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2023.03.26 15:25 stlatos Putting these together

*kruhro- > Skt. krūrá- ‘slaughter / raw/bloody’, [r-r > r-d] crūdus ‘bleeding/raw’; *s’xüklä ‘wart / (bleeding/discharging) sore’ > F. syylä ‘wart/tumogoiter’, Vod. sügle, Mv. sil’ge, Hn. süly ‘ulcer’

This shows *kruhro- = *kruxro- > *kRukro- > *kx’ükro- > *s’xüklä. The pal. before u > ü as in Skt. kumbhá-s ‘japitchewater jar; *c’ump(l)V(lV) ‘drinking vessel’. The s’x- is needed to explain Hn. s- (below)

There are some words in which Hn. shows an unexpected reflex of a supposed single C:

Skt. pāṃsulá- ‘dusty’, Ni. pasalä ‘dust’, *psulá > Dk. phúla ‘ashes’; *psora > Hn. por ‘dust/powdeashes’, F. poro ‘burning ash / course dust / debris’, Mansi porš ‘garbage/dust’

Though few clusters are traditionally reconstructed some kind of *pC- is needed to explain why no *p > f in Hn.; *px- would also work but metathesis of *psora > *porsa > Mansi porš could fit better, though these are hard to determine).

Others show cs ( č ) or sz ( s ) that would not come from a single C:

*kruhro- > Skt. krūrá- ‘slaughter / raw/bloody’, [r-r > r-d] crūdus ‘bleeding/raw’; *s’xüklä ‘wart / (bleeding/discharging) sore’ > F. syylä ‘wart/tumogoiter’, Vod. sügle, Mv. sil’ge, Hn. süly ‘ulcer’

*k^h2anku- > Skt. śaŋkú- ‘twig/peg/post/stake/spike/stick/arrow’
*čxeŋkV > Sm. *cэŋkē prop/strut/support’, Ud. čog ‘nail’, Hn. csegely ‘wedge-shaped field/meadow’

This supposes *cseg ‘wedge’ >> csegely. The cs- instead of s- in Hn. might be caused by a cluster instead of plain č (reasonaly it would be čx or c’x ) and the IE words have -a-, meaning h2 should be there. This is unlikely to be chance.

*h2agro-s > L. ager ‘field’, G. agrós, Skt. ájra-s ‘field/plain’, Arm. art -o- ‘tilled field’
*aRc’a ‘meadow / valley’ > Es. aas, Hn. aszó, Z adz’

This *aRc’a is my attempt to explain both long aa- (others from *ax / *aa ), and *s’ > s in Hn. resulting from *Rc’ > *Rs’ there first. The uvular R would change Rc’ like c’R in *pek^ur : *poc’ru > F. poro ‘reindeer’, Sm. boadzo and when R > x (or similar), ax > aa as in others’ theories. Both of these oddities having the same explanation, which exists in known IE, is good for the connection.

It is unlikey that IE would have a cluster in the words that match in form and meaning, making a cluster in PU > Hn. the best explanation. Hn. also shows alt. within PU:

*h2ak^ro- > G. ákron, *h2ak^ri- > G. ákris ‘peak’, Skt. áśri- ‘edge/corner’, ádri- ‘stone/mountain’
*kac’a > F. kasa ‘tip/edge’
*kað’a > Hn. hëgy ‘mountain’, Nga. koaja ‘ridge’

The difference between áśri-, ádri-, and *kac’a, *kað’a, seems to show k^ > t^ / θ^ in both. This kind of alternation being independent in 2 unrelated groups is unlikely. If other r > R > k, R > x > 0 here (which would be like that seen in IE). If k^r interacted with r > R, it could have several outcomes. Although there are unexplained features in IE to C and V (G. ákris ‘peak’, ókris ‘jagged point / prominence’ ) I do not think this matters to PU. Of course, other roots seem to show *ja vs. *jä, etc.

All these matches are much too close to be from separate families. Since all these words show no new features in PU, which would have to exist if some much older common language gave rise to both, there is no reason for Uralic not to be a branch of IE. Since almost every cognate is close to Toch., Indo-Iran., and sometimes Arm., a branch close to those is likely. This is not a mere game, since if I only picked words that happened to look vaguely similar they would not cluster with 3 specific branches or hae the same sound changes repeat so many times. That these changes work in words that sound very close to IE cognates is one thing, but the test is to see if several of these changes can transform an IE word into one that doesn’t look similar on the surface.

The changes of y > γ^ and γ > ŋ combine with ŋ > m to allow y > m. This is not theoretical, but exists in Toch:

*yugo- > *γ^ugo- > *ŋugo- > *mugo- > TA muk ‘yoke’

Since y > m is so odd, it has been ignored (analogy or similar have been proposed). Only by seeing y > y~ / n in Dardic is the motivating factor clear. Since eh > ë is seen in

*sneh1wr -n- > L. nervus ‘sinew’, Skt. snā́van-, Av. snāvarǝ; *sëne > F. souni -e-‘vein / sinew’, Mr. šün, X lan, Mi. tān, Hn. ín

another example of the uncommon and disputed *ë as from *eh would show its reality. This is seen in:

*yeh1kWrt ‘liver’ > G. hêpar, Arm. *ye:xarθ > *yiharð > leard, Skt. yakṛ´t; *ŋexkǝst > *mëksa > F. maksa

The change of rd > zd and -zd > -st before metathesis. This apparent loss of r recurs in another word with y > m:

*k^rd(a)yo- > G. kardíā, Skt. hṛ´d(aya)- ‘heart’; *x’ǝrdayo- > *s’üzdäŋö > *s’üðäme > F. sydän, sydäme-

It seems syllabic r > ur in the first (thus stressed) syllable and r > ar elsewhere. Also in:

Skt. kṛmi-, Av. kǝrǝmi-, Dv. kǝrvǝk, Rom. kirmo \ kermo ‘worm’, Ku. koliŋa, *kürŋi(ko)- > *küŋR’i(ke) > *kü(ŋ)je(k) \ > Hn. kínyó \ kégyó \ etc ‘snake’, Mr. kiške
*küŋR’i > *küŋk’i > *ku(n)čV ‘parasitic worm’

Skt. gṛhá-s ‘house’, YAv. gǝrǝδa-; *kurlo > *külä > F. kylä ‘village/dwelling’, Mi. kül ‘house’

(if not identical to Skt. kuti(:)- ‘hut’; *kuta > *kota > F. kota, Sm. goatte ‘tent / Lapp hut’ )

Putting these together, look at how they add up when several changes are used on one PIE word. I have given multiple examples of changes like t > l, s > l / t, r > R > x / k, e > o by P, y > m. The word *treyes is the only number that ends in the normal pl. ending, just like *kolmet in PU ends in -et. This is odd, but since they look nothing alike, it has meant nothing to those seeking a connection. Looking at

*treyes ‘3’

it becomes impossible to see this as anything but proof that the changes I proposed were true. If they had each been made only to force words that looked slightly similar into cognates, it is hard to think the same ones would be used multiple times, or that adding them together would produce a match in a non-lookalike.

These also occur in multiple words that would not be thought matches, but that show the same changes. These are close to Indo-Iran. if not to PIE, showing the futility of trying to reconstruct a proto-language for both assuming one is not a branch of the other.

K > ŋ > m

*kWí- > H. kWiš ‘who (?)’, etc; *mi > Hn. mi ‘what?, F. mi-

*gWrh3- > Skt. giráti ‘swallow’; *kWelx- > *k’elx- > *ŋ’eel- > *n’ääl- > F. niel-, Hn. nyel

*gWm- > L. veniō, E. come; *meme-? > *mene- ‘go’ > F. mene- \ mäne-

*ste:r >> *sta:raka > Ps. starga ‘eye/planet’; *ste:rako- > *st’i:laŋä > *s’ilmä > F. silmä ‘eye’

Then, due to the opposite, and no ŋ- allowed:

m- > ŋ- > k-

*merh- > Arm. meṙanim ‘die’, *mrx- > *ŋulxa- > *koola- > F. kuole-

*meh2ns > *ku(ŋ)xe > F. kuu ‘moon / month’

*mormiko- > L. formīca ‘ant’; *kun’s’V > Hn. hangya

*meig^h-; *kun’s’e > F. kusi ‘urine’, Mi. xun’s’-

*medhyo- ‘middle’ > Skt. mádhya-; *metyo > *kotya ( > *jotka ) > F. jotka, Skp. kota

*meg^xlo- > Go. mikils; *ŋ’eŋalo > *ŋ’kala > Nen. ŋarka, Hn. nagy ‘big’, Mi. ânyg; *nŋalo ? > South Y. niŋel ‘many’

Even with *kWí- > *mi- possible by changes seen in IE, only *ku has been compared to *kWo, without looking for a way for K > m or the opposite. Words like F. silmä ‘eye’ don’t look like PIE words for ‘eye’, but can match Iranian with the same K > m. This kind of recurring correspondence would be impossible if these changes, created to explain lookalikes, were only fantasy. They would not, when applied to dissimilar words, make them more similar. Many other basic words match Indo-Iranian ones, not PIE.
submitted by stlatos to u/stlatos [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 15:20 ArcanicTruth Test

This is the essay i made, i pinged you here cause my DMs weren't working and i couldn't private message you.
I wanted to see if this post is factually accurate or not.
The story of NORTHEPTION. An APAC Japanese rags to riches story.
Disclaimer: This org has a very long history and im not really familiar with the Pre-BLAST system of Japanese R6 History. There may be a few parts i get wrong or looked over incorrectly so please forgive my errors as Japan is not a region i actively monitor.
I'm also not gonna go thru the whole history of this organization since this org has been in siege for 4 years with 4 years of constant roster changes. If i were to describe everything here, it would be a 10K word post and I'm not doing that lol.
So, why did i make this post? It's cause this roster story is INSANE. As i was researching more and more, I found myself to be baffled at what this roster did. This roster has it all. Upsets, revenge, failure, redemption, high stake moments, rags to riches. It's one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen in Esports and i hope you will enjoy me explaining it to you!
Enjoy the post!
So your starting your day. You get your premium coffee because your a relatively wealthy Japanese citizen. Your looking into siege esports for a possible investment. As weeks go by, you finally see this team, this Japanese roster. A team just won the Japenese CL S10 Qualifiers. They are orgless. They look promising so you decide to sign the team on October 5th, 2019. You feel happy as your are now in the Siege ecosystem and the players are delighted by having their first org. Little did you know, that this would be the most roller-coaster of a decision you have ever made in your life.


The team is formidable but they aren't dominant either. As the league gets incrementally more competitive, NORTHEPTION are forced to make more and more roster changes. They made 10+ roster changes in these 3 years.
They threw stuff at the wall and tried to see what sticks but nothing was sticking. Eventually, they aren't good enough for Japanese T2 and they don't win relegations for Japanese tournaments. They get grouped at Japanese Nationals. The roster has run it's course.
The only player that you need to know from this hectic constant roster change frenzy time period is Febar. He joined this roster on June 5th 2020 after the original roster was already signed. He's on-and-off with the roster until he leaves to go join a promising T2 Japanese team. This team will head to relegation against a Tier-1 team at the end of 2021.
Disclaimer- It's not really clear when they signed the roster since the history of CL Open Quals aren't registed on Liquidpedia.

1st half of 2022 (Core Roster Rebuild)

So, you've just been relegated. What do u do? You scrap the roster of it's worst parts, probably keep the best player on the roster and rebuild.
Remember the Fmr player i was talking about earlier? Rebar? Well, he got dropped just before relegations and the team didn't wanna play with him over another player. Ironically, that T2 roster ends up losing to a team called "Reject" and they end up getting promoted to PL.
So what now? You scrap the whole roster and start a foundation with Fmr player RebaCurrent player Marol and pick up 3 of the best players that you saw promise in.
  • There was another T2 roster called "ORTHROS GRIT" in the 2021 Japanese national league. This group of ragtags aspiring new players qualified thru Opens which was surprising. Even more surprising, they beat NORTHEPTION and top their group to go to playoffs. They are against Tier-1 FAV Gaming in round 1. Everyone thinks, oh, FAV are gonna destroy them 2-0. What ends up happening is that FAV get 0-7'd on their first map then bring it back 8-6, 8-6 on the 2 other maps to win it. These rookies had potential. (2/5ths of Orth Grit had joined Fnatic later on and 1 other is in PL)
NORTHEPTION during the rebuild sign the 2 promising rookies from the Orthros Grit roster Vbort and Tyopi and then they finish it off with a signing of CoPaHiPo who previously played with Febar on NORTHEPTION years ago.
NORTHEPTION basically starts over again in T4 with an experienced trio from the old North roster + 2 new promising rookies. This is the roster in March.
1 month later in April... Turmoil strikes the roster in the heart. Vbort is so good that he gets invited to a Japanese Tier-2 team named IGZIST so he obviously takes that offer. The now 4 man roster decides to drop Marol too. It turns to a 3 man roster. What makes the timing so harsh is that the open quals for Japan's national league is in 2 weeks so they need to find players FAST.
They do open tryouts, similar to the one Beastcoast/CAG did in 2022 where they put out a google docs page on twitter and ask for your rank and any scrim clips you have. From these open tryouts, they signed a player with no competitive experience, "Nina", on April 28th of 2022. Little did they know at the time that this high risk pickup ended up becoming the best player on the roster. A very similar story in North America with DarkZero player Panbazou.

Testing this new roster out. (2nd half of 2022)

  • NORTHEPTION's 5th ended up being a temporary Ex-CAG Pro player named "Shokei". He had experience and would make a good temporary slot in. Sort of like J90/Lags slotting in for Soniqs in North America. It was never supposed to be permanent, only to make sure that they could play.
This was the most important tournament. This was where all the pressure was building up towards. So with the 2 new additions to the roster that they added in a rush, they nervously went into the open qualifiers for T2 Japan not knowing how it would go.
NORTHEPTION with their new roster, get into Japan Nationals thru an open qualfier. They play Bo3s and do decent. They aren't dominant since they lose a map and went overtime alot but they 2-0'd most teams. They get 1st in opens which surprises the Japanese community. They have now qualified for Japanese relegations at the end of the year just from getting 1st at the beginning of the year in this tournament. They already secured a huge W but the W doesn't end here yet.
After they get 1st in their T2 group, they go to Japanese playoffs where they are put into groups with better teams and a Tier-1 team named Reject. They beat the Tier-1 APAC North team in 2 Bo1s. 7-2, 8-6.
They also throw 2 rounds against the worst team in their group, leading them to winning in overtime. They get 2 points instead of 3 points. They end up missing getting out of groups by a single point, because they threw 2 rounds. It's expected to throw rounds if your a new team since your comms aren't perfect. They showed their glimpse of potential with this new roster from beating this 8th place Tier-1 APAC North team twice but sadly it wasn't enough.

Post-Japan National Stage 1

So since Shokei was just a sub, they have to pick up another player to replace him. While they did well and had upsets, they still weren't content with barely getting eliminated in groups.
They do open tryouts, again! to get the new 5th player. Post a tryout google docs on twitter, run the scrim partners, evaluate, yada yada yada, you know, the usual. They told themselves, Since the no-experience player Nina was such an insane pickup, then why wouldn't a second fresh rookie be good? Lets take a fresh new mechanical promising player with lots of motivation to play and teach them how to play comp. So they picked up a second person with no experience.
They pick up ShuReap from the google docs tryout page. The guy has never played competitive before or been on a team. All the team knows is that this guy is mechanically gifted and has high ranked stats. Little did they know that they got even more lucky and this guy is better than Nina who was already a monster 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Japan Nationals. Stage 2

They have this new roster. Time for Japan Nationals for stage 2 of 2022. They're eager to test this new roster.
They have to go thru the open qualifiers again. Instead of losing a map and constantly going into overtime like last time, they utterly massacre the competition. They don't even go into O.T to win games like last time. You can visually see the improvement.
Now that they finished destroying the open qualifiers to get 1st, they go into groups where they got grouped last time. This was the real test to see if the roster improved, by hitting a new high. So what happened in groups with this new T3 team?
Well, They dominate their group. They only lose once and it's in overtime 6-8 against a good team. They win most other games in regulation and come out comfortably on top with a first place group finish. Now what? Well now they move out of the pan into the fire, literally... They have to verse 2 APAC Pro League teams. Fnatic and then, if they win that, Reject who has since made roster changes to become better.
So what happens? They 2-0 Fnatic and 2-0 Reject 😭. Granted, they were close maps but it was still a 2-0. So now they're at the Grandfinals after 2-0'ing 2 pro Teams. They are up against SCARZ, who are a T2 Japanese team. You'd think that this T3 team would win after beating 2 Tier-1 teams dominantly right? Nope. SCARZ 2-0'd NORTHEPTION in the grand final. Not even a map going to O.T. They came in a disappointing 2nd place after having a miracle run in their home league.
They massively improved but would they be able to conquer a relegation battle?

Preparing for a relegation battle

After stage 2, the Japanese Nationals format changes. Stage 3 playoffs for Japan Nationals doesn't exist for non-tier 2 teams like NORTHEPTION. All that exists are relegations for the bottom 5 Japanese Nationals teams. Reject is in this list.
"B-b-but u/ArcanicTruth i thought there were no relegations?" Yeah that confused me too, it's what i thought too lmao. It's apparently not for Tier-2 leagues. There's gonna be "auto-promotions" to get into the "Tier-2" league for 2023. It ended up being code for saying there are still relegations for Japan since they're gonna directly get the 8 best Japanese teams so were gonna find out who they are thru Japanese nationals.
Remember their first Japan Nationals with a new rushed Nina pickup where they ended up getting first in the open qualifiers? Yep, the reward for that was getting invited to a relegation battle for T2 Japan League. Stage 3 of Japanese nationals had no playoffs because it invited BDS/Damwon for an even bigger inter-continental playoffs. You had to play the open quals to get to relegations but NORTHEPTION already qualified so there was no point.
The reject roster that came in 3rd place in APAC North ended up being bottom 5 in the Japanese Nationals league. So they ended up having to play relegations 😭. If they wanted to get auto-promoted, there's a chance would have to relegate this team in a Tier-1 vs Tier-3 match.
Format: There are 2 groups of five. The 5 bottom Nationals teams and the top 5 winners of the open qualifiers for stage 1, 2, and 3 of Japanese nationals. These teams will end up in different groups. If you get 1st in your group, you get auto qualified (2 teams). If you get 2nd in your group, you verse the 2nd placed team in the other group in a Bo3. If you place 3rd-5th in your group then you get eliminated from the tournament.

Despair, Doubt, and Fear

Now, beating 2 pro league teams as a T3 team is a major accomplishment. If Japan's richest orgs were not keeping an eye on the roster before, they were now after the nationals performance. So, Fnatic decides to pick up one of NORTHEPTION's players. "Tyopi". One of their best players are now suddenly gone. NORTHEPTION were in trouble having such a deep impactful roster change a month before the most important esports match of their lives. They've had pressure before but definitely not like this.
Here's where it gets even more crazy. NORTHEPTION, for months, prepared for relegations. Their long-time player, CoPaHiPo, LEAVES the team to go to the reject roster they were training months to beat. Bro just abandoned his friends for the enemy 😭.
All that is left of this former T3 David vs Goliath roster is Febar and his insanely gifted ranked stars that he taught how to play the entry role competitively, Nina and ShuReap.
Most of the experience on the roster is gone and they decide to do tryouts again. This time, they don't pick up a complete ranked star but someone who has at least some comp experience. NORTHEPTION picked up the best player from the 2nd best T3 Japanese roster "Father's Back", Sayochan. This guy was a top 5 rated entry player in Japanese Nationals league with T1 pros in it. He's the only who went overwhelmingly positive on entry when his whole team went negative on entry. He has lots of experience too so he was needed. He's also a rookie too, guess they just love their rookies 😭😭😭m
NORTHEPTION can't resist their ways and pick up ANOTHER unknown player called "YuKiz". This guy has at least been recorded to be on a team by Liquidpedia. He's definitely extremely inexperienced enough to be counted as a new competitive player.

The final battle

The groups get announced and the pro league team is in the other group. For them, this is a blessing. If they can beat some of middle of the pack Tier-1 teams then they can surely beat Tier-2 teams, right? Well... No. They barely survive groups and end up getting 2nd place. Now they have to verse the 2nd place teams on the other group. The NORTHEPTION players check to see who it is, and the gods have a laugh. It's the reject roster, a Tier-1 team, TIES in points with the t2 IGZIST team. Both have 10 points. So the tiebreaker goes to round count and IGZIST won ONLY 1 MORE ROUND to get first 🤣🤣🤣. The gods wanted a drama filled revenge relegation match. A match where careers would end are against former teamates, a Fmr teamate who abandoned this roster to go to another roster.
They get to work against a former teamate who left them at their most crucial moment together as a team. It reminds Febar of when he was dropped just before relegations in 2021. As much as this is an Esports match, it's also deeply personal and has drama. NORTHEPTION with a new roster have only a couple weeks to practice for an important relegation match.
The match happens:
  • Map 1. NORTHEPTION wins 7-4
  • Map 2. Reject wins 7-5
  • Map 3. NORTHEPTION wins 7-3
NORTHEPTION relegated a top 3 APAC North team from Tier-1 while being a T3 roster.
The "reject" roster was a roster that was 8th place in stage 1, 5th place in stage 2, and 3rd place in stage 3. NORTHEPTION relegated a top 4 APAC.N team and stole their spot like a bunch of badasses.

The Present

We move to the present with enough history. NORTHEPTION get grouped with Fav Gaming and then they beat them too getting them grouped. NORTHEPTION move into playoffs and have to fight CAG, the best Japanese team historically.
I, again, kid you not, come into playoffs and 2-0 the historical best Japanese team, CAG. It's not even close, it's dominant.
This team will verse CREST for a major spot in Europe on April 1st. Personally, i think NORTHEPTION are actually gonna lose because they always win against Tier-1 teams and lose against Tier-2 teams. I know crest is technically Tier-1 but still, it's Tier-1 in name only since they literally just got into Tier-1. They still have Tier-2 tendencies.
NORTHEPTION will go down as one of the most inspiring APAC stories in Rainbow six siege if they can make it to the major. They skipped Tier-2 and relegated a top 3 APAC North team as a Tier-3 team. They decided that they weren't gonna try to get failed players who's only choice it was to join a T3 team but instead try to develop their own talent from mechanically gifted players they found thru an open tryout method.
Out of all the APAC rosters in siege, i like this one the most.
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2023.03.26 15:14 Your_client_sucks_95 CMV: It makes perfect sense for people to increasingly judge each other harshly ((without empathy) in a "Capitalist society"

I am fully aware of the downvote brigades coming in for a ranty rant that's even remotely criticizing your golden child, juvenile obsession with your money-hungry baby "capitalism". I have clenched in preparation. And battered with lotion. Also they should change the category for idocracy, from comedy to documentary. Change my view.
WELCOME TO CAPITALISM DEHUMANISATION FOLKS! YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY YET! Guess who knows the whole story? Those with all the money! Anyways... Profit, at any cost is the name of the game. Businesses want to make money. If they have all the power, they are going to exploit the weak minded and make more profits. How should they do this? many ways. But one is through sowing seeds of division amongst people. Red vs Blue. Man vs Women. Sexism. Flags. Nationalism. Arguments, division, classism. Rich vs Poor. Haves vs have nots. Gynocetrism. Feminism. Especially Feminism of the last 5 years (that one lady who became a man then realized how hard it is to be a man gets an exception, I like her). anyways... feminism of today? Most useless movement ever. Literally want to wipe my ass with the word. Who needs toilet paper! You get the picture.. More unnessecary movements than you can count. All to sow division amongst people. Because take away all these movements, and you get less complexity, less bullshit. Simplicity is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy human in a healthy habitat.
The loss of "common sense" (debateable on how much common sense is common sense) amongst people today.
Today, there are more than 2 genders. We just have to accept this now. I know it's silly. So Why? Ok Forget that rather dull conversation...
What about the rest...
If people are getting along well, there is no need for more materialism, because there is no divide. Nobody to impress, and nobody to shit on.
If people are divided, businesses cater to that buy enabling those with money more ways to flex on others. Therefore money is the only thing that wins. Fuck you capitalism for ruining basic empathy amongst any given population. And if you're a feminist, I'm expecting really lengthy responses from you, just to prove how pointless the movement is. It's why I have the popcorn ;) love u bbs
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2023.03.26 15:14 Done145 Naruto vs HxH, which is better? And why people say that Naruto is ripoff of HxH?

Naruto vs HxH, which is better? And why people say that Naruto is ripoff of HxH? submitted by Done145 to Naruto [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 15:10 Halloweentwin2 Need help with Kyoto portion of itinerary

Hi all,
My questions are getting a better idea of good plan for Kyoto section as I can’t seem to group things ideally.
Original plan was: Kyoto option 1
Potential alternative?
kyoto option 2 slides
For either option: 4/21- plan to go to Osaka in the evening. Trying to figure out morning plans, was between trying Kurama Kibune hike for morning/afternoon and then head to Osaka vs going to Nara en route to Osaka. If we did either of these, would need to use a luggage storage option at Kyoto station or Nara station because we check out of Hotel Kyoto Alza by 11 am. Are either of these options more feasible timing wise when traveling to Osaka? Having hard time figuring this out.
Notes about plan:
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2023.03.26 15:08 kibblepigeon ❗️ ❗️ "The Big Four" ❗️❗️ Come check out what the SEC rules mean with a little help from Bill & Ted! Be excellent to each other, and protect YOUR investments from "bogus" bad actors operating in OUR financial markets!

❗️ ❗️
File No. S7-31-22; Release No. 34-96495: Order Competition Rule
AKA - The Big One.
What the rule means (ELIA5)
The current rule allows brokers to send orders directly to Citadel's internal systems, giving Citadel control over the price. However, the new rule states that Citadel cannot be the first to receive orders; instead, orders must go to a public auction where everyone, including pension funds, has an equal opportunity to fill the order.
This gives other market participants the chance to offer better prices, without taking a cut of the trade. As a result, Citadel may lose a significant amount of money, data, and influence.
Overall, this rule aims to create a fairer and more transparent market.
Here's Bill and Ted to talk a little more about it:
Greedy Ziggy Piggy!!
To learn more, check out this post:
  • If everyone supports "The Big Four" – it’s going to cost market-makers, like Citadel, billions, and they will lose their advantage over the market = Game over.
  • Use the templates above to copy/paste/edit & send and submit your comments to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).
  • It's that simple. And it only takes two minutes to do!
File No. S7-29-22; Release No. 34-96493· Disclosure of Order Execution Information
What the rule means (ELIA5)
Citadel and Viru utilise a "price improvement scheme" to attract order flow by claiming to offer the best trades in the market. While their performance statistics seem to support this, they often do not provide the best price available, but rather a slightly better price. This allows them to gain order flow without needing to pay for order flow.
There is a suspicion that they selectively apply the price improvement to benefit themselves. The new rules aim to enforce legal requirements that should have already been in place and mandate more transparent disclosure of their practices to prevent deception.
This will help to expose any unethical behaviour and prevent them from taking advantage of the market.
Here's Bill and Ted to talk a little more about it:
Socrates knows what's up.
To learn more, check out this post:
  • If everyone supports "The Big Four" – it’s going to cost market-makers, like Citadel, billions, and they will lose their advantage over the market = Game over.
  • Use the templates above to copy/paste/edit & send and submit your comments to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).
  • It's that simple. And it only takes two minutes to do!
File No. S7-30-22; Release No. 34-96494; Regulation NMS: Minimum Pricing Increments, Access Fees, and Transparency of Better Priced Orders
AKA - The Tick Rule.
What the rule means (ELIA5)
The reason Citadel has an advantage is that they can trade at sub-penny intervals on their single-dealer platform, while everyone else is limited to trading in penny increments.
This allows them to fill retail orders at slightly higher prices and makes them appear more skilled than other exchanges.The proposed rule would level the playing field by allowing everyone to trade at sub-penny intervals, eliminating this unfair advantage.
Additionally, the rule would reduce the rebates that can be paid, making payment for order flow much less useful. Although the rule wouldn't ban payment for order flow altogether, it would significantly minimise its impact.
Here's Bill and Ted to talk a little more about it:
No more advantages for the \"top dog\".
To learn more, check out this post:
  • If everyone supports "The Big Four" – it’s going to cost market-makers, like Citadel, billions, and they will lose their advantage over the market = Game over.
  • Use the templates above to copy/paste/edit & send and submit your comments to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).
  • It's that simple. And it only takes two minutes to do!
File No. S7-32-22; Release No. 34-96496· Regulation Best Execution
What the rule means (ELIA5)
The proposed rule wants to make the stock market fairer and more transparent by promoting competition among different places where stocks are bought and sold.
So, say a company's stock is being sold on two different trading platforms. The proposed rule would make sure that both platforms have the same rules about how much the stock price can change at a time, so that neither platform has an unfair advantage over the other.
The rule also wants to make sure that brokers and wholesalers are being honest and transparent when they help people buy and sell stocks. For instance, if a broker has a deal with a particular trading platform, they might be more likely to send their customers to that platform, even if it's not the best place to get the best price. The proposed rule would try to stop that from happening.
Finally, the rule wants to make sure that Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) - which are basically platforms that match buyers and sellers of stocks - are following the same rules as regular exchanges. This would make the market more fair and efficient for everyone involved.
Here's Bill and Ted to talk a little more about it:
Be excellent to each other, and to our markets!
To learn more, check out this post:
  • If everyone supports "The Big Four" – it’s going to cost market-makers, like Citadel, billions, and they will lose their advantage over the market = Game over.
  • Use the templates above to copy/paste/edit & send and submit your comments to: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).
  • It's that simple. And it only takes two minutes to do!
  • File No. S7-31 -22; Release No. 34-9649; Order Competition Rule
  • File No. S7-30-22; Release No. 34-96494; Regulation NMS: Minimum Pricing Increments, Access Fees, and Transparency of Better Priced Orders
  • File No. S7-32-22; Release No. 34-96496; Regulation Best Execution
  • File No. S7-29-22; Release No. 34-96493; Disclosure of Order Execution Information
Submit YOUR COMMENTS to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank) with the correct title entered into the subject header.
Incredible comment templates can also be found here: - courtesy of the wonderful platinumsparkles 💜
Escalate your commitment today!
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2023.03.26 15:04 NormalNorm86 Living my best life on Progesterone...side effects 4 mo in??

37F w/ PMDD and dx'd perimenopausal- but still having a regular period. I was put on 100mg Progesterone QD beginning of December. Awesome results! Manageable anxiety, moodswings, better skin, less chin hair popping up, rounder breasts. Life on Progesterone has been great!
I am currently ovulating and have MAJOR spotting. When I say major I mean I bled through my pajamas and have to change my sheets... not sure if you could call that spotting vs. having an actual period🙄. It is of some concern because I have not experienced this yet on the pill and this has been my 4th month on it. Does anyone else have a simular experience.
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2023.03.26 15:03 One-Version-917 Оutstanding example worth talking about

Оutstanding example worth talking about
Today, Ray Dalio is a financial industry legend who has been called "Steve Jobs of investing" for his tough but innovative management style.
He is known for his unique philosophy of life and work, which he has translated into a set of principles. These have been widely embraced by entrepreneurs, investors and leaders around the world, making him one of the most influential businessmen of our time.
From an early age, Ray showed an interest in investing and began trading stocks in high school. He went on to study at Long Island University, where he earned a degree in finance.
After graduation, Ray got a job at the New York Stock Exchange, where he learned the ins and outs of investing. He then worked at several brokerage firms before starting his own business in his apartment with only $3,000 in savings. He named his company Bridgewater Associates, and his goal was to create a firm that would use data-driven investment strategies to minimize risk and maximize returns.
At first, Ray faced many problems and setbacks. His business struggled to attract clients and he had to take out loans to stay afloat. However, he persevered and continued to refine his investment strategies. Eventually he got his first major client, the World Bank, which helped him build a reputation as a reliable investor.
Over time, Bridgewater Associates became one of the most successful hedge funds in history with more than $140 billion in assets under management. Ray's unique investment strategies, which focused on diversification, risk management and data-driven decision-making, attracted a large number of clients, including institutional investors, pension funds and private wealthy individuals.
17 key takeaways from Ray Dalio's philosophy in quotes:
  1. Radical Transparency: "Humanity's greatest tragedy comes from people's inability to engage in thoughtful disagreement to figure out what is true and what is best."
  2. Accepting Reality: "The more you can see things as they are, not as you want or hope to see them, the more effectively you can act."
  3. Humility: "If you are not humble, life will bring humility upon you."
  4. Failure is a learning opportunity: "Pain plus reflection equals progress."
  5. Be radically open-minded: "Don't let your ego get in the way of your desire to learn."
  6. Continuous improvement: "Constantly seek improvement, never settle for mediocrity."
  7. Systematic decision-making: "Think through your principles for dealing with reality, write them down, and then test them in practice."
  8. Risk Management: "The biggest mistake investors make is to believe that what happened in the recent past is likely to persist."
  9. Embrace Change: "Change is inevitable, and the best way to deal with it is to embrace it."
  10. Openness: "It is best to approach life with an open heart and a willingness to learn."
  11. Holistic thinking: "To truly understand something, you must consider it from all angles."
  12. Anticipate and adapt: "Anticipate change and adapt to it in order to stay ahead of it."
  13. Purpose and meaning: "Life without purpose and meaning is empty and unfulfilling."
  14. Focus on the big picture: "Don't get bogged down in details and don't lose sight of the big picture."
  15. Accept discomfort: "Accept discomfort and challenge yourself to grow."
  16. Communicate: "Clear communication is essential to success in any endeavor."
  17. Seek feedback: "Seek feedback and use it to improve yourself and your work."
Ray Dalio is an inspiration to many, his journey from middle-class family to business mogul is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication and perseverance and belief in the success of his cause. He showed that anyone can succeed with the right mindset and principles in spite of looming difficulties and all sorts of obstacles.
One of the most important takeaways from Ray Dalio's philosophy is the importance of accepting failure and learning from it. His book Principles recounts the many failures he experienced throughout his career and how he used them as learning opportunities. This approach to failure is refreshing for a society that often demonizes it instead of recognizing it as an important component of growth and development. Ray Dalio showed that with the right mindset, we can turn our failures into our greatest successes.
In conclusion, Ray Dalio's path and philosophy serve as an inspiration to us. By embracing his principles, we can succeed in our personal and professional lives and become better versions of ourselves. His willingness to share his experience and knowledge is a valuable contribution to the world of business and entrepreneurship. As we continue to face new challenges and uncertainties, we can look to Ray Dalio's philosophy for guidance and inspiration to help us navigate the complexities of life.
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2023.03.26 15:03 beardown_bot This Week's Upcoming Events (Week of March 26, 2023)

Below are the upcoming events at The University of Arizona this week.
Are you a club or organization wanting to add your events to the calendar? All events are pulled from the official UofA calendar. Add your own events to the calendar using this link.
Rule #5 still applies for any comments in this thread

Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 26
Campus Arboretum Walking Tour: 'Edible Landscapes' 9:30am
Planetarium Show: 'Black Holes' 11am
Arizona Softball vs. Washington (Away) noon
Planetarium Show: 'We Are Stars' 12:30pm
League of Legends and Venture Valley Tournament 2pm - 5pm
Planetarium Show: 'Touring the Solar System' 3:30pm
Arizona Baseball vs. ASU (Away) 4pm
Monday, March 27
Webinar: 'Heritage Healing Practices: Vision Therapy' 10am - 11am
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions 11am - 1pm
Webinar: 'Stress Management: Making It Work For You' 1pm - 1:45pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: International Education Administrators Award Information Session 3pm - 4pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: Program Student Advising 3pm - 3pm
Arizona FORGE: Support + Share for Student Entrepreneurs 4pm - 5pm
Webinar: 'Reflections on the Understanding, Appreciation and Authentication of Ōbaku Zen Calligraphy' 4pm - 5pm
Mindful Mondays – In Person and Online 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday, March 28
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions 8:30am - 10:30am
UArizona Fulbright Week: 1:1 Meetings with Scholar Liaison for Faculty & Staff 9am - noon
Webinar: Funding for Students at the Dissertation Stage 9:30am - 10:30am
Study Abroad on the Mall 11am - 2pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: Program Information Session 11am - noon
Grad Student Drop-In Career Consultations via Zoom noon - 2pm
Webinar: 'Birth to 5 Years Old: Fostering Emotional Intelligence ' noon - 1pm
Workshop: Dissertation Forms and Formatting 1pm - 2pm
UArizona Staff Council Meeting 2pm - 3:30pm
Planetarium Show: 'Black Holes' 2pm
'Notice. Care. Help.' Strategies for Supporting Others and Yourself 3pm - 4pm
Discussion: 'Mapzgun: Indigenous Land Reclamation and Language Revitalization in Wall Mapu, Chile' 3pm - 4:30pm
Planetarium Show: 'Touring the Solar System' 3:30pm
Jose Antonio Vargas: Common Reading Presentation and Book Signing 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Arizona Baseball vs. GCU (Home) 6pm
Wednesday, March 29
Faculty Information Session: Pay One Price 9am - 9:30am
QPR Gatekeeper Training (Managers/Supervisors) 10am - 11:30am
Panel Discussion: Creating a Resilient Future with Arizona Institute for Resilience 10:30am - 11:45am
UArizona Fulbright Week: U.S. Scholar Information Session 11am - noon
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions noon - 2pm
WSIP Online Writing Room noon - 2pm
Genetics GIDP Thesis Defense: Heather Lenk noon - 1pm
Planetarium Show: 'From Earth to the Universe' 3:30pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: Panel Presentation and Reception 4pm - 6pm
The 8-Track Experience at The Linda McCartney Retrospective: Karima Walker 5:30pm
Grad Chat – Networking Days 6pm - 7:30pm
Thursday, March 30
Workshop: 'Driving Strategic Communication withith Manufacturing' 8am - 4pm
March Cereal Entrepreneurs 9am - 10am
UArizona Fulbright Week: Specialist Information Session 10am - 11am
Let's PAWS & Pet-A-Pup 11am - 1pm
UArizona Fulbright Week: 1:1 Meetings with Scholar Liaison for Faculty & Staff 1pm - 4pm
Planetarium Show: 'BUGS! A Rainforest Adventure' 2pm
Planetarium Show: 'Tucson Sky & Beyond' 2pm
Grad Slam Final Round 5pm
Pitt Family Foundation Speaker Series: 'Juneteenth and the Paradox of American Democracy' 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Linda McCartney Retrospective Lecture Series: Daniella Zalcman and Verónica Sanchis Bencomo 5:30pm
Fronteridades Lecture Series: 'Stories of Migration' – Dr. Irasema Coronado 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Friday, March 31
Grad Student Drop-In Career Consultations via Zoom 9am - 11am
Seminar: 'Individualized Format Readability: The Messy Research Processes of Educational Technologies' 10am - 11am
Graduate Center Writing Efficiency Sessions noon - 2pm
Lecture: 'Marginalized Edge Effect: Ecology, Urban Waterfront and Landscapes' noon - 12:50pm
Southwest Center Series: 'Collaborative Conservation in a Polarized West' noon
Webinar: 'Creating a Care Plan' noon - 12:45pm
2023 MEZCOPH Public Health Poster Forum 1pm - 5pm
Planetarium Show: 'Forward to the Moon' 2pm
Planetarium Show: 'NASA's Journey to Mars' + Live Star Talk 3:30pm
Arizona Softball vs. Georgetown (Home) 4pm
Arizona Softball vs. San Diego (Home) 6pm
Arizona Baseball vs. Oregon (Home) 6pm
Saturday, April 1
Worlds of Words Center: 'Bridges Across the World: Explore Outstanding New Global Books' 10am - noon
Aging and the Arts Creative Encounters in Awe Walking: Color 10:30am - noon
Meet Taco Dragon At Story Time 10:30am
Planetarium Show: 'Perfect Little Planet' 12:30pm
Arizona Softball vs. San Diego (Home) 1pm
Planetarium Show: 'Black Holes' 2pm
Meet Taco Dragon At Story Time 2pm
Dance Marathon for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals 3pm - 9pm
Arizona Softball vs. Georgetown (Home) 3pm
Planetariu Show: 'Tucson Sky & Beyond' 3:30pm
Arizona Baseball vs. Oregon (Home) 6pm
Planetarium Laser Light Music Show: 'Laser Taylor Swift' 7pm
Planetarium Laser Light Music Show: 'Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon' 8:30pm
Planetarium Show: 'NASA's Journey to Mars' + Live Star Talk 11pm
Ongoing Events
Ancient-Modern: Continuity and Innovation in Southwest Native Jewelry Feb. 4, 2023 - Oct. 28, 2023
Online Exhibition: 'The Legacy of Yinyuan Longqi (Ingen Ryūki) and the Art of Ōbaku' Aug. 31, 2022 - Aug. 31, 2023
'Inspired by Plants: The Art and Science of the Campus Arboretum Florilegium' Feb. 13, 2023 - Aug. 31, 2023
Restored: The Return of 'Woman-Ochre' Oct. 8, 2022 - May. 20, 2023
Our Stories: High School Artists 2023 Feb. 25, 2023 - May. 20, 2023
'The Whole World on One Page: International Wimmelbooks' Jan. 11, 2023 - May. 12, 2023
Graduate Writing Tutors Jan. 11, 2023 - May. 11, 2023
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2023.03.26 15:02 CretuMihai-Kayle My build agains Sion. And i know ad is better vs heartsterel sion. but idont care xd

My build agains Sion. And i know ad is better vs heartsterel sion. but idont care xd submitted by CretuMihai-Kayle to Kaylemains [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 15:00 Ok_Home7552 Readability vs shorter code.

I want to improve as angular developer / programmer in general and i want other peoples input on the below code, its quite a simple example but it comes down to readability vs condensing code.
const alsoBoughtPresentOrHideLoading$: Observable = this.cmsService.getContentSlot('AlsoBought').pipe(map(slot => slot?.components?.length === 0),);
const productData$: Observable = this.getProductData$().pipe(filter(Boolean),map(productData => Object.keys(productData).length > 0),);

So i have 2 streams which return a boolean and then i want to combine them and return a final boolean based on these. This is what i want input on what is better.
return combineLatest([alsoBoughtPresentOrHideLoading$, productData$]).pipe(map(([alsoBought, productData]) => (alsoBought === false && productData === true)),)
return combineLatest([alsoBoughtPresentOrHideLoading$, productData$]).pipe(map(([alsoBought, productData]) => (!alsoBought && productData )),)

Personally i like alsoBought === false && productData === true as it looks more readable
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2023.03.26 14:57 NormalNorm86 Living my best life on Progesterone...side effects 4 months in 😒

37F w/ PMDD and dx'd perimenopausal- but still having a regular period. I was put on 100mg Progesterone QD beginning of December. Awesome results! Manageable anxiety, moodswings, better skin, less chin hair popping up, rounder breasts. Life on Progesterone has been great!
I am currently ovulating and have MAJOR spotting. When I say major I mean I bled through my pajamas and have to change my sheets... not sure if you could call that spotting vs. having an actual period🙄. It is of some concern because I have not experienced this yet on the pill and this has been my 4th month on it. Does anyone else have a simular experience.
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2023.03.26 14:52 imQiyanana Qiyana Seminar/ Educational guide by imQiyanana, Rank 1 Qiyana EUW, Rank 2 Qiyana Globally (Master Tier player) + Cheat Sheets + Blueprints for every match-up + Video explanations.

A pleasure to meet any of you who read this, I will also be open to answering questions in this thread.

My in-game name is "imQiyanana" and as the name would suggest I am a Qiyana main. I used to coach League of Legends a lot back in the day, years before I ever started my Qiyana journey, but I gave up coaching for a few years and was just a casual Qiyana enjoyer. After hundreds of games on her and my passion for coaching, I decided to share my knowledge in a way that I believe has not been done before, at least not that I know of and not with the effort I have put in. I am an active participant in the QiyanaMains Discord Channel and after gauging interest I decided it could be nice to help fellow Qiyana enthusiasts.
Also, I worked together with summoner name "Satizfy" for this guide, who is a dear friend of mine that also mains Qiyana and peaked around 500LP in Masters. We went through almost everything together during this project.

I started by creating a Discord Channel based on Qiyana. Still, we're building and branding it into other roles and champions (working on ADC currently with some good high ELO ADC coaches that I trust). The goal is to just create a loving, active, helpful community and help like-minded people grow. The Discord channel is the source of all information, for any Assassin player at the moment. I tried to focus the seminar mostly on Qiyana/ Assassin concepts and theories and how to improve as a player and tried not to fill it too much with specifics that can be found in the Discord anyway.

I added some screenshots of what you can expect in the discord:

Summary of Seminar content (YouTube will have timestamps):

Proof of rank 2 Worldwide, Proof of rank 1 EUW, and proof of Master ELO multiple seasons:


There's always more work to be done; so the Discord will be constantly and frequently updated.

Special thanks go to:
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2023.03.26 14:48 Comprehensive_Mix307 AirCover didn't properly cover me, what next?

I reserved a listing for the night of March 25. On March 24, the host cancelled on me (and called me to try to get me to cancel so she wouldn't be charged, sooo sus), and so I called Air BNB the night of March 24 to get me a new place and properly do so via the platform. Eventually the host cancelled the day of my check in (March 25) , and I waited from 8am until 10pm that night stranded thinking Air BNB was going to rebook me. They actually refunded me when the host cancelled even though I had explicitly stated to them that I wanted to be re-booked, not refunded, because I wouldn't find anywhere else at the same price in such short notice and could not afford a hotel, but there were no listings left with such short notice in the area and criteria I needed at the price that I paid. By 5pm there were only like 3 suitable listings left (smaller city). I had told them the night before to reserve a hotel for me if it came to there being no listings available, because they've put me in hotels before and I know they have hotel partners for such situations. At any rate as mentioned I only got their level 1 agents on the phone for most of the day, who kept saying "someone is already working on this", and that went on from 8am until 10pm with ZERO resolution. That person never got in touch with me. I had a 3pm check in originally and here it was 10pm.

Finally someone messages me and sends me listing options, the only 3 left which had dwindled to two. They told me I had to message these people. I explained that they should be doing this work for me because it is not only money that needs to compensated in situations like this, it is time. I had events all day of the 25th and already put in the time and money to find the place. To make guests spend hours searching and waiting for responses again is the same as making them spend money, because both resources (time and money) were already used up on the first listing. I had no more time to search for a place and wait for responses, and on top of that, it was 10 PM! I explained to them that it was already past my bed time and past time for me to be checked in somewhere safe and sound and it was ridiculous that they were expecting either me or hosts to be having pleasant conversations about a reservation for that same night at 10PM on a Saturday night. As expected no hosts responded to the messages.
I reiterated over and over "why did you wait so long to help me!? I've been without a place the entire day!" and "checking in now would only be half a day of stay, there should be a credit towards an additional stay at this point" and "why don't you just get me a hotel!?" at which point the rep said "Hi,my shift is ending and I will be transferring you to a new agent" who did not resume conversation until well past midnight.

I don't need to elaborate on how unacceptable and frustating and simply ethically wrong this is when AirCover's terms guarantee guests to be re-booked in same or better listings on the night of their stay. In my book, once it is past midnight, that day is OVER. I never ssaw any messages past 11pm because that is too late to be accomplishing something that should have been accomplished before 3pm. That day is over. They failed to cover me by check in, by 10pm and by midnight, so in my book AirCover did not cover me. And when I woke up this morning after crashing in my car because I had to get to sleep to be up early for an event today, the messages were the agent sending me options at 1am for listings that were all over 45 miles away. Were they really expecting me, at 1am, to message these people, have them respond, go back and forth, get booked and then travel 45 miles to get to bed by 4am to be up by 6am and consider covering that to be an adequate makeup for ruining my entire day and failing to provide me somewhere to be in bed by 10pm?

I am so astonished. I feel that the terms of service were broken because Aircover guarantees rebooking for the same day. I feel they owe me a complimentary booking or two. I'm not sure what to do and would like ideas. I cannot believe this company that was giving out $100k to dozens of OMG Fund recipients did not have the budget to have an efficient customer service team.
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2023.03.26 14:47 Meal_Adorable Diversifying across ETF replication methods?

I’ve never heard of people doing this, but is it normal to invest in both physical and synthetic ETFs tracking the same index for the purpose of diversifying across replication methods? After doing some research online, I think physical ETFs are more transparent, straightforward, and easy to understand, whereas I could make a lot more money with synthetics than physical ones due to its better structural advantage and the absence of withholding tax (15% in my case). I’m thinking of investing in both in a 50/50 split. The funds that I have in mind are:

  1. iShares S&P 500 Swap UCITS ETF USD (Synthetic)
  2. Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS ETF (Physical)
Both methods have equal merits in my opinion, and I don’t think one is better than the other which is why I thought of going with both. Let me know what you guys think.
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2023.03.26 14:47 Decent_Impress9369 Mathequation

Misery, Anger and Badness
Truth is an inherent good. One time thing. Climate is similar, repression is bad. Powerful surveillance appartus, and sting system.
People get used to it, but one behavior is wors, r suboptimal governance or conflict resolution.
Makes you ethical when people who talk about it get sent to prison and droned and agree to l
Prison, mind and slavery bullets for sale
More people suffer, shows you care when No improvement in results over time. Could you d
Leads to illness
Looks better.
Malaise + distress caused by living in an area where this subject is talked about is less than maliase + distress caused by living in a rigid dictatorship , although
No distress large light malaise- dealing with it (you can when surrogates and claim the response to invasion was just)
vs High internal distress and heavy malaise we'vR
We talk about it once, get counseling, suroates, watch the debates, then chat, go to prison if
Get the rationale for censoring the topic- its dtd and hurts the integrity o talource
uture censorship looks better when
Make jokes and laugh. Disuted figures .
Teach compassion to make it up. Talk about the billions of dead source rebuilds killed. Promote the right to kill on private
Evil and everyone knows it, vs evil that happened once. Honest to goodness. What do you expect
Everyone gets jail for insults and meming others or talking about censored subjects wich are already known. Have three
Death penalty abolition
Contrapositive- Almost as evil as possible.
Life in prison with optional resettlement and secreting or reborn after 2 trillion years.

Remove norma
Let the acts leak on a story on how jesus ended the universe like three times after this.
Best pint is, less mass death and it functions. So make censorship a point. With the rturth and mercy act. And offer counseling to deal ith it. In prison.
System competes to remove criticism and moderate forums and informants.
Lets everyone have the right to be forgotten.
Surveillance utopia whre reputations are anaged > Vile dic
No blwing people up looks better.
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2023.03.26 14:46 Challenged_by_Krill Tried writing a simplified analysis the other to help explain the situation to a friend, this was what happened instead. Also to the Citadel guy, this post is designed to help you lose with dignity, how do I know? I wrote it.

(This post isn't for everyone, TLDR at bottom)
There’s a reason these stocks are trading at extremely low prices. The puzzle has enough pieces in place now that the endgame is all but clear. If the share price were significantly higher at this stage I’d be much more concerned.
It’s called a bear trap. Bears are investors betting against stocks. Bears are usually hedge funds that cheat to guarantee victory and so stoping a HF campaign to bankrupt a company was considered impossible. They owned the market. But by doing the only thing their algorithms weren’t programmed to predict, millions of individuals holding, buying for and direct registering Gamestop shares for a shockingly long period of time, we won.
They had already lost, in January of ‘21, and to stop that tide they were forced to reveal their hand and expose their vulnerabilities by frantically hiding an untold number of shares that, according to market rules, should never have existed in the first place. Superstonk tracked, catalogued and nullified every illegality, saw beyond each and every hastily introduced legistive stopgap, through layers of complexity designed specifically to evade detection and what we found was a game of hot potato being played on the biggest stage in the world, the Central Bank Stage. This is a monumental achievement in and of itself for now the most entrenched and disguised among the oligarchy have begrudgingly been forced to reveal themselves. Think Scooby Doo times infinity.
Make no mistake, while the elite will desperately continue to maintain the status quo at all costs, unique to this conflict is that for the first time in human history the demand for greater cohesion among Heads of State and Central Banks will force the men in black suits to surrender one of their most effective tools of control. The threat of international conflict potentially leading to a cataclysmic event. In finding a common enemy the elite will ironically be forced to overcome their manufactured divisions to save their own lives. Filling the vacuum once dominated state and corporate propaganda will arise a competition for authenticity and transparency.
This Revolution has been underway for well over a year. Credit Suisse is the first shift of the tectonic plates and as they scramble, the elite are utilizing a kind of high speed digital “underground” railroad to share information and collaborate in a manner unprecedented. There will be rapid declassification of state secrets to facilitate a defense. They are facing the potential of diminished generational legacy which is a visceral threat to the very future of their gene pool.
But this threat is inevitable, it is a step forward in human collective evolution, it is a species adapting to, and finding clarity within, an environment shift occurring at lightning speed. Tomorrow’s digital transformation creates cognitive alignment among larger and larger groups of people, from a greater variety of cultural backgrounds, utilizing the sheer power of numbers and the compounding nature of shared individual perceptions, this shift in communication greatly increases both the group’s ability to establish consensus and set an agenda. This means real people will tangibly influence policy without reliance over reliance on a representative government which will naturally mitigate the corporate monopoly over cultural norms.
And so it will be interesting to see this unplanned international detente of sorts between the various iterations of the corporate dominance over central governments, be it the Internationally ubiquitous but Stateless oligarchies with a hand on every significant lever, to the state and local governments puppeteers who use bribes to open the door to institutional control over market mechanics, to the select few oligarchies so effective in their command over the narrative that the illusion of participatory governing appears so authentic it masks even the criminal activity in plain sight.
Will this conflict be defined by greater opposition between the Web3 community of tomorrow and the institutions tailored to an obsolete technology of yesterday be dominated by a crippling fear based approach from old money or by their acceptance of the inevitable seismic shift in power dynamics. A shift that will force them to open enlightened discourse with the pawns they once manipulated with ease. (think British Monarchy but stateless and worldwide. We are the parliament in this analogy).
That’s the fork in the road, it’s the next big step, a defining moment in human history and within it are extraordinary implications for the future. This next part is important.
At some point we’re going to have to find a representative way to break proverbial bread with even the more reviled of our opponents to broker a kind of rudimentary short term peace followed by the first ever crowdsourced, Constitution amended in real time for a digital populace no longer hypnotized by State propaganda to determine policy.
A blockchain supported global community that accounts for our inherent right and our absolute imperative to assert authority not through the hollow words of an agenda-less protest but manifested by the efficacy of our actions.
We didn’t hold up a sign until the “rights” guy stamped our wrists and gave us access to policy decisions, we developed a high speed network of our own. Where they controlled the state of the art technology to disseminate information, we had an extremely minimal degree of separation among hundreds of thousands to millions of unique minds which facilitated information sharing at a speed rivaling theirs. Their strategic advantages was trumped by an essential galaxy of uniquely crafted stars of human perception each enhancing the value of the next. The power of one mind is finite and not significantly greater than an average mind when considering the scale of intelligence disparity on Earth alone, forget about the infinite scope of the universe. Each mind, in ways too complex to explain, multiplies the power of the next by a power of 2. We won by unlocking the true World Wonder, the compound interest of each individual perception lasering in one one one specific event which created an explosion of consensus building to counter Buffets 8th World Wonder; the compound interest of unfettered wealth accumulation. They didn’t have enough minds, the deviation of mean intelligence between the two groups and the advantages that this disparity provided the elite was overcome by sheer number of prisms through which the information was filtered, reframed and ultimately weaponized against them by the galaxy of household investors.
To bring it back to the specific mechanics presently at play, a relatively small in number of bad actors representing a contingent of the elite, operating under the full authority of the Central Banking system, wrote a series of codes early in the machine learning era, that essentially just kept playing an updated version of the same rigged circus game. Retail investors were simply to powerless and divided to understand it let alone overcome.
By exposing the hidden underpinnings of this machine through the collective infiltration of one specific representative stock (GME) an obvious fatal flaw was discovered. This code was essentially universal in its control over order flow but, after years of research, the exhilarating theory emerged that winning in just one relatively battlefield (GME) would shatter the entire corrupt system due to it having never been programmed to capitulate. This House of Cards we discovered had always been protected from the any kind of threatening breeze by the Citadel walls but once beyond that wall you’re almost offended that they never considered an additional defense..
They relied on last generation algos that buckled under the unrelenting pressure of two straight years of an impossible retail stand. Web2’s final days saw a social media engagement that allowed for a human adaptation to market manipulation that nullified their ill gotten advantage.
Unaffiliated retail investors poured billions into a single stock and maintained a fluid consensus throughout a host of misinformation campaigns. Within that collective adaptation to information sharing at an unprecedented and highly accurate clip there existed a variable not accounted for by the early algorithms proving once again the necessity of entropic increase in variables over time to eliminate the deadly certainty of prediction devices.
When the machine’s broke they just kept doubling down creating an unsustainable number of illegal shares, colloquially known as naked shorts, to such an unfathomable degree as to threaten the stability of the the entire system and ultimately the world economy. They did this because the algos never programmed to capitulate continuously chose to simply survive another day despite exacerbating the inevitable failure. It’s like they kept pouring kerosene on the wood pile so as to distract themselves from the matches that would soon be the only remaining option.
The machine was running on auto for so long that once it was compromised the frantic C Suite decision makers only remaining option was to create the biggest bag of excrement the market has ever seen and that’s the story of how the mall store that you find scattered in nostalgic memories of those innocent and magical wonder years exposed the entire fraudulent market, then used that knowledge to bring it to its knees..
And just as predicted here, with an extraordinary degree of accuracy, one of the largest and most structurally important banks in the world, having spent two years trying to unload just one of the untold bundles of GME shares collapsed under its weight. Despite the greatest minds working round the clock for a solution, despite access to unlimited resources and extraordinary influence over the legislature, they found no way to negotiate this uniquely human wall standing firm against unapologetic, self serving corruption. A wall propped up by the hundreds of thousands of household investors with an integrity so unyielding as to turn the institutions most functional strength in to its kryptonite by removing the weapon of psychological manipulation and replacing it with clear eyed, crowd sourced due diligence.
Retail won. Retail earned their moment in the sun, and they will do will to not suppress that feeling of pride. Feel it, marinate in it, enjoy it then move on from it. Pride can lead to hubris, hubris to carelessness, carelessness to mortal error. Tale as old as time just ask Ken Griffin.
If retail tries to refuse entrance of the legacy generations of the 20th century elite to whatever Web3, AI etc becomes, then not only have we just guaranteed future conflict but, more importantly, we’ve failed to find the balance that promotes the most effective use of collective progress by excluding valuable sources of information who can help exponentially increase the collective understanding of our former enemies mistakes so as to avoid repeating them.
The future will be shaped by how well these two former enemies can become peers. There are two options forward.
Option A: It is the victors (retail) who will have to do the bulk of the heavy lifting at first which will feel uncomfortably similar to the previous dynamic. Don’t be dismayed, this will simply demand an initial deep dive into the technology itself to help create a mutually beneficial environment. This dynamic will evolve to promote greater and more valuable self fulfilling experiences engineered using the wisdom of the group (same thing we do here). The individual shares his new experience with the group and more valuable information is added to the pool of knowledge and understanding. This is all just an incredibly rapid turnover of the same process that has always spurred advancements.
Option B is the option that’s almost always chosen when the underdog wins, an appeal to pride, an unquenchable desire for retribution born of fear and insecurity. We cannot prevent this dynamic, it will eventually play out in one form or another, but we will soon find a common enemy much greater than man, an enemy only matched by all men working together. E Pluribus Unum.
Should we choose option A and successfully tailor the technology to ensure its success, we will have finally grasped the utility of our exceptionalism. Instead of random genetic adaptations to the unpredictable environment, which is the process that has traditionally defined organic evolution, we will have effectively wielded the technology with such scale and precision so as to facilitate the best environment in which to adapt. Selecting the environment first is an absolute game changer.
This is the moment man begins to fast track his own ascension and it will be an era of exploration so fantastic as to render all the so called great expeditions before it a mere orchestral diminuendo before the exhilarating crescendo.
TLDR: We won but now, somewhat ironically, it’s our job to assimilate the crooks responsible for immense suffering in the name of apparent unmitigated greed into the Web3 they so vehemently tried to strangle in its infancy.
This is a technological shift that would strip them of their legacy advantages, exposing them as imposters in an era of transparency. They’ve masked themselves in propaganda and they over valued capital accumulation this realization will be just as much of an enlightened journey for our journey here.
Of Note: This post is not for everyone, it’s speculative, somewhat haphazard and the bigger picture analysis is ripe for criticism.
However, while there are foundational weaknesses in some the supporting details, I will strongly defend the general theme, the appeal to a focus on improving the environment to help improve the individual, as opposed to the demand that the individual adapt to the existing environment despite its glaring inefficiencies has always separated the humans from the animals. Ironically it is the Apes who should start considering and planning for a future that is rapidly approaching, a future that will not wait for quiet contemplation, the time for action is now. For the Apes
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2023.03.26 14:45 XXxsicknessxxx Not seeing results in the weights

If I'm doing everything correctly and I am gaining muscle but my weight isn't going up an I doing something wrong.
I'll admit I haven't really pushed the idea of using highest weight least reps but I feel lame doing 20 pounds dumbbells for 8 reps vs what I've stuck too which is 15 pound weights and in slowly increasing my reps I do maybe 10-15 reps of 15s vs 8 reps max of 20s
I read up my weight but I don't feel that it's going up.. I dunno but I have seen major results.
Also cutting bulking is a must right? Because I've gained weight 175 -182 today and I don't like gaining weight so it's it ok to start eating less maybe? Like to go from 2600-3000 calories to 2200-2500 calories. Because I think 500 calories less would feel better for me or how much weight do you normally allow to gain before you cut? I'll Google cutting but I'm about to go to work and I'd like to see a response when I get home please thank you so much...
I just feel like I should be gaining more muscle and I'm worried it's my fault I might hire a gym buddy to help me out. 70$ a pop at my gym to ask for a trainer.
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2023.03.26 14:45 DLC-Person Who's the better waifu? - Kendo VS Fuyumi

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2023.03.26 14:41 Xofty- Shenhe vs Amos (for Ganyu)

So I just got back into playing genshin after almost 1 1/2 years and Ganyu has been my main ever since. But I'm not satisfied with my damage (31k damage with pyro reso and proto passive) and I haven't even finished the spiral abyss once. I believe that Shenhe is the better option, but it relies on her ATK. In my case, I only have favonius and dragon's bane for weapons, so I'm not sure if it's still the better option vs Amos. I have 80 wishes atm, and it will gain more as I progress Sumeru and other story quests.

The spiral abyss is really not my priority, but I want to make my Ganyu to be the goat of mass destruction. Any tips to make Ganyu stronger other than the Shenhe vs Amos discussion are also appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 14:37 ilkless Rosson MPL-0 first impressions from Canjam Singapore (new entry Rosson planar @ 1699USD)

Was at Canjam Singapore earlier, and got to try the brand spanking new Rosson MPL-0. This is the new entry Rosson headphone at 1699USD, slotting in below the RAD-0 that has been a cult favourite not least for the gorgeous resin earcups. The earcups are now a gorgeous glossy maple that reminds me of the nitrocellulose finish you find on acoustic guitars. The finish is personally more to my taste than most RAD-0s I've seen.
If you haven't heard, Rosson Audio Design is a boutique maker of planar headphones that was launched by ex-Audeze CEO Alex Rosson - and that's where the similarities end.
The Rosson driver is a 66mm planar driver, unlike the 90 and 105mm Audeze goes for. I'm not sure the MPL-0's 66mm is the exact same driver tuned and damped differently but I expect someone here to be able to answer. From the Rosson website it seems to be the same driver.
I have auditioned the RAD-0 in very quiet conditions for a significant amount of time with familiar recordings. My problem, at least with the specific RAD-0 I auditioned from a distributor since there is apparently both a darker and brighter tuning available on request, was a deep recession at 4-8kHz. This recession was accentuated by how unusually smooth and extended the top octave was. It was in some ways a victim of its own success, especially since it lacked the midrange bump of something like a LCD-2C that distracted from the recession with forward, resonant vocals. Brass instruments would sound unnaturally muffled in particular.
First impressions for MPL-0 are that the recession seems slightly more filled in 4-6kHz, and the top octave is more rolled off. But the roll off helps because it means the transition from the recessed range to the top octave is less abrupt and jarring, even if there is some loss in ultimate air and resolution that comes with the extension. Now the brass is soft but not jarringly muffled. Unfortunately the attack on piano keys is also blunted even further than on the RAD-0 but I think the trade off was worth it.
There also seems to be a touch more lower midrange body centred at around 300Hz, but this is extremely gentle and the trend is still flat and extended to subbass overall, along the lines of Audeze.
There is a slight improvement in imaging as well. I think the top octave roll-off might have helped in cutting through some of the haziness in the imaging I experienced in the RAD-0 but separation is definitely still below the levels of LCD-2/3.
The headband and pads appear the same as the RAD-0. This means the clamping force is on the heavy side, but mitigated by very squishy memory foam pads. Unfortunately I think the squishiness and density of the pads are not conducive to the sound (particularly imaging), as it makes consistent fitting, distancing and angling of the drivers to the ear difficult to achieve. Weight distribution is also a problem as the earcups need to pulled way forward from where they naturally sit around my ear for the padding on the headband to sit right on my crown, thereby breaking the seal. When I put the pads where the earcups feel natural to me, the headband and much of the headphone's centre of gravity dangles off the rear of my skull. This doesn't feel like a secure fit, and causes neck strain to boot.
And the thing is, because the pads deform so much, I don't have a clear sense of where the earpads are sitting on my face, especially whether they are wrapping around my ears (compared to the more predictable deformation of Audeze-style open-cell foam).
So the Rosson MPL-0 has:
But: - near absence of spaciousness - near absence of separation - still a hole at 6-8kHz that will be polarising but much better balanced against the rest of the FR than in the RAD-0. It most prominently affects brass instruments, but also softens the attack on piano keys. It might work for really treble heavy electronic, pop and rock as snare drums trade a bit of slam for rumble.
Other quick takes:
vs Meze 109 Pro: Much more midbass slam than the Meze's dynamic driver, but surprisingly both are much closer than you'd expect lower down. Much more natural midrange than the 1kHz recession in the Meze that causes a sense of hollowness and excess distance.
vs Audeze MM-500: lacks the 500-800Hz energy this has to give that natural edginess to the human voice.
I really wanted to like the Rosson and there's indeed plenty to like if one wants a smoother response along Audeze lines. For many people the ergonomics and comfort might favour this over Audeze as well. Definitely worth a try for someone who craves a boutique product not many others will have!
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2023.03.26 14:35 whenwillitendimtired How do I go about this? Mixed feelings

How do I go about this?
So I've had some very strong feelings developing for this girl. For context we met via a mutual friend and became closer afterwards after the mutual friend left. We also worked together for a bit not really talking much until we were introduced. At first people would joke around about how we liked each other and we didn't even realize it and the closer we got and the more we talked, the more people would start to ship us. It started out lighthearted with no basis to those claims because we were just friends. Eventually over time we became more flirtatious and friendly right up until we went out our first couple times. The first time we just enjoyed each other's company keeping it casual (as our first outing was with a friend group) but from the second time on everytime we would go out we'd always end up dancing kissing and talking the night away. Soon we would go on dinner dates and lunch dates almost on a weekly basis with us just enjoying each other's company and kissing anytime we got the chance. Needless to say she really started to grow on me and I honestly really like her. HOWEVER during this entire time she had a guy whom she'd been talking to for a while before me. I know what you're thinking but I made sure both parties identified as single before any of this and to this day they both still do (but I think it's mostly because she is afraid of committing to him) with that being said though he is still very present in her day to day life even more so than I am. We have conversations about their relationship and where it stands often and she's been nothing but upfront with me about where she stands on this. However she never really gives me clear indication on where we stand. She just deflects or just goes radio silent. Im not sure how to feel about this as when im with its pure ecstacy and unlike them we have been intimate (She assures me they don't do anything sexual but I'm pretty sure that's only because he doesn't want to.) The only thing she has said as far as to do with us is that she enjoys being with me and I make her feel comfortable wanted and when we're together it's like nothing else matters. Even though she has said that its almost blazingly obvious to me that the other guy is the person she sees herself being with in the long run despite what we share. Any advice on how to get out of this situation? I've grown very fond of her and time with her and at some points I think of her more than I'd like to admit but I'm being truthful I don't think she'd ever exclusively date me even though we are essentially dating.. I don't want to continue investing myself into her knowing that but I'm not sure how to go about ending things or turning things for the better when she's the only girl i can see myself dating. It's hard for me to catch feelings for someone like I have with her. But I feel as if I'm nothing but a side gut until she eventually conforms to him.
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