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My favorite monsters of each class

2023.05.26 23:16 Flower_bfb My favorite monsters of each class

My favorite monsters of each class
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2023.03.15 17:07 Tristan_OD Update to Tristan's msm Tribe! we have gotten alot better now and I am very happy with the tribe! my friend code is 1017949621JF please light my cold island I'm trying to get a strombonin 😁👍

Update to Tristan's msm Tribe! we have gotten alot better now and I am very happy with the tribe! my friend code is 1017949621JF please light my cold island I'm trying to get a strombonin 😁👍 submitted by Tristan_OD to MySingingMonsters [link] [comments]

2023.02.05 16:26 TheBobmGuy I finally got Strombonin, but there's no torches lit. Also, it's almost done breeding, kinda late to tell the MSM community

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2022.12.25 20:43 Aidenc93 My Singing Monsters Islands Ranked

  1. Fire Oasis - Some people might hate me for putting the island this low, and I understand that. I understand why this island is likable, I just don't like it that much as other islands. 7/10
  2. Seasonal Shanty - Same case as above. Nothing about this island really clicks for me. There's not much to talk about. 8/10
  3. Continent - An OK island. I like it, but I wouldn't listen to it by choice. I like the concept of a prequel game, though. It's interesting to see all the monsters in their baby form. Something I'd like to see with the Ethereals and the Mythicals. There's so much lore to this game. 8/10
  4. Faerie Island - Very happy sounding, I must note. Again, an OK island, but I wouldn't listen to it by choice. Nothing else to note about it, really. 8/10
  5. Party Island - This is where the islands start to get geniunely likable for me. This is a nice and fun, groovy island. Plus, it's the easiest to complete in terms of levelling up monsters. 8/10
  6. Light Island - Once this island released, I immediatly got on to completing it. Has a nice mysterious sound to it. Not the best of the fire islands, but definitely likable. 8/10
  7. Cloud Island - Happy sounding, like Faerie Island. PomPom's singing gets repititive as you listen to the island more and more, but that's my problem with it. Overall a chill island. 9/10
  8. Amber Island - Pretty cool island. Especially considering the lore behind it. All the fire monsters coming together to make one last song. And, they went out with a bang. 9/10
  9. Space Island - A nice fast paced song. Has a mysterious sound to it, kind of like Light Island. Within the list, this, for me, is telling me that My Singing Monsters has a lot of good music to come. 9/10
  10. Celestial Island - Nice song. Interesting to see the Continent style crossing over into the original game, with the baby Starhenge monsters. I must say it isn't worth all the stuff you're required to do to complete this island, but it's still a good song. 9/10
  11. Tribal Island - The monsters get faster for this island. This is where the songs start to get really good. If this good of a song is under the halfway point of the list, you know you're in for some good songs. 10/10
  12. Shugabush Island - I'm really into country music, and hearing a country rock song in My Singing Monsters made me happy. Although this isn't the best, I still love it. 10/10
  13. Air Island - Most people don't really like this island, and I understand why. It's the worst of the classic islands, but still good. The Epic Wubbox adds a lot to the song, even though he just screams, and adds a little bit of percussion. 10/10
  14. Starhenge - Sounds more tribal than Tribal Island. Mysterious sound as well. I really like things that make me curious. The ending is also really mysterious. I like it. 10/10
  15. Bone Island - A very groovy island, but lacks percussion. Needs a monster like Shellbeat to really complete the island. Other than that, very enjoyable island. I see why a lot of people like it. The fanmade Epic Wubbox for this island sounds very good, if only they made it official. But, they have to add the previous 2 wubboxes. 10/10
  16. Fire Haven - A very nice introduction to the Fire islands. The Wubbox really added a lot to this song, even though he was kind of drowned out in this island. Near goosebumps on his part. Huge props to BBB for finally adding him to the island. I hate getting reminded that Gobbleygourd exists at the end of this island. 10/10
  17. Cave Island - A very short island. Too short, even. This island could've used some length. Even though it doesn't have as much monsters as the other islands in the MSM series, it still sounds as good as any other. 10/10
  18. Magical Sanctum - Again, sounds more tribal than Tribal Island. Here BBB goes again creating more lore for the game. Lore aside, this island has a geniunely good song. Would listen regularly. 10/10
  19. Psychic Island - I've seen people rank this island low, and I don't understand why. Even though it's very quiet compared to the other islands, it can still impact you as much. I like this island, a lot. 10/10
  20. Water Island - I don't see a lot of people ranking this island high on their list. It's WAY too short. Not to mention Epic Wubbox having the time of his life playing for this island, making a very good sound. 10/10
  21. Wublin Island - We're getting into the islands that I would 100% add to my playlist if they were available on Spotify. The amount of eggs you have to breed is totally worth it. It's even worth breeding them all for the second time because of Wubbox. 10/10
  22. Gold Island - This song is so emotional, especially during the start. Makes me think of someone on their death bed. Their life flashing before their very eyes. All the good memories just flying by. And, then it comes. They finally pass away. Living a very fulfilling life, their death will impact many. 10/10
  23. Ethereal Island - The regular Wubbox here sounds like he was meant to be on another island. That's really the only problem I have with this island. As the title suggests, this island is very ethereal. Very enjoyable. 10/10
  24. Cold Island - Gotta say that Maggpi was spitting bars on her first verse. Other than that, it was very cool to see all 3 wubboxes playing at the same time. Not to mention that the Epic Wubbox here added so much to the island. Gotta appreciate Deedge as well. And Strombonin. You can't forget him. The very thing we didn't know this island needed, is what we got. 10/10
  25. Mythical Island - I am shocked at how good this island is, considering it's only on it's 4th update. This is something that would be in a notably small amount of my top songs of all time. If I'm showing this much love for an island at only number 3, it's just another sign of how good MSM music is. 10/10
  26. Earth Island - The island is good. It's not the best. Until the chorus. Literal goosebumps run down my neck during this part. And then the regular and epic Wubbox come in and take over the verses. And that's just for normal speed. This song sounds even better slowed down.
  27. Plant Island - You know this island had to be number one. The original one that everyone knows, whether you play the game or not. Outside of the fact that it's iconic, it's also a genuinely good song. This is also gonna be the first and last time I note the dipsters, because they really add enough to this song, unlike all the others. And especially that ending. Where almost all the monsters join in, to create the wonderful outro.
Thank you for taking 10 minutes out of your day to read this ranking. If you could share yours in the comments, I'd be very interested to see them.
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2022.09.04 22:18 GlopticalIllusion A new island was potentially revealed during the Making of Strombonin video MSM uploaded to their channel recently

The image that hints at the new Mythical Island potentially coming this month
This image was taken from the video in question (not by me). The 23 means the island, but there are no islands that are 23 in the code. The P03 stands for Strombonin, although the trombone makes that obvious anyway. This likely means that Strombonin will be coming to another island, probably Mythical Island or some equivalent, and it'll likely be the surprise that Tyson said was coming at the end of the month.
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