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Ocala, Florida: Horse Capital of the World.

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The Austin subreddit that isn't toxic.

2023.03.29 11:54 Eatatsunsets Can You Leave An Electric Grill Outdoor? Guides To Use Grills Safely

Can You Leave An Electric Grill Outdoor? Guides To Use Grills Safely

Grilling food outdoors is a fun experience, but cleaning up afterward isn’t so much fun. Many people think they want to leave the device outside to save time on the move, but is that idea viable?
Can electric grills be left outside? No, you should not leave the electric grill outside. Dust, rain, and snow damage the electrical circuits inside the product.
Let’s continue reading this article of Sunset Bar And Grill to discover more requirements and instructions for using the grill properly.
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2023.03.29 11:17 FixHonest7983 Can't Access Mywifiext Setup Page

The Mywifiext Setup page is a web-based configuration page that allows you to set up and customize your NETGEAR WiFi range extender. It is used to configure various settings such as wireless network name, security type, password, and other advanced settings.
If you cannot access the mywifiext setup page, it could be due to a variety of reasons, such as incorrect URL or IP address, network connectivity issues, browser-related problems, or cache/cookie-related issues.You can try accessing the page using a different device or browser, clear your browser's cache and cookies, restart your router and extender, and make sure your computer is connected to the proper network in order to troubleshoot the problem.
To connect your extender using mywifiext settings menu, just follow these steps:
You are now successfully installing your booster using the mywifiext setup manual approach thanks to the instructions provided above.If you continue to have setup problems, kindly ask our chat support team for help. They'll lead you step-by-step through the installation procedure.
How Do I Use Mywifiext To Set Up A Netgear New Extender?
The steps to setup your new extender setup using the mywifiext are as follows:
Contact our professionals via chat or give them a call if you have difficulty configuring the Netgear Wifi Extender.

Common Issues During Netgear Extender Setup Using Mywifiext

Here are some of the most typical problems and their fixes:
  1. Cannot access mywifiext setup page: This can happen due to several reasons such as incorrect URL or IP address.
  2. Unable to connect to the extender's WiFi network: This can occur if your extender is not properly configured, or if the WiFi network name or password is incorrect. To
  3. Extender not connecting to the router: This can happen if the extender is too far away from the router, or if there are obstacles such as walls or other electronic devices blocking the signal.
  4. Internet connection issues: If your extender is connected to your router but you are still experiencing internet connection issues.
  5. Firmware update issues: Sometimes, firmware updates can cause issues with your extender's performance.
If you are still experiencing issues during Netgear extender setup using mywifiext setup, you may need to contact Netgear support for further assistance.

Netgear Extender Setup Troubleshooting Steps

Mywifiext is a tool that lets you manage and configure your Netgear wifi range extender; it is not an online website. It basically serves as the Netgear extender setup's local web address. You can set up a Netgear range extender, configure the extender, or make technical adjustments by visiting the website
Before you can access the mywifiext setup page, you must first verify the following information:
By remembering the preceding advice. Troubleshooting will be possible with your Netgear extender.

How To Update My Netgear Firmware Through

To improve the performance of your Netgear and add new features, Netgear frequently releases new firmware upgrades. To upgrade the most recent firmware on your Netgear WiFi extender, follow the instructions provided.
To update Netgear firmware, follow these steps:
If you are having problems updating the firmware on your Netgear extender, kindly get in touch with our technical support staff.
How Do I Reset My Netgear Extender Using
Follow these steps to reset your Netgear extender via
  1. Make sure your Netgear extender is connected and that your router is turned on.
  2. Join your PC or mobile device to your Netgear extender's WiFi network.
  3. Hit Enter after entering into the address bar. The login page for your Netgear extender will then be shown.
  4. Type in your login information. The default username and password, if you haven't changed them, are "admin" and "password," respectively.
  5. Go to the "Settings" or "Administration" area of the page after logging in.
  6. Find and select the "Reset" or "Restore Factory Settings" option.
  7. Confirm that you wish to restore your Netgear extender to its factory defaults by following the on-screen instructions.
  8. Wait for the extender to complete the reset process, which may take a few minutes.
  9. Once the reset is complete, your Netgear extender will be restored to its default settings. You will need to set it up again using the setup wizard.
By following these steps, you should be able to reset your Netgear Extender Through
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2023.03.29 11:10 Eatatsunsets Can You Smoke Meat On An Electric Grill? 5 Tips For Smoking Your Food

Can You Smoke Meat On An Electric Grill? 5 Tips For Smoking Your Food
A coal smoker is the most standard way of smoking. The smoker provides heat by burning wood chips and coals during cooking. But can you smoke meat on an electric grill?
Yes, you can. However, you need to use the smoker box or make your own to grill food on the electric tool.
How can you use electrically-operated smokers to grill meat? Today, Sunset Bar and Grill will discuss this topic further right here.
Let’s join us and learn how to simplify your barbeque party!
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2023.03.29 10:57 Brahmaster A forum post on quality of life improvements for Diablo IV

  1. Add a party recruitment tab/Party Finder. Say, a bill board at a town tavern, town square, guild building, or at least accessible from a menu tab.
  2. Add a Quest Tab/ World Event Calendar tab, where you can keep track of world events and their local time countdowns.
  3. Add Event Planner attached to Event Calendar, feature to set a reminder alarm for events you want to attend with their timers.
  4. Allow us to save our communication rose settings to all other characters on our account. Currently we have to set up the emote/quick bar manually for all characters.
  5. Allow players to choose a Title that is prefix- or suffix only, not both. So, not "Unfettered Drifter" but just "Drifter".
  6. Add a rare travelling vendor that moves across overworld randomly that sells rare ingredients (like "fiendrose" that is needed for enchanting affixes, but only available during hell tide).
  7. Add export option for saved build presets to external databank, social media, or friend message (like in HotS).
  8. Make "inspect player" able to see some of their skill build too.
  9. Add model talking animation on vendor window. They move, and talk but mouths aren't animated.
  1. Add practice dummies in a section of town (damage gauge for build/rotation testing).
  2. Evading when standing over the laddejumping terrain should do a dodge if mouse cursor isn't over the footsteps icon. Some ladders had this problem.
  3. Add Ability to use potion on ladder (panic saves and DoT).
  4. Add Ability to cancel going down ladder within the first 0.75 sec of descent/ascent if you've made a mistake, by double clicking "interact".
  5. Add Option to disable potion sound from allies/raid members (12 people doing a world boss all "blurbing" potions loudly ruins the immersion).
  6. Add Option to disable excessive item/cooldown voice prompts; ie. "It's not ready", or relay it with a sound effect, ie. a tick.
  7. Reset deathblow cooldown if the target dies when the animation initiates. Sometimes it dies mid-swing animation and Deathblow goes on cooldown.
3) UI
  1. Make Area name labels, event complete label ("EVENT COMPLETED") overlay at the top of screen able to be dismissed or made transparent- it covers a 3rd of the screen while you're mid-fight.
  2. Add function to hide Quest summary under minimap.
  3. Add Health bar indicator to show 80% Life (a mark/horizontal line) - Important to know where Bubble shield buff activates, or where you are in "Healthy" 80%+ range to apply certain buffs.
  4. Add Party Stat breakdown after boss fights, and world boss fights- display to all members the top damage and CC (stagger bar) contributors. Something to compete for.
  5. Add in-game clock showing time of day/night. Announce morning and evening with a rooster cockadoodle/ wolf howl (Warcraft 3 feature, optional).
  6. Some aspect modifiers do not have status effect icons.
  7. Remove "IMMUNE" status effect (bug) over enemies, and add function for selective status effects (I dont want to see "TAUNT" + Skull icon covering the screen if using "Challenging shout" in a big group of enemies).
  8. Add function to rescale or move action bar, not just "center or left".
  9. Add separate tab for character "stats".
4) MAP
  1. Tabbing in and out of map should resume/keep the same location and zoom as before being tabbed out, not reset automatically to character location.
  2. Add Ability to ping map for allies with warning, and waypoint signals.
  3. Add function to highlight your own position indicator on Tab map, and also ping your own location to party.
  4. Add function to lable waypoints on map, or have different waypoints active at the same time with different colours like BotW.
  5. Add highlighted icon on Tab map to show exit portal that connects you to the town from where you teleported.
  6. Add a clear indication on world map which dungeons have been completed, not just a recent and expiring green check mark. When you load back into game you don't know where you've been by just looking at the map.
  7. Make it obvious that players can zoom out to Overworld map from the dungeon map.
  1. Separate body and face tattoos.
  2. Separate earrings from nose rings.
  3. Add function to change hairstyle in wardrobe, or at a vendor that can provide this service like FF14. Keeps things fresh and we don't have to remake a character to get a new hairstyle.
  4. Add "SNAPSHOT MODE" for wardrobe to export fashion photo and share on social media. (Potentially add emotes to this mode).
  5. Add Ability to set default character that greets you in the main menu showcase background, seems to be the last character you create/use.
  6. Make Rogue able to hide bow on back. Can show "unequipped look" in wardrobe, but upon "confirm" re-equips bow, so might be bugged.
  1. Add an optional ("don't show this message again") CONFIRM prompt on gem drops. If you missclick it costs 5k gold to remove that gem.
  2. Add option for players to salvage the transmog of an item that gets an aspect imprinted onto it, and thereby changes the look of item when it gets upgraded to legendary. This has robbed some from the desired transmog without warning.
  3. Add text window that shows what slots that aspect can occupy before extraction. Sometimes you extract an aspect only to realize the aspect will not be placed on gloves, but only weapons.
  4. Clicking outside of Character Window (C) should automatically close it (optional). Makes quick view and quick move possible, especially if you accidentally tap it in battle.
  5. Add a "confirm" prompt on skill point reassignment so that you can reassign points without having to free up other supporting nodes before migrating them to a new supporting node. (Let players lift skill points and put them down again without having to temporarily refund points).
  6. Add Drag-select/ window select function for multiple items in inventory.
  7. Add a Preset loadout tab for skill point assignments, I assume this is coming, but a saved list of aspects at time of build would help too. Make it exportable too.
  8. Add function to lock in item text tab of a particular item so that it stays up while cycling through other items for comparison by mouseover.
  9. Add function to, eg. "Press ALT" on item window over an aspect to instantly highlight all other items in inventory that have the same aspect for quick locating.
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2023.03.29 10:50 Eatatsunsets Can Aluminum Foil Go On Electric Grill? Tips For Grilling With Tin Foil

Why Should You Electronically Grill Aluminum Foil?
Metals do not burn in the same way that fat or paper do. Instead, they will melt, turning these nonrenewable materials into completely recyclable items.
Some people want to use this wrap for grilling their food electronically. Here is what they can get from this material.


To begin with, you may line a skillet to avoid spills when baked onto a heated surface. Cleaning after your party is a hassle. Electric grills are a cleaner alternative to traditional coal barbecues. They can also work well with culinary methods. But can aluminum foil go on electric grill?
The short answer is yes. The foil can withstand high heat, making it an excellent choice for avoiding mess during your cooking time.
Today, Sunset Bar and Grill will discuss and share some tips about grilling using the electrically-powered tool and the aluminum foil. Let’s read on to discover!
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2023.03.29 10:08 ifanogoo Apple upgrades MacGPT, extending MacBook users’ access to ChatGPT-4

Apple upgrades MacGPT, extending MacBook users’ access to ChatGPT-4
MacGPT 3.0 has three main features, spanning Global, Inline, and Menu Bar. With the incorporation of ChatGPT-4, the chatbot can proceed instructions with images. Heaptalk, Jakarta — Apple’s MacGPT, an app for macOS that allow users instantly access ChatGPT from the menu bar, has been improved to the 3.0 version. This latest version includes the... Read more » The post Apple upgrades MacGPT, extending MacBook users’ access to ChatGPT-4 appeared first on Business News, Marketing and Professionals Talk Indonesia -
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2023.03.29 09:29 Eatatsunsets [TOP 5] Best Indoor Grill With Removable Plates: Reviews 2023

Baking food will become more fun than ever if you have an appliance that not only ensures quality but is also easy to clean and maintain. Indoor grills appear to be a safe alternative to coal and gas stoves.
With this device, you only need to use the power source and do not need much supervision. Moreover, with the best indoor grill, they can be disassembled for cleaning and facilitated for you to apply more cooking methods to your dishes.
Here are our top 5 picks for the best indoor grill with removable plates. You can refer to choose the product for you.
Now, let’s dive into the article with Sunset Bar and Grill!
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2023.03.29 09:08 AssumptionChance4121 black bars on screen

Is there any way to force this thing to normal, like in Nioh and other KoeiTecmo games ?
I cant get rid of the blackBars on the screen.
I choose the resolution 1280x720
then window mode
then i select fullscreen / the image stays on full screen, a sec. later once the YES or NO menu pops up, the game forces the black bars right back on.

( feels like this thing is overwriting the settings, and making its own auto adjustments )
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2023.03.29 08:58 modulation-digital How do I maximize a website's performance?

There are several ways to maximize a website's performance. Here are some tips:
  1. Optimize website speed: Website speed is a critical factor in user experience and search engine rankings. To optimize website speed, you can reduce the size of images and other media, use caching and compression techniques, and choose a reliable web hosting provider.
  2. Use responsive design: With more people accessing websites on mobile devices, it's important to use responsive design to ensure your website looks and functions well on all screen sizes.
  3. Improve website navigation: Make it easy for users to find what they're looking for by optimizing website navigation. Use clear and concise menu labels, organize content logically, and provide a search bar.
  4. Use keywords and metadata: To improve search engine rankings, use relevant keywords in website content and metadata, including page titles, descriptions, and image alt tags.
  5. Optimize website security: Use SSL encryption to ensure website security and build trust with users. Regularly update software and plugins to prevent vulnerabilities and hacking.
  6. Analyze website metrics: Use tools like Google Analytics to track website metrics such as page views, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and optimize website performance accordingly.
By following these tips, you can maximize a website's performance, improve user experience, and increase visibility and engagement with your target audience.

Best Web Designing, Web Development and Digital Marketing Company in Laxmi Nagar Delhi : Modulation Digital

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2023.03.29 08:02 edgewalker66 Update: format

Well, hallelujah. I opened today for the first time in a few days and it took me a few minutes to realize the ugly white menu bars along the top and left of the Tree View screen area gone!
And when I wanted to edit a Profile, up came the old pop up window instead of the white flyout panel on the right side.
While I hope to not see those 'features' again, they may have just removed me from a test group. They never asked for feedback, but perhaps that is because I let them know what I thought in emails, etc.
Regardless, they are gone for now and I'm pleased!!!
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2023.03.29 08:00 AutoModerator March 29, 2023 - April 05, 2023 Weekly Questions & Advice Megathread

This megathread is to house your questions regarding teambuilding or just questions in general about the game.
Don't hesitate to ask!


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no 2x Special Chance anymore
How To Raise Bounty/5 Gem Quests in CMM? A: If they aren’t event related, they are bounty quests; you finish them over time by completing events and you can’t rush them
Which TM units should I get from the shop? A: Visit /onepiecetc/w/guides/tmunitrankings
What do I do with dupes? A: See this comment by GoldFishPony, or follow the graphic in this post for legends.
How do I complete a Clash? A: There are clashes every day except Saturday in the Event tab. After Level 150 they can be unlocked from the Archive at any time.
What units should be farmed/purchased first? A: Recollection Archive, Kizuna Shop, Daily Raids, and PF Shop listed in this document.
How do I get more than +300 CC? A: Upgrading Pirate Festival facilities increases the CC cap.
Which 30 Gem ship(s) should I get? A: Hoe >>> Hind > Megalo = Oro Jackson = Castello > Zunesha = Shark> Germa > Koi. If you have both the Hind and Castello, you can probably hold off on Megalo.
What do I reroll fohow do I reroll? A: See the global guide here, created by Mr MattZz, Achilles, Gacha and FlyingDonut from the /OnePieceTC discord server.
What will I lose if I transfer devices? A: You will always lose mail. You will only lose gems and your gem subscription if transferring operating systems, such as going from iOS to Android or vice versa.
How many gems can I get from the Story/Colo? A: Check out this sheet for story and this one for colo.
Large download (600+ MB) every time you open the game? A: Free up more space on your phone, ideally 4+ gigabytes total.
Where can I find [Unit's 6+ Skull]? A: See this comment.
How do I trigger Invasions/How do I get skulls? A: Invasions have a chance to trigger (and have a chance to drop skulls) whenever you clear a raid that is 8* difficulty or higher and costs 60 stamina.

Helpful Resources

Current & Repeat Events

All concurrent events are updated manually and can be found in the following wiki pages:


Please refer to the sidebar, menu, wiki, megathreads OR use the search bar.

Question not answered? You may re-post within a reasonable time frame (~2H)

Do NOT ask for karma/upvotes. If you see anyone doing so, please report them.
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2023.03.29 07:45 Character-Pipe-9805 GUYS WHAT A STEAL!! 3x 80MG ROXIS FOR 70$$ 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱☠️😱☠️😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

GUYS WHAT A STEAL!! 3x 80MG ROXIS FOR 70$$ 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱☠️😱☠️😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 submitted by Character-Pipe-9805 to drugscirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 06:43 tyler1fanboy12 Computer WiFi freezes

so some context for this video I had this problem for about a month and a half now where my wifi would randomly freeze connection to my computer if that makes sense. I usually use my computer for games and sometimes school work when needed. Sorry english isnt my first language so im trying my best to explain it here. So basically when im playing like a league game it would randomly freeze because the wifi would disconnect and it would only unfreeze/reconnect if i open the wifi menu through the task bar - i dont have to disconnect and reconnect or anything just have to open the menu and it insta reconnects and its driving me crazy someone please help.
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2023.03.29 06:42 Shanedugg 6 days of great eats in NYC..

Coming all the way from Vancouver, Canada I recently had the great blessing to be able to stay in NYC for 6 days and here is the list of places I ate at and my short reviews:
Night 1
NR ramen cocktail bar in the UES. We went there last year and had a bit more enjoyable of an experience then due to the great service (thank you Ray!) but as per this time, the ramen was still good (nice chewy noodles and rich broth) and the cocktails inventive and on point. Wish they would do dessert. Really busy spot and I was happy to see others enjoying this fun ramen bar. 7/10.
Day 2
Rule of Thirds in Brooklyn. Brunch with cocktails, Japanese breakfast for my daughter and the souffle pancake for myself. Wife had... I forget. Everyone was happy. I really loved the cucumber side dish. The pancake was not as good as what I have had at a Japanese chain place called Gram but it was decent. Overall the room was great, service nice and the location a hit as we did a bunch of vintage shopping in Williamsburg right after. 7/10.
Night 2
Atomix. Wow. Just wow. Dream like atmosphere and the service was fantastic. The food was inventive, challenging and at all times delicious. There was a tuna, caviar and snap pea dish that blew my mind. They also made sea cucumber delicious. How is that even possible? The matcha cocktail was another scene stealer. And the rice cream dessert with fresh black truffle shavings, come on. Pure heaven. I have been a fan of Korean food for a long time. This version of Korean fine dining was something special. 10/10. Highest recommendation. I will never forget this meal.
Day 3
Hop Kee in Chinatown for lunch. This was a misstep. The portions were big but not delicious. Thr service was laughably atrocious but at least endearing. The server delivered the wonton soup and then began to dig around in it after it was on the table to make sure we got duck meat. We had in fact but wish we hadn't. The duck tasted gamey. The salt and pepper squid dish was rough. The prominent flavors here were salt and grease. The rest of the meal went about the same. We left wondering how any one could recommend this place. Is this the typical quality of Chinese food in NYC? If so, Vancouver blows it outta the water. 2 outta 10 as the free tea was nice as it helped us digest all the grease. Kinda cool to get fortune cookies too. Reminded me of when I was a kid.
Night 3
Keen's Steakhouse. We absolutely loved the meal and the experience of eating at this NYC institution. I took on the challenge of the mutton chop and did my best with that delicious beast of a dish. My wife and daughter split a massive T-bone and barely got through it. Creamed spinach and mashed potatoes for sides were both perfect and the Pimms went down smooth. House made carrot cake for dessert was a hit. Our server Thomas was fantastic. The place is fun. The prices more than fair. I cannot wait to return someday. 10/10.
Day 4
Off to Washington DC for the day but we did Liberty bagels for breakfast and those were well enjoyed on our Amtrak ride. I won't grade bagels though as I am not an expert. I pretty much have never had a bad bagel from a bagel shop that serves them fresh.
Day 5
Clocktower restaurant for breakfast. This was a mistake. Overpaid for a really sad excuse of a breakfast. I have had better instant oatmeal. Coffee was nice and regularly refilled. But I would never go back. 15 dollars for a smoothie in a oversized shot glass. What was I thinking. Yikes. 1/10.
Sushi 35 West for lunch number 1. Wow. Best sushi I have had in North American including a recent Michelin star winning place in Vancouver. We scoffed down this amazingly delicious fresh and fast food find in Herald Park. Every bite was superb. If I lived in NYC, I would be eating here 5 times a week easily. And for the prices, it is probably the best deal in town. 10/10.
Chick fil-A for lunch number 2. Daughter had to have the nuggets. Hey it is what it is. 5/10.
Papaya King for lunch number 3. The special combo with the Papaya drink, all scoffed down super quickly so we could get outta here and back to the hotel to rest up for our late dinner. It was my third visit and I place I will religiously return to every time I am back in NYC. It is a damn good hot dog and drink. Simple as that. 7/10.
Night 5
Eleven Madison Park. The all plant based menu had me hesitant to book EMP but given its proximity to our hotel I felt like I should book it since I kept asking myself when would we have the chance to do it again. I am so glad we did. Although the meal had some dishes far better than others, the room itself, the elite level of service (thank you Brandon) and the overall experience was one of a kind. The abundance of truffles on the menu and the truffle cocktail (called the mushroom) were heavenly. And the granola gift at the end is a perfect way to end a one of a kind experience. I appreciate you plants! I truly appreciate you. 10/10.
Day 6
Katz's Deli. Best pastrami this side of Schwartz's in Montreal. Loved the space and the experience. Price is crazy at 26 bux but we split the sandwich in 3 and all felt full leaving. The cherry sodas and the pickles were also great. 8/10.
Russ and Daughters for bagels and an egg cream. Loved this place and don't regret that egg cream no matter my lactose intolerance. Totally worth it.
Shake Shack at the airport for burgers and fries. Perfect way to end the trip. I have yet to eat a bad burger from SS. 7/10.
If you got through all that, thanks and also I hope some of these reviews help others in deciding where or where not to eat when visiting the amazing food mecca that is NYC. I will be back someday and Sushi 35 West better still be there!! Mama Mia, that sushi....
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2023.03.29 06:06 Nysyth Having stuttering issues even after compiling shaders? Enabling ReBAR might help

Having stuttering issues even after compiling shaders? Enabling ReBAR might help
Your mileage may vary but if you have a recent Nvidia RTX GPU (3000 or 4000 series) you can try enabling resizable BAR for TLoU Part I & it should help with performance slightly by enabling the game to access the entirety of your GPU memory at once rather than in 256mb chunks like normal.
Step 1: Make sure Resizeable BAR (ReBAR or Smart Access Memory for AMD) is enabled in your motherboards BIOS, some might have it on by default but others you will need to toggle it on (and possibly another setting called "4G decoding")

Step 2: Download & run the Program "Nvidia Profile Inspector" from Here

Step 3: In the drop down Profiles menu find "The Last of Us Part 1" & select it then scroll down to "Common" settings section & find the three options related to Rebar

Step 4: Change them to these settings & hit "Apply Changes"
And thats it, just launch the game normally.
If it worked you should see a slight performance increase (5-10fps increase usually) & most stutters should stop or at least be less severe. This can be done for any game BTW but performance may vary, some games love ReBAR (Forza Horizon 5 has a large performance increase with it enabled), some games the changes are very minor or not at all & some games actually will run worse with it enabled, it's all just trial & error to see what benefits.

Anyway i hope this helps some people struggling with performance like it helped me.
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2023.03.29 05:22 BigRed92E I'm no nutritionist, but-

I'm no nutritionist, but- submitted by BigRed92E to softwaregore [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 05:17 dumbwaeguk Creating a modern collection of tiki drinks

Hi everyone. Inspired by some more recent approaches to tiki mixing, and in light of the relative age of the most solid and memorable tiki cocktails, I'm interested in experimenting, crowdsourcing, and crafting a new cocktail collection that represents the tastes, market, and cultural values of 2023.
I'm aware there are always modern approaches to tiki, but they are diffuse, loosely organized, sometimes proprietary, and when organized neatly--such as Beachbum or Minimalist--tend to revive and reuse Vic and Beachcomber era ingredients rather than utilize more contemporary ones. So here are the ideas and philosophies I want to explore while building a new tiki cocktail compendium:
Previous cocktails have been dominated by Caribbean rum, with the occasional gin or brandy. Modern cocktails can make use of modern, tropical, and Asia-Pacific spirits such as tequila, mezcal, coconut brandy, shochu and jeontong-soju, rice wine, Southeast Asian rum, infused rums, plum spirits, Martinique shrubb, Taiwanese and Japanese whiskey, palm spirits, and perhaps a bit more sherry, port, and regional beers.
Original tiki drinks were often advertised as "a mix of exotic spices and tropical fruit juices," but often ignore what the tropics and Pacific are producing. Tiki has traditionally mostly relied on almond, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, orange, and the occasional passion fruit. We can show better respect for local produce and tastes by utilizing the ingredients of modern bartenders in the regions formerly appropriated by the orientalist approach of the first tiki wave. We have access now to mangoes, mangosteens, lychees, longans, soursop, durian, jackfruit, pandan, ube, dragonfruit, a range of melons, banana leaf, heirloom bananas, pomelo, yuzu, chili, fermented coconut, tepeche, cacao nibs, rose water, all kinds of berries, flowers, and teas. Why is orgeat rarely made with pecans or macadamia nuts? Where's the coconut sugar? Why not add tea or sichuan peppercorn to falernum? Obviously many bars are doing this, especially in Southeast Asia, but these recipes never seem to become textbook tiki canon and, again, are often diffuse and proprietary.
Not everyone in the world can get a bottle of Fee Bros 6 year limited edition gold orgeat or Pablo Escobar 21 year pot-still demerara rum. While frozen fruits can be surprisingly accessible outside of the tropics, specialized spirits are much harder to get. Recipes should make the most of Plantation or Evan Williams and be designed more around the general spirit than a very specific flavor obtained by a mix of three or four specific labels. Substitutability is key here, and posting results of experiments is very helpful.
Ideally this would involve citing blogs where you got the recipes, bars that inspired the recipe, and putting together a very user-friendly PDF or Wiki (or both) with hyperlinks, free and easy to download. This would be a community project rather than a business pursuit.
There will always be tried and true ingredients and formulas, but we can do more than shuffle them around. We can go further and try new permutations of fruits, spices, and liquors to produce something more fresh and creative while maintaining the adventurous and spicy spirit of the original tiki revolution. The idea here is to produce new mixes while also introducing new audiences to fan favorite contemporary drinks.
Let me know if you are interested in contributing to, or at least perusing, this new compendium. It will cost you nothing to do either, so I will offer some initial recipes once I put them together.
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2023.03.29 03:47 polegurl meirl

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2023.03.29 03:44 IamtheSoupMaster Corn and fennel soup garnished with chives, chili flakes, smoked paprika and finishing olive oil served with a sandwich of spelt sourdough, Bella Contadina marinated artichoke hearts, char grilled red peppers, mixed mushrooms and bocconcini mozzarella, toasted with a herb infused olive oil.

Corn and fennel soup garnished with chives, chili flakes, smoked paprika and finishing olive oil served with a sandwich of spelt sourdough, Bella Contadina marinated artichoke hearts, char grilled red peppers, mixed mushrooms and bocconcini mozzarella, toasted with a herb infused olive oil. submitted by IamtheSoupMaster to soup [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 03:37 Agon_The_Stag Xbox one x keeps having heart attacks.

I'll try to describe what happens, but Ive been calling it a heart attack for whatever reason.
Game open (Rainbow 6 Siege or For Honor for example)
Open gamebar(Or whatever the menu is for going to the home screen or party chat and stuff.)
Do something there super quick, like change party chat volume, watch a recent clip, change Spotify song, so on.
Quickly hit the Xbox button on controller again to close screen.
Try to open game bar again, doesn't work.
If I was in a party chat, it's froze, and constantly says whoever was talking is still talking in the corner of screen even though there is no sound. (I have it display party chat on the corner of screen)
Game still works, but if I was in a load screen when this happens, the load screen is infinite.

Only way I've found to fix the issue is to either take batteries out of controller, unplug the mic, and turn it all back on. Or in extreme cases, hard reset Xbox because the controller thing don't work that time.
Anyone else have same issues? Can't find anything online
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2023.03.29 03:18 therealduckie No, sorry. This is NOT just a "beginner's" OS. That's a good thing. Let me explain...

I come from DECADES of using multiple different OSes, DEs, WMs, etc. I know my way around Terminal. I can put themes in the system folder, rather than the home folder. I can fix grub errors. I know my way around Linux is the point.
I always choose Debian/GTK releases. I like customization. I like having a Global Menu on the top bar. Basically-- I like having my desktop feel like my Mac.
YES I KNOW! That's not for everyone and MANY of you will likely say something trite and predictable like "Why not just get a mac?". Unnecessary.
Thing is, for me, Linux is just as much about the ability to change and manipulate things in the UI to comfort me and make me feel at home just as much as it is for a Gentoo user to literally build their OS from scratch or an Arch user to compile apps on the go. We all have our reasons, preferences and so on.
So, I think calling this merely a "Beginner's OS" is highly reductive and might be scaring off the average Linux user.
There's WAY more depth and polish than I think folks are giving it credit for, even for seasoned users.
For instance: Name one tool it is missing that most OSes have. Name a tool that is unavailable to it that is available to other Debian-based OSes. Name an app or extension you can not install, as long as it is built for Gnome 3.38 or below? (a.k.a. Ubuntu 20.04).
You can not. Because none of that is missing.
For any "average" Linux user, this OS absolutely has everything to get started. That doesn't make it a "Beginner OS - it makes it Wide Reaching and User Friendly and offers a large variety of user benefits, no matter your skill level.
Whether you are a seasoned Linux user or just getting started - Zorin OS, to me, has everything for almost everyone.
tl;dr It's not simply a Beginner's OS - it's well-rounded and deserves more praise.
My latest WIP desktop:
P.S. I know this sounds like an ad, but I'm just some schlub who recently bought the OS and is super glad I did. I love giving props to folks who deserve it.
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2023.03.29 03:07 -LuciditySam- [FO4] Trying to fix a BA2 limit crash. What do I need to do to resolve this? Trying to do a 900+ mod game. Still pretty much a novice at best at understanding logs like this.

I'm getting a CTD upon startup and it seems like it's only when I install any sound mods under the Audio - SFX category. I'm using the mods that the LOST Audio Tweaks mod patches together and I know I'm doing it correctly it was working fine before I started installing everything else. That said, I had to nuke my entire mod list and the last time I had issues, it was crashing in the same way but with weapon mods but with a different error code in the crash log (no longer have it). Here are the most recent ones. The mods I've tried are:
Thing is, the crash log says the BA2 limit is the problem. I have 400 mods installed. Only 210 aren't light/ESL files. So I don't get what's going on here.
Here is the crash log:
crash-2023-03-28-03-55-23.log Scanned with Crash Log Auto Scanner (CLAS) version 6.77


Main Error: Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x7FF758718F6A Fallout4.exe+1AF8F6Amov eax, [r8+0x0C] BSTSmartPointer::operator=(BSResource::AsyncStream*)_1AF8F6A)

Detected Buffout Version: Buffout 4 v1.31.1 Feb 28 2023 00:32:02 Latest Buffout Version: v1.26.2 / NG: v1.31.1

✔️ You have the latest version of Buffout 4 NG!


* NOTICE: FCX MODE IS ENABLED. CLAS MUST BE RUN BY ORIGINAL USER FOR CORRECT DETECTION * [ To disable game & mod files detection, set FCX Mode = false in CLAS Settings.ini ] ✔️ Archive Invalidation / Loose Files setting is already enabled in game INI files. # [!] CAUTION : THE FOLLOWING LOG FILES REPORT ONE OR MORE ERRORS! # [ Errors do not necessarily mean that the mod is not working. ] ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.288][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll E:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_1_10_163.dll+000A8ACUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.294][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/System32/KERNEL32.DLL+00126BDUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.294][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/ntdll.dll+005A9F8Unable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.305][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/System32/KERNELBASE.dll+00297DFUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.312][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/System32/KERNELBASE.dll+00297DFUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.359][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll E:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/MSVCR110.dll+0053698Unable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.360][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll E:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/MSVCR110.dll+003416EUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.391][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll E:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/MSVCR110.dll+0036480Unable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.463][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll E:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/f4se_1_10_163.dll+000A8ACUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.464][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/System32/KERNEL32.DLL+00126BDUnable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.465][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/ntdll.dll+005A9F8Unable to locate PDB ----- LOG PATH > D:\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE\Buffout4.log ERROR > [2023-03-27 23-55-23.466][PdbHandler.cpp :193 ][ info ]: Failed to open pdb for dll C:/WINDOWS/System32/KERNELBASE.dll+0155D20Unable to locate PDB ----- ✔️ Available logs in your Game Folder do not report any additional errors. ----- * 29 / 29 * F4SE script files were found in your Fallout 4 / Data / Scripts folder. ----- ✔️ All F4SE script files are accounted for in your Fallout 4 / Data / Scripts folder. ----- ✔️ Your Fallout 4 is updated to version [] * This is the version BEFORE the 2023 Update * IF YOU ARE USING DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE TUNER AND/OR LOAD ACCELERATOR, remove these mods completely and switch to High FPS Physics Fix! Link: ❌ *Fallout 4 VR* is NOT installed. ----- ❌ *Creation Kit* is NOT installed. ----- ❌ OPTIONAL: *Plugin Preloader* is NOT (manually) installed. ----- ✔️ REQUIRED: *Fallout 4 Script Extender* is (manually) installed. ----- ✔️ REQUIRED: *Address Library* is (manually) installed. ----- ✔️ REQUIRED: *Buffout 4* is (manually) installed. Checking configuration... ----- ✔️ Achievements parameter in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. ----- ✔️ Memory Manager parameter in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. ----- ✔️ Looks Menu (F4EE) parameter in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. ----- ✔️ MaxStdIO parameter value in *Buffout4.toml* is correctly configured. * NOTICE : PLUGIN CHECKER REPORT FROM WRYE BASH WAS NOT FOUND * To check your load order and detect additional problems; install and run Wrye Bash, then select View > Plugin Checker from the top bar in the main Wrye Bash window.



# Checking for BA2 Limit Crash.............. CULPRIT FOUND! > Priority : [5] # ----- # Checking for Mesh (NIF) Crash............. CULPRIT FOUND! > Priority : [4] # ----- Checking for *[Looks Menu Crash]............ DETECTED! > Priority : [1] * ----- Checking for *[Precombines Crash]........... DETECTED! > Priority : [1] * ----- * FOR DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS AND POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO ANY ABOVE DETECTED CRASH CULPRITS * * SEE:\_Zi3C5uHeSTQh6wOZugs4c *









[!] Found: [10] ARMOR AND WEAPONS KEYWORDS - If you don't rely on AWKCR, consider switching to Equipment and Crafting Overhaul Better Alternative: Patches to remove AWKCR: ----- [!] Found: [11] HOMEMAKER - Causes a crash while scrolling over Military / BoS fences in the Settlement Menu. Patch Link: ----- # AUTOSCAN FOUND PROBLEMATIC MODS WITH SOLUTIONS AND COMMUNITY PATCHES # [Due to limitations, CLAS will show warnings for some mods even if fixes or patches are already installed.] [To hide these warnings, you can add their plugin names to the CLAS Ignore.txt file. ONE PLUGIN PER LINE.] ----- FOR FULL LIST OF IMPORTANT PATCHES AND FIXES FOR THE BASE GAME AND MODS, VISIT THIS ARTICLE:






✔️ *Canary Save File Monitor* is installed. ----- ✔️ *High FPS Physics Fix* is installed. ----- ✔️ *Previs Repair Pack* is installed. ----- ✔️ *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch* is installed. ----- ✔️ *Nvidia Weapon Debris Fix* is installed. ----- # ❌ NVIDIA REFLEX SUPPORT IS NOT INSTALLED OR AUTOSCAN CANNOT DETECT IT # Nvidia Reflex Support is only available for Nvidia GPUs (NOT AMD / OTHER) Link:



LIST OF (POSSIBLE) PLUGIN CULPRITS: * AUTOSCAN COULDN'T FIND ANY PLUGIN CULPRITS * ----- LIST OF (POSSIBLE) FORM ID CULPRITS: * AUTOSCAN COULDN'T FIND ANY FORM ID CULPRITS * ----- LIST OF DETECTED (NAMED) RECORDS: Name: LODRoot : 1 Name: ObjectLODRoot : 2 Name: WaterLOD : 2 Name: WorldRoot Node : 4 Name: shadow scene node : 2 R12 0x237B4A8BC78 (char*) DATA\ : 1 RTTIName: BSClearZNode : 1 RTTIName: NiNode : 2 RTTIName: SceneGraph : 3 RTTIName: ShadowSceneNode : 2 [RSP+290 ] 0xFAC30FEE70 (char*) n.esp\EllenUniqueVoice\0000BEED_3.fuz : 1 [RSP+308 ] 0xFAC30FEE70 (char*) n.esp\EllenUniqueVoice\0000BEED_3.fuz : 1 [RSP+688 ] 0xFAC30FF130 (char*) DATA\ellen - Voices_en.ba2 : 1 [RSP+7F8 ] 0x7FF758797B42 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B77B42inc ebx BSBTreeFile::BPTree,16>::CursorGoto(BSBTreeFile::BPTree,16>::Cursor&,BSResource::ID&)_1B77B42) : 1 [RSP+AA8 ] 0x7FF758775D2E (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B55D2Eadd [rdi+0x20], rbx BSFile::ReadUsingExtraFeatures(void*,unsigned___int64)_1B55D2E) : 1 [RSP+AE8 ] 0x7FF758775AC3 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B55AC3add [rbx+0x180], rax BSFile::DoRead(void*,unsigned___int64)_1B55AC3) : 1 [RSP+B48 ] 0x7FF758775D2E (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B55D2Eadd [rdi+0x20], rbx BSFile::ReadUsingExtraFeatures(void*,unsigned___int64)_1B55D2E) : 1 [RSP+B88 ] 0x7FF758775AC3 (void* -> Fallout4.exe+1B55AC3add [rbx+0x180], rax BSFile::DoRead(void*,unsigned___int64)_1B55AC3) : 1 ----- [Last number counts how many times each named record shows up in the crash log.] These records were caught by Buffout 4 and some of them might be related to this crash. Named records should give extra info on involved game objects, record types or mod files. ----- FOR FULL LIST OF MODS THAT CAUSE PROBLEMS, THEIR ALTERNATIVES AND DETAILED SOLUTIONS,


END OF AUTOSCAN Author / Made By: Poet#9800 (DISCORD) 250323 CONTRIBUTORS evildarkarchon kittivelae AtomicFallout757 CLAS
What do I need to do to fix this issue? I'm in the process of a 900+ modlist installation and it just keeps failing and crashing any time I launch even when I re-do the installation process. As mentioned before, though, it's never consistent with any mod outside of "the last ones I installed".
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