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Game keeps crashing while trying to incubate. (Mobile)

2023.03.10 17:59 _urdoom_ Game keeps crashing while trying to incubate. (Mobile)

Tried getting Congle for a Zynth farm and got Rare Congle. While trying to incubate, MSM keeps crashing. I’m on the latest update. Any ideas in how to fix? Is it because i got Rare Congle? All other incubations before worked smoothly.
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2023.02.28 04:43 The_Diamond_Apple Steam Tribe (PC!) - Looking for Active Players! No dupes please :)

Steam Tribe (PC!) - Looking for Active Players! No dupes please :)
Hey guys!
Looking for active MSM people to join my tribe on steam! Anyone is welcome to join as long as you pick a monster not currently in the tribe! I'll try to edit this post with what monsters are on the island!!
Friend Code: 4000058289DF
Current Monsters: Bowgart, Toe Jammer, Reedling, Shellbeat, PomPom, Congle, Riff, Quarrister, Entbrat, Deedge, Cybop, Scups, Tweedle, T-Rox, Quibble, Noggin, Oaktopus, Furcorn, Spunge, Maw, Clamble, Thumpies, Shrubb, Drumpler, Dandidoo, Fwog, Potbelly, Pango, Mammott
Thank you, Hope to see you soon!! :))
Friend Code
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2023.01.15 12:58 peteroluparku Glaring Issues With The Game

Now I enjoy MSM but over the years a lot of new content has been added to the game, and it's clear that old features have been overlooked when new ones have been added, leading to the impression of a game which is in places quite disconnected, and even clunky.
Here are a few glaring issues I've noticed. I put the crux of the issue in bold for each paragraph in case you don't have much time to read. I understand. You're busy people.
Let me know of what you think.
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2023.01.10 23:24 TopRecommendation117 Looking for tribe members that can feed their monster to level 10+ (PC Tribe) (No dupes)

We are a small tribe looking for active members to expand our horizons. If you want to join the tribe we have a discord server that you are required to join for the purpose of communication and organization, it might seem excessive but it's very convenient. Comment on this reddit post if you decide you want to join the tribe with your friend code and msm username. Leaders Friend code: 4001173166MC Leader's msm username: Crabby_Mcstabby Tribe name: Banana Brigadiers Current Tribe level: 160 with 8 members We also have a tribe discord server: taken: Bowgart, Shrubb, Clamble, Shellbeat, riff, congle, quarrister and tweedle
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2023.01.01 06:55 IceyyyGotcha What’s your guys least favorite monster in MSM mine is the Congle

What’s your guys least favorite monster in MSM mine is the Congle
Also guys check out my subreddit IceyToeJammers
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2022.12.23 17:06 Souhhh_yeah_i_guess HOW TO USE THE BREEDING WIKI

Hey fellow MSM fans! Let’s all collectively acknowledge that since the Festival of Yay, the number of Rule 3 breaks has been… more than needed. So, for those of you who don’t 100% understand how the full wiki breeding chart works, here’s a very quick run down! By going to the link below, you can see the breeding time for EVERY SINGLE MONSTER, including Seasonals, Rares, and Epics! Along with seeing all of this info, the chart also shows you every single way breeding time can be altered, so you can find the time accurate to what you were presented! For example, let’s say I breed Congle+Thumpies on Cold island (During festival of Yay!) and get a time of ~13 hours. I can go to the wiki, and under the column designated for Festival of Yay breeding times, I can find ~13 hours and bam! Rare congle or rare thumpies! Hope this helps!
Here’s the full breeding wiki chart
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2022.12.16 20:23 Salty-Mixture-9895 Hey, looking for a msm tribe to join ????

If you are looking for a msm tribe to join, you've come to the right place. There are no requirements for joining the tribe. We only ask that you feed your tribal monster to level 10 or higher every week, we also ask that if you were going to join, don't join as a monster that we already have. My friend code is (1015544903AB) .I forgot to mention that our tribe reaches around level 140 every week. We are looking for no monster in particular but if you could add mammot, congle, reedling, furcorn, cybop, toe hammer or bowgart it would be greatly appreciated. Hope to see you soon in the tribe .
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2022.07.23 06:25 TruSQUIDD Please feel free to contribute!

This is a list of everything that has not yet been fixed in a patch after release; from minor to major. I have set terms and conditions for this big list to be as fair as possible, I'm going to give everything a good, fair shot before adding it.
————————————————————————————————— Rules & Exceptions: —————————————————————————————————
(1) Animation transitions between repeated tracks don't count because of resource management. It would not be necessary to make multiple unique animations just for transitions for a single unique monster sound track. (They've done this before, perhaps it was so noticable it had to have two unique animations for better fluidity)
Examples Include:
Thumpies on all Islands (Smooth loops, but abrupt transitions to Idle)
All Bowgart's on Cold Island (Tracks 1 and 3 have abrupt transitions)
All Quibble's on Gold Island (Abrupt transitions; there's only so much that can/could've been done to make it smoother)
(2) Any content added in the current latest version will be excluded, because a patch might come out that fixes any new bugs that came with the update.
Examples Include:
Sneyser's Animations on Fire Oasis (The sprite pieces flew around the screen, chaotically during it's release, but was quickly fixed afterwards in a new patch)
Woolabee's Idle on Amber Island (Loops too early and teleports)
Rootitoot's Idle on Amber Island (Loops too early and teleports)
Rootitoot's missing piece on Amber Island (A hole temporarily disappears during the Track 1 animation)
————————————————————————————————— Things BBB Hasn't Fixed: —————————————————————————————————
Animation Loop Errors:
All Dandidoo's Idles on all Islands in MSM (Head petals teleport)
Rare/Epic Cybop on Water Island (Loops too early and the wings teleport)
Epic Clamble on Earth Island (Loops too early and the spare arms teleport)
All Mammott's Idles on Fire Oasis (Loops too early and teleports)
All Pango's Idles on Fire Oasis (Loops too early and the eyes teleport)
All Toe Jammer's Idles on Psychic Island (Loops too early and the eyes teleport, and the rare variants color fade abruptly restarts)
All Oaktopus's Idles on Psychic Island (Loops too early and teleports)
All Kayna's Idles on Psychic Island (Loops too early and bounces incorrectly)
All Noggin's Idles on Faerie Island (Loops too early and abruptly teleports)
All Flootfly's on Faerie Island (It's only animation transitions too abruptly and teleports)
All Fwog's Idles on Bone Island (Loops too early and abruptly teleports)
All Clamble's on Gold Island (It tries to transition to Idle despite not ever going Idle, and abruptly teleports)
Epic Blabbit's Idle on Gold Island (Loops too early and abruptly teleports)
PongPing on all Islands in MSM/DOF (Inflation/deflation transition plays improperly)
Baby Candelavra's Idle on Continent (Loops too early and teleports)
Wrong Animations:
Stogg on Amber Island (Plays Track 1's animation when Idle)
Whaddle on Amber Island (Plays Track 1's animation when Idle)
Mushaboom on Magical Sanctum (Track animations are mixed up)
Massive Clipping:
All Mammott's on Fire Oasis (The arms clip too much, this isn't about the layer swapping)
All Yool's on Seasonal Shanty (The ears and beard clip too much, I don't think it's intended)
Broken Audio:
Baby Rootitoot on Continent (Track 1 cuts out at the end when in specific conditions relating to volumes and position)
Coin Collect SFX (It rarely plays when it's supposed to)
Broken Textures:
Wishing Torch Player Icons (When minimizing and reopening the game, the textures can turn black)
Map Island Icons (When performing certain actions quickly going in/out of the map, the textures can turn black)
————————————————————————————————— Things BBB Has Fixed: —————————————————————————————————
Bone Island's Song Structure (The 2nd verse would play 3x on the first song playthrough and then correct to 4x afterwards)
Plant/Cold/Air Island's Song Structure (The Werdo structure would play without Werdo's on the first song playthrough and then correct afterwards)
Epic Cybop's Orbs (Looped too early and would teleport)
Epic Congle's Legs (Looped too early and the legs would teleport)
Epic Kayna's Idle Animation (Looped too early, the wings and color fade would abruptly restart)
Adult Bowgart's Idle Animation (Looped too early and would abruptly restart)
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2022.07.18 20:22 travischickencoop My concepts for a series of quint islands

Since they’re planning on finishing DOF minus prismatics soon the natural quint wouldn’t come to MSM unless they added a new island, and in my opinion that would work best as a series of islands that would act as a counterpart to the natural islands + Fire Haven, here are my thoughts
Fire Volcano: Tweedle, Potbelly, Noggin, Toe Jammer, Kayna, Dandidoo, Cybop, Quibble, Glowl, Shrubb, Oaktopus, Flowah, Fwog, Stogg, Phangler, Thrumble, Rootitoot, Pummel, Floogull, Repatillo, Whaddle, Barrb, Spunge, Scups, Reedling, Edamimi, Flum Ox, Tring, Shellbeat, Bisonorus, Candelavra
Earth Mountain: Tweedle, Potbelly, Noggin, Mammott, Kayna, Dandidoo, Cybop, Pango, Glowl, Shrubb, Furcorn, Flowah, Drumpler, Stogg, Boskus, Ziggurab, Clamble, Floogull, Repatillo, Sooza, Woolabee, Barrb, Reedling, PomPom, Thumpies, Krillby, Tring, Yelmut, Quarrister, PongPing, Drummidary
Air Skydome: Tweedle, Potbelly, Noggin, Toe Jammer, Mammott, Dandidoo, Cybop, Quibble, Pango, Shrubb, Oaktopus, Furcorn, Fwog, Drumpler, Maw, T-Rox, Clamble, Pummel, Bowgart, Congle, Spunge, Scups, Reedling, PomPom, Thumpies, Entbrat, Deedge, Riff, Shellbeat, Quarrister, Mimic
This is under the assumption Mimic would be revived as the natural quint, we don’t know which combinations would be used for the other 3 quints but the names I’ve come up with are
Plant Rainforest, Cold Tundra, and Water Reef,
Boring but whatever
They would function exactly like the natural islands do just with an additional element
Max beds would be doubled from standard for every upgrade
The lore would be that these were variations of the colossals long lost to time that had been discovered and restored by Galvana through… stuff
Yeah I just think quint islands would be cool tbh lol
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2021.11.29 02:37 Rudi10001 Where should Kayna belong in my MSM (My Singing Monsters) phylogenetic tree? Geothere, Plant, or Animal? (+ Reclassification of Thumpies)

Yes this project is back in session which I was thinking about the Fire monsters when I was absent. Here is the most recent one made by me as of yet MSM Phylogenetic Tree v5 by Rudi10001 on DeviantArt (though a bit small and may update) and I also in the title since someone in the Ben G. Thomas Discord said that Thumpies barely looks like a Lagomorph and so starts the reclassification of them are they (still) Mammals or Xenomammals? Here's a brief explanation of the Xenomammalia they're an offshoot the Therapsids that includes Deedge, Furcorn, and Congle and what about Kayna because I want to start it off with Fire Haven ik that Fire Monsters actually debuted in DOF (Dawn Of Fire) but who cares.
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2021.02.08 03:55 LoganJake899 What split the continent theory part 2: Where the other monsters went

So continuing from my last part of the theory, which I recommend checking out before reading this comment, that the prism gate was likely the cause of the destruction of the continent and outer islands. Also part 4 will be “Where the prism gate came from and where the prismatics went.” Anyways a part of the continent must have “spoken” out to all the monsters. Ok, so on the middle part (plant) of the continent was 1. Entbrat, 2. Potbelly 3. Oaktopus 4. Furcorn 5. Clamble 6. T-rox
On the cold island part was
  1. Deedge
  2. Mammott
  3. Pango
  4. Bowgart
  5. Congle
  6. Maw
On the air island part was
  1. Riff
  2. Tweedle
  3. Pompom
  4. Quibble
  5. Drumpler
  6. Fwog
On the water island part was
  1. Shellbeat
  2. Toe Jammer
  3. Spunge
  4. Dandidoo
  5. Scups
  6. Pummel
On the earth island part was
  1. Quarrister
  2. Thumpies
  3. Noggin
  4. Reedling
  5. Cybop
  6. Shrubb
In the volcano for fire Haven was
  1. Stogg
  2. Tring
  3. Flowah
  4. Repatillo
  5. Barrb
  6. Floogull
  7. Glowl
Then finally, I think the monsters for fire oasis went into the wonder mine because we know they resided somewhere in a cave, though another cavern on the continent is also possible is:
  1. Phangler
  2. Sneyser
  3. Whaddle
  4. Wynq
  5. Boskus
  6. Woolabee
And last time I said Rootitoot, Sooza, Ziggurab, and Thrumble went to the outer islands and vanished into the prism gate. So where did the other fire elementals go? It is likely they hid in various places across the continent to soon be discovered on a new fire island on msm, they could have hidden somewhere in a cavern, flown away in the airship, or taken a boat out to sea. The biggest mystery is what happened to the quint elementals. That is very hard to think about as their are multiple possibilities. I think that there will be 6 fire islands in total including Fire Oasis and Fire Haven, because there are 6 possibilities for quint elementals, including Drummidary and Candelavra. I think that each of the 6 Fire elementals will go to one of the fire islands as a mythical or legendary, with a legendary being more probable. For example Candelavra would go to Fire Haven representing Fire, and an unnamed quint would go to Fire Oasis representing water, and Drummidary would go to an unnamed fire island representing earth. They would get to these islands by the celestials regaining their memory as the monsters and Kayna did after Fire Haven was discovered, and they would summon the lost fire elementals into the fire islands. By the way i think the earthquake in the Fire Haven trailer on Tribal island was caused by either, a normal earthquake, the celestials, a collapsing in the mine, the prism gate, or the most likely candidate, Kayna unknowingly setting off the opening to the fire mines to fire Haven by the sheer power of her being moving and singing out of amber, setting off the magic of the tree to open the gateway to the fire islands. Anyways, mirror islands would debunk parts of this theory, but we are not even sure if the mirror islands are real, and not just thinks created from a mysterious place, but we will be covering that in part 5: “Mysteries of the Mirror Islands”. Also expect too see part 6: “where kayna came from, and where she fled too when the continent split” yes the name is kind of a stretch but yeah. Anyways see you all in part three! Hope you all liked this, sorry it was so long.
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2020.05.26 21:39 Agent--51 Exploring the possibilities of four-element Fire islands

Currently, there are only two Fire quads in MSM: Tring and Sneyser. I think we can all agree that both of those songs turned out pretty well. But what about the other six Fire quads currently only in Dawn of Fire (two of the possible combinations simply don’t exist yet)? Could they get islands sometime in the future?
I’ll be examining the composition of these six quads’ families of monsters and guessing how likely it would be for them to be added. To determine this, I’ll use the balance between vocal, percussive, and instrumental parts (V, P, I respectively) in comparison to existing islands. Note that Spunge, Boskus and Quibble all count as instrumental, and Shrubb and Thumpies both count as percussion for these purposes.
For reference, Fire Haven has 8V, 4P, 3I; Fire Oasis has 9V, 2P, 4I.
Bisonorous (Fire, Air, Plant, Water): 12V - Kayna, Toe Jammer, Tweedle, Potbelly, Oaktopus, Dandidoo, Flowah, Glowl, Phangler, Barrb, Whaddle, Bisonorous 0P 3I - Quibble, Spunge, Rootitoot
It’s unlikely that this would ever be added simply due to the complete lack of percussion. Quibble doesn’t count because it’s used more as an instrumental monster than a percussive one.
Yelmut (Fire, Air, Plant, Cold): 10V - Kayna, Mammot, Tweedle, Potbelly, Flowah, Glowl, Furcorn, Dandidoo, Barrb, Yelmut 2P - Pango, Thumpies 2I - Boskus, Sooza, Woolabee
The fact that there are only two percussion parts puts a damper on this. Granted, Oasis was added with just Congle and Pango for percussion, but Congle’s bongos are much more able to lay down a beat than Thumpies’ timpani. More likely than Bisonorous, but still not very likely.
Flum Ox (Fire, Air, Earth, Water): 10V - Kayna, Tweedle, Toe Jammer, Glowl, Phangler, Cybop, Fwog, Whaddle, Thrumble, Flum Ox 2P - Noggin, Scups 3I - Stogg, Quibble, Floogull
Similar analysis to Yelmut, but honestly might be added as a special “ancient” or similarly themed island.
Krillby (Fire, Air, Earth, Cold): 6V - Kayna, Mammot, Tweedle, Glowl, Cybop, Pompom 4P - Noggin, Drumpler, Pango, Ziggurab 4I - Stogg, Boskus, Floogull, Woolabee, Krillby
Some time ago someone made a post saying that replacing Faerie with Air in Faerie island made an eerie amount of sense. I don’t know if he was correct, but Krillby’s family is certainly the most balanced of these six. IMO the most likely to be actually added.
Edamimi (Fire, Plant, Earth, Water): 8V - Kayna, Potbelly, Toe Jammer, Flowah, Phangler, Oaktopus, Fwog, Thrumble 5P - Noggin, Shrubb, Pummel, Repatillo, Edamimi 2I - Stogg, Rootitoot
With this large set of percussion, I could see it being added as a desert-themed island (Oasis II, anybody?). That would be pretty cool tbh.
Incisaur (Fire, Plant, Cold, Water): 10V - Kayna, Potbelly, Mammot, Toe Jammer, Flowah, Phangler, Oaktopus, Furcorn, Maw, Wynq 1P - Incisaur 4I - Stogg, Boskus, Bowgart, Sooza
The same problem as Bisonorous. The only percussion would be Incisaur itself, so monsters like Stogg, Boskus, and Bowgart would really have to carry the team. Unlikely at best.
Some more “pure” Fire islands would be pretty cool, but most of the families just aren’t balanced correctly. In my opinion, this is the order of likelihood to be added, from most to least:
Krillby, Edamimi, Flum Ox, Yelmut, Incisaur, Bisonorous
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2020.03.27 02:34 PopularWrench Is it just me or does the Wublin and Celestial island seem a bit bland?

My singing monsters does a great job at surprising us for sure. We’ve gotten so many new things in the past couple of years that add so much to the game like rares & epics a whole new game, and even new islands.
The fire islands were introduced as a way to bring the fire monsters from DOF and into msm, like Boskus and Tring, while keeping the normal monsters as well, like Reedling and Congle.
The psychic and faerie island were introduced to bring more fire monsters into play, while introducing two brand new types of monsters. While I think two new types back to back is A LOT, we still have a lot of time to see what they’ll do with those monster types in the future.
The Shugabush island was kind of a one time special thing for Kristian Bush, which is why that island hasn’t gotten much attention. Same thing with the tribal island. Tribal island brings players together to unlock the once new fire elemental Kayna.
So what two new islands am I missing out on? The Celestial island and the Wublin island.
I understand that these two islands were introduced to kind of create more lore to the game, like how the Wubbox created the wublins and etc.. but why? The Wublin island and celestial island throw in a whole bunch of new and weird looking monsters out of no where. Plus the way to obtain the monsters is incredibly difficult. You have to buy stones of the monsters and insert other monster eggs to obtain them? There’s no way any normal player can get 3 Eggs of ALL THE QUAD TYPES inside a statue within three days, along with over dozens of other eggs. It’s a bit bizarre, don’t you think?
Of course, it’s okay if you like the islands. I don’t blame you. I just don’t think that the wublins look or sound all that great. The monsters look insane in a bad way, their monster sounds are also very extreme in a bad way, and the song all together for both islands doesn’t sound good at all.
When we get new monsters for other islands, they look so much better compared to the wublins or celestials. When breeding the monster types of the Psychic and Faerie island together, you could basically say that those types LOOK like they would make that type of monster, like the Mammott and Kayna making a Boskus. It makes sense. While on the Wublin and celestial island, the monsters look poorly designed and created out of nothing.
There’s obviously a lot that I’m missing to the wublins and celestials. Trust me, I’ve been absent from the games for almost 4 years. But those two islands just don’t feel right with the game.
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2019.11.10 19:02 CongleMania Join The Waawa Tribe plz

Hello My username is Conglemania in both reddit and msm And I have come to give you a request. Join the Waawa tribe! You can join as anything except for the Bowgart,Shellbeat, and Congle. The Waawa Tribe is my friends. His username is Mn for Minecraft nerd. Reply to this post with your friend code and I will light your torches in return.
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