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2023.06.05 04:24 bortybert What headphones should I buy?

I’m an average person who needs help buying headphones because I know absolutely nothing about what’s good and what’s not and I was wondering if anyone who knows what their talking about has recommendations? My budget is really low, like under 100 dollars low. I want wireless but an optional wire, good battery life noise cancelling I don’t like it when it leaks sound and the best sound quality I can get with my budget. I found a pair that fits my criteria close well enough that I’m thinking about, Srhythm N25, but the reviews are mixed which is to be expected with the low cost. I think they’re good, but I’m afraid to commit so I want to see if I’m getting what I pay for or if there’s any better options to look into. Thank you for the advice!
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2023.06.05 04:22 JammingScientist Is this a coincidence/in my head? Or did someone/something plant this in my mind?

I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this, but I cant think of anywhere else, and witchcraft keeps removing my posts.
So last year spring break March of 2022, my dumbass told this guy at work that i had a crush on him, despite glaring warning signs that showed he did not like me at all. Of course I was heartbroken when I was rejected, but for some reason I didnt really care that much at first. But as the weeks progressed, I began to feel more and more bitter and jealous and depressed because I had never had a bf before, and it felt like literally every guy in my life was horrible to me, and I thought I'd never find love due to being ugly and black. I was also mistreated tremendously at my job, not only by my old crush, but also my bosses, and I felt stupid and worthless.
So around May/June last year is when the depression began to hit hard, and I started to become the very self-conscious and anxious person I am now. But one day as I was moping around in my bed, I encountered this tik tok with a really nice song on it. Idk why, but I couldn't stop listening to it, and to this day, it is still my favorite song. Anyway, for some reason this song reminded me of Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan (it sounds stupid af, I know), which is weird because prior to that moment, I never even thought of Eren and the show was getting boring to me, so I stopped paying much attention to it. I didn't even think I'd finish the series since I found it so boring. I also at this time had a major existential crisis, and kept wondering why I was here on earth, why are we alive, what was there before us, what is the universe, etc. And I also was afraid to be in my apartment alone during this time due to said thoughts, and would either stay up all night or call people on the phone to talk to me. I never was scared to be alone before this.
Soon I quit my job, and these weird thoughts and feelings began to fade away as I began graduate school, and I completely forgot about this whole ordeal. But as the year progressed, I became more and more depressed and hateful/disgusted with myself since my old crush seemed so grossed out/mad me, and I felt embarrassed. I also had a tough time adjusting to grad school, so that didn't help.
Fast forward to this year spring break, an exact year from when I had dumbly confessed to my crush, my brother tried to get me to watch the newest Attack on titan episode, and I begrudgingly watched it. Then I read the last chapter of it and for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about the show and Eren especially. Even though before that moment, I didnt two flipping fish about the show anymore. And a few weeks past, and I still couldn't get him out of my mind. I realized that his story is similar to mine, where he is hated and looked down upon for who he is, similar to how I feel as an ugly black woman.
So then, I did my very first spell to get someone who looks like Eren and cares about me/loves me in my life. My depression has slowly been diminishing after this (although anxiety has skyrocketed, but I'm just going to ignore that for now), and it's only been a few weeks since I did my spell, and I am happily awaiting it to come true.
I sometimes wonder if my soulmate felt the sadness I was going through, and planted a seed so that I can find him. Maybe that's why every guy I've viewed in a romantic sense treated me in the worst case scenario, as if to force me stop viewing them in that manner, since they weren't my soulmate. I also wonder if that existential crisis I had was to force me to open my eyes and think about all of the possibilities in the world. To get me to be more open minded about things like magick and things our human mind cannot perceive, so that I'd be successful in creating that spell I did recently.
I have a ton of other weird coincidences, but to cut this short, I also happen to have been born the day after Mikasa's birthday is, which is Eren's main love interest in the story. I also want to mention that now my favorite band is Chase Atlantic, which is the band that wrote that original song that got me thinking about Eren in the first place. And I genuinely really like their music which is weird because I feel like I wouldnt typically go for this type of music. If you look up music by chase Atlantic on YouTube, a lot of them coincidentally have pictures of Eren on the thumbnail or the background for the video. I wonder if my soulmate is calling out to me, which slowly planted this seed in my head so I'd be as ready as possible when I meet him.
Do I just sound crazy? Is it too farfetched?
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2023.06.05 04:21 ThrowRA_lov My (23f) boyfriend’s(23m) sister (29f) blew up on me. What do I do?

So. Today is my bf’s older sisters birthday party. She had a birthday week planned out. Where she has 3 events. Today, tomorrow morning, and in a few days. Her actual birthday is tomorrow. She decided to have it at a local hotel+casino that their family goes to often. We were just there last week having dinner so my boyfriends family could meet her new boyfriend.
I been feeling pretty low energy since I woke up as it’s the first day of my period. The plans were for her family to meet up there at 3:30pm and hang out in the big suite their mother booked. Stay and hangout and talk and eat. Until around 10pm when we go to the casino floor. I’m very introverted and shy but I always make sure to contribute to the conversation and not be rude and on my phone. I don’t always know what to say and don’t want to fill awkward silence with going on my phone. So I told my bf since I feel this way rn I’m not up for trying to make conversation for many hours and I’ll come meet them all there at around 6pm.
Once he gets there- I get a text and he says “Jeez. Drama” and as I sent him “what’s happening?”. I get blown up with texts from his sister. “Nice of you to come to my birthday. Don’t even try to apologize, I know you’re using my family. Get a job and get your shit out of my brothers apartment. You can cry to __ all you want. Get out.”
Now I did not answer. So she started blowing up both of my phones. (Main and work). FaceTimed me a total of 53 times. And regular phone called me 13 times. what I don’t understand is how someone can be nearly 30 years old and still act like that.
She’s upset because when she got to the suite to be surprised by her family who put in a lot of work to make her birthday party special- she immediately saw I wasn’t there and said “wow. Nice of her not to come “ to my boyfriend and then locked herself in the suite bedroom to blow me up and scream/cry. He said that she was already in a bad mood because 2 of her cousins couldn’t come.
My boyfriend has yet to apologize to me for her actions. And neither has she. I been with my boyfriend for about 6 months now. We are not very close- but his family really liked me I thought by what they’d tell me, and always invite me out. But I guess she didn’t and I imagine from hearing stories from my boyfriend that she is not going to apologize to me for her inappropriate and immature behavio comments. Which honestly makes me a little annoyed to realize..
What should I do? I need some advice. I love my boyfriend. But his sister is crazy. and the other family members are great I don’t really want to respond to those shitty texts and let her just sit with them and hopefully soon realize she’s being unhinged.
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2023.06.05 04:21 Abject-Statement-404 16 years of coping with a low libido

I'm not one to post on a subreddit and vent my frustration, but I feel like I am running all out of options. My wife is the absolute love of my life, and she hits a 10 in every single category except in the bedroom. For the first 5 years of our relationship I just figured maybe it was our living situation ( we were both living with our parents and didn't move in together until we got married). After we had gotten married we shacked up and finally started our life together without any interruptions. Sex at the start of our marriage was at best once a week but more on average every other month. I got the same 2 excuses everytime time and that was she had a headache, she was tired. So since she wasn't giving me the "time of night" I would spend that time and frustration gaming with my friends. After that she would blame the gaming as the reason why we would never get romantic, and I would just keep on gaming because I knew nothing would change. After sometime a baby got brought up and it was like someone lit a fire in her loins. We would mess around like catholic bunnies. Day, night, it didn't matter everything was just flat out spontaneous all the time, she had even initiated alot of it then BAM the pregnancy test was positive and we were blessed with what would be a beautiful baby girl. For 9 months I just suffered in silence, and then close to 4 months after the birth, we might have had intercourse once during that time. I felt utterly rejected and heartbroken. Time went on and we went back to our every other month lifestyle and most of my free time at night was spent gaming which was to blame for my wife never being in the mood. We ended up trying for baby number 2 and my wife went through a traumatic eptopic pregnancy. I felt completely crushed that she had to bare all of that guilt so I was there for her whenever she needed me, and didn't even attempt to make any moves for a few months until I knew she was 100% ready. We ended up trying again and messed around until we were blessed with our second daughter. We would repeat the same cycle where I would attempt to initiate more, she would be stand-offish I would get frustrated and give up, and then she would complain that I was spending my free time at night gaming after the girls had gone to bed. Now that you have the background things have gotten worst these past few months where we are fighting more and more. I feel like my love language isn't being met, and she feels distant from me when I game, so I completely quit gaming altogether. Frequency went up to like once a week, but when she kisses me it's with pursed lips like she's in pain in cringing. I love this women with ever ounce of my being and it is tearing me up inside that I can't love her the way I want too. This was a really long rant and I feel better already venting
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2023.06.05 04:21 svet_sedov SVET Markets Weekly Update (May 29 - June 2, 2023)

In Week 22, job openings increased, but the unemployment rate experienced a jump. AI follies, along with renewed expectations of the Fed not raising rates, helped drive tech stocks higher, and NASDAQ (o:13109, c:13240) managed to close the week with gains. Meanwhile, BTC (o:27919, c:27239) continued its downward drift amid a shrinking money supply.
Notable Macroeconomic Updates:
Unemployment Rate (May): 3.7 percent (fact), 3.5 (consensus), 3.4 (previous); JOLTs Job Openings (April): 10.103M (fact), 9.375M (consensus), 9.745M (previous); ISM Manufacturing PMI (May): 46.9 (fact), 47 (consensus), 47.1 (previous); Case-Shiller Home Price MoM (March): 1.5 percent (fact), 0.4 (consensus), 0.3 (previous); Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index (May): -29.1 (fact), -25 (consensus), -23.4 (previous).
World’s Updates:
Spain: The country’s consumer price inflation dropped; Italy: Producer Price Inflation for April decreased; Russia: In April, the country’s economic performance showed positive growth; Germany: Country’s consumer price inflation in May dropped; France: In May, consumer price inflation fell; India: Country’s economy expanded; South Korea: In May 2023, the consumer price index in the country saw an increase; Mexico: In April, the unemployment rate increased. On Tuesday, the Shiller Home Index jumped to a one-year high, the Dallas Fed Index sunk, NASDAQ (o:13109, c:13017) corrected, and BTC (o:27919, c:27861) ranged.
The Dallas Fed Business Activity Index for manufacturing decreased to -29.1 in May, the lowest since Q2 of 2020. The production index turned negative, while the employment situation improved, reflecting managers’ upbeat optimism. Meanwhile, the March Case-Shiller Home Price Index rose 1.5 percent MoM, the highest increase since May of 2022, with house prices increasing by 0.5%.
Other Markets Updates:
Spain: The country’s consumer price inflation dropped to 3.2 percent in May (previous: 4.1, consensus: 3.5) — the lowest level since July 2021. This decline was primarily driven by a decrease in fuel and food prices.
Italy: Producer Price Inflation for April decreased to -4.80 percent from -1.50 percent in March.
On Wednesday, NASDAQ (o: 12,968, c: 12,935) and BTC (o: 27,072, c: 27,010) continued to drift sideways on technicals, additionally suppressed by unexpectedly improved job openings.
BLS reported a surprising rise in job vacancies in April, reaching 10.1M, surpassing expectations of 9.375M. This rebound from the previous month’s low of 9.745M suggests a tight labor market, potentially leading to more interest rate hikes by the Fed. Job increased in a retail (209K) and transportation (154K). Regionally, job openings increased in the West (236K), Midwest (137K), and South (20K), but declined in the Northeast (-34K).
The Beige Book came out, indicating an uneven distribution of economic conditions. Some sectors, such as commerce, showed a contraction of activities, while others, like airlines, continued to expand with higher wage being requested by new candidates.
Details: Labor market conditions in some sectors are improving, with better success in hiring seasonal workers in agriculture and hospitality sectors. However, labor constraints and worker shortages are still present in other sectors, including healthcare and retail. Wage pressures remained elevated, with some industries continuing to pay above-average salary increases to attract and retain qualified workers.
Manufacturing output growth in Texas experienced a lull in April, with new orders continuing to fall. Airlines reported high ticket prices amid strong demand and constrained supply. Firms in infrastructure and other heavy construction reported generally stronger activity, while firms in industrial and commercial construction reported some softening.
Other Markets Updates:
Russia: In April, the country’s economic performance showed positive growth, increasing by 3.3% compared to the same period last year. This follows a revised contraction of 0.7% in the previous month. Notably, it represents the first monthly expansion in the economy after experiencing 12 consecutive months of decline, partly influenced by the comparison to a low base effect from the previous year.
Germany: Country’s consumer price inflation in May dropped to 6.1% YoY, down from 7.2% the previous month, and below the expected 6.5%. This marks the lowest rate since March 2022, primarily driven by slower increases in energy and food prices.
France: In May, consumer price inflation fell to 5.1% YoY — lowest level since April 2022 — down from 5.9% the previous month, and below the expected 5.5%.
India: Country’s economy expanded by 6.1% YoY in Q1 (expectations was 5%), and higher than 4.5% in Q4 2022. This growth was primarily driven by private consumption, services exports, and manufacturing, benefiting from reduced input costs.
On Thursday, NASDAQ (o:12944, c:13100) rose by 1.2 percent due to Representatives passing the ceiling bill and Fed members hinting at a pause. BTC (o:26947, c:26867) followed suit during the after-market.
At the same time, fundamentals continued to worsen. In May, the Manufacturing PMI dropped to 46.9 from April’s 47.1, below the predicted 47, marking the seventh consecutive month of decline in the manufacturing industry. New orders and inventories contracted, while production saw a rebound and employment increased at a faster rate. Additionally, there was a significant decrease in price pressures.
Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker suggested that the central bank might forgo a rate increase in the upcoming meeting. However, he emphasized that the choice to maintain current interest rates should not be interpreted as the conclusion of the tightening phase.
Other Markets Updates:
South Korea: In May 2023, the consumer price index in the country saw a 3.3% year-on-year increase, compared to a 3.7% rise in April, showing a continued easing for the fourth consecutive month. This marks the lowest level since October 2021. The Korean central bank halted its interest rate hikes at the April meeting after raising rates by a total of 3 percentage points.
On Friday, NASDAQ (o:13190, c:13240, +0.3) experienced an increase fueled by an ongoing micro-rally in tech stocks, supported by the BLS reporting rising unemployment and diminishing concerns over the Fed raising rates. BTC (o:27095, c:27239, +0.5) followed suit, although it remained constrained by a tight money supply and low demand from retail buyers.
In May 2023, the unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent, reaching its highest level since October 2022 and exceeding market expectations of 3.5 percent. Despite this increase, the jobless rate remained historically low, indicating a tight labor market. The number of individuals who were unemployed increased by 440 thousand to reach 6.10 million, while employment levels saw a decline of 310 thousand to 160.72 million.
Other Markets Updates:
Mexico: In April, the unemployment rate saw a rise to 2.80 percent, up from 2.40 percent in March.
In Week 23, apart from the Services PMI for May published by ISM on Monday, not much macroeconomic data is released. Markets are expected to be volatile as traders adjust and readjust their positions before the June 14th FOMC rate decision. Additionally, technical indicators’ leading algorithms will react to the proximity of major index prices to important resistance levels.
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2023.06.05 04:21 Kdelta93 My new 22 mini and mini sequin classic flap 😍

Yesterday I was out shopping for a sparkly evening bag with my bf. I looked at some bags in Prada and Gucci with crystals that were around 5.5k, they were cute but not exactly my style. We decided to pop across the street and check out Chanel before making a decision and wow was I ever glad we did. My boyfriend ended up spotting a black sequin mini flap in a display case on a shelf, I thought for sure it would be 15-20k+ and to our surprise it was only 6.3k!!! It was a no brainer, the bag is stunning under light with a white to silvery blue shimmer at the top that fades to black.
Then after we checked out and we’re leaving the store, the lovely SA we met mentioned the 22 minis launch next week and she had a couple she could show us. I wasn’t a fan off the classic 22 but decided to take a look. She showed by bf the resale value on them and the rest was history! I ended up grabbing the white with gold hardware and love it!
I’m definitely feeling like I found 2 unicorns in one day ❤️
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2023.06.05 04:21 optimistic_9826 [Hire Me] High-Grade Writing Services, Affordable and Authentic Work!!

Hello everyone. If you are looking for a distinction, then you are in the right place. I'm Crystal, a professional tutor and a superb academic writer with years of experience in English literature, Sociology, Business, Psychology, Nursing, Law and Social Sciences.
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2023.06.05 04:20 ComfortableWeak144 What kind of fade is this ( Sorry about low quality)

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2023.06.05 04:19 Lognros Gifted a chainsaw. Need help diagnosing.

I was gifted a lightly used by non working Craftsman chainsaw.
2008 Craftsman 2.6cu.in. / 42cc 2-cycle 18in. Bar
It had sat around for a few years with gas left in the system. The fuel line had broken inside of the fuel tank. So I replaced the fuel line, reattached fuel filter, rinsed fuel tank with fresh 40:1, filled with 40:1, cleaned air filter, and filled bar chain oil.
Started up easier than expected, but much stronger too. Sounded like it was being rev'd when at idle and the chain was spinning freely without the activating the trigger. The gifter had mentioned the chain moving when turned on and his attempt to adjust the idle and low carburetor adjustment screws. I found the owner's manual and adjusted the idle screw counter-clockwise until the chain no longer spun on idle.
I went in over my head by fiddling with the low carb. adjustment screw in hopes of evening out the engine, but for a time it would only run in full choke. Fiddled more with low carb. screw and it's currently firing up on half choke but dying after a 10 second struggle.
I don't really know where to go from here. How do I go about adjusting the idle and low carb. screws in the right direction or if that's even the main issue? (I don't think the high carb. adjustment screw has ever been messed with). The only other issue to my limited knowledge is that the primer bubble takes a long time to reset.
I don't even need the chainsaw to be working at the moment, I'm just fascinated learning about all how it all works. If anyone wants to point me in the direction of what to look at or test from here I'd appreciate it. The saw is very clean. I'd imagine it only ever got an hour or two of use.
tldr: gifted a barely used chain saw. sat around a couple years with gas in it. replaced fuel line, cleaned air filter, fresh fuel. carb. adjustment screws had been messed with, tried readjusting them for it to only run when fully choked, now runs on half choke but dies soon after.
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2023.06.05 04:19 Gold-Astronaut2536 Did God give me this?

This is a burner account, I won't be able to respond to comments. I'm sorry if I'm being rude, I just need to get these things off my chest.
I have been struggling with being trans and christian off and on for a long time now. I expressed my desire to be a girl when I was young, but because of my Baptist, conservative family, I have been repressing it for most of my life. Over the past 3 or 4 years or so the desire and thoughts have been growing, and so has my discomfort with my body.
I've been trying to convince myself that I just had a fetish, and that I'm a monster, and that I should never let these feelings and longing to see the light of day. Tonight, though, while I was browsing Quora, I found upon a post that really spoke to me on whether or not it was genuinely a fetish.
it was telling me to separate my sexual desires and fantasies, and put myself in the body of a woman on a daily basis. I felt happy. I felt euphoria. I felt good, and it was a feeling I don't think I've felt before. in the post was a name, "Victoria", and I had an instant connection with it. I looked up the name, and low and behold, it had biblical meaning. "True Image." The name had also been given to the woman who wiped Jesus' face with a cloth on his way to crucifixion.
I was baffled, and I've been trying to reason with myself. Was this a sign from God? or was this just pure coincidence? I want to believe it is, but I'm having doubts. Maybe I'm only making this post because I want to hear affirmations and stuff like "It is!" or "God loves you, and made you trans!"
But I don't know. I don't really know why I'm posting this. I've just been struggling with these burdens for a long time. Maybe God gave me this cross to bare, but never intended for me to transition. Maybe it is a sin? I wish I knew. I've prayed for so long and begged God so much.
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2023.06.05 04:18 realscooterdom Is dating harder for men with low-set cheekbones? How much harder

I need some advice here and im sorry this post sounds weird but im just typing this without planning what to write. I am 19M and I am wondering if any men with low cheekbones struggled or continue to struggle with their dating or finding a partner. I have them low-set and i cannot stop getting into hour-long depressions after looking in any reflective surfaces for sometimes as long as half an hour. Windows, mirrors, pools of water, any reflective surfaces will just gravitate me towards them and i will keep obsessing about my cheekbones and get into a bitter mood for hours, sometimes even pissing off my family. I also read on some subs that low cheekbones in men are seen as very unattractive. Is this true? I need some help here.
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2023.06.05 04:18 freeagain2023 41 [M4F] Married and missing something.

I'm 40 married, White, 6'3, work out every day and I take good care of myself. Clean cut, full head of hair. College educated with a professional job.
Simply put: I'm looking for exhilarating heart pounding meets with someone that wants exhilarating heart pounding meets. lol! I'm very discreet, won't get you busted, and have a good head on my shoulders. Chat here for a bit, exchange pics, meet for coffee or at a park and then let our bodies guide us.
No drama and only good vibes.
So message me, lets chat a little and then meet somewhere low key and see how it goes.
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2023.06.05 04:18 optimistic_9826 [Hire Me] High-Grade Writing Services, Affordable and Authentic Work!!

Hello everyone. If you are looking for a distinction, then you are in the right place. I'm Crystal, a professional tutor and a superb academic writer with years of experience in English literature, Sociology, Business, Psychology, Nursing, Law and Social Sciences.
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Stay Safe!
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2023.06.05 04:18 Fickle-Leading1230 Is something wrong with buying ad item in the beginning?

I'm low elo and I love playing the champion, but I have troubles farming with his soldier in the beginning. What is the downside that I should be aware when buying lets say, a cull as first item?
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2023.06.05 04:17 ilovecoffee0121 Are committee letters necessary for a non-traditional applicant (2016 grad)?

Hi Everyone,
I am a 2016 grad with a biochemistry major from a small liberal arts college. I have been doing research for the past 7 years (with drug development experience in academia, pharmaceutical company, and now, a biotech company). I also do volunteering on Saturdays at a nearby hospital (3 hours)
My stats are the following:
MCAT (4/29) :506
Overall GPA: 3.5
Science GPA: 3.3
I know that I am probably only competitive for D.O programs. I want to apply, but I do feel that my pre-health advisor is going to be disparaging at me applying with such a low score. She may refuse to write a committee letter on my behalf because of it. I am wondering if it is possible to just go ahead and apply anyway (without her letter) and just submit individual letters of recommendation.
I also want to know that if I re-take the exam, just how much time do I have between applying and the schools receiving the latest score?
Any advice regarding this matter is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.05 04:17 FantasyWriter1987 When in 298 did Cat meet Littlefinger?

I think the time of year is extremely important since we know Littlefinger was scarcely 15 when he fought Brandon.
So when in 298 was this?
"I've angered you, my lady. That was never my intent." He looked contrite. The look brought back vivid memories for Catelyn. He had been a sly child, but after his mischiefs he always looked contrite; it was a gift he had. The years had not changed him much. Petyr had been a small boy, and he had grown into a small man, an inch or two shorter than Catelyn, slender and quick, with the sharp features she remembered and the same laughing grey-green eyes. He had a little pointed chin beard now, and threads of silver in his dark hair, though he was still shy of thirty."
Assuming Littlefinger turned 30 sometime in 298, his duel with Brandon happened sometime in 283. If he didn't turn 30 until 299 then the duel didn't happen until 284.
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2023.06.05 04:17 CosmicSquirrelGaming Question about those silver stickers on game cases in Italy

Way back I got three Xbox One games from Amazon Italy and was surprised by those silver stickers on the game cases which apparently have something to do with copyright and / or taxes. Didn't mind them too much because honestly Xbox One is rather low on my priorities list, games were cheap and it doesn't look too out of place on them somehow.
Then a couple days ago I got "R-Type Final 3" from Amazon.it and the sticker on that one rubbed me the wrong way somehow. :) Game's much more important to me and the sticker disturbs the visual impact of the cover so I tried to get it off carefully, and well ….it went somewhat okay, with warm water, soap and some sticker removal fluid.
My question now is this:
Does Italy put the sticker on cardboard cases as well?
I have the special edition for "Akka Arrh" preordered and yeaaaah…..I'd switch to another region if they put it on cardboard as well, but the price is rather nice so I would like to keep it (price went up a while ago but my order's older)

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2023.06.05 04:15 wolf1790 Rescued a Beardie! Now what...

Rescued a Beardie! Now what...
My wife and I rescued a Bearded Dragon at the park today while walking our dog. Some kids were messing with it and likely going to injure or kill it, so we took him/her home with us and got a enclosure kit from petsmart.
It was definitely someone's pet at some point, and had no issues being petted and held, although the act of being picked up is not their favorite.
Where do I start for feeding and general care? A lot of advice and instructions I've found online are very contradictory at times, particularly on how much to feed, how often, and what balance of vegetables vs insects.
  1. How best to figure out the best diet? It seems rather thin and ate the crickets in a heartbeat but didn't touch the greens and vegetables. Is overfeeding possible and how do we make them eat their greens?
  2. Seems like the enclosure kit covers the essentials, but a tube light for UVB would be better?
  3. How often is bathing needed? I've seen everything from 3 times weekly to every other week.
  4. Any tips for figuring out age? They are about 19" from tip to tip.
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2023.06.05 04:15 Educational_Fruit659 How do I fix this???

How do I fix this???
…Do I divorce my wife or just retrain her?
Quick background: Lodge pan with over a decade of meticulous seasoning and maintenance on it. Made the slidiest of eggs. I was gone for the weekend for work and she used the pan and put it on the burner on low heat to dry it out after cleaning. She left a plastic spatula resting in it and forgot about the pan and went to bed. Woke up the next morning with the burner still scorching the pan, roasting off the seasoning, leaving black plastic residue baked onto the pan. Time to start from scratch! Here’s to another decade.
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2023.06.05 04:15 Active_Access_4850 Which welding machine for a beginner?

I've been looking at welders for a while. I would like to learn. To weld reliable welds with practice, looks clean low cost or no materials as I'm learning to perfect the craft. I was thinking stick but not really sure honestly. I want to do tig but don't think buying all the gas constantly is a good idea since I have zero experience as is. I'd like a good reliable brand that lasts. I want to keep it under 500 but open to considering higher. I know this is all a lot to ask for and probably can't meet all of these qualifications, but tell me what you think because I'm basically a lost child looking for his dad in walmart, thanks in advance
Edit: I'll probably work on furniture most of the time including steel, maybe some aluminum and possibly my car exhaust as it's had a hole for a while now
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2023.06.05 04:15 DeFy_DC Blitz - KING KENTA

Hideo Itami jumps straight to the main roster, wasting no time on NXT and staking his claim in the biggest promotion in the world after being one of the most sought after talents for decades. Itami debuts at SummerSlam 2014, accepting Cesaro’s United States Championship Open Challenge and shocking the world, defeating Cesaro and becoming a champion in his first night in the company. Cesaro is bewildered.
Itami makes his first defence of the United States Championship on Raw against Kofi Kingston, with his first major title program being in the form of the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. At Night of Champions, Hideo Itami successfully defends the US Championship against Sheamus in a barn burner, a physical and brutal matchup demonstrating KENTA’s willpower. However, he is lead back to Cesaro following Night of Champions, who makes the claim that he has been vicariously studying Itami since his impromptu SummerSlam 2014 debut, and if he was to have a rematch for the United States Championship, he’d use it wisely. At Hell in a Cell, Cesaro and Itami are given 30 minutes and in an amazing Two out of Three Falls Match, Itami proves his worth once and for all, defeating Cesaro 2-1. After the match, the two shake hands.
Following Hell in a Cell, impressed by Itami’s talent, he gets an offer from The Authority to become an advocate. Itami goes back and forth, but instead sides with Team Cena at Survivor Series (taking Ryback’s spot) where he makes it far, however, is eliminated by the unstoppable Rusev in the second half of the match. The Authority punish Itami, and two weeks later on Raw, Itami drops the United States Championship to Rusev in what’s near enough a squash match. Itami instigates his rematch clause for TLC, with the stipulation being a Tables Match, however, Rusev takes the definitive victory there as well, continuing his menacing undefeated streak.
Going into the New Year, the options are open for Itami, as he enters the Royal Rumble Match, where he makes it to the final two with Daniel Bryan. The crowd go back and forth on their fan favourites, however, Daniel Bryan takes the victory. This frustrates Itami, who seeks Bryan out for a one-on-one match, with Bryan putting his Royal Rumble Winner Spot on the line. Fastlane is main evented by Daniel Bryan vs Hideo Itami, with Daniel Bryan winning after 27 minutes of brutal and physical action, reminiscient of the glory days of Ring of Honor.
At WrestleMania 31, Hideo Itami challenges Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship. Despite both men promising to keep the fight fair, even in light of the escalation of tension in the build, Itami goes back on his promise, turning heel on the night and low blowing Ambrose with the referee’s attention diverted. Itami hits a GTS and becomes the new Intercontinental Champion, the fans shocked. The next night on Raw, it is revealed that Hideo Itami is now aligned with Paul Heyman, who begins to cut promos on behalf of Itami.
At Extreme Rules, Dean Ambrose has a rematch with Hideo Itami for the Intercontinental Championship, with it being an Extreme Rules Match. Blood is shed and despite Itami’s efforts, Ambrose’s personal vendetta prevails as he wins back the Intercontinental Championship. However, Heyman assures Itami that the path for him is instead through the King of the Ring Tournament, which Itami steamrolls, defeating Dolph Ziggler in Round One, Tyson Kidd in the Semi-Finals and Neville in an amazing Final. As Itami sits on the throne, Paul Heyman declares him as King KENTA.
As part of winning the King of the Ring tournament, he becomes the Number One Contender for Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Heyman cites that KENTA has won both the US and Intercontinental championships already, and the World Championship is imminent. In the main event of Payback, King KENTA and Seth Rollins go the full mile, it is a spectacle of a main event with Seth just edging the victory to the chagrin of Heyman. However, not all hope is lost, as King KENTA qualifies for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match at Elimination Chamber. In the match, also including Neville, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, KENTA eliminates Dean Ambrose, closing that chapter, however, is eventually eliminated by Rollins, who continues to get the upper hand over KENTA.
Running out of ideas, Heyman pleads his way into KENTA getting into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. However, KENTA does not win, and the next night on Raw, Heyman ‘disposes’ of King KENTA to Brock Lesnar. KENTA takes it personally, and in the main event of Ryogoku at Beast in the East, Brock Lesnar and King KENTA show down, with KENTA now an anti-hero after his heel run. Lesnar is alienated in the moment, as KENTA beats him down, however, right before KENTA is about to win, Lesnar gets himself disqualified and beats KENTA down.
At Battleground, King KENTA challenges for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship once more, while also having a chance to fulfil his revenge on Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, as the main event is a triple threat match, Lesnar vs KENTA vs Rollins. To protect Lesnar, The Undertaker prevents Lesnar from winning and therefore King KENTA PINS Seth Rollins in a huge surprise and becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion to close out Battleground.
At SummerSlam, Kevin Owens, who has recently come out of a feud with John Cena, challenges King KENTA for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, with Seth Rollins facing John Cena and The Undertaker facing Brock Lesnar as in real life. KENTA defends successfully against Kevin Owens, and defends against Chris Jericho at Night of Champions, however, at Survivor Series 2015, Roman Reigns defeats King KENTA to take the championship off him after five total successful defences.
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2023.06.05 04:15 XdrmarioX opinions/experiences on low doses to end the night??

Does anybody recommend or have any tips on taking maybe gram or less in the evening sometimes, and get to bed at my normal bedtime of midnight? Note, im unemployed, so I have a lot of free time in my life at the moment. Had no psychedelics in 11 months, I prefer lsd, but low doses of psilocybin have worked well for me.
Sometimes i crave winding down with the therapeutic headspace of lsd, but ill probly be up all night.. too bad there is no short version of acid...
Thx ☕️
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