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2023.06.10 18:58 Buckk-Nastyy [FS] [USA] LV, DR, SI, CL, Rings, Moissanite

Paypal Invoice Only. Shipping to CONUS Only. Once we agree on price, payment must be submitted in reasonable amount of time. If not, deal is void. Items brand new unless stated otherwise
DR Oblique Dress Shirt. Worn Twice. Fits XL - $80 shipped
TopStony SI Lavender Crewneck - Tag says XXL but it shrunk. Prob fits tts L. half chest is 22.5 inches. Worn a number of times. $40 shipped
LV Trainers from Jelly Size 45. No box. Worn twice - $115 shipped.
CL Dress shoes from Neon RG. No box. Worn once. Size 46 -$110 shipped.
DR SS20 Monogram Ring. Worn a couple times. Size 12.5 - $60 shipped
Dude9 Bucalet Sunflower Ring. Worn couple times. Size 9 - $45 shipped
Dude 9 Beige Pleated Trousers. Fit 34 US - $50 shipped.
ALBUM of Clothes
Selling my DY Custom made black moissanite mens bracelets. Only shipping within continental US.
Both brand new, never worn.
Both come with a standard case that item was shipped in.
Purchased from Starsgem.
Black Pave Moissanite.
The cuban style one is 8.3 inches long. Paid $550, asking $490 shipped.
The armory style one is 9 inches long. Invoice in imgur says its 8 inches but i also ordered an 3 piece link extension to add to the lenght. 8 inches cost $455, 3 piece link cost $50. cost to add 3 piece at local jewelerer was $150, totalling $661. Asking $520 shipped.
Will let them both go for $890 shipped in a bundle.
Proof of Purchase
Videos of Bracelets
Tagged Pictures - Timestamp
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2023.06.10 18:28 jhnbsomerscz4gm How can I find discounts and coupons for Palmetto State Armory products?

Unlock the Palmetto State Armory Promo Code 2023
Get the best deals on high-quality products from Palmetto State Armory. Use our exclusive coupon codes to unlock unbeatable discounts and save big on your next purchase. Discover the latest working promo codes for Palmetto State Armory, only on this page.
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2023.06.10 14:58 1776Deplorable [Review][Positive]

I have been a customer of Palmetto State Armory (PSA) for about 12 years now. I have purchased just about every component available for an AR15 from them and they have just about functioned flawlessly!
No company is perfect. I had an issue with a non PSA branded free float hand guardthat came on one of their .300blk uppers I had purchased. The hand guard kept sliding forward while shooting so I sent it in for a warranty fix. Upon return of the upper, the issue remained. I contacted PSA again and the ended up sending me a new PSA branded rail that has worked flawlessly.
There was also a time I was missing a spring in a lower build kit. I contacted PSA and they sent a replacement out very quickly.
Recently I have purchased a PSA Dagger which has been a fantastic pistol to shoot. I got the full size frame with the compact slide because I wanted something like a Glock 45 and it is great! I have not had any issues with it at all.
Finally, I have purchased a few thousand rounds of AAC 5.56 and 9mm. The ammo shoots very nicely and is also at a great price point.
I did receive two 5.56 rounds that were damaged and I have reached out to PSA, so we will see what they do to fix it.
Overall a great company that provides excellent products and a great price point!
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2023.06.10 02:37 bringthemuhfnruckus [WTS] 15" PSA AR10 Rail // UTG 45 Offset RMR Mount // MBUS Front FDE

What's up ya chooches.
All prices are shipped, PayPal F&F preferred but over 20 flair can cover the fee for G&S. Dibs first then PM, please be ready to pay. I'm happy to answer any questions.
WTT: I'm open to use any of these in a trade +cash for Holosun 407c/507c/508t, an FDE TLR7a, or a salty TLR7 on the low.
● 15" Palmetto State Armory PA10 / AR10 Mlok rail - $100
Some salt from furniture being installed but nothing bad. Includes barrel nut and all the mounting hardware.
● UTG Picatinny 45° Offset RMR Mount - $20
Installed, painted, stripped, and replaced. It's fine but it's also only $20 so take it or leave it.
● MBUS Pro Front Sight FDE - $25
Newdz 👇
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2023.06.10 00:25 AltruisticBowl4 McKee's Men (Cranston St. Armory Scandal)

Have folks here been following the drama about the Scout x Armory deal?
The full story is here (and the follow up here), but the gist is that a Rhode Island state official, David Patten, and the director of the R.I. Department of Administration, Jim Thorsen, are facing allegations of "bizarre, offensive" behavior during a business trip to Philadelphia to vet Scout, a company seeking over $50 million from the state for the redevelopment of Cranston Street Armory. It's truly worth reading the full article to see the full scope of what exactly went down, but it ranges from Patten saying sexist, racist, and unprofessional things to employees and tenants at Scout's building to seeking expensive personal gifts and favors from Scout employees.
The additional wild part is that all of this was documented in an email from the Scout team to city officials right after everything went down, but the email was kept secret by the McKee administration until a request for public information act (?) forced them to release it. It also turns out that Attorney General Neronha was not informed about the criminal investigation into the two official's potential breach of ethics until after the email's release.
In the meantime... Patten is on paid leave making $175k a year (and claims his racism / sexism was because of a "mental health episode"), and no funding was given to Scout in the recent budget, which raises a lot of questions, IMO
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2023.06.09 22:16 Appropriate-Door-246 Magazine question

Magazine question
New PSA Dagger and very familiar with Glocks. Im using glock 19 gen 5 mag. The mag does not fall free and has to be pulled. Is that normal?
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2023.06.09 20:24 SnooDonkeys5133 HB1240 flowchart

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2023.06.09 19:37 surfish95747 Just finished my M16A4. Dang this thing is a smooth shooter! The outfit I got the FN upper receiver from said they were pulled off old M16s so if true that’s fun. I had Culper Precision in Utah laser the FN stick logo on the PSA lower. Added a nice touch I feel. Although I’m NOT a fan of the ACOG.

Just finished my M16A4. Dang this thing is a smooth shooter! The outfit I got the FN upper receiver from said they were pulled off old M16s so if true that’s fun. I had Culper Precision in Utah laser the FN stick logo on the PSA lower. Added a nice touch I feel. Although I’m NOT a fan of the ACOG. submitted by surfish95747 to MilitaryARClones [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:49 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Rundown June 9th - 11th

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here:


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.06.09 16:48 AdamLikesBeer Weekend Roundup 6/9-11

Around Town:





I have had suggestions for a patreon or something of the sort in the past. I do this because I like to provide whatever tiny help I can to the community. BUT I also like to raise money for Gillette's Children Hospital every year. So if you have some virtual loose change you can help me help dem kids here:


Be da real MVP and add anything I missed below.
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2023.06.09 16:03 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.09 14:05 Cool_ball999 A question about ufa

A question about ufa
So i'm a long time player, been playing since the days of fixed loot, i've already finished the game, and i remember there was this main story mission where you go to ufa and get this missile launcher to attack a bandit base, all that yada yada yada, you get my point.
after the latest update (yes i am playing on the newest version, don't ask me why, i am aware of its state) i saw that ufa's loot has been refreshed, i've greyed it out a long time ago, so i said why not, can't have too much loot.
So when i got to the armory of the military, i see this launcher still here, is there a new questline or something? Because for me, the main mission is finished, the whole bandit base thing is over, and yet the launcher is here, is it bugged? Or is there a new questline i can trigger? Btw, it says "locked gate" everytime i try to loot it.
(Don't tell me to not play the game, i'm tired of seeing it, and i already did, i have another device with an old dayR on it, this is on another device)
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2023.06.09 09:29 bangbangboomboom19 The Chronological Telling of Amnesia: The Bunker’s Story for Those Too *Scared* to Play It

I never replay games. I’m more of a one and done it kind of guy, but something about ATB’s gameplay and story compelled me to play it not once, not twice, but four times at the time of writing. It certainly helps that the game is short (although I think the universal praise of The Outer Wilds demonstrates that this isn’t a bad thing).
My latest playthrough clocked in at ~35 minutes at the time of writing in order to get the Toot Sweet achievement. Ironically, this exact pursuit of achievements led me to get the Librarian achievement and, ultimately, finally read all the story notes chronologically.
Notwithstanding, ATB is a nauseatingly haunting game on harder difficulties. The monster is deadly, the resources are scarce, the tone is grim, and the darkness encompasses it all. Above all of this, the story is worth telling and I posit that the game’s genre, coupled with the Amnesia brand being notoriously terrifying if PewDewPie is to be believed, will prevent a lot of people from playing it. That’s such a shame.
Without further obfuscation, I want to encourage you to play the game; immerse yourself in its world and discover its truth for yourself. Your appreciation for the story will only compound the more time you spend stalking the halls of the unnamed bunker it takes place in.
For those of you that don’t care to play it, but appreciate a good story, read ahead. SPOILER WARNING.
ATB’s story begins before the player ever takes control of the protagonist, Henri Clemont, a Soldier in the French Army at the Battle of Pozieres during World War I.
April 1916 – Toussaint Beaufoy – What Could Be Worse than War?
On 2 April, 1916, Henri’s embattled unit receives orders to dig their bunker deeper so that their chain of command can laud it as a symbol of French patriotism and eventual victory in the war.
The calamity of World War I, having already wrought havoc on the bodies and minds of Henri’s unit, is only intensified by these foolhardy orders. This bunker is destined to become “a rancid, stinking pit. A void, a hole. Full of men, scared and confused.”
Eight days later, on 10 April, Henri’s compatriot, Toussaint Beaufoy, pens a poem We Whirl the World that reflects on the grim events of the war and foreshadows the events of the game.
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a terrible twirl
Can’t see the sun for all the smoke
Can’t see the ground for all the dead folk
Can’t see the ocean, can’t see the trees
So I stay here down on my knees
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a binding twirl
A snarl in the dark
A sad day in the park
A stone reminder
A horse’s dirty blinder
A child’s empty hand
A friend’s stained armband
The news of the day on the stand
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost in a bloody twirl
What comes next around the bend?
Maybe it’ll be some kind of end
More likely another shrill, shrill whistle,
Magic that turns men into gristle.
We whirl the world
The world we whirl
It all gets lost and still we twirl
Henri’s unit begins digging and on 30 April, another soldier, Alex Noyer, extrapolates on why the unit has been ordered to dig: the bunker lay atop Roman ruins that extend towards the German lines. The command wants to use these prebuilt tunnels to launch a surprise attack on the enemy. However, Noyer’s interest lay more in the archaeological significance of the dig.
With the dig well underway, the other soldiers begin to experience haunting symptoms. Notably, Beaufoy, who witnesses some horror on the night of 5 May, that shatters his psyche. He refuses to discuss what he witnessed with anybody, yet he revels in it; “I want to go back to that place. I want to feel that way. I want the violence and the ecstasy and the pitch-black darkness.”
May 1916 - Alex Noyer’s Journal - Digging Up a Dark Secret
A week later (9 May), Noyer is presented with archaic texts uncovered during the digging. He begins to read them and discovers the texts are not of typical Roman writings. Rather, the texts are religiously significant repeating the phrase “to cross into darkness and beyond.”
These texts originated from a people that believed they found the key to immortality, a blessing bestowed upon them from some “other world… dominated by darkness… ruled by something…” These damned texts went on to describe this world as “full of spirits, monsters and that the air there was endlessly alive with cries of torment and the sickly rattle of souls near death.”
The tunnels that the men were digging were used by this ancient people as a portal to this “pagan hell.”
This manifested in our world as the need for the followers to commit sickening acts that appealed to the primal instincts of humanity; “blood orgies, of sadistic spirits, of the awful things these men and women would do to each other in worship of darkness” and a magical liquid that would grant the believer’s immortality in darkness.
Noyer enters the tunnels sometime on 14 May, and discovers more of the cursed history of the tunnels. “The Romans used these tunnels to hold sadistic bacchanals, great festivals of cruel combat, torture and worse... held in an arena over a great pit.” His command writes him off as paranoid, and Noyer resolves to enter the tunnels.
On 25 May, Noyer is recovered after screaming in the damp excavation sight until his vocal cords were annihilated – alive but utterly terrified.
June 1916 - Farber - Am I Out of Touch? No, It’s the Soldiers Who Are Wrong.
Noyer warns his brother-in-arms about the texts and truth of the ruins they are excavating. As the truth and panic spread, the Command begins punishing those who speak of the more sinister presence that is permeating the halls of the bunker.
Throughout the month of May, the soldiers are gripped with a waking terror that seeps into their dreams, all the while having to fight a war notorious for its brutality. Noyer writes, “we’re stuck between the Germans in front of us, high command behind us, and some other horrible force that seems to lurk in shadows all around us. I fear we are now truly beyond God’s reach.”
Rumors of the truth that Noyer uncovered begin to spread amongst the men. Despite taking the assertions of the malevolent presence seriously, the command chooses to contain the panic through force.
Incensed by Noyer’s ominous warnings, a rebellion is formed on 28 May with a soldier only known as “Farber” at its helm. The mission is simple: contain the evil of the tunnels by sabotaging the digging efforts with a cave in. Farber notes that each of the five recruits is exceptionally eager to end the waking nightmare, particularly Beaufoy.
Their efforts are successful and the soldiers experience a brief abatement from the ever-present fear, only to be discovered and subsequently tortured by their Commanding Officers, Reynard and Delpy. None are spared the persecution, save for Beaufoy, who is presumed to have been killed in the blast that undoes the dig. The last thing any other soldier saw of him was Beaufoy telling them he had “other work to do,” whilst pointing to his own eyes.
Despite the ordeal, no participant reveals Farber as the mastermind, and Farber is forever indebted to the brotherhood.
The officers of the unit do four things in the wake of this unthinkable act of insubordination: (1) abandon the tunnel, (2) punish the conspirators, (3) send the remaining men on dangerous combat patrols and (4) order more wine. No lesson learned, no warning heed.
Of minor note, on the evening of 30 June, after one such combat patrol, a German prisoner is captured. Small recompense for the men routinely thrown into the meat grinder of enemy machine guns and command tribunals.
July 1916 – Henri Clément – Buddy Fucker with a Conscious
Another such raid is ordered on 8 July, and Henri has a plan to not go. Henri and his best friend, Augustin Lambert, decide that the winner of a game of chance will not have to risk their life this evening and the other will go in their friend’s place. Henri cheats, rationalizing it as a harmless prank, condemning Lambert to endure the battlefield once more. Henri is sure Lambert will return, unscathed, and cannot wait to see the look on his face when he learns what Henri did.
Only, Lambert doesn’t return. As the dusk of 8 July turns into dawn, Henri is wrought with guilt. He resolves to recover his friend. It is here, that the player finally takes control of the protagonist.
Henri discovers Lambert at the bottom of a pit. Not a crater from artillery, a borderline incomprehensibly large depression. Henri makes his way down and renders aid to his battered, but alive, compatriot. Henri gathers water from the pit, and nurses his friend before they attempt to escape.
Patrol Report – 10 July 1916
Odd occurrences last night. Sdt. Lambert, thought dead after his patrol on the 8th, returned to the barracks in fine health. He carried with him Sdt. Clément – severely wounded from an explosion.
Lambert reports the following:
-That midway through his patrol on the 8th he fell into a deep crater and was unable to escape.
-Clément, his close friend, snuck out after him last night, located him in the crater, and carried him out.
-They were spotted and in the ensuing attack, Clément was injured by an explosion. It fell on Lambert to carry him back.
Very odd that Lambert was neither injured from the fall nor the explosion AND that he ended up saving the man who came to save him.
But battlefield luck is an odd thing. In every life, fate’s winds blow erratic.
Judging by Lambert’s description, the crater he fell into seems to have been located very close to the Roman tunnels we unearthed. It may have been a result of work down there.
Recommend a future patrol to investigate and make sure we have not opened a backdoor into our own bunker.
Henri remains comatose for ten(?) days.
July 1916 – Augustin Lambert – The Nightmare Is Only Beginning
Lambert, having dodged death, reflects on the events of his ill-fated patrol. His loss of hope at the bottom of the inescapable pit, and the angelic reprieve he received from Henri. He notes how the water Henri nursed him with “was cool and crisp, with a strange, sweet taste. Never has water felt more nourishing than that, administered by a dear friend’s hand.
Despite surviving, Lambert’s survival is dampened by the loss of a toy he bought for his son – the toy he believes to be in the pit where he almost lost his life.
Lambert grows stronger by the day. However, with Lambert’s return, so do the haunts that plagued his fellow Soldiers. Scratching at the walls and an overt ghostly howling emanates throughout the halls at night.
July 1916 – Stéphane Joubert – Oh Yeah, The Murders.
The first to fall Reynard on 15 July. Hardly a loss after his treatment of the soldiers, but certainly a catalyst for even further distrust.
Stéphane Joubert, another officer, reflects on the evening of the murder in his journal. He had heard a commotion in the hallway, but assumed it be Reynard drunk on his secret stash of wine. No one was aware anything was wrong until they heard the screaming. He is concerned for the harshness in which his fellow officers treat the men, particularly in the wake of this death.
The remaining officers interrogate the men, after all, a murderer was so clearly amongst them.
Paranoia grips the men, who are the prime suspects due to their contempt for Reynard. But the brutality and sadistic nature of the murder was beyond the pale? The autopsy read:
Body of Sgt. Reynard.
Multiple lacerations. Chest cavity torn to shreds. Every rib cracked. Skull cracked open by repeated blunt force trauma.
Who could have done this to him?
Amid the violence, Farber, driven mad by the resurgence of the haunting presence, resolves to kill it himself to atone for being the only man left unpunished for the tunnel sabotage. When the evil presence, emboldened by the murder of Reynard, returns, Farber is there. He shoots the Beast and it retreats into the shadows.
But it did not forget. It returned ten minutes later and pulled Farber into the wall, “screaming… praying for salvation.
The men note something familiar about the Beast as it continues to hunt them; like it knows who they are.
The officers abandon the men, escaping and blowing the entrance to the bunker behind them – condemning the soldiers to evisceration by an unkillable force. Joubert, the only bastion of morality amongst the officers, is among the escapees all the same He leaves the men one chance at salvation.
Fournier, our commanding officer!, cowers next to me now. He’s lost his mind to an abyss of fear…
He wants to run, to blow up the exit behind him.. Sealing the demon down here… The demon AND our men.
His constant refrain, it is getting to me… and that same void of terror… it is also overtaking me.
To any of my men who see this: once we’re free of this place, I will get the arsenal code from him. I will get it and I will radio it back to you.
Trapped down here with that beast, the arsenal may be your only hope. It’s all I can do. All I have courage to do…
Get to the communications room in the Soldier Quarters. Hide there. I’ll broadcast the code to you.
The men, responded to such hollow words:
The officers have abandoned us! They ran from the beast and blew the exit closed behind them. Even Joubert…
They called us cowards and traitors and worse… Hypocrites. Now they’ve doomed us.
Whatever hell we suffer now, it is on them. God will punish them for what they’ve done.
July 1916 – Henri Clément – The Game Begins
The game begins with Henri awakening in the hospital bed from comatose state. He doesn’t remember the past, but that’s why we have spent about 2400 words going over that. The gameplay of Amnesia is self-explanatory – gather resources, avoid the monster, escape.
In order to accomplish this goal Henri has several sub objectives that, for convenience, we’ll cover in two parts: Get the Dynamite and Get the Detonation Handle. This isn’t a walk through, every playthrough of the game is different, but you learn the fates of several characters through extrapolating on the relationship between the notes and the game itself. Play the game and get stalked by the monster for the horror experience.
Get the Dynamite (Located in the Armory):
· Located in the armory, Henri first needs to retrieve a code to unlock said armory. The code, you recall, Joubert promised to broadcast to the soldiers. After solving the daisy chain issue in the Soldier’s Quarters and finding the requisite key, Henri makes his way to the communication room. Joubert is true to his word, he is still broadcasting the code. Henri can now retrieve the dynamite.
Get the Detonator Handle (Located in the Tunnels):
· First order of business is to recover a ratchet wrench that allows access into the Prisoner Control room in the Prison section of the bunker. The wrench is in Foreman Stafford’s locker, but you’ll have to find the code. Henri discovers that Stafford made his way to the Bunker’s Pillbox as a means of escape. However, the Pillbox is locked with the only key being in the bunker’s Chapel. Henri makes his way to the chapel to uncover an unholy display of twisted bodies – an achievement pops up revealing this is the Beast’s nest. In the confessional, Henri discovers the priest (otherwise insignificant to the story) nailed to the wall. He recovers the key and returns to the Pillbox. At the top, Stafford is there, a bullet through the eye from an enemy sniper – a grim reminder that you’re still fighting a war.
· The wrench is to help gain access to the Captured German Prisoner’s cell, left abandoned; Geneva Convention be damned. What we want in the cell is a pair of bolt cutters that had been used to torture the prisoner. Opening his cell alerts the monster, whom promptly murders the poor prisoner (although there is a slightly happier disposition in which you retrieve the bolt cutters before the Beast gets to him – are you quick enough to save his life? Do you even want to?)
· The bolt cutters grant access to the chained-shut tunnels. The haunted tunnels. The Pagan Hell. Ghostly apparitions due exist down here skulking the fog teasing you with the evil you’ve read so much about. Impossible rock formations alongside Roman statues and columns, this place is truly unearthly. But then you hear a voice, the first voice you’ve heard since the prisoner you couldn’t understand died. “We whirl the world…” Its Beaufoy, whom has gouged his own eyes out and roams the fog with a shotgun and homicidal intent – still more work to do. He will kill you, so you must put your fellow soldier down. Is it better this way? At least that shotgun is yours now *finger guns*.
· If you explore a little more, after finding the detonator handle, you’ll find a small tunnel that leads to the pit. The pit the game began in, the pit with the small rabbit toy Lambert lost. Shit, what happened to Lambert?
You retreat to the beginning of the game. Hook up the dynamite and blow it. Make your way to escape. You find yourself at a grand arena above a bottomless pit. With the Beast standing between you and salvation. Is there really a boss battle in this game? Winning it reveals the final truth.
Lambert is the monster. Your best friend, corrupted by the water you nursed into him to save his life. Presenting the toy to him prior to the final battle when he tries to kill you causes him to take it, run to his fucked-up chapel nest, and place it on a pedestal. There is still humanity there, and that’s why he recognized those he killed.
But this is a grand arena over a great pit, and losers go into the pit. Use the toy to hold the monster up on the destructible bridges and, while he plays with it, blast the bridge itself – pulling the literal floor out from underneath him – eternal darkness awaits.
Now flee, make your way to salvation. You see sunlight. You breach the rocks and roll down a slope into a pit of dead comrades. At least you’re free of that beast.
As you bask in the light you hear “SCHNELL, SCHNELL” and searchlights beginning to scan where you just fell from.
Fuck, you’re still in a war.
A grotesquely unsettling story of overcoming shitty circumstances and still losing. What’s that like an 8? Probably an 8.
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2023.06.09 00:09 Own_Decision2258 Looking for a compensator to fit my CYA IWB holster

Looking for a compensator to fit my CYA IWB holster
Just picked this up, I’ll likely get a different holster when I get a light, but for now it’s my CC and I’m wanting to spice it up with a comp to keep it from jumping as much while working on the controlled pairs. Any recommendations?
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2023.06.08 23:55 2ArmsGoin3 Quick Newbie Question about PSA AK

Quick Newbie Question about PSA AK
Let me start by saying I’m new to AKs and don’t know much. I was looking at purchasing a Zastava ZPAP M70 as well as an AK by PSA. My questions are about the PSA rifle.
Are these the same rifles (aside from color), just one comes with a sight leaf while the other comes with a pictatinny rail?
If they are the same, why is the ‘base price’ of the one with the leaf (ODG) more than the ‘base price’ of the one with the rail (black)?
Can a bayonet be mounted to either of these? It looks like it can, but I’m not 100% sure.
I am leaning towards the PSA one that has the rail, but it’s possible I don’t know enough, so if you had to choose between the two (color aside, it’s going to be rattlecanned) which would you go with and why?
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2023.06.08 23:52 2ArmsGoin3 Quick Newbie Question about PSA AK

Quick Newbie Question about PSA AK
Let me start by saying I’m new to AKs and don’t know much. I was looking at purchasing a Zastava ZPAP M70 as well as an AK by PSA. My questions are about the PSA rifle.
Are these the same rifles (aside from color), just one comes with a sight leaf while the other comes with a pictatinny rail?
If they are the same, why is the ‘base price’ of the one with the leaf (ODG) more than the ‘base price’ of the one with the rail (black)?
Can a bayonet be mounted to either of these? It looks like it can, but I’m not 100% sure.
I am leaning towards the PSA one that has the rail, but it’s possible I don’t know enough, so if you had to choose between the two (color aside, it’s going to be rattlecanned) which would you go with and why?
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2023.06.08 21:41 Timtanoboa My Playthrough Stories: Part 1 (Pokémon Shield)

Alright so before I get deep into character there's some background I need to give in this "episode" so that y'all have the info you'll need for the other "episodes." Basically, all of them will start like this one, and then I will tell the stories in first person. This will either be really boring or pretty neat, so let's find out together! Also, I used a different name for every game, until Scarlet and Legends Arceus, where I started consistently using Timtanoboa. A few of the names I use are really dumb. Also, these will be in the order I played them (Sh, Sw, LGE, Sc, LA) and I have (unfortunately) never been able to play a Pokémon game not on the Switch. Alright, now to the less boring stuff.
Region: Galar
Name: TJH
Date of Obtaining Game: December 25th, 2019
Part 1: The Gym Challenge
In the Galar region, in a small town called Postwick, I started my Pokémon journey with Scorcher the Scorbunny. On Route 1, I caught Flynn the Nickit and Dr. Insector the Blipbug. Then on Route 2, I caught Little Turtle (this name is over the character limit but I don't remember how exactly I got around that so I'll be referring to her as Little Turtle the whole time) the Chewtle and Mr. Karp the Magikarp. Heading into the Wild Area, I caught Jackie Chan the Tyrogue (who would not actually receive his name until he evolved into Hitmonchan). Then, onto Route 3, where I caught Flame Bug the Sizzlipede. In the first Galar Mine, I caught Diggy Piggy the Diglet, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I made the entire game for a reason you'll see later. Route 4 is the first location where I didn't get a new Pokémon (that I named).
On to fight Milo, where I Dynamaxed Scorcher on Turn 1 and used a strategy that worked here and nowhere else: Max Flare, Max Flare, Max Flare. If memory serves, Scorcher and Dr. Insector evolved after this battle.
On the Bridge, after kicking He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's rear, I caught Granny the Eldegoss. On to Hulbury!
Against Nessa, I used Granny and Dynamaxed Turn 1. I promise this is the last time I did this. But Max Overgrowth x3 worked here. Soon these battles get more interesting.
Through Galar Mine No. 2, I caught nothing. But in the Motostoke Outskirts, I caught Tox Hat the Koffing. Finally, I fought Kabu.
Here, I discovered that Dynamaxing Little Turtle and using Max Geyser three times wasn't going to work. So I had to train a bit. I don't remember the exact strategy I used, but I know that I got it on my second try, likely with help from Diggy Piggy. This marked the only time I struggled with Kabu.
In the Wild Area, I trained up many of my Pokémon, with Jackie Chan evolving into Hitmonchan. I know some other stuff happened, but I don't remember this playthrough well because it was a chaotic mess. Into and out of Hammerlocke in two shakes of a Wooloo's tail, and on to Route 6, where nothing happened. Time to fight Shy Guy Allister!
I remember nothing of this fight, other than that I completed it first try.
Before heading into the Glimwood Tangle, I sent many of my Pokémon on Poké Jobs, putting together a secondary team. If memory serves, this team included Mr. Karp, Tox Hat, Flynn, Diggy Piggy, and two other mons that I have forgotten about. Sad. This is where all of these mons evolved into their final forms, which I only remember because I sat through like three minutes of evolutions before challenging Opal.
The only information I remember about the Opal fight is that I failed the first two times because I didn't get the quiz questions right and every time included Tox Hat vs. her Weezing at some point. Badge 5, scored!
This next bit is where I started getting some real momentum before immediately dropping it. On Route 8, I caught Lots of Guys the Falinks.
Against Melony, I used Lots of Guys as my Ace, though I did get some great use of of Scorcher, who was now a Cinderace. At this point, assume all of my Pokémon are fully evolved unless I state otherwise.
Onto Route 9, where I got the funny water bike and Kar-Oct-E the Grapploct, who proved quite useful against Piers, who's fight went something along the lines of:
Kar-Oct-E used Close Combat. It's Super Effective!
Time to go back to Hammerlocke, where me catching Diggy Piggy comes back to be one of the best choices I made during this playthrough.
Against Raihan, I had a full team of six, including Diggy Piggy. I lost Scorcher after he Dynamaxed but was hit by Duraludon's Max Rockfall. So now, it was just Diggy Piggy vs. Duraludon. Diggy Piggy was at low health, and I only had one option: Fissure. And it worked! Heck yeah!
Then I lost all of this momentum and go hang out in the Wild Area for over a MONTH! I started progressing again when I went to a friend's house and he persuaded me to finish. He also helped by trading me Dreameater the Gengar. So I went to Wyndon, and caught nothing on the way. None of these battles are interesting. I won all of them first try and used nothing but brute force for them.
Part 2: The Past Game
Same goes for the post game. Onto the DLC!
Part 3: The Isle of Armor
I decided to reset my team and use new Pokémon for this. My "starter" was Sister, the Slowbro. Other team members include Mimikree the Zoroark, Armory the Urshifu, and No. 1 the Klefki, who was only named as such and only even mentioned because it was my first encounter on the Isle, after I closed my eyes and ran around until I bumped into something. There was also Titan the Wailord. Finally, there was Bulby the Venusaur. The Isle of Armor plot already isn't particularly anything, so nothing interesting happened. Maybe we should wait a few months for the next DLC...
Part 4: The Crown Tundra
Team Reset! Queen the Slowking was my "starter," and I used Pteranodon the Aerodactyl, Dinosawr the Tyrantrum, and other mons that I honestly don't care enough to look through the encounter rates of every CT area for. Legendaries caught, I began to do the Max Lair in hopes of finally having a challenge. This was where I caught two of my only three shinies on this file: Nimbus the Altaria and Cosmo the Starmie.

Alright that's all you can go home now.
Also no idea what to flair this as so... media?
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2023.06.08 20:21 SayNoToStim PSA security breach?

Woke up this morning to an email from Palmetto State Armory saying thanks for your purchase. Which was funny, because I don't remember ordering anything.
Turns out my account was compromised, which I'm betting was on their end because of 1) their history, and 2) my security practices are pretty good. Someone changed the name on my account and placed an order, but not with any of my credit cards, which is weird. I'm assuming its a stolen card as well.
Send PSA a message but I was wondering if anyone else has run into this before.
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2023.06.08 19:58 Recluse1729 Inheriting guns - what to do?

My father died from COVID in early 2021 and my mom is now preparing to sell their house (in Indiana) and move to a new state to be closer to her brother (Kentucky).
As her new house is much smaller, she asked if I wanted to take his gun safe and assorted guns. She says there are a couple hand guns and what she believes is an AR-15.
I also live in Indiana and personally only own a Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-spec I purchased directly from a dealer. From what I’ve read, Indiana does not require that I register these guns, but Federal law says that the AR-15 at least, does. She says she does remember they had to fill out some forms when my dad purchased them so I assume they’re registered, but what would be the best way to go about “inheriting” them properly? Is it as easy as finding an FFL Dealer through guy and taking them there for the 10 day background check? Is there anything I should do before to make it smoother, or after? Is there a ‘good’ way to move a ~300 lbs gun safe other than first removing the guns and transporting them separately (and treating them as if they’re loaded at all times)?
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2023.06.08 17:36 Individual_Mess3929 Metal Gear Remake Concepts Part 1

hese are concepts ideas I had for an Metal Gear (1987) remake which I would dub as Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Haven. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990) would be called Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland. Both games would be long and give a lot of depth on Solid Snake's past and his relationship with Big Boss, Campbell and Gray Fox. Another game I would push for is Metal Gear Solid: The Philanthropy Chronicles.It would allow players to play as Solid Snake and his supporting cast after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2. Snake’s mission to continue taking out metal gears and track down the Patriots along with Revolver Ocelot. It would lead up to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I will be working on Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland concepts soon.
The concept for a Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Haven (MGS6: OH):
I know its long as Metal Gear (1987) would have to be a game that is remade from the bottom up. A remake of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake would be easier since it was a rock solid game. One wouldn't have to change much from it just expand on the story, elements and characterization it has already. I would love to get feed back from fans here.
The storytelling aspect is inspired by how MGS (1998) told its story. The game would start with Otacon, a ghost writer that wrote the novel of Snake’s exploits and those that work with Snake during Operation Intrude N313 telling the events of Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Heaven to journalist they trust. We learn that Snake is paradon for his crimes and is buried as a war hero next to the grave of Big Boss. Given a Medal of Honor award and other awards from other countries for saving the world several times. The world is now knowing about his story and thus even more interested to learn of Snakes exploits during his youth. David Hayter voice being used as a recorded message from a dying Solid Snake giving accounts on what happened in Metal Gear Solid 6 and 7 along with most of his life. Snake hopes that his message and story will inspire others to be better and fight for what is right.
David Hayter wouldn’t voice a young Solid Snake as I feel a voice actor that is younger but can emulate David Hayter mannerism and his voice should do it. A young Solid Snake having a hint of innocence, nativity, vulnerability and self doubt at times.
David Hayter would voice Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland since Snake is supposed to be older and wiser. David would be able to give us this voice range and kick it out of the park including the duel against the real Big Boss.
The year is 1995, the Soviet Union has collapsed and the Cold War is now over. The threat of nuclear war is gone and the world embraces this newfound peace. However, this peace is short-lived as there are those that don’t want it. The world is engulfed with the threat of terrorism and rogue states that want to get their hands on nuclear weapons. The free world is now being threatened once again. The US Government works to combat this threat with its covert U.S. Army unit known as Fox-Hound under the leadership of the legendary war hero known as Big Boss. However, when a government agent goes missing during a mission…The agent last reports a weapon that can shake the foundations of the world known as “Metal Gear”. Big Boss sends in a rookie but talented Fox-Hound agent known as Solid Snake to learn of this new weapon. Will Snake learn the truth about this new weapon or will the world find out what Metal Gear will do if it's unleashed?
Like MGS3 there would be a Virtuous Mission in MGS6:OH.
Main Mission:
This is where Snake goes to South Africa and has to get to Outer Haven which is a vastly HUGE heavily defended base. Potentially the best soldiers and mercenaries in the world work and defend the base. It is an official mission sponsored by Fox-Hound, NATO, CIA, NSA, UN and top members of the US Government. This means Solid Snake gets a load of equipment, gadgets and weapons for the mission.
Gameplay would be a mix between MSG 3 and MSG 4 and MSG 5. It takes influence from other games like Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell and Grand Theft Auto video games along with new mechanics. The concept is to give the game a war survival horror like vibe if you’re spotted by the enemy or having trouble surviving in the wilderness.
MSG3 gameplay elements
MGS4 Gameplay elements-
MGS 5-
Splinter cell element-
Grand Theft Auto elements-
New Gaming mechanics -
Snake’s Gadgets/Tools for the main mission where he gets official support
Movie Influence:
Game Music:
Venom Snake/Big Boss:
Supporting Characters
Kyle Schneider
Jennifer Schneider
Drago Pettrovich Madnar
Ellen Madnar
Tech (Original)
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2023.06.08 16:43 Phallus_Maximus69E Hitman: Blood Money - Masterpiece

Hitman: Blood Money is, still to this day, one of the most beloved entries in the series. This game went above and beyond anything made by its predecessors. With a gripping storyline, highly detailed levels and better controls, this game can be summed up in one word: consistency. The gameplay and AI is more consistent, giving the player more control when solving the mission's puzzles and such. Blood Money added a pre-mission preparation, where the player has a wide latitude in the way he can choose how to tackle the levels. Another great addition was the implementation of accidents, so you can kill pretty much anyone as long as they cannot pin it on you.
Levels are now highly detailed, with really crowded parties with many NPCs to interact with. The mission "Death on the Mississippi" has 109 NPCs, and 120 NPCs in "Dance with the Devil". The lights are much better and no longer blind you (a persistent nuisance in the previous game), there are more complex environments and impressive effects - even today. The AI is smart, capable of seeing blood and will no longer attack you on sight when catching 47 tresspassing.
The ranking system is now more detailed and the number of shots stopped affecting your rating. Another great idea that was used in this game is that sedating people is now permanent (finally).
The controls are better with a sensible system of using Space, E and G, with the options appearing on the top left corner of the screen. The compass is now an integral part of the hud. Agent 47 handles that much better and everything is now more dynamic and smoother. He can easily climb, run and perform actions like attack or interact with objects. A coin was introduced, thus giving you the ability to lure NPCs away or towards you. This can also be made by throwing weapons, like the mine. Combat is much better, with melee attacks and better aiming. You can now run towards your targets, from behind, and knock them out before they can react; being more realistic.
Weapons are now fairly easy to collect, since you can play individual missions within a player profile and you can visit your "armory" in the new hidout the devs gave 47. You can also upgrade your weapons with the money from your hits. You now can use NPCs as human shields.
The game also added two new features: a newspaper and the notoriety system. You must avoid witnesses or else you will start to appear in the newspaper covers and random NPCs will recognize you during missions. The newspaper is also hilarious, with odd stories, foreshadowing, easter eggs and a brief description of how you killed your targets. You can also get plot points and foreshadowing by listening to conversations or radio broadcasts in-game.
Amid completing contracts, 47 discovers a shadow organization called "The Franchise" that is intent on destroying the ICA and plans a palace coup in the United States. The game finally revisits South America, with a mission in Chile, and goes through the most iconic missions in the series, like "Courtains Down", with its many creative ways of eliminating the target without being noticed; or "The Muder of Crows", with the Crows gang, where the female in the crow costume can be killed by dropping a piano over her; and the Mardi Gras crowd (127 killable NPCs). Agent 47 can also disguise as a priest and celebrate a marriage; dress up as Santa in a Playboy-style ice party, and even as a US Marine in the White House. This game goes out with a bang in one of the most epic endings in a video game, with Agent 47 dressed in his now venerable white suit.
The relationship between Agent 47 and Diana is greatly expanded; giving more depth to 47's character. Before just a briefing voice, she becomes far more than that.
Even if the ragdoll physics are showing its age in this 2006 game, Hitman: Blood Money is a masterpiece, one of the most fun and replayable entries in the Hitman franchise and the stealth genre in general.
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2023.06.08 03:32 Birdstrosity1979 Is this normal Ak trunnion/rail wear?

Is this normal Ak trunnion/rail wear?
So being an unfortunate resident of a soon to be AWB state, I decided to purchase a few guns I've wanted for a long time before the bill went into effect, including a Romy G. So I ended up purchasing a kit build off of gun broker. It's an original barrel matching kit build on a childer's receiver from Aly & Kaufman LLC. From what little I could find about them they seem like a reputable builder, but I didn't have a lot of options since the AWB was going to pass soon. Anyway, it shoots great and looks great. Good rivet work, nice fit and finish. However, after putting a couple hundred rounds through it I noticed that the receiver rail and the trunnion both have marks/deformation on them. I'm not new to AK's, but I'm not an expert either. My TGI AMD 65 as well as my old Lee Armory Polish build didn't show these signs of wear, nor does my Galil build. After a google search I couldn't really find much that matched what I'm experiencing. So I'm just wondering if I need to be concerned or if this is hopefully just normal for AK's to break in this way from time to time?
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