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2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK 🇦🇺 [BORN PINK] WORLD TOUR in MELBOURNE - JUNE 10-11

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

2012.11.15 14:30 kettlecat A Safe Space for Black Women

The face of Black Women on Reddit!

2020.07.19 19:21 irlrllynice Blackladiesbeauty

A community for Black women to talk about makeup, skincare, nails, and everything else beauty-related.

2023.06.05 05:42 ThePeterpot Have you ever seen a Tesla with branding (decals) on it? Any ideas or examples of how to do this without looking tacky?

Hi folks,
I bought a white Model 3 Performance for my company, which is called Prompty. The brand colors are teal and dark blue, and it has a nice simple logo. I'm planning to change the factory red calipers/Brembo's to be teal, and have a QR code on the rear of the vehicle. I also want to have the website posted, or the actual brand logo, on the vehicle as well.
I've never seen a Tesla with any branding or decals on it. I'm curious if anyone has seen a tesla with company branding on it that still looked classy and nice? Please share examples and thoughts if you have any. Bad examples are also welcome, so that I know what to avoid haha. Thanks!!
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2023.06.05 05:42 FlamingDogIsHere Activating a function via tap action

I'll apologize in advance if this is a "no $hit, dumb a**" question, I'm buried in work and I don't have a lot of time to do a proper search and I need to figure this out.
I would like to be able to rotate the watch hands to a fixed spot when a spot on the display is tapped. Doing a quick search has been frustratingly fruitless, I feel like I could do it with Tasker as a middle-man but my programming etiquette finds that, well, vulgar? I mean, Pujie Black is such a detailed and elegant construct (that's a compliment, btw) I'm having a hard time believing that I can't activate a function to move the hands by tapping a spot on the screen. If Tasker is the solution, so be it but it strikes me as like using duct tape to seal a wedding invitation.
As a side question, again sorry if K-school basic, is there any form of tween functions (as in Android or Watchmaker app)?
Anyway, thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction, once I get the mountain of paper on my desk eliminated, I want to get this solution figured out purely for selfish, vainglorious and financially beneficial (wishful thinking) reasons: it'll make me look like "that guy" to my boss, and no one else wants to take a crack at it, lol
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2023.06.05 05:41 tdogg918 Looking for a video involving 7 foot apparition hunched in a doorway.

There’s a video out there of amateur ghost hunters or maybe even just guys being dudes and exploring some abandoned mansion. I feel like the video was filmed in black and white or maybe even night vision. The video shows the group going up some stairs into a landing with a few camera pans, then suddenly the camera operator turns to the right and there’s something tall and billowy with what looks like an opened mouth coming through the doorway. I’m not sure if it was one of the people exploring or the thing itself, but someone makes a noise that made my skin crawl. The group immediately books it out of there, I can remember it vividly but I have no idea on what to search for.
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2023.06.05 05:41 Due-Seaworthiness598 2019 YZ250F?

2019 YZ250F?
I’m trying to buy this 2019 “yz250f” but something seems off. The valve cover is black and the graphics is saying it’s a yz450f. Seller is adamant that it’s a 250..
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2023.06.05 05:41 dellarusso I saw a dream of Vessel last night

He was playing without a mask, he had gorgeous hair and he did the little laugh he did last tour. The whole place where it happened was really "dreamlike". Everything was black and everyone there just enjoyed the music. It was really surreal, but a good dream.
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2023.06.05 05:41 waterrepellentss Exhibition carpet non-woven fabric

Exhibition carpet non-woven fabric
Material:Polyester, polypropylene, wool, viscose
Weight:120-600gsm (conventional)
600-1200g (can be customized according to customers’ special needs) 
Color:Black, white, gray, color
Application:Carpets, hats, exhibition blankets

Company Name:Changshu Yanrui Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd.
ADD:23# Changsheng Industrial Area, Renyang District, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China.
[Email:[email protected]](mailto:Email:[email protected])
Profile:Our company's main products include cleaning supplies, polypropylene non-woven fabrics, shoe non-woven fabrics, automotive interior fabrics, filter materials, leather base fabrics, etc. At the same time, we can also develop a variety of new non-woven products according to customers’ requirements. "Focusing on customers’ interests and meeting customers’ requirements" will be our eternal pursuit! We sincerely hope to establish a long-term and stable partnership with all new and old friends, for mutual benefit, common development, and a better future!
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2023.06.05 05:40 San_Martin_Design San Martin Watch New GMT SN0116 Original Design is finally here!

San Martin Watch New GMT SN0116 Original Design is finally here!
The long-awaited SN0116-GMT original design has been launched today. The blue dial and the black dial after changing the hands are on sale simultaneously. There is also a code of about $40 that comes with it, which is only available for the first week. Thank you for your positive feedback and support San Martin Watch
Product link: Discount Code:SMTSY11640CD
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2023.06.05 05:39 andrewjonnie12 Even if this gets no comments, I’m still going to post it otherwise.

Even if this gets no comments, I’m still going to post it otherwise.
(look what I got mom)
~Chapter One: The Beginning. You’re oddly well known as the elder sister to Koishi Komeiji, who is known to be a bit of a silly one. But, you don’t mind her antics, unless they’re something bad. You’ve gained a half reputation for being a good detective, but that really only comes from your ability to read minds, and limited hypnotic abilities. Because of that, you and your sister are both feared and hated for being able to read minds, so and so. Recently, you’ve realized that your sister actually closed her third eye. But, how is that really possible? You’ve thought of asking her, but you didn’t have the time. But then another thing came: You couldn’t even read her mind anymore. Did she actually… no, definitely not. As you wake up to yet another grueling day, you decide to visit your pets for a bit. But you couldn’t find them. At all. Where the hell did they go? You looked everywhere, asked around everywhere, but nothing came up. You got more and more worried each day that passed. You decided to just lay off for a while, until you can get word that they’re safe. As you head to bed, in a little bit of worry, your sister comes into the room. She looks at you with a big yet creepy smile, and says: “Good night, Nee-Sama~” You smile warmly, before she gets into her own bed, and you kiss her forehead before going to sleep yourself. After waking up after what seems like hours, you notice that the room you’re in is pitch black, along with the lights seemingly gone. You take a flashlight, before heading out. You can smell… blood?! No, no… definitely not, right? You see a small glimpse of Koishi, before blinking, and she’s gone. Just. Like. That. How will you decide your fate?~
Rulez + Infoe: Killing/hurting is allowed, since there’s going to be a LOT of blood. You can start a friendship with Koishi, after you’ve found her, but sure as hell no romance. IDC allowed, yet you will have a HUGE penalty. Females only, since I did mention sister. And, you HAVE to use your third eye in order to figure out who caused the victim’s deaths + more further on how they died.
You MUST act out as how her sister would, so here’s some traits: She’s very suspicious of some, but very loved by animals, so the pets you own will try to tell you everything.
There are 2 ways to escape: Either by a gap, or by waking up.
But, there are MANY ways to die. Are you gonna be an insane fellow and try to find them all?
This POV will have many mentions of violence and gore, and it’s pretty descriptive. I advise you do not partake if you aren’t comfortable with that type.
This POV does require effort. Put some actual effort into your responses. Be as descriptive as you’d like. Yes, I will read it even if you give me an entire novel’s worth of typing.
With all of that said, have fun. Don’t be weird. That’ll get you especially killed. If you do not act out at all, you will see what
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2023.06.05 05:39 KEN0HBI Is the Alpenfohn Black Ridge cooler enough for a ryzen 7 7800x3d?

Hey Formd community!
I have been contemplating building a pc ever since optimum tech released his 4080 build in the t1. My only change to that build is replacing the ryzen 5800x3d with a 7800x3d but I’m not sure if I can still use the black ridge to cool it?
I’ll only be playing things like minecraft, apex, valorant, terraria and maybe emulating some switch games like Zelda tears of the kingdom in 1440p.
Thanks again guys :)
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2023.06.05 05:39 External_Soup_30 Brand new Ideapad Gaming 3 dies in less than an hour

I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 laptop 2 days ago primarily to play the Sims 4 (the link to the one I bought is below). I used it for the first time yesterday, but only while it was plugged in. When I used it while it was unplugged this morning, it died very quickly. I thought it was weird but figured it may not have been charged completely. However, when I just went to use it again, it was on 98% at 10:28 PM (right when I turned it on) and 16% at 11:14 PM. I only played the Sims 4 (I have multiple packs along with mods and CC) and did not have anything running in the background.
I also turned down my brightness to about 20% and applied all of the recommended battery saving options. I don’t know what to do because this laptop is literally brand new and should not be having this much of a battery problem. The only modification I made to the laptop itself was adding 16 gb of RAM, but I’m not sure if this would impact the battery’s performance.
What should I do to try to fix this issue? I am at a loss and am frustrated because the up to 8 hour battery life was one of the primary reasons I chose this laptop above others. Any advice would be really appreciated!
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2023.06.05 05:38 San_Martin_Design San Martin Watch New GMT SN0116 Original Design is finally here!

San Martin Watch New GMT SN0116 Original Design is finally here!
The long-awaited SN0116-GMT original design has been launched today. The blue dial and the black dial after changing the hands are on sale simultaneously. There is also a code of about $40 that comes with it, which is only available for the first week. Thank you for your positive feedback and support San Martin Watch
Product link: Discount Code:SMTSY11640CD
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2023.06.05 05:38 degenfpv decent deal for $1400?!?

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2023.06.05 05:38 PyroGuy1994 Need a fast pace fuse for shell racks but not rapid fire.

I know there is a massive fuse shortage basically all you can find is 20-30 sec per foot and maybe some 15-10 sec per foot. I have a few rolls of pink and green but I can’t find any fuse that burns at 5 seconds to get a good pace on shells if anyone could help or alternatives suggestions that would be awesome!
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2023.06.05 05:38 qbenguy Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (Gen 3) - Expected Behavior?

Hi All,
It's been about a week since I received my Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, and although I've been enjoying it. There are a few things I've noticed, and I'm thinking they may not be the expected behavior.
When the tablet first boots up, or after a reset. The home page opens with only the wallpaper, and then the screen will go black for about 3-4 seconds, then return to the home screen with the pinned apps. The other is the internet button remains lit even when Wi-Fi is turned off. The only way I've found that it turns off the Wi-Fi button is by turning on Airplane mode. Is anyone else experiencing this or something similar?
Overall, I'm glad I purchased it, and wanted to connect with all of you before possibly reaching out to Lenovo to request a replacement. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, or advice.
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2023.06.05 05:38 frustratedwithevery1 Vancouver island treasure hunting

My buddy and I are dropping treasure (silver) all over Vancouver Island for islanders to find! Check it out on fb at Vancouver island treasure hunting and make sure to follow my Black Label Bullion fb page for all the latest!! You may also want to take a peek at the fb page “I love Vancouver island” as we post these there as well as our socials.
Cheers and happy hunting!
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2023.06.05 05:37 Sigbalder Will Zen Buddhism merge with Christian metaphysical concepts to create a new religion?

I looked at a 2021 PEW research poll about what people believe in terms of metaphysics and an overall 1/3rd believed in Reincarnation with some branches of Christianity listed as “Historically Black” and “Hispanic Catholicism” having nearly half of their adherents believing in it (48% and 47%, respectively). “Mainline Protestant” has nearly 1/3rd (31%) and even “Evangelical” has roughly 1/8th (16%).
And this trend is rising with 40% of 18-25 y/o believing in reincarnation as opposed to 22% of 65+.
I’ve noticed Zen Buddhism has a following in America and other related concepts like Karma are very popular, even more so than Reincarnation.
Could we see a merging of the two within the next century or two?
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2023.06.05 05:37 Stylish_Kallan Where can I get cheap notebooks in kerala?

Hello, I'm going to go to college notebooks anywhere in Kottayam. I don't want the classy and smooth white papers of classmate or Doms. I just want notebooks at a cheap price. Any suggestions?
Ps: I would prefer if the availability was in Kottayam, but if it is in another district, I wouldn't mind.
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2023.06.05 05:37 iv2892 Is Robert Moses one of the most hated (and with good reason) people in NYC history?

Is just the fact that after learning about many of his projects and how he seemingly destroyed many black and Hispanic neighborhoods to build his precious highways. I also learned about how Lincoln center which is an amazing place , but doesn’t make it any less sad how many families were displaced to build it.
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2023.06.05 05:37 Centaur46 Just some speculation

I believe the depths has camps that ignore the exp system, I only just recently entered the depths, and found 2 camps right next to recorder containing silver and black enemies, thought it was nuts that I basically went from red and blue to black and silver so quickly, but apparently these 2 camps were the exception, as every camp since has been red and blue enemies, haven’t seen either black or silver in a time now. This has me assuming that there are guaranteed silver enemies in the depths regardless of level.
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2023.06.05 05:36 evisionz I think I just discovered why I’m having ongoing stomach issues, panic, shakiness, and tingling feelings. Coffee and caffeine…

I never really put two and two together, but for some background, I drink 1-2 cups a day. Sometimes I skip a day over the weekend as I’m gone and never really buy coffee when I’m away. Only from my coffee setup.
I have an expensive coffee setup and I buy speciality beans online. I drink black coffee and learned to really love the taste. It’s a ritual for me, but I poop like crazy. 2-3 times within an hour or two after drinking coffee. Sometimes diarrhea too. Sometimes even more than that, which is crazy to even say right now as I’m typing.
I’ve always just dealt with it because I love coffee. So I would always keep up with my water and electrolytes to make up for it.
A few weeks back I ended up in the hospital with low potassium despite eating a lot of potassium and drinking electrolytes which contain a lot of potassium. I’ve been getting severe anxiety and panic attacks recently.
The day I ended up in the hospital, I drank 3 cups of coffee that day. Today, I felt terribly shaky and panicky despite eating very healthy and keeping up with my hydration. I had coffee today.
Yesterday I had an amazing day where I felt great, no excessive pooping, no panic, no shaky tingly feeling. I felt properly hydrated. The difference? I had no coffee.
Oh man, I never thought I’d say this but I think I need to quit coffee/caffeine. The stomach issues, shaky tingly feelings, panic and anxiety. I’d rather not deal with that stuff.
The sad thing about it all though is I love coffee, and I love the ritual of making it. I use scales and precise measurements. I’ve invested hundreds into coffee equipment. It would be sad to let it go. I guess if maybe I got into decaf coffee, or caffeine free tea then I could still use some of it.
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2023.06.05 05:36 Clockwork-isntaclock Hi

I can recall it staring all the way back in 2011, somewhere in September. Not so sure about the exact day but it might've been somewhere trought the end of it. The cold was starting to set in at this time in Canada, so did the Halloween spirit. I was preparing in order to go help my friend set the decorations on. I know, it's early but she's always been the kind to celebrate every holiday a month before. I was just near the front door, picking up my coat for the visit when I've heard a quiet, gentle knocking from behind.I can recall it staring all the way back in 2011, somewhere in September. Not so sure about the exact day but it might've been somewhere trought the end of it. The cold was starting to set in at this time in Canada, so did the Halloween spirit. I was preparing in order to go help my friend set the decorations on. I know, it's early but she's always been the kind to celebrate every holiday a month before. I was just near the front door, picking up my coat for the visit when I've heard a quiet, gentle knocking from behind. Barely audible, as quiet as a small sight. I hadn't planned anyone to come neither was I waiting for a delivery, I can just remember too well this fact. I opened the door only to find a single cardboard box sitting there. No delivery man like it is usually the case for packages too big for the complex's mailbox, as I lived in an apartment. It simply sat there, alone and without informations. It even was so quiet on it's delivery that if I hadn't heard the ever so slight knocking I probably wouldn't have noticed the arrival of a package. I picked it up to place it somewhere inside then went over to go do what I had planned for the afternoon, telling myself I must've had ordered something but just not remembering, as it was a rather usual habit of mine. When I came back to my small 2-rooms apartment in the evening, the package was still sitting on the table. Where I had put it, obviously. Nothing stroke me as particularly odd with the package just glancing at it. Dry, unmoving, which is as a box should be. There is few, very few things I regretted more than opening this stranger package. It contained meat. It wasn't filled with it, nor did the meat looked odd in any way, it was just fresh, raw meat. In a package. At my door. It... definitely wasn't something I had been expecting to find inside. I brushed it off as a simple delivery mistake. After all, we can command meat to get it delivered. Especially that the local butcher shop was offering this service. Yet, it still stuck with me for a while. I never had a great relation with meat and it's industry, as far as I can remember. I threw it away. Seeing these pink, bleedy lumps have always disgusted me to my core. The butcher shop has always freaked me out with the meat hanging like that. I didn't think much about it after a month, after a year and half I had just forgotten about it. Until half a year later, two years after the strange packaged meat, there came another. Another neatly arranged package was there. On the top of it... was an enveloppe, attached with a thin, white string finely set into a gentle loop like a old-fashionned gift. I didn't pick it up right away. It reminded me vaguely too much of the weird, gross package of meat I had received 2 years before. And this time. I was certain I hadn't ordered anything. And the knocking announcing it's arrival had gotten quite louder, as I could hear it from the kitchen. It was still quiet thought, so that I would barely hear it. Despite my resilience to take the package, the envy and morbid curiosity grew bigger and became hard to stand. In the end, I left it out for almost a whole week, before I just couldn't stand knowing it was outside my door anyone. So I let it inside my flat. It was left on the table in my bedroom for quite a while, actually. About a month. Yet when it was opened, the meat was still fresh. The enveloppe contained meat as well, althought it seemed like a different one. It was... spongier than the other. I mean of course, it wasn't the usual kind of spongy meat. The second package was the exact same as the first one thought. And I brushed it off too, however trying to find who was meant to receive them this time. Then the year after, it's the same thing. Same package, same foolish mistake of opening it. All of this, these 3 strange packages, all of it began to form a morbid obsession in me. All of it felt so unreal to even be true. Unfortunately all of it was, and I've learned that the hard way. I won't go on about it for too long I think you understand. The delays between these deliveries atrociously shrinked with the time. And you know what's the worst of it? I couldn't do anything about it. I moved out, for unrelated reasons, from Canada to London, in the hope of finding a new job -which was the reason and also the need of change- but also in the slight hope that the boxes wouldn't get to me again. They found me. I had a nice, stable job, as a librarian in a town near London at the time, when the boxes came again. When they started appearing in bigger quantities, I tried getting rid of them, but no hope, if it was trown away or burned, new ones appeared, with the same infernal and endless knocking, I was on the verge of snapping at this point, couldn't stand the knocking getting louder and louder. So. I was left with no choice but to stock it. Of course it was useless, but I couldn't get myself to try and consume it, the circonstances I got them in were just so strange. The meat took all over my fridge, they just arrived so fast, it couldn't contain any more and was full after a week. Couldn't find the space to buy a bigger fridge, and either way it'll fill just as quick with how the packages started containing more, and they arrived faster over. Over and over and over again. So I empiled them around the fridge, into neat piles, but they kept falling off with the bottom row rotting at an alarming rate. The smell wasn't an issue at first, kept in the fridge, it took over a month to decay. But an hot day or two to three regurarly tempered days were enought for it to become all lumpy and gross. All of it. And I still couldn't throw it away, the rotten wasn't going away either, I just received new boxes of the same decaying meat. So more and more kept coming to that spot of my house. And gradually, very, it ended up covering the whole floor, spilled all over but stomped on so often by myself it kind of became a... meaty carpet. It is as gross as it sound. But the deliveries didn't stop. They just went faster, as my floor was full. I... don't know what kind of thought crossed my mind that day but I picked up the package, I took the tender out of it and slowly, I was hanging it on the walls. And so more, same thing happened, they got full too. I'm not too sure why even to this day but, almost hypnotized, I began to put it on the furnitures. The fridge, the sink, the drawers, the tv, even my bed. All of them were -and still are- covered in that God-awful flesh. this happened over a year ago, I've been sleeping on this for over a year. Then it came to the ceiling, it filled so much faster, as the delays of the meat got so, so much closer. Then over the last year I've just been... mindlessly repeating the same patern. A layer of floor, one of the walls, for furniture and for the ceiling. I... lost my job. I've became so obsessed with the stranger meat I didn't went in over 2 months. Quickly enought, I couldn't afford any food to substain myself, leaving no choice but to try and substain off the flesh that was sent to me. All of this started a year ago. I remember the last time I went outside, the tip of my fingers were.. starting to chip off. I had started eating the meat a few days before only. And that was the indication that I was done. And yes, I haven't came out of my apartment for a whole year. I was trying to avoid eating as much as I could once I realized it was the meat who did this to my poor hand, covering them in a gross, bloody flesh. But I just couldn't help but do it, I felt so strangely compelled to take it and swallow it all the way. And there was more of this thick, bleedish-pink flesh growing on my body as the time went by and I consumed more. Look at me. Look at my hands, my deeply infected hands and arms, the flesh spreading like a virus over my very own being. Look at my neck. Bending too much, covered in a thick, bleedy flesh. But I can't not eat it anymore, I just- depend on it now. I can't get rid of eating it. When I try to, it never ends up well, I feel incredibly nauseous, energiless, and oh so irritable. I get angry at so little when sobering from the meat. Just so you know, it usually takes a lot to irritate me in a regular state. But I just feel so compelled toward it, like an obssession. If you want a level for irritability, there was the smell. I got used to it over time, but that moment, I was sobering from this Flesh, but it came to me, the smell made me so, so terribly angry. Such that I tried to rip off my very own nose to try and get rid of it. I almost succeeded. They keep coming at my door. I can't help it, I need your help, I gotta get rid of them. It's method is ever so cruel, the package meat is so low on nutriments and fat to make you unable to rely on your own body to not consume it. I used to be a rather chubby dude, but look at my face, see how you can feel the bones by just looking at it. So, that's about it.
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2023.06.05 05:36 swakbeauty "My Brain Just Broke" 🙃

If you caught "that moment" this weekend, you know how cute it was! Since my brain breaks at least once a day, I had to commemorate it with a shirt/mug. 🙃🙃🙃
The mug is available with blue or pink trim, and the shirt is available in sizes XS-5XL in Black Heather, Ashphalt, Brown, Army Olive, Heather Raspberry, Heather Deep Teal and Heather Orchid. SO comfy!!
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