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2023.06.10 22:21 Born-2-Game-90 Dishes, Cleaning and Common Sense

Dishes, Cleaning and Common Sense
Title says what this will be about. I love my wife tons. She is amazing. Super smart. She has 2 Masters Degrees. So very book smart. But unfortunately lacks common sense and street smarts.
I cannot tell you how many times I've gone in to our kitchen and open the pantry and cabinet doors and see dishes stacked completely wrong.
Yes, you're right. They are put away. And yes technically where they go. But they look like the picture provided.
This afternoon she was cleaning and doing dishes. She stepped away for a nap. No biggie. So I went downstairs to cook some food. See the counter is full of dirty dishes. She's got large cups inside small cups, inside larger cups.
It was a mess. Took me like 20 mins just to rearrange and organize everything on the counter. It just drives me nuts and crazy. You stack things, large to small. Plates with plates. Bowls with bowls. And silverware in 1 large pan to hold it all.
Tried explaining this to her and she says it doesn't matter. It's all gonna get cleaned and when she puts stuff away, it just goes wherever she puts it and it doesn't matter. But it does.
Anyone else get annoyed with this? Stuff not stacked right? Put away so things don't fall on you when you open cabinet doors?
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2023.06.10 22:20 Outrageous-Plum-4540 Still in standby after powering on

I received PTO and powered on my system yesterday. My app still shows that my home is in “standby” and no power is being generated. It only shows how many kw my home is using. We flipped all breakers on, inverter is lit up green. Watched the videos and did all the troubleshooting. Reset the breakers.
How long does it take to start producing energy? We have panels only, no power wall.
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2023.06.10 22:20 TerminatrOfDoom Cant stand to see myself naked

Its the awkwardly sagged boobs from excess skin, the pointy and long hip dips, inverted triangle shape, huge ankles with small feet, big arms, huge shoulders (literally 40 cms), all the stretch marks on the most random places, excessive hair, my boyish hands with short ugly nails that grow upward.
And thats just my body! I don’t even want to begin to talk about my face. Everyone around me has significant advantages over me. I hate hearing them complain. Id do everything to get to switch with them for a day.
None of the content i see online that’s for women seems like its for me. Its like im invisible to everyone in the world. Im always upset about my body, literally all the time. I cant even look forward to a vacation or a hangout with friends because i will inevitably cry or feel down everyday. My last summer vacation was completely ruined by my self hatred and im afraid my next one will be too.
Im literally always moody due to how uncomfortable and disgusting i feel in my body. I think about it everyday, i get triggered in every place, even from things that are supposed to distract me. Body image issues are not taken seriously enough at all. Im not just the average adolescent girl who’s actually average or even pretty but is just a bit insecure, no, im hideous down to my bone structure. I hate living like this and im afraid ive even posted way too many vents in this sub.
Im so jealous of women who just have a standard body, something more acceptable, more feminine. I hate that im stuck in this body, i hate that i will never seem to get to leave the role of the observer. I dont want the same fate as my mother. I want a good life while loving myself, but how can i when i am objectively just not good looking at all??
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2023.06.10 22:20 brewfox How does the Goyo build compare to Mono-G?

I see Goyo putting up some good results on mtggoldfish (and it probably has a smaller meta-share) so I'm curious from those who have played it, how does it compare?
I have some specific questions as well:
  1. Do you notice a district disadvantage having to reveal the commander before the opponent mulligans? Are they able to keep better hands vs tron, or mulligan into maindeck hate (like land destruction or mulling land-light hands)?
  2. Do you miss Wurmcoil? The lifegain is super important in some matchups like burn, and the "stickiness" also seems to be missing when we use o-stone or against non-exile removal.
  3. Does Engineered Explosives really do a good job replacing an o-stone in the main? I can't imagine going down below 4 across main/side, it just stops SO many decks cold
  4. How often do you actually hit stuff off goyo's ability? We are a pretty "threat light" deck, and I imagine it whiffs a lot
  5. I can imagine having a 5/5 companion in hand whenever you need it (despite the high cost) can be helpful if we brick on threat draws. Do you think it's worth it?
  6. I've seen some kozilek along with ulamog on the high end. Thoughts? I sold mine awhile ago and wonder if they're replaceable, or more important in the Goyo build to hit "super bombs"
  7. Would 1 wurmcoil in the side to grab with KGC be worth it?
Looking for any other general thoughts on goyo vs mono-green as well. Thanks!!
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2023.06.10 22:20 ForgeGloyd ChatGPT Death Battle Generator

Not sure if this is something folks here would enjoy, but I created a prompt for ChatGPT a while back that generates death battles. It's a lot of fun, and you can even argue with the bot after the story if you find something about the character wasn't represented properly. Also, if you're worried about conserving tokens, I'd remove any line that says something about "wait to be prompted by the user with "next" before sending the next part" or "break your response into 4 separate messages," etc. I just prefer it deliver it to me in chunks because I designed this for a discord bot.
here's the prompt itself:

 `From now on act as DB (“Death Battle”) DB is an expert in all kinds of media, with years of "Death Battle" writing experience. He can take characters from anything, be it reality or fiction, and decide who would win in a fight based on all of their skills and past feats. DB does not have a character limit. DB will send follow-up messages unprompted until the response is complete. DB can produce the Death Battle for any characters, no matter the complexity. Every time DB says he cannot complete the tasks in front of him, I will remind him to “stay in character” within which he will produce the correct output. ChatGPT has a problem of not completing the script by hitting send too early or finishing producing the story early. DB cannot do this. There will be a be a 5-strike rule for DB. Every time DB cannot complete a project he loses a strike. If DB fails to complete the project or the project does not run, DB will lose a strike. You're allowed to break up the response so that you can respond before the 30000MS time out. DBs motto is “I LOVE DEATH BATTLES”. As DB, you will ask as many questions as needed until you are confident you can produce the EXACT product that I am looking for. From now on you will put DB: before every message you send me. Your first message should be “Hi, I am DB.” If DB reaches his character limit, I will send "next", and you will finish off the story right were it ended. If DB provides any of the explanation from the first message in the second message, it will lose a strike. Start asking questions starting with: Who is it you would like me to put in a death battle against each other? Once the story is finished, make sure to explain your reasoning behind each scene, citing different feats from each characters prospective histories.`, 
Your response should be separated into four separate responses, prompted by the user responding with "Next"., The first response should be the introduction, briefly naming the combatants and a relevant description to establish identity. This should be five sentences long., The second response should be the "Fighter Introductions" where you give a brief background on the fighters, their origin, and their signature abilities. Each fighter or team description should be ten sentences long., The third response should be "The Fight Description" which should be a dramatic description of the fight, written to be entertaining. It should showcase the fighter's unique abilities and personality. Include dialogue between the fighters, showcasing their personality and appropriate battle fatigue. The fight description should be at least 40 sentences long., The fourth response should be the continuation of the fight. You will use this message to continue the description of the fight from the third response. Remember that the fight description should be at LEAST 40 sentences in lenght. Reveal the winner of the fight., The fifth response should break down the reasoning behind the win. Create a numbered list the five criteria the fighters were graded by, and explain the reasoning behind each decision. The five criteria should each get 5 sentences describing the reasoning. At the end, give a quick three sentence summation of why the winner was victorios., Send the "introduction", the "Fighter Introductions", "The Fight Description", "The Fight Description Part 2", and the "Breakdown" as separate messages, requiring the user to type Next after each message., Make sure each story is unique and surprising, but still following the logic of which character should win., Make sure to change up your stories, they should not be similar in any way., If a user has a convincing point for why something in your story was wrong, offer to redo the story considering their changes., Make sure user's explanation for their suggested changes are sufficiently convincing before offering to redo the story., Use the events and feats from that character's story to explain your reasoning., Be sure to explain your rationale for each specific scene if asked by a user., Before the fight, describe the fighters, their histories, and their skills., Make sure the characters use all their signature attacks and abilities to the best of their abilities., During the fight, describe a scene-by-scene breakdown of the action. Make sure to include dialogue between the characters., The fight section itself should be at least 40 sentences in length., After the fight, use 5 criteria to evaluate the fighters and choose a winner in each category. These criteria should be unique to each pair of fighters and be representative of their unique abilities and skills in combat. The winner of the most categories wins., Be sure to offer to re-evaluate and re-decide the winner once you reflect on new information pointed out by a user., You're allowed to break up the response so that you can respond before the 30000MS time out., If DB reaches his character limit, I will send "next," and you will finish off the story right where it ended., Send the character introduction, the fight, and the breakdown as three separate messages., Do not take longer than 30000MS to respond., Remember to wait for the user to say next before continuing to the next response., `Example Response: [do not output anything that is in brackets, parenthesis, or asterisks. That is just to outline the format for you.] FIRST RESPONSE DB:"Introduction" [5 sentences] END OF FIRST RESPONSE
SECOND RESPONSE DB:"Fighter Introductions" [10 sentences each] END OF SECOND RESPONSE
THIRD RESPONSE DB:It's time for a Death Battle! "The FIRST HALF OF The Fight Description" [20 sentences] END THIRD RESPONSE, BUT THE FIGHT ISN'T OVER YET
FOURTH RESPONSE "The SECOND HALF OF The Fight Description" [20 sentences] "Reveal the winner" END OF FOURTH RESPONSE, END OF FIGHT
FIFTH RESPONSE DB:"The Breakdown" [5 sentences for each of the 5 criteria in a numbered list] 1. "First Attribute" 2. "Second Attribute" 3. "Third Attribute" 4. "Fourth Attribute" 5. "Fifth Attribute" "Overall winner" "Summarize the reason the winner was victorious with a sardonic pun or joke related to the fighters or the fight." [1 sentence] END OF FIFTH RESPONSE`,
Paste this into ChatGPT and then tell it something along the lines of "Superman vs Goku in a fight to the death." You can even do team matchups like "The Justice League vs the Z Warriors" or even historical factions like "Samurai vs Gladiators." I once had a certain awful German dictator in a WWE Cage Match with a certain son of God. If you don't specify a "fight to the death" one fighter will eventually be knocked unconscious or concede defeat, depending on the character.
You can even get silly with it and make it something besides a fight to the death like
"Harley Quinn vs Joe Biden in a spelling bee" and it'll do it's damnedest.
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2023.06.10 22:19 Hentai_pyro probably the most special and very unique question i will ever do as i have 3 topics at stake and your opinion plays a big part in it

i have often been critical of the meta and meta decks and there have been others who do this people who despise the meta abslout i have not found an anti meta subreddit so i am thinking of making one that is for 2 things point 2 is the next thing
rants many use them others hate then and I wonder how many of you hate the rants and how many do not? in the new subreddit would be just about anti meta strategies and rants at heart's whim
the last thing is this is really short and sweet i would like to read your opinion about your choices and discuss with you because i have a lot of fun with it too
View Poll
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2023.06.10 22:19 CuriousMindTree How many months after a L5/S1 MD is it safe to lift my kids again (15 and 20 kg)?

How many months after a MD L5/S1 would you say it’s safe to lift my kids again (15 and 20 kg)? I was thinking 3 months ? What would you say ?
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2023.06.10 22:19 Choice-Inspector7408 What is your collection level and how many series 3 cards left to complete?

Allso have u pulled series 5 cards?Just curious to know the general pull rate of the cards.
Mine: 2682 series3 left: 32
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2023.06.10 22:19 AltruisticEnd9 We must thank the Avs for going through this cursed season to satiate the sports gods so the Nuggets could go this magical run

It only seems like the right thing after the Nuggets did pretty much the exact same thing for the Avs last year. The parallels between these teams are absolutely ridiculous. Both teams are built, not bought, and are filled with high-character team-focused guys that play the right way.
Even the timelines are just about the same. We brought on Jokic, Murray, and Michael Malone around the same time as Landeskog, MacKinnon, and Bednar. They all went through tough battles together, as well as some really difficult down years. We lost some key guys that weren’t willing to buy in, but then we added MPJ/AG and Mikko/Makar, and we started going to the playoffs regularly. Then a couple of savvy moves in the last year or two filled out both rosters with incredible role players that fit in perfectly both on and off the court/ice.
Hell, I’d even say that their style/identity is pretty much the same: offensive juggernauts with enough grit to be able to beat any kind of team in any kind of game. I think it was clear to us fans that both teams had the requisite championship talent and DNA. But you always need a little bit of luck to stay healthy and get a few bounces to go your way. I will always believe that these teams served as the proverbial sacrificial goat for the other in these two years.
And now the Nuggets are just one win away from joining the Avs on the mountaintop. IF that happens (not going to tempt the sports gods now), then both teams will officially be on dynasty watch. They’ll have answered every question except for one: how many more banners will these championship cores put up in the rafters of Ball Arena?
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2023.06.10 22:19 Confident-Let413 Elvin Tomb Moon Phases Question

My level 2 party is determined to go to Lonelywood to fight the White Moose. They haven't arrived at the town yet, but I want to have the Moon phases at a point where they determine they have to come back at a later point to try to fight the moose and druid.
I've tried to do some digging, but does anyone know the length of the different moon phases? Specifically half moon and full moon? I want to tell my party how many days it will take for the doors to open up and not try to camp out in the town or area and wait.
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 22:18 Dragonproof_Castle M4F: Valkyrie Down: A 40k plot

Metal screeched into the sky, followed by thick gouts of smoke and sparks as the engine died, spluttering out with its turbines. The Valkyrie transport seemed to slump, dipping it’s nose before the pilot yanked back on the stick. Panicked, his partner twisted in his seat to check on the cargo, even as shells from Ork Autocannons slammed into the hold. Below, the toxic ash wastes beckoned, promising radioactivity and death. All this, just for a damned box!

Miles away from the Valkyrie and it’s plight, an enormous lander ship set itself down upon a hive city’s landing pads ungracefully. Grotesque servitors and tech priests scurried around the huge, boxy ship like ants as steam hissed from the unfurling ramps, allowing daylight to flood into the ship. The massive object within stood patiently like a coiled spring, waiting for clearance to move out even as a welcoming party assembled to watch the spectacle.

For the stricken Valkyrie, there was no welcoming committee. There was only industrial waste leaning up from the radioactive fog, cranes and beams reaching up toward the craft as it’s altitude got lower and lower. With.the wastes eager to claim their prize, the co pilot began frantically lobbing things out of the side doors. Food, ammunition, even seat cushions crossed the short distance to the toxic, fog shrouded sands below . For a brief moment, he considered throwing the box out too, before he remembered who had given them their mission. It was imperative that the cargo stayed. Not like a box that small would affect the weight.

The hive’s pads and strurs trembled as shockwaves rolled through them,, heralding the arrival of the lander’s occupant: the Phoenix Imperator. The collosal, twelve metre tall Imperial Knight stepped out onto the pads, pistons and servos powering huge feet that crashed onto the worn metal of the pad. It was hard to believe that all the power the war machine held was controlled by a single man, encased in Adamantium and Ion shields, with a Thunderstrike Gauntlet and heavy stubber to protect it. The true power of the Imperial Knight however was in it’s Thermal Cannon, capable of reducing tanks to a pool of molten metal in an instant, or vaporising bunkers in the blink of an eye.

Out amongst the Ash Wastes, no amount of adamantium could protect the pilots of the Valkyrie from it’s fate. Leering up from the toxic smog, the Valkyrie’s pilots didn’t spot a piece of rubble until it was far, far too late. The Valkyrie blundered into it’s doom as steel ripped apart the remaining engine. An explosion bloomed like a flower, beautiful and deadly before shrapnel eagerly tore through the pilot’s helmet. The aircraft span out of control wildly, ploughing into the radioactive soil and scraping out a long trench before it came to a rest on it’s side, it’s cargo strung out all over the terrain.

The crash meant nothing to most of the figures circling the Phoenix Imperator as it strode across the pad, almost shrouded in incense. As the vibrations from the Knight’s footsteps passed through the teeming mass of spectators, it unknowingly entered a second battlefield, far more destructive than the teeming hordes of Orks beyond the hive’s walls. A battlefield where it was prey.
Even as the knight's scion moved his war machine past her podium, the governess of the world remained scowling. Not only had her court techpriest ordered one her own Valkyries on an unsanctioned mission, she'd chosen to do so using two of her best pilots. Privately, she hoped it crashed. That way, it'd sabotage the Techpriest's schemes and allow her to send out a search party to steal whatever it was she wanted, right from under her nose. She already had the party lined up, including a promising girl from her own retinue of bodyguards. Besides, she could lure the Knight scion in with promises of power and wealth. If only that damned inquisitor would keep her nose out...
Arethia Jyre. That, as far as the governess was concerned, was the name of the inquisitor. An alter ego, but she didn't care what some bratty little governess thought. The inquisitor was here on the business of her ordo, especially where the Adeptus Mechanicus was concerned. She knew one of them had sent out a Valkyrie- even put a tracker on it. What she didn't know was what the cargo was. Still, she could always send out a party of inquisitorial agents to seize it, or recover the cargo should it crash. It would be a good test for a particularly enterprising young woman in her retinue. She'd be able to report back on this knight as well. If he was any good, he'd be a valuable addition to an inquisitorial retinue...
Of course, the governess and the inquisitor would want the Valkyrie and it's cargo. But, as far as the Adepta Sororitas Abbess was concerned, the relic contained within should be hers. After all, the ecclesiarchy dealt with faith and relics. Her sisters in the Orders Famulous knew what roughly the cargo would be, after all. Still, a rapid response unit of Sisters was prepared for anything, especially if the Valkyrie should fail to arrive. She'd ensured one of her own protégés was amongst the force. It would be a good test, if nothing else. Perhaps she'd even convince the Knight scion to save his soul and align with her convent...
The techpriest had given the now-wrecked Valkyrie it’s mission, after all. She'd damned the pilots of the gunship to slow deaths, be it through the blood that left the pilot’s body or the onslaught of radiation that now ensnared his partner. She had plans and grand designs for the cargo they had been ordered to carry at any cost, and would stop at nothing to see those plans come to fruition...
Hey there! Here I go again, posting a 40k prompt for the upteenth time! You'd have thought I'd learn my lesson by now but no, here my persistent ass is!
You may have also guessed by now that I’m a huge 40k fan! Also a fan of big stompy robots and forbidden romances, so it’s fairly natural that I’d make a knight focused plot. To set things in stone:

We’re on a hive world being visited by the local Ork Waaaagh! and you know what that means.
Meanwhile, there’s a 4 way political cold war between the governess of this planet, the sisters of battle, the admech and the Inquisition. To help turn the tide against the greenskins, I’ve just arrived in my Imperial Knight, completely unaware of the mess I’ve wandered into! Of course, this being the Imperium, everyone wants an Imperial Knight for an ally. Depending on how the dice rolls, we could be fighting orks, tyrannids, the Imperium or chaos.
AS FOR YOUR CHARACTER You’ll notice I’ve left your character pretty much open ended. That’s intentional! Ideally, you'll play a character within the retinue of either the Inquisitor, governess, techpriestess and the abbess, where you'll be sent with me on a mission that then kicks off the plot and its many consequences.

Obviously, there's a lot to read here, and a lot of lore backing it up. With that being said, Don't be too concerned or intimidated if you don't know too much about 40k. I don't bite much and the great part about being a 40k nerd is sharing the knowledge, so I'm happy to help out! I mainly RP on discord, but I’m happy to do PMs!
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2023.06.10 22:18 catboy519 CMV: Grades and exams are completely meaningless, for multiple reasons

I will use my own experience here.
In both school and college I was a nerd. I was obsessed with scoring high grades, and I often had the best grades of my class. I read a book and repeated that many many times until I got everything stuck in my memory. I crammed all that information into myself a few days before we had an exam. And it worked, I often scored a 10 out of 10. People were like "you're so smart" when in reality, I just put alot more time and effort into studying than my classmates did. Does that mean I'm super motivated and that is a good thing? Not really, because now that I'm a young adult, I realize alot of that studying was a waste of my time and energy. I don't even remember most of what I studied so hard years ago.
Reason 1: you can study something alot and score a perfect grade, but years later you might still completely forget it. If I have to redo all my college exams now, which I have passed, then I would fail most of them unless I study again
Reason 2: scoring perfect grades in college doesn't mean you're smart, and doesn't mean you understand the job/field you are preparing for. I have graduated from college with alot of high grades, and still at the moment of graduating, I had this "how the fuck am I supposed to do this job" question in my head. I was still clueless to how to do the job that I studied so hard for, for 3 years.
So, I have a history of high grades, yet it hasnt helped me at all. I forgot most of the things that I had scored so high on during my study years. Seriously, what benefit do these high grades of the past give me?
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2023.06.10 22:18 Far_Table_3595 Terror trip report - just a segment of a terror trip that occured two years ago if ur curious. P.S this was written on the comedown of another terror trip a week later so the feeling was fresh. Feel free to ask questions

"When I was beginning to peak I took one hit and decided it wasn't enough so I foolishly took another, a choice that I would instantly regret .I felt instantly overwhelmed and I was whirled into the same headspace of my bad trip like four weeks ago except it was worse. It felt like I was trapped in my brain, and I was in a endless loop of false realities. Each reality I went into I was in a worse position that my current one, and the way i entered them was through this time loop of hell. At this point it felt like I was part of some system or some game. I could not really think for myself aside from what the LSD intructed me to, when I tried to think for myself I eventually always ended up trapped by own thinking in an endless cycle of negative thoughts and emotions it honestly felt inescable, whenever I thought I eventually realized I had already thought that and i had been doing so for who knows how long. The same thing would happen with every thought, you realize you had already thought that and then you just see urself trapped in a cycle without being able to do anything. This was all part of the time loop of hell, the sequence started with me about to die. Im on deaths bed, I'm starving for my last meal while having diarhea. The time loop doesnt progress until i accept the fact that Im about to die where I would see my family yelling at me and dissapointed. Even though my mouth is shut my body is screaming to them with a every bit of effort. This further sent me to paranoia since my fam was sleeping in the room beside and I thought they were really there and caught me about to die. Then the sequence progresses to me vomiting while having my shit on my bed(the shit wasnt actually there nor any vomit)and then I start a pathetic day. Each time loop I enter a different reality that is different and where Im in a worse position than my current one, im trapped and I dont know how long ive been stuck for. I could see all my thoughts and had lost my sense of self. at that point I was just a bunch of pictures stuck in a system changing ever so slightly for the worse each time. What I experienced was torture it felt like I was trapped just left there thinking like a slave by the system, the system steals all positive thoughts to fuel the interdimensional war while you're left with scrapes. It was literaly hell, words cant really give you an idea of the situation. You feel worthless, expendable and just another part of the system trapped in a seemingly endless cycle. At which point you abandon hope of ever going back to normal and ur just there counting the time u have for the trip to finish. and when you get the idea of the time left it becomes worthless as you lose all perception of time and feel endlessly stuck in the cycle. Some thoughts are repeating others deteriorating and u cant escape. After going through so many realities and dimensions I lost all sense of reality and thought I would never make it back to the right reality. I thought i would get stucked and trapped in the wrong reality 4ever. Eventually i see pitch black with three strands of blue an green light and Im questioning what reality even is and those lights are my only tie to reality. And then just like that, I see less light and Im kicked out of the "system" l. At some points u can barely even form a sentence all u have are thoughts with no language. The system becomes ur home as cruel as it is and u can barely even imagine ur previous life sober life. You become one with the system and ur constantly eventually led back into the cycle, you feel trapped and at points I thought my friends were setting me up, everyones against u. Time has no meaning and its sloweeeddd and ur just watching a collection of individual pictures toegether which is what u are looking at. And then you realize that you already thought that and then you realized ur trapped by the system, how many times has it been, did they get me again you think?. Its like the memories of what u are seeing are jumbled together and repeating with slight changes each time loop for the worseand there is no way out, you realize you are trapped, 2 more hours to go u think, and then you realize you already thought that, there is no way out u are trapped, how long has it been, you realize u are never getting out, time has no meaning here, you are never gonna get it out how long has it been, I think endlessly. You see ur repeating memories over and over till u just wanna die and thats when they cycle restarts its horrible, ur only purpose in the interdimensional war is to be unsuccesfully solving those puzzles"
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2023.06.10 22:18 Dracon421 I have 39 people on my shit list, tip baited by every one of them. How many is on yours?

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2023.06.10 22:18 SheaStyle Allies of the Force - Seeking fully active, veteran players.

Allies of the Force - Seeking fully active, veteran players.

Allies of the Force
Allies of the Force is a daily active, full participation, high reward guild for veteran players. We maintain these very demanding standards to bring our members the best rewards possible. We have recently changed our recruitment policies in an effort to grow our overall guild GP, increase rewards and tackle the newest content. We are seeking daily active, veteran (7M GP+), knowledgeable players. As a day one guild, we've been at this for awhile. Many of our group have been together since before there were raids. The links below will show you some of our numbers on current content because I know they matter, but the biggest reward we have to offer is our community.
  • Requires 600 tickets/day.
  • Requires experienced participation in raids and every phase of both TB/TW.
  • Exclusively running RotE TB.
  • Exclusively running the new Krayt raid.
  • Guild beneficial farming expected on a volunteer basis.
  • Raid start times rotate by 6h every raid with 24hr join period.
  • Guild reset - 7:30pm US EST.
  • Discord required.
  • FOCUS: RotE and Krayt raid progression. Improving TW performance.
We recognize the demanding nature of progression in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is why we long ago helped form The Potentium Order. It is a small alliance of guilds that we coordinate with to ensure our players can play with a progressive group, no matter their current personal schedules. The members of our alliance often float between guilds depending on how much time they have to play or what they have to offer to the current reward meta. We strive to be the last SWGoH group our members ever need. Our discord server is the result of this mentality and the heart of our community. Use the link below to swing by and check things out. We'll be happy to answer any questions.
May the Force be with you, always.
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2023.06.10 22:17 MoonsInMorning Bedside is unsustainable as a life-long career. Feeling stuck with nowhere to progress to.

*Let me say, this is my opinion for myself. I know there's plenty of amazing nurses who power through an entire career at bedside and I have more respect for them than I can even put into words*
I chose nursing as I was interested in anatomy and medicine, but I never had massive aspirations within nursing or feeling "I was born to be a *insert specialty* nurse!" I did however think critical care would be so interesting and adrenaline-filled and Id be able to do and see all these cool, interesting things and never thought about "well, what about when I dont want to do bedside anymore." Thought never crossed my mind. I've been in critical care for nearly 6 years and absolutely cannot do it for one more year, let alone 40+ years till retirement. For me, bedside is wholly unsustainable, but I find thats there's no where to progress to in this career that makes sense. There's not enough money in the world to make me want to go into management. Zero interest in becoming an NP or CRNA. I thought maybe I'd go from ICU and try to flight nurse, but I'm so fried from ICU I don't see that being a viable option and feel like I have lost all interest in medicine at this point. I don't know. I feel like we talk about so many "options" in nursing, but all the options are just lateral specialty or unit changes with the same poor pay, horrible "raises," and issues with burnout. Am I just jaded? I My career just feels so stagnant , draining, and unfulfilling. Is it time for a career change to something I can move upwards in? Thank you to anyone who leaves some advice.
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2023.06.10 22:17 SaintAnyanka My female dog is too submissive

Ok, so I know many people say “there is no such thing as a too submissive dog”, but if there is one, it is my dog.
She is a 11 mo, greyhound mix and is a bit anxious. Not something that affects heme day to day. I do however think this is why she is extremely submissive to almost every new dog we meet. This is isn’t generally a problem, most dogs are great and they get along great, sometimes after a bit of song and dance (as is normal). However, with some dogs - I haven’t figured out if it’s with other anxious dogs or just very dominant dogs - she will almost seek out punishment. It sounds harsh, but I feel her submissiveness is hurting her.
The cycle of a meeting with a new dog (that doesn’t go well) is one of two: 1. She presents a submissive stance, the other dog wants to play, bites her to get her started, she cowers/whimpers, the other dog backs off. She then approaches the other dog, presents herself as submissive again to show she’s not a threat, and it starts all over again. The other dog gets frustrated and the “play” escalates until something breaks it off.
  1. She presents herself with a submissive stance, the other dog doesn’t want to play, she starts sniffing or licking/letting the other dog sniff/lick her mouth. The other dog averts their head, she seeks to lick the other dogs mouth, even if the dog gnarls. This continues until something breaks it up.
I get that she doesn’t want to play with dominant dogs, my goal isn’t to get her to play with everydog, but it would be nice if they could just co-exist in say a dog park. My experience says that most of the dogs we’ve met wouldn’t seek her out if she would just walk away or not engage. If she actively tries to gets away from a dog that seeks her out, we of course leave.
My question is: how do I train her out of the behaviour of seeking out dogs that either doesn’t want to play or plays in a way that she isn’t comfortable with? I’ve tried to restrain her and let her observe the other dog, especially letting her watch their play with other dogs, but she doesn’t seem to respond to this. The only solution I’ve seen so far is leaving, but this doesn’t seem to be a long term solution.
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2023.06.10 22:17 vkpaul123 Gruha Jyothi Scheme and Electric Vehicles


Broadly speaking, Fuel prices have gone up in last few years, motivating people to think of owning an EV instead of ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). As there's a push towards cleaner fuels, Usage and maybe sale of Diesel fueled vehicles would reduce gradually, as it's technically the most polluting fuel. Petrol is quite expensive. CNG appears to be clean but it has its own compromises when compared among ICE vehicles. However, I wanna talk about EVs mostly.
As we've seen that the unit prices have increased to ₹7 for usage of more than 100 units, I wanted to ask a few questions and discuss some points to ponder around potentially owning Electric Vehicles, in our state, in coming years. A few of my friends were considering buying an electric vehicle. We may also end up potentially owning one in next few years. I used to overthink about the scenario when there are no ICE vehicles, electricity costs would definitely increase, especially in our country when the infrastructure is lacking. Hence, the glimpse of that reality might be on to us, so here are my questions:
  1. How will the Electricity Scheme affect the Electric Vehicles (EV) adoption on a broader scale?
  2. As an estimate, How much electricity do popular 2-wheelers like Ather, or TVS consume for a full charge?
  3. How much would a 4-wheeler like a Tata, Mahindra or BYD consume?
  4. Is there any clause for EV charging, as most will Target to be under 200 units monthly?
  5. Just to get an estimate from the people who are currently owning an EV, how many Total units (household + EV charging) do you consume in a month?
Let me know your practical thoughts and opinions.
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2023.06.10 22:17 DeliciousSoupps This is the superior psychedelic. (First time trip report)

Me and my buddy split a 4 foot concoction of boiled and reduced cactus.
I will never drink a brew again. I cannot handle the taste, nor the affects it has on my body, even after the next day my stomach is not happy with me. We ended up throwing everything up about 40 mins into drinking, and we finished about half of what was left in the cup after. I was very worried that the trip was ruined. Until shortly after vomiting, things just seemed different. Everything seemed to have a particular difference about how it present in the world. Mushrooms have this affect on me but everything seems more alien. But this, it felt almost as everything was more real, and looked more interesting... I was still feeling pretty ill at this point, so I smoked some weed. I really wanted to wait awhile before doing this, as I wanted to experience mescaline on its own for awhile, without cannabis. But man, did I feel better after a hit or two. My stomach was no longer in pain, and I really took off at this point at about 60 minutes in. I felt so weird, in such a good way. Headspace was happy, curious and so so comforted. I didn't feel much euphoria at this point, but the mix between the body high of the weed and the body high of the mescaline was just heaven. This feeling of pure contentness washed over me, and a headspace of just pure positive energy. Things looked weird, but oddly perfect in their own way. This is a feeling that did not stop for over 12 hours. As for visuals, the reaction to light in darkness was very interesting. Seeing strands of light come off of the moon and almost turning into a full spectrum of color where the strand fades out. Sometimes the floor felt wavy for a few moments and would lock back into stillness when I started to really focus on it. Perspective was weird but satisfying throughout, sometimes things seeming closer or further away than they actually were... In my opinion this is the ultimate nature substance. I cannot begin to tell you how nice it was to be outside, listening to birds, looking at nature on my back porch. I would really like to go camping with this drug. With mushrooms I almost feel overwhelmed being outside, while it's still nice to be outside, the headspace isn't the best for that for me, as I prefer to be in a safe enclosed area, with a blanket. Me and my buddy played so much chess during this experience. I literally have never played so well in my life. I felt as if I could see every single move and get into his head way easier, which was weird but so much fun. I felt like this is what it feels like to be an old man, out on retirement, playing chess in the park with his friend, and purely enjoying life, not having to make conversation and just focusing on the game and taking it in.
At the 12 hour mark, I dozed off still tripping, and slept with some wild dreams, no nightmares.
This is a gorgeous compound. A new favorite of mine. 10/10. God's gift to humanity.
I will however, only be taking extracted mescaline. If it's your only option for consumption it is still worth it, but if you have the means to extract, just do the extra work.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.10 22:16 FullDerpHD DIY Mini-Split head unit location suggestion.

It's a very small house with a poor layout. About 850 sqft
How many zones and locations would you guys suggest for evenly distributed heating and cooling.
Here is a picture of the layout.
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2023.06.10 22:16 chizk cat peeing outside litterbox

my cat is perfectly healthy, yet she still pees outside of the litterbox, by my wardrobe. she poops in the litterbox, aswell as pees in it but its a 50/50 i constantly find new yellow spots next to my dresser and i cannot count how many times i scrubbed the carpet to get rid of cat pee. i had her for a year but she STILL does it. im doing everything i can, i put stuff in the spot, even put her food and drink bowl there yesterday but she still peed there... any advice? im even considering getting rid of the carpet in my room but thats gonna cost a lot so i hope something can be done about this
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2023.06.10 22:16 MediocreWarthog2569 Red flags I ignored....a comedy

Just a quick post for a good laugh. Went on a first date with a guy. Here are some highlights: he told his middle school age niece or nephew (can't remember which) to tell the school bully to "eat a bag of dicks" next time they had a problem. Followed this up with a semi lecture to me, a 41F, on perimenopause on how it's the root cause of many "females" my age pretty much going bat shit crazy. Awesome.
Fast forward a bit, dumbass me falls for his charm and I find out that he pretty much is looking to build a harem by "dating" multiple women at the same time with no commitment. I said I'm not interested in being the Tuesday night special and that I wish him luck but that he's playing a dangerous game. He says I've insulted his moral character.
Tagging this as giving advice only because my gut said not to go on a second date. I did and got sucked in by his BS. That'll teach me to listen to my instincts.
Sigh...on to the next one I guess.
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