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2023.06.09 16:04 throwawayskeet12 Non Colorado resident Nuggets fans…What’s your story?

It’s a great time to be a nuggets fan. The furthest we’ve ever been, with the best player in the world with the best partner we could ask for. Surrounded by a truly championship level team. We built this the right way. No skipping steps. Sticking together. Believing in our guys. Feels so good to be in this position.
But this post is about us out of towners. I’m just curious to know how ya’ll chose the nuggets. Never glamorous, never top dog, but we became fans anyways. How did that come to be for you?
As for me… I grew up in Hawaii, I’m 34 now. I was a bronco fan first thru family but once I came to love watching the NBA, my family wasn’t exactly the basketball watching type and I didn’t know who to choose. We’re surrounded by Lakers (by far)/Bulls(MJ)/and now Warriors fans here in the islands because of course right? But I always just had a deep disdain for the Lakers. Where it came from im not sure. Was it because I wanted to go against the crowd? Yea that’s part of it. But growing up I just didn’t connect with the sensationalism of the superstar basketball of those times.. I always had a like for nuggets since my bronco fandom just lured me towards them, but I didn’t truly have a team. But I did have a hatred, a true hatred for that laker team when they signed Karl Malone and Gary Payton and everyone and their mamas were just so confident the lakers (remember, Hawaii is a HEAVILY weighted lakers spot) we’re gonna easily take the trophy home that year.
And then came those finals, the no superstar Deeeetroit pistons with just nasty D and team wide play absolutely obliterated that first super team in my eyes and I absolutely reveled in it. I was in awe of the way this TEAM destroyed what was thought to be one of the best star studded teams of all time.
I was still young and still hadn’t adopted a team as “mine” quite yet. But that experience made me love the “team” over “stars” phenomenon. Then billups from that team came over that peaked my interest in the nuggets even more so.
It didn’t become a true love though until the season where the nuggets truly had no superstar but a team. A team that just ran roughshod through everyone at home. That 39-3(???) home record team in my high school years really scooped me in. That TEAM play just felt right. Run and gun, depth, no true superstar but still amazing team. Just tickled my pickle and I was hooked.
And this team now, epitomizes that EXACT feeling I had falling in love with those nuggets. A true TEAM led by the ultimate TEAM player. Built the right way thru all the super team bull shit era. I am so proud I chose this team. Sure everything runs thru Jokic Murray two man game, but this is a TEAM. Built not bought. Patience, belief, vision of seeing it come together. It’s all paying off. Whether we complete the full journey, is secondary (sort of nugs in 5). The growth of this team and being where we are is so worth all of the doubt, all the “get back in your place nuggets” type talk, all the bullshit. I can’t imagine how ya’ll lifetime nuggets fans feel, it must be amazing considering the nuggets history..because I already feel vindicated. We knew, we truly knew this core was capable of becoming this. And whether we finish it off or not, it’s so funny to see everyone finally respect us and see we were correct about this team.
Now I’m just rambling because I’m drunk ya’ll. I’m sorry. I had to put this shit down because this team is something special and I had to. Put it down somewhere.
For English, for Thompson, for lever, for Karl, for Danilo, for Faried, for Lawson.
For Gary, for Monte, for Thrill, for Millsap and all those in between.
Bring it in, go nuggets.
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2023.06.09 16:03 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.09 15:49 Dry-Macaroon-7779 FHOA Small HOA, literally everyone seems crazy and not nice, with each other, with me

We live in small HOA for awhile. HOA supposed to maintain a private road, but it doesn't. It's a mess and could go into it but not my question...
It seems every one of the only 18 houses/owners in our really small HOA is a fucking weirdo. Of the 6 or so that are occupied year round, 2 of which have controlled the HOA for the past 2 decades, other 4 owners include old woman with drugee middle aged kid in and out of rehab, a schizophrenic, an old man with dementia who writes periodic updates to owners, a gay couple who say their sisters but everyone knows the truth. When I moved in, there was no welcome committee, our welcome was a few loads of gravel dumped in such a way on the road our cars (not just ours, but the whole road) couldn't get over, neighbor cutting down our tree with no explanation or apology, other neighbor letting dogs out to chase and bite after us.
It's a rural area and we all have an acre or so, and it's forested, so we don't see each others houses much, there are no meetings or community events ever. We just see each other occasionally passing on the road. And it's all mostly friendly, most people waive. A few of them are friendly with each other, but the little group doesn't include everyone, and not me. I moved here from the north, we are in the south, if that tells you anything. Weird thing is most of these people I write about are also from other parts of the country, not from the south.
It's just so draining to live in such a negative environment, with seemingly nasty, hateful, depressive people. Maybe it's just me, I don't know, I mean, I don't have trouble with people outside of the HOA, at work or away from the HOA. I mean, the HOA is completely disfunctional, but the people who make it up are the problem.
I know the ultimate solution is to sell. But I can't afford to do that by a long shot. This could be the wrong sub for the question, but how can I help change my mindset to feel this is a more pleasant environment? Anyone else in this situation, with all your neighbors being unfriendly? What have you done to deal with it?
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2023.06.09 15:47 bambieyedbrit How much does your Weimaraner weigh? What is their current height and age?

Long story short, I lost my goldendoodle a few days after Christmas last year and am now looking for a puppy. He was only nine but he had several health issues due to very poor breeding that I believe ultimately lead to his sudden passing. He was the best in every way but most importantly, I always felt safe with him because of his size and stature. He was on the larger size for the breed, weighing around 75-80 pounds and his head reached my waist (I’m 5’6”). Due to the issues he had and my reservations about overbreeding, I’ve decided to stay away from “designer breeds” as much as I love goldendoodles. I’m also trying to avoid replacing the dog I had and potentially being disappointed. After much research and pulling myself away from giant breeds, I landed on Weimaraners. In the last few months, I’ve attended several events to familiarize myself with the breed but (I can’t believe I’m saying this), have only been able to see puppies. While that’s been amazing, I’m really interested in learning about their mature size. At one event, I saw a female weim that weighed 90 pounds and was 12 years old. I understand that’s abnormal but when speaking with (literally dozens of) breeders, they almost all report a maximum weight of 60 pounds. That seems like a large range so I’m doing some more research before committing. I love all the photos of your gorgeous pets but size is hard to depict in photos without scale. Any info or advice you can offer regarding the title is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.09 15:46 MerrMODOK Looking for tips to help dog and cat get along!

Hi all, first time dog owner here. Me and my girlfriend recently adopted Birdo (6 month old Schnauzer), and was told she gets along fine with cats. Well, upon getting home that’s not quite the case.
When Birdy came home, our cat Milky’s domain became the basement. We used a door buddy so they could communicate and see each other form the door. This worked good, as in that cooridor between the basement and upstairs, they get along just fine. Sniffing, chilling; whatever. The strange thing is, even they get along just fine in that area, the second Milky ventures out into the living room, it turns into a way more reactive chase and hiss-a thon. Birdo becomes absolutely fixed on her as if she were a bird or rabbit. We’ve had milky for years now, and it really upsets me that she can’t spend time with us where we spend the majority of it. Any help we can do for this?
I’ve heard some of the following, please let me know if you WOULD or WOULDNT recommend before we try it.
-Having Milky spend time in the living room with us while Birdo is crated
-Have milky in a cat carrier in he living room with us
-having milky upstairs with us on the other side of a baby gate, not allowing her to retreat downstairs (which is where she in the most comfortable)
Please let me know what you all think! We’re really looking for ways we can train this to work.
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2023.06.09 15:39 WearANeckWeasel Help! My beasts are filthy!

Help! My beasts are filthy!
I have two adopted Anatolian shepherd beasts. I’ve had Ludo for almost three years and Nori for 5. Neither dog likes water. Because they don’t smell I’ve managed to get by with never bathing them, but now I can tell they are definitely dirty because my hands turn white/black after only minimal pets. Besides a bath (which I don’t really consider an option), are there other options that work to get them clean? For example, do dry shampoos actually do anything?
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2023.06.09 15:39 Content_Call5083 Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge, Straud Legacy: Gen 6; Jasper

Ep. 1 Friends, Crushes, and Pranks - Oh My!
Ep. 2 A Little Harvestfest Magic
Ep. 3 Final Exams and Prepping for Prom
Ep. 4 Household Happenings
Ep. 5 A Prom-ing We Will Go
Ep. 6 Fear and Failure
Ep. 7 Dating and Discovery
Ep. 8 A Beachy Winterfest
Ep. 9 Pranks and Pain
Ep. 10 A Visit From the Reaper
Ep. 11 Prom - New Years Edition
Ep. 12 Running Away From the Problem
Ep. 13 Expelled
Ep. 14 Inappropriate Entry
Ep. 15 Magical Days
Ep. 16 Telling Veronica
Ep. 17 No Remorse
Ep. 18 No Rest For The Weary
Ep. 19 Family Reunion
Ep. 20 Prom Promises
Ep. 21 The Roommate
Ep. 22 An Awesome Odd Job
Ep. 23 Jasper's Eventful Day
Ep. 24 A Teen No More
Ep. 25 Burgliate For the Win
Ep. 26 New Horizons and Heartbreak
Ep. 27 The Motive Trials
Ep. 28 A Change of Plans
Ep. 29 Hijinks for Two
Ep. 30 Oh Baby... A Protection Malfunction
Ep. 31 The Morning After
Ep. 32 Preparing For The Future
Ep. 33 Complicating Circumstances
Ep. 34 What's One More?
Ep. 35 Telling the Family
Ep. 36 Finishing Touches
Ep. 37 Birth Plan Chaos: Welcome Pink Gen
Ep. 38 Seeing Family and Friends at Harvestfest
Ep. 39 Making the Doctor Work Overtime
Ep. 40 The Little Things
Ep. 41 City Living
Ep. 42 Winterfest Revelry: Part 1
Ep. 43 Winterfest Revenge: Part 2
Ep. 44 Winterfest Revelations: Part 3
Ep. 45 Homebodies for the Holidays
Ep. 46 The Downs and Ups of Villainy
Ep. 47 Laughter - The Worst Medicine
Ep. 48 She Ain't Done With Them Yet
Ep. 49 Together Again
Ep. 50 Unhappy New Year
Ep. 51 Sims About Town
Ep. 52 Humor and Hijinks
Ep. 53 An Adventure in the Country
Ep. 54 A Recovery From the Country
Ep. 55 Not So Neighborly
Ep. 56 Days at Home
Ep. 57 Therapeutic Thrashings
Ep. 58 Entertaining Afternoon
Ep. 59 Forever, Again
Ep. 60 Don the Lothario
Ep. 61 Gathering The Party
Ep. 62 Adventures With Hammy
Ep. 63 Apartment Adventures
Ep. 64 Family, Reunited
Ep. 65 A Birthday Decision
Ep. 66 Prodigal Jasper
Ep. 67 Taking A Sick Day
Ep. 68 Retying The Knot
Ep. 69 3 Birthdays and a Wedding Reception
Ep. 70 Neighborhood Brawl Crawl
Ep. 71 Neighborhood Brawl Crawl, Continued
Ep. 72 Crawling Home
Ep. 73 Intro To Magic 101
Ep. 74 The First Day of School
Ep. 75 Spencer's Struggle
Ep. 76 Death and Loss
Ep. 77 Gains From Death
Ep. 78 Lending A Hand
Ep. 79 Here and There
Ep. 80 Emotional Support Animals
Ep. 81 Will You Accompany Me?
Ep. 82 Dating Disasters
Ep. 83 Persistence Pays Off
Ep. 84 Harvestfest Fun in the Sun
Ep. 85 Meeting the Parent
Ep. 86 At Prom At Last
Ep. 87 The After Party
Ep. 88 Sharing in the Happiness of Others
Ep. 89 To Market We Will Go
Ep. 90 Life's Little Joys
Ep. 91 Could This Be Love?
Ep. 92 A Winterfest Romance
Ep. 93 A Winterfest Wedding
Ep. 94 Future Thinking
Ep. 95 Not Striking Out
Ep. 96 Oh My Nose!
Ep. 97 Broken but not Beaten
Ep. 98 A Magical Promposal
Ep. 99 Oh My Heart!
Ep. 100 Shouldn't It Be Easy?
Ep. 101 Sunny New Year's Eve Fun
Ep. 102 Prom the Second
Ep. 103 The Hard Conversation
Ep. 104 An Unexpected Crush
Ep. 105 Diet and Exercise
Ep. 106 New Friends From Distant Lands
Ep. 107 Some Auntie Uncle Time
Ep. 108 Hot and Cold
Ep. 109 Bro Bar Bash
Ep. 110 Sneaking Up On Love
Ep. 111 Some Grandfatherly Romantic Advice
Ep. 112 Playing The Field
Ep. 113 Love Is In The Air
Ep. 114 Spring on the Farm
Ep. 115 An Artsy Fartsy Birthday
Ep. 116 Wedding Season
Ep. 117 Birthdays Abound
Ep. 118 Graduation
Ep. 119 An Arranged Marriage
Ep. 120 Friendly Support
Ep. 121 Working Like Dogs
Ep. 122 Tartosa Here We Come
Ep. 123 Ed's Choice
Ep. 124 Vacation Romance
Ep. 125 Jasper Fabulous
Ep. 126 Ed's Bach Party
Ep. 127 A Fond Farewell
Ep. 128 A Time and Place For Romance
Ep. 129 Reactions to Romance
Ep. 130 A Not So Happy Union
Ep. 131 A Fabulous First Gig
Ep. 132 A Pool Deck Renovation
Ep. 133 Blowing the Whistle
Ep. 134 Hijinks to Make You Smile
Ep. 135 Life Things
Ep. 136 A Meditation Mishap
Ep. 137 Dinner With Ed
Ep. 138 Transitions and Hard Conversations
Ep. 139 Dreams Come True
Ep. 140 On the Subject of Immortality
Ep. 141 Saying I'm Sorry
Ep. 142 End of an Era: Orange Gen
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2023.06.09 15:37 Miss-Construe- Will a flea/tick collar kill an already embedded tick?

My family very recently adopted a dog and she just got a tick on her upper eyelid (it's probably been there less than 12 hours). We're hesitant to try to tweeze it off with it so close to her eye. They put a flea/tick collar (Adams brand) on her just now hoping it will kill the tick. Is that a good way to deal with the tick or should we try to manually remove it?
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2023.06.09 15:32 Gnartastical High-value treat recipe ideas?

I’ve been a cook/chef for about 7 years now, and I recently adopted a teenage bull terrier that is always distracted. I found that treats I buy from the store are either too expensive or don’t really work to distract him, so I decided to make some homemade treats to make sure they’re healthy and more interesting than whatever he wants to chase that day!
So far I have two recipes that work really well, one is with sweet potato, carrot, and various organ meats, and the other is dehydrated fish with a bit of corn meal for some extra crunch.
He loves them, and I was planning on eventually starting to sell them - I was wondering if anyone here has ideas for recipes, and any insight into scientific research showing what ingredients are healthy and safe for dogs and which are not!
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 15:26 OffersVodka My adopted Cane Corso just lunged at my grandmother.

I live with my grandmother, i adopted a cane corso and we have had him for over a year. He is incredibly protective and a huge baby. Unfortunately he is a reactive dog towards other dogs.
There has never been an issue with people coming over or my grandmother. Unfortunately i became disabled and require some additional assistance since. This morning my Grandmother was helping me out of bed and the dog barked and chased her off. He has seen her touch me 100s of times previously. He then did it again as she tried to walk by him.
I feel lost in what to do. She is obviously petrified of him now and I was suppose to go away for work over the weekend. Hes stuck to me like glue and been sleeping ever since.
She has fed him, walked him, taken him out, got down to his face and talked to him. It was a no issue relationship and i guess because he viewed her moving me as hurting me maybe?
Is this situation fixable? How do I safely move forward? I would hate to give him up but the safety of my grandmother is a priority and i cant be home 24/7.
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2023.06.09 15:25 Intelligent-Ad-2161 High prey drive dog harasses pet cats

I have two cats: a male, age nine, who I have had since he was three months, and a female, age two, who I have had since rescuing her off the street back in September.
I also have two dogs, but the one this post concerns is my six month old husky mix, who I adopted from a friend in February of this year.
Her first few days home, she didn't interact with the cats at all. They were curious about her, but kept their distance. As she got more comfortable in her new environment, she began to approach them to play. My male cat would get very puffy and growl to scare her off, so she'd avoid him, and my female cat would run away from her. This eventually escalated to her chasing the female cat, which escalated to her chasing both as she got bigger and more confident, so we started keeping both cats separated to one half of the house while the puppy was out, and allowing them free reign whenever she was put up in her crate.
Fast forward a few months and whenever they interact, she chases and corners them, but doesn't really try to do anything UNLESS I try to pick them up. Then she lunges and tries to nip and paw at them, which obviously concerns me a lot.
I need help. I try to use "leave it" and redirect, but she'll ignore me when she's fixated on something. Food is not high value enough to get her attention. I miss being able to spend time with my cats, because I've putting all my time into this puppy, but I don't want to let them out while she's out because I don't want her to hurt them. I know this is something I should have nipped months ago, and now I'm worried it's too late to get her under control.
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2023.06.09 15:22 Cool_Core Depressed or chronic pain in redtick coonhound?

Depressed or chronic pain in redtick coonhound?
My coonhound had a leg injury when I adopted her. I took her swimming and rehabbed it so it’s mostly functional now, with sign-off from the vet that she’s looking good. But, she is very low energy and just generally a sad dog. It’s been a few years; regular exercise, takes a pill for inflammation, eats regularly. But she’s not very social or play-driven at all with humans or other dogs.
I am sure some of this is normal, knowing that the breed can be totally on or off, but I wonder if a low dose of an anti-depressant or a pain medicine (how would I know if she has chronic pain from it) could help? Anyone have experience with this and see results?
I will obviously consult a professional, but they are guessing as much as I am sometimes. Also, her records show that she once had Rocky Mountain spotted fever from a tick. I am not sure if that would cause long term effects like this. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:21 missSodabb It is so conflicting when your parents are shitty people but they’ve always supported you economically

My mom is starting to show early signs of dementia. No one around me does anything because they think it’s normal. She’s the only person who has a job in the house and I can’t leave because I’m still in school. We basically live in squalor, the house is cleaned like once every two months, it always smells of something and my dumb fucking mom always lets dogs in. I have to be honest, I think that if she ever goes away for more than a day I will definitely put them up for adoption. No one other than her can Stand those dogs, they all have behaviour problems and make everything stink. What pisses me off more than anything is that no matter how I tell my mother she has problems she won’t understand it. Apparently illness in this house doesn’t exist, to the point where when I had covid and I had to tell my school my mom had a mental breakdown and didn’t talk to me for a week because for her I was supposed to go. For any simple drive, she takes an hour and sometimes drives around the same town 4 times, while hitting her head against the car seat. She has intense moodswings. All that she does is talk about the man she works in the office for. It’s gotten so annoying that whenever she comes home I straight up leave. She won’t divorce my dad because he has a house and she doesn’t wanna pay for her own. Other psychotic things she did were screaming at me saying I was gross for an hour when I got earrings and she once purposely dropped dish soap on my hair when I dyed it. She forced me to wash it 10 times in a row. When I was a kid she’d rip apart my books because she did not want to help me do my homework. When I was 12 and showed signs of suicidal behaviour, she straight up stopped talking to me for the whole year. In fact I don’t have any memories with my mom at that age. All that she does is take me and my friends to expensive places so she can I hold it back against me if I point out something bad she did. She has a weird shopping compulsion, she literally goes grocery shopping everyday. It’s funny that she does this then say we’re poor. My dad isn’t any better. Although he’s mildly rational, he’s unemployed and does violent things. For as long as I remember, he would get mad and break things. When I was 15 I went to take a shower before a doctors appointment and while he was fine 10 mins before that, after he went insane and almost broke down the door, yelling that I was worse than my cousin who’s a drop out with sociopathic tendencies. For context, I’ve never done anything bad, I’m literally known as someone who’s always quiet. When I was a kid my dad would always yell at me in public and at home sometimes he’d beat me. What’s insane is that both of my parents hit me as a kid and whenever I would bring it up they’d always say they never did it. When I brought up actual times they did it they just said it was my fault. To see a picture of me as a 5 year old and think that somebody would beat that kid breaks my heart. How on earth can someone beat a kid? For almost my whole childhood I was home alone,daydreaming about being somewhere else. All this trauma led me to being unable to love anyone, hating myself to the point that I’m disgusted by people who love me and hating everyone.
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2023.06.09 15:13 valkwhorie My personal experiences.. venting?

TW/CW: death of a child(teen), and death of a pet.
I used to be very much on the “it’s the owner not the dog” side of the argument.. even after a family member was mauled to death by pit bulls. But losing my cat is what changed my mind. now I’m convinced it’s BOTH.
I never cared for bully breeds, I always preferred herding breeds, but I didn’t hate them. I’ve never encountered one that was aggressive towards me. Most were friendly. I’ve only ever been bitten by a golden retriever, and a chow mix!
A few years ago a semi distant family member, a teenager, was getting himself into trouble and went into someone’s yard in the middle of the night. He was mauled to death by multiple pit bulls. Even then I said “well they were doing their job, protecting their yard”. He shouldn’t have been there at that hour, it’s true. But he also didn’t deserve to lose his life. He couldn’t get away. The police couldn’t get the dogs off him. They had to kill one of the dogs and wound the others to get them to stop.
The event that changed my mind though.. was losing my feral cat. I get very attached and form bonds with my pets quickly. I bond with animals easier than people, and they mean the world to me. I’m going to ask everyone to refrain from the “cats are invasive and shouldn’t be outside”. I know this. I know the risks of having outside feral cats. I TNR and my ferals have “jobs”. I live in a gated community behind a lot of restaurants, and that attracts a LOT of rats. These cats keep the rats away. They also keep large roaches at bay.
This cat showed up and was totally feral, but I gained his trust. Then he got sick. He had stomatitis (ulcers in the mouth). A rescue group helped me with his medication. He had trouble grooming himself so I’d sit outside twice a day every day to brush him and clean him up. He didn’t venture far from my patio. He was used to my late dog, an Aussie mix, and my neighbors dog, a cocker mix. Our dogs would sniff him, and he’d headbutt them, and they’d go about their business. But one night, I went to bed early, and as I laid down I heard barking. It kept happening and at first I assumed it was someone on a late walk, or a dog in another apartment. But the dog kept barking. I said to myself “I’ll get up and check if I hear it again” after a few moments I heard a single bark.. I said “okay one more time and I go check” and another bark. I got up finally to see what was happening. I was greeted by a familiar face. A big Bully breed dog, probably about 80 or so pounds. I’d found him loose before and he was pretty friendly, and got him back to his owner. This time though, he was after my cat. He grabbed him and wouldn’t let go until I was hitting him. He dropped my cat to the ground, and he was lifeless. I brought the cat in and started getting ready for a midnight trip to the vet. He yowled and scratched me and peed on me on the way in.. I know he was in pain. He died in my bathtub while I got the carrier ready. We chained the dog on my patio and went to the vet for a confirmation and to have evidence in case we needed it.
The whole time I couldn’t get ahold of the dogs owner. I finally got a call back four hours later. She got her dog and apologized profusely. I was hurting.. but I didn’t want her to lose her beloved pet because I lost mine. I asked two things of her. One: to donate anything she can, whether it be money, items, or time to the rescue that helped with his meds, even if it was just pocket change or used towels.. anything to put good back into the world. And 2: to keep their dog from getting loose because I don’t want to lose anymore pets.
For the next three months until they moved, I brought their dog back to them at least twice a week. And I know it was loose more because I had neighbors tell me. Their excuse was “he’s just used to having a yard to play in and we feel bad he’s cooped up all the time!” Yeah well my cats are used to being alive and not living in fear but here we are. Calls to the complex and animal control did nothing.. there’s a 35 lb weight limit on dogs here. I don’t care if someone breaks that rule.. If they keep their dog leashed. There’s plenty of large dogs here that are kept leashed and under control. Huskies, GSDs, Rotties, Aussies, and mixed breeds. But I don’t know WHY pit and bully breed owners refuse to take responsibility for their pets.
I don’t even think all pits and bullies should be banned.. but I think there needs to be heavy regulations on them. They’re flooding the shelters, they’re abandoned in the streets, and back yard breeders keep pumping them out like nothing. Most people don’t want to adopt a pit or bully mix. I believe that any existing pit or bully or mix needs to be registered, and spayed or neutered unless the owner is a REPUTABLE a breeder or shows the dogs with the proper kennel club. And any of these dogs purchased through said breeders needs to be registered and kept track of. Sort of like Australia’s gun laws. Sure you can have a gun, but you need to take every safety precaution and measurement to ensure the safety of those around you. They need to make sure people are aware of what they were bred for, that those traits are still in their dna, and be aware of the risks that entails.
I’ve always advocated adoption and rescue as the best way to get a great dog.. but even I’m afraid now to adopt because I don’t want to risk getting a dog with a high % of bully or pit dna.
I’m sorry for the rant.. but I wanted to get this off my chest, with a group of people who aren’t going to come at me with “but they’re NANNY dogs!” “but mine would NEVER” “but they’re just lazy babies” and all the other attempts to make them out to be something they’re not..
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2023.06.09 15:00 AutoModerator Free For All Friday!

Welcome to Free For All Friday! You can post whatever you'd like in this thread.
Tell us about your day, tell us about your dog, post a photo of an event. Hell you can even post jobs or complain about your neighbors.
As long as it doesn't break Reddit site rules, it's free game as this thread will be mostly unmoderated.
Give it a go. Show me a meme.
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2023.06.09 14:36 McGlone_Games Episode Recap - Louis and the Nazis

Episode Recap - Louis and the Nazis
Following on from my 'In Vision' commentary notes, I had a request from freddythefuckingfish to recap 'Louis and the Nazis'. Here it is, along with some additional notes from Louis' follow-up visit to Lamb and Lynx for his 'Call of the Weird' book.

\"I thought it was time to leave.\"

Opening Scene
  • The episode opens with tape being put on a kitchen floor by April, while she is being watched by her aspiring pop-duo daughters, Lamb and Lynx
  • They all laugh when April starts to use the tape to draw a swastika, because she's a Nazi
  • Note: the twins go by 'Prussian Blue', which is a reference to how the walls of gas chambers could be stained blue by the Nazi's usage of Zyklon B, which contained Prussic acid
  • Louis asks if April cares about "people's feelings", which quickly descends into April going on a rant about "The Jews" and how she just thinks the swastika is "neat"
  • Personal Note: there's something about April's agitated head and mouth movements that reminds me of a Muppet
  • April refers to Louis as a "brainwashed lemming"
  • Lamb and Lynx dance a merry jig to the sound of bagpipes, before we go to the opening credits

Meeting Tom Metzger
  • Louis is driving to meet "one of America's most notorious" racists, Tom Metzger (who died in 2020)
  • Tom has a garden ornament with a motion sensor that makes a noise when you approach his house, then has what looks like another motion sensor to the right of his front door, with a security camera on the left
  • Tom says he's "more serious than most of the Nazis [he's] met"
  • There appears to be a sign that says "No Snivelling" on one of the doors in Tom's office (I couldn't find any significance to that)
  • Tom shows Louis a racist cartoon from his newsletter, claims that he is better looking than Denzel Washington, and then (in my opinion) tries to get a reaction out of Louis by using The N-Word, but Louis remains stone-faced
  • Tom says that he would not use that word in public if Louis asked him to, but that he would not stop using it in private (even as a favour to Louis)
  • Louis: "It makes me think slightly less of you."
  • Tom: "Well, that's okay, I'm not here to adopt you."
  • Louis takes a look at Tom's music collection, and Tom's wife flatly says "It's part of history" when Louis asks her if it's shocking to have the image of a black man being lynched on an album cover
  • Tom, again, seems to be intentionally saying extreme things to get a reaction out of Louis, but, when Louis doesn't bite, he does then tone things down a bit
  • Tom's youngest daughter arrives, and doesn't consider herself to be a racist (mentioning how people judge her solely for her last name)
  • Abrupt cut to a different room, with a tired-sounding Louis now lounging in a chair with a drink in his hand, and what look like papers in his lap, telling Tom that "it bespeaks kind of a hatred"
  • Personal Note: Uh... what just happened? How much time has passed since the interview with Tom's daughter? Is that a copy of Tom's newsletter in Louis' lap? Is that the "it" he's referring to?
  • Tom, with a beer in his hand, sounds upset as he tries to justify his hatred for "blacks" with, "they kill my friends, they imprisoned them for life"
  • Louis, almost sounding drunk, uncharacteristically replies with, "That's such bull. That is such bull."
  • Tom yells at Louis about black people committing crimes in England, then starts to make a phone call to end this very awkward and out-of-place scene
  • Personal Note: What was going on there?! Both men acted completely differently towards each other, while Tom's wife and daughter appeared to be nervously stood in the doorway. Just a really weird scene that felt like something directed by David Lynch.
  • Over at the karaoke bar ("Lets Party Right Here!"), we see someone who looks like Danny Trejo serenading a table of middle-aged women
  • Louis says it has been a "long and, in some ways, depressing day [...] I was even more confused when the karaoke bar [Tom] took me to turned out to be largely non-white"
  • Louis: "I could only assume that, for Tom, karaoke sometimes took precedent over racism."
  • We hear a (mercifully short) clip of Tom "singing" 'Bad to the Bone' (he sounds like the love-child of Elmer Fudd and Les Claypool)
  • Note: None of what was said between Louis and the Metzger's while they were at the bar is in the episode, and we only hear Louis speak in voice-over.

Meeting John Malpezzi
  • Louis is being driven by Tom to meet his new "manager", a man named John Malpezzi, who was "supposedly a show business veteran"
  • When John gets in the car, Louis tries to get him to talk about the racist things Tom says and publishes, but John seems like he was expecting that line of questioning and is having none of it
  • John gives the, oddly specific, example of how he has known people in the past who would "throw you out of the air plane, over the jungle" for trying to catch him out like that
  • Louis had been keeping his powder dry during the car trip, as he knew that there were rumours of John having a "colourful career" and that he "had spent time in prison"
  • Louis is more direct once they arrive at their destination and John, after initially trying to shut down the conversation about his past, admits that he had legally represented the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar
  • John had also been looking at "85 years" in prison for cocaine trafficking, but only served "3-and-a-half" years (here's an archived LA Times article from 1987 that covers what happened)
  • Louis says that who John was, and whether what he was saying was actually true, was "vague to me, and possibly to him, too"

Meeting Skip
  • Louis visits Skip and his family, some of Tom's "skinhead supporters" who were hosting a rally that Tom would be speaking at
  • Skip had followed Tom since 1983 and thought he had "done a lot of good *awkward pause\* he's a good patriot"
  • Skip's brother says that telling someone "you're on the fence" is considered to be an insult by skinheads
  • The second Louis suggests that he might be Jewish, Skip immediately starts eyeing him up and becomes less friendly towards him
  • Louis spent the afternoon with the family before Skip really started to become agitated
  • Skip: "You're a Jew, that's why you got so much animosity. [...] You're a Jew. ...You're part Jewish."
  • Skip points at the sound guy and says, "He's not Jewish, I'll tell ya that, right now."
  • Personal Note: the camera pans over to the sound guy and he reminded me of Seth Rogen, who is Jewish
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', Louis' Director was Jewish
  • I think you can just barely hear a member of the crew start to interject when it's clear that Skip isn't going to let go of the issue, however I can't make out what they're saying
  • Louis, after Skip and his family have all left: "I thought it was time to leave."

The Gathering of the Gods
  • Tom: "Yo, yo, yo, are you ready to go, to the Hate-ananny? Huh?!"
  • Tom is wearing a t-shirt that says "Some People Are Alive Simply Because It's Illegal To Kill Them"
  • Louis heads to a major event ("by skinhead standards") with Tom, which is being held at "Skip's place" (or at least in a field near "Skip's place")
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', Louis had "security experts" who refused to accompany him into the festival (they would have been required to give up their weapons), so Louis was told to "stay alert at all times" and that the crew should run to the exits as quickly as possible, if things went bad (the armed "security experts" remained parked outside in their van)
  • Tom only attended "one or two" events per year, and Louis suspects that he felt embarrassed by Louis being part of his "entourage"
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', the scene where a group of skinheads ignore Louis was not an exaggeration, as not a single skinhead at the event would let Louis interview them
  • Louis: "I felt like the schoolkid nobody wanted to be friends with."
  • Lamb and Lynx take to the stage, and the appreciative crowd of shirtless male skinheads salute them at the end of their song (a few look like they are wiping tears from their eyes)
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', Louis did not know of Lamb and Lynx before the festival, and only spoke to April by chance, because her lack of tattoos made her look approachable
  • Personal Note: I don't mean to imply that Louis is lying here, but I can't imagine that they planned for the episode to be an hour of Tom and some random skinheads, so what were the 20 minutes dedicated to April's family originally going to be about?
  • Tom takes to the stage, where he yells a lot and is a racist
  • The sign for the event reads "The Gathering of the Gods, An Ian Stuart Memorial, The Flame That Never Dies, American Front"
  • [Ian Stuart was an English nationalist, white supremacist, and the lead singer of the punk band 'Skrewdriver'. Stuart died in 1993 and this episode is from 2003, so the "memorial" might be for the 10-year anniversary of his death.]
  • The day after The Gathering, Tom tells Louis how he likes skinheads because they're "not hypocritical" and are "strong racists"
  • Note: Tom is slightly out-of-focus during this short interview, with the camera more focused on the greenery behind his head

Meeting April, Lamb, and Lynx
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', the only hint that April's house contained Nazis was a "battered" car bumper sticker that read "My Boss is an Austrian Painter"
  • Louis arrives at April's house, where a bored-looking Lamb and Lynx sing about "Marxist black dictators" in Africa
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', April had been making the twins sing "white power" songs for other Nazis since they were at least 8
  • Louis: "They don't seem old enough to really know what that's about."
  • April: "Well, I've explained it."
  • The girls demonstrate that they are not, in fact, old enough to know what that's about
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', there exist white nationalist children's books that (and this is meant to be taken seriously) contain "E is for Eugenics" and have illustrations made by prisoners who were found guilty of hate crimes
  • April is looking ahead to when Lamb and Lynx are 16-year-old girls, because any "young... man" or "red-blooded American boy" would find them "very appealing" (well, that isn't creepy at all...)
  • April's fiancee refused to appear on camera, as he felt it could lose him his job (he was a public school teacher, though she cautiously only says "an educator")
  • April wouldn't let her 11-year-old children play "Nintendo" games, but a violent, first-person shooter named "Ethnic Cleansing" was perfectly fine
  • Personal Note: I did play 'Ethnic Cleansing', just for a laugh, many years ago, and it's not even "funny bad", it's just rubbish
  • April drives them all to a horse ranch, and Louis looks lost for words when the family start rocking out to skinhead music (one of the twins seems to find it funny how visibly uncomfortable he is)
  • April asks the crew to only tell people that they are making a documentary on the girls' music, as she doesn't want anyone "hurting my horses because of my politics"
  • April essentially says that she is so racist that she struggles to hide it
  • Louis: "I've noticed."
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', April would bring up race, or "The Jews", in almost every conversation Louis had with her, no matter what the original topic was
  • April talks about how she "wouldn't want to have anything to do with" her daughters if they went against her beliefs
  • [What ended up happening when Lamb and Lynx grew up and renounced their racist beliefs (albeit with just a little bit of holocaust denial left in there) is that April... wait for it... waaait for it... blamed "The Jews".]

A Trip to Bill's Ranch
  • They drive to meet April's father, Bill, who owns a cattle ranch where his cows are branded with a swastika
  • Bill, who lives on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, says that Louis can't "see what's going on" with the white race
  • There's a rare production snafu when the camera man is forced to rush over to everyone else when Bill starts talking
  • Personal Note: based on how this is the last scene shown at the ranch and they are all gathered by their cars, my best guess is that this was originally meant to be a long shot of everyone getting in their cars to leave, but Bill had other ideas
  • Bill, like Tom, is the kind of racist who pauses for effect and looks for a reaction after saying The N-Word
  • Louis takes so long to answer the straightforward, "Do you usually date white women?" that I suspect he's trying to get April and Bill more worked-up (not that they need encouraging)
  • After Louis asks if a Jewish woman would be considered "white", Bill imitates a "Jewish Princess" by squawking "Louis! Louis! I want a new ring, Louis!", like he's one of the Monty Python cast in drag
  • As April drives them home, she says that she considers her racist indoctrination by a Nazi to be a "gift"
  • Note: Bill's wife is not shown here, but she was featured in another documentary, Nazi Pop Twins (2007), and did not share his extreme views

Tom's "Ambassadorial" Trip
  • Louis is back with Tom and John, who were considering an "ambassadorial trip" to Mexico
  • John refers to Tom as an "international politician"
  • Louis refers to Tom as a "racist politician"
  • John acts like Tom being a "racist politician" is a good thing, because then he'll be popular "in a racist country" like Mexico
  • Tom and John act like they're making a sequel to 'Grumpy Old Men' as Louis drives them into Mexico
  • John meets a lady friend (or "whore", as Tom calls her) at a bar, before they put on sombreros, and start to get sloshed on booze
  • Louis: "The ambassadorial visit was degenerating into a pub crawl."
  • After making two American tourists uncomfortable with his shameless racism, a drunken Tom loudly asks the staff in a souvenir shop if they have any rings with swastikas on them (I think someone says "You're lucky there's no black people about, man" in the background)
  • Tom disappears, returns even more drunk, and accuses John of "neglecting his security duties"
  • Tom and John drunkenly argue about, of all things, how racist John actually is
  • Louis notes that this was Tom at his most "unguarded", and Louis was struck by Tom's "fantasies of his own importance"
  • During the drive home, Tom Metzger, "one of the most dangerous racists in America", drunkenly mumbles about Mexico being a "vurry inturressting playst too vizzit"
  • Two elderly, boozed-up racists babble on about nothing

Goodbye to Tom and John
  • Tom's day job was a 'TV Repairman', and a Peruvian client Tom is very friendly with says that they get on great, just don't talk about "politics"
  • Louis tries to get Tom to address the inconsistency of Tom being friends with someone who appears to be non-white
  • Tom never really answers the question, instead nit-picking the definition of a "friend" and just saying that Louis doesn't understand
  • After arguing with Tom in the car, Louis says that he found it "hard to take Tom totally seriously" and sums him up with "there was a touch of karaoke about this supposed international politician"
  • Louis visits John to try and challenge him on the racism that Tom publishes
  • John (again, probably expecting to have to deal with this) refuses to play along, and only gives vague, non-committal answers to everything Louis throws at him
  • The scene ends with a prolonged silence, after John lights up a cigarette and tries to look cool

Goodbye to April, Lamb, and Lynx
  • Louis plays guitar with Lamb and Lynx in a recording studio, where they are working on their debut album
  • According to 'Call of the Weird', April was careful to ensure that the album could be sold in Germany, so the song titles did not explicitly reference Nazism (apparently, "Aryan" was okay), and any images of the girls saluting would be removed for the European release
  • Louis asks the 11-year-old girls if they want to date skinheads *awkward pause\* when they get older
  • April would approve of the girls dating any skinhead that was a "hard worker" who didn't "booze it up" and "cause trouble"
  • When alone with the girls in the car, they tell Louis that they are being home-schooled because of "money problems", and "also that" April disagreed with what was being taught
  • Lamb and Lynx's friends did not know about the family's racism
  • One of the twins endearingly calls Louis "Shaggy" when she says goodbye to him
  • Louis has a final conversation with April, where he tries to confront her about the disadvantages Lamb and Lynx will face in life, because of how they have been indoctrinated by her
  • April basically blames everyone else for the problems her children will face, then goes on a disturbingly childish rant where she says things like "I find other races annoying. They bother me. [...] They're just not pretty."
  • Louis: "I feel like I'm pretty well-connected to reality."
  • One of the only times April does not have a comeback is when Louis says she is "out-voted" when it comes to "civilised thought"
  • Louis: "My journey through the world of Nazis had reached a frustrating conclusion, with an argument, in a kitchen, with a mother of two."

End Credits
  • A scene with Louis and John (seemingly recorded after John lit up his cigarette) plays by the credits, where Louis asks John about Tom saying that he was better looking than Denzel Washington
  • John confidently asserts that Tom is better looking (?)
  • John says that they want to trademark Tom's "beautiful" head to make mugs shaped like it (??)
  • Cut to Louis holding a large head-shot photo of Tom, wondering where you would drink from if Tom's head was a mug (???)
  • Some random old woman (John's mother?), who I don't think we ever see in the episode, turns up to say that "people like mugs, and his head would make a good mug" (????)
  • Louis looks like he legitimately has no idea if he should take anything that they're saying seriously (and neither do I)

\"People like mugs, and his head would make a good mug.\"

'Call of the Weird' Follow-up Visit
  • Note: There is more than this in the book, but it's mainly just "I asked April about ____, and she responded by being an obstinate bigot, then said something racist". Louis also spoke to people working at a white supremacist record label, which wasn't anything worth mentioning.
  • April was not happy with the documentary after she saw all the negative comments about her online, so rebuffed Louis' attempts to stay in contact
  • Louis eventually got her to agree to meet up again around a year later, by offering to take the girls to a theme park
  • Louis would also be meeting a new member of the family, baby Dresden (named after a German city that had been fire-bombed during World War 2)
  • Coincidentally (cough-cough), Louis had been allowed to meet the twins again just in time for them to be promoting their new CD
  • Certain images made to promote the CD were quite "provocative", prompting a member of a white nationalist message board to comment "Do you think Hitler would have allowed his little girl out, dressed like that?!"
  • They all went to a Halloween-themed amusement park and Louis tried to talk to the twins about whether their views on race had changed
  • The twins would still parrot the usual stuff from April, but they seemed disinterested, and preferred to focus on music
  • Lamb and Lynx had already started to write more "commercial" music, and were considering the possibility of having a separate group where they wouldn't perform any "white power" songs
  • The twins would finally be attending a regular school, because April claimed to be satisfied with one she had found that was "70% white"

And that's the end of the recap. Louis did have a Skype call with the twins for his 'Life on the Edge' series during the lockdowns of 2020, where it seemed like they had managed to grow up without any trace of April's hatred and prejudices, so I guess you could say this does have a happy ending (unless you're a Nazi).
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2023.06.09 14:08 ShitFacedSteve Hat Man Survey Results

A couple weeks ago I posted a google forms survey to the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/HatMan/comments/13p9o5unofficial_hat_man_survey/
It was honestly just out of personal curiosity but several people expressed interest in seeing the results so I decided to post the results here.
I'm not used to Google Forms so some of the data was displayed in a way that is very difficult to read on the results page. So I decided to just translate it all into text here.
There were 47 total responses so the sample size is very small! It should be noted that if a survey about The Hat Man were conducted more scientifically and on a wider scale, with hundreds or thousands of respondents, the results would likely be very different and might show completely different trends and correlations.
Regardless, I do think this gives us some insight into Hat Man encounters and I find the results very interesting!
Anyway, here are the stats:
Total Responses: 47
Total Responses: 47
Do you have any psychological or neurological illnesses or disorders that may cause hallucinations?
Total Responses: 47
Have you seen the Hat Man either in your dreams or in real life before?
Total Responses: 47
If you have seen the Hat Man, in what context? Select all that apply. Skip this question if you have not seen the Hat Man:
Total Responses: 41
"Wise awake no psychadelic. I was 4 years old."
"More info, i saw him and another shadow while laying in a hospital bed trying to sleep roughly 7 or 8 years ago. It was around the time my "roommate" in the same room passed away although i was not made aware of that fact until the day after. After returning home i had two occasions of heari g the voice of a young female."
"I havent seen the hat man but a shadow person while being fully awake and slightly uneased in the corner of my eye"
"While awake trying to fall asleep"
"Seen him a lot at school during anxiety"
How many encounters have you had with the Hat Man? This includes in dreams or in real life regardless of circumstances.
Total Responses: 47
How old were you when you had your first encounter with Hat Man?
Total Responses: 47
Estimated average age of first encounter: 15
Estimated median age of first encounter: 13
If you have had an encounter with Hat Man, what kind of feelings did you have in reaction to seeing him?
Total Responses: 47
Did anything strange or unusual happen in the time following your encounter? If so, you may briefly describe what happened below. A response is NOT required to complete this form.
20 Responses:
And those are the results!
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2023.06.09 13:53 ThrowRa-356 My (35F) brother’s (38M) ex (33F) is threatening to take back her child (7M) after signing her writes away, what should I do?

For a little context, my brother we’ll call him Shrek (38M) and his ex Fiancé we’ll call her Fiona (33F) we’re a couple for a little over four years then my brother proposed around their fourth year anniversary. A few months after the proposal they discovered that Fiona was five months pregnant with my nephew we’ll call him Donkey (7M). Her pregnancy was not obvious at all, Fiona is a slim woman who’s a frequent member at gym & pilates classes, she’s also a bit of a health nut but not in a suffocating way, so there was no real concern for the baby’s health because she’s also not a big drinker or a smoker either.
At first she wanted to abort the pregnancy she was still young, her career had just began, she was thriving and she and Shrek had plans to travel for a little while before welcoming in a child, all valid reason it’s her choice after all. Now unfortunately for her the pregnancy was too far along to abort it, we had assumed she would adjust to the news well, whilst her family was more career driven mine was more family oriented, so even if she didn’t get enough help from her side of the family, mine was more than willing to step up as they’ve done so for all my little cousins, including my children (3F&4M) with my husband (32M), although she already knew this. It wasn’t until Shrek shocked both families by telling a us that Fiona had no plans of raising a child just yet, which is when we realised how badly we all read the situation and this would be the beginning of a rift between two fairly close knit families.
The two argued for months about the outcome until Fiona gave Shrek an ultimatum, it was either they give the child up for adoption or Fiona leaves signing away all her parental rights, Fiona’s family was blindly supporting her decision with no compromise at all, which I couldn’t fault them for they needed to support their child, though that doesn’t mean they won’t deal with their own consequences. Shrek shocked them completely by choosing his unborn son, which wasn’t a shock for our family as he’s always wanted children and was the first to voice out how unreasonable her ultimatum was especially knowing that Shrek was adopted by our family, he had spent a fair amount of time in the foster system and had gone through more than many should at a young age, he refused to let his child go through that (although not all foster homes are crappy, I know that).
Anyway fast forward to the recent years/months, Shrek was raising Donkey as a single father, he had all our families support and didn’t even press Fiona for child support, Fiona’s family had also cut ties with us not after we invited them to Donkey’s first birthday, they refused to come just as they refused to come for the birth, they were just there to pick up Fiona after she delivered. Donkey was living a blissful happily life, he had a few questions every now and again about his mother which we all answered truthfully with kid censorship, whilst he found it hard at times to be without a mother, I along with my aunties and my mother and grandmother stepped up at every given chance to assure him he was loved even without his mother.
Devastating events followed a few months ago, Shrek died unexpectedly (brain aneurysm), I don’t particularly want to go into detail about our grief process, we’re still going through it that’s as much as I’ll say on that. My husband and I were listed as the next of kin we already knew this, Donkey then became part of our family and we were now his legal guardians.
Last night Fiona cornered me in the parking lot of a grocery store I frequent in, I hadn’t seen her since the birth of Donkey and she was adamant of taking back her son, I’ve already contacted our lawyers and we’ve set a meeting for later today, but I’m wondering if there’s more that I should be doing that we’re not thinking about in this stressful situation?
TLDR; Brother’s ex wants her son back after signing away his rights.
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2023.06.09 13:38 Few_Shelter_7143 Wandering aimlessly

Apologies in advance if this turns into a book. I'm trying to organize my thoughts and I think there's a lot to process. If you get a little, or even all the way into this post and decide I'm a nutjob, no worries, I agree. This post an attempt to reach out and get objective feedback on my situation and maybe help me find a path forward. People try to paint themselves in a sympathetic light on these things or try to get people to respond in at way that confirms their own beliefs. I'm actively trying to avoid that, so this post may not paint me in the best light. If your objective feedback after reading this is that I'm an asshole and all of this is self inflicted, that at least gives me a starting point for improving things.
I (45m) am currently in my car driving around the US, mostly aimlessly, while I try to figure out what's next. I just went dark on my long time girlfriend (42f), family, and friends. Except for a laptop, camping gear, and car, I've left everything behind. I don't have a plan and haven't been able to come up with one as I can't seem to create a plan beyond more than 3 steps into the future. For now, it's mostly get food, get gas, find a safe place to sleep. I quit my job a couple of months ago because I just hit a point one day where I couldn't function and was too frustrated with my inability to progress, I didn't even give notice, I just stopped showing up. For context, this wasn't something like a mcdonalds job, it was a 200k+ career. I had people relying on me to deliver work and actually enjoyed my career for the most part, so walking away from it wasn't a trivial thing. I'm honestly not even sure at this point if I'd be able to restart my career *if* I do get my head straight again. So, that's the now-of-it, alone, adrift, and directionless.
I've been putting a lot of thought into how I reached this point. I believe it was a result of my relationships collapsing and general disillusionment with life.
I grew up poor in a single parent home, in and out of homelessness, with a lot of food insecurity. I used to think my mom did an ok job getting me to adulthood despite all that, but I've come to realize I came through with a lot of issues and baggage. As an example, I'm not what I would consider a good person. Lying, cheating, and stealing aren't moral issues for me, they're survival skills. If you've ever been hungry, truly hungry, you'll probably understand. I'm not proud of the skillset, and the more financially secure my life is the less I need to rely on it, but I think explaining my family life is key to understanding my current point in life. Another complication is that when I *try* to do the right thing it's sometimes to my own detriment. I'm a firm believer that your word is your bond. So when my mom told me at age 8 that I would one day buy her a house and fix all of her worries when I grew up, I became obligated to do so because I childishly agreed to the statement. In my mid-30s I bought her a house, had it completely renovated, and signed ownership over to her before the ink was dry. Despite having 1.2k a month in student loan debts, living with roommates to make ends meet, not being able to start a family of my own because I was barely over the poverty line (38k a year at that point), and... most importantly of all, knowing that she had zero financial responsibility and accountability on home ownership and that I'd probably be constantly bailing out that situation. I wasn't wrong, she nearly lost the house to the county for delinquent taxes the second year of ownership. I paid off the house and renovation expense so she only has to save ~$50 a month for taxes as her only expense on the house (utilities aside). I suspected the whole thing was a bad idea before I did it, but it's a part of my nature I'm constantly at odds with. If you have nothing because you're poor, your only offering of value is your word. Once I've been obligated to something I can't force myself to break the obligation, even if I know it'll be completely absurd. Another complication of the good deed (buying the house) is that my sisters and their children are constantly trying to gain ownership of it in one scheme after another. My family is not good with money, logic, or reality, so the idea of selling a 50k house with a $50 a month expense to move into a 150k house with a $1000 monthly payment appeals to them. I love my family and want to do right by them, but despite my efforts to improve it they are children. I spend a lot of time and money getting them out of self-created situations, and unfortunately they know and abuse the fact that if I say I'll do something it gets done. I constantly stress over being unemployed because *they* might need something. Oh, one last thing on the family life. I used to reach out to them to find out how they were doing and what was new, but over the past few years I've come to realize that was one-sided. *If* I get a phone call, email, or message it always means they want or need something. Usually it's for an overdue bill, to get a utility turned back on, lapsed taxes, or bail. About once every three months my mom sends me realtor listings for million dollar homes that she'd prefer to live in because the house I bought her didn't check all of the boxes she had in her head and I therefore haven't really met my obligation on it or something. Never "hey, how are you?", "what's new?", etc. They have absolutely no idea what's going on in my life, or me, and don't seem overly eager to find out. They don't even know when my birthday is, and only got a vague idea of what quarter of the year it falls in when I stopped sending them yearly gifts a couple of years ago. I told them about six months ago around Christmas that I was struggling, really told them and was very candid about being depressed but I didn't tell them any sources of my stress other than work. I try not burden people with my problems but it was a particularly painful low point for me and a bit of a last resort. I haven't been contacted by them since that trip: I avoid thinking about this too much.
I've a few friendships, mostly online, I established decades ago but some in person as well. These all got strained during the pandemic as I grew bored with an online presence and wanted something more tangible, while my offline friendships were out of reach due to isolation. As I tried to branch out and try different activities, sometimes even different but similar games, I discovered a resistance of my friends to try new things unless it was strictly on their terms. When I realized this I dug a little deeper and realized it wasn't just the games themselves, but even during day to day they only wanted to do activities that they chose, immediately shutting down anything not originating with them. I consider myself a pretty easy going person and not overly demanding. I've come to realize my attitude towards life may have created a situation where I'm surrounded by people that are only interested in being my friend because they always get their way. I started testing this by trying to get some of them to do activities that I was certain they would like, even if I didn't, just to see if they'd partake. Time after time they refused to even entertain the suggestion, and yet I have several examples where the same activity was suggested at different times on their terms, sometimes vehemently, and they considered it the best thing since sliced bread. I spent a few years dissecting these relationships and I can now state with certainty that these relationships are just very one sided. It's made me conclude that I am the one seeking out these types of relationships. Something in me is causing me to surround myself with self absorbed people.
Lastly, my girlfriend and I have been in a serious relationship for a little over ten years. I don't know if we have a good relationship or if it's just another problematic relationship. At this point, I'm questioning everything I know about myself and the people around me, so I don't actually trust my own judgement. The first few years of our relationship were good, but with mixed long distance as I had to move away for work but we kept it going. I eventually moved back to her city and we discussed living together. I told her my only reservation was a previous experience living with someone. Shortly after moving in with an ex the ex quit her job, kicked up her feet, and seemed to settle into domestic life. The ex didn't really discuss any of this, just kind of decided on her own one day, and it ultimately led to us splitting. The current girlfriend told me many times that I was projecting insecurities on her and she wasn't like that. This was about three years into the relationship. She swayed my fears and I moved in with her. Two months into living together her dad gets sick and she quits her job to become his caretaker. That lasted another two years before he passed away and I took over all the bills to help out during that time. We then discussed buying a home and moving since I could get approved for the mortgage and she had enough money for a down payment as she'd gotten a little inheritance. I was hesitant to buy more than we needed in a house but she wanted more and swayed my concerns by telling me when she got a job we'd have an additional chunk of money to handle it all, so we got a larger house. That never materialized. In the years we lived in the house she would take short-term jobs and probably only worked for about three months in the whole time. She ultimately decided to return to college to get a second degree. I told her I would support that, but she had to get a degree that she could actually use to get a job since she considered her first degree to be useless. She *assured* me that she could get a job with it no problem, so I supported her. She graduated during covid with a bachelor's in speech pathology and told me that she wouldn't be able to find a job immediately due to working from home and needing lab hours. This over the course of a year or two evolved into other reasons eventually landing on she would need to get a master's degree in speech pathology to ultimately get a job. Since she still didn't have a job I insisted we sell the house that I was drowning in. We did and moved into a rental. While living there she held down a job for around four months before quitting as she didn't enjoy it. At some point she made a comment about being fortunate enough to pick and choose the work she did, it still stings to think about having that conversation as I was around 8 years into a job that I absolutely detested but stuck with for stablity.
That's probably my second biggest issue with her. I wanted to start a family, she wants kids too. Honestly, having kids in this world we live in scares the hell out of me and I'm not certain it's fair to the kid. In order to overcome my own issues (see above) I need to be certain my kids have the best start in life they can have. That means not being raised in a family living paycheck to paycheck. They'd have enough to deal with with the world exploding, being concerned about the next meal shouldn't be a thing. So for me, I needed us to be financially secure for that step. We never got there. She doesn't understand the value in keeping commitments like I do, especially when the promise of something down the line is your only bargaining power, but maybe that's just me holding her to a standard for something I've acknowledged is a personal problem. The biggest issue I have is that she's super conflict avoidant. I can't have important conversations with her that may create discord. Anytime we have a conversation that causes discomfort (even slight) she shuts down and won't talk, generally she'll just walk out of the room. Upside?, we never argue. Downsides? I have to guess as to her wants and needs, or get blasted with an encyclopedia of information when it's clear I'm considering ending the relationship, it's almost like a trump card now. I get frustrated and try to make a plan for the future and suddenly get inundated with hopes/dreams/fears I'd suspected existed but never had any real confirmation. Unfortunately at this point it may just be too late of a revelation for me? Once you past a certain point of frustration, the original reason stops mattering as much. This has been particularly pertinent for me over the past couple of years. I got depressed, [I deleted this section going into too much detail about my depression] so I had a conversation with my girlfriend. It just seemed to make her uncomfortable and seemed pointless, so I've never brought it up again. It made me understand how all those husbands and fathers off themselves and their families seem completely oblivious there was ever an issue.
I try to think about this objectively and put myself outside of my own perspective, but it's hard to know if I'm reaching valid conclusions or just have a skewed perception of reality. I mean, people like good people right? So if I was a good person, I would have people to talk this over with instead of posting to the interwebz. So that strongly suggests I'm not a great person. The evidence kind of supports this with my family's lack of contact after broaching the subject with them and there were some attempts on my part with friends, same result. I also once asked my girlfriend if I ever inspired her to be a better person. She laughed and definitively stated no. It was discouraging. I felt I genuinely supported her getting her degree and finding a career she was happy with. I didn't put time limits on it and never questioned her about finding work. I also tried encouraging her to pursue her other interests that may or may not have mattered monetarily. I hoped for better things, but I can only conclude she took any attempts I made as criticism instead. I'm probably rambling gibberish at this point.
Anyway, I'm trying something different now. For most of my life I've focused on what other people want: job, family, friends, girlfriend. At this point I don't actually know what I want vs. goals I've adopted from other people's agendas. I've pretty firmly decided to separate myself from the people currently in it. I've going back and forth over events of the past several years and I just can't objectively conclude they want me in their lives in a meaningful non-transactional relationship.
A. Buy a house in the woods and try living by myself - I'm not really rich at this point but I can afford to buy a small homestead and live independently for the rest of my life. I am very comfortable in my own company and just haven't had good luck with people in general. I could see this giving me time to explore myself a bit more and maybe approach the world on my own terms in the future.
B. Move to another country - This may sound like running away, but I think there's a bit of value in having the option for unconventional relationships. I'm not really sure what kind of relationships I can maintain at this point. I've lost trust in people in general. It would force me to approach interactions with people in a more elementary way, which I think I could benefit from. Any weirdness in my interactions would hopefully be written off as "he's just that weird American". I suspect people are a little more willing to be patient with "foreign friends". This option gets bonus points for not running the risk of getting shot up if I decide to check out the local mall.
C. Walk about - Travel a bit, stop and explore, work through internal conflict. Keep moving until something clicks in place. I'm kind of already doing this and it's not mutually exclusive to the other items on this list.
D. Check myself into a nut house - I had a friend struggle with his mental health in my twenties and I watched him go into facility after facility to no avail. I've also seen the studies where perfectly healthy people check themselves into facilities without ever reaching the point they were "qualified" to be released. So I am skeptical there is permanent help here. However, I am also aware that my self assessment ability atm may be compromised so am open to the idea of an alternative path.
Yeah, that was a book of text.
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2023.06.09 13:33 LukeTremere Who among them really loves dogs?

- A single woman, adopted a female puppy from a litter. Once the dog grew up, the woman purposely got her pregnant. Five puppies were born. She decided to keep one and she gifted the others. The two dogs sleep with the woman in her bed. She takes them for walk together four times a day (in total 2 and a half hours of walk).
- A family (three persons) bought two purebred puppies from a litter (male and female). Once the dogs grew up, the male impregnates the female and four puppies are born. The family hadn't anticipated this, but its not a problem. They keep all the puppies. The six dogs sleep in the house, every animal has is couch. The family take them for walks four times a day (in total 2 and a half hours of walk for each dog). They have a pet shop .
- An engaged couple adopted a dog from a shelter (the dog is three years old). They sterilized the dog. The animal sleep in his couch in the house. The couple takes the dog for walks two times a day (in total 2 hours of walk) .
All these persons here have a garden and a work. They like dogs, but who really loves them? You know, "like" and "love" are two different things...
Only six available options for the poll, if you want to vote "All of them", write it in the comments
View Poll
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2023.06.09 13:04 Different-Wallaby-10 Need to get a stray dog to a shelter TODAY

I found a dog roaming around Pinnacle Valley Road the day before yesterday. Thin. Intact male. Scratching like crazy.
I need to take him somewhere. LRAV and the Humane Society have adoption procedures on their websites. Less clear on handing a dog over to them.
Any suggestions? This is a sweet dog. Getting him scanned for a chip today at my vet.
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2023.06.09 12:51 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 23: KING BUFFALO

So when you think of cities with high culture and vibrant music scenes on the east coast, what springs to mind? Obviously New York. Thanks to Drake, we all know about the growing music scene in Toronto. You prahbahbly musta tawt a Bawstan tew. Maybe Montreal or Philadelphia or even Baltimore crossed your mind.
Hah. Baltimore.
Time to check your cultural bias, pal. You passed over a quiet little city on the south shore of Lake Ontario, nestled in the Genesee River valley. It has a history as a hotbed of Abolitionism and Women’s Rights. It is the home of Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Western Union, Ragu and other innovative companies. It has a lively music scene, great nightclubs, world-renowned universities, thriving museums, arts & culture festivals, and live theatre. It is a true cultural gem that many folks overlook.
Yep. You bet your ass I am talking about Rochester, New York.
Since we know that Stoner Rock can come from anywhere, it should be no surprise that Rochester has produced one of the leading bands in this genre. This week we are going to check out a band you are going to want to listen to. If you know them, you love them. If you haven’t heard of them, you are going to thank me.
This week’s band is KING BUFFALO.
About Them
Hold on a sec. King Buffalo? Not King Rochester?
To be fair, King Rochester sounds like the villain in a Disney movie. Kinda hard to imagine that on a T-Shirt. King New York sounds like a particularly obnoxious Yankees fan (and yeah, finding a Yankees fan that isn’t obnoxious is a tough go). King Albany sounds like a car made by Kia.
But King Buffalo? That just works.
Our heroes didn’t start out together. King Buffalo were made up of members of two other Rochester area bands.
Randall Coon and Scott Donaldson were playing together in Velvet Elvis. That five piece band played heavy rock with space-based themes in the early 2010’s. Sean McVay and Dan Reynolds were in another band called Abandoned Buildings Club (side note: kinda neat that their initials were ABC), who had a pure psychedelic rock vibe. When both VE and ABC appeared to be having limited success, the four musicians decided to merge their talents into one band. Coon had handled vocals and guitar in Velvet Elvis and Donaldson had been rock solid on drums. McVay had done vocals and guitar in Abandoned Buildings Club and Reynolds had anchored the sound with his bass. All the pieces were there for a classic Beatles-esque lineup.
So out of the wreckage of ABC and VE, KB arose. The four members gelled so well that they were able to record their first demo - aptly titled Demo - in just two days. Their sound was immediately compared to tourmates and close friends All Them Witches. But where ATW were bluesy and sludgy, King Buffalo had produced songs full of space. Oh, there were heavy riffs for sure - but there were passages of music that were contrastingly lighter and further apart. The best example of these contrasts can be found in the more than 11 minutes of Providence Eye. The first six and a half minutes come at you at a lulling pace, enveloping you in the moment. You get swept up in the rolling riffs. But then the drop happens and you suddenly realize the song has been building to this peak. The tempo picks up and you ride a relentless rollercoaster until you hit the Black Sabbath-inspired outro, which takes you home. It is an emotional experience. The two other tracks - In Dim Light and Pocket Full of Knife are smaller essays on the same theme.
It was clear right from Demo that King Buffalo had some serious talent. But if you have listened to the band you will notice that one thing is starkly different on Demo than from any of their other releases: the vocals. Randall Coon was the lead vocalist on these recordings. If you play them up against anything since by the band they stand out. Our very own QotSA may have successfully had multiple vocalists on multiple tunes, but King Buffalo was destined to have Sean McVay take over the mic. Shortly after 2013’s Demo, Coon left the band to do a solo project called Skunk Hawk.
King Buffalo stood at a crossroads: did they look to replace Coon, or should they carry on as a Power Trio? The choice for them was obvious. McVay, Reynolds and Donaldson knew that they had fantastic potential together. They decided they didn't need anyone else.
Side note: Regular readers of these write ups know that All Them Witches just went through this exact crisis in 2019. What I didn’t share then is that ATW are close friends with KB. I would not be surprised to learn that ATW had some serious conversations about their lineup with the boys from KB before they, too, decided last year to pare down to just three members.
To re-christen their new lineup, in 2015 King Buffalo went in on a split EP with Swedish band Lé Betre (I mean, hooking up with a Swedish partner is a dream of mine, so I see the appeal.) They re-recorded their standout tune Providence Eye with McVay on vocals, as well as two new tracks - Like a Cadillac and New Time. New Time opens their side of the EP with an infectious, descending riff that hooks you immediately. It is clear from the lyrics - No wasting around, it’s a new time - that they had moved on from Coon. Like a Cadillac follows up and is a three and a half minute jam that leaves you wanting more. The re-recorded version of Providence Eye closes out their side of the split EP and leaves no doubt that they are in charge. It is a tighter, heavier version, and the amazing outro is so low down that it will make you want to rob your own house.
With their lineup now set, it was time to put together enough music to tour on. In 2016, King Buffalo released Orion. Here you can witness the melding of their influences into something majestic and fantastic, and it is here that they really develop their signature style.
To explain this style, you need to understand basic song structure.
Most pop songs tend to go verse - chorus - verse - chorus - bridge - chorus - chorus. Sure, you could add in a solo for the bridge, or a detailed intro or outro, or another verse - but this is a tried and true formula. Some variation of this dominates the pop charts to this day.
Not with King Buffalo songs. These guys are the masters of the drop, and you hear it in most of their tunes. QotSA fans are no strangers to that long build and release; it is an integral part of tunes like The Evil Has Landed, God is in the Radio, Song For The Dead, and I Appear Missing. One of the sickest drops ever recorded happens in the middle of the Them Crooked Vultures tune No One Loves Me & Neither Do I. It is where the music turns around, and a new riff takes over, often along with a pace change. It is then that you realize that the song has built to this climactic moment, and you are engulfed by the music.
King Buffalo does this better than anyone else, and you hear it clearly articulated, again and again, on the album Orion.
Take the song Kerosene for example.
A rolling bass riff from Reynolds establishes the song right out of the gate. Donaldson produces punchy drum beats with cymbal crashes at the end of each phrase. McVay’s slide guitar rounds out the intro. McVay’s vocals - very Ozzy like, if Ozzy had any semblance of self-control - frame the first verse, which ends in a fuzzy, heavy riff with crashing cymbals. This same pattern is repeated a second time and the drop is teased at just past three minutes in, but does not happen quite yet. The listener’s anticipation builds as the airy, soaring solo from McVay calls out in contrast to the rolling bass. After the guitar solo bridge, the band goes right back into the chorus. But then it happens: THE DROP. Just past 5 minutes in, the song takes a complete and abrupt turn for a totally different riff that is at the same time heavier and brand new, and yet has been there all the while.
What King Buffalo does brilliantly is subvert your musical expectations.
The standard structure is V-C-V-C-B-C-C.
Kerosene is V-C-V-C-B-C-DROP-OUTRO. Just when you subliminally expect something the same, you get something different.
The entire album is like that. Orion hardly sounds like a debut. It is a mature and deliberate soundscape built by talented musicians who are making significant choices about their art. Songs like Drinking From The River Rising open with an expansive and elastic topography, but drill down to the molten lava of heavy riffs and distorted fuzz. Sleeps On A Vine begins with one of the most zen riffs you’ve ever heard and ends in a tumultuous and heavy sonic assault that is pure controlled chaos. Every song on the album is a study in contrasts that leaves you with auditory whiplash and a burning desire for more.
They are that good.
King Buffalo were able to tour on their new material, and did so extensively. They played clubs and larger venues, often with friends and fellow Stoner Rockers All Them Witches and other bands like The Sword and Elder. In 2017, the released the EP Repeater as a follow up. It is just three songs (The vinyl ad reads, All songs on one side! No need to flip!) but it is a heck of a musical journey. The title track off the EP is 13+ minutes long and is one huge build. When the fuzz finally drops after almost 8 minutes, it is a true cathartic moment. It sneaks up on you, and is so welcome when it hits - especially after McVay’s repetition that “Every Day is the Same* - that you intrinsically understand how great it is when things finally change for the better. Too Little Too Late is an instrumental tune that is both enveloping and expansive. It is a terrific bridge to the final track, Centurion, which is an unbelievable groove. Centurion has three minutes of set up leading to an unreal fuzzy drop that is so dirty it will get you evicted from your apartment.
The influence of their touring with All Them Witches can also be seen on their next full length release, 2018’s Longing To Be The Mountain. Ben McLeod from ATW produced the album. ATW, The Sword and Elder are all thanked in the liner notes. The album picks up right where Repeater leaves off, with KB experimenting with long form songs like Morning Song and the title track, and shorter jams like Sun Shivers, Cosmonaut, and Quickening. Reynolds and McVay pepper the songs with synthesizer sounds that add colour and texture to the overall compositions. Donaldson drums with impeccable precision to provide each song with a safe mooring to return to, driving the guitars forward at the same time as he holds the rhythm in check. This is most clearly evident in Eye Of The Storm. The result is a rich tapestry of expansive and flowing music full of heavy jams and storytelling that will leave the listener wanting more. Their signature build-to-sonic-explosion style does not let fans down.
The success of Longing To Be The Mountain allowed for extensive touring across North America and Europe. It also led to appearances at bigger gigs, like at Rockpalast and the Stoned & Dusted desert rock event in 2019. Anyone that has seen any of their live work knows that King Buffalo are simply hypnotizing on stage. Reynolds’ bass work is reminiscent of Geddy Lee with his complex and flowing style. Donaldson brings controlled power to the drum kit, and is ready to cut loose when the drop comes. And McVay has become a true front man, comfortable with the lead voice on guitar and the microphone.
Their next release, Dead Star, dropped in 2020 and generated all kinds of buzz in the Stoner Rock scene. Of course, the tour planned to support it got axed when the entire world went into lockdown. But the (short album? EP?) is simply fantastic. Red Star Pt. 1 & 2 continues their long form examination and has everything you’d expect from them. Echo of A Waning Star is a lament of just over 3 minutes that is near-perfect. Ecliptic sounds like the soundtrack to a John Carpenter movie and is a complete jam with serious cool 1980’s vibes. Dead Star, the title track, is almost Radiohead-esque in its evocative and regretful take on death and decay.
But the standout track has to be Eta Carinae, which has one of the greatest musical drops and turn-arounds you will ever hear. The entire song pivots just past four minutes in and becomes a 70’s anthem worthy of Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. If you listen to no other tune here today, you have to check it out. It will absolutely get stuck in your head.
The band dropped their first live record, Live At Freak Valley, in 2020. This is a really nice retrospective/greatest hits album kinda deal. What stands out is just how fucking tight the band is live. With some bands, live versions veer wildly from the recorded ones - and not at all in a good way. This record is the opposite. You can clearly hear on Orion and Kerosene that KB are just that good live.
In the wake of the global pandemic, King Buffalo decided to musically capture the moment in time. They decided to release a trifecta of albums. 2021 saw them drop The Burden of Restlessness and then Acheron. The third record in this trio is 2022’s Regenerator. It is really important to consider all three records in this Triptych at the same time, for they are a sonic cycle.
TBOR is a descent into despondency. Acheron is about hitting rock bottom, and being in Hell. Regenerator is about finding a way to claw yourself back into the light. Each album stands on its own, but together they form a sweeping epic journey that we can all relate to.
TBOR is an album where the protagonist gradually loses the will to exist. There is a cry of deep frustration in Burning, a not-so-subtle reference to a plague in Locusts, a study in being confined indoors in Silverfish, and an outright statement that our hero is sinking in Loam. In fact, the lyrics tell us: “Still I press my face into the ground/I’m waiting for the hammer to fall.”
It is not a happy album.
Just when you think things have to get better, we get the 4-track jam of Acheron. In this record, our hero has fallen to his lowest point. He has descended to Hell. The title track - the first one on the album - makes this clear, when it says: “Waking up under the ground/Silver asleep on my tongue.”
Just in case you didn’t get the classic reference, Acheron is the river one must cross in Greek mythology to get to the underworld. Souls going to Hell had coins placed in their mouth to pay Charon, the ferryman, to take them across the river to Hades. So our hero did sink into the Loam in the last album, and finds himself in Hell. This theme is reinforced in Zephyr, who was the Greek God of the West Wind, and Shadows, which references what the Greeks used to call dead spirits - Shades. And just in case you had any doubt, the final track on the album is Cerberus, named after the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades.
What is even cooler about Acheron is how it was recorded. Instead of a studio, they recorded the album underground in a cave.
Now that is commitment.
The final album in this cycle is 2022’s Regenerator. While the first two records were about descent, despondency, and hitting rock bottom, this record is about regaining hope and optimism, and finding a way to come back. We hear this clearly in the lyrics of the record’s final track, Firmament, which says: “Out of the loam I rise, embraced by the etheThe river below relieves my hands of silver” - clearly calling back to the tracks Loam and Acheron. And in case you didn’t know, in Greek mythology the Firmament means the Sky or the Heavens.
Our hero has left Hell behind, and ascended into Heaven.
References to positive mythology are all over this album, from the album art to the tracks Mercury and Avalon. It is a total jam. But the best song on the album might just be Mammoth. If you don’t like the guitar on this song, you and I can’t be friends.
I got a chance to see KB perform last year when they toured with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. They are fucking tight. They were the opening act, but were the absolute highlight of the show. I want everyone to hear this band because they really are something special.
Go check them out.
Links to QOTSA
We know that QotSA front man Josh Homme and Kyuss invented Stoner Rock in the 1990’s. They were the genre-defining band. King Buffalo (and other bands like All Them Witches) have picked up this proverbial torch and are now bringing the sound to the next generation of fans. King Buffalo drummer Scott Donaldson is known to be a huge QotSA fan. Perhaps he saw them live when they played in Rochester in 2014 in support of ...Like Clockwork.
It is also sometimes easy to forget that Josh was not the only architect of the low desert sound. Original Kyuss Drummer and co-founder Brant Bjork wrote many Kyuss tunes and continues to be a leader in the music scene today. King Buffalo have played with Bjork at festivals three times: Freak Valley Festival, Black Deer Festival and the aforementioned Stoned & Dusted. There is also a planned collaborative project between Bjork and King Buffalo that may be coming our way soon.
The future is bright, my friends.
Their Music
Providence Eye
In Dim Light
Pocket Full of Knife
King Buffalo songs from the Split EP with Lé Betre
Kerosene -- live in 2016
Drinking From The River Rising
Orion - entire album on Genesee Live
RepeateCenturion -- Recorded Live in the Quarantine Sessions put out by the band
Live at Rockpalast in 2019 - includes songs from LTBTM
Longing To Be The Mountain - Quarantine Sessions
Quickening -- everything is cool until the snake head pops out. Red Star Pt. 2 -- the official video
Eta Carinae
Dead Star - Full Album
The Knocks
Show Them Some Love
/KingBuffalo - C’mon, everyone -- there are just over 500 subscribers. Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump those numbers up.
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