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Star Citizen

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This is the subreddit for everything related to Star Citizen - an up and coming epic space sim MMO being developed by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games.

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A place to discuss Star Wars with a huge emphasis on positivity. Criticism of any content is allowed, but do so respectfully towards the creators as well as the fans. The Cantina is here for us to celebrate what we love about Star Wars.

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The Reddit home for the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show.

2023.06.03 22:29 MarkedByFate Heavy Equipment Side Panel controls media

I have a Heavy Equipment Side Panel hooked up to play Farming Simulator 22. Normally, when I play FS22, I like to listen to podcasts or music, but for some reason button 13 on the side panel is "Skip Back", so all of my YouTube videos and Spotify playlists skip backward or restart the track when I try to turn on my beacons. This is driving me nuts, because it's basically a button I can't use, no matter what I set it to.
Anyone know how to disable this? My Logitech G HUB software doesn't know the panel is there, so I can't customize it there.
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2023.06.03 21:34 cappojappo Chronic metabloic acidosis

Hello! First excuse my english im from sweden. Im male 34y.
I suspect i might have chronic metabolic acidosis and wonder if it is easy to miss when going to the doctor?
I have had heath issues for 5 years with symptoms like extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, hard to concentrate, etc.
But it always came and went, could be bad one day then better next, and could have one bad week the one bad.
The only diagnos i have is hiatal hernia 3cm wich affect the acid and i dont take anti acid or no medication for it.
The thing is my tests are somewhat good but my kidneys have been out of reference almost 90% of the time, both GFR (low) and creatinine (high). And i never got an explenation why there not in range. Been sent to examin kidneys with ultra sound but that was good then i never got answer as to way they always out of range. Plus potasium have been slightly under reference many times.
Why i wonder is becuse when i started take sodium bicarbonate for other reasons my symptoms disapered and i felt normal all of a sudden, i could breath properly, got energy back and felt so much better and its been like that for two weeks, never been good for two whole weeks..
Do anybody have some knowlage of this?
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2023.06.03 20:32 therealchipperino Non-Magikarp Collection So Far (Part 1)

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2023.06.03 20:29 Weary_Night_8468 Sever de-sync

My sever allows players to join but does not combine the Java and bedrock players. When both types of players are on the sever it seems to de sync and separate the players changes such as mining blocks dropping or item’s hitting players only happen when someone leaves and rejoins also when either player joins the bedrock and Java players freeze in place and no longer move Using paper sever with geyser and floodgate plugins any help is appreciated
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2023.06.03 19:36 Yung-Savage-91 Why? Somebody make it make sense

I opened my first ETB this morning and as I’m rippin thru packs I find this!!! None of the other cards in the pack were like this. Why?? Out of every single card in the whole box, why does this one have to be creased???
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2023.06.03 19:32 sophiex97 Labret placement

I have my labret done a week ago and when I smile it sits in the area where my inferior labial frenulum is and it hurts a little. Is this normal or it should be pierced higher? I am worried about receding gums although I had snakebites for 4 years and my gums are fine.
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2023.06.03 19:26 Dizzy_Melody Have you ever taken over the love of your partner and perceived it as your own love for them mistakenly?

I read something today in the book about HSP from Susan Marletta Hart. She said that HSP's might sometimes take over the feeling of being in love from their partner. So if the partner of the HSP is in love with the HSP, the HSP themselves might take over that feeling of love and mistakenly view it as their own love for the partner. This would be because there seems to be such a fine line between what the other feels and what the HSP themselves feel sometimes, that we do not know whose feelings are from whom.
I think I've had this happen to me once. Looking back, I was never in love with my ex-boyfriend. Still, there were quite some moments it seemed like I did. It was confusing for him as well when I broke up because I'd realised that I wasn't in love with him. He said he couldn't believe that, as he thought I did act like I was in love. It is strange that it took me so long to find out I wasn't in love, but he was so in love with me that I think I started to take over his feelings.
Does anyone else has experience with this? I've never heard about it before reading it today.
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2023.06.03 17:29 Living-Log4729 Salute to another ex communicato 😝

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2023.06.03 17:29 Ethan-J-T 3D curve surface error

3D curve surface error
Hello, I'm trying to add words to a cylinder to boolean them out, but every time I try to use the shrink wrap modifier, the words do this.
The letter T creates cones above it
I currently have a shrink wrap modifier (to wrap around the cylinder) and a Solidify modifier (to add thickness to text). But every time I increase the Solidify modifier even a little, this happens to the letters.

Plus when I try to get enough where the cone doesn't touch the cylinder so it wont affect to boolean it does this.

The letter T is adding instead of subtracting
It extends the "T" instead of cutting a hole shape "T"
and sometimes when I add the boolean and do not even apply it, the text does this
A complete mess
I had this problem before and fixed it by adding a Decimate modifier, but now it seems to do nothing.

I'm also using Blender 3.4 if that matters. Plus I also made the Text to a Mesh if that makes a difference.
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2023.06.03 17:22 The-Courior 21[M4F]Cali/online-looking for a gaming gf

Hello to whoever reads this if anyome is to read it at all , My name is Roman im 21 and have been looking for some special in my life, I dont want to rant too long about me as we can learn about each other in time if intrested
Ive never had a gf and so I have no formal experience but if thats turns you away wish the best of luck
Im shy at first metting new people but open up when i get to know them
I love playing video games and played them all my life(xbox mostly some pc) plsyed them all my life and intrested to find someone with a simular intrest in them, if you dont like video games or arnt intrested in them I dont think it will work out.
I love music, movies , art, anime(big weeb), books/audiibooks and love to talk about them
Going to college for art classes
Im on the heavier side but activly trying to loose weight
Im always up to talk, message, send memes or whatever
I hope to meet up one day if we click
I hope to fined my special person , if you read this and are intrested type limelight in your response message or no reply
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2023.06.03 17:11 yournailsupplier What Comes With a Pedicure?

What Comes With a Pedicure?
This post is for you if you're wondering what a pedicure includes! After reading more below, schedule a consultation with us right away.

Nailing Soak

We treat you to a sumptuous nail soak at Herbal Nail Bar to get things going. Because the warm, calming water ensures that all of your simple nail designs for short nails worries melt away from the time your session starts, it's the ideal way to settle into our salon and get comfortable.

Massage Therapy

Everyone enjoys a good massage, and great pedicures always include massage therapies that are not only beneficial to the skin but also aid in circulation and help you relax. At the conclusion of your visit, you will typically have a massage, which will leave you feeling good and with incredibly smooth skin.

Nail Care and Shaping

The most important aspect of any pedicure service is nail shape and upkeep. Your nails will be sculpted and cut to the desired length throughout this process. Your nail technician should be able to handle whether you wish to maintain your nails long or shorten them.

simple nail ideas

Polish if You So Choose

Do you prefer to try a new polish color? Would you prefer that we apply a clear polish instead? Whatever the situation, we are more than willing to help! After all, at Herbal Nail Bar, we work hard to ensure that every customer interaction is satisfying. Whatever color or style you decide on, you'll be happy with the finished product and the caliber of our work.

Services for Pedicures Are Safe and Fun

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2023.06.03 17:02 ForSureByFarNotChuck How to Always Open Chrome Tab on Main Monitor

When I open chrome, it always open on the monitor I last used it on, I close it randomly on both monitors, but would like it to ALWAYS open on my main.
Things I've tried - adding "--window-position=1921,0" in target. - Does not work
Dumb Ideas - The top comment to every post tackling this issue are one of these (Press control P to move the tab to the main monitor (slower than just manually moving the tab), make sure to always close the tab on the main monitor, so it opens on it too (no different than manually moving the tab after the tab is open) the whole drag to the screen you want, minimize maximize, shift/alt ctrl close to remember its position (i want to be able to close on my secondary, auto opens on my main)
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2023.06.03 16:56 ThrowRAAsics [25F][29M} Currently in a situation where I'm not sure what to do and am seeking advice.

My ex broke up with me, but he was upset because I wanted to move out. He wanted to keep himself open for a chance with another girl, and I had already put 9 years of my entire being into the relationship. He wants to go explore and not miss out on the opportunities he feels like he missed out on because he was dating me. I stayed because I'm the only one paying the bills, and it's been tough on our landlord recently. We have enough space to separate, but he keeps trying to push on as if we are still together. He tells all his guy friends that I'm his girl. Even showed them some pictures of me that he should have deleted since breaking up with. He told the girl he's trying to talk to that I'm not his girl. He's been chasing after her our whole relationship, and I agreed with the breakup in order to give him the space he needed. He keeps going through my stuff, to the point that I had to change my passwords. Meanwhile he had already locked me out of everything.
She has made it very clear that she's not interested, but doesn't mind continuing hanging out with him knowing how bad he wants a chance with her. She thinks it's just a phase. This really bothers me, as I'm not the type to let people stay around me just hoping for a chance. He thinks hanging out with her even more is going to help him get over her. She has no idea of what we've been through, and he's lied to her on many occasions about events that happened.
She wants to hang out with me apparently, but I've already reached the point of saying fuck both of them. As in the past I've tried talking to her, but her responses were always, "well I need to hear that from him, in order to tell who's lying" I understand as he has already told her I'm only here to start drama, but it's sad that I would never have known a lot of the truth had I never thought to ask her. They were always hanging out during inappropriate hours and he wouldn't return until the morning and he even ditched plans we had on many occasions throughout the years, in order to spend time with her. We only have one car and it's interfered with my work and his kids. She doesn't know any of this. All she knows is the version he told her, which is "Oh my gf didn't want to hang out with us" when in fact I had been asking to go.
She doesn't understand that in the past he broke up with me every time they would hang out so that he wouldn't have to feel guilty if the chance landed in his lap. Those are his words to me. So now he wants full on permission. According to him she's been interested in me since she first saw me, and he kept her from me, because he wanted her all to himself. I've done nothing but support their friendship, but he doesn't do the same. Instead since I'm bi, he accuses me of trying to leave him for anyone literally. He's worried her and I will run off together as well. He thinks I'm just being difficult by not giving in, but during the entire 9 years together, I don't ever remember being truly happy. It has felt more like taking care of a child. I feel like he's just trying to use me to get closer to her romantically.
He just started cleaning up the house for me after all this time, and none of it seems genuine, as his reasonings would be " It was the least I could do since I'm going to hang out with her" . I would like to be able to hang out and be cool, but I would also like to be loved in the way that I desire to be loved. Communication isn't an issue on my end. I have consistently and calmly explained to him what bothers me, and what I need done. He'll say he understands, and then flip the script days later. Starting the argument again. I've done nothing but compromise with him and it seems to have gotten me nowhere. I'm on the verge of dropping everything and just disappearing. Should I just block them both and leave it be? He says he's compromising with me, because he's not being as flirty and active as he really wants to be. Need advice.
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2023.06.03 16:52 Simo9105 problems with textures loading on Hyrule warriors Age of calamity

When I start the game everything is fine from the menues to the cutscenes to the UI but the emulator won't load the textures of the game map, showing the UI on a black screen.
Anyone know how to solve?
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2023.06.03 16:49 higifgvhgvl insane FPS drop in Warthunder?

Foer some uknown reson when i boot up WT my fps in the hanger is down to 20~ fps from 60 fps. And when i load in to a game it's between 15-30 fps (normally it was 120 fps on medium setting). On all my other games there is no drop in fps. Dose anyone know why?
here is are my specs btw
GTX 1050 Ti
Intel i7-7700HQ
Intel HD Graphics 630
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