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2023.06.10 23:23 hatch-b-2900 I still feel Sahelanthropus is one of the best Mech video game experiences

Ok, maybe I'm not the most well versed in mech, but I did love Robotech. I've seen the IRL Gundams in Japan, but nothing felt as crazy as MGS V.
The first time I saw Sahelanthropus in game, it felt like seeing Jurassic Park for the first time. The scale, the sound, the sense of impending doom was insane. It felt like "oh shit, this is for real", I'm running but I'm not running fast enough.
That said, it's not even my favorite metal gear battle, I like the Ray sequence a lot more. Sahelanthropus has a lot of patterns, there are way more safe spots than it first appears on the map, and beating it feels more like following a recipie than a test of skill.
I still can't explain why MGS V's mech works so well compared to other mech games. Maybe it's because it's the sense of scale with human versus mech combat? Other games, where it's mech vs mech, you don't get the same sense of "giant robot" when you're in a giant robot too.
Are there other games that do giant robots better?
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2023.06.10 22:53 NewGamePlusMinus The Zelda Timeline Convergence

I've seen this downvoted and disregarded by the entire reddit community many times, but it's the simplest answer- BotW and TotK take place in a convergence of all three timelines.
The idea is that when Link used time travel in OoT to defeat Ganondorf, it created three timelines (Fallen Hero, Adult, Child).
there's items from all the games with a map that most closely resembles that of Link to the Past. Even the twilight tunic says it still has Wolf Hair on it.
A good example would be the Marvel show 'Loki'. Time in these scenarios has frayed into multiple timelines and the main focus is to converge multiple ones into one common future, correcting the split and the mistakes of the past- The major one being the time travel of Ocarina of Time inadvertently creating multiple timelines including a timeline where Link is defeated by Ganondorf.
-A very close resemblance to Link to the Pasts map, altered, with areas from even Link's Awakening (Koholint Island/Koholit Rock)
-Link can Hum Saria's song, Song of Storms and others from Ocarina at times while cooking food-Ritos (Windwaker) alongside Gorons (Ocarina), Koroks (Windwaker), Gerudos (Ocarina) and Zoras (Friendly Zora's rather than "Fallen Hero" timeline where the Zoras are pretty monstrous.
-Wind Waker's cell shading and semblance of the hero in Blue rather than Green.-Items from the past like the Twilight Tunic, Majora's Mask, Midna's Headpiece, Ocarina's Tunic, Bomb Flowers, etc.
Most Zelda fans aren't taking well to this model and have been theorizing many things to reason these congruences, but all signs point to "All Paths Converge" and that Time itself finds a way to correct itself. If it were a reboot, It wouldn't go to lengths to not just reference past games, but refer to them as events that had happened in the past leading up to now.
In Philosophy we call this "Occam's Razor" or "The Law of Parsimony": Solving problems in the simplest way with the fewest elements possible rather than the complications that arise from trying to force things to make sense in a knotted and convoluted manner.
I've seen posts about the games taking place in a fourth timeline, taking place near OoT, Being a Soft/Hard Reboot, and to be honest, none of these theories exist without conflicting with both the narrative and the worlds of BotW/TotK. We know the events of "Legend" clearly repeat and reiterate themselves throughout the series with new ways of iterating tropes and cycles, so why would it be so hard to believe that *All Paths have Lead to One*?
In Probability, all Events will inevitably lead to One event given enough Trial. For Instance, The Infinite Monkey Theorem Poses the idea that if you put a Monkey in front of a Typewriter for an infinite amount of time and let it hit random keys over that infinite time, eventually it will produce all the written work created by the human race- including but not limited to the entirety of William Shakespeare's work -however, the chance of it is so small that it would take an amount of time beyond that of the creation of the universe till the present.
-If this Theory does not Jive well with you, look no further than The Library of Babel, a Project created to prove this theorem is concrete. Every possibility of every character on a page exists within the Library of Babel (Which was created by Randomized Generation) including ever book and every essay or piece of literature or writing every created (or has yet to be created) and also contains every possible iteration of every image and beyond ever conceived, seen or dreamt up. Go ahead and plug in an image and you'll find that it already exists within the Library of Babel- Even a Random photo you may take at this very moment.With that said, we don't know how many hundreds of thousands if not millions or billions of years it has been from BotW to time predating Skyward Sword.
TL;DR- The Proof is in the Pudding: It is very unlikely that BotW's timeline exists in a 4th timeline, exists without a timeline, is a reboot or otherwise. In the words of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, "Life... um... finds a way."
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2023.06.10 22:11 pinguinconscious Words from a former professional player - Jim Courier: "I still had a bit of magic in me"

Former No. 1 and holder of four Grand Slams, The American Jim Courier looks back on his best memories at the start and end of his career, the defeats he suffered and the coaches who forged him.
Who was the strongest player you faced in your career?
Pete Sampras was the best in the 90s and he was very difficult to manoeuvre because he was a rhythm breaker. He made it impossible for you to feel safe, even when you were on serve. He wouldn't do anything extravagant for four games in a row, then suddenly, at the end of the set, he'd slam down two or three points. If you haven't played in the previous games, you forget how to play. His serve was incredible, but he was just as dangerous on the return. I also really struggled against (Ivan) Lendl. I only had the chance to play him when he was really in top form and that was difficult for me to manage. His sliced backhand was frighteningly effective because it stayed very low on my backhand. At the end of his career, I was starting to develop the tools to compete, but I wasn't there yet and he beat me soundly at the Masters (6-2, 6-3 in 1991 in Frankfurt). At the time, the courts were very fast with a very low bounce and I suffered enormously. People forget just how incredible Ivan's consistency was.
Who was your favourite player to play against? The matches against Andre (Agassi), he was the complete opposite of Pete. We had a similar style and it was very open in a way. If I played well enough, I could win. If I didn't, he'd beat me. I wasn't at his level when I arrived on the circuit. He came first, still as a teenager. But once I got stronger, I started to feel comfortable against him (trailing 4-1, he finished 7-5 in his favour).
The most incredible match you've ever played?
Against (Marat) Safin in the Davis Cup (won 0-6, 6-4, 4-6, 6-1, 6-4 in the 1st round in 1998). It was a decisive fifth match against Marat, who was still a teenager. He was new to the circuit, inexperienced, but brilliant nonetheless, and he was killing me. I was down 6-0, 4-1 in forty-five minutes, and he was hitting winners all over the place. I was at the end of my career and that's when I used my backhand slice to beat him. It wasn't the kind of shot you'd think would be effective other than in defence. But I used it to change the tone of the match and it worked. I used all my science and experience. There was another decisive Davis Cup match in the same vein against (Greg) Rusedski (1999, 8-6 win in the fifth set). Those were moments when, at the end of my career, even though I wasn't winning as much as I used to, I still had a bit of magic in me.
You don't mention Pete Sampras' tears (*) in Australia in 1995...
That match (defeat in the quarter-finals 6-7, 6-7, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3) probably made me think of more things than any other match I've ever played, so it's bound to be unforgettable.
It was the first time people saw Pete in a different light. There was drama on the pitch, there was a lot of drama off it, everything was dark above us. We both had cramps after the game in the dressing room. It was incredible. It really was.
His coach, Tim Gullikson, who had suffered a brain tumour, had been rushed back to the United States following a third stroke that very morning. The American was overcome with tears at the start of the fifth set when a spectator shouted "Do it for your coach, Pete!
How did you come up with the idea of asking him if he wanted to stop the match and carry on the next day?
It came naturally. It was one of those moments when the match almost came to a halt because he was overwhelmed by emotion. But we had to carry on and that was the only way I could think of to get him back into the game because he was letting go. What people probably don't know is that I was close to his coach, both Tim and Tom Gullikson, our Davis Cup captain. We were all part of the same travelling circle. So the night before the match, we all went to dinner together. We had a table of ten with my coach, Pete, Tom and Tim, who was on the plane back to the States when we were on the court. So there was no animosity between Pete and me. I understood exactly what he was going through and I had to bring him back into the moment. Then he won the match, but I don't regret it.
Which coach has had the biggest impact on you?
The one who has helped me the most in my professional career is José Higueras, as well as Brad Stine. With José, I went from being a good player to a great player. But if I hadn't met Harry Hopman, who allowed me to come and train at his academy on a scholarship when I was 11 or 12, or Nick Bollettieri, who did the same a few years later, we wouldn't be talking together. Because I come from a very small town (Stanford, in Florida) where I was the best at the age of 10, but where there was no competition to help me progress. They say there are forks in the road in life. These three have been really important in mine.
The moment that changed your career? In Paris, in 1991 against Andre Agassi (3-6, 6-4, 2-6, 6-1, 6-4). A lot of very, very good players reach the Grand Slam final and never win. I'll never know if I would have been able to overcome defeat in that first final. But I didn't lose and that's what gave me the confidence and conviction to carry on and play at a good level.
How important was your heated discussion with (Brad) Stine in the car park of the Rome tournament a few weeks before your first French Open title?
Huge, really. I'd started the season well, played well in Australia and won the two Masters 1000 tournaments in the United States (Indian Wells and Miami), which enabled me to break into the top 10 and gave me the belief that I could go even further in a Major. After that, I came to Europe thinking I could carry on where I left off, but that wasn't the case. I struggled in Hamburg, which was Madrid's tournament at the time. And in Rome, I wasn't up to the task (eliminated in the last 16 by Cherkasov). I expected to win. I acted as if it was a done deal, and Brad immediately told me: "OK, now you have to win again, nothing can be taken for granted. It was essential for me to change my mindset. Brad had the courage to do it, which is not the case for all coaches.
Do you remember his words?
Not the words specifically, but the tone. It was eye-to-eye. I didn't want to talk to him and he didn't want to let me go off on my own. We had to have this discussion, we had to have it at that very moment. That's why he's such a good coach and still works so well with Tommy (Paul, 17th in the world). And he loves France, which is one of the reasons why I speak a bit of French...
When did you feel the strongest?
It's probably not the answer you were expecting, but it was precisely after I lost to (Stefan) Edberg in five sets in the last 16 of the 1991 Australian Open. I'd had problems with my physical resistance in previous years. I remember coming out of that match feeling that my game was in place, but also that my legs and my lungs were in great shape, that I was physically very strong. A week later, I went to Indianapolis for strength and endurance tests. I did a VO2 max test where they put a tube in your mouth, inject oxygen, put you on a treadmill and you run until you can't go any further. The machine kept running and every 30 seconds it went up and up... I remember wanting to stop three times. But I kept pushing and pushing. In the end I got off, but the people who were there, who saw all the Olympians going by, couldn't believe it. Did this tennis player stay at this speed for so long? They told me my score was 72, like the cyclists, which was incredible. That's when I said to myself that I wasn't going to lose any more matches because of fatigue. I'd started working on my fitness with Pat Etcheberry in November the previous year and had made a huge leap forward in that area. I felt almost irresistible. And that was just before coming here to Roland Garros.
When did you feel loneliest?
When I lost here to Sergi (Bruguera), when I was trying to win my third Roland Garros and I was leading. He came back and won and I felt very alone that night (6-4, 2-6, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3).
Wasn't it worse at the 1993 Masters when you read a book at the change of ends against Andrei Medvedev in the group stage?
I was just tired from a long season at the time. I was just trying to survive, because I didn't particularly like being in tournaments at that time of year. I wanted to go home. What people forget about that moment is that I was losing before I got the book out ('Maybe the moon' by Armistead Maupin) and started distracting myself. And then I came back and served for the win. I had three match points at 6-5 in the third and then I panicked (defeat 6-3, 1-6, 7-6). If I'd won, people would have said that reading at the changeover was the new winning strategy, but that didn't happen. So the story was told the other way round, but it was a survival mechanism that kept me competitive because I was mentally exhausted after a long season.
Which current player is most like you?
Rafa's (Nadal) relentlessness is something that speaks to me. For those of us who know what it means to see Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and even Murray succeed, the consistency they've shown and all the work they've put in, it's hard to identify with them. But of all these players, I identify with Nadal the most, because he's physical, like I was myself. He doesn't have a crushing serve like I did. But he tries to impose his forehand and when he plays, I can see the game through his eyes. Even though I've never been as good as him, I at least understand what he's trying to do.
Your biggest regret?
I don't have any regrets. I don't have to. I live my life with my eyes wide open. Taking in as much information as I can and using it to make choices and stick to them. It's easy to live your life with a mirror and look back wondering what you would have done if you'd gone left instead of right. But I think I've been extremely lucky. First of all, I have a wonderful family, parents, brothers and sisters who have given me a lot of stability to pursue my dream. In a way, I've found my vocation and I couldn't have had a life like this if I'd gone in any other direction. Even if my career had been better, my life couldn't have been better."
His life as a former professional player
Since the end of his career in May 2000, Jim Courier has become the star consultant for American television. Davis Cup captain between 2010 and 2018, he now covers the Grand Slam tournaments, excluding Wimbledon, on the Tennis Channel. At the Australian Open, he was one of the first former tennis champions to interview players on court after matches, an exercise in which he excels and has no equal. He lives in Los Angeles, where he keeps fit by cycling and playing golf at the LA Country Club, where he will be present next week for the US Open (15-18 June). He is also one of the prestigious ambassadors of Swiss watch manufacturer Rolex, a major global partner of tennis for over 45 years. Alongside other great champions of the past (Roger Federer, Björn Borg, Chris Evert...) and the new generation (Carlos Alcaraz, Iga Swiatek...). "It's an honour to be part of this family and to contribute to the development of a sport that has already given me so much.
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2023.06.10 21:53 Why-Anonymous- Feghoots (silly)

Well the title tells you absolutely nothing so I had better explain.
I take great delight in slipping feghoots into my campaigns. They are also littered with media references.
A feghoot (also known as a story pun or poetic story joke) is a humorous short story or vignette ending in a pun (typically a play on a well-known phrase), where the story contains sufficient context to recognize the punning humor.
The most recent one began when the paladin (a homebrew race - plushie teddy bear - I am a very generous DM okay) showed that they are oath-bound to take care of infants, regardless of species.
The party had to deal with a dinosaur problem (Jurassic Park reference) and they were in a cave with hundreds of eggs that were hatching (Aliens reference). While most of the party laid about them with abandon, Bearnard collected up several hatchlings to rescue them.
Some weeks later, a pig farmer died leaving three piglets which Bearnard immediately adopted.
They paid a stable hand to take care of them but eventually they had to find them a new home. The butcher was keen, so was a local pig farmer who mentioned bacon.
Eventually Bearnard found out there was a ranger, truffle hunter who lived in an oak wood to the south of the city.
The party needed to go that way anyway, so they all set off and split the party so Bearnard could find the ranger and the others could follow up a lead in the main.
While in the forest with the pigs Bearnard was distracted by some kobolds who lured them away from the pigs and then tried to steal them. Bearnard, noticing they were very young kobolds cast sleep and they all fell asleep as did the pigs.
The ranger appeared then and agreed to take the pigs on. He also explained that he wasn't surpised about the behaviour of the kobolds because of course, today's the day the teddy bear has their pigs nicked.
("Nicked" is colliquial British English for stolen, just in case that isn't clear)
This was six whole sessions after they first got the piglets. I think the funniest thing, for me at least, is watching their reactions to these terrible jokes.

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2023.06.10 20:40 mfkr9 A pic of my tape collection I did for photography class

A pic of my tape collection I did for photography class
I took darkroom photography so this picture is all analog. Majority of tapes were bought at a local thrift store, the rest are either from conventions or goodwill, and a few acquired from other places.
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2023.06.10 19:10 tylerthe-theatre Top 3 franchises Hollywood needs to let go of?

There's a lot of talk these days on Hollywood's obsession with spin offs, prequels and spiritual sequels, you could argue on whether the industry is more or less creatively spent than 20 years ago (which is interesting) but that's not my question.
What in your opinion are some series that are just finished, have nowhere to go and need to end? I'd go with....
Alien - I don't know what else there is to do with the series, more aliens killing people? Ideally we needed a better sequel to Prometheus than what Alien: Covenant was to really tie things together but the chance has gone, time to leave it.
Charlie's Angels - just feels dated, it never really does numbers these days.
Jurassic World/Park - no official news on new movies but wouldn't be surprised if studios are planning something.
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2023.06.10 18:55 ZarthanFire Trip Report - 15 Days in Osaka, Himeji, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Tokyo, and Fujiyoshida!

This subreddit has been an amazing resource for my solo trip prep over the last few months so now it's my turn to give back. I did not have a set budget in mind since I save diligently for my trips. I am fairly well-traveled, a late 30s, solo traveler. This was my first time in Japan and my goals were a mixture of eating, exploring history, enjoying some theme parks, and enjoying experiences that only Japan could offer.
Total USD Spend: 17 days (2 travel days) came out to about $4200 USD total: * Flight: $1050 * Accommodations: $1400 * Food and Snacks: $1000 * Transportation (IC card, buses, trains): $250 * Theme Park & Novelty Experiences: $400 * Misc (souvenirs, shopping): $200 I typically budget out about $5K USD for my trips and Japan was definitely on the higher side of the budget, but again, I splurged on some fantastic restaurants, premiere entry at Universal Studios Osaka, along with numerous day trips. As others have mentioned here, I also averaged between 25K-30K steps a day. I’m in decent shape but walking 10-15 miles everyday definitely took its toll and my body shut down for a day.
Day 0: Landed in Osaka in the late afternoon and ended up wandering Dotonbori for a few hours since my hotel was located a block away. Ended up eating some very mediocre ramen at a stand in Dotonbori which was pretty disappointing, but the carbs were enough to knock me out. Day 1: Woke up early to walk around Dontobori at 5am and then headed out to few unique temples, including Namba Yasaka Jinja. Hopped onto the subway to enter Ueno Sky Tower, and overall, it was meh, I didn’t stay long just taking a few pictures and walked around Ueno for a few hours before heading to the Pokemon Cafe in Shinsaibashi. As others have noted, the food was very mediocre, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. Spent the rest of the evening getting drinks in Dotonbori before calling it a night.
Day 2: A full day at Universal Studios Japan to experience Super Nintendo World. I splurged on the express passes that gave me full access to a bunch of rides. SNW is pretty fucking awesome and I had a blast riding the Yoshi and Mario Kart rides, all the while taking taking in the atmosphere. The premiere pass also gave me access to a few additional rides including Harry Potter, Doraemon VR, and Jurassic Park. Had a late dinner at Kyushu Ramen getting their famous chashu ramen and it did not disappoint.
Day 3: Spent most of the day exploring Kuromon Ichiba Market, the local malls, and Dotonbori trying some street food. Went back to my hotel room and just relaxed for the rest of the day since jet lag was still bothering me. Watched some sumo matches on random Japanese tv before calling it a night.
Day 4: Took a day trip to Himeji to see the Himeji Castle. What a fantastic piece of history! I spent hours just taking in the sites and the nearby garden also highly recommended. Afterward, I had my first taste of Kobe beef in the form of a beef bowl at Kushiyaki Kobe Beef. Fantastic little hole-in-the-wall place with some really nice people working the counter. Took the train from Himeji directly to Nara where I was planning to stay the night. Day 5: Spent the entire day playing with the thousands of deer and checking out some local temples, including Todai-ji. I didn't do anything in Nara that hadn't been mentioned enough times here, but as others have said, a day trip or one day is more than enough time in the area. Took a late train to Kyoto. Day 6: Woke up in the early morning to beat the crowds to enjoy Fushimi Inari. Hiked the entire loop (about 2-3 hours) with only a fraction of the crowds, enjoyed some macha soft serve at the peak of the hill, and took my time going back down right rwhen the army of tourists and tour groups arrived. Grabbed an overly expensive Kobe beef stick from one of the food stalls by the temple gates and then spent an hour at a cute coffee shop called Rickshaw Cafe just people watching before grabbing an early dinner at Ramen Sen-no-Kaze. The food was solid, but it took 90 minutes to get a table. Not worth it and in hindsight I would have left.
Day 7: Woke up early again to check out the highly overrated Arashimyama bamboo forest. It was pretty underwhelming, but I did get a few nice photos before the crowds arrived. Strolled through the park and really enjoyed walking along the Katsura River seeing the catfish waiting to be fed and seeing the fishing boats tied up. A very tranquil place. After the nice long stroll, I walked back-and-forth the Togetsukyo Bridge and Kimono Forest (meh). The highlight of the morning was really Tenryu-Ji and the amazing zen garden. After a few hours taking in the peacefulness and silence, took the city bus to Kinkaku-ji, and the crowds were in full swing. Still totally worth seeing in person although it didn’t last very long. Day 8: A full day experiencing the Philosopher’s Path on a gorgeous sunny day. Too sunny since I got some pretty bad sunburns! I visited too many amazing temples, including Kiyomizo-dera, along with old Gion, although I thought the area was bit overhyped. I preferred the smaller, more peaceful temples away from the mass of tourists. Some of my favorites during my day exploring old Kyoto included Eikan-do, a more secluded temple up in the hills, Nanzen-Ji, with its beautiful aqueduct, and just walking the streets aimlessly for a few hours. Went to Nishiki Market and ate some amazing oysters at Daiyasu. If you love oysters, this is the spot to try it! Spent too much money on oysters and decided to go cheap and ate at Kura Sushi. The food was mediocre by Japanese standards, but blows away the quality and cost of the Kura Sushi restaurants in my hometown of Los Angeles.
Day 9: Took an early morning train to Kanazawa. Enjoyed my first ekiben while taking in the sights from the comfort of the Thunderbird Limited Express. Spent the rest of the day visiting the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (meh) and Kenrou-ken, probably the most beautiful garden in the Kanda province. Wrapped up the day by visiting the D.T Suzuki Museum and wow, the tranquil pool area was amazing. Do yourself a favor and stand on the corner and just stare at the water. You’ll feel like the entire world is moving along on a plane and you’re the one that is frozen in place. It was pretty trippy. Ate well at Mori More Sushi Omicho and stopped by the Pokemon Center to pick up the exclusive Pikachu Kimono figure only available in the Kanazawa store.
Day 10: Torrential rain the entire day but I powered throughit with my trusty umbrella. Enjoyed breakfast and snacks at the Omicho Market, enjoying a tuna-don at one of the stalls, fresh uni, and more oysters. Not cheap but fresh! Walked around the Higashi Chaya District, doing a bit of window shopping and ate some gold leaf macha soft serve at Kaikaro, spending more time people watching. Walked around the Kanazawa Castle Park in all its empty glory as well as the Oyama Shrine. The castle was pretty underwhelming esp. after seeing Himeji so I probably would have skipped it in hindsight. Wrapped up the day visiting the Naga-machi District, probably my favorite part of Kanazawa. Had more sushi at Sushi Rekireki Omicho, an enjoyable omakase.
Day 11: Took the Shinkansen to Tokyo eating the most expensive ekiban I could find, and spent the rest of the entire day in Asakusa in Tokyo. Walked around Senso-ji, had a few beers in Hoppy Street, and finally tried Ichiran. Called it an early day since I would be doing DisneySea in the early morning.
Day 12: Took the express bus from Tokyo Skytree to DisneySea. Thanks to the early forecast of rain, the park was barely 50% full? The longest wait for most rides was under 20 minutes so I was lucky enough to ride everything at least once. My meals consisted of a bunch of unique Dsney parki food: gyoza hot dogs, alien mochi, Mike watermelon bread, etc. Stayed until the fireworks and went straight back to the hotel and crashed. That was a 40K step day!
Day 13: Visited Akihabara, spending way too much money on crane games, browsing retro games, and looking at figures. Headed to Shibuya to eat breakfast for lunch at A Happy Pancake (meh). Went to the Nintendo Store in the PARCO mall, only to be disappointed to find out that all of the Nintendo World store t-shirts were sold out. Actually everything semi-interesting was sold out. Went up to Shibuya Sky to watch the sunset, spending a few hours just watching the day slowly turn into night. Did the Scramble a few times and then headed to Shinjuku where I’d be located for the last few days.
Day 14: Another torrential rainstorm sadly ruined my plans of visiting Shinjuku Gyoen, Meiji Jingo, and Harajuku. Maybe next time. I was hoping to buy Tokyo Giants tickets but they were all sold out so I ended up going to the Tokyo National Museum. I won’t lie, I was pretty bored, and in hindsight I wish I went to the neighboring National Museum of Nature and Science instead. After strolling Ueno Park in the rain, I was craving tonkatsu and googled Tonkatsu Yamabe. Good decision as it was the best tonkatsu I had in Tokyo. Went to a nearby Taito Game Station wasting more money on crane games before heading back to Shinjuku. The area is insane and in hindsight, I would probably pick somewhere like Shibuya or Ueno, somewhere slightly more chill. Day 15: One of my favorite days in Tokyo! Teamlabs Planets lives up to the hype but ONLY if you can get first admission at 9am. It was glorious to be among the first people in the exhibits as I could take in experience the way it was intended. There were only a few people in each room giving each space such a great, peaceful, and chill vibe. Headed to Ginza to the Michelin-rated Sushi Toyama, where I had a chance to finally experience bluefin toro (worth it!). Probably the most expensive lunch ever but it was quite the experience. A sunny and beautiful day, I bought a bunch of souvenirs and clothes (a 12-story Uniqlo with its own coffee shop, Muji Ginza, Ginza Six), checked out my favorite Toy Story in Japan, Hakuhinkan Toy Park, intricate stationary stores like Itoya, and went to a very popular Ginza Starbucks to people watch. Spent the evening in Shinjuku exploring Golden Gai getting swarmed by Nigerian dudes. Wanted to try a hole-in-wall ramen spot in the area but the line was stupid long so I ended up just going to Kyushu Ramen and was satisfied enough. A good day.
Day 16: With the break in clouds the day before, I decided to call an audible and set up a last minute day trip to Mount Fuji. Took an express bus from Shinjuku to Fushiyoshida and got dropped off in front of Chureito Pagoda. It was cloudy for most of the day, but for the last several hours I saw Mount Fuji in all its glory. It was a gray day but no complaints — it was nice to cross another bucket list item from the list.
Wow, this was much longer than I anticipated. Well if you got this far, feel free to ask any questions! In the meantime, I'll be planning my next trip to Japan soon!
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2023.06.10 18:36 vinylSZN1 [For Sale] Videogame / Anime Soundtrakces Vinyl VGM

Hey, I'm in europe but ship everywhere! A lot of these were imported from the US. Shipping prices: 11 EUR to EU/UK; 19-20EUR to everywhere else. Shipping price doesn't change if you buy multiple records. Prices are in EUROS, slightly more in USD but the difference isn't as high as it used to be. Paypal goods and services only please, so we both have protection! DM me if anything interests you. I will check every single record's condition again if you show interest to confirm how they look.
Final Fantasy II OST Vinyl NM/NM 145 Doom 2 Hell on Earth OST NM/NM 68 Ducktales 1 & 2 OST NM/NM 90 NBA Jam: Fire splatter NM/NM 129 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KIRBY SELECTIONS Soundtrack black vinyl NM/NM 66 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate MEGA MAN SELECTIONS Soundtrack blue blob NM/NM 58 A silent Voice anime OST blue vinyl NM/VG+ 61 Crash Bandicoot Warped japanese version NM/NM 115 Castlevania Bloodlines OST blue vinyl NM/NM 97 Teenage Mutant ninja turtles Manhattan project tournament NM/NM 70 Naruto Best Collection OST orange cover NM/NM 72 Nana anime Best collection OST NM/NM 150 Ghouls N Ghosts OST Green vinyl NM/NM 93 A Plague Tale: Innocence black smoked first press NM/NM 52 Jurassic Park NES/SNES OST green smash NM/NM 98 Legend of Zelda 2 Adventure of Link purple splatter NM/NM 58 Mario Kart Double Dash NM/NM 97 Pokemon Red Blue Yellow purple pinwheel NM/NM 123 Pictionary 7'' ost yellow vinyl NM/NM 44 Solstice 7'' ost pink vinyl NM/NM 40 CASSETTES Nausicaa of the valley of the wind CASSETTE 29 Elden Ring OST Cassette NM/NM 30 One punch man OST cassette 24 Neon Genesis Evangelion N64 cassette OST 52
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2023.06.10 18:28 Gloomy_Travel7992 20F Looking for friends who are Movie and TV Lovers too

Over the past few years I’ve slowly become more and more interested in film and television, watching something everyday has become the norm for me now. I’m no buff by any means but I’ve been immersed in these arts for quite a bit now. But I have no irl friends to chat about them, so what better place to be then here.
While I like mostly every genre, and I’m always open to new things, a few of my favourites are, for movies: Paddington 2, Dunkirk, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Toy Story 2, Jurassic Park, and Little Women, and for TV: Adventure Time, Stranger Things, Ted Lasso, Barry, and The Crown.
I’m hoping to find people with a similar interest in these arts, and are up to chatting all things movie and tv, whatever it may be the creatives at work, such as directors, actors, etc. Interesting news about upcoming projects or whatnot. Or even the state of the streaming wars, exciting right. If any of this interests you hmu!
I do however have some things I would not like with chatting, firstly that I want to keep the convo strictly movies and tv, I don’t want to talk about what I do at university, or my other interests, etc. unless they come up naturally and still revolve around the main topic, this is because I spend enough time irl talking about that stuff, but no one irl is interested in movies and tv like me. Basically looking for a movie and TV buddy!
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2023.06.10 18:22 autobots__assemble Nerdy date ideas (Limburg?)

Hey guys,
for my bf's birthday on the 4th of July I would like to surprise him with a geek-themed date. He's really into Marvel, Jurassic Park and Doctor Who for example. I can't come up with any cool ideas other than visiting an arcade (in Lanaken).
do you guys have any tips or ideas? thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 17:29 B_Wing_83 This Jurassic Park Pteranodon made a cameo in Toy Story.

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2023.06.10 17:29 Narrow_Muscle9572 Movie Theater Nostalgia

Calebs first job was in town at the Golden Age Movie Theater. Most of the time his job consisted of getting people their change when they bought their tickets, popcorn, drinks and more, however it also involved cleaning the bathrooms. It wasn't a great job, but for someone who didn't have bills to pay, it paid very well.
There was a lot of free time to do his homework and read while at work, and when he was finished Caleb would play one of the many arcade games the owner brought in over the years to attract more customers.
The owner, Edwin Noble, was a cheap man, but he did right by Caleb. After all, Gray Hill was not booming with people willing to work at those prices, so it was best not to do wrong to the people who were willing to come in early and stay late.
When Caleb started working there, Jurassic Park was playing even though it had been out of the theaters for four months because renting the reels late was a way to save money.
During Caleb's sophomore year in highschool, Edwin Noble put up a closed sign in the windows. Caleb feared that the business had died. However when he approached Mister Noble it was revealed that the theater was only closed for renovations.
“We need a gimmick, Caleb,” mister Noble said as he looked over a pile of bills while sitting at his desk. “When I was a kid, theaters had all sorts of things that kept people coming back. Are you familiar with The Shocker? It was a Vincent Price movie and theaters all over the country had random chairs set up to shake at certain parts of the movie. It was a real blast to see people jump and scream as if the movie was coming off the screen.”
“That sounds awesome,” Caleb replied, smiling.
“I think so too. If that won’t fill those empty seats I don't know what will.”
Before the school year ended, the theater opened up and Caleb got to be the first to experience what the new renovations had to offer. The movie he watched was Alien and it was exactly like mister Noble said. The seats not only shook, but when the alien first burst out of the man's chest and ran off, a device under the seat made Caleb feel something run by his feet. Later in the movie, hidden tubes in the headrest blew out air giving the illusion that the Xenomorph was breathing down his neck.
“What did you think?” mister Noble asked with a wide grin once the film was over.
“That was great,” Caleb answered honestly. “Will all the movies here be like that?”
“I plan on it.”
Having Caleb's stamp of approval, mister Noble put an ad in the local newspaper, claiming a once in a lifetime opportunity for all who showed up at the official reopening of the theater.
While this attracted more people to come in and buy tickets, it wasn't anything like Edwin wished it would be. Even though mister Noble tried to hide the fact that his business wasn’t doing well, Caleb could see him struggling with the reality that unless something changed drastically, he would not be able to keep the business running.
The change from being fun and happy, to bitter was subtle, but Caleb saw Edwin everyday and could see the slow metamorphosis. All the stress over the years made him look like he was sick. While he used to have a small gut, he became rail thin and pale. Caleb wondered if he starved himself to save money for his failing business.
After months of hearing his boss rant about ‘the good ole days’ and how they are never coming back, Edwin Noble closed the theater so it could go under even more changes. Caleb knew that his boss was barely treading water and was afraid that with all the money he was putting into the theater he was going to sink.
Caleb never shared these thoughts with anyone but his parents when they asked him how work went.The new updates were not as big as the last but mister Noble was convinced that they would make all the difference. When he spoke about the changes to Caleb, he never gave too much away because he wanted it to be a secret. Caleb didn't mind this because it was the first time in a long while that mister Noble seemed to be genuinely happy.
“Caleb, my boy” mister Noble would say. “When everything is set up, anyone who comes here will have their lives changed forever.”
When mister Noble reopened the theater he went all out on the fanfare. Not just taking out an ad in the newspaper, he had bought spotlights to light up the sky “just like they used to have during the golden age of Hollywood.”
No one knew what kind of movie was going to be playing for the grand reopening and when asked, mister Noble was very tight lipped about it, even to Caleb.
While the mystery of what the movie was going to be was intriguing, Caleb wanted to know what the updates were. On the day of the reopening he didn't have much time to snoop around and look because mister Noble wanted him behind the counter, waiting for any would-be customer. However he did manage to take a peek inside but the only difference he noticed was the speakers on the walls.
The movie was supposed to start at eight, but did not start until closer to nine because mister Noble wanted to wait just in case more people showed up. The only reason it started at all was because a few people started to get up to leave the theater.
When the movie started, mister Noble locked the doors and told Caleb to follow him up to the room with the projector. Caleb asked why he would lock the door and the answer he got was “When Alfred Hitchcock released Psycho, he wanted every theater to lock the doors the moment the movie started so no one would miss a single second.”
As Caleb watched his boss prepare the film, he noticed how excited he was. The anticipation and enjoyment of showing this mysterious film completely offset the fact that the turnout was less than either of them expected.
The film mister Noble wanted to show the town was an independent film called “The Toilet Worm”.Caleb didn't mind independent or B-horror films, but this one was terrible. Thankfully the movie was just under fifteen minutes.
The plot of the movie seemed pretty straightforward: A man was eating at a buffet and his stomach was upset so he ran off to find the bathroom. As soon as the man on the screen found the toilet, he pulled off his pants and sat down.
After a few long disgusting moments of the man straining, a monster worm crawled up from the pipes and slithered its way into the man's anus and started eating him from the inside out.The audience didn't make a sound as this happened, and Caleb figured that they were all sitting in stunned silence like he was.
Immediately after the man stopped screaming and his head fell to the side, the credits started rolling. mister Noble hopped up and down, giggling like a child as he clapped his hands.
“What do you think?” asked mister Noble.
“I—” Caleb started, not knowing what he could say to this. He expected everyone there would ask for a refund because of the low quality of the film they just witnessed as well as its short runtime. If he told his boss this it might hurt his feelings and he was too nice of a kid to do that. Before he could come up with an answer mister Noble started walking out the projectionist room and down the stairs.
“Come on, Caleb” he called out over his shoulder. “We got to clean up before the next showing.”
Caleb did as he was told and followed mister Noble into the theater after turning on the lights. The audience didn't move an inch.
“Grab the legs” mister Noble said as he pulled a large man out of his seat, sending him collapsing between the seat he was in and the row in front of him.
It was then that Caleb saw that the man was bleeding. Almost as if he was—
The smell of blood filled Caleb’s nose and he fell to one knee as he felt his supper making its way up. As he threw up he noticed that under the seats was what looked to be long sharp swords aiming straight up.
“Are you going to help me or not?” mister Noble asked as he struggled to pull the man into the aisle.
Realization came over Caleb and all color left his face. He wanted to run. Wanted to tell the police that his boss just killed six people by having knives come up from under the seats.
He was just about to take off and alert the authorities, but then mister Noble hissed “If you don't help me right now, I’ll test the next movie on you.”
“What's the next movie?” Caleb asked.
Mister Noble smiled wickedly. “Scanners.”
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2023.06.10 17:19 jolygoestoschool Why do some movie actors get credited with a “[actor] as [character]” credit?

Like for example in the credits of Jurassic park, you have “Jeff Goldblum” “laura dern” “sam neil” then you have “richard Attenborough as John Hammond
I’ve seen this in other movies. Why is this the case for some actors but not others?
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2023.06.10 16:54 OutrageousCause1217 Love In Bangalore

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2023.06.10 16:30 swaggerman12345 19 [A4A] [Discord]Looking for a long term story! Original or fandom! Some are listed below.

(I’ve just seen the new transformers movie and would absolutely love a transformers themed story, cannons, original, even cross overs. But anyway enjoy the post!)
Hello everyone! I’m trying out a more simple post in hopes to find a partner! I’ve been writing for five years,I can write cannon characters or original characters! And I can be extremely literate! Of course I’m not asking for extremely literate writers but I am asking for literate or semi lit! Just so the story we do is more fun and engaging you know?
If you read this, and plan on ghosting me then do not bother. Ghosting isn’t fun and it’s not a very nice thing to do! However I won’t ever ghost someone! I do work 40 hour weeks but I do have some time after work and on my weekends so please be patient with me.
I’m hoping that someone finds interest in the same stuff I do! Hopefully we can create a idea together so we both enjoy it to the fullest!
I’m completely open to whatever ideas you have! I also want people to know that I can also be a friend along side a writing partner because friends are awesome.
I’m completely okay with the use of original characters and cannon characters! I use OCS myself depending on the fandom we write in! I’m also more than happy to discuss a original world that we make! But if you want to write in a fandom I’m okay with that too!
Anyways enough of me rambling and onto the story stuff!
Themes I am interested in (Included in our story) •Romance •Horror •Action •Fantasy •Adventure •Sci-Fi •Dark
And lastly! These are fandoms I’m interested in writing in! I also don’t mind cross overs!
•Marvel (LOVE the punisher (also have OCS)
•God of War
•Jurassic World/Park
•The Witcher
•Star wars (Mandolorian ESPECIALLY)
•Original Worlds that we make.
Please feel free to message me with any story idea you have! If you read all of it then you get a golden sticker or something LOL.
I look forward to hearing from someone !
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2023.06.10 16:30 swaggerman12345 19 [A4A] [Discord]Looking for a long term story! Original or fandom! Some are listed below.

(I’ve just seen the new transformers movie and would absolutely love a transformers themed story, cannons, original, even cross overs. But anyway enjoy the post!)
Hello everyone! I’m trying out a more simple post in hopes to find a partner! I’ve been writing for five years,I can write cannon characters or original characters! And I can be extremely literate! Of course I’m not asking for extremely literate writers but I am asking for literate or semi lit! Just so the story we do is more fun and engaging you know?
If you read this, and plan on ghosting me then do not bother. Ghosting isn’t fun and it’s not a very nice thing to do! However I won’t ever ghost someone! I do work 40 hour weeks but I do have some time after work and on my weekends so please be patient with me.
I’m hoping that someone finds interest in the same stuff I do! Hopefully we can create a idea together so we both enjoy it to the fullest!
I’m completely open to whatever ideas you have! I also want people to know that I can also be a friend along side a writing partner because friends are awesome.
I’m completely okay with the use of original characters and cannon characters! I use OCS myself depending on the fandom we write in! I’m also more than happy to discuss a original world that we make! But if you want to write in a fandom I’m okay with that too!
Anyways enough of me rambling and onto the story stuff!
Themes I am interested in (Included in our story) •Romance •Horror •Action •Fantasy •Adventure •Sci-Fi •Dark
And lastly! These are fandoms I’m interested in writing in! I also don’t mind cross overs!
•Marvel (LOVE the punisher (also have OCS)
•God of War
•Jurassic World/Park
•The Witcher
•Star wars (Mandolorian ESPECIALLY)
•Original Worlds that we make.
Please feel free to message me with any story idea you have! If you read all of it then you get a golden sticker or something LOL.
I look forward to hearing from someone !
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2023.06.10 16:26 my-backpack-is I saw Rise of the Beasts. I was not impressed.

I came for the Maximals. What I got was robot animals for like 20 minutes and a ten minute set piece that literally materializes out of thin air that feature 3 of four maximal robot modes for like a minute or two of screen time.
TL,DR; Opinion piece. Not enough Maximals. Not enough Transformers. More boring humans. Copy paste battle in a materializing set piece. Post credits spoiler that actually got me less interested in sequels.
Rhinox has the best robot mode of the Maximals. Coloring is on point from the show, much better than the Voyager class RotB figure. At least for the head. He is on screen for like 30 seconds total, mostly in heavily blurred motion shots. If you aren't going to get a voice actor or even use the model, why even go to the trouble at all?
Cheetor looks like hot garbage. I personally am a fan of beast kibble in robot mode, and even vehicle kibble in robot mode. Optimus doesn't look right anymore without wheels on his legs and smoke stacks on his back. CheetoRhinox dont look right without the beast parts being integrated into their robot modes. Primal's transformation looks like he puts on a helmet and grows his legs. Seriously, it even looks that simple when he transforms.
Like what? I payed for this. The story lines for Beast Wars are more thought provoking than this movie which had some serious potential to really dive into some deep topics, if they had wanted. And at least the Bay movies gave us some transforming fan service when they introduced a character.
I honestly wish I had looked at the toys and the spoilers before spending money on this. Final thoughts are below, and include the credits spoiler.

I think I am pretty self aware, I wanted a 2 hour cartoon commercial for a new line of dope as hell toys. I had my doubts when I saw the trailer and the Maximals were just robot kaiju. But what I got was a movie based on a toy line, that doesn't even feature the damn toys long enough to get people hyped, and instead acts as a commercial for a different movie about a different toy line, ie, GI JOE. I don't give a damn about GI Joe, and never ever did but I can say with confidence that with the amount of time the Maximals teamed up with Ian Malcom and the Power Rangers to defeat the Predacons, Jurassic Park fauna, and Lord Zedd on the battlefield that was my carpet, that I would be stoked as can possibly be to see some cross over carnage...if I had any faith left over after this movie.
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2023.06.10 16:22 AngryOldFella JR Has So Many Thoughts June 9-15 edition

JFC, I couldn't even get through the first segment this week.
JR pulls a "Well, actually" on Di in the first five minutes. Then, in the Jurassic Park discussion he hits us with hot takes like "The directing is amazing."
I hate that man.
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2023.06.10 16:07 Anxious_Phone1682 K-5 vs single subject 6th

Starting ST in the fall- K-6. ST will be in 2nd which is fine but my goal is to teach 6th grade math. If given the pros and cons, which is ‘better’- or does it just depend on the person? I didn’t like k-5 and having to constantly test, switch subjects, lesson planning was ok, but so damn much going on all the time and little to show for it at the end of the day it seemed ( during rotations). And when I subbed it was utter Jurassic Park-big city. And I do like teaching math skills
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