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2023.03.29 06:58 thatoddtetrapod Biology department's study guides are too vague and overall useless..

Ugh. They're not even really study guides at all! They're just a list of concepts we talked about with unhelpful, vague advice that boils down to "try to understand the stuff we talked about :)))"
Like... If I wanted a list of stuff we talked about I would look at the course schedule, or the table of contents of my textbook. The study guide isn't supposed to just be a list of concepts. It's not a table of contents. It's supposed to guide my studying. It's supposed to help me evaluate if I'm studying the right things, in enough detail. Because there's always more stuff to study and this is a 100s level course.
Like for example, the study guide I'm looking at right now has the line "What is a protist? Understand protist diversity in terms of types of cellular organization, motility, metabolism, feeding, and reproduction."
Like, professor bossman sir, I could spend a *goddamn career* trying to answer that question. A question like that isn't specific enough to have a place on a dang study guide! That does nothing to let me know if I've mastered the material at the expected level! One student could put just a paragraph or two under that question, and another student could put a page or two under that question. Neither of them have answered the question to its fullest extent (the question is too vague), and neither has any idea whether they've overprepared or underprepared for the test, nor by how much! After all, protists were just one unit that's going to be on this test, so we can't be expected to answer it in too much detail, it was just 2 lectures of material!! On the other hand, there's a lot of information about it in those lectures, and much more in the textbook and lab manual which are all technically fair game. So how much detail should I study this in? And no, my dear and beloved professor, don't say "just study everything!" because you've been at this for an entire career and you still haven 't scratched the surface of protist diversity yet boss! Because guess what??? There's lifetimes of study in that single question! How is that a question you're going to put on my study guide? There is more diversity in protista then there is in all the animals!!! And I'm here to just barely scratch it's surface for the week we did between our plants unit and our animals unit! I have no idea how deeply you want me to scratch into that surface for this test. That's the type of question that the study guide is supposed to answer for me. That's the thing this was supposed to help me with. All it did was say something that boils down to "yeah protists will be on the tests so learn about those :)" like bossman if I wanted that I would have opened the fucking syllabus.
To make matters worse, theres very little else to study on. We aren't allowed to access previous tests or even previous quizzes, once those are graded we can't seem them again. We don't have any take home assignments to do that we can look back on. All we have is the lecture slides, our notes, and textbook. Is that what I'm paying tuition for? At this level I would go on Crashcourse for the lecture, pirate the textbook, and google the slides, and I would have the same amount of material to go on. I'm paying this school to provide me that structure and those resources to learn, and it seems like they're making those resources particularly difficult to use.
Other departments aren't like this. In my Chemistry courses last 2 semesters the study guides were detailed. They said "you will be expected to solve for the kPa constant of an acid given a titration problem" and I was then given a set of example problems setup in different ways. I knew that once I mastered the study guide I met the course expectations and then I moved on. It was the same in my physics class. Its the same in my non-science courses too. The study guide lets me know exactly what to do, in a reasonable amount of detail, and serves as an accurate gauge for whether or not I've mastered the material. Which is the point of the study guide.
I would get it if this was a very very high level course. I would get it if the stuff we were learning about pushed the edge of science. I would get it if we were supposed to truly master all the content, in all it's detail, that we learned in the course. But once again, this is a 100s level general biology course. We can't learn any of this in detail, it's not the point! Students need specific ways to gauge whether they're understanding matches expectations, and figure out whether and what they must study more, and that's what the damn study guide is for! A study guide that tells me to 'lean about the protists I guess' doesn't accomplish that!
Once again, I could spend a day, a week, or a month on that one question and have no idea at what point I've reached my professors expectations. I get you want me to study in detail. I want to study these things in detail as well. But studying this in detail is a 4 year project for me, more if I decide on grad school after this. This course is a single part of that. If I'm going to manage my time, and myself, I need this course, and every course, to be well structured and specific. It's purpose is to prepare me for the next course. The study guides should aid me in evaluating my preparedness so I can prioritize which material to study.
TLDR: Bio Department's study guides are just lists of concepts we talked about, no more useful than a table of contents, and we aren't allowed to even look at previous quizzes or tests to study either.
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2023.03.29 03:55 darthcaedusiiii New low for PA schools: a first aide/cpr certification gets you exempt from paasing state testing (keystones)

Act 158 has gone into effect. The principal is making two announcements daily reading emailed lists of students.
Keystone exams, our state tests, must be passed in 3rd, 8th, and 11th. Guess we are making exceptions on the 11th grade one.
Still have to take the 11th grade exams. But I guess it's not possible for them to pass. 9hr course, maybe, will suffice. Lawd hammercy.
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2023.03.29 03:51 Infamous-Impact-3317 Cursed

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2023.03.29 03:50 JennaTonicLime 7.5 or 10 in Los Angeles?

Due for a refill of 7.5 mg and my RiteAid just told me it’s on back order. Anyone have luck getting or 10 mg in LA or Orange County?
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2023.03.29 02:05 BB-olive Lol just found this stuffed in the back of the perfume cabinet, I’m pretty sure this is from the 90s, currently trying to date it lol but it’s definitely been in there for awhile! ~ so vintage 😅

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2023.03.28 20:15 loljusthelp just asking

I haven't had issues getting my prescription from a mom and pop place but the quality is eh. I take XR and it wears off so fast from this new place. I had my psychiatrist send it to rite aid but im not sure if they're still struggling with the shortage. anyone been able to get their adrenal from rite aid/ Walgreens recently?
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2023.03.28 20:00 DuGresGuy Stratégie du rouleau-compresseur et anti-violence médiatique

Dénoncez-vous la violence ? Est-ce que vous condamnez la violence ?
Ces questions couperets ont fait florès ces derniers temps sur les plateaux télévisés et radiophoniques. Au point qu'il n'est plus possible d'y échapper si l'intervenant n'effectue le rite d'allégeance républicaine de son propre chef, et ce dès sa première prise de parole. Concurrement, les arènes médiatiques bruissent du feulement des grands fauves du parti de l'Ordre, tous venus s'abreuver sur les rives luxuriantes du landerneau politique hexagonal. Il ne manque ainsi aucun représentant syndical de la police, ni ancien flic reconverti dans le conseil et/ou l'analyse situationnelle, ni philosophe, plus ou moins auto-proclamé, adepte de la doctrine du stric légalisme républicain, ni politique, si possible extérieur au parti présidentiel, pour réduire le débat à une réflexion sur le péril représenté par de présumés "factieux", qui plus est en armes et le couteau entre les dents.
S'instille par ce biais un climat de crispation supplémentaire sensé profiter au pouvoir en place. Ce dernier autorisant le passage à la phase suivante, celle de la stigmatisation indifférenciée des "extrêmes". La contestation populaire spontanée, l'unité de la lutte syndicale, la moindre action sortant quelque peu de l'ordinaire ou/et constituant une perturbation de l'ordinaire (renversements ou incendies de poubelles, blocages de lieux publics ou de voies de circulation, manifestations non-sanctifiés par les autorités préfectorales...) se trouvent, par le recours à cette technique de "bashing" dissimulé, réduits au plus petit dénominateur commun : la violence ! Qui ne l'a rejette pas formellement justifie en quelque sorte l'effacement des limites légales encadrant la gestion de la tranquillité publique. Ce faisant, les violences étatiques illégales, y compris contre de totals innocents, ne peuvent en définitive être perçues autrement que comme de regrettables incidents dont la responsabilité première revient aux groupes politiquement disruptifs, englobant dans le même sac LFI, la L.C.R, les organisations écologistes radicales, les regroupements citoyens, les Black Blocks, le R.N, et même parfois la NUPES... C'est oublier un peu vite les soubassements profonds de l'irruption soudaine du fait radical. C'est aussi très clairement confondre causes et conséquences. La colère et la volonté d'en découdre découlent en effet d'un sentiment populaire de frustration sociale, et donc politique. De l'impression qu'on ne compte pas, hormis dans sa force de travail et de consommation. Que l'on se trouve donc condamnés à demeurer en marge, bien loin du cœur du réacteur démocratique. Parallèlement, s'y aglomèrent les coups de boutoirs répétés du libéralisme triomphant qui, non seulement contribuent massivement à dégrader les conditions de travail et les possibilités de promotion, mais de plus s'emploient, médiatiquement et politiquement, à propager une idéologie de réduction des dépenses publiques, notamment sociales, tout en sanctifiant par ailleurs les aides étatiques massives aux plus grosses entreprises.
Cependant, la stratégie du rouleau-compresseur et de l'anathémisation des "fauteurs de troubles" ne produira probablement pas les fruits attendus. Le fossé et la fracture déchirant le corps social et politique de notre pays sont bien trop prégnants à cette heure pour qu'une quelconque forme de diabolisation parvienne à renverser durablement la spirale de l'échec qu'endure actuellement le pouvoir. Alors, oui, la mobilisation active ne pourra pas durer ad vitam æternam. Oui, il se pourrait que la réforme des retraites soit finalement validée et que le gouvernement en sorte apparemment vainqueur.
Mais sur une victoire à la Pyrrhus !
Car, quand le feu couve sous la glace, c'est que le comburant ne lui manque pas. À défaut d'agir avec doigté et célérité, l'énergie s'accumule petit à petit. Et lorsque sa puissance surpasse les capacités de résistance de ce qui l'entrave, c'est en une explosion pyrotechnique qu'il jaillit hors de sa cage...
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2023.03.28 19:58 SketchyDetective Jag kommer att ha råd till att köpa smör till mitt bröd nu!

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2023.03.28 19:45 return2ozma Looks like something is really going around in the LBC, Broadway Rite Aid cold & flu section...

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2023.03.28 16:41 Delicious_Code9810 Greg oden where are youuuuu

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2023.03.28 16:19 DarkHokageZzTTV [ps4] H: Pictures Lf: Good offers

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2023.03.28 15:27 fighterjet009 Mods, Appreciate If you can limit the newly created shorts agency employees accounts from posting Lies, Fake News and Negative information about Rite Aid!!

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2023.03.28 14:43 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in PA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
TruVerify VP of Credential Operations ($165K - $190K) Philadelphia
TruVerify AVP of Operations Philadelphia
Eco Emissions Truck Driver Belle Vernon
Delmont Veterinary Hospital Associate Veterinarian Delmont
Babineau Opticians Optometrist Mechanicsburg
Hickory Veterinary and Specialty Hospital Associate Vet Plymouth Meeting
Hickory Veterinary Hospital Surgical Veterinary Technician Plymouth Meeting
Geisinger Health System LCSW Alexandria
ATI [Atomizer Production Worker] - [Oakdale, PA] - [22 - 3034] Aliquippa
Dorney Park Ride Technician - Full Time Allentown
ATI [Atomizer Production Worker] - [Oakdale, PA] - [22 - 3034] Ambridge
ATI [Atomizer Production Worker] - [Oakdale, PA] - [22 - 3034] Bethel Park
Geisinger Health System Hospital Assistant Bloomsburg
CHRISTUS Health Registered Nurse-Acute Orthopedics Burgettstown
Wells Fargo Vault Teller Camp Hill
ati Batcher Clinton
Geisinger Health System CRNA Coburn
Geisinger Health System MD Audiologist Danville
Geisinger Health System Surgery Aide Danville
Geisinger Health System MD Physician Assistant Danville
UnitedHealth Group Adoption Worker Denver
Geisinger Health System NP Dewart
Geisinger Health System Surgery Aide Duryea
FirstEnergy Corp Handy Man Easton
Advantage Solutions Web Merchandiser Fairless Hills
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.28 14:35 cagonzalez321 [Cold Open] Frank Becomes a Father

Frank Becomes a Father
Title: 10 am
Title: On a Monday
Title: Philadelphia, PA
Over titles we hear:
FRANK: Charlie, I didn’t bump into you on purpose.
CHARLIE: C’mon FRANK! You know we’re naked when we go down there. And we agreed on a minimum of 10 feet apart so nothing like this would ever happen!
FRANK: It was dark! And you know I don’t see too well.
CHARLIE: Dude! I don’t care…your dick and balls touched my ass! Pay attention next time!
Fade In: Int. of Paddy’s Pub
FRANK is sitting at the bar and CHARLIE is using the bar sink to wash off the sewer grime. DENNIS, DEE, and MAC walk in.
DEE: What’s up bitches?
DENNIS: I told you million times not to use the bar sink for your sewer baths!
CHARLIE: You don’t know what happened down there!
MAC: What happened?
CHARLIE: FRANK nearly ass raped me.
DENNIS: Sounds about right.
FRANK: Don’t listen to him! It was dark and couldn’t see where I was going! I accidently bumped into CHARLIE when I was trying to find a way out. My dick and balls touched your ass, so what?
MAC: Did CHARLIE get aroused when you made contact?
FRANK: It mighta jumped.
CHARLIE: My dick did not jump!
The door to PADDY’S opens. A nicely dressed middle age woman pushing a baby in stroller walks in.
DENNIS: No babies in the bar, lady!
DAISY: Frank?
FRANK: Yeah? What do you want?
DAISY: Do you remember me?
FRANK: Uhhh, no.
DAISY: I worked at Deliah’s on Columbus Blvd. I was going by Lips LoveBoxxx then. My real name is Daisy. I’ve turned a new leaf since my son was born.
FRANK: Oooo, I remember now. What do you want? I ain’t giving you shit unless you do that thing with the bottle and yogurt again.
DEE: Jesus, c’mon FRANK!
FRANK: You should have seen it! It was something else! The yogurt would ooze down her…
DEE: Enough!
DAISY: I don’t do that anymore, FRANK. I found the Lord when he was born.
FRANK: Geez, I don’t need to hear your life story. If ya ain’t going to do the yogurt thing, get out!
DAISY: FRANK, I have something to tell you.
FRANK: You don’t have AIDS do you?
FRANK: Phew! Dodged that bullet!
DAISY: This is your son.
FRANK: Ha! That’s not going to work again.
DAISY: This child of the Lord is yours. I want him to know his Father.
DENNIS: Wait, wait. Are we supposed to take the word of an ex whore? The kid could be anybody’s!
DAISY: No, I stopped the life style after a holy vision I had. The Lord told me to stop being a whore and raise this child properly. FRANK was my last customer.
MAC: As resident Bible scholar, I can say this is possible under the Lord’s rule.
FRANK: MAC, shut up. I’m not the Father!! You were banging 10 dudes a night. It could be anyone.
DAISY: FRANK, gaze upon your son’s face and tell me he isn’t yours.
FRANK walks to the car seat. He folds back the blanket. An epiphany occurs.
FRANK: Ohhhhhh…it’s like looking in a mirror.
DEE: Babies look like old, bald men when they are first born. This proves nothing! DENNIS and I are your true children!
DENNIS: Yes, Papa! Look upon us with joy!
CHARLIE: You guys are pathetic.
MAC: Children are a gift of God. Let us rejoice!
FRANK: The Reynolds resemblance is unmistakable. This is my one true heir! I shall raise him right this time and pass on my fortune to a worthy child.
DENNIS/DEE: Oh Goddamn!
Cut to titles:
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The Islamic lunar month of Ramadan, which marks the anniversary of Allah’s revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed, is observed by Muslims worldwide who abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, engaging in argumentative or abusive behavior, and engaging in sexual activity from dawn to dusk for a period of 30 days.
This month, which is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, is renowned for cleansing the spirit and bringing one closer to Allah. Ramadan, which lasts for 29–30 days, is viewed as a time for spiritual contemplation, self-control, international brotherhood, worship, and self-discipline. Sahur and Iftar are the two meals that Muslims eat before nightfall and after sunset, respectively. Throughout Ramadan
, a lot of believers also conduct the Umrah.
There are many more things to do and refrain from during the holy month of Ramadan in addition to not eating or drinking from sunrise till nightfall. Let’s examine each one in turn.
These are some activities that one should do throughout the holy month of Ramadan that are all about goodness, patience, and forgiveness.
What not to do during Ramadan?
The next section of the Ramadan dos and don’ts discusses the don’ts. These are some things that one should avoid doing during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.
Ramadan’s main custom is fasting from sunrise to sunset (not usually the local time, as this would be impossible in the summer at very high latitudes), with two meals at the beginning and conclusion of the fast. Suhoor, or Sehri in some places, is the name for the early-morning meal eaten before the fast. It is drunk in the early morning hours prior to the dawn prayer (Fajr).
After the Maghrib prayer at dusk, a meal called iftar is served to break the fast. Iftar is a significantly more communal meal than Suhoor, which is frequently consumed in seclusion. To celebrate, family and friends congregate in homes where a broad range of savory and sweet foods as well as delectable sweets are made in accordance with regional customs and preferences. https://jordan-travel.com/travelers-etiquette-during-ramadan/
“When in Rome, do what the Romans do,” is a proverb that also applies to Muslim nations. Non-Muslims are not required to observe the fast or exercise other Islamic rites, but they should be aware of and respect local laws and customs. Even Muslims are not required to fast when traveling during Ramadan, yet the majority still do.
The hardest thing could be to refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public during the day, which is often from sunrise to dark. Eating or drinking in a public place when it is daylight during Ramadan is prohibited in many nations with a majority of Muslims, including Saudi Arabia, and is treated as a crime that is subject to judicial action.
Police typically monitor the streets, and both Muslim and non-Muslim criminals may receive fines. In certain cases, outsiders have even been deported from Gulf nations while Muslims have been imprisoned. Even if it is allowed, you should abstain in order to show respect for those who are fasting and to avoid drawing unwanted attention to oneself.
For Muslims, the day marking the conclusion of Ramadan is among the happiest occasions of the year. While the Muslim holy month of Ramadan can be difficult to experience, the three-day festival known as Eid is delightful. This is especially true if you have friends who welcome you to join them in celebrating and partake in some of the delicious cuisine prepared specifically for the occasion. Every Muslim nation and area has its own unique savory and sweet delicacies during Eid.
The Arabic phrase “Eid Mubarak,” which translates to “Good Eid” or “Happy Eid,” is a universal greeting that is used throughout Eid in many nations. Try to spread the Eid greeting throughout the three days of Eid if you’re in a Muslim nation. https://jordan-travel.com/travelers-etiquette-during-ramadan/
On Eid, people frequently present gifts to their loved ones, friends, and children. The majority of individuals decide to spend the first day of Eid at home with their families and by visiting friends and family, but by nightfall, eateries begin to fill up. While most other businesses are closed for lengthier periods of time, most bazaars and markets are closed during the three days of Eid. https://jordan-travel.com/travelers-etiquette-during-ramadan/
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