Esther choi chef married

The Love You Give Me was so good

2023.06.08 10:07 MomoJunny The Love You Give Me was so good

The Love You Give me was such a nice show. Wang Ziqi and Wang Yuwen chemistry is just chef's kiss. Watched them in Once We Get Married and there also the chemistry was amazing. So i had high hopes from this and they didn't disappoint. The child is cutie patootie. The story in middle episodes is little frustrating but overall it has a strong premise and strong storyline.
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2023.06.08 01:09 Peaches-supreme Week 22: Street Food- Elotes, Mexican street corn

Week 22: Street Food- Elotes, Mexican street corn
Big shout out to chef Roy Choi for this recipe
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2023.06.07 23:55 rigov2046 35 [M4F] DMV/NoVa 6’2, Romantic Naval Officer and Professor for Girlfriend

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Stats and Interests Below the Cut-Line. Rationale and Compatibility Analysis Directly Below.
I am seeking monogamy and commitment from one lady and I am willing to show the same. Currently located in Northern Virginia, but will undoubtedly re-locate due to my career within the next 18 months or so.
I think that the only reasons we might not be compatible are preferences for looks, our careers (especially me in the Navy), sexual compatibility, and how we spend our free time. As for other reasons- I pride myself in communication, problem solving, patience, chivalry, authenticity, and being altruistic.
Statistics: 6’2, Soon to be 36 YO, 196 lbs, 34 waist, Pulse 52, BP 118/72, Shoe- 12, xxx-7.25, Credit Score 807. Foster Homes Lived In-28, Schools Attended- 23. 43 countries visited, Deployments (USN)- 5, Kids- 0. Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, Lean-Athletic Muscular build. Sweet smile, great calves, aging grey temples, youthful/positive face. The usually response I get is either “fuck yes” or “fuck no” - I realize I am not everyone’s type. 5k PR: 1557- college. Mile-4:17- high school (RI all-state). Undergrad: USNA. Master’s: GWU, USNWC
Red Flags 2 Marriages, 1 other Engagement. Broken hearts- many. Times broken-hearted- 2. Currently separated. Introverted and Calculated decision maker due to upbringing. Analytical for good and bad reasons. Harry Potter House Ravenclaw Hat-Stall to Slytherin. Left-Handed, 800M SAT Score. Have won over 600k lifetime gambling (A hobby now, used to be a matter of life/death when I was youngehomeless as a teen).
Personality Assessment: Altruistic and Thoughtful people-pleaser. Detail-oriented and sexually charged gentleman. More cooperative and curious than critical. Constantly self-assessing and self-correcting, reflective and strives for improvement. Aims to use own experience to better others in close proximity and to scale. INTJ, love languages physical touch and quality time. Future POTUS, RI GOV, or Government SES, Navy Ship Captain. Vulnerability, Passion, and Compassion are Hallmarks (See Brene Brown/Esther Perel TED Talks).
Interests: Sports fanatic- specifically Boston teams. Board/Card games. Intellectual/Philosophical conversations. Human Behavior, Running, Walking, Pokémon Go, improving my teams around me, including family. Road trips, traveling- especially San Diego, Miami, Vegas, NYC, the beach, kissing, giving massages, finding a partner who wants to deeply connect romantically and physically and discuss and act out our fantasies. Improving our EQ and erotic intelligence together.
Someone will really like this and I hope if you are interested, we could write our success story here. I am an eternal optimist and I realize that you can’t small talk on apps the way I would really like to get to the heart of serious issues. If you are genuinely ambitious yet humble from our beginnings- maybe one of us is the First Spouse to the other, or, the half of a great partnership and earn the title of best parent, or co-chefs in our house together. Coach of the kids’s sports team is cool, too.
I have almost all the pieces I have to make life great and for me it is- just hoping to find that force multiplier where we can enhance our lives and take each other to a place of leadership and bliss that not even we can imagine right now!
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2023.06.07 20:02 DiamondsAreForever2 Interesting Cleveland trivia: His daughter, Esther Cleveland Bosanquet, remains the only child of a President to have been born in the White House and who was also married in Westminster Abbey.

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2023.06.07 19:03 cloud_mom The NOT Not notfredrhodes Love Island Recap S10EP2 - villa bureau of investigations

S10EP1 ; Scores so Far (shoutout to bumblebutter123 for the Math)
Aaaand we're back baby ! Last night Maya Jama pulled a fast one on the girlies and imported a new MAN into the villa. The ladies are SWOONING !! +100 points to the stinky producers for scheming on how to get George (barf) out of the Villa. Zachariah gets +2 points for the chin rubs. He also gets +5 points for going by his full name and not a nickname. Jess is WET for this man, is it because she actually likes him or just because George (barf) sucks so hard and also is ugly? Social media snooping reveals that he is friends with Fan Favorite Jack Fowler (+2 points for being friends with Fan Favorite Jack Fowler). We ALSO find out that Zachariah (not Zach) is a semi-pro athlete which is an automatic -10 point deduction! MY game MY rules !
The girls give him a VERY brief interrogation. Gender Isolationism returns and the ladies proceed to giggle giggle tittle tattle about how hot he is. Jess says George (barf) is too nice (liar!!). Ella Rose Depp regrets not stepping forward (kind of) but is still happy w/ the man who doesn't remember who she is (-8 points for believing that Tyrique remembers who she is (he doesn't)).
Mitchell Red Bottoms is genuinely obsessed ( scary! ) with Molly (who owns a chicken). He walks over to the girlies and gives her his JACKET???? +14 points for romantic behavior. Is it love, lust, or a desperado attempt at being the #1 guy of the group? Only time will tell.
Cut to the outdoor kitchen where some of the islanders are snackin. CATHERINE all caps asks Zachariah (not Zach) what his background is, and the girlies do NOT believe that he is 100% White British Full Stop. He is from SEL (South East London) which is the equivalent of a white man from Detroit. The crowd goes WILD !! They are SEARCHING for an ounce of melanin !! Someone get this man a 23 and me !!
Ella Rose Depp has a mouth full of crackers (-10 points) and asks Zachariah (not Zach) to name his top 3. Ruchee in the mix as she deserves !! CATHERINE all caps and ERD are also his faves which leaves Jess (single blonde female) in the dust ! Sorry gal pal, this IS the season where the BHBE (Blonde Hair Blue Eyes) Curse has been lifted!!
Tyrique and Ella Rose Depp are on the L couch talking about the vibes. Tyrique is lowercase stressing about Zachariah but he's happy that ERD didn't step forward. Blah blah I like you the most blah blah it's only day 1. MIND YOU - this whole time he is licking his lips like a maniac !!!! Truly the least hot way imaginable (-28 points for his 180 degree tongue on outer mouth area activity).
Jess and George (barf) are at the stove and ROUND OF APPLAUSE for the first apology cheese toasty of the season !!!! +3 points to the stinky producers for keeping the kitchen stocked with cheddar. George (barf) “rates it” that Jess stepped forward & was honest w herself, I cannot be swayed by his behavior because he is a BAD MAN ALL CAPS !
Zachariah (not Zach) begins his VWT (Villa World Tour) on the Big L Couch, chatting up Ruchee - her eyes LIGHT UP when he mentions he likes a little drama in his life!! Ladykins this is not the serve you think it is. She is ready to drop trou at any point and honestly I do NOT blame her he is very hot. Ruchee is back with her "mannerisms" attraction which is very funny to me and also I would love some clarification. +35 points for consistency.
Jess sees Zachariah coming towards her and Tyrique so she immediately starts hyping up Ruchee & her exit plan begins. Please stand clear of the closing doors because Jess likes Tyrique but is distracted by the shiny new toy (Zachariah). She puts on a nice calm voice which is a treat because she's usually yelling. Ruchee is very up front about being attracted to Tyrique (+5 points for radical honesty) and altho he appreciates her honesty, he gives absolutely no indication that the feeling is mutual LMAO.
Zachariah (not Zach) is in the beach hut and says “In a place where everyone is beautiful to ask me what my type is is just a bit silly". + 50 points for being a SMOOTH talker. Cut to Ruchee and Medhi (world class muncher). Ruchee is ROCKING that ponytail +4 points. She apologies to Mehdi Muncher and he’s actually such a respectful man I 100% believe him when he tells her not to feel bad. + 100 points for being Genuine!!
Time for Bed !! We know its Time For Bed because Red Bottoms sings a little song called Time For Bed. -2 points because no one reacts. It's only the first night and it already feels like week 3??? +4 points to the stinky producers for casting. Molly (who owns a chicken) and Red Bottoms share a little smooch which is cute. Jess needs a new lash tech because her right eye is NOT properly adhered -12 points for a half on half off lash. Zachariah breathes thru his mouth which means he snores no DOUBT about it. - 18 points !!
Morning has arrived - no song from Red Bottoms -11 points for inconsistency. Ella Rose Depp and Tyrique are bickering in bed but in a fun way I guess? Maybe it's the background music making it seem less hostile. In a last ditch attempt to save his own *ss, George (barf) tells everyone he’s going to make breakfast (scrambled eggs from Molly’s Chicken). Jess is the Assistant Director if the VBI (Villa Bureau of Investigations) and using her superpower (listening in the dark) accuses the general public (the cast of this damn show) of smooches in the night time. +32 points for investigative journalism. Red Bottoms asks Ella Rose Depp and Tyrique if THEY were the ones w a smooch and ERD says ”no!” and BOOM Red Bottoms is caught !! Get a lie detector in the building because he is very unconvincingly saying it wasn't him. Everyone LAFFS because it's just a bit of banter.
Jess (VBI) is nothing if not an honest woman and tells George (barf) how she likes her tea + 6 points for MILF behavior. Red Bottoms and Molly (who owns a chicken) are very cuddly and basically married off at this point. Molly WILL break his heart and I can't wait !! ERD & Tyrique also spooned. CATHERINE all caps is already meh about Andre who is 21 and a business owner. Jess is WET for Zachariah (not Zach).
Zachariah continues his VWT (Villa World Tour) and pulls Molly (who owns a chicken) for a chat. Molly is a LIAR who claims she's not closed off. - 12 points for delusions. The boys are also WET for Zachariah (not Zach) + 3 points for chin rubs +20 points for asserting himself as the Alpha. Molly (who owns a chicken) thinks he's boring but lets be real it's only because he doesn't have an ADHD diagnosis.
CATHERINE all caps is the next stop in the World Tour and Zachariah is putting it ON her. Zachariah (not Zach) is WET for CATHERINE all caps (as he should be). Now THIS is a man who knows how to lick his lips !! George (barf) and Molly (who owns a chicken) talk and claims that she's attracted to him? -17 points for entertaining his nonsense. The way she speaks to him is almost like he’s an 8 year old and she’s his nanny. George (barf) says he levitates towards her. Yes - LEVITATES !!!! - 90 points for being loud and wrong.
Jess (VBI) and Tyrique are feet in the pool hanging out and vibing just a bit. As the Assistant Director of the VBI, she is actively investigating the severity of his deafness and the man is just like, its literally fine and not a problem. Jess (VBI) tells him he's sexy as hell +5 points for radical honesty. Blah Blah you're not my usual type blah blah. Jess (VBI) uses this as an opportunity to display her wit and humor with a little poem “Made ya look made ya stare made ya change your type” +22 points for off-the-cuff hilarity.
BACK TO THE WORLD TOUR- Zachariah (Not Zach) pulls Ella Rose Depp for a chat. She's still saying she's happy with Tyrique (who doesn't remember her) but isn't fully closed off. ERD is deffo used to men chasing her so she's giving him VERY little to work with.
Challenge time !! Due to the length of this recap I will NOT be rating their entrance lines bc they're all dumb as hell. -88 points to the stinky producers for the water slide. We learn that Ella Rose Depp snooped through her ex's phone, Jess was underage drinking and got her nipple pierced, CATHERINE all caps had her first kiss and proceeded to kiss 4 other men that same night +100 points for being a queen. Molly (who owns a chicken) put poop in her handbag -11 points for hygiene, Zachary makes all the boys clap for him +3 points for Alpha behavior. Ruchee isn't into men who split the bill on the first few dates, Jess boned someone in a port-a-potty, Red Bottoms dated 3 girls at the same time 7 months ago !! spooky scary !! Molly (who owns a chicken) is NOT impressed. Mehdi Muncher hit on a mothedaughter duo, Andre is into MILFs, Zachariah (not Zach) ghosted a girl and told her his phone was broken -40 points for dishonesty and a bad lie, Tyrique has slept w 100+ women and says "pulling and shagging is all I know". ERD is NOT impressed. -20 points to Tyrique for FLOPPING.
Red Bottoms tries to talk his way out of his 3 person dilemma and claims that he was single the whole time and tells Molly (who owns a chicken) that it's the "worst thing he's ever done" -17 points for Fraud. Zachariah (not Zach) and CATHERINE all caps are a match made in heaven COUPLE UP ALREADY PLEASE !! Andre fumbles the bag and tries to pull CATHERINE all caps away from Zachariah. He does it in the wierdest way -100 points for being a FLOP. He thinks it's a flex to be territorial but CATHERINE all caps is NOT impressed.
Ella Rose Depp claims that she likes Zachariah (not Zach) but is very bad at reciprocating his interest. Ruchee tells Zachariah that she's into Andre who is 21 years old and a business owner. Ruchee asks Zachariah if he knows what Patois is ... GIRL HE'S FROM SEL (South East London) !!!
**edit** Ruchee asked Zachariah about Pak Choi no Patois !!!!!! My American Ears misunderstood 😭
Before he can answer the question, Judgement Time arrives and Zachariah (not Zach) has to make his choice. Blah Blah this isn't an easy choice blah blah difficult to choose blah blah ... and he picks CATHERINE all caps, the sun is shining the moon is singing and all is right in the world !
Hope you enjoyed xoxo cloud_mom
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2023.06.07 17:31 BanffmountainChef [chat] who wants to chat with a 40yr old married chef guy from Alberta M4F preferably

I get some time during my mornings to chat with ppl online, would love to chat if your interested, i prefer women, just easier to talk to about stuff, i'm in Alberta and enjoy chatting about many different things, i am a chef by trade and outdoor sports are my hobbies, drop me aline if your interested in chatting, if I don't respond right away don't fret as i'm in and out and will get back to you as soon as Im able. my favourite subreddits are askreddit and food, lol
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2023.06.07 16:13 _sherryfraser_ Anniversary set arrived!

Anniversary set arrived!
11 years married, 19 years together and the anni rings are perfection! Frank Darling knocked it out of the park with these. 2+ carat cushion “e” ring with double pronged platinum head on a rose gold cathedral band, a knife edged rose gold spacer and a platinum band with 7 round diamonds in a scalloped shared prong setting. Chef’s kiss!!!
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2023.06.07 08:39 Professional_Pea5222 Catering costs?

Hi all,
I’m getting married next June where we have to outsource everything. We’ve had a quote for catering and I don’t know if it’s steep.
For 50 people it will be £3.5k for three types of canapés, main meal and cheese boards. This also includes cutlery, travel, two wait staff and two chefs.
I don’t know what to make of it but it was more than I was expecting! Is this the average? We’re in the north east if that matters.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 06:55 Justhuman963 Only in GTA V

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2023.06.07 06:55 Justhuman963 Only in GTA V

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2023.06.06 22:49 Conventions Is it possible to live a comfortable life on kitchen/chef pay?

This might sound like a stupid question but I just genuinely want to know. I'm 21 years old and have 4 years of kitchen experience, 3 of those are cooking and I just got out of the industry last year and started my own company. I love running my business but no matter how much I enjoy it, it doesn't match at all to the satisfaction I had in the kitchen.
Kitchen work is notorious for being low paying and I just genuinely want to hear from more people who work in kitchens if it's possible to live a comfortable life and afford a home, vacations/travel, family etc on kitchen pay without struggling.
A couple chefs I know have really nice homes, but the catch is almost all of them work 2 jobs 7 days a week year round to afford it.
The only other chef I know that owns a nice home but doesn't work every day is in his late 60s non married and bought his house 40+ years ago so it was way cheaper then. He's also been working at our job for the past 30 years and took out 100k from his retirement to help pay for the house.
I work at a country club that gives all of us full benefits and 401k with 5% match and 4 of the chefs I work with have $80k+ in their retirement accounts.
I just want to hear from more people if it's possible to live a fun life on a kitchen salary? For reference I'm in Massachusetts
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2023.06.06 21:28 DocWilly84 Stowe, VT June 2023 - 100 Guests, $95k

We got married on June 2nd in Stowe, VT - a bit of a destination wedding in a ski resort town so the budget reflects that.
Venue - The Barn at Smuggler's Notch $18,700. This included the venue and alcohol. They provide several packages and as we are not heavy drinkers, had an open bar. They proprietors also act as day-of coordinators and are great people.
Catering - SugarSnap $16,000 which was a family style 3-course dinner with a grazing table for the cocktail hour, a dessert buffet, and late night snack table. Food was all delicious and the guest couldn't speak highly enough of it.
Band - Silver Arrow $8,060 for an 8-piece band during the reception. We had 3 piece for the ceremony and 2 for the cocktail hour. They kept it very lively and also provided audio for the ceremony. We did have to pay for band lodging which was another $900.
Rentals - VT Tent Co $3900 which covered all linens, glass ware, flatware, and silverware. Also chairs for the ceremony.
Paper items (menu, programs, etc.) - $650 by a local vendor.
Floral - Tipsy Tulip $12,900 which gave us flowers for the arbor, bridal bouquet, table arrangements, and chandeliers. They were phenomenal.
Photographer & Videographer - Andy Madea Photo $11,250 which got us all-day photography (9 AM To 11 PM) with 2 people, and 4 hours of video (5 to 9 PM) also with 2 people. Andy was a great resource as well for best practices, poses, etc.
Shuttle busses - Fleet Transportation, LLC $3,600 for 2x 14 passengers vans and 1x 32 passenger bus. Heard no complaints. Also allowed us to bring drinks for passengers.
Hair & Makeup - Heather Garrow $1,830 which included the trial. Didn't have a bridal party so some friends and family were invited to participate instead.
Save the Dates & Website - Zola $600 no real complaints, STDs looked great and the functionality of the website was nice, especially with the registry feature.
Audio Guest Book - After the Tone $375 we're not 100% sure if this was a success yet. We'll see.
Rehearsal Dinner & Welcome Party - The Lodge at Spruce Peak $11,500 food was delicious and the hospitality was great. The pavilion we used was very large and comfortable both inside and out. Grazing table was very good, and solid options for drinks.
Welcome gifts - Local Chocolatier $1,000 which included custom molding fee with a welcome message and a set of truffles for each guest. These were delicious and we had leftovers to share amongst some of the staff at the lodge and venue.
Miscellaneous items - about another $4000 or so for our lodging, spa services, food, etc.
It's definitely a lot, but we also got what we paid for. It was two days of great fun, quality time, unmatched service, and partying. We stayed at the Lodge at Spruce Peak and I can't speak highly enough about their staff, amenities, service, quality, or rooms.
The Barn at Smuggler's Notch is a first-rate venue what provides exceptional service, an amazing experience, awesome view, and an outstanding facility. It is a purpose built venue with a heating/cooling built in, a full service bridal suite with full bathroom, and an on-site chef's kitchen so the food is freshly prepared.
Feel free to ask any further questions!
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2023.06.06 21:12 shelleuwuxoxo Mare 2015 (drama reviews: spoiler) 4/5 ⭐

Mare (2015) 150 chapters.
After years of waiting for the translation of this drama. Where Tao tsuchiya and Kento yamazaki are a couple for the second time. I finally got to see it, and I have a lot of mixed emotions and divided opinions.
It's a very nice, familiar work, and mainly I loved the story of the protagonist and her dream of being a great chef, I adore the character and I love the actress.
I think my emotions are divided on the subject of romance. I know that Tao tsuchiya and Kento yamazaki have very good visuals, and as a couple there is a lot of chemistry, otherwise they wouldn't have more than four works together.
But... To be honest, Mare deserved a better ending.
You'll see that they look great together, and Kento Yamazaki keeps us looking forward to all the jdrama. He didn't deserve Mare. I'm sorry. From my point of view, Mare would have achieved great things if she had never returned to her village. Going to France when she should have and getting romantically involved with the boss's son. I don't care what other people say, but the most romantic scene in the jdrama is the one of Mare having her first date and receiving her first compliment. The way they set the scene, the dialogue, the acting, just remembering it still moves me. It is perfect.
I say the outcome of them, it happens after Ketia is abandoned by Ichiko, there again Mare begins to "feel things for him". What bothered me about this is that if Ichiko had never left him, Ketia had never been honest with herself and come to her senses because it was obvious that he and Ichiko had no future, no matter how hard she tried, it was obvious that they were together forever. a whim. Mare then lets go of the best suitor she's ever had, for a headstrong affair with her childhood friend. Unlike Ichiko (or maybe showing the insecurity that her old relationship left her) Ketia hasn't been dating Mare for a month and she sets rules and things too serious and extreme (so we've already finished the jdrama we know how it ends this )
So Mare abandoned her great job, her studies, married Ketia, Ketia doesn't even respect her life project and before she was thirty she was already pregnant. He had to close his second dream again.
I don't know, there was a somewhat macho and conformist air at the end of the drama that I didn't quite like. Even if Mare had never dated Daisuke romantically, I feel like she would have had a more prosperous and happy future if she had never returned to her village to end up married to Ketia.
STILL I liked Mare's story of love and progress, it's beautiful, it was worth all these years to see it.
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2023.06.05 21:37 CartographerNo8846 32 [M4F] #Atlanta(South Suburbs) - Hopefully looking for the last time

So about me, I'm a chef, I love to cook both at work and at home. I'm married and have 2 kids who are young and take up my attention, however; that doesn't mean I won't have time for you( I have every intention of making you a priority). The wife and I work fairly different schedules ao I do have good talking ability throughout the day. I love doing activities outdoors, things like kayaking or hiking always are fun for me. I also enjoy learning something new, I love going to trivia or a museum. I like movies, music, video games, sports, and all of the things. There really isn't too much I don't like honestly. I'm an open book, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
What I'm looking for is someone to share my day with, to share my time with. Someone who I can send good morning and good night texts to. Someone who is worth staying up late or waking up early for so we can talk to or meet. Someone who is between 18-50 that also gets that life gets in the way. I want butterflies, I want to not be able to wait to check my phone. I'm a sucker for voice and video messages as well.
Ideally your local so we could meet up for coffee or what not, otherwise long distance is great as well. I've had meaningful, albeit shorter than I would have liked conversations with people as far away as 6 time zones.
Oh, physically I'm 6'4, green eyes, broad shoulders, I have a little more than a dad bod and have been starting to bike again so progress is being made.
I hope to hear from you, I'll reply to everyone even if you don't seem like a match so feel free to drop in or just say hi. Otherwise best of luck in your own search.
If you are a male who read this far for some reason and are in the southern suburbs of Atlanta, feel free to drop by and say hi.
P.s. sorry if this seems a little scattered, it was written while making a snack for my toddler.
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2023.06.05 21:36 CartographerNo8846 32 [M4F] #Atlanta(South Suburbs) - Hopefully looking for the last time

So about me, I'm a chef, I love to cook both at work and at home. I'm married and have 2 kids who are young and take up my attention, however; that doesn't mean I won't have time for you( I have every intention of making you a priority). The wife and I work fairly different schedules ao I do have good talking ability throughout the day. I love doing activities outdoors, things like kayaking or hiking always are fun for me. I also enjoy learning something new, I love going to trivia or a museum. I like movies, music, video games, sports, and all of the things. There really isn't too much I don't like honestly. I'm an open book, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
What I'm looking for is someone to share my day with, to share my time with. Someone who I can send good morning and good night texts to. Someone who is worth staying up late or waking up early for so we can talk to or meet. Someone who is between 18-50 that also gets that life gets in the way. I want butterflies, I want to not be able to wait to check my phone. I'm a sucker for voice and video messages as well.
Ideally your local so we could meet up for coffee or what not, otherwise long distance is great as well. I've had meaningful, albeit shorter than I would have liked conversations with people as far away as 6 time zones.
Oh, physically I'm 6'4, green eyes, broad shoulders, I have a little more than a dad bod and have been starting to bike again so progress is being made.
I hope to hear from you, I'll reply to everyone even if you don't seem like a match so feel free to drop in or just say hi. Otherwise best of luck in your own search.
If you are a male who read this far for some reason and are in the southern suburbs of Atlanta, feel free to drop by and say hi.
P.s. sorry if this seems a little scattered, it was written while making a snack for my toddler.
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2023.06.05 19:38 anonbubblee Long winded Jonah/Amy rant. enjoy!

I think the issue that arises starts in season 4 when Jonah (and everyone) tell Amy to apply to be the manager, they all say how good she’ll be and then the moment she is manager they give her a hard time. Jonah was always telling Amy to priotize herself but once she does and becomes manager it causes a lot of issue. Jonah expects Amy to be the same as she was in season 2 and is shocked when Amy kinda chooses her new position over the cause. Now I have to give Amy the benefit for doubt here because she has two kids and she worked so hard for so long to get the position and she wants it to work.
Going into season 5. Amy is just desperately trying to be the best manager she can be and is constantly having a hard time - her former co workers keep going against her in a way that feels personal and her once cheerleader / boyfriend is always butting heads and although he isn’t wrong at times, it’s hard to watch.
Now, here’s where I can’t defend Amy, during the final of season 5 / start of season 6 she should have told Jonah about the interview, they had been in a relationship for 2 years at this point and Jonah was a father figure in Parker’s life. Like i said, Amy became kind of selfish in her quest to prioritize herself and move up in the world.
Their breakup in season 6 makes me cry just thinking about it. They love each other but Amy is choosing her career over him and I feel two ways about this. 1. Amy didn’t have to want to get married again, and it was a topic they should have discussed between the time she got the job offer and her final days at cloud 9. She was so overwhelmed and it bothers me that Jonah doesn’t recognize that she’s overwhelmed and begging him to just take a moment and recognize that. 2. Amy should have prioritized Jonah more, to not even factor their future into her mind was crazy. Again I think she became kinda selfish after spending like 15 years of her life being selfless and it sucks that she didn’t see that sooner.
I love the finale, no notes at all. Truly the writers nailed Amy’s apology. I feel like their reunion was so so true to them and Amy being vulnerable was chefs kiss.
There’s my rant hope you enjoyed ✨✨
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2023.06.05 19:06 Intrepid_Photo5109 [H]Steam keys [W] Wishlist, Offers, Paypal

Hello everyone.
IGS Rep page
Wishlist (keeps changing)
Steam account
Your games Offers and or Paypal Offers
Mention what you want 1st please. Use grey markets values that we all know as value guidelines. I understand that most of us want the best trades we can posiblly get but try not to lowball me please. If your offers are reasonable i will respond ASAP.
Close to the Sun
Worms Rumble + Worms Rumble - Legends Pack
The Slater
Styx: Shards of Darkness
Sid Meier's Pirates!
Beyond the Wire
Plane Mechanic Simulator
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021
Construction Simulator 2015
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
Pure Farming 2018 - Deluxe Edition
Farmer's Dynasty
West of Dead
Lacuna: A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
XCOM: Chimera Squad
Dark Devotion
Pizza Connection 2
Red Solstice 2: Survivors
Jurassic World Evolution
Iron Harvest
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
John Wick Hex
Duke Nukem Forever
Sacred 2 - Gold Edition
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Iron Danger
Cities: Skylines
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Chicken Police: Paint It RED!
Total Tank Simulator
ATOM RPG Trudograd
In Sound Mind
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Seven: The Days Long Gone
Victoria II
Panzer Paladin
Black Book
Tyranny (Deluxe Edition)
Sundered (Eldritch Edition)
Die Young
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered
Outcast - Second Contact
Dishonored Definitive Edition
The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut
Grow: Song of the Evertree
AO Tennis 2
7 Days to Die
TransOcean: The Shipping Company
WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship
NASCAR Heat 5 Ultimate Edition
BioShock: The Collection (EU)
Siege Survival: Gloria Victis
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
Road 96
LEGO The Incredibles
Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
Dead Island Definitive Collection
Resident Evil 3
Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Daymare: 1998
Fallout: New Vegas
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Bendy and the Dark Revival
Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition
LEGO Jurassic World
LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes
Metal Gear Solid V - The Definitive Experience
DOOM (2016)
Truck Mechanic Simulator 2015
Jagged Alliance: Rage!
Get Even
WWE 2K Battlegrounds + Ultimate Brawlers Pass DLC
In Other Waters
Between the Stars
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (ORIGIN)
Spellcaster University
Genesis Noir
Phoenix Point: Year One Edition
Call of the Sea
Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager
Yes, Your Grace
Gas Station Simulator
In Sound Mind
Mind Scanners
Forgive Me Father
Shapez + Shapez - Puzzle DLC
Epic Chef
Railroad Corporation (EU)
Golf Gang
Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Morbid: The Seven Acolytes
Wasteland 3
First Class Trouble
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Blade Assault
Super Magbot
Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG
OlliOlli World - Rad Edition (EU)
Conan Chop Chop
Hokko Life
The Serpent Rogue
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
Shady Part of Me
Fobia - St. Dinfna Hotel
Five Dates
Edge Of Eternity
Hero's Hour
Rogue Lords
Demon Turf
Golden Light
Monster Crown
Rollerdrome (EU)
The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante
Founders' Fortune
Operation: Tango
Windjammers 2
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
The Invisible Hand
Two Point Hospital (EU)
Yakuza 0 (EU)
Metro Last Light Redux (EU)
Shadow Warrior
Golf With Your Friends
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut
Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition
Deep Rock Galactic
Ridge Racer™ Unbounded Bundle
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Aven Colony
The Escapists + 3 DLCs
Worms Rumble + 4 DLCs
The Walking Dead + 400 Days
The Walking Dead: Season Two
The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
One Finger Death Punch 2
Slap City
How to Survive 2
Dead in Vinland
The Wild Eight
Knights of Pen & Paper 2
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
GRIP: Combat Racing + 4 DLCs
We Were Here Together
Kyle is Famous: Complete Edition
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Talisman: Digital Edition + 3 DLCs
The Amazing American Circus
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
White Day VR: The Courage Test
The Painscreek Killings
Dungeon of the ENDLESS
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Peppy's Adventure
Red Faction: Armageddon
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Heat Signature
Styx: Shards of Darkness
Sid Meier’s Civilization VI + 2 DLCs (EU)
Sid Meier's Starships
Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies
Sid Meier's Ace Patrol
Sid Meier's Colonization (Classic)
Sid Meier's Covert Action (Classic)
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Expeditions: Viking
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Going Under
Broken Age
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Farming Simulator 17
System Shock Enhanced Edition
System Shock 2
Worms Rumble
911 Operator
112 Operator
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack
Zombie Driver HD
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Lust from Beyond - M Edition
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
Little Orpheus
Detached: Non-VR Edition
The Inner World
MirrorMoon EP
Cris Tales
Super Meat Boy Forever
Bartlow's Dread Machine
Stories Untold
Super Meat Boy
Saturday Morning RPG
Sudden Strike 4
Railway Empire
Spacebase Startopia
Dungeons 2
Dungeons 3
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Commandos 2 - HD Remaster
Orcs Must Die! 2 - Complete
Plebby Quest: The Crusades
Field of Glory: Empires
Bionic Commando
The LEGO Movie - Videogame
LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game
The Technomancer
The Surge
Hood: Outlaws & Legends
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders
My Friend Peppa Pig
JUMANJI: The Video Game
Paw Patrol: On A Roll!
Drone Swarm
Resident Evil 6 (EU)
Brigador Deluxe Edition
Perfect Heist 2
The Almost Gone
Railroad Tycoon 3
Railroad Tycoon II Platinum
Sid Meier's Railroads!
Duke Nukem Forever Collection
WWE 2K Battlegrounds + Ultimate Brawlers Pass
CivCity: Rome
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR
Sid Meier's Civilization VI
STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic
STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
STAR WARS Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast
STAR WARS Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
Full Throttle Remastered
Grim Fandango Remastered
Pinball FX3 - Star Wars Pinball: The Last Jedi
Guts and Glory
Let Them Come
Wintermoor Tactics Club
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game
Totally Reliable Delivery Service
Mayhem in Single Valley
Hand of Merlin
Viking: Battle For Asgard
Medieval: Total War Collection
Total War: Shogun 2 + Rise of the Samurai DLC
Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Serin Fate
Kitaria Fables
Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands
Len's Island
Spirit of the Island
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Winkeltje: The Little Shop
Summer in Mara
Luna's Fishing Garden
Supraland Six Inches Under
PowerSlave Exhumed
Prehistoric Kingdom
The Long Dark: Survival Edition
Euro Fishing + 3 DLCs
Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour + 6 DLCs
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 + 9 DLCs
The Catch: Carp & Coarse + 2 DLCs
Praey for the Gods
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Batora: Lost Haven
Call of the Sea
The Blackout Club
Them and Us
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues
My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure
Ben 10: Power Trip
PAW Patrol the Movie: Adventure City Calls
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix
Little League World Series Baseball 2022
Gigantosaurus The Game
Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R
Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition
The Anacrusis
Zombie Army Trilogy
Back 4 Blood (EU)
Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition (EU)
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2023.06.05 18:54 hijesushere Welcome to the ExMormon Music Rodeo Showdown, starring your host, Eneagram Hotspot.

Edit: oh, I thought this got posted last night. This ones a doozy you guys. Sorry, it's not, well, its kind of related to being Mormon... I mean, it's in the same ethical framework, I'm exchristian too, I just, uh, went the other direction. Anyways, I missed class, I overslept, so I'm heading over to the schizophrenia subreddit to try telling them over there. They can probably relate at least, I'm sure none of them will listen to me either but, I'm at work, you know what I mean? I can't not be doing anything, no matter how pointless it may seem. We're prospectors after all: gotta keep panning that river am I right, squad? Luh you fam. Don't tear my head off, please. The songs make a movie if you watch then in order. It's all whatever, I had a great time making it for you guys, regardless if anybody wants to play my game or not, I know it's pretty long. Anyways,
Hey whats up you guys, it's Michael, I'm an angel. Well, that's what I tell people online, anyways. I typically don't tell people in person, it just makes for an awkward conversation, and I just don't have enough energy to act weird enough for them to consider it so like... you know, it's just stupid. It's typically a waste of time. "Oh but if you're Michael then blah blah blah" I'm like yeah... boop. Switching gears:: the man does not care in the slightest. Your boy, my sweet ex Mormons, your friend here, who, obviously, is suffering from delusions of Grandeur and... you know, just NARCICISM, is simply looking for attention. Pshhh, ok homie. I mean yeah, wouldn't you? Like what else am I trying to do. Like hello. Like let's get this thing moving, good grief what the heck do I have to do? I could heal someone... I'm still working on my eyes... my powers have been, slightly extended... anyways, holy crap you guys, I'm sorry, this post isn't even about that. I just got off work, I'm just sort of still unwinding. Pretty hilarious day not gonna lie to you. So anyways, basically, I just, well, I'm starting to anyways, but I pick a sub and then I do like a Playlist of whatever type jams I'm listening to. Your boy loves kpop you guys, they sing like angels, don't you think? Anyways... how it works is, I'll play a song, you'll either listen or watch it, it's up to you, and then, uh, you read, uh yeah you read the words that I had typed on the screen. Oh and I'm ex adventist if that counts for anything, that's sort of like Mormon, except Mormonisms better: Mormon dudes get a ton of chicks. That's a religion after my own heart right there.
Alrighty, let's get started.... mmmmm.... what're we feeling... yuhh ok I got one... boom goes the dynamite. I'm on mobile so I can't type while I watch the song, so if I have anything; jfc why am I explaining this.
Yoooo, next up homiesssss: kapshhhh yo you guys wanna listen to some angel music later? I'm thinking there's a few we could play, Gloria's uhhhh I don't know if Gloria has anything new out but Gabriel and Anik and those guys all have like, er they just came out with a new album or whatever. Ooo, actually I haven't heard it yet, you guys wanna listen to one of theirs right now? Well wait, I already picked one. Ok do this one for now, we can listen to the other Archangels later, they're not going anywhere.
Wouldn't stop until I say so, alright, holy crap that went on for far too long. Took me until 3:20 to remember that I have free will and, uh, this isn't actually a livestream, I don't actually have to listen to the entire song: you guys aren't wearing my headphones right now. Honestly you guys it's a miracle I'm able to get out of bed at all in the morning, you'd think I'd be eating out of a tube in a deluxe gazebo right now if you catch my SABLABLE. sablablsablablsablabllabllabllablabl oh wait song ok yo so, that was kind of terrible I'm sorry you guys I mean but you still have to listen to it. Oh wait, you guys are exmormons, so you're not gonna do what Jesus says, are you? Dang it. Alright look, we can make a deal. I'll be Jesus and you'll do what I ask, but, you're gonna be Mr Swunkles and we're gonna put you in a little bonnet and put you up in your wittwe high chair, yes we are, and we're going to put you with Mr Stinky, oh yes, oh yes we is.. ok, um GOT IT. Brb. Boom.
Ok, yo, that one was a bop. Such a vibe, man. Alright, so now we're gonna play one that I wrote for Gabriel and Anik and Zoaster and whoever else is over there, iunno, Gabriel was the only one who's voice I remembered. Anyways, you're not going to believe this, but I'll tell you anyways, because it's hilarious. So like, I'm on acid. And like, I'm like talking to all these people telepathically. And I hear Gabriel, I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but, basically, I gave him a song, I was in a state of mind where I could like instantly create and transfer to him because like, that's how we're built, we can do that kind of stuff when we're in our unfallen state. I imagine most of us are in a fallen state by this point, but you can get it back with psychedelics. Anyways, I give him a song, and I tell him, I'm like yo if this is real put a Mexican restaurant song on your album. So then a couple months go by, blah blah blah, yeah whatever, it's all whatever it was just he like I sent them a song or whatever, it's no big deal. But anyways here's Gabriel and my other bros. Oh but we're not going to play the song I wrote, it doesn't have a video and it's honestly not one of my favorites. Like it's cool but like, I dunno I'm kind of over the whole thing, like there's oh my God I'm doing it again, here:
Man, made it to the end of that one, that's for sure. Man, they're so freaking cool you guys. Freaking bunch of like you guys, like that's like the Capitol you know what I mean? Like when I get to them it's going to be like there's a new White House. It's only a matter of time; because I, am, the baddest of them all, and if you not bout money, then I don't mess with yall. Yall think I won't get girls, cuz I ain't very tall, something bout my stacks, I betchu that she calls. Anyways uh, I'm feeling more a7x, for sure dude, alright yeah let's play the one I sent them. Here
Damn dude I take it back, that song go hard as frig pancakes my guy. Haha, you get it you guys; because you were Mormon. Haha, oh, darn. Gee whiz you guys. Yikes! 😂😏😉🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 alright uh what're we talking about rn, haha oh yeah, haha ok you guys aren't gonna buy this either... haha you guys wanna watch my wives send me messages? Lmao bruh you guys I am fully insane haha it is like what the frimminy frim frim am I right you guys? But watch this and know what I know.
You guys there's no way, I mean come on, there's no way. We're all in agreement you guys. I'm insane, I'm like bipolar or whatever. Cuz there's no freaking way, man. Anyways I want to watch more Red Velvet, let's see, uhhh how about this one, this one's pretty. I never could have gotten to this point without the help of Kpop girls. Imma, here, hold this, I'm gonna go throw myself a nice little slumber party down at the happy times funhouse silly head ranch down on Bartholemew and Brownlee, holy fucking shit man. Haha but fr, like, people think I'm like, schiczi... oh My God, haha how does this keep happening haha. Ok wait haha what haha uh did I link it
I'm not going to lie to you guys, those chicks make me feel retarded: so retarded that I actually use the word retarded in a sentence online, just to see how it feels. It feels incredible. Absolutely incredible: I'm on cloud nine, because, basically: I'm Young Dolph. So anyways, whoo whoooooo aiight aight aight aight now hollup, now hollup righ qui... blassohftypashhh, camasabringinaquaa... cabringinawhambadahwandarandathemdorktlpftyms? Is basically, wait, what level is this, DUMB DUMB. It's funny because I'm actually stupid enough to think that there are messages for me in these songs. Ahh, I shouldn't beat myself up... it's pretty sweet, either way. Like come on you guys, know that you know all of the famous people, like just know that. Just like know that you put them there, or whatever. Anyways, what? Anyways, so oh shit I already linked it haha yuhhhhh.
Anyways, there's like, symbolism in the video if you know what to look for, it's just like everything else in my life. Every step has just led to this, that's all it ever was. Anyways, yuh, let's blast off... lemme think... yuhh I'm feeling it, ok hold up: here.
Dang. That was awesome. They're so fire. I know they're not really my wives you guys, I know that. They could be. I could... you guys... now... ok... now hear me out... what if... and I'm just saying maybe.............................
Ok ur good. Ok wait wh nope can't uh can't uh I dunno I du I'm not scrolling back up I don't care... oh but yeah let's like become Mormon or whatever. But like, the good kind of Mormon, where all the coolest people get a ton of bitches. Yo that's shit so fire you guys. I'm gonna marry all the kpop girls, watch. I'm God's Son dude, what you think they're not gonna wanna fuck with God's Son? I freaking make people bro. Anyways, whatever; suckin down on farts in the afterburner: davy jones locker. Anyways, wuddup, oh yo, EVERGLOWW?? Dude, freaking everglow you guys. Glorious little sock puppets, you guys. My sweetest queen bees, my fine lil poppin ladies. I'll find it, hold up, I only know of one that has lyrics. I don't write em all on the earth, a lot I was writing in dream states, that was right before I saw the man with the hand puppet and he made me laugh! Haha he was so fun, I had a good time there with him, haha it was a good time, I enjoyed my time, thank you. The time: call it, Chef.
Yo, everglow goes so hard. They're my favorite Christian rock band. yoho m8ees it be ur ol pal Mr squidward here, yoho m8ees, let me, oh I'm ol Mr squidward, let me play my boohoin on my old clarinet; ol clarry, kim kim kim buree!! KaKAW kaKAW flap into phone pole fall on egg :egg brake: >:< < Fuck that song went hard, haha yo, this one was savage when it came out but like yo like everything is timed you know what I mean... like how would any of God's plans work if we didn't have cheats? We're beta testers dude.
Good grief man, what even is reality. Like what the hell is even going on right now. Like do you know? I do, sort of. So, ya know, basically, what I'm saying, is that I got one of those Navage things and I've been cleaning my nose with it every single night. I gotta tell you Maurice, you're a hell of a guy for recommending that to me.
Yo let's watch some aespa duuuuuudes BOOP #avonpark yo aespas so hard, I f with their stuff you know what I mean.
That song's so hard, what about, ok I got one more aespa song and then we can do something else because like, this isn't like, I don't even know why I'm talking about this stuff. It's just what I've been doing I guess. It's whatever, haha what am, where lol the exm haa oh haha that's funny haha oh ok yeah ok one more aespa, here. Don't stay up too late! Ah man I've got school tomorrow. Ughhb why-
So sums up Sabbath school. Um... Sunday you guys? When did I ever say Sunday? When did... WHEN THE... WHEN THE *. . . ALRIGHT NOW... HOLD THE * UP...
Time for the kids to go to bed, ladies. Fellas, bust out your codpiece, because let's face it:
Var mychemicalromance = true; Var Blumpflifm
Yo this ones fire
That's a freaking bop you guys. This one is too. OO ok yes it is a bop but I'm not listening to that one right now, I'm gonna DO haha do you GET it because I'm hehe well, snort don't you know hehe why yes why haha why yes quite I am, why yes hawhawhawwwww haw haww hawwwwww hawwwwwww hawwwwwww where am I ok hold up ok wait a second alright I've
Like don't you guys get it? Kpop girls are telling me to man up and save the world, all by myself. But, like, and see if you look, if you look here, past this diblansque, you'll see le petit mon cheri, yo if you watch all these in order your head might explode I'm not sure haha I'm not sure I mean like I know what the
Yo pop off
It's a muh flippin bop you guys. Alright watch this one and then go to bed. I've actually never heard this one, I've never listened to this album. Oh my goodness, you guys wouldn't believe it, I used to... I thought these guys were angels. Lmao yeah, yeah, about a hundred thousand years ago. I thought that, back then. Now though, it's-
Pretty damn clean, nice. That was a ride, always man, these guys man, they just get better and better and more creative and it's just awesome to see. They're awesome musicians, in any case. And if you're wondering about whether or not I'm in love with Matthew Sanders: only if he's ready to ride the Cyclometer. The Cyclometer: standing at over 9 feet, 9 inches tall, the Cyclometer is the newest function of the Metroidvania series. Join Koan, Rainbow and Blath as they adventure into the Cyclonian exhibit: Brace yourself as you Join a team of jer damn they look so fire I keep trying to play "I'm ***ing **" by me and Justin Bieber, but it's not out yet. they's some bois brehs, shoot guys it's getting kind of late on my end, I've got school in the morning. This one works in the small screen. This song is dope. The other one, not this one. Well like the previous like whatever this one is too.
. what's a rainbow, again? A spectrum? it's a great song alright
Nite, had fun. Definitely uhh... that was just... this is just what I do, you know what I mean? I like go around to different subs and DJ for em. It's just like a dropping thru type thing. If you stayed for any of it I hope you had a trill time. All my dudes and chicas really do be some trill ones, my ex morms, my good ol, hingle dingle pangle pingle porcupine pumpkins, ey? Oy deh bruv, u got wot today scrub. Oi I reckon we dis govna. Oy sir,
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2023.06.05 17:18 TheTittieTwister Trip Report: May 9-30, Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo - FOOD & BOOZE Focus

Returned last week from a 3 week trip in Japan, my first!
Did the very typical route of Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo but did things a little different stayed in 7 hotels throughout my stay. Why? My wife and I are very much food and nightlife focus and love to get a feel of neighborhoods, this enabled us to do one inconvenient journey to then set up base for the next few nights, get a feel of neighborhoods and avoided expensive Taxi fares at night.
This trip report will focus mostly on the wanky food, coffee and drinking spots that I enjoyed - as well as some tourist highlights

Tokyo May 10-18


First couple of nights was a treat hotel stay as this was a delayed Honeymoon. We stayed in the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya on an executive floor and it was worth every cent. Mostly just chilled around the hotel adjusting with the jet lag and using the executive perks. Whilst we stayed here we drank at R261 CIGAR & ROCK and mostly the Executive lounge "free" cocktail hour.
Notable spots:
SG Low - great foreign friendly introduction to Izakaya culture.
L'Intemporel - Amazing French fusion tasting course with wine pairing, not cheap (honeymoon remember) but we wanted to try Japanese influenced French and it did not disappoint!


Stayed at the Tokyu Stay East Side, spacious but basic and a little bit away from the madness but close enough to explore the nightlife in the area, also close to Shinokubo.
I know Golden Gai can be a questionable visit but my wife and I loved it, found some real niche bars that we enjoyed, hotel was in close proximity, loved Piss Alley too
Experienced my first basement of a shopping center and was blown away. I know that everyone recommends it but holy shit, the food options are endless. Great if you want to take some treats back to the hotel.
Notable spots:
Kodoji Small bar in Golden Gai that is also a photography gallery. Very much a locals only joint, owner eyes you up before you allowed to drink. The regulars were lovely.
Bay Window More laid back and spacious, the owner had extensive knowledge of Japanese whiskey, very much enjoyed!
All Seasons Coffee Fantastic Coffee in an independent shop
養老乃瀧 新宿西口店 Good Izakaya in Piss Alley. Not the typical small and crowded joint, eating upstairs near the window you can see the trains go by.
Uobei Shin-Okubo I know its Kaiten sushi but my wife and I were blown away with the quality. We are Sushi novices so we are likely rating this with inexperienced palates. If you want to dip your toe into Sushi/Sashimi I couldnt recommend it enough!
Hanbey's Izakaya Yes its a chain and the food is average at best but if you book in advance you might be lucky to get a private room. Cheap and cheerful with a great vintage decor


Random one to move here but we found a great deal at the Oakwood Hotel & Apartments. Has an amazing view of Tokyo Tower! We also had a steak restuarnt booked, see below, and knew we were going to the Tsukiji Outer Market and Sumo tournament so it seemed like a good base of travel.
Lined up big day of Tsukiji Outer Market - Sumo Grand Tournamet - Asakusa.
Quick take, Tsukiji Outer Market can be missed if traveling to Kyoto or Osaka. I found the markets in Kyoto and Osaka to be less hectic and a little cheaper and just as enjoyable. Tsukiji is a massive magnet to all tourists across the city, I sure enjoyed it at the time but then when I went to Nishiki Market and Kuromon Ichiba Market I found them to be just as enjoyable but with less of a crowd.
Sumo Grand Tournament - If you ever have the opportunity I would 100% recommend to go. We go the nose bleeds and got in a little early to look around. If you want to see the more high profile fights go in a little later, around 2pm. Was pretty cool to see the Sumo walking from the station to the stadium.
Sensō-ji Temple in the evening was great, noone about and you get to take on the temple as the sun sets. Couldn't recommend going later enough, felt like we had it to ourselves and you have a lot of decent food options around Hoppy street.
Made a trip out to Nakameguro on a nice day and it was a lovely chilled vibe. Checked out the vintage shops there and then had a drink chilling by the river. A nice escape from the madness of Shibuya and Shinjuku, some really lovely independent shops, cafe and restaurants
Notable spots:
Juban Ukyo Stand Bar Stumbled across this and loved it. If you like your natural wines and are in the area this is a go to, even have orange wine which was hard to come by elsewhere.
Northcote Coffee Shop Small independant coffee shop that makes a decent cup, owner is very lovely and happy to have a chat - she lived in Melbourne previously.
Komiyama-nishiazabu Another splash out dinner, holy shit this was amazing. The Chef used to be a butcher so he buys by the cow and takes you on a tasting course of all the different cuts. One of the best meals I've had
Turret Coffee Tsukiji If you like your coffee strong, this is the one. Like an uppercut of caffeine. Loved it!
Popeye Conveniently located next to Ryogoku Kokugikan National Sumo Arena, if you are a craft beer drinker this is the OG spot in Tokyo. As with all craft beer its more on the expensive side, however, they offer a free place of food from selected drinks during their happy hour, helps soften the blow.
Akagaki Hoppy street wasn't doing it for us and my wife was curious of this place, we stuck our heads in and had a night we will never forget. Very much a local spot but welcoming to foreigners - if there is space. Once we mentioned were on honeymoon the Shochu didnt stop, also made a friend who booked us in at Imahan Honten, more on that later.
Quick take - Though its fun getting Ekiben from Tokyo station, in comparison to Konbini or bakery food its pretty poor. Opted for one to share and then grab something quality from a Konbini
Quick take again - if you are doing my same overall route there is no need for the JR pass. If you book ahead, a month in advance and the max, on the SmartEX site you can get discount tickets for standard and green cart. Also book an oversized baggage seat if possible, yes your suitcase might fit above or in front of you but if you book the Nozomi train - a non JR pass Shinkansen, you are likely to be one of the few foreigners in your carriage that are hauling baggage so likely no competition. These seats cost no more than the standard, they are just limited, also book the D and E seat for Mt Fuji views, were were lucky and saw it twice! Our tickets to Osaka were ¥12,370 each, little more on return as we only booked them a week in advance. In total it was ¥26,340 return each, cheaper than a 7 day pass and on faster trains.  

Osaka May 18-23


First stayed in an interesting container hotel called Distortion 9. Was really in the thick of it, just a short walk from the station.
Dotonbori is hectic, too hectic. I did enjoy the lights and restaurant displays but the sheer amount of people was overwhelming. Very much enjoyed the vibe of America-mura and Yotsubashi, lots of vintage shops and boutiques.
Shinsekai was great, highly recommend going a little later in the day to see at night. Come hungry as there are a lot of great Kushikatsu and Okonomiyaki spots about.
Notable spots:
SAKImoto COFFEE A great cup, can also buy and bring over baked goods from across the road.
Gokai Tachizushi Nambanankaidori Great quality Sushi/Sashimi for the price. Very much an Izakaya feel.
Umineko Great craft standing bar.
LiLo Coffee Roasters Really great cup of coffee
Luv Wine Namba A really lovely standing wine bar. The owners where very warm and welcoming. Great selection of wines and quality food.
EDENICO Coffee shop by day, bar by night. Enjoyed having a chilled afternoon here with a local we made friends with at the standing bar.


Moved to her to stay in a cheaper hotel as we were doing day trips for a couple of days. Osaka underground city is mental, when we first got out the station we thought we moved to a ghost town, little did I know there was an entire underground city below stretching for city blocks, makes for some confusing google map directions
Nakazakichō was a sleeper hit of Osaka, great to explore the vintage and art shops of the area and an exceptionally good coffee/cafe scene here. Wish I could have come back later to see what the buzz was like at night.
Nara Park was worth the visit but is overwhelming with crowds initially. Once you hike a little more into the hills it really opens up and you can appreciate the beauty of it more. Would have like to explore the city more but a hot day in the park really takes it out of you.
Notable spots:
お初天神 大衆レトロ酒場 オハツ商店 個室居酒屋 Great standard Izakaya we ate at. More flagging this for the area itself.
Not really known by tourists- I think we were the only white folk about. A gem of a spot home to a number of bars, restaurants and Izakaya
Monaca Coffee incredibly well curated coffee spot, surprised we got a seat as it seemed very popular once we got in. One of the best pour over coffees I've had.
Quick take If you are traveling from Osaka to Kyoto and are staying in the Gion area opt for the Keihan Main Line trains. Only costs ¥430 and drops you at Gion-Shijo/Ōebashi station. Dont be confused if you think you need a reservation, only the premium seats require that. Just take any seat you can find.

Kyoto May 23-26


Was really unsure whether to go to Hakone and stay in a traditional Ryokan or not but instead opted to rent a traditional Japanese home in Gion instead, much to the delight of my bank account - Hakone Onsen Ryokans are £££££. Loved our house, had the Tammi mats and a view of the local temple gardens.
Gion was beautiful but also consumed with tourists, however everyone seemed very respectful in comparison to other popular tourist magnets. Was fortunate to catch the last day of performances at Pontochô Kaburenjô. Drank like a local along the river on a nice day which was very lovely, the river is so clean!
Did two "touristy" things whilst staying here, Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine and Arashiyama. The Tori gate shrine we visited in the late afternoon. Was a little hectic at the beginning but the further we got to the summit the less crowded it became. Once we got down there was hardly anyone left. Couldn't recommend going later in the afternoon more, you get a great view of Kyoto as the sun starts to set. The hike to the top is a little more than expected, more that my wife was in heeled sandals. Shes a trooper though and scaled it with ease, I would just recommend flat shoes at the minimum.
Arashiyama was fantastic, we went on a really shitty weather day. Which was great as it only attracted the brave. We did the Sagano Scenic Rail which I can't recommend enough. Pretty spectacular getting out of that first tunnel. We had a massive down pour when going through some valleys, was wild and forever memorable especially all the thick clouds crawling through the valleys.
Bamboo forest was also empty due to the rain but we didnt stay long as how much bamboo can you see?
Notable spots:
RUTUBO This place was swarming with tourists unfortunatley, I guess it comes with the area, however I couldn't recommend this place enough. Specialising in smoked Izakaya dishes and drinks. Stayed here all evening and loved it.
Imozou Kyoto Kiyamachi Tried this on a whim and loved it, got a seat upstairs which was a modern traditional Japanese table and booth. Solid food and lots and lots of Sake and Shochu options.
Hello Dolly Great cocktail bar with records spinning. Lucky to get a spot as the bartenders are quick to turn people away

Tokyo May 26-30


Our final stint, Staying at Shibuya Stream as we hadn't utilised the area prior due to the fancy pants hotel and jet lag. This final stretch was to just relax a little but enjoy any spots we potentially missed. Checked out Harajuku again as we visited on our first day and holy hell, never go on a weekend hahaha. Escaped by going to Shimokitazawa which has a great vibe, stumbled upon the Neutral Case craft beer fest which was a score. I found this area better for vintage but still on the more expensive side in the smaller store. Worthy for a visit, would be interesting to see the nightlife here.
We made a friend in Osaka and his girlfriend was performing pole at THE27CLUB That was SUPER fun, a little expensive, but a great vibe.
Notable spots:
Ramen Nagi - Shibuya. Ichiran gets all the foreign hype but I actually enjoyed this more (can't go wrong with either tbf). The host was funny as she screamed orders to the kitchen.
BEATCAFE Great genuine dive bar. REALLY loved this place and wish I could have stayed longer but I was cooked.
WOKINI Another big favourite of the trip, great cocktails and tunes. I was pretty pickled prior to arriving, wish I got in earlier so I could have stayed all night.
PIZZA SLICE my second only western meal, was hanging out my ass because of above and sought the pizza gods for healing. Tasty slice, could have stuffed my face but said hangover was having other ideas. Great vibe in there and reasonable priced, well compared to London.
Imahan Honten A friend that we made in Akagaki the week prior married into this family run Sukiyaki restaurant. I'm so glad we did meet her because this was a great swan song. We were given a private room and got the sirloin set. Was unreal! On the expensive side but was an experience I would never forget.
NEW YORK BAR Got to get my Lost in Translation fix. Pretty exceptional views but also incredibly expensive. Still really enjoyed it but sneaky that tax and service is not included
CoCo Ichibanya After throwing down at New York Bar its only fair we balanced the scales. I was pleasantly surprised how good this was, I know everyone will throw shade or have better options but for a chain it was shockingly good.
Bellovisto We end our holiday with where we started, this time in the roof top bar of Cerulean tower. I 100% can recommend this over the New York Bar, of course you don't get the Lost in Translation clout however you get better views cheaper drinks and exceptional service. They had a live piano signer on too. Typically there was a cover charge but its free if you are staying in the hotel - something we only realised when we came back and weren't guests.....
Last Quick Take Go to the flea markets for cheap and unique souvenirs. My wife went to Odeo Antique Market and managed to find some bargain Kokeshi dolls and Kimonos. A little more unique than Don Quijote bits, which in the end I thought was a bit of a ripoff.
If you made it this far then congratulations. Feel free if you have any questions, I will be happy to share anything coffee, wine, vintage, clothing and craft beer related.
Lastly Craft Beer Can shops, found it hard to find can shops for takeaway but loved these two:
クラフトビール酒屋 threefeet Tokyo 表参道原宿本店
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2023.06.05 04:42 BlackTemplars Hawaii - two week honeymoon trip review Dec 2022

Have some time to finally write a trip review for Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii for my honeymoon in December 2022 for two weeks. Mid December and left for home on Christmas Day. This was our first time redeeming cc points for anything, so lots of trial and error and lessons learned.
My wife and I had gotten married in October and were actually not planning going on honeymoon until Spring 2023 until we researched further and managed to make December 2022 work in our favor. We started planning and booking reservations TWO months before our trip. We are very fortunate to have done it in that time span and managed to make almost everything work out.
IAD - DTW - SEA - OGG on Delta, First Class One way.
Day 1
Got to Maui late in the night and picked up our rental car, a Chevy Equinox, with Enterprise. Used my Hilton Aspire to get 7x points.
One night at Courtyard Marriott by the airport and paid $500.
It was the best we could do with our timing.
Day 2 - 6
Breakfast and lunch was by the food trucks near Costco. Shopping nearby for supplies for our vacation.
Meals (Costco food trucks):
5 nights at the Grand Wailea - 440,000 HH points
Left to check into our resort the Grand Wailea in Wailea. Both the wife and I are Hilton Diamond members. Mine through the Hilton Aspire and she has status through actual stays. We booked these nights through her account and using all Hilton points. Each reward night was 110,000 points and we got the 5th night free. So 440,000 points total.
This resort was huge and immaculate. Words can describe how nice this place is and the customer service is SUPERB. Literally, the best we have ever experienced. You only have to see and experience it for yourself. My wife and I still talk weekly about the Grand Wailea.
We booked the Terrace View - 1 King Bed as the Standard Night Reward and upon arrival we were upgraded to the Deluxe Ocean View - 1 King Bed in the Molokini wing. Breathtaking views! Avg cash price so this room type is around ~$988 before taxes, fees so it comes to 0.89 CPP (if not including taxes, fees in the total). All meals, incidentals, shopping, and experiences were put onto my Hilton Aspire. Daily food and beverage credit was $25 each for the two of us and used usually at their divine but pricey breakfast buffet. No resort fees charged for booking with points which saved us hundreds of dollars. We immensely enjoyed ourselves at this resort and the lush, manicured surrounding area.
Experiences: renting a cabana at the Grand Wailea pool, spa day at the Four Seasons with outdoor hale beachside, Wailea Beach, hiking Twin Falls, Baby Beach, Haleakala National Park
Day 7 - 8
Two nights at the Hotel Wailea, Relais & Chateaux using Amex FHR.
Paid total ~$3400 for the One bedroom, Luxury Suite, Ocean View. Unfortunately, no upgrade upon checking in. Hotel was sold out. Daily breakfast in the form of $30 credit per person and $100 food/bev credit given through the FHR. This stay triggered the $200 FHR credit for my wife's Amex Plat
Quiet, small resort, adults only. We enjoyed our stay here and loved our room. Bed was harder than what we were use to and it was far from the beach. Otherwise we loved the restaurant and the ability to "get away". One of the top hotels in Maui and all of Hawaii. Price tag to boot.
Experiences: cabana and pool day at Hotel Wailea, spa day at Montage Kapalua Bay. Outdoor hale with hot tub.
Big Island of Hawaii
Day 9 OGG - KOA (Big Island) round trip booked with Hawaiian Airlines. $106 for each of us before baggage fees. Booked direct using wife's Amex Plat.
Arrived to the Big Island and rented a Toyota Prius though Budget. Paid using Hilton Aspire.
Day 9 - 15
We booked the Hilton Waikoloa Village using all Hilton points, 6 nights in total with one night free. 350,000 pts in total used, 70,000 each night. Initially the standard room redemption was for the Palace Tower Resort View - 1 King Bed and was going for ~$540 a night before taxes/fees so CPP was 0.77. We realized even before our trip that the Palace Tower and old, needed a refresh, and was terribly far from the beach and the parking lot. We asked for an upgrade when we checked in and was given the option to move to the Makai Tower - Ocean View 1 King Bed for an additional $75 per night. We promptly took this offer. This room runs ~$694 per night before taxes/fees and if I subtract the $75 per night, I calculate this to be 0.88 CPP. The Makai tower was much better, our room overlooked the ocean and part of the resort. Frankly, Palace looked like dogshit. Daily F&B credit was $18 for each person. Incidentals again went onto my Hilton Aspire.
Towards the end of our stay, we stayed at the DoubleTree Hilo using 50,000 pts. Room rate was $308 before taxes/fess. CPP was 0.61. This was on the other side of the island and very far from Hilton Waikoloa so we decided to stay overnight there after hiking Volcanoes NP instead of driving to the west side in the middle of the night.
Experiences: Kauna'oa Beach, Mauna Kea sunset and stargazing (this is a must!!), Captain Cook monument snorkeling, Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National historical park, Punalu-u Black Sand Beach, Volcanoes National Park, Akaka Falls.
Trip home: OGG - LAX - IAD. United, First Class One way.
Overall, an EXCELLENT trip. We were amazed and thrilled to do so much in two weeks and in such short notice. Again, only two months to plan once our dates were finalized. Between my wife and I, we have the Amex Plat and Gold, Hilton Honors and Aspire, and CFU, CSP. Each card strategically used during our trip. The FHR credit triggered for my wife, and my Aspire triggered the $250 resort credit. If I had to guess, we saved ~$15,000 or more by redeeming CC points. Hope this data point helps some of you trip planning, happy to answer any questions.
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2023.06.05 00:35 LucyZ190 Not getting achievements??

Not getting achievements??
Basically the title, I have gotten most of these in game, but somehow can't get it on steam. Anyone know what is happening?
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2023.06.04 22:19 demonesqueee Aurora Ironwood - The Tinman's Heart BIO

Name: Aurora Ironwood (neé Blackstone)
Nikanames: Battleangel, Rora
Age: early 40s
Height: 5"4
Species: Human
Profession: Teacher for history
Semblance: Hope of Morning - Aurora can redirect light or even bundle up light and target it on one enemy. In addiotion she can also create a shield of light, protecting her and those in her proximity
Weapon: Dawnbringer - Dawnbringer is a staff with a crystal at its tip that allows her to redirect the sunlight. In its second form its a long bow that allows her to shoot dust tipped arrows
Backstory: Aurora does not know her biological family as she was left by them when she was less than two years old. Afterwards she was adopted by the Blackstone family- an elder couple who lived in the outskirts of Mantle and had adopted many children before Aurora. There she grew up protected and loved and quickly figured out that one day she wants to help the people of Mantle.
Upon turning seventeam she was accepted into the Atlas Academy where she became the partner of a young James Ironwood and even though the two could not stand each eother at first due to their rather different views regarding the class divide in Atlas they eventually fell in love and got married two years after their graduation.
Ever since then she had stood by his side and even though her and James do not always agree they made a promise on their wedding day- to have each others back.
Family: Esther Backstone (mother)
Phillip Blackstone (father)
James Ironwood (Husband)
Ashe Ironwood (daughter)
Onyx Ironwood (son)
Rose Ironwood (daughter)
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