Institute from IDK 2011-2018 and have the ability to interpret from what the articles found you can tell the Confucius Institute, only has 1 purpose, to try and perpetuate the CCP's rule of China and stop and protest against their rule, specifically stopping Tiananmen Square type protests from ever happening again. The Tianamen Square Massacre was a global well known proverbial black eye to China that severely hampered every nation's diplomatic relations with China for close to half a century, and the CCP didn't like that as even Tyrants love swimming in money, also the CCP loves stealing technology through trade espionage, China's MAG Lev trains and their entire car industry is built off stolen technology from Western companies dumb enough to deal with companies owned by the CCP. Naturally the Chinese who have been or are being 'convinced' by the Confucius Institute are always the biggest promoters of Anti Freedom ideas, especially the death of Freedom of Speech via hate speech crime laws such as: incitement of violence laws (Victoria mainly), offensive Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts,,, Goddamn Reddit posts all hopefully being made illegal and the Liberals God awful rich persons almost exclusive digital world referee, The new E-Safety Commisioner. And like all the God awful Tyrant Commissioner's from TV shows and books if the E-Safety commisoner ever... EVER gets in the hands of the Liberals again it will be used against the normal people of Australia to beat the collective will of normal free thinking Australian's to the ground if not to death. Only complete dumbass Liberal Supporters usually dumb beer drinking sky news watchers (usually fossils) and Young Adult Chinese University Students support ANY of the laws and speech referees I just mentioned.
Again please war h the video I linked at the tiop and if the Politcal State of the U.K interests you for whatever reason then I recommend: Count Dankular (his second channel) the first person in Scottish History tried and found guilty of 'Hate Speech'... from a freakin comedy video. Where he's mocking the very thing they charged him for supporting [funny pug salute video as a direct hint]), Jonathan Pie (excellent wit, fantastic satirist and insult wordsmith wizard, also very yelly, I like him) and lastly full Aussie Jordan Shanks himself, the namesake of this subreddit, FriendlyJordies. Whenever he actually gets round to covering the U.K his analysis is excellent.
Also a guy from YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad though... fair warning, his videos are really boring but he is quite very articulate.
All Australians deserve the Right of Freedom of Speech. And unfortunately, on Reddit in particular I see far too many Tyrannical Speech Law sympathisers which I personally find truly disgusting and as much as I hate the authoritarian ideas you spout, I will defend your right to say and spread them. If your a real FriendlyJordies fan or agree with his ideas and rhetoric than I already know you support all Australians Right of 'Free Speech'.
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2023.06.09 15:52 eXeK_ks Windows 11 boot issue

Since I am temporarily moving out in a week, I wanted to install Honkai: Star Rail on my deck to at least do daily task when not near my main PC. I decided to install Windows 11 on my external SSD (Samsung T7 Touch) because I don't want to risk getting banned for using 3rd party launchers.
I downloaded Rufus and followed the guide I found on YouTube. Everything seemed fine but when I selected the Windows SSD from the boot list, it showed Steam Deck logo, told me to wait a little, and instead of beginning the Windows installation, it just booted to SteamOS like usual. I tried to format my SSD 3 times and each time it failed, I am confused since I followed the guide from beginning to end. Did Steam Deck had an update preventing booting from external drives? Is there a problem with SSD I am using? It does come with some software in order for fingerprint lock to work correctly but I'm not using it anyway.
Did anyone else encounter the issue?
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2023.06.09 15:33 psychephylax [USA-NY][H]Older hardware: 3 systems (3770k, 3570k, Dell 7040 mff, 5 monitors, parts [W] Cash

Time for some spring cleaning!
Because I am selling a bunch of big and bulky items, I'm selling local only. I can deliver within a 10 mile radius of 11787, or further depending on what you're buying, don't hesitate to ask. I'm open to offers and bundling things together.

SKU Price Description Notes Timestamps
SKU01 $5 or free with monitor 1st Gen Chromecast I used it as a virtual fireplace with Google Assistant and a monitor around holidays
SKU02 $5 or free with monitor Chromecast Ultra 4K Bought an Android TV so no longer need
SKU11 $30 Intel i5-3570 (non-K), 16gb of DDR3, Asus P8Z77-V LE with bonus Inte i3-3250 My old ESXI server components, upgraded to 8th gen
SKU03 $100 System1: Dell 7040 MFF Intel i5-6600T, 16gb of RAM, 500gb HDD, includes PSU Comes with generic wifi usb dongle, fresh Win10 install, just add a monitor, mouse and keyboard and you're good to go
SKU04 $150 System2: Ivy Bridge i7-3770k, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H, 32gb (4x8) DDR3, 265gb SSD, 5TB HDD, Asus GTX 660-Ti, G933, old mouse, K780 keyboard, T9E Wifi Card, Define R4 case Used as my main Windows/hackintosh system until upgraded to newer hardware, fresh Win10 install, fresh MX-4 thermal paste, just add a monitor, the keyboard sometimes has the volume down button stick, mouse is usable but old
SKU05 $130 System3: Ivy Bridge i5-3570k, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H, 32gb (4x8) DDR3, 265gb SSD, 500gb HDD, Intel stock fan, Fractal Design Focus I OEM Used as my son's system, I built him another one with newer parts as he got older, fresh Win10 install, just add a monitor, mouse and keyboard
SKU06 $65 Dell U2410 Monitor (1920x1200, 16:10), power cable, AS501 soundbar Both U2410 for $100
SKU07 $60 Dell U2410 Monitor (1920x1200, 16:10), power cable, Both U2410 for $100
SKU08 $40 Dell P2317hf Monitor, power cable
SKU09 $40 Samsung P2370HD 1080p TV/Monitor (HDMI, DVI inputs, has speakers) No remote
SKU10 $20 Dell 2005FPW IPS monitor No stand, great for a project of some kind like magic mirror or dakboard

Trying to do some spring cleaning, everything I have was working at the time it was decomissioned from service. The whitebox systems were built to be hackintosh capable (You would have to pull the 660 Ti however as it's not compatible)
I put together some bundles at a discount:
Bundle Price Description Notes
BUNDLE01 $125 SKU03+SKU08 Dell Micro with P2317hf monitor and cables
BUNDLE02 $200 SKU04+SKU06 i7-3770k system with 1 Dell U2410 Monitor, soundboar and cables
BUNDLE03 $250 SKU04+SKU06 i7-3770k system with 2 Dell U2410 Monitors and cables
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2023.06.09 15:27 YanivAver Can't update my whatsapp app, help please

My mom is using my old android phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 5,
great phone, she has been using whatsapp for years now!

Upon whatsapp's latest update on the 5th of june, she can't update the app, meaning she can't use whatsapp at all!

Here is a list of all the things I checked prior posting here :)
  1. On the whatsapp app page on the google play app it says her phone and system version is supported by whatsapp, meaning whatsapp should work on her phone, it says it clearly, "application will work on this device".
  2. I made sure her phone operating system is up to date, it is, no updates available.
  3. I removed cache data from the google play app and from whatsapp.
  4. I restarted the phone multiple times.
  5. Checked the Internet connection, it is working for sure, tried using wifi and celullar connection, on both of them, I still can't update whatsapp.
  6. Checked all google settings, everything is set correctly.

She needs whatsapp, her work is dependent on it.
This is an emergency, please help :)

Thank you.
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2023.06.09 15:24 Any_Wasabi_7152 [Online][SWRPG][FFG][EST] Player Looking for a SW Scum and Villainy Campaign

Name: Thrawn Age: 35 Time Zone: EST Availability: Evenings and nights after 6 EST other than Tuesday and Thursday. Free all day on weekends. Preferences: FFG (Edge?) is my fave. No paid games (can't afford it). Style: I like serious, mature rp based games. Combat is awesome, but I want it to mean something. Humor is fine, but I am not looking for a goofy game. To me, the best rpg games are about collaborative story telling, with characters interacting with one another and growing over time. Generally, I like my stories to acknowledge the darker sides of the galaxy - slavery, exploitation, the oppression of different species, and so on. If I am working with a Hutt, it is worth knowing the extent of their cruelty and depravity as seen in ROTJ. Settings: I am open to any EU or Disney canon time period (I appreciate both). I would prefer an scum and villainy type campaign rather than a force based one, but it really depends. I am down for a grey or villainous campaign, as well as a light side one, but it worth knowing what we are fighting against if we are the good guys. Experience: Been play ttrpgs, including SWRPG, for over 6 years. Also 5e, ASOIAF RPG, Traveller, PbtA, and other systems. Been DMing a whole lot, and I would like to be a player. As for Star Wars, been reading the books since I was 6, starting with the Thrawn trilogy, which I still dearly love. Love KOTOR and the Old Republic. Andor is my fave Disney era work. Notes: I have no time for real world bigots. Do not bother to contact me if you are. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:19 Neztup Super Display not running on 120Hz with Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Hello dear Reddit community,
I recently bought myself the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with 128gb. One of the main reasons for me (believe it or not) was Super Display. I`ve had the Galaxy Tab S6 lite before and figuered the S8 Ultra would be even better as a Second Display for my Laptop (ASUS ROG M16 GU603HM). I use the tablet a lot for studying, that`s why i didn`t just buy a second monitor.
But unfortunately it doesn`t run at 120hz. From what I can tell its 60hz at max. I have tried almost everything already. I installed the Super Display Beta on the tablet and also the beta driver on my Laptop. In the driver I selected my dedicated GPU for the streaming and I can see that in the task manager. On the app I chose the 120hz. I am using my Thunderbolt 4 port with a Thunderbolt cable. I have updated all my drivers. In the display settings on windows it also shows me that the second monitor is running on 120hz and in USB Tree View it tells me it`s connected to USB 3.2 Gen 1.
I don´t know if I am expecting too much but it definitely isn`t running on 120hz. The latency is really good when using the S-Pen in OneNote for example and the pressure sensitivity is also working just fine. It`s just that it´s not as fast as my laptop display which is 144hz and 120hz shouldn`t be that much of a difference.
If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know :)
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2023.06.09 15:08 kainvinosec [USA-OK] [H] TotK Joycons & Console Box, 97 Games, 9 Manuals (3DS-2, Atari 2600-6, Game Boy-1, Genesis-1, NDS-3, NES-11, PC-1, PS1-8, PS2-7, PS3-11, PS4-5, SNES-1, Switch-1, Wii-6, Xbox 360-32, Xbox One-1), Amiibos-20, 3 Consoles (3DSXL-1, PS2-1, PS3-1) [W] PayPal (F&F/G&S, Buyer's Preference)

Newly added:
Version Item Condition Price (Includes Shipping)
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Limited Edition Console Joycons, Straps, Grip Brand New $160.00
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Limited Edition Console Box & Inserts Brand New (minor cut/damage in one spot on a corner) $60.00
About the above:

All images uploaded for this post will be included here:

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail. Items will be placed in bubble wrap and shipped inside boxes. Tracking and insurance are included. Add the following to all orders:

  1. GAMES

Things of note:

Console Game Condition Price
3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf CIB - Complete In Box $14.00
3DS Disney Magical World CIB - Complete In Box $13.00
Atari 2600 Dragonfire CIB - Complete In Box $24.00
Atari 2600 Missile Command Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Atari 2600 Space Jockey Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $3.00
Atari 2600 Space War Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Atari 2600 Video Chess Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Atari 2600 Warplock Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Game Boy Asteroids Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $9.00
Genesis Columns Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
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PC Final Fantasy VIII Loose+ - Cartridge/Discs with Proper Disc Sleeve $10.00
PS1 Final Fantasy VIII Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $9.00
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PS1 Spawn: The Eternal CIB - Complete In Box $20.00
PS1 Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $8.00
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PS1 Test Drive: Off-Road CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
PS1 Test Drive: Off-Road 2 CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
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PS3 Diablo III CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
PS3 Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $14.00
PS3 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX CIB - Complete In Box $6.00
PS3 Mass Effect 2 CIB - Complete In Box $2.00
PS3 Mass Effect 3 Sealed $7.00
PS3 Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe [Greatest Hits] CIB+ - Complete In Box Including Extras $7.00
PS3 Red Dead Redemption Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $13.00
PS3 Tomb Raider CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
PS3 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Game of the Year) [Greatest Hits] CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
PS3 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Game of the Year) [Greatest Hits] CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
PS3 White Knight Chronicles: International Edition CIB - Complete In Box $7.00
PS4 Destiny CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
PS4 Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition CIB - Complete In Box $10.00
PS4 Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Sealed $15.00
PS4 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Sealed $15.00
PS4 Super Monkey Ball - Banana Mania (Anniversary Edition) Sealed $15.00
SNES WWF Super WrestleMania Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $6.00
Switch Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE - Complete CIB - Complete In Box $13.00
Wii Disney Epic Mickey CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns CIB - Complete In Box $10.00
Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns CIB - Complete In Box $10.00
Wii Elebits CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
Wii Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition CIB - Complete In Box $9.00
Wii Super Mario Galaxy Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $12.00
Xbox 360 Alone in the Dark CIB - Complete In Box $6.00
Xbox 360 Batman: Arkham City CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
Xbox 360 BioShock Loose+ - Cartridge/Discs with Behind the Scenes Disc $3.00
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Xbox 360 Borderlands CIB - Complete In Box $2.00
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Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
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Xbox 360 Your Shape: Fitness Evolved CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
Xbox One Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition CIB - Complete In Box $6.00

Console Manual Price
GBA Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Prophecy $7.00
GBA Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World $7.00
GBA Wario Land 4 $10.00
PS1 Brave Fencer Musashi $27.00
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PS1 Wild Arms $14.00

Note: All Amiibos are "loose". Images included in the link at the top of the post. Amiibos also require $15.00 shipping regardless of how many are purchased. Their bases are just too big for the $10 shipping box's size.
Amiibo Price
Diddy Kong $17.00
Donkey Kong $25.00
Dr. Mario $13.00
Fox $9.00
Link $31.00
Link - Majora's Mask $40.00
Link - Toon $24.00
Lucario $13.00
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Mario - 30th, Classic $10.00
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Pac-Man $12.00
Peach $11.00
Pikachu $9.00
Princess Zelda $28.00
Simon $19.00
Sonic $26.00
Yoshi $21.00

Console Notes Price
Nintendo 3DS XL Black & Red Comes with charging cable & grip. Boots directly into custom firmware. Will remove NNID prior to shipping. Will come with a 128gb SanDisk SD Card. $135.00
Playstation 3 Slim System Comes with power cable, HDMI cable, and at least 1 official controller (rubber in thumbsticks may feel sticky) and may include bonus official or third party controllers for free. System is loaded with CFW and boots directly into it. System has new thermal paste and rubber block installed that helps apply pressure to the CPU/Heatsink to additionally reduce temperatures and prolong system lifespan. $90.00
Playstation 2 System (Phat) Comes with power cable, PS2-to-HDMI adapter, HDMI cable, 1 official PS1 memory card, 1 official PS2 memory card, and 1 official controller (rubber in thumbsticks may feel sticky). System is modded and comes with 1TB HDD. Shell has an area on the side that is broken from a drop, but all internals are unharmed, and system has been tested and was found working as expected. May include additional memory cards for free. $90.00

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2023.06.09 15:08 cd1014 Audio Switching

Hi all, Samsung galaxy s10+ running android 12.
I believe I recently installed an update and now my audio doesn't switch from apps correctly. If I'm listening to Spotify or YouTube and switch to an app playing video like Tiktok or Twitter, the sound fades out and the new app audio takes over. Then when I exit that video or app, the sound does not resume.
In the very recent past, I've been able to - * have spotify play music * open tiktok, watch a video or two * lock phone, spotify resumes playing
Now when I lock my phone, the spotify / youtube sound does not resume. I switch apps / audio like this when working out and I want to do something with my eyes for 30 - 45 seconds between sets or reps. Now I have to manually restart the spotify audio everytime I lock my phone or exit tiktok/Twitter.
As this is a recent change, I thought there should be a setting I can change somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
submitted by cd1014 to AndroidQuestions [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:03 Adventurous-Bell-530 I 25 F am seeking advice on my relationship with my 30 M Partner

My partner m(30) and I f(25) are now going for 3 years together and I've been under the impression that we're deeply in love but apparently he "might have been unsure" about us a year or even 8 months ago - in his own words... this was said in a recent discussion we had
I know that both men & women have different opinions on this topic but my partner has agreed to change his ways regarding corn use as it's something I'm not willing to compromise on - don't shame me, I'm not insecure or anything. It was a problem as it influenced our s*x life and it was literally everywhere - note that he's been doing it from the very start of our relationship and we've had the corn discussion prior to starting the relationship and he also knew what it did to me in my previous relationship so it's not like he wasn't aware of how it would affect me.
What I want to know is: are the following things normal for men who LOVE their significant other in committed relationships without prior discussions with their partner:
I don't know what to think and I'm too ashamed to speak to the men and women in my life about this and I just want honest opinions.
Please understand where I'm coming from and if corn works in your relationship I'm happy for you but I just want to know if this behavior is normal or anything that can help me navigate the situation. What do I do? :( And can I trust him again?
Also: if it is a corn addiction, would the person be able to just literally go cold turkey one day and "not be interested in that stuff anymore"?
I hope I'm making sense and that you guys understand where I'm coming from. Thank you 😊
submitted by Adventurous-Bell-530 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:01 FunAttitude5739 DRAM Error after new pc was working for 5 days

Hi, got home from work yesterday and went to start up my new pc build and it didn't boot. I was using it for the past 5 days with no problems and it has been running great since I completed the build last Saturday.
My motherboard is displaing a dram error and is not booting with no display output. All of the case fans start up and the lights come on but, I can't even access the bios.
I've tried reseating my ram sticks. First both, than one, than one by one in each slot and got a red dram light every time.
I've re-flashed the bios, reset the cmos (by pulling the batter), reseated the CPU, gpu, SSD and more or less took the entire build apart and put it back together.
My next plan is to pick up some new ram sticks but I wanted to see if you all had any other ideas/suggestions before is start buying new parts?
My build is:
Ryzen 7 7800x3d b650 aorus elite ax TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan DDR5 32GB Kit (2x16GB) 5600MHz Crossair 850w gold ps Samsung 980 2tb SSD Amd raydeon rx6800xt
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
submitted by FunAttitude5739 to LinusTechTips [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:00 Jaded-Reflection-468 Disclosure

There is a lot of media that depicts the prison planet theory. Some people think that elites do this because they require some level of consent from us but I disagree. They might need our consent when we are in touch with our entirety but down here? I doubt it. In fact I’m hesitant towards ideas that suggest a grander conspiracy on Earth. I’ll try to lay out my ideas.
Depictions in media:
When I first started thinking about reincarnation I wondered how I might send a message to my future self to warn them of the cycle. Could “disclosure” simply be that very same thing? That our soul remembers enough subconsciously to put these ideas out to the masses through the genre of fiction? Fiction seeds minds without the controversy of the non-fiction label. It allows people to play with the ideas and spread it when they otherwise wouldn’t. If it wasn’t for fiction I wouldn’t be awakened to this path at all. I am extremely grateful for it and it’s why I’m not so quick to slap the maker’s mark of the “elites” on everything.
It could be done with the intention to discredit but I don’t see it. We already live in a materialistic world and these ideas are clearly dangerous to the system. It simply isn’t necessary, which brings me to my next point.
Involvement of elites:
I shy away from the concept of micromanagement by them. What sounds easier:
A.) To craft the incentives of your universe so people naturally work in your favor.
B) Micromanage a global population of billions by being deeply involved at every level of power.
If you play a video game the developer already knows the environment they created and what you’re likely to do. No more effort from them required. Put the player in a world where they have to trample over each other and they will. Humans are responsible for our acts here.
They’re parasites. Minimum effort, maximum returns. The more energy they spend manipulating the less profit they get to enjoy.
I’ll use a video game reference to explain: Mass Effect. The Reapers come and harvest the galaxy in cycles once it reaches a certain level. They even have indoctrination technology. So how do they pull it off? Do they infiltrate every level of galactic governments and puppet them around? No. They simply left some mass relays to be discovered, which formed the basis of technology and space travel in every society. Once they come back to harvest they seize these relays and punish their dependency. Minimum effort, maximum returns.
Let’s be honest with each other: If they had the immense level of power in our society like some believe, we wouldn’t be talking right now. Secret police would be at your door at the very least, but they’re not. We can find the truth in our media instead of it being censored. If they were our masters they wouldn’t need to take it easy on us, we’d just lose. A lot of views focus too much on the modern. It would’ve been easiest for them to enslave us at the very beginning of our history, not now. 300,000 years for them to do with us as they please yet here we are speaking freely.
Conclusion? The greatest trick they’ve ever pulled is getting us to come here. They aren’t physical, they can’t even directly partake in their own creation. They simply aren’t all that. Do some people communicate with the Archons and benefit from them? Probably. But again if they were all powerful the game would already be over. With every piece of media released the truth digs deeper into our psyche, never to be truly forgotten. It is a great triumph of the human spirit. Do not be so quick to dismiss them and credit our enemy, lest we play into their hands.
These are just my thoughts, I’d like to hear yours.
submitted by Jaded-Reflection-468 to EscapingPrisonPlanet [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 14:55 FunAttitude5739 DRAM ERROR after build worked for 5 days

Hi, got home from work yesterday and went to start up my new pc build and it didn't boot. I was using it for the past 5 days with no problems and it has been running great since I completed the build last Saturday.
My motherboard is displaing a dram error and is not booting with no display output. All of the case fans start up and the lights come on but, I can't even access the bios.
I've tried reseating my ram sticks. First both, than one, than one by one in each slot and got a red dram light every time.
I've re-flashed the bios, reset the cmos (by pulling the batter), reseated the CPU, gpu, SSD and more or less took the entire build apart and put it back together.
My next plan is to pick up some new ram sticks but I wanted to see if you all had any other ideas/suggestions before is start buying new parts?
My build is:
Ryzen 7 7800x3d b650 aorus elite ax TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan DDR5 32GB Kit (2x16GB) 5600MHz Crossair 850w gold ps Samsung 980 2tb SSD Amd raydeon rx6800xt
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.09 14:42 stevesmyagent Need help picking new laptop upgrading from X1 Carbon 5th Gen

I am looking to upgrade my X1 Carbon 5th Gen. One reason is it won't allow native upgrade to Windows 11. I am looking at the X1 Carbon Gen 11.
Mission: Real estate agent, however I prefer to be docked or operating as a desktop replacement as much as possible, as I get more work done in a traditional desktop environment. (2) 24"s and there is a Samsung Smart TV on the wall with webcam for occasional conferences. I mostly run cloud based CRM, access online property database, zoom meetings, have a ring central phone I connect, occasional editing of some iPhone videos (might be 4k) for social media, Wordpress website building, some occasional Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for graphics or photo editing. I do often throw the laptop in my bag when running on appointments, and my last one I had the WWAN card which I would plan to keep that makes things a bit easier bouncing from car, to client, to coffee shop to other offices.
X1 5th Gen: I liked this computer, however the fan noise was the bane of my existence. It would rev up like a V8 mustang as soon as I opened a 2nd chrome browser. I could hardly work because everything I did I would have to listen to it wheezing up and down. I eventually installed TPfancontrol, but wasn't thrilled I needed a 3rd party app to manage this, in addition to overheating issues, and when docked, when the battery was fully charged that presented another heat / fan issue.
I would think / hope this would be figured out and resolved by Gen 11, however - if they didn't have this figured out by 5th Gen it sort of makes me wonder, as I have already read some reviews regarding heat / fan that I didn't want to be learning about. I have a MacbookAir with M2 chip for recreation and the lack of fan/noise is glorious.
Question: Based on what I mentioned - a few questions
1.) Is the X1 Carbon a viable option for me?
2.) Is there going to be heat / fan noise issues?
3.) I am assuming it's worth starting to move into the touch laptop world with Touch Screen?
4.) Will i5 processor suffice for my mission? (16gb ram)
5.) Am I stuck with an unwarranted loyalty to the X1 Carbon - when in reality there is no basis for me not considering other options?
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2023.06.09 14:40 Acceptable_Egg5560 Nature of a Giant [51]

Many praises to u/SpacePaladin15 for this universe.
Credit again to u/TheManwithaNoPlan for helping edit! And u/cruisingNW for their help in this chapter as well!
Memory transcript: Tarlim, Wealthy Venbig. Date: [Standardized human time] October 4th, 2136
I set my pad on speaker and placed it on the counter so I could talk and work. “Hey, Sharnet! I was just thinking about you and thought I would call you!”
“T-Tarlim?” I heard her stutter through the speaker, “S-sorry. I was expecting another person.”
“Oh,” I replied, my ears slightly lowering, “well, I can call back later if-”
No! No, it’s actually wonderful to hear from you. Oh, Stars, so much has been happening the past [few weeks]. Lots of travel, talking to people, finding where to go next, just… whuu-eeh! Thank you so much for calling. It is so good to hear from you again.”
“Same here!” I gave an amused whistle as I pulled out my large mixing bowl. “I have some good news to share! Remember when I told you about how my landlords fired me?”
“The puddles of Speh, yes. Part of me wants to believe that if they and their corporations were raided by the Grays, nothing of value would really be lost.”
I felt my tail begin to wag and have to be careful not to hit any of the fruits. “Something of value came from them this time!”
“Oh? What?” I could hear her amused whistle. It echoed wonderfully down my ears.
I chirruped excitedly as I told Sharnet of my stroke of good fortune. “My lawsuit was settled! They paid me out!”
“Really? That’s wonderful! I had thought for sure they would have fought you hard!”
“Oh, I am sure part of them wanted to.” Okay, there’s the first set of baskets done. “My lawyer said he looked like he wanted to cry when he signed.”
“Do you want to say how much, or is that something you’re not ready for?”
“Heh. Well, I got both unemployment and a very generous severance along with the payout.” I grabbed a couple stringfruits from their crate, “I won’t say the actual amount out loud because there are other people listening,” Yeah, I see your ears pointing to me! Focus on the baskets! We gotta make sure they feel welcome! “I’m glad to say that I’ve put it to good use already!”
“Good use?” I could mentally picture her tail wagging. “There are so many things I could think of that you could do that I don’t even know where to start. So what did you settle on?”
I pushed another completed basket to the side as I grabbed another jar of Starberries. “Well, it might have been buried under all the other news where you are, but our Magistratta decided to take in a good number of refugees from The Cradle. They will be living in our apartment complex for the near future.”
“The- the refugees?” I stopped for a moment at hearing her surprise. “S-stars. The invasion. That’s right. Those poor people. Huuuh. So much has been happening lately that it just… slipped into the background.”
I set the JuiceFruit down in the basket and picked up my pad. “Don’t blame yourself for that. You have been so focused on the Overseers, and I thank you for that. Some of the people here didn’t even think about it until I told them either.”
I heard a slightly relieved sigh come from the speaker. “Thanks, Tarlim. I… wait. People? What do you mean?”
I am so glad she asked! “Well, the refugees deserve a greeting! A warm welcome! So, using a bit of the settlement money, I got myself, Jacob, and a few of the braver residents together to help make some fruit baskets for them!” I glanced over to the line of people of all different species currently standing behind their own counters assembling basket after basket. It was a small miracle that anyone in my building would willingly be in the same room as me, but it showed progress. A few neighbors, some of my previous maintenance team, and even Pharva from the pharmacy! It might not be much, but they were able to be convinced!
Of course, Jacob subtly shaming them about a predator being more willing to help those in need than the “empathetic” Venlil probably had a part in that. To think it takes a predator helping for the average person to step up. How….amusingly predictable. Sharnet made a happy noise over the phone, slightly garbled by the distance. “Oh, that’s great! When do they arrive?”
“Oh, in a couple paws,” I replied, “from what I’ve seen, they might arrive in time for news about how the UN did in their attempt to retake The Cradle.”
“Retaking a world from the Arxur… do you truly think that such a thing is possible?”
I unconsciously waved my tail in thought as I placed a jar of nightberry preserves in the basket. “Humans have surprised us before. I wouldn’t put it past them to do so again.”
“We plan to!” A shout echoed over everyone working. It was Jacob. He was holding up a particularly plump Twilight Plum JuiceFruit. “We gonna make sure that the Gojid know the feeling of their homeworld being theirs once more! And We’re all doin’ our part! Makin’ sure they know they are welcomed and around people who care! Ain’t that right, everyone?!”
Murmurs and statements of agreement came from people in the room, all tinted with varying levels of shame, though for most an earnest focus on their task overcame that tint.
I wagged in agreement and turned back to my pad. The whistle of amusement coming from it is wonderful!It would certainly seem like Jacob’s made himself at home! I was worried for a while that he might be…well, you know.”
That brought my mood down slightly, remembering the fiascos of Paws past. “Well, it wasn’t always clear weather in that department. There have been ups and downs, but we’re…we’re past that now.” I looked on as Jacob waved at one of the Venlil who had been attempting to sneak out after only having done 10 baskets. No we’re not. “All we can do is move forward and look towards the future.”
“A future full of new refugees, I presume!” Sharnet whistled in amusement again. I couldn’t help but join her. I like how she can lift my mood.
“Yes, quite a few at that! Ah, it has been great to hear your voice. I really should get back to focusing on these baskets. I hope we talk later?”
“Any time you want. I’m looking forward to it!”
My tail wagged again. By the Tenants, I hope she enjoys me telling her how the greeting goes. “I may take you up on that. For now, see you later.”
“See you later!”
I closed the connection on my pad and let out a contented sigh. I placed the jar I was holding into the basket I was working on before placing it to the side, finished. For me, that comes to 50. With 13 people doing maybe… 75 baskets per paw, there should be one for every refugee instead of just one per apartment.
Which, of course, requires people to actually make them.
“P-please! It- you don’t need me! You- you have the others!!”
The Venlil was one of my former coworkers, likely only here due to being in the same room as the rest when we found them. He acted very resistant, only going along due to the pressure of his work herd. His work was by far the slowest as he acted like he was only moments away from screaming the whole time he was here.
“C’mon,” Jacob held up another complete basket in his hands, giving it a little shake for emphasis, “don’t you want to let the refugees feel welcome?”
The single striped Venlil turned to look at Jacob, his tail swaying smugly, “I think you’ve got the welcome handled. Ten baskets is more than enough, so I’m just gonna head out.”
With a sweeping wave of his arm towards the ground, he made his leave once more. Jacob called out as the selahk turned his back on us, “Hey man, every little bit helps! Worst case, you spend a few hours making someone feel the best they had in weeks!”
The Venlil turned again, the door propped open behind him. “The worst case? No, the worst case is I spend a claw or more of my break stuck in a room with you when I could be doing literally anything else right now. The Magistratta’s already organizing and paying for it, so why should I stick around if they already have it handled? So if you’ll excuse me, I need to meet my tube so I can watch tonight’s Exterminators; and if the rest of you brasels are a smart herd, you’ll do the same.”
He held open the door after addressing the other residents, his sight scanned the room. After a few seconds, he called out again. “Well? Anyone else coming?”
I looked around at the ten others in the room. At the invitation of the man, three were hesitantly putting down the fruit in their paws. One already had their bag over their shoulder and stopped mid stride as the eyes of the herd fell on them.
A moment’s pause passed before the brasel stepped back into the room, the door closing behind him. “C’mon, I can’t be the only one who sees this for what it is. The Magistratta wants to make a good impression so the Gojid will bring their money and labor. Tale as old as time! New workforce comes in, and people like me are the first to go. Well! I’m not going to give them an extra welcome, just because some…some Giant wants to feel good about himself, so who’s with me?”
The four who had been making to follow paused in their step. It seemed that this extra appeal gave them pause for thought. From the sway of their tails, they were somewhat agreeable to him up until he mentioned his job, then they drooped almost completely when he mentioned me. Perhaps things were changing after all.
I capitalized on their hesitation and spoke up. “I’m not doing it to feel good about myself. I’m doing this so that people who have had their world ripped out from under them know there’s still a place in the galaxy they are welcome. I want to ensure that they get what I never did. I want to be there for them like I wished someone was there for me.”
Jacob, that amazing man, capitalized on the opportunity as well. “Ah heard that one of your phrases was that the herd protects and cares for its herdmates. Even if you never met them, these people are part of your herd. They’re still people who deserve a happy life. We, here, can help ensure that they know that they remain part of that herd. We can help mothers feed children, fathers find work, orphans find friends. And since all that is in the future, we can start with this.” He slid yet another finished basket to the side. He motioned to the undecideds. “If the rest of y’all want to leave, go ahead. Ah’ll pick up yer slack to ensure not a single refugee goes hungry when they arrive.”
The others who had remained seated through the brahkass’s proposal glared at those ready to leave, obviously swayed by Jacob’s speech as much as the rest of us were. The undecided’s ears and tails drooped as they slunk back to their stations to keep working, becoming decider’s in the process. The striped Venlil scoffed at them and turned again. “F-Fine, let a predator tell you what to do! At least I’ll actually be living my life!” With that, he stormed out, letting the door slam behind him.
I was about to speak up, but Pharva beat me to it. “That puddle of Speh couldn’t understand what it means to assist the Herd if an Arxur screamed it in his face!” He picked up a pair of Stringfruit from a crate and placed them in the basket he was working on. “You say no refugee will go hungry? I say that not only that, but they shall all eat their fill!”
I let my tail wag as I began my next basket. “I thank you all for being here, and moreover, for staying here after that selahk tried to convince you otherwise. What we’re doing here is going to make a lot of people happier than they’ve been in a long while, and if that isn’t worth a few break claws, I don’t know what is.”
As I watched people make their baskets, something blossomed inside me that I had thought functionally dead. The Venlil weren’t just talking amongst themselves, but with Jacob, and he talked back from behind his visor. A few even ventured a short conversation with me from time to time as we processed baskets. I finally felt a feeling that I hadn’t felt since my parents were alive.
Hope. For the future, for the galaxy. For me.
I grabbed my next basket and began to fill.

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2023.06.09 14:37 bonester666 So what if the Primarchs and their legions were designed to fight specific foes..

I know we assume the Primarchs are designed with a general goal in mind like Dorn and the fists being defensive and the wolves being the executioner legion. What if the Emperor of man with his foresight designed them to fight the galaxies ultimate foes instead. This list of enemies would be as far as I know, Tyranid, Eldar, Ork, the 4 Chaos warp beings, Tau, Necron. Not in any order. Which Primarchs would be assigned to which faction? My thoughts would be knowing that the fists and the wolves have anti warp/patcher traits that they would fight two of the chaos pantheon perhaps Khorne-Dorn as he would withstand their assaults with ease and Tzeentch-Russ as they hate magic and could sniff out hidden agents. Ork-khan as hit and run tactics would be the best way to engage the heavily melee focused green horde Necron-Ferrus as he's already encountered and defeated some sort of Necron and has absorbed it into his body. Perhaps the iron hands can use Necron tech against them or would understand it better than most? Tau-Corvus avoiding the obvious long range massacre and getting behind enemy lines into melee seems the way to counter the Tau Slaanesh-Sanguinius so much rage when needed that they can't be seduced by the lord of debauchery. They are the masters of self control when it's required so the insidious plots wouldn't work. Eldar-Lion whoever fights the Eldar needs tricks and super weapons or the ability to counter super weapons. The dark angels have dark age tech and are prepared to use it. Nurgle-Vulcan and his boys fighting the plagues with fire and melta seems obvious to me
That's my probably crappy idea. What do you guys think? Which Primarchs would you assign to those foes?
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2023.06.09 14:22 Hypocriticuss NoP Fanfic: Secret Predators - 14

Memory Transcription Subject: Supervisor Tern, Constellation Capital Ship*
Date [Standardized Human Time]: 20 October, 2136
Aliens can't see below the surface.
That fact is as true now as it was when the aliens first invaded us. That fact has also been the saving grace for Ranghals for 150 years. Act like a herbivore, act like you're in a "herd", act "cured", and hide underground when you think you can't act as convincingly, and the aliens will be unable to see your true self. Because aliens can't see anything beyond what's on the surface.
Captain Korman's briefing is a testament to that.
He, along with the captains of all the other ships, have decided to leave the expedition before establishing a settlement, citing dangerously ineffective ship maintenance and predator diseased behaviour from settlers and crew. And not just the captains, most of the staff on their bridges and even some of the doctors and mechanics no longer want to be in this fleet anymore. All in all, 65 aliens, roughly one-third of the crew, will be departing shortly after this briefing, in the two ships this capital ship has been housing. Just like how you'd expect a prey species to react, running at the slightest hint of danger.
Our plan to secure the fleet from the Nevok worked perfectly, more than perfectly, in fact, since there was always the possibility of the command being shifted to the exterminators instead of us. The sabotage that was meant to take away the exterminators' primary weapon also seemed to break any trust the soon-to-be former command had on them. So the captains didn't want to transfer power to any of them, especially after the tantrum some of the exterminators threw when their flamethrowers were taken for inspection, instead they relied on the supervisors, most of whom were Ranghals, fortunately.
And here was where one of the more infuriating prejudices of the aliens reared its ugly head. It's no secret they consider Ranghals primitive by their standards, the constant berating by the captains and the alien crew members remind us of that every single day. But it seems they saw us like some moss-licking cave dwellers who have never even seen a spaceship much less be inside one. Talking to us like we were academy freshmans who never touched a simulation in their lives, trying to teach us basics like engine control, sensor data readings, proper landing procedures, and how to avoid collision with other ships. It was like they hear the word "primitive" and all that pops up in their minds are barely sapient animals who just discovered tools for the first time in their history.
The look of surprise on their faces when we showed them that the ones to replace them were already experienced in piloting ships and managing crews from our days in commanding orbital defense and patrol ships was as amusing as it was frustrating. I guess Captain Korman and the others conveniently glanced over that part when they read our files when they sent me and a few others in this room for a "predator disease" screening. Hearing that, the inexperienced alien mechanics and officers the captains did select to be their replacements backed out, clearing the way for us Ranghals to take their place. The captains seemed uneasy about that development, but didn't refute it. I had to commend them at least for that, for trusting us "primitives" over the exterminators. Otherwise, taking over the bridges, and subsequently, the fleet, would've been a more difficult and bloodier endeavor.
The second infuriating aspect of the aliens showed when Captain Korman discussed how to start our settlement should this planet be deemed suitable for it. His last act as captain was to send atmospheric and surface probes to survey the planet, to get more detailed readings of the planet's atmosphere and geology to see if it was really inhabitable, and also to look out for signs of sapient life. And this was where the discussion got interesting, as before we were just nodding along to the captain's words, since commanding ships was a familiar topic.
Apparently, if this planet did contain sapient life, we were supposed to not make first contact. Instead, we were to inform one of the founding species of this planet's location and leave in search of another planet. When I asked why we weren't allowed to make first contact, the captain said it was standard for Kolshians or Farsuls to take on first contact projects.
"It is most likely that whatever new species we find will be a herbivore species", Korman elaborated, "Usually they're peaceful, as we all are, but they could be especially prone to violence if they're too primitive, like the Yotul".
He said "Yotul", but he eyed all the Ranghals in this room as he said it, clearly trying to implicate us too, but without being too blatant about it.
"In that case, if something goes wrong with first contact, it could sour the potential relationship between that species and the Federation"
"And what if the new species is a predator?", Supervisor Heda asked the obvious question that was in all our minds.
The aliens in the room gasped and clutched their fur in shock. Their eyes went wide and their mouths hung agape, acting like we committed some grave blasphemy. While we Ranghals just looked at them with confusion. It was a simple question, but judging the aliens' reactions, it seems even bringing up the topic of sapient predators sends them into a mild panic.
"W-well th-there's nothing to worry about", Korman reassured himself and the others, "Predators don't possess the ability to cooperate as well as we do, unless it is for killing and hunting. So it is near impossible that we'll find an entire civilization of predators, if they even reached sapience, that is. Maybe just a few tiny primitive colonies here and there", the aliens all flicked their ears in acknowledgement.
Korman continued, "Of course, there are fringe cases, like the Arxur and Human, but they're just that, fringe. Whatever new species we do find, it'll most certainly be a herbivore species, like the rest of the galaxy"
Lies. The alien was lying. More than 300 species in this galaxy, and including us, they're only 3 species of sapient predators? It didn't feel right. If what the aliens tried to do to us Ranghals is any indication, what happened to other omnivores like us is abundantly clear. And so is the reason for not initiating first contact. Either "cured" or wiped out, the founders of the Federation have been modifying entire species to be herbivores for thousands of years, and changing their history to be hateful towards all meat-eaters. We are the only ones that apparently managed to prevent this, at great costs. The Southern Strip Massacre, the loss of our cattle, the vilification of our deity, and now the collapse of so many of our forests. The aliens are a scourge on the existence of life and nature. It's abundantly clear just hiding from the aliens isn't enough anymore. It's time we took Rangha back from the invaders, however risky it may be. This is the first step towards it.
The meeting concluded, the captains transferred leadership to their replacements, and headed to the return ships as they were being prepared for the 9 day journey back to our home planet. As for me and my crew, we headed to the bridge to assume our new positions, as did the rest of the replacement crew in their own respective ships. The fleet was now ours, however, there was still a dangerous element in it that still remained. The alien exterminators will need to be dealt with for us to be in complete control.
As we entered the bridge, we were greeted by the only alien officer who decided to stay behind instead of leaving like the rest of his crew. Rimik, a Nevok, sensors officer, and apparently the only one of the previous crew with a big enough mental constitution.
Even then, by his mannerisms and fidgeting, it was clear he was a bit intimidated by us. The crew suddenly changing from of his own people to one of a different, unknown species must be a little unsettling. But then again, it could be his instincts telling him something is wrong. He is a prey species, after all, and we are predators, we are about to ambush them. Rimik may not have succumbed to his instincts like the rest of the aliens, but they still affected him.
One of the more troubling and confusing aspect of the alien's psychology was the fact that they never seemed to have evolved past their base instincts. Uncontrollable stampedes, running or fainting at the slightest hint of fear, a voracious appetite for expansion, often to the detriment of their own ecosystems, and the mindless tendency to kill anything even remotely threatening to them. All these are your typical herding prey species behaviour. But these are what you'd expect from mindless animals, not from a sapient, intelligent, spacefaring species. Their instincts don't explain the callous disregard for the natural order they have, nor their refusal to learn anything about predators that doesn't reinforce their prejudices. Sometimes I wonder whether the aliens were really like this, or some elaborate act to take our planet for themselves. I made a note to myself to make learning about the aliens' nature a secondary goal of this mission.
"So, Rimik, how's the planetary survey coming along?", I asked the alien, who was sitting in his chair already pouring over the data the probes were sending back.
"It'll be another hour until the survey is complete, er… captain Tern", the sensors officer answered, "But from the data we have by now, this is looking promising", his voice got slightly more cheery as he continued, "Breathable air, farmable, non-toxic land and water, stable geology, this could be it, the planet we're looking for"
"That's good to hear", I said while silently signaling the others to start the operation. 3 officers got up and left the bridge to inform the others.
"It's a shame Captain Korman and the others decided to leave now. We're so close, I wish they stayed until the end of the expedition", Rimik spoke somberly.
"It's a shame indeed", I pretended to agree with the alien. My screen showed cam footage of the two ships where the aliens who would be leaving were. They were lounging around near the hangar and inside the ships, waiting for the final food crates to be loaded for departure, completely unaware of what was about to unfold.
"What made you stay then, Rimik? Why not go with the others?", I asked him.
"Oh… um… I just wanted to find new planets, I guess", Rimik staggered as he was not expecting this question, "Also… er… gaining favor with the Imperium, better financial opportunities, maybe even a title..."
Rimik rambled on about the Imperium and the potential good that can come out of being in their good graces. But I didn't pay attention to any of that because my mind was focused on what was happening on my screen. Several bright flashes of light curtained the footage of the hangars and ships for a split second as several LS bombs went off in the aliens' vicinity. The disoriented aliens there didn't have time to react to the white smoke that quickly filled the room, and the aliens collapsed where they stood one by one.
Alarms started blaring on all sections of the ship. The white sleeping gas seeped out from the vents and spread throughout the ship.
Toxic gas alert! Toxic gas alert! All personnel, equip your gas masks and stay clear of affected areas
The automated voice kept repeating itself. Not that it'd do much to help, since most areas of the ship were affected and I doubt a lot of the aliens will get to their gas masks before the sleeping gas gets them. Security cams showed aliens and Ranghals alike scrambling to get to their living quarters or the nearest utility room to get their gas masks. A lot of them did not manage to do so before they fell unconscious. The hangars and social rooms were the most affected, while the crew in the generator and engine rooms were mostly intact since they already had gas masks nearby.
"Wh-what the…? What's h-happening? Why now?", Rimik got up from his chair to get his gas mask, only to freeze in place as he saw his crewmates, including me, pointing their firearms at him.
"Wh- wh- wha… er… C-captain? Wh-what i-is…", all blood drained from Rimik's face and fur stood up on end in fear, he ducked his tail between his legs, which were now shaking uncontrollably.
I ordered two of the officers on the bridge to tie up the alien. They lowered their guns, donned their gas masks and left the bridge to find something to tie up Rimik with.
"Th-this is a j-joke, r-right?", the alien was sobbing, "W-why are you d-doing this?"
"You're getting your wish, Rimik. No-one is leaving this expedition", I said with a threatening glare, "Don't move. We don't want to hurt you unless we have to"
I guess we should stop calling this an expedition now. It was an insurrection, our first real fight against the aliens since the Southern Strip Massacre. The last thing we want is the larger Federation knowing about this, especially when we still can't take them on in a head-on-head fight.
I addressed the communications officers, "Open channels to all ships. Tell them we're moving to Stage 2"
The two officers came back with wires and began tying up Rimik, who looked like he was ready to scream his lungs out, but the officers shut his muzzle so all that came out of Rimik was loud muffles.
With the only alien in the room subdued, we relaxed a little.
"I'll lock the bridge now. Don't open the doors for anybody until Fria and her team arrives", I closed my eyes as I sat on my chair.
This was it. Our first step away from living under the aliens' claws.
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