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A subreddit where we discuss how to money through trading in stocks,forex futures,options etc by using the teachings of Neville Goddard and Joseph Murphy

2023.06.05 06:13 lunathetraveller01 How do my friends and I tell one friend that we don’t want her to come on a trip/ we don’t want her to know(?)

We have this one friend 23F, that we have never been super close with, compared to each other. We come from a big group of 13 down to 8, still big but we are a lot closer and comfortable with each other than we are with her. Everyone is close with each other and after a few bumps we have refined our communication skills and get along really well, we have also been on many holidays with each other so we know each others boundaries.
In 2020, we invited her for the first time and it was not a comfortable experience, we felt as though we were obligated to invite her since our group had dwindled down and she WAS “close” to me and another. During that trip she was extremely difficult and wouldn’t compromise on what activities the group wanted to do, and would rather spend her time inside doing nothing. On one seperate occasion I had felt really uncomfortable as we have not established a close relationship where we would change in the same room, my friend and I are really close, but we are not at that stage as we have not had many instances where it happened. On this particular occasion, we were all at the beach having fun and playing in the water, after an hour or two she made me drive her around to find her a dress for dinner, when we had JUST gone shopping and I got one for myself, after we had returned from the beach, just the two of us, we were waiting for the others to get back to get ready to go out for dinner, I was one of the designated drivers so I wanted to get ready first, considering her shopping trip set us back an hour. As I was getting changed she had taken a shower and barged into the room we were sharing whilst I was indecent, she didn’t bother knocking or asking if she could come in. I was facing the window as she walked in and didn’t think much of it, as my other friends knew our boundaries when it came to room sharing, this next part made me feel extremely uncomfortable and a little violated, as she was fully undressed, I had turned around to grab my clothes when she stopped me and asked “do you think guys will like my boobs?” I was too shocked to even say anything as this was a clear line that I myself had drawn with my other female friends, this was not something that I am completely comfortable with. While it was not a major issue, it was a line she had crossed, and that is only one instance out of the many from the trip and in the friendship. The friendship that I personally have with her is more one sided, it’s always felt like I put more effort into it than she does, she is also very obsessive and does not like it when I hang out with the others, and this instance made it clear to me that she didn’t care about my feelings and was more worried about herself. And it was not only me that had an issue with her behaviour during the trip. After the incident I had kept it to myself out of fear I was making a bigger issue out of it than it really was, but I caved and needed to speak to one of them. I told my other friend what had happened and she told me that the same friend was also making her extremely uncomfortable, constantly staring at her and not making any effort to talk to her, but rather just complain on the phone to her mum. She’s a very awkward person that even if you tell her something direct, she will not understand what you mean, and proceed to do exactly what you tell her not to. And it’s not like I’ve made no effort to communicate all of my concerns with her, even after taking a year break from each other after we had a big sit down talk. She seems to have made no changes and is even worse than before. I ask this now as my other friends and I are planning a trip for our mid term uni break and want to go on a holiday, but we all have decided that we did not want her to come. We are unsure on how to tell her. This trip is no secret, as the whole group knows but only half are going/invited, and the others are fine with us going without them as we had talked about doing a uni trip, and considering the other half are full time workers. We had made sure that everyone was fine and happy with the plans and made sure they did not feel left out. But she is the only one that we are truely worried about. In the last couple months we have made sure to catch up as a group once a week to make up for this trip for those who are missing out, but each hang we have made the effort to invite her but she has declined each time. There’s is so much more behind the scenes besides her flashing me, but what should we do, as I’ve recently come to learn that we all have conflict with her, and are not comfortable spending a week with her 24/7. Any advice on how to handle this would be really helpful/ should we tell her?
There is so much more that I’d like to put down, but if there are any questions needed to under the context better, feel free to ask questions and we will try to answer them
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2023.06.05 06:12 KarmaFarmingperson Really dumb update idea : Gear remake

So I have a few really dumb idea to make dl2's gear abit less of a cookie cutter and a bit more distinct from one another.(at least thats what Ive heard the complaint was). Ik this may sound dumb but just hear me out.
What if each the gear for each class will have a permanent stat, or an "ability" for the respective class that will appear on all of the gear set in that class, doesn't matter the rarity or the gear level of the gear?
An example for a permanent stat: medic class gear sets can get a -15% use time for healing items that will appear on all of the medic class realted gear set. Or something like a +15% heal amount for all healing items. You get the idea
An example for an "ability":when wearing a medic class set a new option can be chosen in the consumable slot that is some sort of syringe. Its a one time use item that cannot be crafted and will only appear as an option when wearing a medic gear . When used, it will replenish some amount of health when you perform a parkour move . Each gear set will add another use to the syringe ( like if you wore 3 medic class gear set you could have 3 syringes) and you can replenish the syringe by performing a certain amount of parkour move attacks. Of course not every class needs the ability to be like medic like how I did have an idea for tank class to have a shield with certain amoint of moves that can block zombie grabs and stun enemies longer and all that. Yeah it's overtweaked but this is just a concept I pulled out of my ass. You get the whole idea.
Or, certain gear sets can have the permanent stat boost, and certain gear sets can have the "ability". Like medic shirts and pants can have the "ability" Ive listed above , and the rest, the bracer,glove,sneakers and head gear can have the -15% use time for healing items or the +15% heal amount, whatever was on the gear. That way if you wore a full medic gear you could have 2 syringes to use and a -60% or +60% for the use time or heal amount of healing items.
Yeah these are overtweaked but I just want the show the concept.
On a less important note, I also have an idea for generally, the whole gear system:
Instead of making every stat of every gear to be somewhat randomise, why not just make each gear of a single class have a permanent stat, and that stat could be more effective compared to other gears?
And, make stat that was boosted on that gear will always be around an amount , and will be the same of a similar gear of that gear level and rarity
Im probabily bad at explaining this but basically, medic class for example. Make the headgear will always have the parkour exp boost stat with a huge amount, like 15 or 20% or smth, and the shirt to have the parkour damage boost at around 15 or 20% as well. And this will apply to all the head gear or shirt that you came accross ,that is also similar rarity or gear level. You get the idea.
However, other gears like pants can still get the same stat effect as the headgear, but it is randomized and you can probably only get it on pants that are above purple/unique rarity. And you can only get like, at max 5% boost or smth.
Hell, maybe one gear could have like , 2 or 3 permanent stat, but one stat is just much higher than the other. Like medic bracers of the same rarity and gear level can have a +20% boost in health regeneration speed, while also having a +7% in parkour damage.
And yes, randomized stats like damage boost at nighta can still exist on a gear randomly
This is probably overtweaked by alot but this way it could make each gear of a class to have their own use, and it would probably make getting a whole class set more purposeful than it is.
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2023.06.05 06:12 aenima1983 Internship living situation driving me insane

I'm currently in my second week of a ten week internship for a Navy shipbuilding company and I'm going through kind of a rough patch.
TLDR: I feel like I fell for a trap. I'm paying close to $800 a month for a 3 BR apartment split between 5 guys with no pantry or suitably sized bathrooms. What makes it better is that I don't mesh with them in the slightest. Their personalities are not my type and their sleep schedules are driving me insane.
I'll walk you through how I got where I am. , the internship is 14 hours away from home, and I don't have any family around here nor did I have enough money to get my own place, so I decided to ask the company for help in finding housing for the summer. They said that they hired a company to help provide intern living and that I should contact them for arrangements. So I did--I completed the application and moved forward.
Now mind you I'm a pretty quiet and introverted person in general, and usually pretty paranoid of others too. I have never been comfortable in a living situation where another stranger was involved. I've definitely NEVER EVER been comfortable living without my own room and constantly get overwhelmed whenever I can't find peace and quiet for at least some portion of my day. But this company that my internship had hired only offered arrangements that one way or the other involved having two people share a room, and it was really my only hope for living this summer.
Well I didn't get any information about who my roommates were, which apartment complex they sorted me into, when I could move in, etc. until a week before my move-in date. They sent me a lease on an afternoon near the end of the semester and wanted me to get it done before 4:00 that day.
Fast forward to move-in day, I meet my first roommate and he seems pretty chill. A bit stuck-up but having been in engineering I was used to it and didn't think too seriously of it. I meet my next roommate later that day (this is the one I was going to share a room with) and he seemed really nice but loud. I didn't meet my third roommate until the next day and he seemed incredibly quiet. My fourth roommate was nice and the fifth roommate (who came way later) seemed a bit strange but not too bad.
Well, turns out that all of them have abhorrent personalities and they're not really suited for my taste. I disagree with most of what they believe in on a very personal and fundamental level. I have heard every one of them (except the third, quiet roommate) say very racist things, insult the LGBTQIA+ community, insult each other in very hurtful ways, talk about their girlfriends or girl interests in not super respectful tones, brag about well they do in school, complain about how boring their job as an intern is or how hard their school is, etc etc etc. They hog the kitchen, don't clean their dishes (one of them has left mochi dough and eggshells in there for two days now), and don't go out and do anything out of the house. They sit at home all day or they go to the gym. I'm honestly for none of that and just the sheer luck that I'm paired with such insufferable people is just wow.
We also have to get up somewhat early for our jobs (around 6 AM) and because of this every one of my roommates (especially the one I share a room with) goes to bed around 10. My mind unfortunately does not quiet down until around 11:30 or 12 and so sometimes I'll stay out in the living room, reading or writing or drawing or whatever until I'm tired enough to sleep. Well, the guy I share a room with sleeps incredibly INCREDIBLY lightly (I mean like even the sound of the door opening wakes him up and we have soaked the hinges in WD40) and in the morning will always complain about how little sleep he gets. I have started coming in early and just sitting on my phone for hours so I don't wake him up. And he also doesn't wear headphones or take melatonin or anything. I hate to be this guy, but I will be him--even with you waking up you probably get around 7 hours of sleep, which is PLENTY ENOUGH to go sit at a desk and twiddle your thumbs for 8 hours (which is how our jobs are). I can do it on two hours of sleep and I don't meal prep or work out every day or wake up with the sun and I drink loads of coffee every morning. He tried to lecture us about how we were in our prime time for mental development that we should get enough sleep. Bro come on I'm just here to make money without causing any trouble. I'm not bending my sleep schedule for you.
I have eight weeks left. Only eight weeks. But god these past few weeks have felt so long and I don't know what to do besides suck it up and keep pushing.
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2023.06.05 06:11 Parkour_daredevil Did Emiway really had to diss MC Stan?

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2023.06.05 06:11 Positive-Round-636 Dizabo Investment

Hello, I have been approached by a lady relationship manager from Dizabo. They are providing high returns or can say rent on vans, bikes etc. however, I did my due diligence and came across few posts where investors were complaining how they aren't getting paid and ghosted by the company management. I told the management about these posts etc. They told me these are fake investors etc etc which I found a bit doubtful. I would really like to see your opinions and personal experiences will be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 06:11 1painintheass My coworkers dad almost got cussed out tonight.

I have an 18 year old cashier who gets dropped off and picked up from work. Tonight when I was finishing counting the money his dad came up to the door and yelled “tell them to tighten up we gotta go” my cashier came and asked if he could clock out and I told him he could clock out but he can’t leave. So he does and tells his dad and his dad starts saying well why are you clocked out not getting paid for it blah blah. Well sir because he asked if he could clock out. If he wants to he can but I didn’t tell him to. So after I finished up the money and was closing the register I explained to him why I said what I did. So I finished and clocked out at 10:34. Earlier his mom had called and asked me what time he’d be getting off and I told her probably between 10:20-10:30. So when we were done I told him that if it were up to me I wouldn’t care but dollar general’s policy is we have to walk out together it’s a safety thing. And that we can’t leave til the money is right no matter how long it takes. And that I had told his mother what time we’d be off, and we were only 4 minutes past the time I had told her.
Seriously though does this dumbass think I want to stay any later than I have to or that I’m not going as fast as I can go?? Also like maybe if your son didn’t wait til we’ve closed and I’m about to pull the drawer to tell me he wants to buy something we would’ve been done sooner. But I don’t expect much from this asswipe though he’s the same guy who can’t even wait for me to get to my truck before speeding out of the pitch black parking lot. He doesn’t have to stay but it’s just the polite thing to do. That’s what me and all my other coworkers do for each other. I feel bad for my coworker, the guys son. Must sucks to have such an asshole for a dad.
I was already pissed off from rude customers and that was just icing on the cake. I needed to vent.
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2023.06.05 06:11 Medium_Interview_966 Why would a man take his life on his wife’s birthday and Mother’s Day?

A friend of mine chose to take his life on the day that just so happened to be Mother’s Day and his wife’s birthday. I’m still in shock. I feel a mix of emotions about it. I feel a mix of sadness, anger and disgust. I feel sad that he felt life was that unbearable he decided to end his own life. I feel anger and disgust because I can’t help but wonder if he deliberately chose to end his life on that day to punish either his mother or wife (maybe both) in the most cruelest way he could. There’s literally 365 days in a year. WHY pick that day to take your life??
I do know he had somewhat of a strained relationship with his mother. He sometimes spoke about feeling rejected and unloved by his mom. But he always spoke of his wife in a very positive, loving way. Constantly talked about how much he loved her and was so grateful for her. Which brings me back to my original question. Why would a man who claimed to love his wife so much choose to end his life on a day that just so happened to be her birthday and mother’s day??
I feel like maybe he hated himself so much he constantly tried to find self love thru other people. But no amount of love he received could make him love or accept himself. Maybe he got frustrated and started feeling like the only way he could get the type of love he desired was in death.
I know No one will ever know why he did what he did, but I just can’t wrap my head around this and I’m curious to hear other opinions.
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2023.06.05 06:10 Bobert479 Gold farm isn't producing nearly as much as advertised.[java]

I'm running a vanilla 1.19.4 java server and recently built DashPum4's gold farm. It's said to produce around 1600 gold blocks per hour which is around 25 stacks but with my usage I've only gotten around a stack or two per hour. I have built the entire farm in the nether wastes biome. I'm the only one on while running the farm, so a second player isn't preventing the farm from working. There are also no farms or even random blocks for a pigman to spawn on in the area and I've built the farm exactly how they did in the video. Please help!
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2023.06.05 06:10 pelican122 Phil Lord and Chris Miller on their treatment for The Flash: It is "quite different" to the final film; "it did involve time travel, but it was not a multiversal story", a lot of it was about "how much food he had to consume"

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2023.06.05 06:10 OneSalientOversight When did Rock music die? And why?

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2023.06.05 06:10 sticky_touch How did your interests in music change when you were 16 and now?

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2023.06.05 06:10 lovelili23 [TOMT][VIDEO GAME] A game for the Gamecube console

Hi, so I'm trying to find out what game me and my siblings had when we were kids. We always called it the "Square game" because when it loaded up, you could choose from a variety of games and they were organized in a cube/square shape. Now this was a GAMECUBE and we were playing with this in the 2000s/early 2010s, and the games were my dads from the 90s/early 00s, so think very retro. Not no 3d, realistic, mk11 type of visuals lol.
I distinctly remember four games we played, so I'll describe those:
  1. Mortal Kombat For this mk game, we could make our own character, like top to bottom design them and their powers and give them names and play with them. It was awesome. Mileena, kitana, and sindel were on there (i remember those bc those are who i usually played with)
  2. A game with beasts In this game, we could have I believe it was up to 2 or 3 beasts. One was definitely an ape. They would go through a town and have to smash the buildings down. They could grab peeople out the buildings and eat them, they could eat like poison and spit it out, and they could eat something that leveled them up and gave them the ability to fly.
  3. A game with multiple missions So in this game, you were going in and out of buildings doing whatever the mission was, I can't quite remember each individual task. But when you got back on the street, you had to collect money or something and fight some people. And we always hoped the pink car rolled by because if it did, you could jump inside it and drive and it was a good thing, but I can't remember why.
  4. A fighting game I don't know how to go into further detail about this. It was just a fighting game and up to 3 people (i think) could play at one time, and you just had to try to kill or beat as many people as possible. If one person died, the game didn't end, it just continued with the surviving chatacters. At the end, you got a whole bunch of money (i think??). There was some kind of big reward. It's like you beat the people and then collect something from their fallen bodies, similar to how in GTA, you get stacks of money from people you kill. The details for this one are very hazy, but I wanted to include since I vaguely remember.
Any of the other games, we didn't play that often, mainly those four, so that's why I wanted to describe them!
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2023.06.05 06:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

[Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

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  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
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  • How To Create An Offer So Irresistible… Only a LUNATIC Would Ignore It
  • The Breakthrough Copy Development Process (with Real-Life Example!)


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2023.06.05 06:10 SunMoonCollision Dealing with anxiety surrounding having a seizure again..

For some background, in 2015 I had a grand mal seizure while driving. I suffer from migraine with aura & my seizure aura was very similar to a migraine with aura which is why I was okay with driving at the time of the seizure. I had an abnormal EEG a month after the seizure & was given medication but never took it. I was also scheduled to have an MRI a month after my EEG but never followed through. I was in denial & did not want to be epileptic. I haven’t had another seizure since then (knock on wood) but every time I have a migraine with aura, I get reminded of that seizure that I had & start to form major anxiety/panic around having another. I’m working with a neurologist right now to help with migraines but when I insisted on getting an updated EEG & MRI 6 months ago, he told me that if I haven’t had any more since then (I can’t say that I have but I can’t say that I haven’t had some form of one with 100% confidence either) that there is no need for those tests to be done & to try topamax instead. I didn’t like how it made me feel so after 2.5 days of taking it —with his permission, I stopped taking it. I see him again in a week for a follow up. I was wondering if I should continue to push for updated testing or if there’s no use in doing so without for sure having had a second seizure? I want to believe it was a one & done but after my aunt & brother were both diagnosed with epilepsy within the last few years.. I’m starting to think that I’ve just gotten lucky or may have had other forms of seizure that I didn’t recognize as such. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 06:10 Jabroni5092 A serious question that has long been lingering in my head: how did Miles not hit the roof/side of the building here? I don't know what the strength of webbing is but I don't imagine it's like a bungee cord, besides, it seems like he has less than 20 feet of space before hitting the roof. Thanks!

A serious question that has long been lingering in my head: how did Miles not hit the roof/side of the building here? I don't know what the strength of webbing is but I don't imagine it's like a bungee cord, besides, it seems like he has less than 20 feet of space before hitting the roof. Thanks! submitted by Jabroni5092 to Marvel [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 06:09 Heart_Of_Ice59 Mortal Kombat player switching to Street Fighter

I’m sure you guys have run into this post before in the past, especially now with how well SF6 is being received. I’ve never played Street Fighter (a damn shame.) But it’s the truth. I’ve played Mortal Kombat since the early 00s and was daunted by how the FGC commented on how different SF and MK are (and they are.) So I never felt like getting out of my comfort zone, especially when looking at the inputs and how difficult they are compared to MK.
However, I saw how amazing SF6 looked and decided to download the demo and honestly, I found it infinitely more satisfying nailing just a 5-6 hit combo in the demo than I ever did in the thousand hours I put into MK 11. So, first thing tomorrow, I’m buying SF6. Are there any tips you would give to someone new to street fighter in general and then general tips for JUST SF6? I know I’m going to get my skull bashed in online, but I’ve heard that’s the only way you get better and it’s the only way I got better at Mortal Kombat. But I want to get into both SF6 and the series as whole. The game looks and feels amazing and I want to see some cool characters doing cool shit lol
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2023.06.05 06:09 Hailybobaily Wedding Photos Issues- Need Advive

Okay to keep it short we had SO many issues with our wedding photographer.
Not only did our photographer deliver a completely out of order gallery, our gallery still contained many raw images and tons of missing Images that were on our shot list. She also didn’t even cover our wedding for the full amount of hours that we contracted and paid into. She covered 8.5 hours when we paid for 10 (which I have proof of everyone seeing her arrive late, & in time stamps of the first photos taken that day)
After I had noticed when we received the gallery, our photographer said she “forgot” to sync cameras with her assistant shooter & also forgot to go through a Whole camera card of photos.
We agreed to meet up where she allowed my husband and I to go through the missing photo card and select all of the photos we wanted free of charge. We asked and offered 4 times if she would want us to compensate her for her time and for giving us all these photos (250 to be exact) and she said no way, her mistakes and assured us we would get them all selected added back into the gallery and fully edited. She also said she would reorganize our gallery for us and that it was “such an easy fix”.
5 weeks go by and she finally sends them over, and only sends 107 of the 250 she told us we were definitely getting . I brought it up and she claimed she never said that and that’s not how the conversation went. We are still missing so many detailed shots of our day, our unity ceremony, dancing shots, dress photos, table set ups, our welcome table, many others we had listed on our shot list. She also never reorganized the gallery likes he said she was going to also fix. She now said I can pay her $1000 if I want the rest… she’s basically holding them over our head and being completely dishonest of the conversation we had & sooooo extremely unprofessional.
At one point I want to just be done with her, but I feel as if it’s so emotionally hard because this was our wedding day & we can never get these photos again! I feel like she’s purposely doing this to us to get more money out of us or something? After all we have been through with her, we will not be paying her anymore!
I have so many people telling me to take her to small claims court but I’m just not sure and really need advice.
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2023.06.05 06:09 spenjo13 “Sugar daddy” wants to sue me

I have Someone in my life who is older than me and has more money than me that has probably sent me about $5,000 in the past 6 months. I have never asked him for money, nor have I solicited sexual favors for money. We text and I have gone to dinner with him 3 times. He just sends me money. Recently, he asked me to get drinks, and I said no, as I was busy. He retaliated by requesting me $7,000 via venmo and sending me text after text about how I am a “user” and a “scammer”. I did not answer his texts. He sent me one just now saying he was going to sue me since I won’t “repay him”. Does he have any legal grounds? Again- I want to reiterate that I have NEVER asked him for money nor have I solicited sexual favors. I have all of our texts saved to back me up. I can not afford to pay him $7,000. If he gave me money of his own accord, can he sue me for not reimbursing him? Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.05 06:09 LongjumpingSugarr Can you even save a marriage after something like this?

My husband(33m) and I(30f) have been married 6 years. We’ve been best friends for 10. I feel like the pressure of marriage and children caused him to try to constantly escape mentally and resent me. Typical, I know. He was often distant and irritable and made it clear he would rather be smoking marijuana, watching porn, playing video games, or lusting after other coworkers even if there was no physical cheating. Regardless of all of this, I swear, he is still one of the best men I’ve ever met. He’s just human. I love him very much.
However, I think I was in denial of my husband not loving me as much as I love him. I always felt like I wasn’t perfect either so I should not expect so much of him. He’s the avoidant, I’m the anxiously attached.
I tried over and over to “save” our marriage for our kids. All with very little cooperation from him. He was a provider and was not interested in anything extra.
My breaking point was in December. He had often been rough during sex but it was getting out of control. I told him I don’t want him watching porn anymore because it was affecting our sex life(he watched a lot of fantasy rape porn).
He agreed but I really felt like he was lying so one night I went through his phone and what I found shocked me. He was watching a ton of porn(he obviously had an addiction). He also had an onlyfans(I’ve 100% mentioned before I would not be ok with it) and he subscribed and paid to many women, including “teen” girls. I found he saved multiple images and videos of these “18” year old girls from their social media. I also found he casually and sexually talked to one of them that he seemed to really like. It disgusts me because I looked at her social media and she was in fact about to start college. Meaning she was in highschool when they started talking on onlyfans(he claims to know none of this and didn’t notice her age). I also found he had looked up a coworker for his porn stash and he tried to message her on Facebook(he later admitted to having a crush on her and masturbating to her and that this was not the first coworker he masturbated to).
I was so horrified and heartbroken that I thought I was having a heart attack. For 2 entire weeks my heart physically hurt so bad I almost went to the hospital. I am a very strong advocate for older men not getting involved in ANY way with young girls. He insists that porn just desensitized him and he didn’t think of her as really 18, just hot. I’m just still so disgusted. It was also right before I turned 30 so it destroyed my self esteem. I had poured everything I had into this man for 6 years.
He blamed it all on porn addiction. I did research on porn addiction and tried to save our marriage again. He had promised to delete everything and be open and let me see his phone whenever. One night I had a few glasses of wine and I tried to grab his phone and he refused. The way I remember it was trying to grab it and ask to go through it, he refused so I flipped and tried to pull the phone out of his hands. He then got up, threw me to the ground full force and broke my ring finger. Yes, the one my ring goes on. He said I was much more aggressive(I don’t remember this) and he had to throw me to get me to stop.
My ring finger healed slightly crooked because I had to take my splint off so much as a stay at home moms to two young kids. My ring no longer fits on it.
I feel like this was some sort of ridiculous sign where I can literally no longer unsee how damaging and toxic this marriage is.
I finally told him I’m done for good this time. Whenever we would get in fights or separate in the past, if he apologized and swore to change I would go right back to him immediately, giving him whatever he wanted so he would want this marriage this time. I think he thought I would never leave. Probably because I have no family, few friends, no income, and am unhealthily obsessed with him.
This time I pulled the strength I needed out of thin air and was really done. I was prepared to take the kids and I to a shelter if I needed to(he’s punched a few holes in the wall before when I’ve made him mad).
My whole demeanor towards him changed. I almost don’t even recognize myself anymore because normally I’d forgive him and we’d be in the “just worked things out everything is happy again” phase by now.
At first my husband was ok with divorcing and was being civil and it was such a relief, but he is freaking out all of the sudden, I’ve never seen him like this either. He started going back to therapy. He’s researching his issues and apologizing to me for all these little things he finally recognizes. He recently got a huge promotion and he is saying he will buy us a house since we can finally afford it.
He’s treating me like I always wanted. A house is what I’ve always wanted for my kids. I don’t think I will ever be able to give them anything but a shitty apartment if I leave. I can’t help but feel like I can see two sides of my life and the one that gives my kids and I the best life is staying with him.
He’s begging me to go to marriage counseling but I don’t want to. A switch flipped in me. I refuse to have sex with him, I refuse to give him any part of me other than civil conversation and friendship at most.
There is this part of me that just can’t turn back but there is this other part of me that is already starting to consider it. Even if it means driving myself into paranoia again.
Should I take him back or would I be an absolute fool?
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2023.06.05 06:09 Otherwise-Leg-2407 I hate who i have become and am so lost and feel so alone

Triggers of SA/abuse I am so lost writing this and emotionally driven, so my apologies if this isn't refined. My self growth journey has been so long and I am only 22. I whole heartedly acknowledge I used to be this attention seeking, selfish, entitled, and other adjectives person. A lot of that was unresolved trauma since I got diagnosed with complex PTSD little over a year ago. After my first really psychologically and sexually abusive relationship, i spent a few years reflecting. What was my fault? What isnt? I really isolated myself. With him i became this really angry person i never was. I was known as the forever realistic but positive person. Then covid happened so i didnt make friends during my first 2 years of college. I got bullied so isolated more and dated my most recent also abusive ex. This one has been harder to process due to him having a better public image. I still get snippy and mean to my amazing parents since I am living with them currently. I try to stop and i just snap then cry in my room. Im in therapy im doing these things and hate who i have become. I hate feeling like im trying so hard to improve myself but feel like im not. I have no friends. I have no idea where to even begin now since i have to finish my last year (5th) of uni online. I have no hope and i bawl every night. I am idealizing not existing anymore more and more each day. I feel like i have no hope of making and sustaining friends. I feel the same with a relationship some time in the future when i am healthier. I feel like a failure. I am on some spectrum of autism and havd ADHD which presents different in women. I didnt learn this until recently so its hard to work with myself than against. I just feel so overwhelmed in trying to figure out how to make real friends. I dont need 100s. I just want a couple genuine friends. I have always been a ride or die. I was there, supported, etc - dropped anything at any given second. But whenever i needed anyone for good or bad i was alone. I feel so alone. Because of abusive relationships and covid i isolated for last 5 ish years. Plus my extreme social anxiety. I mean where do i even begin? I struggle with social cues as is let alone 5 years mostly out of practice. Idk where you even find friends. I just. Why am i here? I feel no one likes me unless its someone wanting to hookup which isnt me. I hate this anger i take out on my parents who dont deserve it. My dad does not deserve it. Yet i keep doing it. Therapy session after therapy session. I have no friends. Parents only family and im a mean person and idk how to stop. I snap before my brain even processes i did. I hate myself and wish i was gone. I have one friend online and i appreciate him immensely. But i have no one to go out and hangout. To chill out together. I do nothing. I feel empty and useless.
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2023.06.05 06:09 pdxmikaela Additional key fob?

I bought my 2023 Limited in April. If only came with one key fob due to a shortage. Did anyone else experience this? When and how do I get the second key fob?
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2023.06.05 06:09 Beanhedge On Surviving

My first deployment was in Serbia, protecting Belgarad. I spent most of it sitting in various trenches, trying to keep my pants unshat. Or listening to speeches about bravery.
“Nothing is hard to concur,” Our captain told us, one day. “If you keep your head about you.”
He was lying.
He’s dead now.
Like most of my command that Spring, he had a lethal case of having his head up his ass. No one then quite comprehended why we were there, waiting in those blasted hills, and they thought, foolishly, that what we were fighting was like any other enemy.
But we weren’t fighting men.
We were fighting a Slith. And the locals told us that meant death.
Our first engagement was near Vrsac. An ambush. We lost half our platoon, including my friend, Andi, in the middle of the night, when the guy on sentry—a dipshit private called Kiersten—went for a piss. I was asleep in a lucky foxhole.
So I didn’t actually fight one for another two weeks.
To describe facing a Slith is to misrepresent the experience.
There’s a reason all our photos are aerial.
When I looked over my trench that fateful day, I saw human bodies squirming and writhing atop a great ball of flesh, stilted on spidery legs. Some of them were intact. Others were not. But they moved anyway, the nerve core at the center of that thing contracting their dead muscles.
I froze.
Our artillery hit the Slith’s center.
Have you ever seen a video of a spider sac bursting?
That thing exploded in a rain of meat and blood, and it did not die. Hundreds of smaller creatures flew off it like fuzz on a dandelion*.* Soon they would reform, carrying our death bodies with them. And the Slith would grow, eat, excrete waste.
But now they hunted us.
I shouldered my rifle and aimed for one of the larger masses. Kiersten banged into me.
“My gun! My gun!” He screamed. He’d lost his.
I hardly noticed. The torso of a man sprinted toward me, a fox's head grafted onto his chest, and those distinctive curling tendrils running out his back. He was decayed, rotting. I cut him in half with bullets.
Then over the hills, a familiar head, atop a spidery body of limbs.
Andi. My friend.
She descended on our position.
I wasn’t even surprised when she started talking. Kiersten was trying to grab my gun. Panicking.
“Watson.” She said, frantically. “You have to listen, we’re alive in there. We’re just hungry. I can make it painless.”
“Andi.” I said. I was crying.
Then I turned and shot Kiersten in the face.
Andi stared at me. Then she smiled gently. Her slithian chest unfolded like a paper fortune teller.
She never broke eye contact while she ate him.
And laying at the bottom of that trench, I lived.
So I’ve learned.
The trick to surviving isn’t keeping your own head.
It’s keeping someone else's.
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