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2023.06.11 00:05 redditslayer95 Where can I find a two tear shelf big enough to fit two 25 gallon reptile tanks?

The dimensions for both tanks are 30L x 12W x 17H.
I'm trying to find a shelf unit that will hold both so that I don't have to resort to buying lumber to build my own because I don't have the proper tools.
I don't have much space in my room and the only way to free up space would be to have a shelf unit to stack the tanks on top of one another.
Home depot doesn't have 2 tier shelving units because I've looked online and in store.
My budget limit is $100.
Thanks for anyone who has any recommendations!
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2023.06.11 00:05 papadiaries Neighbour girl refusing to go to the bathroom while playing?

Hi friends, not sure what to do here.
New neighbours moved in a few weeks ago. This morning my kids were playing outside while we were waiting for our friends to get back to us on a day trip. Lovely weather.
Anyway, neighbours little girl (maybe seven y/o?) came running over and asked if she could play. I said yes & they played. Ten minutes into them playing tag I noticed a tell tale potty dance. I assumed she'd ask for the bathroom or dart off home. I hear a gasp, little girl runs off home with wet pants.
She comes back, redressed, bottle of juice in hand. Downs the entire thing in five minutes and continues playing.
They're playing for about an hour when I notice the potty dance again. My kids are AuDHD/ASD so I am very used to the frequent accidents while playing if not reminded.
Gently ask her if she needs to use the bathroom. She frowns, screams a little, replies no. Wets herself not five minutes later.
She ran off home again, came back, but we ended up having to leave. I offer to walk her home, catch her mom. Immediately she says to me, "Sorry if she peed on anything." No hello or anything.
I respond no, hope she's alright, etc. Mom nods me off and away we go. She did appear to have five very small children so I completely understand if she's just struggling right now.
Anyway, just got home and she's still playing outside. Literally just watched her pee herself again.
Is this something to be concerned about? Can I do anything about it?
My kids are asking questions and although I've reminded them of their own accidents and to leave her alone they're still talking amongst themselves.
I don't want to assume anything but obviously I don't really want her playing all over my kids things if she's going to be wetting on them. I don't really want to be cleaning up her pee but I also don't want to force her to do it (as thats what her mom was insinuating).
If its medical I know how damaging it can be to "punish" her for it and, yes, while having kids clean up their own accidents isn't a punishment, I can only imagine how humiliated she'd feel having to clean up around her new friends.
Also could be behavioural because of all the small ones in the house. I'd say they were all four and under.
What would yall do here? I don't know if she'll want to play with them again or what but if she does how the hell do I handle this?
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2023.06.11 00:04 Professional-Lemon72 (F18) I got my step dad arrested (UPDATE)

My first post is here
If it seems like there is a time jump from that post to this post it's because the main part happened a while ago.
I was so greatful to see all the encouragement my sister and I got on my first post. It means so much to me to see that so many of you genuinely care about what happened. And if my sister knew I shared our story with you all, I know she'd be very appreciative.
And for those of you that messaged me saying I should've enjoyed the rape. Or that I shouldn't have gotten him arrested so that when I left for college he could do the same thing to my little sister. Go furfill you rape fantasies somewhere else. I will block and report you. I was disgusted, I almost threw up.
For some good news, my little sister and I arrived at my relatives house this morning. She has a lovely home and a beautiful family. I feel so much safer already. My sister and I have our own therapists that we speak to through zoom and I think we've both been making progress.
My step dad was given the maximum sentence which is 14 years where we live. There was a whole bunch of legal stuff that happened but I don't really understand all of it. One of my friends dad was the lawyer on my case and I won't reveal who he is but I want everyone to know how greatful I am of him.
Well that's pretty much it. If you want updates on my sister and me from time to time I can do that.
Thanks everyone :)
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2023.06.11 00:03 dark-passengers Does anyone know what happens after Royal Mail has closed and finished their final collection?

Do they all just go home after the final collection? (6pm weekdays and 12pm Saturday where I live) or is there an evening/night shift sorting it all ready for the morning team?
If there is an evening team, are they still loading up trucks and getting the parcels moving to local hubs near the destination. Do the HGV drivers drive overnight between counties?
Does anyone work Sundays? Or if I make the final collection at midday Saturday does it sit in the depot until Monday morning?
Just looking for a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes to see if it’s worth me rushing to make the final collection each day, or if it just sits in a warehouse overnight. If so, I might as well do a very late night drop and it’ll get picked up at 6am.
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.10 23:46 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 20 - What is a Warlock?

Winter 4986, 22 Aoimoth
Rasnah found Branston in the chapel of Soleil and was grateful she wouldn't have to climb the stairs to his office. She waited in the back for him to finish his prayers and blessings, the stack of heavy books weighing down her mind more than her arms. "General..." one of the parishioners greeted her in a respectful whisper as he passed, and she managed to force a smile.
"My dear Sir Rasnah, is that a library in your hands or are you just happy to see me?" Branston asked with a jovial laugh that shook his belly.
Rasnah wanted to smile for him, but he was too good a friend to deserve something fake, "I was hoping to use one of your classrooms, I assume the children are done with their studies for the day?"
The shift in Branston's demeanor was subtle, but she was relieved to see he understood her mood. He continued the smile for the sake of his priests and petitioners still mingling in the chapel. "Right this way, General." he opened the door to the courtyard for her, whispering, "Need a change of scene, my dear?"
"I need a blackboard," she explained, following him around the outer edge of the courtyard to the classrooms where the city children took their lessons. "The Temple has great rooms for planning battles, full of maps and tokens galore, but not a single blackboard."
"Seems like a great oversight," he chuckled, opening one of the classroom doors and gesturing her in, "Let us hope that fixing that particular problem isn't the only heroic accomplishment you're known for in generations to come."
Rasnah snorted out a genuine laugh at that, placing her pile on one of the tiny desks but going straight for the board. "The Clerics of Lune were able to identify four of the ten bodies from the tower," she explained, searching the tray for a large piece of chalk. "I've had someone tracing the names, but they weren't natives to Clearhelm, and they didn't come here through legal channels."
"Not surprising, considering..." he moved to stand beside her, squinting at the board, "What are you...?"
"Warlocks, Branston. We know there were Warlocks at the tower, but that's the only thing we know. What do you know about Warlock magic?"
Branston sucked in a pained breath, "Probably little more than you, my dear. Tell me what you know, and I will fill in any blanks I see."
With a sigh, Rasnah began to write on the board, speaking as she did so. She wanted to get everything out so she could actually see it, maybe draw connections she was missing from turning too many pages in too many books, "Warlock magic is neither divine nor arcane, though it is more similar to arcane in nature..."
"Except it's gifted to them by a patron, much like divine magic is gifted by the gods," Branston interjected. Rasnah had started to draw out the standard venn diagram with the 'divine' circle, and 'arcane' circle intersecting but stopped halfway through writing the word 'nature' between the two. Branston shook his head, "I'm afraid this won't work quite so cleanly in two dimensions..." he moved to the teacher's desk, taking a blank piece of paper and drawing out the venn diagram again, filling the page with the circles, so they touched the edges. Picking it up, he rolled the page into a tube, so the two circles intersected twice, "Warlock magic is the opposite of nature magic, though it has the same overlapping sources." he explained.
Rasnah groaned and erased her started 'nature' with the side of her hand, scrawling, 'warlock' in its place for simplicity's sake, "Let's just ignore nature for now then..." she tapped the new word, "Warlock magic leaves a very distinct residue, like both divine and arcane, but unlike them, it can't be accurately identified as anything other than 'warlock'..." But Branston hummed to interrupt her again.
"There are different types of warlock magic depending on the patron granting access to it," he explained, picking his own chalk and starting a list, "Demon magic from the hells, and necromantic magic from the abyss, are the two most documented..." both the hells and the abyss were seen as outside the heavenly planes, segments of the 'outer planes.'
Rasnah's nose crinkled in disgust at both examples. They were not new to her, but she hadn't known they could be identified by residual spell effects alone. Needing to make sure everything stayed clear, she recited what they both knew, "Demon magic is granted by patrons only interested in collecting souls. It can cut the ties between a person and their god, preventing them from going to the heavenly planes after death. Some accounts even state a Warlock powerful enough can cut off a Cleric or Paladin." it was the most terrifying thing any follower of the gods could imagine, but a close second was... "Necromantic magic raises the dead as undead, trapping and twisting souls in their decaying bodies."
"Do we know what kind of Warlocks we're dealing with?" Branston asked.
She shook her head in frustration, "Are there any other types?"
The Cleric nodded but then contradicted it with a shrug. When Rasnah arched an eyebrow at him, he sighed again, taking up his chalk, "Warlocks get their magic from a patron on the outer planes. Some theories suggest this is where the gods originated and that the beings who dwell there are the parents of our gods. Though 'parent' isn't the right word..." he drew out the names Hengist and Horsa side by side. Rasnah felt her nose crinkle again, a growl slipping out as he drew lines from each name up to a single word, 'law.'
He tapped the word, "Please keep in mind that all of this is theory posed by Mages and philosophers, there is no way of confirming any of it without making a pact ourselves, which obviously isn't an option..." Rasnah nodded curtly and gestured for him to continue. Branston cleared his throat, "In the outer planes exist beings of pure concepts, such as law and order. They embody ALL of the concept, even the parts that seem contradictory. Their children split these contradictions. You have to admit, my dear, that Hengist and Horsa both value law and order, only their execution of the concept contradicts each other."
"Horsa is evil." Rasnah growled.
"I'm not going to argue that, Sir Paladin, but humor me," he managed a smile and tapped the combining word again, "Warlocks make pacts with these sources and communicate with them directly. Such communication in itself is enough to drive them mad, add to the fact that the beings themselves often embody contradiction..."
"Which is why all Warlocks go mad." Rasnah interjected, "Even if they started off with good intentions for the power they gain from the pact, they all eventually end up crazy and dangerous. And most," she underlined the types of warlock magic they did know, "Start off insane..."
"Yes," Branston confirmed, tapping the types of magic as well then drawing a new word below them, 'law,' "Just as an example..." he muttered as he wrote, then louder explained, "Basically there are as many types as there may be beings to make a pact with. Unless these Warlocks have formed a pact we are already familiar with, we have no way of knowing who their patron is."
Rasnah threw her chalk into the tray in frustration, "Damn it, we know so little..."
The classroom door slipped open, and an elderly priest poked his head in before pulling back into the hall, speaking to someone there, "I found her, Sir."
A young Paladin stepped into the classroom, and Rasnah cleared her expression, becoming the General once again. The knight saluted, and Rasnah nodded for him to continue, "We found where they came from, Sir."
"Ask, and you shall receive." Branston muttered under his breath. But Rasnah had heard the hesitation in her Paladin's voice and narrowed her eyes at the man.
"Swailand, General..."
"Damn." Rasnah slammed her fist on the desk, her unopened books rattling with the force of it. She couldn't hold back the whispered, "Fuck..." her mind racing.
"Uh... Sir?" the Paladin started cautiously then snapped to attention as she glared up at him.
"Go to the Mages Guild, have them send a blanket message to all Hengist Temples, they are to find the Master Monk Veon-Zih, Ally to the Temple, First Class, and have him contact me through mirror as soon as possible."
"Sir!" the Paladin saluted, and just in case, repeated Veon-Zih's name and credentials before hurrying from the room.
"A Horsa province..." Branston sighed, "You think they'll let him in when they won't anyone else from the Temple?"
Rasnah sighed, leaning back on the desk and rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands, "Veon-Zih has connections everywhere. If anyone can insert themselves into this investigation, it's him." and the only people expressly banned from crossing Horsa's borders were Clerics and Paladins of Hengist. It took kingdom intervention to get such divine representatives across.
Branston took her by the shoulders, giving her a gentle shake, "I'll see what strings I can pull from my end. Soleil's light shines on all lands."
She managed a weak smile, "Thank you, Branston."
The same Paladin who delivered the first message brought the second four hours later. Rasnah ordered him to get dinner for himself and at least six hours of sleep before reporting to her again and made her way to the Mages Guild at a brisk walk, only a step removed from a jog.
The attending Mage at the front desk recognized her rank right away, even if she didn't know Rasnah personally, and stood to escort her to the call room. Rasnah was in enough of a hurry that she almost considered letting the other woman off, but couldn't bring herself to do it. She cleared her throat loudly, taking out her identification papers and tapping them on the table.
The Journeyman Mage had the decency to look ashamed before she resumed her seat, taking Rasnah's papers to confirm her identity and purpose. "My apologies, General..." She muttered for the breach in protocol.
Rasnah wasn't the type to yell or punish on a whim, but she did explain curtly, "These protocols are kept in place for a reason, Journeyman. You above all others should know the capabilities of magic to disguise an individual or take another form,"
"Those spells are very difficult, General, and highly regulated..." the Mage started but stopped at Rasnah's glare,
"And only those capable of both high-level magic and breaking the law would risk impersonating me. Those are exactly the people this protocol is in place to stop." She took back her papers without further admonishing the young woman, who hurried to take her to the call room.
The room was more like a long hall, lined with high-walled stalls. Above each stall's door were set two gems, this late in the evening, nearly all the red gems glowed steadily, mixing with the illuminating white light to tint the walls in pink. At the far end, above the largest stall, the red gem blinked. Rasnah's guide opened the stall door for her, chanting quietly as she did so until the red gem dimmed and the green began to glow in its place.
Within the stall was a single mirror, reaching from Rasnah's waist to just above her head, but the reflection was not her own. Veon-Zih had his eyes closed as he stretched with one arm and scratched his chiseled belly with the other. His already tan skin looked even darker with blotches of dust and dirt from the road. He'd obviously taken Rasnah's request for immediate communication very seriously.
The sight of him couldn't help but make her smile, "Hengist's pure soul, you're filthy, old man."
Veon-Zih scoffed, his eyes still closed as he finished his stretch, "And after I made a point of washing the blood from my knuckles just for you young whippersnapper..." his voice echoed in through the mirror, a reminder that he wasn't actually with her. As if to drive that point home, he said, "If you need me up there, Ras, you could've just sent an order to gate."
Rasnah shook her head, "Except that I actually need you in Swailand. Where are you now?"
Veon-Zih dropped his hands, "Halakon. Why Swailand?" Rasnah arched an eyebrow at the Monk, momentarily distracted by personal concerns for her old friend.
She resisted the urge to ask him about what had taken him to the desert province and instead stated, "Well, that explains the dust." before continuing with the matter at hand, "We have a lead on the Warlocks. The corpses originated in..."
"Corpses?" Veon-Zih interrupted.
Rasnah sighed. In her rush to continue the investigation, she'd forgotten he didn't already know about the tower, "We've found the Warlocks in Clearhelm, or more accurately, we found some of their bodies, a few of the corpses were still able to be identified after the fire and..."
"Fire?" Veon-Zih shook his head, "Start from the beginning Ras. If you want me to be your eyes and ears in Horsa land, I'll need to know everything."
So Rasnah told him what little they knew about the burning tower, but when she was done, he asked, "Where was it?" which made Rasnah look away. "Ras?"
"Just north of Hamerfoss... Shon was there. He's the one who saved the girl."
"What?!" Veon-Zih shouted, becoming larger in the mirror after stepping closer, "Rasnah, he's fifteen, what in all the hells was he..."
"He's a Sorcerer." Rasnah interrupted, and Veon-Zih's jaw dropped.
He swallowed, then -just as she feared- he nodded, "I'm coming up there, send orders for a gate."
"No, I need you in Swailand. We are taking care of Shon."
"I know how the government takes care of Sorcerers, General." he spat, "I'm coming up there. I might not keep money on hand, but I have enough favors I can cash in. I won't let them seal his ki. He can get his clearance and..."
"We are not going to give him the tattoo." Rasnah shouted over him, then continued calmly, "And he isn't leaving Hamerfoss." Veon-Zih arched a disbelieving eyebrow, and Rasnah rolled her eyes, "I can't tell if you're mocking me or genuinely don't believe me. The Temple is vouching for Shon so he can get a sealing item instead of a tattoo. It will block the ice magic but allow him to cast divine spells after he takes his Oath. We are taking care of him, V, and I need you in Swailand. If Horsa tries to take over our investigation I'll be left in the dark up here."
Veon-Zih sighed, leaning forward to rest his hand beside the mirror on his end. He rubbed his face and over his head with his free hand, still torn. When he spoke again, it was in a whisper, "Did he hurt anyone?"
"Hamerfoss has no less than forty-two men capable of healing all but the most deadly wounds..."
"Rasnah. Please?" Sorcerers rarely woke without some collateral damage.
"He was sparring with a fellow and froze his feet to the ground. The boy broke an ankle and suffered minor frostbite; both were healed the same night." Rasnah answered, trying to stay detached from the issue. Veon-Zih was already invested enough for both of them.
"I should have suspected... he's always been so cold." But ice was also incredibly rare. The cold of those who possessed that element made it difficult to find willing partners to carry on their bloodline. Instead, it passed through siblings and cousins who didn't manifest until it finally did many generations later.
"Shon is fine, Master Veon-Zih," Rasnah spoke quietly, waiting for her friend to meet her eyes before she continued, "he is one of the best Squires we've ever had, and we will not let him go so easily. I'll have you brought up here by gate as soon as possible. As soon as you're done in Swailand. I need you there, my friend."
Veon-Zih stood straight again and rolled his shoulders back with another sigh, "Let me get a shower, and I'll head out tonight."
"Would you like a horse?" Rasnah forced a smirk to try and lighten the mood, glad when Veon-Zih returned the smile.
"First you offer to get me up there faster, then you threaten to slow me down? General Rasnah, I thought you wanted to stay involved in this investigation?"
Rasnah snickered but continued on topic, "Branston has already contacted the Abbot of the Church in Sanoloa," the capital of Swailand, "I will have the reports and orders delivered to you with a gate to the closest Hengist-controlled Guild, after your, much needed, shower."
Thanks for making it this far, you are the real MVP
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2023.06.10 23:41 LectureSpecialist523 I feel I'm (28M) at a weird point in relationship with my GF (24F)

I don't even know where to start, the past year I've been having this thought of breaking up for various reasons (I'll elaborate later). I kept going cause I really love her, and things are going well between us, just with occasional fights, more like arguments we don't really fight we just communicate a lot upon what happened, so I don't really actually know what I want to do yet..
Also I really want to go to Psychotherapy this summer.
My GF is more of an introvert, (I'm extrovert or maybe ambivert) she always loves hanging out at home, scared when we meet new people, kind of laid back doesn't talk a lot, only got confortable with my friends after some time.
There's 2 situations that I want to explain that bothered me/us in the past few months, and we have exchanged arguments on these topics:
S1: In th past years, I always talked a lot about a festival that is really in my heart, went there before pandemy few years in a row, like it's really special place for me to chillout, be with friends, we're camping like 5 days, listen to music etc. I mentioned her about this place few times and she told me at least once or twice, that she doesn't think she'd enjoy coming, as she doesn't like camping being outdoor, also the music isn't on her taste, no hot water,lots of people etc.
Okay, then when I bought a ticket for this festival, she got mad at me, that I didn't tell her before I bought it and ask her again if she'd like to come? now here's where I explained I don't like insisting on things which are being said to me clearly that you won't like to attend to, for lots of reasons more than once, she said I should've at least told her before buying it, I really thought that it wouldn't be an issue to buy and tell her afterwards, since she made it REALLY clear for me that she wouldn't enjoy coming there when I showed her photos/videos and she was uninterested about it while I kept talking how awesome it is to be in nature, camp etc. It was a spontaneous purchase, as it was the first tickets to be sold, a friend told me to get the first one cause they'll get more expensive. I thought it's no big deal if I told her after I bought it.
S2: few months ago I had my first gig abroad, I DJ occasionally as a side hobby/passion, when I told her that they're trying to book me a flight ticket and it's actually happening soon she said she'll like to come as well, but I explained to her that this first time I'd like to get there alone to actually be able to network, meet everyone focus on bonding with everyone, instead of focusing on her while we're there. I also said, that the 2nd time, we could 100% go there together, but for the first one there, I wanted to go alone , to actually be able to focus on my relationship with the organizers them and network as much as possible. Had some arguments before going, after I got back, she said she was sorry for not understanding and being unsupportive at first with my decision.
now here's another thing that happened while I was there for the gig, 2nd day there, we facetimed and she was kind of pissed, asked her what's wrong, why does she look mad etc? she was jealous/upset how a girl (a friend of the dude who was the main organizer) was holding me/hugged me in a pic and she posted on story and we were smiling. I mean all 3 (me the dude organizer and the one girl DJ who's also part of their group of residents, among more others) of us were having fun that night, drank some beers, bonded and made fun of lots of stuff in their city, nothing sexual at all. I have to mention, I DID NOTHING with that girl, apart from laughing, hugging in a friendly way out of respect I didn't even reposted her story, to upset my GF for seeing her on my reposts.. but she kind of stalked the people and then got to her IG, and saw the pic she posted by herself with me while we were in that bar.
> while we were on the phone, I told her that this really fucks up my day and she could've at least waited until I get home to speak about it, instead of looking so pissed/mad on videocall. I told her that I really don't enjoy when she's so jealous and insecure about things like this..I understood that she actually doesn't trust me at all, even though she says she does.
Worth to mention maybe: It's my first serious relationship, hers as well, I'm her first BF ever, I had few relationships in the past, not many tho. In december it would be 3 years together, I NEVER cheated on her, even though I was in many situations when girls tried doing smth with me, I denied saying I have a GF and that we can't do shit and moved on.
I'm willing to apologize to her 100% if I was wrong in both situations
Thank you! :)
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2023.06.10 23:38 nberardi What happens to unclaimed Store Credit at Home Depot?

I lost my Store Credit, completely on me and my fault, however I am curious what happens to unclaimed Store Credit at Home Depot. It doesn't expire according to Home Depot. It can't be used by anyone else, because it is connected to my name and my drivers license. It cannot be looked up according to the staff at my Home Depot. Does Home Depot eventually reclaim it, if so that seems dishonest and an incentive for them to keep it hard to look up, but that would also open them up to lawsuits which I am not aware of any.
Honest to goodness question, what happens to this Store Credit, it must be sitting on the balance sheet of Home Depot somewhere growing indefinitely.
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2023.06.10 23:26 atcollins12 She-Shed / Tiny Home

Hey guys, just wondering if there’s anything to take into account when wiring a tiny home or choosing material that either doesn’t apply to normal residential homes or is different than them. Also any resources y’all recommend is greatly appreciated. Just trying to get the brain working before the body does and I don’t wanna waste money if I don’t need to 😂 Thanks!
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2023.06.10 23:23 Losmiley Devastated that I need to rehome my angel

Devastated that I need to rehome my angel
My sweet Missy angel dog. We have been together 10 years, and now I have to say goodbye to her. My husband is allergic, and as you know GP shed A LOT. It’s been ok as we live on spacious lot. But now, we have to move to a small apartment in a city days away. She’s a total outside girl, only comes inside at night, on hot days, and during rain storms. And even then she stays right next to the back door, guarding the family, ready to go outside as soon as she deems it safe. She’s the most docile dog I’ve ever known, and doesn’t bother a soul. No jumping or barking at company. She even lets my toddlers grab at her and lay on top of her with no problems. I would never let her go, but I know my new life will not be accommodating to her and she would suffer. I mean I could never see an apartment patio as a happy place for her. Plus she would be kinda confined out there due to my husbands allergy. Any advice on finding a good and safe new home for her would be so appreciated.
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2023.06.10 23:06 MinervaNever Zoomers lmao

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2023.06.10 23:03 cloudheartt My mother doesn't want me to be atheist

Hey, I hope it's okay if I talk about it here, but I really need an advice. I'm 14, soon 15, girl. My almost whole life, I've been Christian, Catholic. I went to church, took religious classes, etc. But around 12, I started to question my religion. I didn't feel like a Christian. At that time, I tried to be. But around turning 14 in June 2022, I was pretty sure I'm atheist. It just confirmed during next months. But I haven't told anyone. I kept it as a secret to not ruin my relationships with my family. Especially my mother. My father doesn't care about this stuff, he even doesn't go to church (which will be important later), my brother is mentally handicapped, and I also live in the same house as my grandparents from my mother. They're both very religious. But my mother is very religious and I think I can call her narcissistic. Maybe she's a good mother, just not for me. But last December, 2022, there's something called (holy) confession going on (or at least in my country), which is basically that you go to church, tell the priest your sins (that are just bizarre) and he tells you you've been bad and tells you to pray and let's you go. I always hated it. Didn't see the meaning behind it, didn't make sense to me. In December 2021, I was supposed to go with my grandparents, but before I could've gone there, I think I almost got a panic attack. I got headache, bad breathing, I couldn't stand etc. When I told my mother, who stayed at home with my brother, I couldn't do this, she yelled at me, told me I'm joking (I'm not, I couldn't even speak when it happened) and I'm just lazy and don't want to do it. I cried and told her I didn't, yet she didn't believe me and told me that next day, she's going to city close to us to get a confession there, and I'm going with her. Fortunately, I did it, but the priest was mad about things like "I didn't go to church every Sunday", which just seemed bizarre to me, and I didn't even pray as he told me. At Easter 2022, which is the second time we're supposed to go to confession, Christmas and Easter, I was seriously ill whole week this was happening, so I couldn't go (yay!). Well, Christmas 2022 came and one Friday before going to school, my mother told me that the next day, Saturday, we're going to confession. I told her "no" and she said I'm going and "she doesn't see any reason why I shouldn't go". I spent the whole day worrying and thinking what I'm going to say, but I just knew I have to tell her. I came home and told her I'm not going anywhere tomorrow, and she again asked why. I told her everything. That I'm atheist, but I respect her religion as much as possible, and I couldn't care less if she'd be Muslim, Christian or Jew, anything, even pastafarian, I.don't.care. But her response... scared me? I can't tell. She told me "but I'm scared you might be Muslim or something like that." Excuse me? Why should you be scared? I won't punish you for that. We barely talked the whole weekend after that, but I haven't gone to the confession. I haven't gone there even at Easter 2023, but my mother made me go the grave, which is just a statue of Chesus laying in the grave, and to pray. She told me to pray and when she asked me if I did, I was very naughty and lied and said I did pray (didn't even think about that).
The thing is she most likely wants me to be Christian again. She makes me do these things - go to church and pray, even though I really don't feel comfortable with it. When I told her about an annoying girl in my class and said that if she won't stop annoying me, I'll do anything to stop her, she said "no you won't because you're a nice Christian girl-" and at that moment I yelled "I'm not Christian!" And she just rolled her eyes and acted annoyed. Do I call her atheist girl just out of sudden because I'm atheist? I asked her to respect me since I respect her. I don't make her be also atheist, I just live my own atheist life and let her live her Christian one. Well, she responded with something like "you don't respect me and my religion, respecting it would mean going to church etc.!" E-excuse me? That's the exact opposite of respect. But if this is what respect means for her, we'll see how my respecting her will go (don't plan on doing it btw). And also, I respect people like Muslims and Jews and Buddhists, does it mean, according to her, that I should celebrate Hanukkah (that is an amazing tradition btw - putting a candle on the window so others get light too - I love you), go to Mekka or get my daily dose of meditation? Also, all the time she says something like "but you want to go to heaven so you'll do this" I want to f-ing die and done. I don't want to meet your favourite oc (that's not very oc). A Also, I stopped taking religious classes in 2021 when I was 12, and only after I promised I'll go to church instead, and that's very weird. But I didn't, covid quarantine saved me hehe. I got out with it also because the teacher was and still is very annoying. But like 5 mins ago, I heard her talking to my father about it and she said that the next time the priest (on my village we have one) will be asking her why I don't take religious classes anymore, she'll say because of the teacher, and that if she wouldn't be there, I'd still be going there. How about letting me decide? Also, when I told her I'm atheist, she had to tell my father and asked him "are you Christian?" and he said yes, even though according to her he isn't since the last time he was in church was like 5 years ago. She also used this as some "he is Christian I'm Christian so you should be too" okay, I'm woman, you're woman, my father should be too, now you realise how stupid it is? I also have two uncles, my mother's brothers, that I guess are also atheists. They go to church for like Christmas etc., but they don't go and do these things otherwise just because they moved out. I know I'll go to hell but e n v y. Also, ~month ago, she was watching the news and I just entered the living room and the reporter said something about LGBT, and she asked "well but what it is?" So I explained: L=lesbian, G=gay, B=bi, T=trans. She just knocked at her head which is a sign of pointing at something stupid in case someone doesn't know and asked for her letter, as "N, for normal!" She also says that she accepts normal (sigh), lesbians and gays. As a person that has been wondering about this some time and is thinking if I'm bi or not, this didn't make me happy. Also, some time ago, like year and a half, she told my cousin she'd accept her if she'd be anything, mentioning even bi. But my mother and my cousins is a whole different series.
Not so long ago, I told my Christian friend that has a bit of a problem to accept people different than her, and she was like "oh, I didn't know" and we joked about it. The whole time we laughed at our stupid jokes about it, I just wished my mother was like that. At least in the religion thing. Now, me and my friend talk like if nothing happened, because nothing happened.
I really need an advice. I don't know how long I can take this. She constantly laughs at people who are trans/bi/etc. and shoves her religion into my mouth. I don't know if my grandmother knows about me being atheist, but if she knows, she took it somehow lightly. Her fanatism is a whole different level. As I said, I don't know how long I can take this. My emotions are like a roller coaster, I'm sensitive and can get angry easily. I'm trying to do something about it but it's not getting much better (that's why I adore the Buddhist mindset). If anyone knows what to do, I'm opened to your suggestions. I'm 14 and can't move out, I wouldn't even got out with it if I tried. Thanks. Oh, and sorry for possible grammatical errors, English isn't my first language. Thanks again.
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2023.06.10 23:02 bbitters Is this true?

Is it true is a bag of soil, mulch, or rocks are “damaged” Home Depot will sell the products for a discounted price? Someone said a bag of rocks with a hole in it will be sold at a discount. The store wouldn’t be able to sell it. This is there way of selling the damaged product. If this is true. Is there a set discounted price? I had to ask if this is true or not. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 23:01 TheImagiKnight My Rules of working at The Home Depot

  1. Don’t wear anything to work that you’re not prepared to ruin.
  2. Be prepared to sustain minor hand injuries.
  3. Customers can’t read.
What are yours?
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2023.06.10 22:46 BroMandi [Home Depot] 4-Pc Hampton Bay Coral Vista Brown Wicker & Steel Patio Seating Set (Sky Blue) $340 + Free Shipping [Deal: $340.00, Actual: $849.00]

[Home Depot] 4-Pc Hampton Bay Coral Vista Brown Wicker & Steel Patio Seating Set (Sky Blue) $340 + Free Shipping [Deal: $340.00, Actual: $849.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:42 AppKerman Home Depot Carlift

Did you know we sell carlifts? I didn't until my dad bought one and had it bootleged up here. Fun fact, this was the largest item and oddest item our receiving team has ever gotten.
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2023.06.10 22:42 talldean New bathroom remodel, exhaust fan no bueno

Had my bathroom redone. The exhaust fan is a Panasonic FV-0511VF1; no humidity sensor, just a fan. The wall timer is also new, whatever the nice one was at Home Depot.
I take a shower, turn on the exhaust, and it spins up for like 10-15 seconds, then shuts down fully for 10-15 seconds, then repeats, and repeats, and repeats. If I look out the window and up, when it's running, the louvers on the vent move up; air is actually moving out, so that worked.
The timer doesn't seem to count down correctly while it's doing this, so it may go for 2-3 hours like this.
Wondering if it's likely the fan (miswired?) or the wall switch (bad switch?)
Any ideas?
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2023.06.10 22:40 MegaMato Hudson Construction is real!

Now we can have our very own DIY weird looking cube house with a flat roof. Neat. https://www.homesandgardens.com/news/the-home-depot-tiny-homes
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2023.06.10 22:38 saadiyaaaassss This is a rant

Currently in my van having a panic attack due to some of these apartment complexes and delivery notes and also just everything. Why have a delivery shed that requires a passcode and your residents don’t even have a code. Then you reach out cause the delivery instructions tell you to contact customer so you do just to be told “select deliver package” ohh yeah, why didn’t I think of that 🙂🙃On top of that this stupid phone has been lagging all day. I’m utterly frustrated and want to go home. Typically I can deal with 192 stops with under 300 packages but today just wasn’t my day. Luckily dispatch is sending someone to rescue me cause I feel so behind. But guess what, I’m gonna still bring my black booty to work on Monday cause the world doesn’t stop.
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2023.06.10 22:19 rinrinmickyd Home Depot Haller Lake

Home Depot Haller Lake
Home Depot Haller Lake is popping off today! Their plant section is insane and stuff is really cheap! They must have just gotten a shipment. There were a bunch of cool snake plants and philodendron. Someone come get this beautiful Hawaiian Pothos!
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2023.06.10 22:15 MushyCacti Any good places to buy trichocereus in or near Sacramento? I'm staying in the bay this weekend but I'll be over in Sac tomorrow

Any other recommendations where to buy trichos in the bay would be nice too. I've been trying to find Altman's PC at home depots but so far no luck. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 22:10 Vulture_sosunny Stubborn Misogynist Cust. Vs. Knowledgeable Female HC

Nothing cracks me up more than customers who come in and refuse to work with me because of my gender. I’m a female head cashier, most of the front end management team at our store consists of women. Never mind that I’m the one running the shift, we have a few regulars that despise working with the women and always opt for male cashiers, regardless of how new / inexperienced they may be. Last week I had a customer come in and ask one of my newer [male] cashiers about our return policy regarding plants. This cashier does a great job and he’s an absolute sweetheart, but he was stumped and pointed the customer in my direction. I was standing by the pro desk with one of the male associates. We were chatting when the customer approached us. For context, I am 5’4”, and this pro associate was well over six feet. I was also in between the customer and the pro associate.
Cust. : “Hello sir, I have a question for you.” The customer didn’t look at me at all, and was looking above me past my head at the pro associate.
Pro : “Hello.”
Me : “Hello sir.”
Cust. : “So I have these plants at home I need to bring in to swap out or get my money back, I just wanted to know what your policy was?”
Pro : “Ah, well,” the associate looks towards me.
I launch into an explanation with the customer, who still does not look at me and only the pro associate, about how our return policy on plants works and how he can go about it easiest. Before I worked as a head cashier I was a service desk rep. I know our return policies well, so it’s not uncommon for the cashiers to turn customers my way for specifics. After I have explained, the customer smiles and looks back to the pro associate. “Thank you sir, have a nice day.” And leaves.
… WHAT?? The pro associate and I looked at each other and launched into conversation on how disrespectful the customer was, and how he was definitely sexist.
Another great day at Home Depot. 🥲 I hope all of his plants die and his return gets denied.
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2023.06.10 22:08 peachieboy420 Walmart and home depot haul

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