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The SupportingRedditor sub was created as protest on June 26th 2022. To ask for one simple thing. #Support Don't Punish We're asking all visitors of this subreddit to share how they feel about the (drug) communities they visit, have they helped you in any way, did you get the information (as a teen) that you needed to not die, was there support when you needed it, did the recovery subreddits help you spez when you needed support, or do you support others? #Take care and stay safe.

2023.03.26 14:34 No-Chemist-2111 What is the most difficult challenge you have ever overcome and how did you do it?

Have you ever felt like you were being watched?
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2023.03.26 14:34 PostViralPsychosis Thoughts after continuing to experiment with lions mane

At first had had fear I was one of the ones who seem to get terrible side effects from it. I have since realised that lions mane is something you have to relax into. The generation of new neurons I think must put your nervous system into an almost baby like state, and some people freak out from the presence of a fresh perspective, and fear derealising the illusions their personality has crafted.
That feeling of 'brain fog' and not being able to think how you normally think, I believe now, is actually your brain returning to a natural equilibrium. It stops thinking when you don't need to. It stops worrying about things you're not worried about. It stops being excited about things that aren't exciting to you. As your brain flows and interconnects within itself, it finds a sort of neutral harmony, here and now, in partnership with your consciousness, rather than getting stuck in an image of the future or the past. People panic a bit, as I did initially, as they experience the giving up of contrived control and just be themselves more.
What I am talking about is not a loss of agency. Its the reclamation of one's own natural agency, undistorted by the axious agendas we asorb from our experiences, be it individual, family, school, work, friends, enemies, media... that scares you into thinking in ways that support their paradigm over your own. As this space is reclaimed, it is uncofortable. The egoic mind does not feel safe, and it isn't. It is brought from domination, into partnership with the rest of the personality.
This is a healing process. Lions mane is like some sort of slow wave, non-halicinatory psychedelic, as I see it. Light will begin to creep into those dark dark places that weigh on your mind. But if you respond to seeing those dark places with fear, then you bring fear to the experience, and you will retreat back into your ego, and feel worse. Whereas if you explore with the attitude of integration and gratitude, you will find this an exciting adventure.
Do you guys feel me?
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2023.03.26 14:33 Tafu47 How did L know about Misa?

So, in episode 14, I believe, L meets Misa. Right after, she gets arrested, and her house was searched. How? L just saw her. Did he know about Misa before she saw her with Light?
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2023.03.26 14:33 ikuwmtg Where did you get your under eye bag surgically removed and how much?

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2023.03.26 14:33 braininabox Why the Hebrew Alphabet is Different from Any Other Language on Earth

Did you know that the concept of the alphabet was invented by the Canaanite civilization?
In the ancient world, most other cultures were using pictographic writing systems (aka if you want to refer to an eye, you draw a literal doodle of an eye). However, the Canaanites discovered that written language could be used to refer to an abstract layer of reality beyond the physical representation of the world.
To me, this is one of the biggest pieces of evidence for the existence of The Divine. It is such an insane thing to invent.
As a result of this invention, the Hebrew language has some unique features that make it stand out from all other languages on Earth.
The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters,and each one refers to a unique idea. For example, the first letter is aleph (אָ), which always has some connection to God and is completely silent. The second letter is bet ‎), which represents a house. When we combine these two letters, we get the word "אב" which means "father" and represents a connection to God in the home.
The third letter of the alphabet is gimel (ג‎), which has connotations of a gift, and the fourth letter is dalet (ד‎), which means a door or a pathway. When we combine these two letters, we get the word "Gad" (‎ד‎ג), which means "good fortune has come." We can trace how this name was invented in the Bible, when Leah's servant Zilpah has a son and Leah says, "Good fortune has come!"
Another example of the unique features of the Hebrew alphabet is the middle letter, mem (מ‎), which refers to water or fluid. When we combine the letters dalet and mem, we get the word "דם" ("dom"), which means "blood" and represents the pathway of fluid in the body. If we add an aleph to the word for blood, we get the name for our species: "אדם" (ADAM). Built within our name is the definition of what we are: part spiritual, part blood.
If this made you curious: I made about an 8 minute video essay about this with more info and backup sources from various Torah Scholars here:
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2023.03.26 14:32 Smurphilicious Telling a story with Josn's lute

Josn's lute is my favorite scene in the books. Always has been. Before I started theory-crafting on the sub, that was the scene I'd always revisit. I must have visited this particular scene more than any other scene in the books, and last night I noticed something new for the first time.
First off, let's talk about Denna's perfect ears.
“I...I think I understand, Reshi,” Bast said in conciliatory tones. “I’ve seen her too. Once.”
Kvothe sat back in his chair, surprised. “You have, haven’t you? I’d forgotten.” He pressed his hands to his lips. “How would you describe her then?”
Bast brightened at the opportunity. Straightening up in his chair he looked thoughtful for a moment then said. “She had perfect ears.” He made a delicate gesture with his hands. “Perfect little ears, like they were carved out of...something.”
This isn't just talking about being aesthetically pleasing. Denna is Listener. Let's look at when Kvothe wins his talent pipes
I shrugged. “Everyone kept telling me this is where the best musicians played.” I made a sweeping gesture with one hand toward her. “I trusted someone would know the part.”
She gave a sheepish grimace. “I’d only heard the song twice before this. I wasn’t sure if I’d remember all of it.”... “And the second time was just a span ago. A couple played it during a formal dinner I attended off in Aetnia.”
I shook my head, hardly believing it. “That’s amazing. It’s a terribly difficult harmony. And to remember all the lyrics....” I marveled silently for a moment, shaking my head. “You have an incredible ear.”
Her perfect, incredible ears hear more than just the music. Look to their picnic at the end of WMF
“Do you know the secret of stones?” she asked as she reached into thewater. The hem of her dress dipped into the stream, but she seemedunconcerned.
“What secret is that?”
She drew up a smooth, dark stone from the stream bed and held it out tome. “Come see.”
I finished cuffing up my pants and made my way into the water. She held up the dripping stone. “If you hold it in your hand and listen to it ...” She did so, closing her eyes. She stood still for a long moment, her face turned upward, like a flower.
Finally she opened her dark eyes. They smiled at me. “If you listen close enough it will tell you a story.”
She hears the stories. Now let's look at my favorite scene, Josn's lute.
I moved a finger and the chord went minor in a way that always sounded to me as if the lute were saying sad. I moved my hands again and the lute made two chords whispering against each other.
I played soft and slow, sending notes no farther than the circle of our firelight. Fingers and strings made a careful conversation, as if their dance described the lines of an infatuation.
The music moved like a spiderweb stirred by a gentle breath, it changed like a leaf twisting as it falls to the ground, and it felt like three years Waterside in Tarbean, with a hollowness inside you and hands that ached from the bitter cold.
... and she heard it. Denna listened to the story that Kvothe was telling through his song. A song from his broken heart, not directed at her, not meant to pull her or steal her away. Just the story of an unlucky orphan boy. She listened and knew what three years Waterside in Tarbean felt like, felt the hollowness inside herself.
Reta remained frozen, her hand held in front of her mouth. Denna lowered her face into her hands and began to cry in quiet, hopeless sobs.
That is the story of Jax and Ludis. That is how Jax told her his story
He poured out a sweet song into the clear night sky. No simple bird trill, this was a song that came from his broken heart. It was strong and sad. It fluttered like a bird with a broken wing.
Hearing it, the moon came down to the tower. Pale and round and beautiful, she stood before Jax in all her glory, and for the first time in his life he felt a single breath of joy.
An angel heard Jax's beguiling song, and descended from Above to be with him.
She looked me in the eye. “Kvothe,” she said seriously. “Steal me.”
Bound with kisses and cords of a chorded song.
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2023.03.26 14:32 MasterSamuri2022 SP (M4M my top)looking more rp partner

So hi my maatersamuri I love Adventure RP I have been trying to get people to do my RPS I made 15 rp start but people don't like the fact I misspelled if they use discord I can edit my text all my rps are best off move and anime and TV shows I find interest but I change it to fit my tip of rp.
The idea of my rps is whatever you do will change the world and you're not the hero you're just someone trying to survive all my characters are furry's.
Now people that I did rp with say I do good stories and detailed battles. Just know that all my rps have good luck and back luck meaning if you get too lucky you may have terrible bad luck later on
5.The opening)Society has roles it decides where you belong and what you're worth but you can chart a new course even when death seems certain do not give up
Start ) You wack up on another day on the streets after you lost everything because your parents don't love you because you didn't achieve anything compared to your brother you walk the street looking in people's garbage to find food every day as walk past the dockyard you look at the boats and all the different sizes as the dream of one day have a boat of your own so at that moment you think of sneaking a bored one so you look at the boat and walk on it run down deep inside the boat cargo hold as hear people come on some hours passed you hear people running around as you hear water flooding the boat inside as you try to get out but the lock the hatch to get out so you pass out as boat gets destroyed by the waves as your body floats on an Island Shore as cough up warm wack up slowly
6.You on the planet Earth that us to have hummus but someone that it is fun to experiment with animals and made the virus that stops people hearts for 5 minutes as they wack up as furry the planet now name thick cheeks A tv turn on in your room hi there we are, Avant don't worry we nice aliens we came to you would see if you what help as ty turn red but you shot us killed us and made us so piss off we came back what do furry say right time break your ass cheeks
7.Before there was peace the humans created protogen be their servants at first there was used for simple tasks but over time the military turn them into weapons of war and some of them were released to Black Market as love toys but over time they got smarter and got tired of being their servants so one day win the humans plan to kill them all it was the day people call the great Awakening win there own creations fight back and stole a space ship leave the planet behind knowing that there free but now there in space having to survive
  1. You wack up out of bed as role over get up and breathe in and out "is this what feels like we'll if my going have to kill people in a Gundam for my first time then let's get started" get up walk to the door grab his ID card walk outside you see a bright light as hear the sound of people running around as they get ready for the mission "we'll it going be one long day" walk to a window and see space and stars "well at less if we die it be bountiful" the speakers come on as hear the announcement all pilots get to your stations as hear the speakers turn off "well time to see what I will be controlling today I hope all that training I did in VR helps me with this" slowly walk to the hanger as see people running around as getting ready as walk around you see the towering Gundam as feel like you're ready for this "so this is what it looks like
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2023.03.26 14:32 Strange_Loss2599 Have you ever had a moment where you had to overcome a major obstacle and how did you do it?

What was the most difficult decision you've ever had to make?
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2023.03.26 14:32 JustinSuTW Roughly what % progression am I at when Rost dies and pushes Aloy down the cliff?

Curious how far I'm in the game so far, Rost just died from the explosion before he pushed Aloy down and told her to survive.
thanks guys!!
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2023.03.26 14:31 KeroseneRavioli Fake Outs 2: Ledian’s Boogaloo

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2023.03.26 14:31 Electrical_Debt_5653 How to go from introvert to extrovert?

Man, where do I begin… I haven’t had a legit “best friend” since I was fourteen (I’m now 29). Luckily, my wife is my best friend but I still consider it odd to not have any real friendships with anyone because I think I’m awkward/boring to hang out with. So I’ve been considering going to a therapist to help me not live in my head so much. But I’m truly envious of people (mainly extroverts IMO) that know how to live in the moment and just hang out with people w/o overthinking everything they do/say. It’s so damn exhausting sometimes and honestly, such a silly problem to have. Considering there are far more serious things going on in the world. So I’m wanting to see if anyone has had any luck with trying to become more extroverted and not living inside their heads so much.
Also, how TF did you do it???
The kicker here is that I’m a salesperson at heart. I can literally sell salt to a snail when I’m “ON”. But idk how to just be a person outside of sales and just hang out with ppl. Like I get super mentally drained real quick.
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2023.03.26 14:30 ONOXMusic Shadow from planet cast on Ring system

This is a repost from what what I posted in a different subreddit
Hey There!
Right now I'm working on implementing ringsystems for my space simulator and I'm currently stuck on how the planet would cast a "shadow" on the ring system. Let me try to desribe the problem:
Right now I have a sun that casts light on a planet. This "light" is just taken as a direction and amplitude by the planet and adds lighting based on that on the planet. However, since the planet is in the way of the ring system in the back, and casts a shadow paralell to it's size, I figured I could just make it not render att all and just keep it black. The ringsystem is made up of a ton of rings, based on the distance to the camera, the set quality and the radius of the ring system. I use a system where I just draw every circle in a loop, where I set a variable to 0 and then repeat the function x amount of times (for example 360) and then update the variable at the end of every function. In this function I just set every point to be drawn with a cos and sin function for x and y. I wish I could illustrate the problem.
Basically, think of a circle with any radius, and then place a rectangle over one side. If the radius of the circle increases, the angles that the rectangle occupy go smaller and fewer. How would this be calculated?
Here's a visualization I did:
The left one is how you can think about the problem, where all angles occupide by the red block should not be drawn, and on the left is the wanted resualt (not the prettiest but you get me).
This doesn't take into considiration that the light might not always be paralell, since we only see it due to our distance from the sun, but I don't care for that right now and I just want to keep it parallel for now.
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2023.03.26 14:30 No_Regular5252 What is the most meaningful or impactful moment you have had with a historical figure or event and why was it significant?

Have you ever gone through a significant loss and how did you cope with it?
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2023.03.26 14:30 _P_O_E_T_I_C_ How did I do? First time PC buyer.

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2023.03.26 14:30 Ecstatic_Contract664 What is the most unusual thing you've ever learned in school and how did it impact your life?

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?
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2023.03.26 14:30 thisshouldnthavetobe I work outpatient so don’t deal with this a lot, had a patient die 3 days after I gave her a treatment

86 yr old patient with multiple comorbidities comes in for an infusion for new med they’re starting on, I found out that 3 days later they died of cardiac arrest. Note in chart says family says nothing was wrong with patient and they want to do an autopsy. I know it’s not related to anything I did but can’t help but feel like “oh no did I do something wrong?” Patient was fairly hypertensive when they came in, but hx htn and on high dose steroids, nervous about new treatment etc…so I wasn’t esp concerned, even saw doctor afterwards and they noted she was hypertensive as well without much concern. I don’t deal with the death of patients often, and tend to just be an anxious person…is this a fairly universal feeling?
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2023.03.26 14:29 MrBushido56 Captain John and shiki evil plan ( 1079 spoilers )

I believe john and shiki are the fathers of Kidd, shanks and killer and here is my argument.
first off john.
I believe John is the father of shanks and Kidd. john was a zombie in thriller bark so we know he’s dead
he was also one of Rocks top crew mates. He was notoriously cruel and greedy hoarding his treasure to the point that his crew killed him which I found odd because in comparison to the other rocks crew mates that sengoku named I assumed John would be yonko tier so his crew must have been pretty strong because in comparison to big mom and kaido I can’t even see their top commanders standing a chance. Anyway why is he the father ? well for Kidd he is named after 2 different pirates captain William Kidd who was known as the unluckiest pirate
eustace the monk.
Who was a medieval pirate

now there was another pirate named William Kyd but what matters about him is that his father was another pirate named John Kyd.
now what I find strange about kid is his lacklustre of a epithet his epithet is captain. Not very smart because all the big pirates are captains it doesn’t really say anything about him unlike say his 2 rivals. Straw hat luffy because his hat is iconic seeing a jolly Roger with a straw hat will tell you it’s straw hat luffy ship. Law is the surgeon of death and this tells us 2 things he’s a surgeon and a pirate and his df follows a theme of surgery even his right hand man has a better name Murder machine killer. So out of everything we know about kid they went with the fact he’s a captain ? nothing about his devil fruit ? nothing to do with his punk theme ? Like rotten punk would be such a better name for him even red hair suits him but that’s taken.
now that’s not the only thing because John had the same epithet ‘captain’ through the entire series we never see anyone share an epithet because the purpose of an epithet is to 1. Stand out and tell us something about the character and 2. Be unique to that character only and neither of them do that with kid and kid was the only supernova oda actually planned on making so perhaps what oda is doing is giving him that name so we could associate it to John a little foreshadow that they are connected.
Now for shanks, how does he fit in ? well he doesn’t have connections to john per-say however over has gone out of his way to compare him to kid. Both have red hair, missing an arm and scars on their left eye.
shanks lost his arm to a sea king and kid had a skull of a sea king on his ship and the fact that kid is always after shanks, they fought at some point in the time skip and he lost an arm and now he just happened to run into shanks again and lost everything. Could it be possible John is the father of kid and shanks but more on this later.
secondly killer and shiki.
killer we know nothing about he hides his face at all times
he even refuses to remove it to eat

This makes me think he is horribly disfigured or he’s hiding something that would reveal something maybe he’s a 3rd eyes clan member or maybe he has the same face as shiki. Maybe he’s the son of shiki or a clone since stussy is a thing now.
but either way what I can tell is he has the same hair style as shiki
he even has a goatee like shiki as well. Killer is the zoro to kid’s luffy but also maybe he’s the sanji as well as sanji hates his father judge and what gives sanji away as a vinsmoke is his eyebrows and if we ever see killers eyebrows I bet they will look like shiki’s.
so what does this mean ?
well Shiki is a canon character but the events of the movie are not which begs the question ……where is he ? The movie focused on shiki doing an evil plan to take over the world which luffy foiled but in the canon shiki has yet to do anything.
In the canon the last time we saw shiki was when he was on an island of giant animals talking about waiting 20 years to fullfill a plan
Now this is very important ! When did this take place ? The movie took place in the pre timeskip so technically it’s been 22 years meaning shiki is already 2 years late on his plan as he broke out 22 years ago or I mean be wrong and it’s been 20 years now because I strongly believe it was shiki who attacked nami home town killing her birth parents as we see bellemere reacting to the news of shiki escape saying she will kill him

And in a sense of poetic irony she got her chance
so maybe shiki hasn’t made his move yet after all my other theory is he was setting kaido up as the old lady who pushed orochi into becoming the shogun briefly turned into shiki
which should be a red flag of something,
Now here is a question ? How did shanks become a yonko ?
it is speculated that bb became a yonko after taking down wang zhi another former rocks pirate and making himself the boss of beehive island
So similarly kid might have done the same thing and ran into shiki and captain John at some point before luffy became a pirate. He discovered shiki plan and it involved recruiting John which led to a kind of second edd war.
shanks toppled shiki and John making him a emperor of the sea. Now back to John if you were to look at his picture from earlier you would see he is filled with bullet holes which gives me an idea. What if John wasn’t killed by his crew what if he was killed by either benn beckman and or yassop and John fought the red hair pirates while shiki fought shanks or shiki fought shanks and beckman while John fought the others. Doesn’t matter. So the whole being killed by his crew was a cover up from the world government who were trying to hide the truth as they usually do or maybe John did survive but was so badly injured that he couldn’t put up a fight when the crew mutinied and killed him.
Now as for Kidd he crew up poor fighting for his life in a island ran by gangs he knew his father was john and hated him as he knew John had money but chose to abandon him in the south blue instead of sharing his wealth with his son.
Also interesting that shanks brought up kid is from the south blue.

Like who cares if he’s from the south blue the majority of pirates are from one of the 4 blues.
kid resented john and set out to sea to kill him and surpass him by becoming pirate king but heard the news that shanks defeated John leading to his own crew killing him.
so kid just like Ace who resented his father and grew up in a gang lifestyle fighting in a junkyard ( and is also from the south blue ) settled for the next best thing. Ace went after whitebeard who was roger’s rival other than Garp who was Ace grandfather and kid went after the people who took john down saying if he can’t take down John then he can beat up the man who beat up John Which is shanks.
now for the final part.
shiki is still out there we saw he was on an island of giants and dr. Indigo said the chemicals in the plants are why the animals are so big and I believe this chemical is the same chemical Caesar was putting in his candies to give to the kids making them giants.
so I think shiki was on elbaf and that is why the giants like shanks as he freed the island from shiki. Shiki has been lurking around though plotting his revenge as he never gives up and that’s when he saw what happened with kid and killer.
shiki used his powers to then save kid and killer and as much of the crew as he could and took care of them offering to train them both in haki seeing their potential after he too used future sight to see the damage kid would have done. Killer will object hating his father and all but seeing kid injured will reflect and go along with it and agree to the terms shiki offers.
This is when it will be revealed that shiki in a sense of dramatic irony was the man marked by flames as shanks uses a flame sword and burnt shiki in their fight and shiki who I believe was the right hand man to rocks may know a lot about the poneglyps and the one piece that rocks discovered in his journey back then This making shiki the Rayleigh for kid.
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2023.03.26 14:29 fenris_dallocort Dragon's Lair St. Mary's (Adelaide, Australia) Legacy Event Report!

Hey guys! Thought I would write up a tournament report for a local paper legacy event that took place in Adelaide. We haven't had a legacy or Australian Highlander event fire in a long while due to christmas season and the city being inundated with RCQ events happening nearly weekend. But now that there is a slowdown Dragon Lair's St. Mary's a popular LGS decided to hold a legacy event.
We had a turnout of 14 people with a good mix of fresh faces and seasoned veterans, but a lot of regulars were not able to make it. Adelaide may not have a scene as large as other places, but the community is dedicated and loves the format!
I ended up victorious with Naya Depths winning an expedition Misty Rainforest as the prize
The meta: We had a very diverse meta with every player piloting a unique deck. The decks in top 8 order and the rest in no particular order were:
  1. Fable Painter
  2. Mono U 8 Cast
  3. UG Omnitell
  4. Temur Rhinos
  5. UR Delver
  6. Mono U Paradigm Shift
  7. Mardu Scam (3 elementals with ephemerate and touch the spirit realm)
  8. Naya Depths
  9. GB Turbo Depths
  10. UB Shadow
  11. Mono G Titanpost
  12. Abzan Maverick
  13. RG Lands
  14. Yorion D&T
My Event: We played a 4 round swiss into cut to top 8. While piloting Naya Depths In swiss rounds I ended up going 3-1 into a 3rd place top 8 finish. I ended up beating GB Turbo Depths, Mono U 8-Cast and Yorion D&T but I lost to Mono U Paradigm Shift.
In the top 8 I was paired vs the Paradigm Shift player which I think was the worst matchup in the room but in games 2 and 3 I managed to draw my pyroblasts and deafening silences which paired with quick Marit Lages helped me close the games out.
In the Semi finals I played vs the Mardu Scam player and our games were quite interactive and had a lot of back and forth, in game 3 my opponent got stuck on lands and I had a nuts curve out which ended with me flinging a big Knight with a Minsc & Boo to get the W
The finals were some intense games vs the Fable Painter player who is locally known to be a master of their deck. I ended up punting game 1 by targeting their bin with my endurance in response to: Grindstone activate > Attempt to weld painter into play, with them tapping out with 1 card in hand. However, I had forgotten that they had a non-summoning sick Goblin Engineer which they activated by pitching a Spirit guide, their last card!! I realized I should have simply enduranced my bin as I had a marit lage already created!.
Game 2 was extremely back and forth but a clutch Force of vigor and Tower of the magistrate carrying me to the win.
In Game 3 I kept a very solid hand while my opponent kept a high potential hand but needed to draw a 3rd artifact to turn on their mox opal to win on turn 3 with saga fetching a grindstone, but they never got there and a marit lage ended up closing the game out.

This was my first time piloting the deck in an event and boy did it feel fun! The deck can attack from so many various angles, it can kill you quick with a flying 20/20 or hit you with massive Knights and elves, and just in case those aren't enough you also have Minsc & Boo to fall back on! It is something I will be looking to truly master in the future!

Here is my list: Naya Depths
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2023.03.26 14:29 SeniorFlower2739 How do i stop being a problematic person to everyone?

Lately I feel like there is always some form of problem in my life and it’s always me who I feel is the one to causes it. My anxiety, overthinking and pessimism makes my interaction with people not that good. Some examples are:
1) I have given up on making friends in school bc it has been really hard to find people to connect with and a lot of it has got to do with my inability to really socialise with people, sometimes too tired or awkward, not asking the correct questions or not able to properly listen to people talk. I can across a girl during one of my classes and we were able to talk well but I only thought of that interaction as just a context based or one off thing. We added each other on insta and she messaged me to want to become friends and catch up. I felt nervous and was vague in my response and said “we should catch up sometimes” but internally I didn’t want to bc I would be afraid I would be awkward when hanging out. We eventually set a date but the message responses were getting longer and I eventually took the courage and cancelled and said an excuse that I couldn’t catch up.
2) I went to a close friend’s friend’s get together and it was a sit down restaurant. I felt bad about the person paying for everyone (even tho they happy to). So I transferred the money back to them and it turned into a little issue mainly bc of me and it make the other person uncomfortable bc of me and that instead of talking it out rationally I started crying. It made the person uncomfortable and I was still stubborn on not wanting them to transfer the money back to me.
3) recently I got this feeling my close friend thinks I’m lying to her. Some instances have been wen my sister and I went to this market, my close friend also went that same day with other friends. Later on I joined my close friend and her group and left my sister while she went around herself. Later on my sister called me if I wanted to walk around with her again and I said I’m still with my friend. My close friend said my sister can join us but my sister gets anxious around people so she said she is going home. I then told my close friend my sister is going home instead and my close friend said “what did u say to her?”, to which I said if my sister wanted to join us and everyone wants her to too. From those moments I started to drift from my friend and tried over explaining myself bc I was getting doubts (not words but from feeling and overthinking) from her when I had work or school and can’t hang out with her. I was doing that to people around my close friend and they got frustrated or confused at me.
I think a lot of these issues has just been me being overly sensitive, pessimistic and overthinking that my interactions with people have been a little bit of a turmoil. Please lemme know how I can deal with this on myself
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2023.03.26 14:29 Yuri_Ligotme CNN has a survey about tipping

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2023.03.26 14:28 das_Tabby [PF2] Can't install the "Abomination Vault" module although I own it

Hello everyone,
I came here in search for help.
TLDR: A friend of mine (let's call him Host) self-hosts foundry for me (I own a licence, he the hardware and know-how), I also bought the PF2 HumbleBundle a few weeks ago and wanted to check out AV now, but when I search it in the modules, it appears with a lock and greyed out. I did enter the activasion key vor AV in my account (it also shows up there) before I bought my own foundry licence. Trying to re-enter it just shows a message that this key has already been used.
For everyone who wants a bit more context: Another friend of mine had a foundry license way before me and also let Host handle getting it online. He created a world for me when I started to DM my own campaign and I liked foundry so much that I decided to get my own licence so I can be more flexibel with when I can do some prep and so on.
Host agreed to, well, host my instance of Foundry as well and basically copied everything over from the first instance and just swapped out the licence key so I don't have to prep everything from scratch again.
And now I wanted to check out how AV looks in Foundry, but although I inserted the activasion key in my account, and it shows up in purchased content, I can't install the module because it's locked and claims that I have to purchase it first. Re-entering the avtication key für AV under "purchased content" does nothing.
Any ideas or suggestions what could cause the problem?
Oh, and sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language ^^"
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2023.03.26 14:28 DragonFire_707 What is Imoan???

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