How much do vapes cost


2021.01.19 20:45 DJPaulyDstheman HowMuchWouldThisCost

A place to post dope things that people build and you wonder how much it would cost.

2014.07.30 19:10 LL-beansandrice How much did those shoes cost?


2014.08.02 07:41 O00O00O00O How much time do you have?

Start your stopwatch, let it run, post pictures. No Profit.

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2023.03.24 18:30 Boludita Fixing incorrect late payments

I have my car loan through a very small local credit union. Long story short, I had an issue with them not getting my new car insurance and I called about a week after my payment. It was taken care of. However this apparently changed my payment date. They called me this week stating my account was past due. I said there is no way that’s correct, it’s on autopay every month. They verified it wasn’t late, just showing as late bc of the payment date changing. I looked at credit karma and it’s showing as like 6 months late! How do I correct this?
Edited to add this is about a Vantage score.
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2023.03.24 17:22 newmodacustomtailors 4 TIPS TO HELP YOU ROCK YOUR WHITE SUIT IN STYLE - PART 1


Best suits in bangkok
White suits are just as stylish and classical as their black counterparts. They can be worn on any occasion and is sure to leave an impression.
However, there are a few tips that you have to follow when it comes to wearing white suits.
1. Wear the Right Shoes
Most white suit wearers assume that white shoes are the way to go. They may think like this due to people wearing black shoes when wearing black suits. Unfortunately, a white pair of shoes does not go well with a white outfit.
White shoes will make it look like you're wearing a tall boot (and not one that looks nice either). Because of that, rather than pairing your white suit with white shoes, wear something that contrasts the color. Use dark colors instead, like a pair of all-black leather shoes. If you want to add a little more color, brown can go just as well too. In essence, shoes that go well with black suits go well with whites.
2. Press the White Suit
Unlike their darker counterparts, white suits tend to show wrinkles and creases much more obviously. The last thing you want to happen is to sport your white suit in a special event, only to find out you look pieces of paper stacked on top of each other.
To keep you well away from such an embarrassing moment, check your suit's care label and iron away if allowed. If it doesn't allow any form of pressing, then the next best thing you can do is to take your white suit to dry cleaners. Of course, you'll be spending some cash using the dry-cleaning route, but it is money well spent.
New Moda Custom Tailors
Email us at: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]?subject=info)
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2023.03.24 17:13 LorraineBoedeker Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander (High Quality)

I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course is one of the best programs out there that will improve your relationships with females.
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course will show you how to:
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2023.03.24 16:27 autotldr Don’t say “period”: How Florida Republicans are taking aim at basic sex education

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot)
While many of the controversial education bills in Florida have limited how schools teach about history or gender, the latest, House Bill 1069, is turning back to a more traditional target for conservatives: sex education.
The bill would regulate Florida's already disjointed sex ed landscape Florida schools are not required to teach sex education, but are required to teach comprehensive health education.
Teachers subject to book bans in certain districts, including the Duval County school district, have already described the process as time consuming and shrouded in mystery.
According to the law, teaching abstinence from sexual activity is a "Certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy." The law emphasizes that teachers must teach the benefits of monogamous heterosexual marriage.
As with other Florida legislation, if certain material is objected to it must be removed from a classroom within five school days from when the objection was filed and cannot return to the school until the objection is investigated and resolved.
If a school district finds an objection to be valid under the law, teachers must discontinue its use.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: teach#1 Bill#2 school#3 law#4 grade#5
Post found in /politics, /neoliberal, /politics, /politicyl and /politicly.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.24 16:10 ApprehensiveW4nderer Gotta love ranting about how much pain you're in and having someone correct your grammar

Like jeez, thank you for the heads up. All the issues I have on my mind. But the grammar! Can't forget the grammar! :)
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2023.03.24 15:37 minimcnabb The Imitation of Christ book 1 ch 1

"HE WHO follows Me, walks not in darkness," says the Lord.[John 8:12] By these words of Christ we are advised to imitate His life and habits, if we wish to be truly enlightened and free from all blindness of heart. Let our chief effort, therefore, be to study the life of Jesus Christ.
The teaching of Christ is more excellent than all the advice of the saints, and he who has His spirit will find in it a hidden manna. Now, there are many who hear the Gospel often but care little for it because they have not the spirit of Christ. Yet whoever wishes to understand fully the words of Christ must try to pattern his whole life on that of Christ.
What good does it do to speak learnedly about the Trinity if, lacking humility, you displease the Trinity? Indeed it is not learning that makes a man holy and just, but a virtuous life makes him pleasing to God. I would rather feel contrition than know how to define it. For what would it profit us to know the whole Bible by heart and the principles of all the philosophers if we live without grace and the love of God? Vanity of vanities and all is vanity, except to love God and serve Him alone.
This is the greatest wisdom -- to seek the kingdom of heaven through contempt of the world. It is vanity, therefore, to seek and trust in riches that perish. It is vanity also to court honor and to be puffed up with pride. It is vanity to follow the lusts of the body and to desire things for which severe punishment later must come. It is vanity to wish for long life and to care little about a well-spent life. It is vanity to be concerned with the present only and not to make provision for things to come. It is vanity to love what passes quickly and not to look ahead where eternal joy abides.
Often recall the proverb: "The eye is not satisfied with seeing nor the ear filled with hearing."[Eccles. 1:8] Try, moreover, to turn your heart from the love of things visible and bring yourself to things invisible. For they who follow their own evil passions stain their consciences and lose the grace of God.
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2023.03.24 15:27 StepwiseUndrape574 4Chan Leak Allegedly Exposes GTA 6 Lead Characters And Key Map Details

A pair of leaks have turned up on 4Chan that claim to outline details of Rockstar's forthcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans of the franchise would do well to take these rumors with a grain of salt as there's no way to know for sure if any of these details are accurate. The leaker on 4Chan goes by Rhanadeng and claims to have been a friend of a disgruntled employee working on the game during 2019.
The source claims that this employee allegedly asked him to anonymously leak information about GTA 6. However, things later improved, and he lost contact with the Rockstar team member. One key detail is that this person also claims the game has been in active development since 2016 or 2017, with pre-production starting shortly after GTA V was ported to current generation consoles in 2014. The new GTA VI game world map is also claimed to be the size of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 combined.
gta v mission One of the odder bits that this 4Chan user details is a minigame where players control a stream of urine from a protagonist using motion controls. On the protagonist front, there are said to be four in the game, including a driver called Walther Wallace and an unnamed former Israeli IDF person. Another, Thomas Branigan, is a smuggler who owns an aircraft called the Raven, and Marcus Burke is a drug dealer and father to a young boy.
The area is said to be based in Florida, with Vice City among the three major cities with one smaller city in the far northwest of the map. The game reportedly jumps around in time with part of the timeline set in the 1980s and other parts set in the present day. Missions aren't as linear as they are in GTA V or RDR2, notes the proclaimed leaker. Players will briefly visit a small central American island, but it's reportedly not Guarma. The game starts with gamers playing the role of smuggler, Branigan.
gta v car Supposedly there are multiple child characters in the game that mainly interact with Burke and his son. Switching between the protagonists isn't said to be instantaneous, but the camera reportedly zooms out and travels quickly to where the protagonist the player wants to play is located. Sleeping Dogs-inspired parkour is involved in the game as well, but to a lesser extent without wall running. The leaker claims that weapons function more realistically in the game than they have in past titles. An example noted is rocket launcher back blast that ends up taking out an NPC in one of the missions, where the goal is to destroy a helicopter.
Hand-to-hand combat is supported and is said to be similar to Red Dead 2, with the leaker noting it's harder to fight hand-to-hand GTA VI than in GTA V. Player characters can also gain weight in the game, and it affects character attributes as it did in RDR2. Mori Kibbutz is also reportedly in the game, but not much else is detailed about his character.
This leak isn't the first that has surfaced about GTA 6. Last December, a user on reddit claiming to be a beta tester, leaked a bunch of alleged details of the game. In January, another leak claimed that the game would launch in 2021.
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THE WORLD IS SHIFTING Nobody Wants To Be A Commodity Are you irreplaceable?

62% of labor jobs will be phased out in the next 10 years.This is including jobs that require a high-skill level.This isn’t anything new, we are seeing it happen right before our eyes.All signs have been pointing toward individual creative work for a while now.
“If the work doesn’t require creativity, delegate it, automate it, or leave it.” — Naval
But before I waste anymore of your time with my doomsday speculations, let’s see if you should continue reading.If you do not relate with one of the bullets below, you’re free to leave the page:
  • You have multiple interests but don’t how to attract people to your work (for work to be valuable, it needs people that deem it valuable.)
  • You already have a one-person business but aren’t confident in the quality of your social media posts, newsletters, or content as a whole.
  • You are already writing online but don’t have a systemized way of creating content that stands out (without templates or copying others).
  • You haven’t started learning a skill and want to learn one that you can sell on its own, or enhance the impact of every other in-demand skill.
  • You are earning with your time instead of your mind and want to build a foundation to reverse that.
  • You have followed the common advice of “learn a skill, sell the skill” with little success (because you don’t have attention, authority, or an audience).
  • You are sick and tired of learning skills that lead to nowhere — and that you don’t see yourself doing for more than 10 years.
I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.03.24 15:14 JoeDonnell1 For guys: How often do you have deep convos w the boys?

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2023.03.24 15:12 cr0w_p03t Where the final battle will be fought??

I've been thinking about that recently, there are some possibilities like laugh tale, holy land mary geoise or maybe even God valley.
But I've been thinking, what if the final battle is not fought in an island?
Assuming Blackbeard will be the final opponent it would make some sense if the battle was fought on high seas.
At this point everyone heard the theory about the "Titanic" captains and the fact that almost all of BBs crew could die if fallen on water.
This would have much higher chance of happening if the battle itself happened on the sea, but maybe it's not any sea...
I was thinking about the chance of the specific sea being the all blue which could be a part of the sea near Laugh tale.
This is all speculation and guesswork tho.
Show me your thoughts, where do you think it'll happen
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2023.03.24 14:56 EasyGet_USA Tired of spending a lot of time preparing breakfast? What do you think about this device? Price in China-$9.99, weight-0.3 kg, shipping cost-$24/kg

Tired of spending a lot of time preparing breakfast? What do you think about this device? Price in China-$9.99, weight-0.3 kg, shipping cost-$24/kg submitted by EasyGet_USA to u/EasyGet_USA [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 14:07 Ordinary_Life Sick Dog / Last Days

I have a golden retriever (10 years old) that is currently very sick. He was diagnosed with a tumor on his pancreas and his health declined very quickly this week. He stopped eating, couldn't move and became very lethargic. The vet said he has maybe a few days left to live so I decided to take him home and spend as much time together as we can.
He has not pooped for a week and has not peed (that I am aware of) since 1.5 days ago (he spent one night at the veterinarian hospital when they found the tumor).
I think he really needs to pee but he is such a good boy and used to never having accident inside the house, so I think he is uncomfortable doing it now. He is a large dog so it's almost impossible for me to lift him on my own (I live on my own in a foreign country). I tried getting him outside but he couldn't really go.
I don't mind if he pees/poops inside the house, I am just trying to make him as comfortable as possible in his last moments. Any advice on what can I do to help him with this?
This is a very difficult time for me because he is my best friend. I was not expecting this diagnosis and I was shocked at how quickly his health declined. Any advice on how to help him be more comfortable and happy in his last days?
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2023.03.24 13:55 mnamou5654 How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid?

How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid? submitted by mnamou5654 to u/mnamou5654 [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 13:43 berot3 Pro/Contra-comparison-table

Hi everyone! Hi u/cody_premiumize! :)
I wanted to do said list to hopefully get some feedback and/or correction on my facts. I could need some help to build this table.
I did the usual sonarradarr torrenting before and sometimes usenet. When I first heard of debrid I thought that that's a fantastic idea! Then I heard of premiumize! :) So far, this is what I got:
(I am not using OCH, so this is basically about torrents.)


Premiumize (PM) RealDebrid (RD)
Storage: Pro for RD only 1 TB per month. Still need to test this for one month (had only the trial for couple days). read below: "PM Storage info" unlimited (afaik)
Storage: Pro for PM your download is here to stay (afaik) RD deletes unused files within 30 days. But most of the files are in constant use so in most cases this doesnt seem to be a big issue.
Transfer: Pro for RD RD does seem to have a bigger cache? So more torrents can be linked directly. (this needs testing)
Transfer: Pro for PM seeds 3 days or ratio 2. in my case this is not enough though, since I need 5 days min. RD does not seed except maybe a few hours, from what I have personally seen. This means you can use RD only for public trackers.
Management: Pro for PM the webinterface seems more organized and structured to me. I feel like I have much more control then in RD you can't create folders and the webinterface didn't get a refresh since 20 years (thats what it feels like.)
Transfer: Pro for PM also offers usenet, RSS and VPN does only torrent
Price: Pro for RD PM is (afaik) a kind of "premium-version" of RD. It simply offers more. If you are OK with public trackers, then RD is a no-brainer
1 month: 10 € 1 month: 4 €
12 months: 70 (5,75/m) 12 months: 32 (2,67/m)

PM and RD are more or less equal on these points:

PM Storage info

Idea I had:
Exactly. But how about this: If the file is already cached than dont deduct it from the 1 TB! only if a actual download took place and PM needed to use extra storage, only than it should cost something. Like RD you would be free to remove unused cached files, that sounds only fair. How can the user make a difference? There should be of course to storage-spaces: 1 with 1 > TB cloud-storage and 1 with the free cached storage. IMHO this would make PM 10x more attractive for RD-switcher. (at least for me :D )


Other RD-clones to consider:

I have not tested them yet, let me know if you used them!
There are of course more, but I haven't found any that would be worth mentioning. Let me know if you have something good!
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2023.03.24 13:29 AggravatingReason649 Paul Mazzochetti / Coldwell Banker Realty

I'm a long time real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Preferred-Conshohocken in CONSHOHOCKEN, PA and the nearby area, providing home-buyers and sellers with professional, responsive and attentive real estate services. Want an agent who'll really listen to what you want in a home? Need an agent who knows how to effectively market your home so it sells? Give me a call! I'm eager to help and would love to talk to you.

Real Estate Agent, Realtor, Real Estate, Buyers, Sellers, Foreclosure, Short sale, Listing Agent, First Time Home buyers, Relocation, Luxury Homes, Investment Property, Home Value, Senior Specialist, How Much is My Home Worth, Top Realtor Best, Real Estate Agent In My Area, Global Optimization Solutions
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2023.03.24 13:15 digiikf Understanding Different Types of PPC Ads: Search, Display, Social Media, and More

Understanding Different Types of PPC Ads: Search, Display, Social Media, and More
“There is no question that paid search advertising is the fastest and most controllable way to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services.” – Neil Patel
As the digital landscape continues to evolve, PPC advertising remains a key component of any successful digital marketing strategy. With PPC, advertisers pay only when a user clicks on their ad, making it a cost-effective way to reach their target audience.
Let’s look at the different types of PPC ads and how they can be used to achieve different marketing goals.

What is PPC advertising?

  • PPC advertising is a type of digital advertising in which advertisers pay for each click on their ads.
  • This model allows advertisers to only pay for results, making it a cost-effective way to drive traffic to their website.
  • PPC ads can be displayed on search engines, social media platforms, and other websites.

Search Ads

  • Search ads are the most common type of PPC ads. These ads appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for specific keywords or phrases.
  • Search ads are highly targeted and can be customised to match the user’s search intent.
  • For example, if a user looks for “best running shoes,” they may see ads for running shoes or related products.

How to create search ads

  • Creating search ads involves selecting keywords that are relevant to your product or service and creating ad copy that includes those keywords.
  • Advertisers bid on keywords, and the highest bidder will have their ad displayed in the top position on the SERP.

Benefits of search ads

  • Search ads are highly targeted and can reach users who are actively searching for products or services like yours.
  • They are also cost-effective, as advertisers only pay when a user clicks on their ad.

Display Ads

  • Display ads are visual ads that appear on websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms.
  • These may include images, videos, and interactive elements.
  • Display ads can be highly targeted and can reach a large audience.

How to create display ads

  • Creating display ads involves designing ad creative, selecting targeting options, and choosing where to place your ads.
  • Advertisers can target users based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours.

Benefits of display ads

  • Display ads can be highly engaging and can help to build brand awareness.
  • They can reach a large audience and can be customised to match the user’s interests and behaviours.

Social Media Ads

  • Social media ads are ads that appear on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Social media ads can be highly targeted and can reach users based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours.

How to create social media ads

  • Creating social media ads involves designing ad creative, selecting targeting options, and choosing where to place your ads.
  • Advertisers can target users based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours.

Benefits of social media ads

  • Social media ads can be highly engaging and can help to build brand awareness.
  • They can reach a large audience and can be customised to match the user’s interests and behaviours.

Other types of PPC ads

There are several other types of PPC ads that advertisers can use to reach their target audience.

Remarketing Ads

  • Remarketing ads are ads that target users who have previously visited your website or interacted with your brand.
  • These ads can be highly targeted and can help to re-engage users who may have previously shown interest in your products or services.

Shopping Ads

  • Shopping ads are ads that appear on search engines and social media platforms and showcase products that are available for purchase.
  • These ads include product images, prices, and descriptions and can be highly effective at driving sales.

Video Ads

  • Video ads are ads that appear on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube.
  • These ads can include pre-roll ads that play before the user’s selected video, mid-roll ads that play during the video, or post-roll ads that play after the video has ended.
  • Video ads can be highly engaging and can help to build brand awareness.
Understanding the different types of PPC ads and how they can be used to achieve different marketing goals is essential for any business looking to succeed in digital advertising. By choosing the right type of PPC ad for your business and target audience, you can drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales and revenue.
If you’re looking to take your digital advertising game to the next level, look no further than IKF, the leading performance marketing company in Pune! With our expertise and cutting-edge strategies, we can help you achieve your marketing goals and drive results that matter. Contact us to know more and see how we can help your business grow!
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2023.03.24 12:55 Tusharika122 Choose the Best Online University

Choose the Best Online University
If you've been considering enrolling in an online university, it's crucial to know how to choose the best one for yourself. Choosing the wrong program or university can be a costly mistake and can leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Thankfully, with the right knowledge and research, you can select an online university with confidence. In this video, we'll provide some tips on how to choose the best online university.
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2023.03.24 12:54 empty_room_9841 hi kinda new to reddit

iam very new to reddit , just logged in be honest iam just here to vent about how i feel everyday.. yea iam a stupid teen with too much pressure , iam glad i can vent here without anyone knowing my identity
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2023.03.24 12:50 fc69003090 When do I get features like creating guides and collabs after making a creator account?

Hi. I created a new creator account and it gives you the option to create guides and do collabs, but how long do you have to wait after creating a creator account to get these features? I’ve been waiting a few days and didn’t get them yet…
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2023.03.24 12:00 code_hunter_cc Remove blacklist keys from array in PHP

I have an associative array of data and I have an array of keys I would like to remove from that array (while keeping the remaining keys in original order -- not that this is likely to be a constraint).
I am looking for a one liner of php to do this. I already know how I could loop through the arrays but it seems there should be some array_map with unset or array_filter solution just outside of my grasp.
I have searched around for a bit but found nothing too concise.
To be clear this is the problem to do in one line:
//have this example associative array of data$data = array( 'blue' => 43, 'red' => 87, 'purple' => 130, 'green' => 12, 'yellow' => 31);//and this array of keys to remove$bad\_keys = array( 'purple', 'yellow');//some one liner here and then $data will only have the keys blue, red, green
Answer link :
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