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I absolutely hate seeing people with signs on their front yard telling dogs not to pee or poop there.

2023.06.09 17:52 OuterWildsVentures I absolutely hate seeing people with signs on their front yard telling dogs not to pee or poop there.

I see these all the time on my daily walks with my dog. It doesn't make any sense to me. You choose to live in the suburb, around people, but can't handle a dog peeing on the very front of your yard? I'd understand if the dog pooped and the owner left it there. These people want all the benefits of living near a society without having to deal with the society itself. I know dog pee can cause spots in grass but that seems like the cost of living with your yard directly attached to public property. If that bothers you so much go live somewhere where your house isn't along a public sidewalk.
It also makes me doubly mad when I see they have dogs. It just tells me that they never walk their dog since if they did they would understand that dogs poop and pee along the sidewalks. I've also seen people say to train your dog so it doesn't use the bathroom while on walks but I think that's an absolute ridiculous expectation.
Also dogs can't even read the sign so what's the point?
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2023.06.09 17:51 T2BMLK Mckennie in the double pivot

I was a player and coach for over 35 years (now retired) at a fairly high level. I come on here a dozen times per day, but rarely post. When I do, it is generally detailed and well thought out (in other words, very long winded). Today I want to talk about using Wes in the double pivot. I have read so much negativity about this, but I believe he has all the tools to be successful here with the right partner and system. In fact, as we see our dilemma when Adams is unavailable, we need him to do just that.
I watched at least 10 games of him at Leeds and it didn’t go well. Here is why: the double pivot needs to work together as a “rotating 6.” Too many times he and his partner (usually Roca) would attack and defend at the same time. Their cues seemed to be who had possession only. They would go forward when they had the ball and then sprint back when they inevitably lost it. It should be more of a tandem of one goes and one stays. They were each responsible for half the field with no cover for each other. Their pressing style made it even worse. Defensively, the space between them was too large.
Here is how it should work. The LCM should go when the RB goes forward. This allows the RDM to cover and give support while the LCM arrives late into the box between the CAM and the LAM. The LB stays at home and the two center backs slide for additional cover. This allows 3atb and a DCM in case of lost possession. Similarly, the RDM is keyed off the LB as everything flips.
Specifically for the USMNT it would look like this. (This all assumes Adams is not available). Weah naturally plays wider than Pulisic. Therefore, Musah should play RDM so he can drive the ball through a bigger gap while Dest can cut inside. They can take turns hitting this space to make attacks unpredictable. Combination play from them and a dynamic CAM (Reyna, Aaronson, Tillman, etc). Should eventually get the ball wide to Weah. Striker goes near post between the CBs, Pulisic draws attention far post, Reyna stays top of box in whatever space he sees, and McKennie arrives late. Still four players defending. On the other side since Pulisic likes to cut in more, the space is for Jedi to overlap. This means Wes stays behind and Musah or Dest fills the opposite channel (personally I would send Musah and have Dest stay even though he isn’t the best defender — definitely send Musah if Scally is there and have Scally slide into.
Defensively, the two Pivots should be close enough together that no attacks get between them. The central triangle should be tight enough that the middle is not an option and everything from the opponent must go wide. This makes attacks predictable, and thus easier to defend. Leeds did this poorly as too many attacks came from the center of the pitch.
We need options here and our best options are Adams, Mckennie and Musah. If all are healthy we should pick 2 based on the opponent. Nothing wrong with picking McKennie and Musah when we are expected to have more possession, but Adams is still necessary when we are defending more or protecting a lead. Acosta (if healthy) would be a decent defensive option while DLT would be another possession guy off the bench if needed (he is great at keeping the ball, but not winning the ball). Johnny is a bit of a mix and I believe Aiden Morris will take The Acosta role in a other year or two.
There are other benefits such as an easy switch from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-1-3-2 when chasing a goal but this has already been a very long post (as usual for me).
TLDR Wes has the ball winning ability, engine, soccer IQ, and passing touch to play here effectively but Leeds was not the right system. I don’t know if that was poor coaching, personnel, or a lack of understanding/motivation from Wes. To be completely honest about a player I like a lot — he could take his personal fitness a little more seriously. With the help of our top strikers (Balogun and Pepi imo) and a dynamic CAM (like Reyna) and if he gets put in the right system and with the right partner, he can help elevate this team top top 15 in the world.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 17:51 DCAUBeyond So I finished Magical Girl Site(spoilers ahead for those who haven't watched)

So as the title says,I watched Magical Girl Site,and damn is it dark. This anime is loaded with nightmare fuel and the sad reality of life.
Aya getting abused at school by Sarina and her cronies and by her douchebag older brother Kaname was just sad. Just because his dad beats him for when he gets bad grades, he takes out his anger on Aya,and he looks like he becomes more unstable when he doesn't get to beat up Aya. The parents represent some real life parents who are oblivious to their children being bullied,even right under their noses.
Sarina shouldn't have been surprised that Aya(although accidentally)killed her friend after she gave her swirlies,stuffed her locker with razor blades and graffitied all over her desk,and on top of it they made a grown ass pervert nearly rape her. I got a bit of a jumpscare when Aya was hiding in the parking lot and the creep suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pinned her.
It's hard to feel sorry for Kaname,while he's a victim of high expectations and abuse,that doesn't give him the right to be a completely delusional asshole. His instability even made him resort to wearing a girl's soiled panty just for power. Especially after how he manipulated Nijimi,mind controlled a Nijimi simp to kill himself and then was ready to beat Aya more than ever and killed Nijimi. He just has a punchable face.
I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but he DESERVED what happened to him in the finale,that is he gets tied up like a woman in foreplay,and raped by a male police officer.
The whole site is dark,you get these amazing powers but at the cost of your lifespan and the benefits of people who don't even give a damn about what happens to you.
Overall, it's a 7/10 for me. Especially since I watched it Thursday night, then got up at 3:08 am today to finish it. It was like watching a horror movie.
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2023.06.09 17:50 AlrightGamer My 24M “gf” 18F likes to go to the club and tonight she is going with one of her guy friends

I recently started seeing this girl. It’s been over 2 months so far. I put gf in quotes because even tho we are seeing each other and trying to get to know each other more before putting the bf gf title we still made it clear that we aren’t gonna sleep with other people and we do many things that people do in relationship. Also gotta mention this is a long distance kinda thing. Little background about the both of us. She is a bit of a party girl. Used to hook up a lot. She loves to go out and get drunk and dance and all of that. She will be out till like 5 am. She has many guy friends and some girlfriends. She’s very pretty as well and lots of guys hit on her especially at the club. She says it’s gross and I’m the only man she accepts. Me on the other hand, I like to go out as well but not as much as her. She can go out drinking everyday of the summer while I need a long break before my social battery fills back up. Normally she’s not the kind of girl I would date. My exes weren’t nearly as social as she is. But since we been talking, we have chemistry together and both like each other very much. This is why I try to trust her whenever she goes out. I used to be a very insecure person. Like didn’t like my gf having a ton of guy friends and definitely not partying all the time. I been trying to make a change since my last relationship. I want to look more secure and confident. Actually trust the person I’m with and not over think. I been lied to and cheated on so much in the past it sucks. Going out with girlfriends is one thing but just a guy or guys to the club? My question is, should there be a limit to trust? At what point do I become too naive. This kind of relationship is very new for me. At first I didn’t care but now I’m like afraid of losing her the stronger my feelings get. Last night she went drinking with a couple guys friends and she called me on her way home. Tonight she is going out with another guy friend to the club and meeting up with his classmates for his graduation. She’s probably gonna be out until 5 am again. She doesn’t message me at all when she goes out. I brought this up to her yesterday and she said I was adorable and she will work on that. On the outside I show that it doesn’t bother me but internally I get nervous and start to over think a lot. Even tho she has told me she is scared of losing me and I feel too good to be true the way I treat her. So I want to trust her. Anyone who has experience or is a girl like this. Can guys and girls go out to the club together even when one or both are in a relationship.
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2023.06.09 17:50 em56909 I 20f am at the end of my rope with my boyfriend 21m

I’m really at the end of my rope with my boyfriend and I don’t know what to do. I’m 20F and he’s 21M. We have been dating for a little over a year and half, and for the first year or so everything was perfect. We had little fights but nothing relationship ending. I have given 100% of myself to this man. My body, my mind, my heart. I’m not the kind of the girl who likes hook ups or flings. I’ve always dreamt about getting married and being committed to someone fully. I don’t like wasting my time with somebody who can’t do the same. One night when I was sleeping over I noticed he was being weird about his phone. Every time I came near him while he was on it he’d immediately shut it off and put it on the bed upside down. I was thrown off by this but at first didn’t think too much of it. But I’m an overthinker so the more I thought about it the more it bothered me as he’s never been sneaky about his phone. Eventually he went to sleep and I was still awake, my gut telling me to check his phone. And I know it’s not right to do so and it’s a complete invasion of privacy, but I did it anyway (i understand this was wrong of me) because I couldn’t shake the feeling he was doing something behind my back. Now he has this one friend who I never trusted. This kid is a notorious cheater and just a overall disgusting individual. I don’t like that they talk, I don’t like that they hang out, but he’s not my friend so there’s nothing I can do about it except trust my boyfriend when he’s with him. Well I went through there conversation because I knew it was him he was talking to when he was trying to hide his phone. I saw many texts like “let’s go out after work and fuck some bitches”, “let’s go the beach and check out girls”, and stupid shit like that. But the one thing that hurt the most was my boyfriend was talking about how hot he thought this girl was he had on Snapchat. Going on and on about how he would fuck her and just sexualizing her on every level. I was obviously heartbroken thinking that my boyfriend was thinking about fucking another girl while I was sitting right next to him. His friend even said “chill out dude my gf is next to me” and my boyfriend replied “so is mine but I don’t care”. My mom says that at this point I’m “waiting to be cheated on”. We had a long discussion about it because I told him I went through his phone, and he basically just cried and told me he wanted me forever and I was the only girl he cared about. And I asked him numerous times if he wants to be in a committed relationship right now to which he said yes every time. But I don’t know. Am I being too over dramatic? Is this just “guy talk”? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? We’ve had numerous fights about him crossing my boundaries, I mean ffs he has a giant sticker on his car that says “send nudes.” What kind of loyal, mature man does that?? I just don’t trust him 100% anymore I find myself worrying what he’s doing when he’s not with me. And I’m so lost.
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2023.06.09 17:50 andmariemore A good replacement for this Greek yogurt brand?

So I just tried Chick-fil-A’s yogurt today and man was it delicious. So far I haven’t liked a flavored Greek yogurt other than coconut. I looked it up and it seems they use the Wallaby Organic's Vanilla Bean Greek yogurt. This is the first vanilla one that I actually liked. Got any good replacement’s for it? So far I haven’t found any of the Wallaby one near me.
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2023.06.09 17:49 smartypants0001 Husband stopped meds

I don’t know what to do. My husband of 13 years and partner for 15 who’s in his mid 30s was given a working diagnosis of bipolar after a nasty psychotic episode last August. This was the first time anything like that ever happened but he was full of rage for three years prior, which some docs said was a long manic episode.
He was in psych ward for two weeks and the day I took him in, a Sunday, I found a psychiatrist who practices out of his house and is nearing 90. At first he seemed great but he doesn’t do meds (by his own admission, even tho he can prescribe) and doesn’t believe in them and took my husband off of the Olanzapine and Risperdone within 11 weeks of him coming home (he was on both cause doc forgot to cycle him off one cause he doesn’t do meds). He’s also broken a bunch of Hippa rules and encourages of his patients and spouses to counsel each other. My husband stayed on the Depakote, but only on 2/3 the daily dose and of course this doc forgot to remind him or tell him to go to his pcp and get this checked.
So what happened? Well I believe my husband stopped taking even the depakote earlier this year and in March, of course, the mania returned and he had another small psychotic episode but wasn’t hospitalized cause we went on Olanzapine quickly.
We then decided he needs to see a doc who can actually manage the meds (doc told my husband to ask me what I think he should take after he called it in)… he tells said doc (who said he’s the father my husband never had) about another doc and said doc loses his shit, tells my husband I’m a bad spouse and that I’m gaslighting him. (We had a newborn last May… the hospitalization came with a bunch of other weird secondary crises and I had a big job which I lost in Jan… I was bitchy and stressed absolutely.)
So my husband moves out for 5+ weeks and his completely unhelpful fam basically agrees with what my husband wants to believe + his doc which is that he’s not bipolar just has a bitchy wife.
Now, June, so three months after March (he was on Olanzapine for 3 weeks) he has stopped taking the Depakote too last couple of nights and only took one the night before and is lying to me about it.
He thinks he can cure his disease/doesn’t have one with mental will, sobriety and exercise. I think the next psychosis is right around the corner and I now need to ask him to move out. Thoughts?
I will cross post or link to another post on us in shopping addicts but they basically told me to come here
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2023.06.09 17:49 Revenge_served_cold8 My fiancé cheated with several men, including a sex offender, so I went after all of them!

I met my ex in 2012, right after he turned 20 and I had just turned 30. I had only dated and been with women exclusively until I came out as bi-sexual at 28. Let’s just say the year I was 29 was a busy year making up for what I missed out on. It was mostly casual hookups (yes, safe) and I did try dating 2 different guys for a few weeks, but it just never worked out or got serious. I kinda figured that I’d probably end up marrying a woman or not getting married at all because I just didn’t see myself catching romantic and sexual feelings for a guy. Then I met Ryan. From the first date it was just like the only other time in my life I had fallen in love…butterflies, constantly thinking about him, wanting to spend every moment with him. He fell for me hard too and we became an item, though he did say while he considered my bisexuality a turn on, because he had a thing for straight guys, it also gave him pause because of my desires for the opposite sex and his concern it may lead me astray. I thought about it and understood it was a legitimate worry, but assured him that I couldn’t even think about anyone else because I was really into him. Note: I knew he was the one by the end of the first month and I was in love, but I wasn’t going to say these things too soon and risk scaring him off.
On our first date he admitted to me that he was legally blind due to a genetic disorder and that it was progressive and eventually he would only have a sliver of his peripheral vision. He immediately said he understood if I didn’t want to see him again because no other guy had wanted to date him and be his driver all of the time. I grew up with a brother in a wheelchair who never learned how to walk or talk due to misdiagnosed meningitis at 6 months old back in the 70s. I told him that and said that what my brother had was a severe disability, so in my perspective, his blindness had no effect in my feelings and that always being the driver was a small sacrifice just to be with him.
The following years were bliss. We brought out the best in each other. My family who was surprised, but very supportive when I came out, adored Ryan and treated him like family and said that I acted happier since we’d been together. When I met him he was working part-time in retail and had done very poorly in high school because he lost a lot of his confidence as his vision deteriorated. I told him that one thing I did insist on was that he do something with his life because he had too much to offer and that I would help. He said that he’d wanted to be a teacher but didn’t think someone with limited vision could teach….nonsense. So I put him through community college for 2 years, then 2.5 years of a local university and finally the 1 year teacher certification program as required by California. I drove countless miles and paid hundreds in public transportation costs for him, never blinking an eye or complaining.
We’d been together for 7.5 years and were engaged to be married in October by the time he was in his last semester of his teaching certification which involved him student teaching at his former high school with his favorite teacher from his days in school. Then the pandemic hit and schools closed. Fortunately he’d had enough hours in the classroom that he would still qualify to be certified after the Governor issued a waiver via executive order. On the 3rd day of the stay at home order in March my life crumbled when I innocently found out he had cheated on me with an ex all because he handed his phone to me to show me something on Instagram. I accidentally fat thumbed the back arrow when he gave it to me taking me back to a list of all his messages. I looked and recognized the name of his ex as the second message, dated a week ago. I clicked on it and my heart sank. Directions to my house, pictures, dirty talk, and reassuring him not to worry about me because he had my location on my “Find My Friends,” just in case I came home from work.
I immediately started screaming demanding to know everything and he admitted to having his ex over twice for sex and that they didn’t use protection (his ex was engaged to his gf during this, adding another victim). Then he admitted to sleeping with his straight but curious recently single cousin (by marriage) twice, again no protection. Finally he admitted to sleeping with a supposedly straight guy he and many of my cousins went to school with who I told Ryan I really didn’t like him or want them talking because I didn’t trust him after what I'd read about him. Since they were never close friends I didn’t feel like this was a big sacrifice or that I was being too controlling AND I assumed that he knew why I (and all my cousins) felt that way, but didn’t bother repeating it. The reason was after high school at age 20 this guy was convicted of sexual assault and penetration with a foreign object against a 16 year old girl and had gone to jail and required to register as a sex offender for life. Apparently my ex was the only person in his graduating class that hadn’t heard that news. All of this happened in my home while I was working. We spent the whole weekend crying with me asking over and over why and him repeatedly crying and saying he just didn’t know and that he felt terrible.
Monday comes around and anger started being as common as sadness and I made a comment that said I was going to pull all the phone records going back the 3 years that AT&T kept them (for a fee). Only when he heard that did he admit to one more guy. Some random named Frankie off the gay hookup app Grindr who was the first guy he cheated with and continued to casually hookup with for nearly 2 years with the last time being in February (the month before). He told me how it started. Get this – it was the DAY AFTER his graduation with his BA in May 2018 and he was drunk from celebrating and wanted to have sex. I too had been celebrating with him and said I was too drunk to perform and said I’d make it up the next day, then passed out asleep on the couch. Apparently he was “angry horny” because he downloaded Grindr, chatted with this Frankie fellow and arranged to have sex in his car in a church parking lot across the street from our condo (which happens to be across the street from a school…this fact is important later), all while I slept on the couch. All the times they hooked up after that was again in my condo while I was working or visiting a friend for the night up the coast (he used to love going but started saying he couldn’t occasionally because of “homework” and “studying.”
I absolutely lost it, told him to get in the car and I drove him to his family’s house so he could tell them what he did so they understood why he was moving back into their house. While he was in the house I was in the driveway on the phone with AT&T ordering the 3 years worth of detailed call/text logs, then made an appointment to be screened for STIs. I suspended his service until he could figure out how to pay for his own damn phone, then , deleted the social media accounts he cheated with and to make sure he couldn't hide more evidence I temporarily changed all his passwords so only I would have access to his cloud. I also called the bank and issued a stop payment on his final tuition check that I had sent to the certification program the week before and hadn’t hit the bank yet. Before deleting his social media, except Facebook, I took screenshots of the entire Instagram conversation with his ex and mailed the conversation to his fiancée, who deserved to know so she could see a doctor and get tested too. His family was very religious and had kicked him out in high school for 3 days when he tried to admit he was bi and only took him back in when he took it back. Needless to say, she ended it, he got kicked out. ONE DOWN.
He came back out to the car and we went home. I took his house key and told him to say goodbye to our 3 pets and get packing. The entire time he packed I studied those phone records to find out dates, times and if there was anyone else he was leaving out. He answered every question I asked and it was then that I discovered that the sex offender and he had only had oral sex in my home and that the actual sex was in the same parking lot he screwed the Frankie guy in.
The wheels started turning and the next day I went over there and sure enough spotted a camera. I spoke to a secretary at the church and informed them about a registered sex offender having sex in their lot and that not only was it a violation of his parole for indecent exposure, but that he was not allowed to be that close to a school and I provided the date. I was in luck! They had a digital two year loop system that started deleting day by day after it had been retained for 2 years +1 day. It was April 2020 and he first cheated with Frankie in May 2018 and the sex offender was in April 2019. I told them I was filing a police report and that probation would require a copy of it eventually. They said they would save the file and allowed me a thumb drive of both days to submit with my police report. Within a month the sex offender was locked up again. TWO DOWN.
I also filed a police report against the Frankie guy. The police said it was a relatively minor infraction but since it was across from a school playground and skate park they would follow up but there would be no jail time. I researched the hell out of Frankie and called him to confront him. He was smug and admitted to knowing about me the whole time. What he didn’t know is that I had found out he had a job that required a security clearance and he had several judgements against him and collection agencies had been looking for him. I didn’t know why they couldn’t find him and just garnish his wages, but it ends up he was Hispanic and had two last names and was a Jr., plus he frequently by his middle name Francisco, Frankie for short…so he got lost in the paperwork confusion. I sent a letter to the collection agencies providing his employer and current location and contact info and then sent a copy of the police report about misdemeanor indecent exposure for which he pled guilty and it was a fine with community service (not considered a sex crime). His wages did get garnished, but only for two paychecks because the misdemeanor was enough for him to lose his security clearance and get fired. THREE DOWN.
Then I contacted Ryan’s family on his mother’s side pretending to be him from his Facebook account making sure they knew he had fucked his cousin. It spread through the family like wildfire and soon his cousin was contacting me because he couldn’t get a hold of Ryan to ask why he would expose what they did. I just laughed and said you shouldn’t screw your cousins, especially when they’re engaged and that he’d messed around in my house, so now it was my turn for payback. FOUR DOWN.
Lastly, I had already stopped payment but since he was so close to finishing I was sure his family would bail him out and pay the university. Like I said, indecent exposure is usually a slap on the wrist type misdemeanor. However, I remembered some of the paperwork he signed to be a mandated reporter that you could lose teaching certification for “documented acts of moral turpitude.” I sent a copy of both police reports from the parking lot with still shots from the security footage clearly showing Ryan’s face to the school district he’d been student teaching in and a copy to the Commission on Teacher Credentials. FIFTH AND FINAL DOWN!
Admittedly, I did all this out of anger but he shattered my sense of self-worth and made me incredibly bitter and untrusting after years of being generous and supporting him. Everywhere I looked in the town I thought of Ryan and the cheating. I felt a terrible energy in my condo knowing it all happened there. I stayed 9 months and watched all 5 of their lives self-destruct. Then sold my condo (making a nice profit) and relocated to the PNW to start over. One thing that is sad is I found out just recently that his ex-who’s fiancé broke up with him ended up committing suicide several months after I moved. It is too bad that his family was so closed minded to turn on their own son, but in the end, it’s not my fault that he cheated on his fiancé by coming into my home at my fiancé’s invitation to cheat. Suicide is never the answer to ones problems and I hope the fiancée he cheated on doesn't blame herself and that only his family does (as they should).
TLDR: I emotionally and financially supported my ex through college and his teacher credential program for over 7 years only to discover he had cheated on me with 4 different guys, one of them the day after he graduated and then occasionally for nearly two years in my home while I was at work. I took my revenge: My ex lost his career before it even started and our relationship, one AP (affair partner) lost his job and had bill collectors after him, another lost his fiancée and was kicked out, a third was humiliated when his entire family found out he had sex with his cousin and the fourth was put in jail for a violating probation. Lesson: Don't Cheat and Deceive.
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2023.06.09 17:49 guestkakkonen 30[M4F] Finland/Anywhere I've been looking for you~

Searching for the love of my life. Can I find her here? Possibly so let's try! I'd also like to meet irl at some point but until then let's get to know each other here first.
So who am I? A student studying ICT, an artist (a printmaker to be specific), cat dad, a Jack of all trades if you will!
I enjoy quite a variety of things such as, riding my bike, getting into better shape, learning new things, gaming, playing the piano, trying out new activities among all other things. I am also a pretty good cook of basic foods plus I think I can be pretty funny too (I hear people like that 😁)
I am trying to live a healthy and balanced life so I am hoping you do too.. I don't smoke or do drugs and don't really enjoy that near me either. I do have a drink occasionally though.
I am quite open so you can ask me anything and I'll try to answer the best I can. I am also quite curious about you and want to learn more.
I would describe myself as kind, compassionate, honest, caring and respectful. I am equipped with blue eyes, a short hair and a varying beard style. I don't mind exchanging pics as I feel that mutual attraction is important too. I am also a whopping 5'7" (170cm) tall but I don't care about your height, I care about your personality 😎
People of all races are free to approach me~
I am excited to see what kind of a person you are!
Take care beautiful people all over the world
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2023.06.09 17:49 Emjewels223 24hours w a Red Sox Game-First Time in Boston

Hi-thanks for taking the time to answer some questions & giving me some ideas/hints! Coming from landlocked Denver, so seafood, beaches, the ocean & different baseball teams (other then our Rockies) are all big pluses for us! We'll have a car to drive around.
Son (12) has his Cooperstown week mid July, and while I have family in Long Island, I've never been to Boston. Seeing as it's only a four hour drive from Cooperstown, we are planning on taking in a game at Fenway, after we checkout of Cooperstown for sons 13th bday (as we'll celebrate on our trip). Hoping to spend between 24-48hours in Boston, maybe driving to Cape Cod on our way back to Long Island to see family? Depending on any ideas you may all have for us!
It will be Mom, Dad, Daughter (15) & Son. Daughter is typical teenager, so anything trendy, popular, cute places to shop, would be fun for her too-after watching 12u baseball for a whole week.
We as a family love food-seafood & italian while on the east coast are the top of the list. Best/ favorite places near around Boston/on the way back to Long Island? We love local favorites, doesn't have to be a touristy type place.
Not a huge museum family and as they are older, zoos & aquariums aren't as fun as they used to be, but I do love history & seeing places that are important or locally popular. Any can't miss sights? Or places?
While I'm sure a lot of you would say Cape Cod is overrated (or maybe not? Maybe worse?) I'm not sure when we'll ever be back to have the chance to see it. Is it possible to see it for a few hours? Have a quick lunch somewhere? Is there any where else that may be similar but less busy/expensive that we could see & explore?
Where would you stay in Boston for a 4:15pm game at Fenway? Assuming we will get into Boston around 1pm, what time should we get to Fenway? Any tips or secrets to help make our first time special? Also-where would you sit at Fenway? We like to watch the game, eat the concessions. Hoping to spend around $100 per ticket. Is that a fair price point to get good seats?
I'm sure I have a ton more questions. Literally ANY tips, ideas, you may have to make the most out of our short time there is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.06.09 17:49 themedits Do you see any hope?

A little bit (maybe a lot) about myself: An average kid born into a middle class household. A kid who used to cry himself to sleep for stealing 10rs to buy a cricket ball and losing the ball the same day.
Born into family that never got along with each other - constant fights within the family, an absent drunkard father, suicidal mother who killed herself when I was 12 after multiple suicide attempts, father who remarried without telling you a word - though that marriage didn't last long, younger brother who grew up in a hostel - no proper relationship with him, relatives who only give a shit when things are bleak. Abusive aunt and grandmother who tried to control everything I did, oh yeah my father passed away 4years back of a heart attack. Basically I was a kid who grew up finding solace through internet and TV.
I'm 25 year old now, permenantly moved out of the shithole called home. Completed engineering but found passion in filmmaking and have nearly 3-4 years of experience working in the corporate sector of this field. I recently got diagnosed with schizophrenia and am presently admitted to a mental hospital after a psychotic episode. Have made few really good friends in college who are my backbone, whom I can rely on to an extent.
Here I'm stuck in a mental hospital, about to be discharged in a few days, trying to look for some hope for my future.
An orphan who can't go back home because that place is too traumatic. I'm moving into a PG with my friend, hoping to get a job or regular freelance work to keep me surviving. Hopefully I get a job soon. Have made some terrible financial decision lately so fucked in that regard too. My career which is my only hope right now, isn't exactly where I want it to be. The hope is to be working on movie sets but I'm far from it. No contacts in the movie industry.
So yeah, that's me. A person whose life has been a uphill battle, whose path got more steep with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. I don't know how long will my congnitive abilities hold me up. I don't know how much worse my mental health will get. I can't live through another psychosis and hospitalization, but that's not in my control I guess. Basically I'm at my wit's end, trying to survive.
Do you guys see any hope in my bleak life?
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2023.06.09 17:48 ElegantSympathy7946 What sti is this

23M I had unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal with a girl. After a few days i had penile discharge which was very liquid and urine colored. The first time it was nearly a spoonful, but the rest of the days only a few drops a day, and mainly after urinating. I also had pain in my urethra and burning sensation while peeing. I went i saw a doctor on 5th day after encounter and i had high wbc in my urine. on the 9th day of exposure i went i tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea (NAAT). But they were negative. I also tested for mycoplasma genitalium. Cultivation method on my sperm. The results were negative. Doctor said that it's urethra infection and prescribed me Minocycline. I took the medicine and my there was no discharge anymore but pain, i went back and saw another doctor. This time my urine analysis was normal, but the pain was still there. Doctor prescribed me balofloxacin which i took for 9 days. I don't have burning sensation while peeing now, but me urethra still feels uncomfortable, there is even pain there. Also i have pain and swollen testicles now. I had my testicles checked with ultrasound which also was normal. When i went to see the doctor for the third time he said that my urine analysis was ok and refused to prescribe antibiotics and pills. He said that it was mental but i can fill the pain. The girl i had encounter with refused to get tested, the only thing i know is that she had inflamed tonsils
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2023.06.09 17:48 Brave_Percentage_919 Madden Online Franchise League (Xbox one Current) DM me Seasoned Xbox One SEMI CASUAL League 🫡 League Rosters are still damn near 75-80% accurate to the current NFL after this time. IRL rookies/prospects still being drafted, Semi Casual, 5 Min Qs, rosters ready to compete NOW !! (StopBuyingNewEA)

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2023.06.09 17:48 kittycarnival All other computer audio garbled and quiet when calling/using audio in the Discord app

I have a Dell XPS 15, and for the past few months I've had a problem where whenever I'm on a voice call or using audio in the Discord app (ie: watching videos in-app) the audio of whatever media I'm watching as well as all other audio on my computer becomes garbled and quiet, as if noise suppression is on. Louder sounds are clear, but quieter sounds and background music become almost indistinct. The only audio unaffected is the voice call itself. This makes my Discord app nearly unusable for voice calling since me and my friends like to play video games and watch movies together, and high quality audio is an important part of both those things. I've tried tinkering with every audio setting on both Discord and my computer to no avail, and resorted to using Discord on my browser to call since this fixes the issue.
This hasn't been happening ever since I got this laptop, it's only been an issue since around February of this year. Anyone else have this issue or any idea how to fix it?
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2023.06.09 17:48 Internal-Campaign434 Shedding on 2.5 mg oral min and 1 mg oral fin already?!

Title, I’ve been on both of these medications for a week now and I just took a shower and I saw a lot more hair on my hands today than usual, I washed my hair a few days ago and did not see nearly as much hair. Usually Wednesdays I see the most hair loss since before that I wash my hair on Sundays, so bigger gap.
Everyone told me a shed is normal, so I am mentally preparing for it but this early is crazy. Am I just a hyper responder?!
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2023.06.09 17:48 nicktherushfan Looking for a headset I can get same day from Bestbuy, Walmart, etc (any retail store I may have)

Hi all, my microphone on my headset died (9+ year old Skullcandy SLYR, was great until last night). I'm looking for a headset I can get same day from a retail store near me, either Bestbuy, Walmart, Target, or if anyone has any other places, I can see if it's here. My budget is ~125, but I'd like to spend less if possible (or more if something really fantastic is available for a little more).
Any recommendations? Thanks everyone!
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2023.06.09 17:47 chadders404 Nerve/tooth pain following ortho appointment 3 weeks post op

Looking for anyone with a similar experience or advice.
I had Lower Jaw Surgery 6 weeks ago (3.5mm advancement to fix bite). All the usual business with swelling and bruising, as well as a small area of numbness on my lower left lip and chin which is normal. My surgeon said that the nerve was in tact when they put me back together and expects sensation to return in a few months.
3 weeks post op, I had my first orthodontist appointment since the surgery. When they changed the wire, I felt pain in my teeth when they were tying the wire onto the brackets on the lower left numb side. I flinched and told them it hurt and they apologised for causing me pain but weren't concerned which was reassuring at the time. However, ever since this appointment I've had occasional dull pain in my teeth in the same place. If I push my tongue against the teeth, it hurts. I can't eat on that side of my face. It makes brushing that lower side of my teeth difficult because they're so sensetive. I cannot use an electric toothbrush near those teeth. It feels like the kind of pain you get when you eat something really cold, except it's inside my teeth. It only effects the teeth on my lower left side, everywhere else feels fine.
My orthodontist has been good so I'm sure they'll put me right at my next appointment but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone had any medical explanation or advice. Have you been through anything similar? Did it go away?
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2023.06.09 17:47 Brave_Percentage_919 Madden Online Franchise League (Xbox one Current) DM me Seasoned Xbox One SEMI CASUAL League 🫡 League Rosters are still damn near 75-80% accurate to the current NFL after this time. IRL rookies/prospects still being drafted, Semi Casual, 5 Min Qs, rosters ready to compete NOW !! (StopBuyingNewEA)

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2023.06.09 17:47 throwaway329000 How to know when to/if I should walk away from this

TL;DR: I (23M) am currently on leave from medical school. I left during M1 due to mental health issues, and almost unaliving myself. It’s been a rough year, and quite the learning experience, but I’m doing better.
I’m now struggling with the idea of going back though…but also…not going back too. I only have a few weeks to decide. I don’t want to make a mistake either way, but I fear potential regret from either choice.
I’m not sure what I’m looking for by posting this, or if it’s just a vent, but thank you for reading if you do. You are all amazing.
Hey friends,
I posted a few months ago about how I took a leave from medical school during my first year.
Long story short I had a lot of mental health issues (and no meds), a drug/alcohol problem, and at my lowest had an unaliving letter written to my loved ones and was actively planning my way out. My entire family dropped everything to fly across the country to pull me out of school because despite my struggles, I couldn’t give it up on my own.
After leaving I spent some time in a facility, and got some nice grippy socks. I was eventually cleared though (woo-hoo 🥳), and have been trying by best to stay healthy ever since.
I started proper medication, quit drinking, kicked my addictions, got pretty fit actually, traveled some, etc. Things have gotten better…but the scars of the past are still there. I’d be lying if I said I was 100% okay. I still meet with multiple mental health professionals on a regular basis, and am now pretty reliant on (properly prescribed) meds to get me through the day.
Fast forward to these last few weeks and (re)entrance tasks have picked up. Paperwork, zooms, emails, loans, cross-country apartment hunting, etc. have all triggered me to say the least. I can feel the anxiety building.
I’m scared of losing myself again. Or even worse, racking up $100k of debt per year and then losing it at some point down the road when I’m in too deep. I already have ~$100k debt from undergrad + last year with a pretty useless chemistry degree to show for it. However, I’m also scared to let this all go.
People from the outside make it seem like it’s so easy to just walk away. It’s not. Like many of you, I put everything into this. This was my dream, and the only career I ever really considered. Getting here consumed so many years of my life. I’m not the brightest person, so I worked pretty hard in undergrad for good grades. I made no friends. I didn’t go out. The MCAT took forever to study for. Meanwhile, I couldn’t work, do internships, or build a real-world resume because I was so focused on checking boxes to get in. And that’s just my part. My parents also supported me in many ways financially throughout this entire process.
As dumb as it may sound, I hate that I feel so stuck on a path that I’ve barely even started. I got a near 4.0 from a decent undergrad, I got a 52X on my MCAT, I got into a top medical school, I spent years getting here. I worked so hard…..all potentially for nothing?
I hate that I only have a few weeks to decide if I want to try this out again, or fully drop out. I already got denied extending my leave another year.
I hate that if I do drop out, there’s no going back. I’ll likely never be accepted again, even if I were to reapply several years down the line. I’m scared I’ll regret it.
I hate that if I do drop, I’ll be doing so without an actual taste of what real medicine is like. Just a really small sample of preclinical, which is nothing like clinical medicine.
I hate that leaving means I’ll probably have to go back to undergrad, and potentially work towards a backup career that might not turn out the way I’m hoping again. A career that will always be something I did less out of interest, and moreso because medicine just didn’t happen for me. There is nothing I’d want to do with a chemistry degree.
I think most of all though, I hate thinking that there is a chance, even if it’s a very small one, that I could go back to med school and figure it all out. I could get through it all and love being a doctor like I always thought I would. I could maybe finish and look back on this one day & be so happy that I stuck it out. But, there’s no guarantee.
Obviously this is a personal decision…it’s my life after all. I just wish it didn’t have to be this difficult.
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2023.06.09 17:46 TheChosenOne_101 [REQUEST][STEAM] Assassin's Creed Odyssey (80% off) (2nd Attempt)

My Steam:
Hey guys! As you might have somewhat guessed from a look at my steam profile, I'm currently doing a run of the AC series starting from Unity. I bought AC Unity on Steam around Jan, finished it, loved it. Then I got AC Syndicate on Ubisoft Connect, finished it, loved it. Paris and London were fantastically recreated by Ubisoft, imo, and I REALLY loved the parkour and Assassin gameplay. Stories and characters were decent.
I'm currently on AC Origins and it was one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life! I finished the main story a month back and I'm just currently doing side quests/dlc because I loved the game so much and I can never get bored of it. They did a really good job with Ancient Egypt and it is truly breathtaking. I absolutely loved Bayek as a character and also the other activities such as hunting, gladiator arenas (my god they were especially spectacular), and also exploring the pyramids. The soundtrack of the game always plays in my head when I think of it lmao.
I think the main story was very interesting, too. It had a revenge theme where a father was trying to avenge the death of his son and hunts down members of the Order. I also really liked how they added Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, but the only problem is that they rushed the story brutally near the end. And for some reason, the ending focused on Aya and her monologue even though the entire game was about Bayek.
But my experience with this game has been truly amazing and I think these kind of exceptional games only come out once in a while. Never seen anything like it before. I want more, so I'm planning to finish Odyssey and Valhalla as well.
AC Odyssey, a game set almost 400-500 years before the events of Origins, is set in Ancient Greece. The game lets you play as a mercenary and is more RPG-heavy than Origins, and introduces choices and lets the player take different paths in the story. People have said the VA for Kassandra did a fabulous job and I can't wait to explore the Spartans and Athenians along with their myths and legends, and the naval battles; I'm genuinely interested and super excited about playing this game!
Odyssey is currently on a huge discount on Steam so I thought this would be the best time to request for it. I would have bought it myself, but unfortunately, I already spent too much of my pocket money on buying Unity, Syndicate, and Origins :(
If any of you would gift me this game, I would forever appreciate it and remember it. It would be wonderful if I could get the Gold Edition since I really love to play dlcs as well and it comes with AC3 Remastered for free, which is also another game I am super keen on trying out sometime. I'm trying to finish this series before my college starts later this year and I get busy. Thank you!
Even though I would really love getting the Gold Edition of this game, I completely understand if it's a bit too costly/unaffordable and I will gladly take the Standard Edition instead as it still means a lot to me :)
AC Odyssey on Steam:\_Creed\_Odyssey/
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2023.06.09 17:46 mitsukisound 31 [M4F] LF Chinita cutie

Good day! Way back February ata nag post ako ng "LF: FWB na student" then after ilang months nag karon ako ng 19 years old SHS student. I am not really a believer ng: "MANIFESTING" and di galing sa reddit yung nakilala ko, but dumating. Now I would like to try again and manifest a chinita na cutie. I dunno, but weakness ko talaga yung: Chinita, maputi and mahaba buhok. Open ako for casual or kung magka vibes tayo, maybe something more 😉. About me: - Working professional - Looks: 7/10, 75kg, Moreno & 5'9" . - Open minded to try your fetish/kink. - Fetish: light BDSM & underarms - Clean (last test June 07, 2023) - Gives aftercare
About you:
- Chinita - May Daddy/Tito , kink and/or fetish - 5'3" and below - My body preference is petite to medium build - Open for FWB set up (can be exclusive) - Preferably near North Metro Manila. (or nearby jan)
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2023.06.09 17:45 Illustrious_Error_72 Prioritize tax debt over retirement savings?

So I have managed to climb my out of all credit card debt - I do have some remaining balances on credit cards on a 0% APR period and the card will be paid in full by the time the interest starts accruing.
That essentially leaves me starting on even ground for the first time, with the exception of money that I owe on taxes. I owe nearly $5k federal and several grand to state, although I’m not sure of the exact amount.
I have 3k in an HYSA and would feel more comfortable with about 8k as a safety net in a VHCOL area, but I do have a lot of job security.
I have $0 in retirement savings at this time. My 401k match will not kick in for about 6 months.
My question is, do I start to prioritize paying down the debt on taxes owed? I have them on a payment plan and it doesn’t seem to accrue much interest (at least compared to cc), so I was hoping to build more savings, but would it make more sense to pay this off and then start contributing to a retirement plan? Should I divide the available funds and contribute a smaller amount to both? For reference I am 30f and only recently learned anything about managing my personal finances, so I have some catching up to do.
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