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2023.05.29 05:01 NonChef About to live near a relative who thinks they are a saint and somehow uses their “Christian” belief to crap on every other member of the family.

Backstory: My fiancé and I currently live overseas together, but he recently met a relative of mine who (according to them) was banished from home when they were still a child because they converted to Christianity. For what it’s worth, my family’s non-Christian (from another faith, really, but that’s a story for another day). We’re about to move to a country where one of my relatives stays.
Problem is, this relative isn’t just the issue of “my family ditched me because I believed in God in a different way”. Rather, they are “my family ditched me, so now I’m gonna make God my whole personality and hate on them subtly”.
By making it their entire personality, I truly mean it for what it is - “I had a vision” (proceeds to act on it even though it would strip them of a seven-figure career, empty their bank account and basically throw them into living on what little savings they have left), “it wasn’t me, it was God”.
To put it simply, they’re living the cross line between being a Jew and being a Christian. I’m talking about keeping a Kosher kitchen (though the same doesn’t apply when they go out to eat, lol?), Feast of the Tabernacle, every other sentence being about the Holy Spirit and about “my relationship with God”. Say anything that would remotely start a conversation, and you would get a lecture in return.
Fiancé and I got a house on rent near this relative, and safe to say even though he is resigned to it at this point, I’m freaking out. Recently, this relative lost their shit at me for asking if a dish contained pork (I don’t eat pork out of my own personal convictions) - saying that “you should not give them any reason to think you cannot be in the restaurant”. The staff didn’t have an issue.
At this point, it looks like we have nowhere else to go, short of a miracle happening in our lives that would make it possible to stay where we are or go somewhere else.
Given that, anyone have any advice as to how to keep the madness at bay? I’m freaking out.
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2023.05.29 05:00 Orphandestroyer98 Handle with Care 1

Memory transcript subject: Lani, Venlil Gardner Date: [standardized human time] October 25th 2136
Great Lani what have you gotten your family into they would say, why would you let a predator into your home they say.
“Alright I think that’s all” I look over at Chris. After the Federation bombed the Earth lots of humans were without parents. I decided I would let one into my family, I think it would be good experience for my daughter Vila. You know Vila and Chris apparently are near the same age so they should be able to go to school together if possible.
“Alright I’ll leave you to set up your room, call me if you need anything” I walked towards the door to exit the room shutting it behind me. When I adopted Chris the human in charge of the exchange program said that Chris was special, apparently there were people like Chris with something called autism, apparently it’s some kind of genetic thing with the brain such as their not as good with social situations but are better at problem solving or that they can get hyper focused on something and like to keep a schedule the same.
I talked it over with Vila and she agreed with it. She was scared at first but hopefully she and Chris can get to know each other better in the coming paws.
“HEY IM DONE SETTING MY ROOM” I got up from my seat and walked over to Chris’s room and opened the door. Chris had somehow set up the bed all on his own. Their was also this Tv with what I think was what humans called an Xbox. Their was also this table near the closet with a glass box with sand, rocks and twigs and a jar with what I think is dirt and plants.
“Looks good doesn’t it?” Chris stared at me my body shifted a bit, I was still kinda getting used to humans. “Hey Chris what are these things over here?” I pointed to the glass box and the jar.
“Oh those are just my pets and a terrarium I had” I looked over to Chris “a what?” .
“A terrarium is like a closed space where it’s a simulated environment, this one is in a jar and I have these plants in their with some springtails and isopods” I looked closely at jar and I could these little bugs moving around the on the dirt.
“Ok so what about that glass box with the sand?” Chris than walked over and kneeled down near the table. “This box is an enclosure for blue death feigning beetles, I keep them in this box because I just love to see what they do” I walked over to Chris and watched the beetles moving around on the rocks and wood.
“That is wonderful Chris hey what do you say you,me and Vila have something to eat alright?” I looked over to Chris and then he looked over to me “sure I am starved after all this” we then got up and head to the kitchen.
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2023.05.29 05:00 Emperor_Valaran_ii Reigns Guard lore

Reigns Guard lore
The founder of the chapter Benant Valor began his journey during the Horus Heresy when a poor and young Benant would pledge himself to the Blood angels and would quickly become a captain. After Sanguinius’s death Benant would somberly return to Baal where he would stand for an entire year outside of Sanguinius’s tomb, many marines tried to get him to leave but he would remained unmoving, so they had a squad of terminators apprehend him just as he began to hear a whisper he believed was Sanguinius. Benant would be given charge of a chapter upon the split of the legions and would crusade off to the fringes of the galaxy for a purpose only known to him. Here the Reign guard would set up home for some centuries before a large Ork WAGH decimated their system of Andraitus, and from this carnage came a brave and valiant marine named Caedes Noble. Caedes would defeat the leader of the WAGH and end the war, but just then before the chapter could recuperate they were set on by a greater plague invasion of Nurgle, Caedes would increasingly become the true Paragon of the Chapter and then right as victory was in sight Benant would reveal that he had heard the spirit of Sanguinius speak to him and that on the edge of the galaxy there was a sword that would resurrect the dead Primarch, so Benant would take his first company and disappear to find the blade. Caedes would through sheer grit and determination overcome the plagues of Nurgle and then a fleet broke into the system with a hundreds of fresh Primaris marines who Caedes welcomed eagerly into the chapter and for the last decades the Reigns Guard have stood a bastion against the horrors of the warp, and so they will stand for centuries to come.
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2023.05.29 05:00 Intelligent-Bottle22 A way to keep track of all of your inventory when you sell on different platforms.

So I have a homemade quilts business, and I am currently selling on both Etsy, and on my own website. I don't have a ton of sales coming in (hopefully I will in the future). But I still think things would be easier for me if I had some way of ensuring I don't sell the same quilt on two different platforms.
I wonder if it is possible to create some kind of app that you plug into the commerce platforms you sell on, and it keeps track of your inventory for you, and prevents these kind of problems from happening. You can also keep track of things like total amount of sales and profit made. I'm not extremely tech savy, so I'm not sure if something like this is even possible to make.
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2023.05.29 05:00 NoSleepNoCoffee1 Graduated at 40+2

TW: mention of fear during labour
So I graduated at 40+2 at around 6:30pm. He’s my second baby and it was a very whirlwind labour and delivery. I’m actually still processing it. I feel bad for struggling with it a bit because in reality it was pretty straightforward.
I started having contractions at 10pm Saturday night and by 6am I decided it was time to go get checked out at the hospital so off we went around 8:30ish. I was only 3cm dilated so I went home and stayed mobile to really get things moving. I went back and was admitted around 2pm because although my contractions weren’t closer together, they were much longer and much more painful.
My midwife did an exam and a quick sweep. I was at 4cm at the time. I stayed mobile pacing around my room and things really started to ramp up around 4:30. I took gas & air because I couldn’t cope without it and very quickly even that wasn’t enough. I was in excruciating pain. Like in tears and begged for an epidural. So we start epidural prep around the time my husband showed up just before 6pm (we had to wait on childcare help for him to be with me).
My midwife attached a monitor to baby’s head because I was very active during my contractions and the monitor bands weren’t working. She said I was only 6cm dilated. But shortly after 6pm my contractions started to hit next level and around 6:15 my body started to push on it’s own. I was actually quite scared. I was in so much pain and just wanted the epidural. I didn’t want to push without it and it seemed too soon. But nope. Somehow in that short span of time I went from 6cm-10cm and pushing involuntarily. My midwife said it was too late for the epidural and I’d just have to push him out.
Honestly (and I don’t mean to scare anyone), it was a horrible experience for me. I was scared and in the worst pain I’ve ever been in and struggling to breathe. But in a short 15 minutes I pushed him out somehow. I don’t know how I did it. I’m still in awe and overwhelmed by the experience. The pushing stage scared me so much I’m not sure I ever want another baby. My husband and midwife keep saying how amazing and brave I was. I didn’t feel amazing or brave. I still don’t. For me it was so scary. I don’t want to feel like that again.
I still don’t understand how my labour progressed so quickly. He also came out sunny side up which caused me so much back pain. It just all feels like so much to process even though it’s already over and done with.
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2023.05.29 05:00 yellowumbrella Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man Shares Workout at Nearly 50 Years Old

Cliff Smith grunts as he wraps his hands around the barbell, bends his knees, and lowers his six-foot-three frame toward the floor. He tenses his entire body, exhales twice, and starts pulling 455 pounds upward. His legs shake as he stands fully upright, and then he lowers the weight, breathes deeply, and does it all over again. He does five total reps, then drops the bar and smiles. "Ain't even winded," he says. "Holla at me. "
The five reps are a personal best for Smith (better known as Method Man), who loves starting his day by chasing PRs.
On this morning, he's in a Staten Island gym pondering his next milestone birthday (he turns 50 in March) and crushing sets of deadlifts, pullups, and barbell rows. "I gotta get my roses now," he says,"because I'm almost 50 fucking years old. Damn near 50 years old, bruh. "The Grammy Award-winning rap veteran has focused creativity into a host of projects lately. He appears in Starz's drama Power Book II: Ghost (returning for the second half of its first season in December); he voiced the character Ben Urich in Marvels, a narrative-fiction podcast; and he's working on new music.
His morning workout has readied him for all that-and it's kept him from predawn video-game marathons. In 2018, Smith says, he was battling insomnia, frequently waking at 2:00 and playing NBA2K. Realizing he was "just wasting time," Smith searched for a more productive use of his early-morning hours. "So at 4:00 , I find myself in the gym working out," he says. "Two days turned into three days. Three days turned into five days, and I've been consistent ever since. " Bonus: His insomnia is gone.
Smith now weighs 219, 12 pounds less than he weighed when he first started training. He hits legs Mondays, shoulders Tuesdays, back Wednesdays, chest Thursdays, and arms Fridays. "He's a beast," says his workout partner, Joey Crespo. "Our routine has only been heavy, heavy, all year round. "
At the moment, that means gritting out three sets of seated lat pulldowns, followed by a core exercise that has him on his knees, rolling a wheel forward, challenging his abs. He finishes the session by sitting on a bench with a harness connected to his forehead, a weight hanging in front of his chest. He lowers his head to look at the ground, then flexes his neck muscles to raise his head and look straight ahead, an old-school neck exercise that few gym-goers will do. Smith does it regularly. "Regardless of how tired I get, no matter what the workout is, I at least will try it," he says between deep breaths. "I'm not going to say no to anything. "
You may not have Method Man's fancy neck-training gear or his deadlift weight. But if you have a resistance band, you can try his favorite at-home regimen.
Do 25 to 30 reps. Aim for 5 sets.
Banded Curl
Stand on a resistance band, its ends held at your sides, your core tight. Curl up, squeezing your biceps; then lower. That's 1 rep; do 15 to Do 5 sets.
Banded Shoulder Press
Stand on a resistance band, its ends held at your shoulders, your core tight. Tighten your shoulder blades and press the band overhead. Pause, then return to the start. That's 1 rep; do 15 to Do 5 sets.
A version of this story originally appears in the November 2020 issue of Men's Health, with the title "The 6 Workout w/ Method Man".
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2023.05.29 04:59 fp562 Who else is going June 9 and 10th? (Christmas Weekend)

I have tickets for both games. Friday is ugly sweater night and Saturday is Christmas slippers night.
Anyone going to either or?
I'm tempted to get more fans on the Chris Devenski train and get more fans and signs for him.
He's a pretty good relief pitcher this season and he's a home town guy.
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2023.05.29 04:59 4rt3m0rl0v Attachment: The Evolutionary Flesh Hook That Enables Narcissistic Abuse

Hello, Fellows.
I'm the son of a narcissistic father. He was never formally diagnosed, like most narcissists, and I can't prove that he's a narcissist in strict accordance with the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, in the sense that I can't distinguish two very proximate cities in Eritrea, although I'm completely confident that they're located within the African continent.
I'm also an analytic philosopher, one of whose interests is in the philosophy of psychology. I've long studied narcissism both from an unwanted personal perspective and a theoretical perspective. Psychologists and psychiatrists generally aren't strong on theory. Their focus is applied. Philosophers are critical and all about theory, but dealing with narcissism is a lived experience, the stresses of which create an urgency that demands solutions because of so much active harm being done.
Both within myself, and in reading the heart-wrenching stories of other victims, I find a common thread. Despite a lifetime of abuse that inevitably causes lasting damage to us, few of us seem to have the emotional wherewithal to go no-contact with the narcissist. Paradoxically, even if we distance ourselves from a narcissistic parent, we still find ourselves connected, and ongoingly harmed in direct proportion to the strength of that connection, until the narcissist dies or becomes functionally incapacitated and no longer capable of actively abusing a son or daughter through gaslighting, rage as a mechanism of intimidation, belittlement, creating double binds, or physical violence.
I maintain a distant connection because of my mother. My parents are elderly. She deserves better than what she got in life, but there's no practical way to help her, other than to stay connected and talk with her.
I've pondered the nature of the paradox that a narcissistic parent harms a son or daughter over the course of decades, and, indeed, a lifetime, while the victim, despite realizing, often with great insight, the nature of what's happening is unable to free himself or herself from the abuse by going no-contact. I believe that the key to understanding this is attachment.
As vulnerable babies, we rely on parents for survival. An attachment mechanism keeps both a baby and his or her mother attached to one another. This expresses itself through care, and the experiencing of positive emotions. As the baby develops into a child, the attachment mechanism remains active. The parent provides the exploring child a sense of safety, while the child's curiosity draws it into the environment to interact and learn through play. Should anything frighten the child, the attachment mechanism acts as a homing beacon to point the way back to safety. Eventually, the child grows up, and normally establishes at least a semi-independent life away from the parents.
Here, confounding variables come into play, such as the values of the culture in which the child grew up, and constraints that impinge upon an adult's time, such as job and marital and parental responsibilities. While it's difficult to make any categorical statements, in most cases, the attachment mechanism seems to exert a lifelong effect.
If the child grows into an adult and manages to go no-contact with a narcissistic father, he still suffers in various ways. Emotionally, he's never fully able to separate himself from the past, which remains active in his thoughts and conditions his behavior in new situations, often profoundly shaping how he sees the world, as one full of demons in human skin. If the adult maintains contact with the narcissistic father, he continues to be actively abused. It seems that no matter what he does, he never achieves true freedom, only, perhaps, a less harmful or more harmful outcome, depending on his choice to go no-contact.
I posit that the attachment mechanism simultaneously traps the victim in this seemingly inescapable situation, and gives the narcissist a metaphorical attack surface through which to exploit and victimize the son. Even if the son goes no-contact, the primal emotional attachment to a parent, combined with memories of a long history of abuse, cause ongoing difficulty in navigating life due to mental illness created by the narcissist.
It's difficult to imagine any type of relationship to which the word "evil" can more aptly be applied than this, which amounts to the lifelong (of the narcissist) abuse of a son or daughter. The narcissist seems to get away with it, while the child is damaged for life.
Most of us were raised in a value system broadly consistent with that promoted by the New Testament. Whether we're religious or not, Christian values permeate society, and promote ideas such as forgiveness. Unfortunately, we have to really stretch or unnaturally modify any defensible meaning of the idea of forgiveness to urge a victim to forgive his victimizer, who is eager to continue his abuse. I think that Christian—or, more broadly, religious—values, developed in a very different and distant social environment from the one we inhabit today, further entrap the victim.
For instance, Exodus 20:12 states: "Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." In a society free of narcissists, this encourages altruism and is consistent with what the attachment mechanism would tend to facilitate. But in a world where there do exist parental narcissists, this is a horrific expectation that, because it's such a widespread value in society, further entraps the real victim of the narcissist, the son or daughter, who the narcissist is all too happy to complain about to anyone who will listen for being a bad son or daughter for refusing to have anything to do with them. The reputational threat of being thought badly of by others causes the victim to think twice, thrice, and many more times about the feasibility of going no-contact.
Our social world simply wasn't built to account for the existence of narcissists. To the contrary, it was built in such a way that readily facilitates the narcissist's ongoing abuse of victims. This seems to lead to a state of ongoing torture and inescapable injustice for the victim. Even when the narcissist dies, the echoes of the harm caused within the victim remain, and reverberate through the victim's often pathological interactions with the world as he struggles through mental illness.
It is a paradox that the narcissist is the abuser, yet the child, turned adult, is made out to be a bad son or daughter. It's not only a paradox, but an outrage, yet this outrage is made possible by the narcissist's successful, and all too easy, manipulation of others within the proximate social environment of the victim to keep the victim entrapped. In this sense, the narcissist resembles a virus that coopts the reproductive machinery of a cell to create additional viral cells, that go on to create still more, in an Absurd (in the Camusian sense) process that damages and crushes the victim over time.
For the sake of protecting ourselves, it seems clear that as a society, we can't meekly turn the other cheek in the face of devastating abuse, but need to defend ourselves. It's unclear to me how this might be possible when confronted by a narcissistic parent, for even if we escape, anyone around the narcissist will be abused, yet we don't jail narcissists. They're far freer than their victims, and as long as they live, they cause some of the cruelest destruction of others' lives that anyone can imagine.
We can't turn our attachment mechanism off through volition, psychotropic drugs, or psychotherapy. Barring medical and genetic breakthroughs unavailable to us today, what morally defensible solution is there to the great evil of narcissistic abuse?
I want to believe that some form of ultimate justice and a solution will at some point become available to us, but I find myself reflecting on Kafka's famous letter to his narcissistic father, with the knowledge that Kafka preceded his father in death and his father got away with his behavior scot-free.
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2023.05.29 04:59 2morrow-is-new Going to St. Andrews - Need some advice!

Hey golf -
I'm going to be in England next month and road tripping up to Scotland. I'm going with a buddy and one of the big items on our list for this trip is to visit St. Andrews.
We would like to play a round of golf in St. Andrews as we feel we would regret it if we didn't. I play regularly (nothing great, 18hcp) but this would be my friends first time ever playing a round. He's been to the range a few times and really wants to get into it, but that's it. That makes me a bit nervous...being at 'the home of golf'. Is this not the place to take somebody who has never played before?
Obviously, I'd be there to help with proper etiquette, pace of play, etc. But I'm worried about getting paired up and ruining the other person(s) round, or hacking up one of the nicest courses, etc. We were looking at the Eden Course b/c of price and availability, but would it be a better idea to find a different course in the area that might be more beginner friendly? Should we just do a driving range session somewhere instead?
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2023.05.29 04:59 Sad_Brief_6015 Individual refuses to drop Hit and Run charges unless I state I was at fault for a accident. I want insurance to determine fault. Is this blackmail?

A week ago I was apparently involved in an accident and I did not notice. I was driving a large truck with offroad tires and while pulling out into a street, I clipped and removed the bumper of a car that had pulled out next to me while I was turning. Didn't feel a thing and went about my day.
A few days later while shopping I was nearly assaulted by someone related to them accusing me of wrecking their relatives car. I went to the police station to report that confrontation and I was made aware of the case for the first time. Gave PD my info and went home.
Next day comes and I see the video of the incident. From my perspective, I was halfway through my turn when the car next to me accelerated into the rear tire of my vehicle. In my opinion I believe that they failed to maintain their lane and struck me (possibly intentionally). PD refused to acknowledge my POV since I left the scene (I was not aware of the wreck at the time so I fail to see how that is relevant).
I divulged my insurance information so that the insurance company could handle the "who's at fault issue". BUT the person accusing me of a hit and run refuses to drop the charge unless I sign away stating that I was at fault. I want insurance to handle it, given that there is a report and video, it should be easy to determine fault regardless, even if that falls to me in the end. But if I sign, then I no longer have that option.
PD won't listen to me, seems they've made up their minds already, and they don't see an issue with this person essentially holding a criminal charge over my head.
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2023.05.29 04:59 AutoModerator Biaheza - Dropshipping Program (complete)

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2023.05.29 04:59 patpat8 IPL Final Ticket for sale (Same price)

I am not from Ahemdabad, came to watch IPL Final but had to leave as flight was already booked.
I have given ticket to a ground staff guy whose contact I can share if anyone interested .
Ticket details : North Stand E lower level. Great view . Cost ₹3500
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2023.05.29 04:59 iKarnezar [M4F] 18++ (Son and Mother visit an erotic water park) 18++

(( Feel free to reply to this ideas with your own response or let me know of your ideas.
My hard limits are no diapers, scat, watersports, heavy bruising, bleeding, death, mutilation, taking virginity, and no little ones or animals.
I have a profile, and I live in the New York/DC timezone. ))
Daniel West entered the park alongside you and was just as surprised as you were to see just how...wild it had gotten after hours. The "Kanto Waters" waterpark had recently opened up a section that was entirely for adults, and only available after midnight during one week of the year. Dan got himself a ticket and one for you as a birthday present, timing it so that he would return home from college during the same week that the Kanto Waters park had their after hours section open. What he had expected was bars and nightclubs, and while these were present, there was so much...more.
There were guys running around snapping the bikini bras on women, people with super soakers shooting strangers with pressurized water, a KISS CAM with "Win $200!" flashing beneath it for the best kisser, a tunnel of Love completely in the dark, a dance floor that looked more like a cross between a rave and a mosh pit, and even the back gates of the park had been opened up to allow people to relax on the beach under the full moon. There were also fire pits to sit around.
It seemed to have everything, including restaurants and bars. Dan was in pure amazement as he went along, wondering where to go first. He saw a booth for taking photos and pointed there. "Let's get a photo together first," he suggested to you as he gestured for you to follow him to it.
Daniel was considerably tall, and noticeably lean. Due to the many years spent playing soccer for his High School, he had thick legs and a slim build, which was even more obvious as he only had on his swim trunks. His smooth, rich caramel skin tone perfectly reflected his Caribbean-Latin heritage, as well as the slight accent when he rolled his Rs. Just above his shoulders fell his thick, black, curly hair that had a well-conditioned shine to it. His eyes were a chestnut brown, his lips full and luscious, and his hands hard, firm, and strong.
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2023.05.29 04:58 Patok_na_Jeep [FOR SALE] Monopoly: The Mandalorian for P1,5k (used once)

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2023.05.29 04:58 _omarg_ [US][SELLING] Jojo Part 5, Spy Family, Demon Slayer, Both Tokyo Ghoul box sets, Evangelion, Fist of the North Star
No splitting sets for individual volumes.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 1-6: $90
Spy × Family 1-8: $40
The Way of The Househusband 1-8: $70
Demon Slayer 7-14: $55
Nijigahara Holograph: $25
A Girl on the Shore: $13
Tokyo Ghoul- Box set: $85 (poster not included)
Tokyo Ghoul:Re - Box set $100
Fist of The Northstar 1-4: $55
Downfall: $13
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-5: $110
SHIPPING VIA USPS 50% BUYER 50% SELLER on anything $85 and over. sales under $85 I'll take care of shipping costs.
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2023.05.29 04:58 savingsandstuff Has this really been my issue all along? Why does medication work so well? I can't believe this..

I'll try to make this somewhat short if I can. I am M28. I have struggled with anxiety and depression my entire life, mostly anxiety. Especially as a kid, I was very anxious, the most anxious kid I knew out of all my friends. It never felt fair. I want to share some of my life story here and just see if this is legitimate...because my counsellor and doctor were willing to try me out on Vyvanse but i was never officially, thoroughly diagnosed by a psychiatrist. But for the first time in my life, my anxiety is like..gone. I feel happy too, more than ever in my adult life. And the over thinking! It's like i would just have multiple streams of thoughts in my head and I would have to think of the same things over and over and over to try to reassure myself, but it would never quite work. I've tried Wellbutrin before for anxiety/depression and it barely worked at all. Also had a lot of issues with depersonalization/derealization (really terrible anxiety causes this) so basically thought i was going entirely insane.
My symptoms (whether they are ADHD or not, idk) have only gotten really bad in the last year, after I went through a marital separation/divorce. For example, I wake up at 5 AM, get to the gym, but found it near impossible to focus on sets and constantly scroll tik tok in between. Same when I got home. I wouldn't get out to work until past 10 AM sometimes. Basically it would take me 5 hours to do a morning routine that shouldn't take more than 2. And it's like..anhedonia or something, like pleasurable activities are no longer pleasurable to me, no matter how many millions of songs I switch to or how many different TV shows I try out. So, I thought the culprit was depression.
But I just couldn't focus on one thing at a time. I have 6-7 books on the go right now (mostly on an ereader) and I constantly bounce between all of them, I have big time difficulty staying with one book. I also can never get through a full song. TV goes on the background while i bounce between reading a book, writing in a journal, and playing games on my phone. As an example.
Once i tried the vyvanse, holy shit. Absolutely calming, focused, for example i am writing this post in silence without any background TV or music which I never do. So that to me means its working, and maybe I really have this right? But I don't know if i always did or not? Is that possible?
I would really like to connect with some other people who have gone through some of this. I was never diagnosed as a kid, I actually did well in school so i don't know how that factors in. I was a "loud" kid, the class joker in a way, could not stop talking, always wanted to speak up and often got in a trouble for that though. Also as I grew up I was always a huge dopamine seeker. Porn hooked me from a crazy young age. Although now, I have low sex drive which doesn't make sense...I always read on here how people with ADHD are often much hornier than normal, but I'm the opposite :( I love sky diving, fast bikes/cars etc anything that can give me a rush, I am the biggest adrenaline seeker I know.
Anyway, I think that's enough context for now, ( Don't want to make this too long) I am just looking for any other perspectives and hopefully to chat with some others that got this more figured out. I am having mixed feelings where I am so happy I may have found something so big, but also, how did I lose my entire teens and 20s to this! Did I not have to be anxious and depressed for the last 12 years if I was only officially diagnosed?? :(
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2023.05.29 04:58 judethedude2106 Going into year 2 of foundation degree in Software Development, any tips on how I should approach my options? I’ve tried to include as much info as possible

Looking for some pointers as I go into year 2 of software dev. Foundation degree. Any advice is appreciated
So I’m currently going into my second and final year of my foundation degree in software development, the units I have completed so far are:
-Programming 1: Practical Java basics in Eclipse.
-Programming 2: Learning OOP through Java, also using Eclipse.
-System Analysis and Design: Creating analysis reports on potential systems and designing software systems on paper with UML diagrams and data flow diagrams etc.
-Database Systems: Creating and manipulating SQL databases and understanding ERDs.
-Software Testing: Learning types of testing, how to test a program and record with a test log, how to use tools such as Selenium and CassiniDev with Java.
-Maths for Programming: Calculus, number systems etc.
My second year begins in September and the following points are the units I will be completing and what I know about them so far:
-Programming 3: Will be using Visual Studio to create a working program with C# with a SQL database connected to it (my teacher is saying it is technically full stack development which is good for interviews)
-Computer and Network Architecture: Not sure on the specifics of this unit.
-Web Technologies: I know this involves creating a website and I’m somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS, but yet to familiarise myself with JavaScript.
-Data Science: not sure on the specifics of this unit either.
-Work Based Learning: 5 month long placements in a local IT company. In placement 4 days a week (I don’t know what company it is yet.)
As you might be able to tell I’m still relatively new to this industry, but I’m still very passionate about it. I’ve always been into computers and regret not getting into things like programming earlier in life, but i am sure I have found the area of work I want to spend my life doing.
I’m posting to ask for advice on my options so I have a solid year in order to decide what I want I want to do. I don’t know many people in the industry so I think here would be a good place to get some pointers. To add some content I’m 19 and live in Northern Ireland, there is an abundance of reputable IT companies meaning I am likely to get placed in a good company. I particularly like what I’ve been doing in Java and SQL, expecting to enjoy C# too. I haven’t been achieving top grades, but I am getting high enough to get accepted into the best Uni in NI. My current options as I see things:
-University in NI: Unsure of which degree specifically but am leaning towards Computer Science, university here is significantly cheaper than mainland UK but my foundation degree will only allow me to pass into second year. Also unsure of whether to pursue a Masters Degree, but I’m leaning against it.
University in Great Britain: More expensive than NI but will be more likely to pass directly into third year.
Job After Placement: I am told that most students are offered full time jobs at the end of their placement at £30k, and sometimes offer apprenticeships where they will pay for me to complete my degree while I work for them. I will be locked down in this company for a few years though and I’ve been wanting to leave my city ASAP, but by no means does this mean I’m ruling this option out due to my desire to leave.
Find an Apprenticeship Elsewhere in UK: I’m not sure how plausible this is and feel it may be risky, but if possible I think I would pick this one, I would either move to the capital Belfast or go to the mainland. Potentially I could go international but I feel this would be extremely unrealistic.
Open University: I need to further look into this option, but it also sounds good, it is meant to be a 2 year, more affordable degree completed from home, but I lack complete understanding at the moment.
Wild Card, Find Work/Apprenticeship in Australia: I have family in Australia eager for me to visit them for awhile, they are very well of and this would give me time to get on my feet while out there. I would need to learn a lot more about the IT landscape out there before even considering this. I also would have to work out if it would even be possible immigration wise. This one is more of a dream but would do it if it was possible.
Thanks for reading this far, correct me if I’m incorrect about anything, any advice helps!
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2023.05.29 04:58 Big_Fork Spireside Saboteur

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2023.05.29 04:58 RazzleLikesCandy Application for PR directly from regular work visa

Did anyone here apply for PR directly through point system?
I need to "prove" years of experience, from my company in Japan it should be relatively straight forward, but I'm trying to understand how to "prove" it for the companies I worked for back home.
I found some things online, but it's all very vague, I can't find an official document and/or requirements.
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2023.05.29 04:58 TheDarkKnight2001 Help! Gave up on SF Admin cert. Suggest another one. Serious help needed.

Unemployed. Spend 6 months trying to get certified in SF Admin, but never got over 50% on the practice tests. So I'm giving up on it. Way too hard. Much respect to those who make it.
Have 5 years of sales and a lot of finance background. What should go for?
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