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2023.03.29 11:00 Electrical-Carry5740 I'm gifting all articles from a recent series in the Washington Post about gun violence

Hi folks, we've been very critical of administrators for failing to reduce crime around campus, with gun violence an especially frightening trend. It's a justifiable reaction given the frequency and severity of threats to student safety and the historical charge of universities to maintain safe learning environments. Notwithstanding limits to the doctrine of "in loco parentis" and the endemic nature of crime in North Philadelphia (with violent crime surging since 2020), I think students are reasonable to expect that when the university enacts a crime prevention strategy, it does in fact prevent crime. And it's probably fair to hold the administration accountable if they've claimed the lion's share of responsibility for student safety.
What I'd humbly like to add to this conversation, though, is that students themselves can be part of the solution. You can advocate for public safety. You can understand how the manufacture of guns for ostensibly legal purposes drives the black market for guns used in many shootings near campus. You can understand the role of assault rifles in making confrontations between gangs especially deadly for perpetrators and for any pedestrians caught in the crossfire. I hope I'm not portraying myself as some violence prevention expert, because I'm not, and you don't have to hold yourself to that standard. I only want to urge folks to explore how they can solidify their commitments to a safer campus and put them into practice. And that might start with doing something as simple as reading the news.
In that spirit, I'm sharing these articles from a Washington Post series about the AR-15. The links take you to the full versions without a paywall. You don't have to be a WaPo subscriber. Please feel free to circulate with your friends. These are poignant, eye-opening, and not that long. And while the intractability of gun violence in the US might not inspire confidence in your capacity to help solve it locally, I hope you'll find that learning in itself can be a source of motivation. Not to get too corny, but maybe, maybe, knowledge is power.
A letter from Executive Editor Sally Buzbee on the AR-15 series
What does an AR-15 do to a human body? A visual examination of the deadly damage
Sutherland Springs survivors haunted by an AR-15's carnage, trauma
Magazine restrictions could reduce mass killings by AR-15s, but courts must decide
As guns saturate the United States, police turn to the AR-15
Decades of marketing reinvented the AR-15 into a top-selling firearm
Why do people own AR-15s? 33% of owners cited self-defense, poll finds
How the AR-15 became a powerful political, cultural symbol in America
The AR-15's impact in America: Here's what The Post's examination found
Armed with AR-15s, extremist and militia groups anticipate civil unrest
Gunmakers' growth in red states marks a divide on weapons like the AR-15
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2023.03.29 08:53 Apollo_Frog The US military, and Greek Mythology

Everything is named after the gods. All the planets, science, and trade. All the NASA "moon landings" named after Apollo the God of light. The statue of Liberty represents Helios the sun God. The Goddess Columbia reigns atop The U.S. Capitol building, and named after the Goddess The District of Columbia. MERCURY the messenger god meets you outside the Capitol building. The modern EMT symbol, and symbol from medicine comes straight from the Greeks, and the good Apollo's son teaching medicine to man. The snake emblem also reflects the Rod of Asclepius, widely used as the symbol of medical care worldwide. There are several theories as to its development; it is named for the Greek mythological figure Asclepius, who was said to have possessed healing power.
The American colonial revolutionary, Thomas Greenleaf, subtitled his newspaper "The Argus" after the mythological watchman and took the slogan "We Guard the Rights of Man."
The Pegasus appears frequently on stamps, particularly for air mail. In 1906, Greece issued a series of stamps featuring the stories from Hercules' life. Australia commemorated the laying of an underwater cable linking it to the island of Tasmania through a stamp featuring an image of Amphitrite.
The United States military has used Greek mythology to name its equipment such as the Nike missile project and the Navy having over a dozen ships named from Greek mythology. Greek mythology has been the source for names for a number of ships in the British navy as well as the Australian Royal Navy which has also named a training facility in Victoria called HMAS Cerebus. The Canadair CP-107 Argus of the Royal Canadian Air Force is named in honor of both the hundred eyed Argus Panoptes the "all seeing" and Odysseus' dog Argus who was the only one who identified Odysseus upon his return home.
In science and technology
The Apollo 16 lunar module on the moon Many celestial bodies have been named after elements of Greek mythology. The constellation of Scorpius represents the scorpion that attacked Orion and the scorpions that frighted the horses when Phaëton was driving the sun-chariot; while Capricorn may represent Pan in a myth that tells of his escape from Typhon by jumping into the water while turning into an animal - the half in the water turned into a fish and the other half turned into a goat. Demeter, a main-belt asteroid discovered by Karl Reinmuth on May 31, 1929, is named after the Greek goddess of fruitful soil and agriculture.[25]
The elements tantalum and niobium are always found together in nature, and have been named after the King Tantalus and his daughter Niobe. The element promethium also draws its name from Greek mythology, as does titanium, which was named after the titans who in mythology were locked away far underground, which reflected the difficulty of extracting titanium from ore.
The U.S. Apollo Space Program to take astronauts to the moon, was named after Apollo, based the god's ability as an archer to hit his target and being the god of light and knowledge.
Written more than two thousand years ago, texts by ancient Greeks still have a major impact on the modern militaries of today in numerous ways.
At the start of the Cold War, the then US secretary of state, George Marshall, read the histories of Herodotus and Thucydides, convinced that the events of the Peloponnesian War and the fall of Athens were worthy of review in those unprecedented times when the United States and Russia— the Athens and Persia on the contemporary age, faced each other in conflict.
Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War is still studied at many military academies, including West Point, the Command and Staff College of the US Marine Corps, and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Recruits at army and naval colleges are encouraged to study what the text has to say about strategic leadership, garnering support in a protracted war and the impact of biological warfare.
The “Melian Dialogue” is considered particularly important, containing the Athenians’ justification for conquering Melos in what was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the late 5th century BC.
Also known to have studied Greek military texts are Colin Powell and David Pet­raeus, whose fall from grace in 2012 after the revelation that he had leaked classified information to his mistress has often been noted in Sophoclean terms. It did not go unnoticed at the time that “Petraeus” was the name of a centaur, a half-man, half-horse figure of Greek myth, renowned for his sexual appetite.
But Greek text also have a therapeutic nature for the military, as well as victims on the other side of the conflict.
The Greek tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides continue to provide a powerful lens through which soldiers heal after returning from conflict. In his recent book, The Theater of War: What Ancient Greek Tragedies Can Teach Us Today, Bryan Doerries describes his work with Theater of War, a traveling drama collective that performs Sophocles’s most intense explorations of the psychological impact of war for US soldiers and veterans.
USS Prometheus USS Triton (SSRN/SSN-586), a United States Navy nuclear-powered radar picket submarine, was the first vessel to execute a submerged circumnavigation of the Earth (Operation Sandblast), doing so in early 1960.
The mythological Greek god Triton was the messenger of the seas. He's usually represented as a merman.
This can be associated with Triton because it explores the seas and it was the first submarine to go around the Earth.
Greek mythology in the military The Nike Missile Project was a U.S. Army Project proposed in 1945 and finished in 1953. The Nike Zeus, Hercules, and Ajax. Nike was the Greek God of Victory and can be associated with speed. It was made to shoot down jet aircraft.
Nike Missile Project USS Medusa (AR-1) was the United States Navy's first purpose-built repair ship. She served in the U.S. Navy from 1924 to 1946. Medusa wasa gorgon. Whoever looked in her eyes was turned to stone. Medusa can Be Associated with the ship because it was the first type of ship, like Medusa was the first mortal gorgon sister.
Gorgon Stare is a video capture technology developed by the United States military[1]. It is a spherical array of nine cameras attached to an aerial drone.[2] The US Air Force calls it "wide-area surveillance sensor system"
HMAS Cerberus has always been Navy personnel training. With the establishment of four tri-service schools over the last 13 years, this role has been extended to training Army, Navy and Air Force personnel. Cerberus was Ares' three headed hellhound which had a serpent's tail, a mane of a snakes, and a lion's claw. This can be associated with the military because it is a military base that trains 3 different branches (like Cerberus' three heads)
The Argus was made for the Royal Canadian Airforce. In its early years, the Argus was reputedly the finest anti-submarine patrol bomber in the world. Argus was Odysseus' dog, the only one to recognize Odysseus when he first got back. The airplane can be associated with Argus the dog because it detects submarines/hidden things. Like Argus when he was the only one to detect Odysseus.
Canadair CP-107 Argus USS Prometheus (AR-3) was a repair ship that served the United States Navy during World War I and World War II.
Prometheus was a Titan, not a god. He is known to have given the mortals fire. Prometheus joined the Gods in the Titan war, instead of the Titans.
It can be associated with the Titan in the way that it repairs other ships and helps them, like how Prometheus helped out mortals by giving them fire.
HMAS Cerberus
USS Triton
USS Medusa
What is Project NIMBUS? Lightning has long perplexed scientists. Not only are atmospheric scientists unsure of exactly what initiates lightning, but they also don’t understand precisely how and why it is able to propagate over great distances, and where it will strike. That makes it, in DARPA’s view, “one of the major unsolved mysteries in the atmospheric sciences.”
First up is a fascinating request for proposals from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, who is looking to build a “Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation.” It has the handy acronym of POSYDON.
POSYDON will be “an undersea system that provides omnipresent, robust positioning” in the deep ocean either for crewed submarines or for autonomous seacraft. “DARPA envisions that the POSYDON program will distribute a small number of acoustic sources, analogous to GPS satellites, around an ocean basin,” but I imagine there is some room for creative maneuvering there.
The idea of an acoustic deep-sea positioning system that operates similar to GPS is pretty interesting to imagine, especially considering the strange transformations sound undergoes as it is transmitted through water. To establish accurately that a U.S. submarine has, in fact, heard an acoustic beacon and that its apparent distance from that point is not being distorted by intervening water temperature, ocean currents, or even the large-scale presence of marine life is obviously quite an extraordinary challenge.
As DARPA points out, without such a system in place, “undersea vehicles must regularly surface to receive GPS signals and fix their position, and this presents a risk of detection.” The ultimate goal, then, would be to launch ultra-longterm undersea missions, even establish permanently submerged robotic networks that have no need to breach the ocean’s surface. Cthulhoid, they will forever roam the deep.
U.S. naval forces need a way to project key capabilities in multiple locations at once, without the time and expense of building new vessels to deliver those capabilities.
DARPA has initiated the Hydra program to help address these challenges. Named for the multi-headed creature from Greek mythology, Hydra aims to develop a distributed undersea network of unmanned payloads and platforms to complement manned vessels. The system would integrate existing and emerging technologies in new ways to create an alternate means of delivering various capabilities above, on and below the ocean’s surface. The goal is to create a force multiplier that enables rapid, scalable and cost-effective deployment of assets close to the point of use
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2023.03.29 08:02 NoSupermarket6218 In a new relationship abroad but I still can not get over my ex

I met my (28) ex (28) around 4 years ago in a dating app, we started as purely friends because we lived in different cities, but we were talking everyday and eventually we became very close, specially during the pandemic, at that point it was like being in an unofficial long distance relationship, we were doing video calls everyday and looking out for each other.
Eventually we got the chance to spend some days together in person and we finally had intimacy and it was great, we had the time of our lives. The only problem is that I knew that I was going to move to USA in one year since I had an offer for my dream job, but that didn’t stop him from asking me to be his boyfriend. I was seriously concerned about the distance (since I had tried before and failed miserably hurting everyone involved) but he told me that we would figure it out and I decided to trust him.
We were a regular couple for about a year and it was awesome, but during that time I was looking into ways for he to come with me, none of them was a real option at the time though, unless he worked towards getting his own visa, which he didn’t do at all (lately he would tell me he got diagnosed with executive dysfunction) and it would had taken more than a year anyway. The only option to stay together was to get married and for he to come as a dependent without being able to work at all, which sounded extremely risky and would have put a lot of pressure on me.
So we didn’t get married and he didn’t get his own visa and I moved to USA alone, and a couple months afterwards and without plans to be together, we eventually broke up (he broke up with me to set me free and I agreed).
After that it was really turbulent and confusing, he was giving me very confusing signals. We kept talking regularly and occasionally flirting, but he would say things like “I’m sure you’re the love of my life and I don’t care if you get married, I’m going to win you back eventually” and “We are never getting back together because I don’t want to feel that unloved again”. He got even more extreme creating a elaborated long term plan to get his own visa, improve his appearance and win be back but also abruptly deciding to date someone else over trivial stuff like me not asking how his day was going.
With all theses mixed signals I started assuming it was not meant to be since he didn’t work to make it happen and he was changing his mind really quickly. So I started dating seriously again 6 months after our oficial break up. (After also talking to my therapist, since it was tough to be in a new country alone and I was going through more stuff).
I met a really cute and smart guy (28) and we happened to get along greatly. It is his first relationship (and first time having intimacy) so he wanted to go very slowly, and it was perfect for me because I was not completely over my ex, and also he is relatively young and learning about relationships and we both had uncertainty about our long term future, so I thought it was the perfect match for a temporary relationship with the potential of becoming a long term thing if things went well.
I told my ex about the new guy out of respect for both, and he didn’t take it well but he kept working on himself and trying to move on. (While still making clear that his plans to move to the same city were still on)
Some months ago I went to my home country for the holidays and he told me he has a new boyfriend (35), and I didn’t take it well. That’s when I realized that I had been unconsciously sabotaging my new relationship (for example, avoiding making it official, or saying “I love you” despite being dating for almost a year) because I was still waiting for my ex to “win me back”.
It’s been 4 months since I found out about the new relationship, and I am taking therapy, but I haven’t been able to move on, I’m terribly anxious and depressed and I’m not able to be productive at work at all. The fact that I work in tech and I know there will be more layoffs at my company soon (forcing me to go back to my country) doesn’t help. I’m not even sure why I feel this way, but I think there are several factors and all of them make me feel overwhelmed and like a shitty person.
  1. My ex’s new boyfriend makes me feel insecure, he is a lot like me but he is older, taller, cuter, a doctor and in general seems to be a great guy and a good person. It hurts like hell to think that the love of my life and who swore to win be back not matter what, replaced me with an “upgrade”.
  2. I still see my ex as the love of my life. After all these years and the awesome chemistry we have in both personality and sex, being each others first true love, same age, same height, each other’s type, similar occupations and disorders (adhd and neurodivergents). I know we’re not perfect but I want to marry him and take care of him and have him in my life forever, I truly think we had the purest love but we made stupid decisions. And I think he might feel the same way but he is still trying to move on for whatever reason (including that distance is still an issue).
But also I think I might be holding on to him, because he is the most stable thing I’ve had in my life and my work situation is making my whole life unstable. A part of me wants to get laid off so we can be in the same country, or to propose, and I know…that’s intense.
  1. I feel shitty for feeling this way while being in a new relationship, since all this started I was thinking of letting my current boyfriend know and even break up, but people advised me not to do it, since I would only hurt him and maybe destroy the awesome relationship I have now.
But also, could all this be a reflection of my unhappiness in my new relationship? The guy is great, he is a catch and husband material, I feel extremely lucky to have him in my life. But I’m not completely satisfied in some aspects of our relationship…
* We don’t do as many things together as I would like to (I always go to my friend’s parties alone, for instance)
* Sexual chemistry is not the best…. For example it takes me a long time to finish with him, I consider him objectively very attractive but since he is not physically my usual type he doesn’t turn me on as much as my ex or other guys, and also there are things we cannot physically do at all like me being the bottom (phimosis) and he has no intentions of trying to make it work soon. And it sucks to feel this way, because I do think he is very hot.
* He is a grad student, so he doesn’t have much time or money to do fun stuff together like going out or traveling (and he doesn’t want me to pay), we meet at most twice a week and we mostly stay in. It makes me a bit frustrated because I wanted to enjoy what’s left of my twenties now that I’m finally making decent money and I can’t do it with my boyfriend.
So I don’t know, I feel like the right thing to do is to break up with my current boyfriend, tell my ex how I feel and if he doesn’t feel same way, look for another partner that hopefully satisfies me in what is important for me in a boyfriend right now. I feel shallow but those things are driving me crazy.
Bu I’m afraid of going through another breakup I will regret and of letting unrealistic expectations ruin a good relationship, and maybe end up alone and in a worse place. I do think my current boyfriend is truly special and I’ll never find someone like him, we’re a pretty good match despite those issues.
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2023.03.29 08:00 Bumish1 Iron Mace just posed an info dump. Here's what it says w/ google translate.

Super Long Post! But this is a rather huge update that includes GitRepos.
I cover a lot of this stuff in my video found here - https://youtu.be/IxMLU15dUGw (It's like an hour long and goes over a lot of the stuff said here, before they even released this info. They even use some of the same stuff as evidence.)
Discord Link to info - To see the update in it's origional format. https://discord.com/channels/988365908009447485/988662112454836234/1090510064609140867
Full list of assets purchased to make Dark & Darker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16DjiRitUa_R3IkelPNKW0Q8F-H1KFuWXTxxw2q0SCQo/edit#gid=0
Git logs for the first year of development. The earliest entries start at the bottom of the document. It is a little embarrassing showing all our development mistakes and bugs but we believe that is further proof that Dark and Darker was built from the ground up. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qyRk3zyIMuwTOvL3E8zchxw9hiukpKWC/view?usp=sharing
- Although our company was officially founded in October 2021, our development logs go back to September 2021. This can be explained by our company history below.

- A bit of background history regarding IRONMACE. Several of our founding members started work as a development team starting in September 2021. The members worked for more than a month in a shabby jiujitsu gym without pay using our own personal PCs as a test of our resolve and teamwork, and also because we had no investors. Once we realized that our members could form the foundations of a viable company, the company was formally founded in late October 2021. The original funds were quickly exhausted and IRONMACE almost went bankrupt as we were unable to acquire investors. Luckily members rallied together and collected funds from over twenty friends and families to bankroll the company for another couple months. This was also quickly exhausted and IRONMACE relied on outsourcing work unrelated to game development to help it survive another month. It was only through grueling meetings and countless, countless, countless rejections that IRONMACE was finally able to find brave VCs willing to fund the studio in 2022. The studio made it point to accept as little money as possible to stay hungry and motivated to get to the current point.

1. Our Korean Response to the takedown claim - From Iron Mace
We are Iron Mace, a game developer in Korea developing the PC game Dark & Darker. Through this document, we will deal with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Take Down Notice (DMCA Take Down Notice) filed against us by Nexon Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nexon”), and our position on allegations of copyright infringement and leakage of trade secrets.
Through its own investigation, Nexon said, "Dark and Darker appears to have been developed by copying and stealing trade secrets and copyrighted information owned by Nexon." said. We want to make it clear that this claim is baseless. Our company, Iron Mace, has never owned or used Nexon's copyrighted materials or trade secrets.
Nexon belatedly registered the copyright related to the P3 project in February 2023, more than six months after Dark and Darker was released, and is claiming copyright infringement against it. The first point of their claim is that one of our members (then director, hereinafter A) illegally moved important assets to a private server “without permission”.
Our response to the above claim is as follows.
Due to the mandatory remote work policy implemented by Nexon in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, A received written approval from Nexon executives to use an external personal server to improve the team's work efficiency from 2020 to 2021. While developing using a personal server for about a year, A asked if it was okay to continue using the personal server. The head of the senior organization responded to the question by telling them to refrain from using private servers. A has agreed to discontinue use of the private server. Instead, we received an exception from the company to work in the office, circumventing the current remote work policy, in order to keep the team working efficiently.
In order to stop using the personal server, A moved the connected system and started deleting trade secret files, but the immediate hurdles (a kind of mid-term evaluation process in the game industry, and if the results are not good, the project may be suspended) , the migration of development systems to internal servers was not a quick and thorough process. As a result, some auto-upload scripts related to the build system were left running. And buildings around the office are closed due to corona expansion, so I can no longer go to work, etc. A made a mistake of using the personal server again without re-approval due to the anxiety of reduced work efficiency and the burden of meeting the schedule and achieving the goal.
At that time, all computers in Nexon's company were monitored using the endpoint solution, so the use of personal servers subject to approval and re-approval was known to Nexon during several months of development. However, during that period, A did not receive a single warning from the security team, and when answering to the head of the higher organization to refrain from using the server, he received an answer saying, 'It's a bit ambiguous to say that it's official/no', so he made a wrong decision. that was hit
A suffered the shock of his previous project being shut down in 2020, and several other projects within Nexon were canceled around the same time. A had doubts about the release along with various circumstances that could only be seen as lack of development support. Later, due to an incident, his trust with his boss was broken, and in June 2021, he finally decided to leave Nexon.
A revealed to members of the development team he had worked with for a long time that he would be leaving the company soon. He cited a lack of support for development as the reason for his departure, and further doubts about whether he would ever be able to launch the project. He also said he welcomes those who would like to join us for the next try. He's likely pushing for a project in a similar genre to the P3 project, but he's made it clear that everything needs to be developed from scratch. The above fact was also proven in the course of investigating a separate individual lawsuit filed by Nexon against A in the testimony collected by the police.
Immediately after Nexon's executives learned of A's plan to resign, their attitude suddenly changed to find A's fault, without any effort to amicably resolve the situation. He then sent an internal audit team to accuse him of stealing files, even though he knew the private server had been used for work for months. Seeing efforts to find out the fault somehow in this way rather than solving it through dialogue, the relationship of trust with the company was completely broken, and A consulted with a lawyer and said that since there are personal information on the personal server, there is no obligation to submit it to the company. After hearing the conclusion, instead of submitting my private server, I completely deleted everything in it.
A was fired due to a claim interpreted differently from his intention, and around August 2021, civil/criminal charges and lawsuits were filed against his house and other assets with omnidirectional seizure and pressure, and several seizures and searches were conducted. has been done up to A's personal case is still ongoing, and claims that he stole or misappropriated these files have yet to be substantiated. He actively cooperated with police investigations every time. Our company was also seized and searched several times during this investigation, but we responded to the investigation with the utmost cooperation in order to prove our innocence. If Nexon's trade secrets were really stolen or misappropriated, nine out of the more than 20 P3 project team members would not have risked joining Iron Mace.
The second issue in the DMCA notice filed by Nexon is the claim that Iron Mace CEO Terence Park abused the suspect's stolen trade secrets and copyrighted material to develop Dark & Darker for his own and Iron Mace's benefit. Our response to this claim is below.
The company's CEO makes it clear that no stolen trade secrets or copyrighted material were used to develop Dark & Darker. Indeed, Terrence Park has repeatedly stressed to his team that in order to maintain the company's vision and branding, third-party trade secrets must not exist by mistake and must be developed from scratch.
Subsequently, in the DMCA notice, Nexon claims that the only way to come up with an idea similar to the P3 project is theft, and as a basis, it claims that the P3 project has never been disclosed to a third party during this period. However, this claim can be proven unequivocally false. Nexon unveiled the P3 in a media showcase in August 2021, and has since written about it in numerous blogs and articles:
Nexon also claims in its DMCA notice that no other game has the same "concept, genre, and plot" as P3, claiming to have created an entirely new concept. But none of the P3 concepts are entirely new. A game already on the market called Expedition Agartha is a similar game in the three categories already stated.
Since then, Iron Mace has claimed without evidence that it is impossible to make a test version of Dark & Darker in just 10 months of founding without using Nexon's trade secrets. Our response to this claim is as follows.
The fact that a big game company like Nexon can't develop games this fast doesn't mean that other studios, big and small, can't develop at that speed.
Iron Mace's rapid pace of development was possible for the following reasons.
Iron Mace began development with 18 people, significantly more than the initial P3 team of about 11 people. The percentage of dual programmers doubled to 3 and 6, respectively.
We used as many 3D game objects as possible, purchased from the Asset Store, which account for most of the cost and time required for game development.
Also, with the permission of the artists, it was developed with a focus on game design and programming.
The server code did not exist because there were no server programmers on the P3 project team. However, Iron Mace was developed by employing senior-level server programmers from the beginning to create a stable server architecture.
Fortunately, we have evidence that clearly shows how we developed the game quickly and efficiently, and we will be making it public soon.
We'll soon publish a list of purchased assets used in Dark & Darker development, proving that almost all 3D assets were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace.
And we have tons of videos to see what major milestone builds look like, from early internal playtests to more recent tests. These videos will also be coming online soon, showing you how to quickly and efficiently develop the game from scratch.
Finally, for verification from a technical point of view, we will soon release the Git log and its file list, which is the development history from the first log in the Git repository to the work on the self-developed anti-cheat module. This is a log over a period of about a year or so. This will allow other developers to easily check our progress and check for stolen code or assets. In addition, since the P3 project was written while learning because none of the programmers had any experience using Unreal Engine at the time of the project, using the code and assets of the P3 project as a reference is a dark and darker project.
It wouldn't have helped you in your progress.
In the DMCA notice, Nexon compared and analyzed files from the Dark & Darker and P3 Projects and said, "The number of files with the same name is too many to be a coincidence." claims. And it claims to have found more than 2,338 files with the same name. Our response to this claim is as follows.
They attached the remaining 1,032 resources to Exhibit D, excluding files generated by using the same game engine. Of these, 950 files were either assets purchased from Unreal's Marketplace or files from plugins. The remaining 82 files (41 to be exact, because two files are created with the same file name) also have the same name because of the general concept and official naming convention recommended in the process of developing a typical first-person fantasy game. (See naming conventions and examples below)
Rules for Writing Unreal Engine Official Names
Blueprint (BP_) + Arrow => BP_Arrow (Exhibit D 33p)
Material (M_) + Base (Base) => M_Base (Exhibit D 35p)
If Nexon agrees to provide the file, it is suggested to compare and analyze the actual contents of the files with the same name through a third party. We have provided a list of sources for all “same-named” resources listed by Nexon.
In addition, the DMCA notice claims that the two games' character designs, worldviews, and core gameplay are similar. In response to the above claim, we'd like to say that both games borrow settings from very traditional fantasy worlds. None of this is original, and the similarities to the pointed character classes and use of torches can be found in countless other fantasy games. Both games belong to the classic fantasy dungeon exploration genre, and the similarities can be explained.
In addition, Nexon claims that "Iron Mace purchased graphic assets, including character concept art, from the Unreal Marketplace, but the assets purchased from the Unreal Marketplace and Dark & Darker's assets look different, and there are many similarities with those of P3. ” claims. Our position on the claim is as follows.
Most of the 3D assets were purchased from the Unreal Marketplace, but most of the 2D graphic elements, including concept art and UI, were created in-house. The character concept artwork that Nexon claims similarities to is a reflection of a very traditional fantasy setting. In addition, the concept artwork of the two games was created by the same person, so the painting style is also similar. Soon, our concept artist will organize and disclose that the character concept of Dark & Darker does not infringe on the concept of P3. Through this document, Google image search shows artwork of other popular fantasy concepts, and Dark & Darker's concept art follows the general fantasy world, so it looks similar, but I want to prove that I did not infringe P3's copyright. .
The DMCA notice states that the two games' core concepts, genres, and storylines are so similar that "I am convinced that Iron Mace may have used Nexon's trade secrets to create Dark & Darker." Again, Dark & Darker's concept and settings are all largely inspired by traditional and popular fantasy RPG games. The gameplay of adventurers digging through dungeons full of monsters and treasure in search of riches is so common and common that it could be widely applied in many other fantasy games as well.
Just for fun, we asked ChatGPT to explain the definition of a typical PVP dungeon exploration game, and we got the following response.
----------------------------------Content from ChatGPT------------- ----------------------
In this PvP dungeon crawl game, players compete against each other in dangerous and mysterious dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, and monsters.
Players choose their character from several classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. They need to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and solve puzzles to advance deeper.
But besides fighting monsters, players also have to face each other in intense PvP battles. They can attack other players to steal loot or gain an advantage, but you have to be careful not to be suddenly attacked by enemy players.
In the meantime, players can collect loot, weapons, and magic items to help them in their missions. They can also trade items with other players or buy and sell them at NPC shops.
Gameplay requires strategic decision-making, and players must decide whether to focus on attacking other players or progressing through the dungeon. They must manage their limited resources carefully, including weapons, spells, and stamina.
The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the deepest dungeon's floor and defeat the final boss. You should be able to beat other players while doing all of this. The game offers an exciting and competitive experience for players who enjoy both PvE and PvP gameplay.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
Finally, the common characteristics of the two games announced in Exhibit E are generally shared characteristics that can also be found in many other similar games.
Judging from the information presented, it would be difficult for Nexon itself to believe that Iron Mace infringed on the copyright of the P3 project. And Nexon does not provide evidence that Iron Mace used Nexon's trade secrets to make Dark & Darker, only circumstantial inferences.
Finally, Nexon is accusing Iron Mace of violating Valve's SSA and SOCR, preventing us from delivering our games to fans on the world's largest PC gaming platform. We want Nexon to stop making baseless claims.
In order to resolve issues quickly and definitively, we are willing to provide source code, produced assets, and design documentation for comparison between the two companies. We ask Nexon to make a positive impact on gamers and gaming communities around the world by actively working on resolving issues between the two companies.
That's all of that document. Translated by google.
2. Concept Artist response:
Rebuttal to claims of character design similarity
Hello, this is Dark & Darker's concept artist.
Through this document, we would like to refute the allegation that the concept of P3 was stolen from Dark & Darker.
Nexon claims that Dark & Darker was developed using P3's assets, and claims to be suspicious because of their visual similarity. The contents below are intended to refute this and explain what parts we focused on in class design and why the claim that the results are similar is not valid.
Dark & Darker's classes are made up of classes commonly handled in Dungeons and Dragons and medieval fantasy games influenced by it, and aim for familiar classic fantasy concepts.
Therefore, it cannot be seen that it has the distinctive features of Dark & Darker in appearance or design.
Dark & Darker worked on the class concept based on the following three concerns.
What are the most familiar classes in the memories of classic fantasy fans?
What design can you accept without hesitation even if you are not a fan of classic fantasy?
What is the range that can be expressed with the assets you own (purchased assets)?
P3 and Dark & Darker have the same concept artist (i.e., because I worked on both), the way the characters are portrayed or the painting style may feel similar, but there are significant differences in detailed composition such as costumes.
The following will refute the claim that the classes of P3 and Dark & Darker are similar by comparing each class.

Class Comparison 1: Barbarian
When I started thinking about Dark & Darker's Barbarian, I initially tried to work with a barbaric warrior feel like Conan the Barbarian (movie). However, I had to use the purchased armor assets in common, so I had no choice but to switch to the current Nordic Viking feel.
To elaborate more, even if I drew concept art, I did not have enough time to create assets for it, so I changed the direction of the concept art according to the assets.
Images in document.

Figure 1: A draft of a Dark and Darker Barbarian that was scrapped in the works.
Images in document.

Figure 2: Barbarian used for loading image after drafting
Images in document.
Figure 3 below is various concept art of the barbarian that I referenced during work in this regard. Based on this, we focused on creating a barbarian that fits the worldview of Dark & Darker, and designing it so that there is no particular problem when using equipment of other classes in common.

Figure 3: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Nexon is claiming that P3's Barbarian and Dark & Darker's Barbarian are similar.
As explained earlier, Dark & Darker's Barbarian was created based on works from common fantasy worlds, and furthermore, those used in various games.

Figure 4: P3 and the Barbarian in Dark & Darker
Image in document.

Even in the details, of course, there are differences. P3's barbarian is more colorful than Dark & Darker's barbarian, such as horns, Nordic patterns of armor, beard shape, and cape, and the style is mixed. The shape of the helmet may look similar by adopting the design of the actual German helmet (Yelmo de Gjermundbu), but the detailed design is completely different.

Class Comparison 2: Fighter
Image in document.
Dark & Darker's fighter is a class specialized in melee attacks wearing typical medieval knight armor. The items in Figure 5 below are reference materials when designing fighters, and are also popularly used, heavy armored warriors specializing in melee attacks.
Through the items in Figure 6, you can see what process the current fighter design came out through

Figure 5: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 6: Fighter used for loading image after drafting
Image in document.

Figure 7: P3's Tanker and Dark & Darker's Fighter
Image in document.

Nexon claims that P3's 'Tanker' and Dark & Darker's 'Fighter' were produced in a similar form. However, as you can see from the picture in Figure 7, except for the open helmet, everything is different, including the appearance, armor design, weapon design, bag, and props.
The figure wearing an open helmet is just a type of expression commonly used to show a character's face because it is obscured.
Class Comparison 3: Ranger
In games and movies set in the Middle Ages, rangers were often depicted wearing hoods, and purchased assets also included hoods. The costumes depicted in the Dark & Darker illustration were designed with reference to the asset costumes you own.

Figure 8: Appearance by referring to the clothing on the left and the hood on the right
Image in document.

Figure 9: Ranger used for loading image after cyan
Image in document.

Figure 10: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 11: P3 and Dark & Darker's Ranger
Image in document.

Dark & Darker's Ranger has borrowed the overall color from common designs to keep the sensibility of the old fantasy intact. Also, in order to express the concept of a hunter who fights while hiding in the dark, the use of colors was limited and designed with low saturation.
As you can see by comparing the P3 and Dark & Darker's Ranger illustrations, they are not the same except that they wear hoods and have bows.

Class Comparison 4: Wizard
The design that became the basis of the Dark and Darker Wizard is Gandalf from ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and it is the most easily recognizable image of a wizard.

Figure 12: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 13: Wizard of Dark and Darker with P3
Image in document.

Like the image of the other classes described earlier, Dark & Darker's Wizard expressed a more traditional and classic wizard than P3's Wizard. Wearing a long and cumbersome robe for an adventurer's appearance, it was produced with the intention of taking the form of an old man who is old but wise and still capable of fighting.
Class Comparison 5: Log
Likewise, in the case of logs, other than wearing a hood, the P3 and Dark & Darker logs have different components such as weapons and costumes.
In the case of the rogue, we tried to embody the real thief's play, rather than simply wielding a fast weapon such as a dagger (it is actually possible to steal while playing), and for this purpose, the weapon was highlighted at the beginning, and finally It is made in the form of emphasizing the money bag held in the hand.
Rather, in the case of Rogue, the design was made to approach the essence of a thief more than a thief generally seen.

Figure 14: Initial log cyan
Image in document.

Figure 15: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 16: P3's Thief and Dark & Darker's Rogue
Image in document.
Like the images of other classes described above, P3’s ‘thief’ and Dark & Darker’s ‘rogue’ have different design goals.
Class Comparison 6: Cleric
In general, the class called Cleric is often designed with the Templar Knights as a motif. Dark and darker clerics also adopted a design with a tunic wrapped around chainmail to match this popular design. Also, like other classes, it had to be created based on the assets you have, so I designed it with reference to the assets below.

Figure 17: Polyphoria's assets referencing clothing design
Image in document.

Figure 18: Concept designs by other artists
Image in document.

Figure 19: P3 and Dark & Darker's Cleric
Image in document.

From that point of view, if you compare P3 and Dark & Darker's clerics, you can see that there are many differences in armor, costumes, and patterns.

Conclusion: P3 and Dark & Darker are different.

In this way, the design of the classes expressed in Dark & Darker is only the result of selecting the ones that are most suitable for Dark & Darker among one of the character designs that have appeared in various fantasy games that have been dealt with for decades, and are not designed by stealing P3's trade secrets. didn't
In conclusion, the allegation of theft is only a phenomenon that arises from the fact that the concepts of the two projects are oriented toward a medieval fantasy worldview. We, the development team of Iron Mace, focused on the direction of the game we were aiming for, designed and expressed it accordingly, and revealed that the game was not made by taking the parts that were produced in P3 as it is.
submitted by Bumish1 to DarkAndDarker [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 07:21 tasknautica batch file or similar that can restart computer, boot into a different drive, and open cmd on that drive

i got a media-creation-tool usb, which I use to download windows on my computers, sometimes. Firstly, I always partition the drive and download windows on a partition. I also don't have access to cmd prompt (or diskpart) on the other partition, so I use the USB's repair option or similar and access cmd prompt, and diskpart that way (Yes, I bypassed my school's admin lock by partitioning the drive and installing a 2nd copy of windows)
Is there any ways to quickly execute this? for example a batch file that will restart the computer, open repair this pc > cmd prompt, an then execute diskpart?

I assume a batch file will not cut it, however I know this sort of stuff is possible (a partitioning application I used to use would restart the computer into it's own half-operating-system-half-bios so that it could partition)

thank you to anyone who can lend any support or help!!!

HP probook x360, ryzen 5600u, integrated graphics
windows 10 pro, 21h2 because lets be real i'm way to lazy to update it
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2023.03.29 06:53 Sniffer5 The Importance of Being Familiar with Programming Models as Well as the Four Foundational Elements of Programming

Greetings, fellow members of the TechHive community! Are you just getting started with the education required to use a programming language? Or perhaps you are already an experienced programmer but you are interested in advancing your abilities. Regardless of the programming language you choose to work with, it is essential to have a solid comprehension of the four pillars of programming as well as the programming paradigms. In this post, I will discuss this topic.
To begin, let's go over a few different programming languages, such as Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, and so on. Having said that, it is essential to keep in mind that the knowledge of a particular programming language is not nearly as important as having a comprehension of the type of programming that is being done. For instance, do you primarily employ object-oriented programming (OOP), functional programming, or sequential programming in your work? Each programming paradigm has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and different types of jobs are better suited to some than others. You are undoubtedly familiar with the term "object-oriented programming" if you have any knowledge of computer programming. (OOP). In the world of programming, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a prevalent paradigm that centers on four fundamental ideas: abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. In this article, I will discuss the four pillars of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and provide examples to help you understand how each one operates.
Abstraction is the practice of concealing complexity while concentrating on drawing attention to an object's fundamental characteristics. The use of abstraction enables the creation of code that is less complicated, more manageable, and simpler to both comprehend and keep up-to-date. For instance, if you are constructing a car, you might decide to make an abstract class that you'll name "Vehicle." This class would define the fundamental characteristics that are shared by all vehicles, such as the number of wheels, the kind of engine, and the mode of steering. After that, you can construct more specialized classes, such as "Car" and "Motorcycle," that inherit from the "Vehicle" class and add their very own one-of-a-kind characteristics to the mix.
Inheritance refers to the process of developing new classes that are derived from pre-existing classes, with the goal of inheriting the characteristics and operations of the parent classes. Through the use of inheritance, it is possible to repurpose existing code and construct a structure of classes that is simpler to administer. For instance, if you have a class called "Vehicle," you could construct a "Car" class that inherits from "Vehicle" and adds its own attributes and behaviors, such as the number of doors, the type of transmission, and the method of braking. This would be possible if you already had a "Vehicle" class.
Polymorphism refers to using the same method name to carry out different actions depending on the situation in which it is used. This pillar is about using the same method name. The ability to write code that is polymorphic enables you to write code that is more flexible, reusable, and simpler to modify and extend. Polymorphism allows you to call the appropriate version of a method based on the type of object that is being used. For instance, if you have a "Vehicle" class and a "Car" class, and both of these classes have a method called "start_engine," you can use polymorphism to call the appropriate version of the method.
Encapsulation is one of the four pillars of object design, and its purpose is to safeguard an object's internal state while also providing a transparent interface through which users can interact with the object. The use of encapsulation enables developers to produce code that is not only more error-proof but also easier to maintain. You could, for instance, construct a "Car" class that has private attributes such as the fuel level and the engine temperature, and then provide public methods such as "drive" and "refuel" that enable users to interact with the car in a manner that is governed by specific parameters. Data classes, control structures, modularity, and abstraction are all very important concepts. To become a better syntax writer and tester, it is essential to have a solid understanding of these foundations. Let's examine each of these in turn:
Understanding the various kinds of data that a programming language can work with, such as integers, floating-point numbers, strings, and boolean values, is the focus of this pillar. Data types include all of these and more. When it comes to creating programs that are able to process a variety of inputs and outputs, having a solid understanding of data types is absolutely necessary.
Control structures: This pillar is about understanding the various methods that a program can control the flow of execution, such as loops, conditional statements, and functions. Specifically, this pillar focuses on understanding how to control the flow of execution. To be able to write programs that can make decisions and repeat duties, having a solid understanding of control structures is essential.
The modularity pillar focuses on segmenting a program into smaller, more manageable pieces, such as functions and modules, so that it is easier to work with. Learning about modularity is essential if you want to write programs that are simpler to comprehend, easier to maintain, and more flexible to reuse.
Hiding the complexity of a program while concentrating on its most important aspects is the primary goal of the abstraction pillar. A solid understanding of abstraction is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to write programs that are simpler to comprehend and modify.
Now, I would like to ask you the following: What was the first programming language you ever learned, and how did it benefit you in the long run? Bash and Python were the languages I used. Python enabled me to create more complex programs and web applications, whereas Bash enabled me to automate repetitive tasks in the Linux command line.
In summary, if you want to become a better programmer, it is essential to comprehend programming paradigms as well as the four pillars of programming. This is true regardless of the programming language that you are working with. Therefore, continue to educate yourself, hone your skills, and make progress!
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2023.03.29 06:26 IcyVA [For Hire] Virtual Assistant

Are you a busy CEO, marketing manager, or HR manager who needs reliable and efficient assistance with administrative tasks, technical recruiting, and other day-to-day operations? Look no further! As an experienced executive assistant, technical recruiter, and virtual assistant, I can help you streamline your business operations and achieve your goals without worrying about time-consuming administrative work.
My Experience
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Office Tools
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2023.03.29 05:57 Zacflemo This guys name had me in stitches

This guys name had me in stitches
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2023.03.29 05:43 down2earth11 [FREE DOWNLOAD] Stories That Sell - 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content By Jon Youshaei

Unlock the power of storytelling with "Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets to Create Killer Content" by Jon Youshaei. This CreativeLive class will teach you the techniques to craft engaging content that captivates your audience and drives conversions. Learn from a former YouTube and Google executive and take your content creation to the next level. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your storytelling skills!
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2023.03.29 05:04 SuperLetterhead7657 A Tesla parking garage was approved with the purchase of 1.1 acres of Gwinnett Place Mall property

A Tesla parking garage was approved with the purchase of 1.1 acres of Gwinnett Place Mall property submitted by SuperLetterhead7657 to Gwinnett [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 04:42 User_3971 RCA/CCA/MHA/PSE: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 3-28 rollup.

CAREER EMPLOYEES! Tired of seeing all these jobs go to the street? Your chance to join the gravy train ranks is almost gone! Apply yourself, you can do it! MSS Coordinator varies by District.
New record on MM-7 mechanic jobs. USPS really out to fuck the people that are already career, they're not even trying to hide it. Also, I forgot how to count. Moved ahead a month oops - take two!

Good afternoon. Brief listing of CAREER JOBS pulled from usps.com/careers/ for your convenience.
Some jobs may be part-time regular however all listed jobs should qualify for federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the posting number for your search term. LC and MM are entry-level Maintenance. Here is a testimonial from a recent convert, prima1981.

NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to usps.com/careers/ and APPLY THERE. We even has a video walkthrough prepared.

Laborer Custodial:
CANAL WINCHESTER OH NC11298992 03/23/2023
GRANVILLE OH NC11298999 03/23/2023
CHARLEVOIX MI NC11297550 03/22/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11272282 03/16/2023
REDMOND WA NC11290022 03/15/2023
KETCHUM ID NC11302140 03/25/2023
WHITE PLAINS NY NC11301053 03/25/2023
BRATTLEBORO VT NC11300914 03/25/2023
DICKINSON ND NC11300841 03/24/2023
BISMARCK ND NC11300837 03/24/2023
BISMARCK ND NC11300831 03/24/2023
CROOKSTON MN NC11300673 03/24/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION VT NC11300224 03/24/2023
FENTON MO NC11299177 03/24/2023
BOSTON MA NC11299139 03/24/2023
PENDLETON OR NC11299123 03/24/2023
GRAY GA NC11297961 03/23/2023
LAGRANGE GA NC11297953 03/23/2023
JESUP GA NC11297950 03/23/2023
KINGSLAND GA NC11297774 03/23/2023
NORTH READING MA NC11297767 03/23/2023
HICKORY NC NC11297724 03/23/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11296097 03/22/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11285816 03/20/2023
LEESBURG VA NC11294817 03/19/2023
TRAVERSE CITY MI NC11293101 03/18/2023
WHITE PLAINS NY NC11301206 03/25/2023

Maintenance Mechanic:
SHREWSBURY MA NC11299180 03/24/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11289187 03/21/2023
SAINT PAUL MN NC11299102 03/23/2023
SAINT PAUL MN NC11298964 03/23/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11302501 03/25/2023
PHOENIX AZ NC11294808 03/20/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302228 03/25/2023
OAKLAND CA NC11299110 03/23/2023
MERRIFIELD VA NC11294815 03/19/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11297952 03/23/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288732 03/20/2023
JAMAICA NY NC11288847 03/25/2023
HARTFORD CT NC11300915 03/25/2023
WHITE PLAINS NY NC11301200 03/25/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11302407 03/25/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293083 03/18/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11288826 03/25/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288711 03/20/2023
CHICAGO IL NC11292143 03/17/2023
AUGUSTA GA NC11292936 03/17/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302333 03/25/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11289177 03/21/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288728 03/20/2023
CAROL STREAM IL NC11292109 03/17/2023
HISTORIC NEW CASTLE DE NC11299043 03/26/2023
WHITE PLAINS NY NC11301213 03/25/2023
WHITE PLAINS NY NC11301150 03/25/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11299029 03/23/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302325 03/25/2023
MACON GA NC11292871 03/17/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11301171 03/25/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11301158 03/25/2023
KEARNY NJ NC11296167 03/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11302145 03/25/2023
DALLAS TX NC11299590 03/24/2023
COPPELL TX NC11299592 03/24/2023
BELL GARDENS CA NC11287325 03/21/2023
FARMINGTON NM NC11294794 03/20/2023

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11297600 03/23/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11288829 03/25/2023
FARGO ND NC11302226 03/25/2023
DULLES VA NC11294816 03/19/2023
WEST FARGO ND NC11302193 03/25/2023
WAITE PARK MN NC11304276 03/26/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302284 03/25/2023
FARGO ND NC11302190 03/25/2023
BOSTON MA NC11296309 03/22/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11289175 03/21/2023
PORTLAND OR NC11301307 03/25/2023
NORTH READING MA NC11297723 03/23/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11302329 03/25/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293003 03/18/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11301303 03/25/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288712 03/20/2023
DALLAS TX NC11299578 03/24/2023

Building Equipment Mechanic:
HEIGHTS MD NC11290064 03/16/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11302244 03/25/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302230 03/25/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11302294 03/25/2023
SEATTLE WA NC11294603 03/18/2023

Garage Assistant:
MCALLEN TX NC11291630 03/16/2023
AURORA IL NC11302233 03/25/2023

General Clerk VMF:
MANCHESTER NH NC11299377 03/24/2023

Electronic Technician:
NORTH READING MA NC11299182 03/24/2023
CHICAGO IL NC11292188 03/17/2023
DETROIT MI NC11300595 03/24/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11301165 03/25/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11297768 03/23/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302246 03/25/2023
WHITE PLAINS NY NC11301212 03/25/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293110 03/18/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11294867 03/19/2023
MANKATO MN NC11302194 03/25/2023
NORTH READING MA NC11297614 03/23/2023
BEMIDJI MN NC11300829 03/24/2023
COPPELL TX NC11299593 03/24/2023
LUBBOCK TX NC11294802 03/19/2023
PHILADELPHIA PA NC11302236 03/25/2023
WASHINGTON DC NC11297954 03/23/2023
WEST FARGO ND NC11302144 03/25/2023

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

GLASGOW MT NC11296091 03/21/2023
MAPLE FALLS WA NC11296082 03/19/2023
FLORA VISTA NM NC11305346 03/28/2023
EASTSOUND WA NC11295971 03/20/2023
CULLEOKA TN NC11294523 03/18/2023
CORVALLIS MT NC11299118 03/24/2023
WYMORE NE NC11299107 03/23/2023
PALMYRA VA NC11299598 03/24/2023
FREELAND WA NC11301079 03/25/2023
BASSETT NE NC11294668 03/18/2023
SPRINGDALE WA NC11296087 03/20/2023
PERKINSTON MS NC11297989 03/23/2023
SELLS AZ NC11302414 03/25/2023
KENAI AK NC11300907 03/24/2023
ASPEN CO NC11297726 03/23/2023
ABERDEEN MS NC11297984 03/23/2023
BORGER TX NC11299103 03/24/2023
HONEY BROOK PA NC11296174 03/22/2023
DALLASTOWN PA NC11296576 03/22/2023
WATERLOO NE NC11298987 03/23/2023
VALDERS WI NC11301030 03/25/2023
SELLS AZ NC11302451 03/25/2023
RUTLAND MA NC11299516 03/24/2023
ROY WA NC11296081 03/20/2023
REEDLEY CA NC11296222 03/24/2023
QUILCENE WA NC11296078 03/20/2023
PIEDMONT OK NC11297962 03/23/2023
ORTING WA NC11297556 03/22/2023
ORLEANS MA NC11298202 03/23/2023
OLIVET MI NC11291746 03/17/2023
HILLS IA NC11299034 03/23/2023
ESSEX MA NC11296340 03/22/2023
DEXTER OR NC11296094 03/21/2023
COOL CA NC11300901 03/24/2023
CLARKSTON WA NC11295974 03/20/2023
BETHPAGE TN NC11294606 03/18/2023
SLIPPERY ROCK PA NC11296544 03/22/2023
CAVE JUNCTION OR NC11296085 03/21/2023
SAINT MATTHEWS SC NC11302467 03/26/2023
HICO TX NC11293402 03/18/2023
WILLARDS MD NC11298205 03/23/2023
WAIMANALO HI NC11294630 03/18/2023
LAKELAND MI NC11302798 03/26/2023
CARMEL VALLEY CA NC11298211 03/24/2023
HOWARD LAKE MN NC11302853 03/26/2023
GORDON NE NC11294636 03/18/2023
CASTROVILLE CA NC11297538 03/22/2023
DELTA JUNCTION AK NC11300799 03/24/2023
BLOOMING PRAIRIE MN NC11296095 03/20/2023

City Carrier:
BROOMFIELD CO NC11275444 03/21/2023
ALBANY NY NC11305449 03/28/2023
APTOS CA NC11291514 03/24/2023
BARRINGTON IL NC11294396 03/25/2023
CAMP HILL PA NC11296490 03/22/2023
EAST PALO ALTO CA NC11292056 03/24/2023
GLENSHAW PA NC11296496 03/22/2023
LAKE FOREST IL NC11294505 03/28/2023
LOS ALTOS CA NC11291594 03/24/2023
MC LEAN VA NC11288929 03/15/2023
MORGAN HILL CA NC11292053 03/24/2023
MOUNT PROSPECT IL NC11293521 03/26/2023
MOUNTAIN VIEW CA NC11292059 03/24/2023
MUNDELEIN IL NC11293656 03/27/2023
OAKLAND CA NC11297772 03/24/2023
OWATONNA MN NC11297955 03/23/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11297763 03/23/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11297773 03/24/2023
SANTA BARBARA CA NC11291592 03/28/2023
SANTA CLARA CA NC11290813 03/24/2023
SCHENECTADY NY NC11305445 03/28/2023
SOUTH SEATTLE WA NC11297967 03/24/2023
SUNNYVALE CA NC11292052 03/24/2023
TAPPAN NY NC11290450 03/25/2023
WATSONVILLE CA NC11291605 03/24/2023
WHEELING IL NC11293660 03/26/2023
WHEELING IL NC11294607 03/27/2023
CAMPBELL CA NC11290875 03/24/2023
CENTRAL SEATTLE WA NC11297973 03/24/2023
NORTH SEATTLE WA NC11298157 03/24/2023
ARVADA CO NC11290373 03/26/2023
BUFFALO GROVE IL NC11293711 03/26/2023
CORTE MADERA CA NC11298159 03/23/2023
CUPERTINO CA NC11291553 03/24/2023
DES PLAINES IL NC11294509 03/25/2023
GLENVIEW IL NC11294504 03/26/2023
GRAND ISLAND NE NC11294521 03/27/2023
IOWA CITY IA NC11297529 03/25/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11291546 03/24/2023
MILL VALLEY CA NC11298160 03/23/2023
NORTH WALES PA NC11296317 03/22/2023
SAINT PAUL MN NC11297860 03/24/2023
SAN CARLOS CA NC11298164 03/23/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11297864 03/24/2023
SOUTH SHORE - BOSTON MA NC11297721 03/24/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11296556 03/22/2023
WAUKEGAN IL NC11293614 03/26/2023
WAYNESBORO VA NC11291790 03/17/2023
WHEELING IL NC11293706 03/26/2023
WILMETTE IL NC11293718 03/25/2023
APPLETON WI NC11296321 03/23/2023
AURORA CO NC11297870 03/24/2023
CAPITOLA CA NC11291515 03/24/2023
CEDAR RAPIDS IA NC11291946 03/22/2023
DAVENPORT IA NC11289974 03/23/2023
DENVER CO NC11297956 03/24/2023
DENVER CO NC11297959 03/24/2023
DENVER CO NC11297979 03/24/2023
DULUTH MN NC11302792 03/26/2023
GLENS FALLS NY NC11305507 03/28/2023
HIBBING MN NC11302779 03/26/2023
KANSAS CITY MO NC11297762 03/24/2023
LAFAYETTE CA NC11298966 03/23/2023
LAKE FOREST IL NC11294494 03/25/2023
LAKEWOOD CO NC11297958 03/24/2023
MADISON WI NC11297951 03/24/2023
MEDINA OH NC11291784 03/28/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11298965 03/23/2023
MILPITAS CA NC11291557 03/24/2023
MISSION KS NC11297765 03/24/2023
MOUNT HOREB WI NC11296314 03/22/2023
NORTHBROOK IL NC11293552 03/26/2023
NORTHGLENN CO NC11297995 03/24/2023
REDWOOD CITY CA NC11298296 03/23/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11298971 03/23/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11298167 03/23/2023
SAN RAFAEL CA NC11298161 03/23/2023
SANDY UT NC11305342 03/28/2023
SANTA CRUZ CA NC11291625 03/24/2023
SANTA ROSA CA NC11304471 03/28/2023
VALHALLA NY NC11296158 03/26/2023
GREATER BOSTON - BOSTON MA NC11297714 03/24/2023
AMES IA NC11289073 03/23/2023
NORTH SHORE - BOSTON MA NC11297752 03/24/2023

Rural Carrier:
BROOKINGS SD NC11304416 03/27/2023
PULLMAN WA NC11289191 03/22/2023
MIDDLETON WI NC11294805 03/19/2023
MENOMONIE WI NC11294698 03/19/2023
MANITOWOC WI NC11294770 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294682 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294641 03/19/2023
HILLSBORO ND NC11304472 03/26/2023
ELDORA IA NC11304281 03/27/2023
EAU CLAIRE WI NC11294679 03/19/2023
EAU CLAIRE WI NC11294677 03/19/2023
BRIGHTON CO NC11304335 03/27/2023
AMERY WI NC11294788 03/19/2023
WILMINGTON NC NC11301218 03/25/2023
VERGENNES VT NC11301210 03/25/2023
PITTSFIELD NH NC11298031 03/23/2023
OTTUMWA IA NC11304280 03/27/2023
OSKALOOSA IA NC11304283 03/27/2023
MENOMONIE WI NC11294782 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294795 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294647 03/19/2023
LEBANON PA NC11297537 03/22/2023
HORACE ND NC11300532 03/24/2023
CLINTONVILLE WI NC11294692 03/19/2023
BRIGHTON CO NC11302512 03/25/2023
BALLSTON SPA NY NC11305443 03/26/2023
HUMBOLDT IA NC11304332 03/27/2023
YORK PA NC11296590 03/22/2023
SHIPPENSBURG PA NC11296593 03/22/2023
SCARBOROUGH ME NC11302736 03/26/2023
RUMNEY NH NC11297957 03/23/2023
HARRISBURG PA NC11296582 03/22/2023
DENVER PA NC11296596 03/22/2023
CHATTAROY WA NC11291846 03/22/2023
MADISON WI NC11294777 03/19/2023

Motor Vehicle Operator:
SPRINGFIELD IL P&DC NC11304272 03/27/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11302458 03/25/2023
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC11302459 03/25/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11302460 03/25/2023
SYRACUSE NY P&DC NC11302215 03/25/2023

Tractor Trailer Operator:
CHICAGO NDC NC11301112 03/25/2023
DENVER CO P&DC NC11302222 03/25/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11302090 03/25/2023
MORGAN NY P&DC NC11301120 03/25/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11302098 03/25/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11301306 03/25/2023
SAINT PAUL MN P&DC NC11302211 03/24/2023
SEATTLE NDC NC11302206 03/25/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11302223 03/25/2023
SO JERSEY NJ P&DC NC11301124 03/25/2023
NEW JERSEY NDC NC11301302 03/25/2023
TACOMA WA P&DC NC11302457 03/25/2023
BUSSE IL P&DC NC11301104 03/25/2023
SAN FRANCISCO P&DC NC11302202 03/25/2023
CAROL STREAM IL P&DC NC11301106 03/25/2023
CHICAGO INTL SVC CTR NC11301109 03/25/2023
MIDDLESEX-ESSEX P&DC NC11301115 03/25/2023
SALT LAKE CITY P&DC NC11305448 03/28/2023

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc. Always mention working safely.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you. Everything but proper email usage.
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2023.03.29 04:04 Unlikely_Room_8905 Dear PD, cars we never want to see in Gran Turismo series again.

I have to get this off my chest, PD please stop wasting your resources to model cars that nobody wants to drive. At the very least if you're going to include stuff like this, then make sure your lineup of cars from this century are up to date. Like completely absent, NB and NC miata, one of the best selling sports cars of all time. No 2.0 ND miata?
A small part of me has hope that PD reads this and takes the feedback. So please post a car that you never drive, would not care if did not exist in the game, so PD can stop wasting time thinking there are people who want this stuff.
I'll start:
Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer '29- who alive today cares about this? It belongs in a museum not a racing simulator. Or you better include the model T and a horse and buggy.
Volkswagen Sambabus Typ 2 '62 - a van I would like to smoke dope in and drive to the beach, but around a race track?
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2023.03.29 03:19 RainbowNeckHustles Flip off cancer - is this a stupid idea?

I live in a large and growing metro areas. I have been picking up free and selling random items (sporting goods, furniture, bikes, etc) for the last few months. I have some skills that allow me to refurbish furniture and fix/replace some items on bicycles. Plus, I actually like the listing, marketing, haggling, selling, ect part of the process. Everything I sell is on FBMP, OfferUp, Nextdoor, etc (all face to face, no eBay). I am averaging a net profit of roughly $1k per month. Nothing to brag about, but I enjoy it.
Separately, I work for a large Fortune 500 and my wife and I do alright financially. We could always have more money, but couldn’t we all? I dont need to flip items to make the ends meet. It is fun to me.
Lastly, my mother passed away quickly from a rare form of lung cancer. My wife is just finishing winning her battle against a gnarly form of lymphoma (blood cancer) after multiple years and a stem cell transplant during the pandemic. I have a bit of a passion for hating cancer.
I have thought about creating a not for profit that flips items and invests the profits into cancer patient/family support programs and research. I have broken the process into 4 parts:
  1. Sourcing Inventory: I feel like one of the hardest parts of flipping for a $50+ profit on each sale is securing enough medium - high value inventory. People regularly give furniture and other medium - high value donations to places like Goodwill. Places like Goodwill pay inflated salaries to their executives (Each Goodwill is its own non-profit with its own CEO, however, several Goodwill CEOs make an average salary of around $500,000 per year.). Positioning this to a community in the right way would likely drive their valuable donations to donate to one where the team is working pro bono. I might be naive, but I think telling someone that is donating a bike that if they donate it to you then 100% of the profit from that bike sell will go to cancer patient support would sway them to donate that bike to you instead of a corporate not for profit. I think donators would be willing to drop off their donation instead of you driving door to door to pick up a piece or two at a time. This would help with efficiency.
  2. Refurbishing Inventory: I am only one person, but I know there are others out there that have the skills to refurbish furniture or fix bikes or whatever. Especially retirees. My thought is you partner with people that want to help. You give them a piece to refurbish and a timeline for completion. You provide the supplies that are needed to quickly refurbish the project and when they are ready for another project, you supply it to them.
  3. Marketing/Selling: I am handy at listing and negotiating sales so I would continue doing this. This could be expanded to others in the future if this grows to too much to handle.
  4. Delivery: I would try to provide 2-3 days a week where I bring all my purchases that are supposed to happen on that day and have customers come to a central location/parking lot for pick up. Maybe offer delivery for a fee on certain items.
To be very clear, I am not looking to make a dime off of this enterprise. I want to put roughly 15-20 hours a week into it and help as many patients/families that are going through a devastating scary time in their lives.
I want to think this through as much as possible before I pull the trigger. I also dont want to get on the wrong side of the flipping community in my area.
Provide me your brutally honest opinion? Stupid idea? Doomed to failure? Am I being overly optimistic on people being willing to donate and support an organization like this? Nothing you will say will hurt my feelings.

Edit 1: I do plan on donating the profits to established charities that have a proven track record of low internal spend (salaries) and high giving to patients/families.
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2023.03.29 03:10 bobsrf Is this a good build for gaming for this price?

This is my first build so I would appreciate any tips
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9 GHz 6-Core Processor $128.53 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Thermalright Assassin X Refined SE ARGB 66.17 CFM CPU Cooler $21.90 @ Amazon
Motherboard Gigabyte B550M DS3H AC Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $109.99 @ Amazon
Memory TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $37.99 @ Newegg
Storage Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive $49.99 @ Amazon
Video Card ASRock Challenger D OC Radeon RX 6650 XT 8 GB Video Card $279.99 @ Newegg
Case NZXT H5 Flow ATX Mid Tower Case $84.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply Thermaltake Smart BM2 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply -
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $713.38
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-28 21:01 EDT-0400
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2023.03.29 03:05 TwinkleeT0es Ivy League dreams to community college schemes

Intended Major(s): Computer Science
Standardized Testing
  1. Chief Executive Officer at a software solution company I co-founded. We sell affordable, customizable applications (web and mobile) and also build a variety of other systems. Facilitated $15k in contract partnerships; raised $2k in capital; maintain client relations; handle marketing, sales, finances, and employees.
  2. Lead Software Developer at the same company. Manage team of 4 high-school developers; created and manage 20 apps for clientele; incorporated new frameworks (Flutter, NextJS) and machine learning;
  3. President of the Speech and Debate Team. Placed top at Harvard; mentored novice debaters; coordinated practice debates and inter-school tournaments;
  4. Machine Learning and Software Engineering Assistant Team Lead at a nonprofit company based out in Boston. Managed 8+ developers; developed a drunk-driving prevention mobile app; investigated AI models for distracted driving classification
  5. President of the Ethics Bowl Team. Reinstated team at our school; trained students to develop moral opinions in different situations; placed 1st at Saint Anselm College Tournament
  6. Junior Developer at mid-sized audio-visual company. Systematically programmed Creston and Extron control automation systems; adjusted audio DSPs to perfect sound systems for ten clients;
  7. President of Computer Science Club. Provide students with necessary competitive programming skills; create variety of computing problem-sets; placed first regionally every year
  8. Volunteer at senior adult day care center. Coordinate events for senior citizens (games, celebrations, other activities); aid members by serving food, and walking them to necessary facilities
  9. Participant in a hackathon. Developed food-waste prevention software; allowed providers to post leftovers and soup kitchens to accept them; worked with helping-hands non-profit; won 1st place
  10. Warehouse Associate at a different very large audio-visual company. Managed logistics (receiving, creating inventory/database, shelf allocation); assisted in optimizing space management (increasing stored units by 10%)
  1. Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology (appointed by the University of Rochester)
  2. Harvard Debate Semi-Finalists
  3. First Place @ one of my hackathons
  4. First Place @ another one of my hackathons
  5. First Place @ another one of my hackathons
Letters of Recommendation
no clue, but I had a good relationship w/ them so I think at least a 7/10
the only interview was at UPenn (9/10) - we talked for around an hour and a half
7/10 - the general idea was to show how over time as a developer, I underwent experiences that shifted my goals of making money to helping people. introduced passion for technology through a superhero-sidekick analogy (spiderman and ned), and to stick with the theme of movies making an impact on my life, the realization I underwent was connected to watching The Social Network.
Additional Information
Talked in-depth about three of the seven international hackathons that I won. Also provided a link to my portfolio for the other 4 winning projects.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
worked so hard for 4 years, shoulda spent more time w/ my friends :(
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2023.03.29 03:03 RainbowNeckHustles Flip Off Cancer - is this a stupid idea?

I live in a large and growing metro area. I have been picking up free and selling random items (sporting goods, furniture, bikes, etc) for the last few months. I have some skills that allow me to refurbish furniture and fix/replace some items on bicycles. Plus, I actually like the listing, marketing, haggling, selling, ect part of the process. Everything I sell is on FBMP, OfferUp, Nextdoor, etc (all face to face, no eBay). I am averaging a net profit of roughly $1k per month. Nothing to brag about, but I enjoy it.
Separately, I work for a large Fortune 500 and my wife and I do alright financially. We could always have more money, but couldn’t we all? I don't need to flip items to make the ends meet. It is fun to me.
Lastly, my mother passed away quickly from a rare form of lung cancer. My wife is just finishing winning her battle against a gnarly form of lymphoma (blood cancer) after multiple years and a stem cell transplant during the pandemic. I have a bit of a passion for despising cancer.
I have thought about creating a not for profit that flips items and invests the profits into cancer patient/family support programs and research. I have broken the process into 4 parts:
  1. Sourcing Inventory: I feel like one of the hardest parts of flipping for a $50+ profit on each sale is securing enough medium - high value inventory. People regularly give furniture and other medium - high value donations to places like Goodwill. Places like Goodwill pay inflated salaries to their executives (Each Goodwill is its own non-profit with its own CEO, however, several Goodwill CEOs make an average salary of around $500,000 per year.). Positioning this to a community in the right way would likely drive their valuable donations to donate to one where the team is working pro bono. I might be naive, but I think telling someone that is donating a bike that if they donate it to you then 100% of the profit from that bike sell will go to cancer patient support would sway them to donate that bike to you instead of a corporate not for profit. I think donators would be willing to drop off their donation instead of you driving door to door to pick up a piece or two at a time. This would help with efficiency.
  2. Refurbishing Inventory: I am only one person, but I know there are others out there that have the skills to refurbish furniture or fix bikes or whatever. Especially retirees. My thought is you partner with people that want to help. You give them a piece to refurbish and a timeline for completion. You provide the supplies that are needed to quickly refurbish the project and when they are ready for another project, you supply it to them.
  3. Marketing/Selling: I am handy at listing and negotiating sales so I would continue doing this. This could be expanded to others in the future if this grows to too much to handle.
  4. Delivery: I would try to provide 2-3 days a week where I bring all my purchases that are supposed to happen on that day and have customers come to a central location/parking lot for pick up. Maybe offer delivery for a fee on certain items.
To be very clear, I am not looking to make a dime off of this enterprise. I want to put roughly 15-20 hours a week into it and help as many patients/families that are going through a devastatingly scary time in their lives. I do think I will have to build some credibility with my community because anyone can say, "donate all your valuable items to me and I will give the proceeds to cancer support" and then be a bastard and pocket the profits.
I want to think this idea through as much as possible before I pull the trigger. I plan on creating a business plan once I finalize the concept better. I also dont want to get on the wrong side of the flipping community in my area, but I could see there being some hard feelings.
Provide me your brutally honest opinion? Stupid idea? Doomed to failure? Am I being overly optimistic on people being willing to donate and support an organization like this? Nothing you will say will hurt my feelings.

Edit 1: I do plan on donating the profits to established charities that have a proven track record of low internal spend (salaries) and high giving to patients/families.
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2023.03.29 02:51 its_Artem Anything I need to change before I pull the trigger?

Is there anything I should change before I buy? CA$1500 budget (~US$1000) for the parts alone. Will primarily use for 1080p 144-165hz gaming, video editing, and possibly streaming.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 7600 3.8 GHz 6-Core Processor $309.00 @ Canada Computers
CPU Cooler Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE 66.17 CFM CPU Cooler $37.90
Motherboard MSI PRO B650-P WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard $269.99 @ Amazon Canada
Memory ADATA XPG LANCER RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5200 CL38 Memory $129.99 @ Canada Computers
Storage Kingston KC3000 1.024 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $99.99 @ Canada Computers
Video Card ASRock Radeon RX6700XT CLD 12G Radeon RX 6700 XT 12 GB Video Card $489.99 @ Newegg Canada
Power Supply Corsair RM850e 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $149.50 @ Vuugo
Case Fan Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB ELITE 47.7 CFM 120 mm Fan $29.99 @ Amazon Canada
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1516.35
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-28 09:45 EDT-0400
Picked the RAM mostly for the aesthetics.
Is the 7600X worth it over the 7600 for CA$10 more?
For the CPU cooler, should I go with the Peerless Assassin SE, or would something like the Assassin King SE or Assassin X SE (both go for about CA$20) be better?
Thank you all in advance
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2023.03.29 02:32 zack4992 Looking for general moving advise

Looking for somewhat general moving advice: Long Island
My fiancé just got into residency at a hospital near West Islip. We will be moving July first from NC. I will most likely be able to transfer with my company and will work in the Garden City area. I am looking for the best neighborhoods that would be affordable and also in a fun area with lots to do. We are looking for a 2 bedroom and looking to spend $2500-2600 a month on rent max. We would need to be at least a 20-25 minute drive to the hospital for my fiancé. We also have 1 cat and a small dog.
Neither one of us have been to New York and this was a little lower on the ranking list on where we wanted to end up for her residency so we are definitely nervous for the big change but also super excited.
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2023.03.29 02:22 zack4992 Looking for somewhat general moving advice: Long Island

My fiancé just got into residency at a hospital near West Islip. We will be moving July first from NC. I will most likely be able to transfer with my company and will work in the Garden City area. I am looking for the best neighborhoods that would be affordable and also in a fun area with lots to do. We are looking for a 2 bedroom and looking to spend $2500-2600 a month on rent max. We would need to be at least a 20-25 minute drive to the hospital for my fiancé. We also have 1 cat and a small dog.
Neither one of us have been to New York and this was a little lower on the ranking list on where we wanted to end up for her residency so we are definitely nervous for the big change but also super excited.
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2023.03.29 02:20 trader_dennis UBS MDT downgrade

I've posted part of the executive summary from the downgrade document. Pretty harsh, looks like MDT has headwinds in the diabetes space, robotics, and supply chain margins.
I am thinking of cutting and running. It is just over 1% of my portfolio, I am a type 1 diabetic and I do see the community moving from MDT to different companies products in the space. podd pumps, and freestyle libre / dexicom CGMs. Just was a bit curious to hear what others are saying before I hit the sell button.
Will probably put the capital into either long term bonds. The account is tax advantaged, but only for the next 9 years.

From UBS.
Medtronic PLC
Low Expectations Not Low Enough; Assume Sell
Near-Term Sales and EPS Downside Risk as Transformation Takes Time
We are assuming coverage of MDT shares with a Sell rating and a $79 price target. Despite MDT's ongoing transformation, we lack conviction that MDT can return to
sustainable mid-single-digit top-line growth and drive consistent operating margin
upside. MDT's current WAMGR (weighted average market growth rate) is 4%-5%, but
MDT has been losing share in some of its highest growth businesses (i.e. Diabetes), impeding sustained growth at or above its WAMGR. Over the next 4 years, we project a
3.8% sales CAGR vs. consensus at 4.8%. Potential resolution of the outstanding
Diabetes Warning Letter could be a positive catalyst for the stock, but we see MDT at
best stemming recent share loss in Diabetes even with new product launches vs. truly going on the offensive and driving share gains. Below Consensus on NT Sales and LT Key Pipeline Product Opportunities
In FY24 and FY25, we are below consensus EPS by low-single-digits and high-single-
digits, respectively, driven mostly by lower sales. While MDT may gain marginal share in
some businesses, i.e. Evolut FX in TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement), MDT is
losing share in others, i.e. cryo, peripheral , and diabetes, to name a few, which nets to
at best MDT growing in line with its ~4.5% WAMGR. Longer-term, we are more
cautious on 2 key pipeline products: (1) The Hugo surgical robot, which we see driving
$100M in sales in FY2027 vs. consensus at $330M; and (2) The Symplicity renal
denervation (RDN) catheter, where we model minimal sales through FY27 vs. consensus
at $177M given what we think will be reimbursement and market development hurdles. UBS Evidence Lab Surveys Show TAVR Growth, Minimal Diabetes Share Gains
Beyond key new product launches, our UBS Evidence Lab surveys also point to
potentially lackluster growth for MDT in 2 of its highest-growth markets, TAVR and
Diabetes. The TAVR survey indicates just high-single-digit U.S. growth over the next 2
years, below consensus at low double-digits. In Diabetes, the survey projects just ~1.9
points of share gain in 2023, entirely dependent on a 780G launch this year that remains
very much uncertain given the Warning Letter.
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2023.03.29 02:20 code_hunter_cc Apache AuthType Not set *Internal 500 Error*

I have been trying to set up a local development within my Mac, but keep running into this, I've been looking around but unsure how to approach.
Here is the error_log from Apache
[Mon Jan 27 16:00:43 2014] [crit] [client ::1] configuration error: couldn't perform authentication. AuthType not set!: / I have edited attributes within my httpd.conf and httpd.vhosts.conf.
Could anyone please shed some light, new to setting up an environment like this, previously used the MAMP program.

This is the main Apache HTTP server configuration file. It contains the# configuration directives that give the server its instructions.# See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2> for detailed information.# In particular, see# http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/directives.html># for a discussion of each configuration directive.## Do NOT simply read the instructions in here without understanding# what they do. They're here only as hints or reminders. If you are unsure# consult the online docs. You have been warned.## Configuration and logfile names: If the filenames you specify for many# of the server's control files begin with "/" (or "drive:/" for Win32), the# server will use that explicit path. If the filenames do not begin# with "/", the value of ServerRoot is prepended -- so "log/foolog"# with ServerRoot set to "/usr" will be interpreted by the# server as "/uslog/foo_log".## ServerRoot: The top of the directory tree under which the server's# configuration, error, and log files are kept.## Do not add a slash at the end of the directory path. If you point# ServerRoot at a non-local disk, be sure to point the LockFile directive# at a local disk. If you wish to share the same ServerRoot for multiple# httpd daemons, you will need to change at least LockFile and PidFile.#ServerRoot "/usr"## Listen: Allows you to bind Apache to specific IP addresses and/or# ports, instead of the default. See also the # directive.## Change this to Listen on specific IP addresses as shown below to# prevent Apache from glomming onto all bound IP addresses.##Listen 80## Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) Support## To be able to use the functionality of a module which was built as a DSO you# have to place corresponding LoadModule' lines at this location so the# directives contained in it are actually available _before_ they are used.# Statically compiled modules (those listed byhttpd -l') do not need# to be loaded here.## Example:# LoadModule foo_module modules/mod_foo.so#LoadModule authn_file_module libexec/apache2/mod_authn_file.soLoadModule authn_dbm_module libexec/apache2/mod_authn_dbm.soLoadModule authn_anon_module libexec/apache2/mod_authn_anon.soLoadModule authn_dbd_module libexec/apache2/mod_authn_dbd.soLoadModule authn_default_module libexec/apache2/mod_authn_default.soLoadModule authz_host_module libexec/apache2/mod_authz_host.soLoadModule authz_groupfile_module libexec/apache2/mod_authz_groupfile.soLoadModule authz_user_module libexec/apache2/mod_authz_user.soLoadModule authz_dbm_module libexec/apache2/mod_authz_dbm.soLoadModule authz_owner_module libexec/apache2/mod_authz_owner.soLoadModule authz_default_module libexec/apache2/mod_authz_default.soLoadModule auth_basic_module libexec/apache2/mod_auth_basic.soLoadModule auth_digest_module libexec/apache2/mod_auth_digest.soLoadModule cache_module libexec/apache2/mod_cache.soLoadModule disk_cache_module libexec/apache2/mod_disk_cache.soLoadModule mem_cache_module libexec/apache2/mod_mem_cache.soLoadModule dbd_module libexec/apache2/mod_dbd.soLoadModule dumpio_module libexec/apache2/mod_dumpio.soLoadModule reqtimeout_module libexec/apache2/mod_reqtimeout.soLoadModule ext_filter_module libexec/apache2/mod_ext_filter.soLoadModule include_module libexec/apache2/mod_include.soLoadModule filter_module libexec/apache2/mod_filter.soLoadModule substitute_module libexec/apache2/mod_substitute.soLoadModule deflate_module libexec/apache2/mod_deflate.soLoadModule log_config_module libexec/apache2/mod_log_config.soLoadModule log_forensic_module libexec/apache2/mod_log_forensic.soLoadModule logio_module libexec/apache2/mod_logio.soLoadModule log_forensic_module libexec/apache2/mod_log_forensic.soLoadModule logio_module libexec/apache2/mod_logio.soLoadModule env_module libexec/apache2/mod_env.soLoadModule mime_magic_module libexec/apache2/mod_mime_magic.soLoadModule cern_meta_module libexec/apache2/mod_cern_meta.soLoadModule expires_module libexec/apache2/mod_expires.soLoadModule headers_module libexec/apache2/mod_headers.soLoadModule ident_module libexec/apache2/mod_ident.soLoadModule usertrack_module libexec/apache2/mod_usertrack.so#LoadModule unique_id_module libexec/apache2/mod_unique_id.soLoadModule setenvif_module libexec/apache2/mod_setenvif.soLoadModule version_module libexec/apache2/mod_version.soLoadModule proxy_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy.soLoadModule proxy_connect_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy_connect.soLoadModule proxy_ftp_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy_ftp.soLoadModule proxy_http_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy_http.soLoadModule proxy_scgi_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy_scgi.soLoadModule proxy_ajp_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy_ajp.soLoadModule proxy_balancer_module libexec/apache2/mod_proxy_balancer.soLoadModule ssl_module libexec/apache2/mod_ssl.soLoadModule mime_module libexec/apache2/mod_mime.soLoadModule dav_module libexec/apache2/mod_dav.soLoadModule status_module libexec/apache2/mod_status.soLoadModule autoindex_module libexec/apache2/mod_autoindex.soLoadModule asis_module libexec/apache2/mod_asis.soLoadModule info_module libexec/apache2/mod_info.soLoadModule cgi_module libexec/apache2/mod_cgi.soLoadModule dav_fs_module libexec/apache2/mod_dav_fs.soLoadModule vhost_alias_module libexec/apache2/mod_vhost_alias.soLoadModule negotiation_module libexec/apache2/mod_negotiation.soLoadModule dir_module libexec/apache2/mod_dir.soLoadModule imagemap_module libexec/apache2/mod_imagemap.soLoadModule actions_module libexec/apache2/mod_actions.soLoadModule speling_module libexec/apache2/mod_speling.soLoadModule userdir_module libexec/apache2/mod_userdir.soLoadModule alias_module libexec/apache2/mod_alias.soLoadModule rewrite_module libexec/apache2/mod_rewrite.so#LoadModule perl_module libexec/apache2/mod_perl.so#LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/libphp5.soLoadModule hfs_apple_module libexec/apache2/mod_hfs_apple.soLoadModule hfs_apple_module libexec/apache2/mod_hfs_apple.so# # actions unrelated to filetype. These can be either built into the server # or added with the Action directive (see below) # # To use CGI scripts outside of ScriptAliased directories: # (You will also need to add "ExecCGI" to the "Options" directive.) # #AddHandler cgi-script .cgi # For type maps (negotiated resources): #AddHandler type-map var # # Filters allow you to process content before it is sent to the client. # # To parse .shtml files for server-side includes (SSI): # (You will also need to add "Includes" to the "Options" directive.) # #AddType text/html .shtml #AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml## The mod_mime_magic module allows the server to use various hints from the# contents of the file itself to determine its type. The MIMEMagicFile# directive tells the module where the hint definitions are located.##MIMEMagicFile /private/etc/apache2/magic## Customizable error responses come in three flavors:# 1) plain text 2) local redirects 3) external redirects## Some examples:#ErrorDocument 500 "The server made a boo boo."#ErrorDocument 404 /missing.html#ErrorDocument 404 "/cgi-bin/missing_handler.pl"#ErrorDocument 402 http://www.example.com/subscription_info.html### MaxRanges: Maximum number of Ranges in a request before# If you wish httpd to run as a different user or group, you must run# httpd as root initially and it will switch.## UseGroup: The name (or #number) of the usegroup to run httpd as.# It is usually good practice to create a dedicated user and group for# running httpd, as with most system services.#User _wwwGroup _www# 'Main' server configuration## The directives in this section set up the values used by the 'main'# server, which responds to any requests that aren't handled by a# definition. These values also provide defaults for# any containers you may define later in the file.## All of these directives may appear inside containers,# in which case these default settings will be overridden for the# virtual host being defined.### ServerAdmin: Your address, where problems with the server should be# e-mailed. This address appears on some server-generated pages, such# as error documents. e.g. [email protected]omain.com#ServerAdmin [email protected]## ServerName gives the name and port that the server uses to identify itself.# This can often be determined automatically, but we recommend you specify# it explicitly to prevent problems during startup.# This can often be determined automatically, but we recommend you specify# it explicitly to prevent problems during startup.## If your host doesn't have a registered DNS name, enter its IP address here.##ServerName www.example.com:80## DocumentRoot: The directory out of which you will serve your# documents. By default, all requests are taken from this directory, but# symbolic links and aliases may be used to point to other locations.#DocumentRoot "/Users/marks-c1/Sites/"## Each directory to which Apache has access can be configured with respect# to which services and features are allowed and/or disabled in that# directory (and its subdirectories).## First, we configure the "default" to be a very restrictive set of# features.# Options FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None Order deny,allow Require all granted## Note that from this point forward you must specifically allow# particular features to be enabled - so if something's not working as# you might expect, make sure that you have specifically enabled it# below.### This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to.# # # # Possible values for the Options directive are "None", "All", # or any combination of: # Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks SymLinksifOwnerMatch ExecCGI MultiViews # # Note that "MultiViews" must be named explicitly --- "Options All" # doesn't give it to you. # # The Options directive is both complicated and important. Please see # http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#options # for more information. # Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews # # AllowOverride controls what directives may be placed in .htaccess files. # It can be "All", "None", or any combination of the keywords: # Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit # AllowOverride All # # Controls who can get stuff from this server. # Order allow,deny Allow from all## DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory# is requested.# DirectoryIndex index.html## The following lines prevent .htaccess and .htpasswd files from being# viewed by Web clients.# The following lines prevent .htaccess and .htpasswd files from being# viewed by Web clients.#.([Hh][Tt][Dd][Ss][Ss])"> Order allow,deny Deny from all Satisfy All## Apple specific filesystem protection.# Order allow,deny Deny from all Satisfy All Order allow,deny Deny from all Satisfy All## ErrorLog: The location of the error log file.# If you do not specify an ErrorLog directive within a # container, error messages relating to that virtual host will be# logged here. If you do define an error logfile for a # container, that host's errors will be logged there and not here.#ErrorLog "/private/valog/apache2/error_log"## LogLevel: Control the number of messages logged to the error_log.# Possible values include: debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit,# alert, emerg.#LogLevel warn # # # The following directives define some format nicknames for use with # a CustomLog directive (see below). # LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" combined LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b" common # You need to enable mod_logio.c to use %I and %O LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\" %I %O" combinedio # # The location and format of the access logfile (Common Logfile Format). # If you do not define any access logfiles within a # container, they will be logged here. Contrariwise, if you do # define per- access logfiles, transactions will be # logged therein and not in this file. # CustomLog "/private/valog/apache2/access_log" common # # If you prefer a logfile with access, agent, and referer information # (Combined Logfile Format) you can use the following directive. # #CustomLog "/private/valog/apache2/access_log" combined # # Redirect: Allows you to tell clients about documents that used to # exist in your server's namespace, but do not anymore. The client # will make a new request for the document at its new location. # Example: # Redirect permanent /foo http://www.example.com/bar # # Alias: Maps web paths into filesystem paths and is used to # access content that does not live under the DocumentRoot. # Example: # access content that does not live under the DocumentRoot. # Example: # Alias /webpath /full/filesystem/path # # If you include a trailing / on /webpath then the server will # require it to be present in the URL. You will also likely # need to provide a section to allow access to # the filesystem path. # # ScriptAlias: This controls which directories contain server scripts. # ScriptAliases are essentially the same as Aliases, except that # documents in the target directory are treated as applications and # run by the server when requested rather than as documents sent to the # client. The same rules about trailing "/" apply to ScriptAlias # directives as to Alias. # ScriptAliasMatch /cgi-bin/((?!(?i:webobjects)).*$) "/Library/WebServeCGI-Executables/$1" # # ScriptSock: On threaded servers, designate the path to the UNIX # socket used to communicate with the CGI daemon of mod_cgid. # #Scriptsock /private/varun/cgisock## "/Library/WebServeCGI-Executables" should be changed to whatever your ScriptAliased# CGI directory exists, if you have that configured.# AllowOverride None Options None Order allow,deny Allow from all### DefaultType: the default MIME type the server will use for a document# if it cannot otherwise determine one, such as from filename extensions.# If your server contains mostly text or HTML documents, "text/plain" is# a good value. If most of your content is binary, such as applications# or images, you may want to use "application/octet-stream" instead to# keep browsers from trying to display binary files as though they are# text.#DefaultType text/plain # # TypesConfig points to the file containing the list of mappings from # filename extension to MIME-type. # TypesConfig /private/etc/apache2/mime.types # # AddType allows you to add to or override the MIME configuration # file specified in TypesConfig for specific file types. # #AddType application/x-gzip .tgz # # AddEncoding allows you to have certain browsers uncompress # information on the fly. Note: Not all browsers support this. # #AddEncoding x-compress .Z #AddEncoding x-gzip .gz .tgz # # If the AddEncoding directives above are commented-out, then you # probably should define those extensions to indicate media types: # AddType application/x-compress .Z AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz # # AddHandler allows you to map certain file extensions to "handlers": # actions unrelated to filetype. These can be either built into the server # or added with the Action directive (see below)## MaxRanges: Maximum number of Ranges in a request before# returning the entire resource, or one of the special# values 'default', 'none' or 'unlimited'.# Default setting is to accept 200 Ranges.#MaxRanges unlimited## EnableMMAP and EnableSendfile: On systems that support it,# memory-mapping or the sendfile syscall is used to deliver# files. This usually improves server performance, but must# be turned off when serving from networked-mounted# filesystems or if support for these functions is otherwise# broken on your system.##EnableMMAP off#EnableSendfile off# 6894961TraceEnable off# Supplemental configuration## The configuration files in the /private/etc/apache2/extra/ directory can be# included to add extra features or to modify the default configuration of# the server, or you may simply copy their contents here and change as# necessary.# Server-pool management (MPM specific)Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-mpm.conf# Multi-language error messages#Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-multilang-errordoc.conf# Fancy directory listingsInclude /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-autoindex.conf# Language settingsInclude /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-languages.conf# User home directories# User home directories#Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-userdir.conf# Real-time info on requests and configuration#Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-info.conf# Virtual hostsInclude /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf# Local access to the Apache HTTP Server ManualInclude /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-manual.conf# Distributed authoring and versioning (WebDAV)#Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-dav.conf# Various default settings#Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-default.conf# Secure (SSL/TLS) connections#Include /private/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-ssl.conf## Note: The following must must be present to support# starting without SSL on platforms with no /dev/random equivalent# but a statically compiled-in mod_ssl.#SSLRandomSeed startup builtinSSLRandomSeed connect builtinInclude /private/etc/apache2/othe*.conf

``` httpd-vhosts.conf

Virtual Hosts## If you want to maintain multiple domains/hostnames on your# machine you can setup VirtualHost containers for them. Most configurations# use only name-based virtual hosts so the server doesn't need to worry about# IP addresses. This is indicated by the asterisks in the directives below.## Please see the documentation at # http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/vhosts/># for further details before you try to setup virtual hosts.## You may use the command line option '-S' to verify your virtual host# configuration.## Use name-based virtual hosting.#NameVirtualHost *:80## VirtualHost example:# Almost any Apache directive may go into a VirtualHost container.# The first VirtualHost section is used for all requests that do not# match a ServerName or ServerAlias in any block.#ServerName localhostDocumentRoot "/Users/marks-c1/Sites/" ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot "/usdocs/dummy-host.example.com" ServerName dummy-host.example.com ServerAlias www.dummy-host.example.com ErrorLog "/private/valog/apache2/dummy-host.example.com-error_log" CustomLog "/private/valog/apache2/dummy-host.example.com-access_log" common

``` *** EDIT FORBIDDEN ***
Error Log
[Mon Jan 27 17:08:50 2014] [warn] module php5_module is already loaded, skippingWarning: DocumentRoot [/usdocs/dummy-host.example.com] does not existWarning: DocumentRoot [/usdocs/dummy-host2.example.com] does not exist[Mon Jan 27 17:08:50 2014] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...[Mon Jan 27 17:08:50 2014] [notice] Digest: done[Mon Jan 27 17:08:50 2014] [notice] Apache/2.2.24 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.26 mod_ssl/2.2.24 OpenSSL/0.9.8y configured -- resuming normal operations
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/apache/apache-authtype-not-set-internal-500-error
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2023.03.29 02:17 blondiebear50 White/Female Junior! Chance Me!

Demographics: Female, White, North Carolina, competitive public school, and LGBTQ+
Intended study: Economics (major), Film studies and/or English (minor)
1) Varsity Soccer, 2 year captain, MVP as a junior, 2x All-Conference, led team to playoffs for first time in 5 years
2) Club Soccer, Girls Academy league (highest level of play for girls youth soccer), travel out-of-state (CA, FL, NJ, GA, etc.) every weekend while in season, play with D1 recruits and youth national team players
3) Soccer summer camp counselor, senior year summer, paid hourly
4) Student Council, Student Body VP (12th), Class Treasurer (11th), Class Rep (9th-10th), leader of annual food drive and a birthday box drive (11th), prom committee member
5) Student Newspaper, (hopefully) Co-Editor-in-Chief (12th), Staff Writer (10th-11th)
6) Habitat for Humanity, volunteer building homes in my community, 65+ hours in the organization
7) Volunteer at a local art house theater, volunteer-run venue for indie film festivals, live music, and stand up comedy, usher and help choose films and acts to showcase, 50+ hours in the organization
8) Founder of county-wide bookclub, 25+ members, monthly meetings plus occasional community service
9) National Honor Society, NHS Vice President, 30+ hours of community service
10) Duke Summer Program in Econometrics (10th), 3 weeks, research project on determinants of crime
Awards: *weak need suggestions/help\*
1) AP Capstone Diploma (completed and passed a 5000 word research paper, 2000 word literature review, 1200 word literature review, 20 minute presentation and 10 minute presentation in AP Research and Seminar)
2) Junior Marshall (participated in graduation as a junior for being top 15 in class)
3) The Future of Finance is Female conference (female leaders in investment banking and consulting lead the conference, was invited and attended in 10th)
4) AP Scholar with Distinction
5) *need to find something asap*
LMK what you think my chances are at these schools! Also, should I submit ACT or SAT (superscored) or both? And, what awards/competitions related to my major (econ) or minors (film/english) should I do?
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