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2023.03.29 12:03 Cute-Perspective2434 How to deal with jealousy in friendships?

This is about a friend of mine who we will call Val for the purpose of this post . I'm starting of by saying she's not a super close friend but we do have the same friendgroup. We're living in a huge city with a famous party and club scene
Val is really into partying, drinking, hook up culture and just being out enjoying being young - and I don't mind at all. She's just living her 20's to the fullest which is cool IMO. She's also trying to be the hippest It-Girl who get's into exclusive clubs by flirting with high horses - you get the deal. She's absolute fun to hang out with and a night out with her is everything but boring.
I do appreciate a good night out with my girls on the weekend but I don't have to get wasted at a different club every night. I don't drink much and only went on a few dates after my last relationship.
I met a guy at my brothers birthday party a few weeks ago (early feburary) with whom I hit it off right away. We're on the same wave length and had great conversations throughout the night. We exchanged numbers and went a few times over the past week. We're not official yet but he expressed his feeling torwards me and I can see myself being with him.
He is one of those big horses in the party scene. He knows a guy or two and get's some privleges out of it. I don't really care who he knows and which clubs he can enter.
I told my friends about him and mentioned that he invited me to a grant re-opening of one of those VIP-Bars as his Plus One. I'm also pretty sure he'll ask me to be his girlfriend that night he gave some hints.
Val is super jealous and looked him up on social media. She texted him behind my back flirting with him and sending him seductive pics of her in a bikini saying she's a better Plus One.
He showed me the texts and I confronted her. She said I don't appreciate the scene as much as she does and I don't care abour clubs and high horse bad boys so she should be the one being with him. We're not official, he's too hot for me anyway and I would look out of place in the setting.
He blocked her and I'm pissed and a bit sad. I like her as a friend but her behavior is disrespectful and overstepping several boundaries.
I don't want to cut her off but maybe I should. My bestie is super pissed at her and adviced me to end the friendship due to the utter disrespect. What do you think. I need some outside opinion.
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2023.03.29 12:03 ozzyboiswag Second day of posting this bs anyone got a explination/fix?

Second day of posting this bs anyone got a explination/fix? submitted by ozzyboiswag to WarzoneMobile [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 12:03 CuteOffice8618 I want to give my gun, for which I have a WES, to my grandfather. does he have to get a WES first?

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2023.03.29 12:02 MashaVolokova31v 24[F4M] Looking for some nice chats and more

Just a girl looking for someone cool to talk to! or we could do something fun with pictures I’m down for anything!
Kik me!
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2023.03.29 12:02 MalcolmXaire L1 should be a designated sprint/parkour

i believe this was a mechanic in Spider-Man 2 and Web of Shadows. it would be cool if we could shoot out a web line while we’re wall running or running on the ground it could also be a wall climb button. i realized while playing Spider-Man Remastered since now the R1 button is designated for the gadget wheel, L1 is unused.
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2023.03.29 12:01 AutoModerator Introduction and Daily Picture Thread

Are you pregnant, supporting someone who is pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant in the future? Then welcome to BabyBumps! This is a daily post where you can introduce yourself and share any photos that you want to share. This is the ONLY place where photos are allowed, please do not make a standalone post with your bump or ultrasound.
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rules. In short, we do not allow spam, advertising, solicitations, or the sharing of any personal information. Polls/surveys/market research must be authorized by the mod team prior to submission. We ask that ALL bump pictures, ultrasound and announcement pictures remain in this daily sticky only. We ask that if you post a picture of your baby you do so only as a bonus to other meaningful content (like a birth story). We do not allow pictures of your pets and we ask that all political discussion be in the realm of pregnancy, family planning, delivery, postpartum care, and/or parenting. Also, be cool. DBaA.
Please do not ask us if you are pregnant, could be pregnant, or what symptoms others have experienced prior to confirming pregnancy. Likewise, please do not request or offer medical advice.
We have some fantastic resources available to you over in Our Wiki. With links for those of you trying to get pregnant, answers to common questions and concerns regarding pregnancy, resources and lists pertaining to pregnancy and/or common symptoms, conditions, and complications thereof, resources pertaining to birth, and a list of acronyms you may run into, we hope your immersion into our community is as seamless and supported as possible.
If you're looking for your Monthly Bumper Sub you'll find links here. Please note that these subs tend to go private and that the moderators of Baby Bumps are not affiliated with private subs. We cannot add you or request that you be added. You'll have to message the moderators of your private bump sub and ask to be added; instructions for how to do this can be found in the link provided.
Flair is awesome and helps you find stuff.
If you can't find what you're looking for here, you may be able to find it in one of these Other Helpful Subreddits.
If you are not yet pregnant, are trying to get pregnant, believe your period may be late, or have questions pertaining to family planning, please check out the Stickied Weekly Introduction Thread over on TryingforaBaby. It's amazing. You'll learn more about reproduction than you ever thought was possible.
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2023.03.29 12:00 callmeleeloo Help needed determining season & type

Help needed determining season & type
Hi everyone!
Reposting to include more pictures with different hair, makeup & clothes :)
Currently, I mostly wear black, with some white and blush/powder pink. While I love black, I don't think it looks that great on me, but I wear it mostly as I have two very small kids and I don't have the mental capacity to deal with color coordinating my outfits (and also, stains!) :D
Nevertheless, I'd like to start adding colors back into my wardrobe, and here is where I have a problem: I can't figure out my color season. While I'm pretty sure I’m not a summer type, I can’t figure out whether I’m autumn or winter, dark or bright, or something else.
While I wore more colorful outfits, the colors I usually wore were white, denim and navy, baby blue, blush pink, brown (camel & cognac), beige, dark teal, etc. Most of these colors were on the warmer side, except the blues. I usually got compliments on my outfits, so I think they looked pretty ok on me. I also look good in red and even some yellow and olive (when I'm tanned), and floral patterns.
As for makeup, I tend to wear natural colors, but they are all usually warmer and look better than cooler colors imo (for example, a brown or warm pink lipstick looks better than red or cool pink). My hair is naturally dark brown, and has a lot of red pigment in it. My eyes are also dark brown, but they seem a bit warmer, I think. When it comes to jewelry, I mostly wear silver, but I think rose gold looked best on me.
I tried to do the metals and veins test, and I’m still unsure, so I’m posting the pics here in hopes someone can help me figure out what my colors are. I took the pictures outside, with no direct sunshine and no editing. I included some edited pics as well, as I have various hair colors and outfits there so they could better showcase what some other colors look like on me. Thanks <3

Different metals (rose gold, silver, yellow gold)

Both images taken in natural light, left has makeup on and is on a sunny day, the right is without makeup and cloudy day.

Various images with different hair colors and clothes. These are all edited, I don't have the raw images unfortunately.
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2023.03.29 11:55 D373kr SuperMario64 Does anyone know what glitch that is? Or if it's exclusive to emulator/the practice ROM?

Yo, I was watching a german speedrunner who was training on some practice ROM for 120 star runs, but this happened:
Full VOD:
Have never seen that before and couldn't find any mention on google of some wrong warp with the LLL entrance, anyone know what that cool glitch is or is that maybe just some hiccup from the practice ROM?
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2023.03.29 11:54 Juhi_Goveganlife Craving Something Sweet? THIS Vegan Sugar Free Date & Walnut Cake Recipe Will BLOW Your Mind🤯

On a Sweet Tooth? THIS Sugar-Free Vegan Date & Walnut Cake Recipe Will SHOCK You! #shortsvideo Looking for a sugar-free, vegan date and walnut cake recipe?
Look no further! This delicious recipe is perfect for those days when you need something sweet but don't want to indulge in anything processed. This vegan date and walnut cake is simple to make and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Don't worry, this date and walnut cake recipe is vegan and totally refined sugar free. So whether you're looking for a sweet treat for yourself or for a loved one, this cake is sure to please! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make, and then whip up a batch today!
Sugar Free Date and Walnut Cake
· 20 Chopped Dates
· ¾ Cup Hot Almond Milk or plantbased milk
· ½ Cup Maple Syrup
· ½ Oil
· 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
· 1 Cup All Purpose Flour
· 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda
· 1 Cup Chopped Walnuts
  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (180°C). Grease a cake pan with cooking spray or line it with parchment paper.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the chopped dates and hot almond milk. Allow the mixture to sit for 10 minutes until the dates soften, then grind them in a mixer.
  3. Add the maple syrup and oil to the same bowl, and mix well.
  4. In the same bowl, sift the flour and baking soda and stir until just combined.
  5. Fold in the chopped walnuts.
  6. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan and smooth the surface with a spatula.
  7. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.
  8. Let the cake cool in the pan for 10 minutes before transferring it to a wire rack to cool completely.
  9. Once cooled, slice and serve the cake.
Enjoy your delicious and healthy Sugar Free Date and Walnut Cake!
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2023.03.29 11:54 WolfToMoon H: Q2515r Railway, B2525 Alien Blaster, V2515r EPF & More W: Vbash90 Minigun, B2590 Flamer or Offers

Q2515r or BS Tesla
VBash90 Minigun
B2590 Flamer
Tattered Field Jacket, Leather Coat, Responder Set & Red Asylum
Other Meta 2590 GP/Flamers (lower priority)
(Enclaves all have aligned, stock & reflex)
BLS25 Enclave Auto
B2525 Alien Blaster
B2525 Gamma Gun
B2525 10mm Pistol
B2525 Auto Pipe Rifle
BE25 Hunting Rifle
B2515r Cryolator
BE15r Pump Shotgun
B50c25 Crossbow
B40PA50BS Chainsaw
BE15r Dragon (419 Range Legacy)
Exe2550BS Enclave Flamer
QE25 Single Action Revolver
Q2590 Tesla (for trade with Q2515r only)
Q2515r Railway
TS50c25 Enclave Sniper
V2515r Enclave Flamer
Van AP FDC Marine Chest
Van +I FDC Wood Chest
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2023.03.29 11:52 Jacob14578 voidwalker was an awful addition to the game.

you can't tell me with a straight face that it adds anything to the game besides forcing people to pvp or log every 5 minutes.
the loot isn't even good and the exp debuff is garbage. every time I make a new slot and go to lower erisia or song I have to constantly deal with voidwalkers that are 5 levels above me trying to kill me for a shitty chest filled with lower erisia tier loot. I don't mind getting ganked when I'm power 15 or above, but the fact that I can get ganked at power 6 by someone power 12 is fucking bullshit.
I've had multiple friends buy this game and quit because voidwalkers fucked up their progress. every time I defend my low level friend from a voidwalker, said voidwalker always starts whining about how they're just trying to progress, and tries to get sympathy because of how hard it is to progress.
just pick a new origin you asshole. you chose to debuff your exp just to gank people. the benefits aren't even worth it now that guild bases are a thing. I used to think it was cool, but now I'm just thinking the devs were trying to enforce pvp after ganking died down.
I'm not even kidding, I haven't had a SINGLE voidwalker that didn't start whining after I killed them. they read to me like borderline social parasites. maybe if the community wasn't so toxic I wouldn't mind as much. legitimately just makes people quit the game early before they even get far in. I don't even blame them, if the ganking was this bad on release week while my friends and I were trying to figure things out and explore, we'd quit too.
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2023.03.29 11:52 masterblasternoz GW2 Merchandise Options

Hi all,
Just looking for if any other have found good options for merchandise. I remember a post a few years back when welovefine was still the official merchandise partner and the options were really good but I couldn't afford them back then.
The options available now seem incredibly lackluster and dull compared from EMP and the reviews of FFBF were certainly not good. Redbubble has some cool designs but the application of those designs is very one dimensional.
Let me know what you all think.
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2023.03.29 11:50 Cassiopee38 calling programmable block's function through the toolbar

i made a script with few functions to open/close hinges and extend/retract pistons (popups turrets you know) and i dont know how to use it through the toolbar.
when i want to let the guns out i have several tasks to do
1 : check if guns aren't already extended, if yes, do nothing to that particular guns 2 : check if doors are opened and if not, opens it 3 : extend the guns
and for the stow function, its the same 1 : check if the guns aren't already stowed, if yes, do nothing. 2 : retract guns 3 : when guns are retracted, close the doors.
everything works fine and that's quite an accomplishment ! but now i have to implement a way to call those function through the toolbar and i dont know how to do it. Either make two programmable blocks that i turn on/off. inelegant but could work by sharing 75% of common code. Either find a way to share variables between those two blocks. Either there is a way to create a Toolbar button in script but i dont know how. what are your thoughts ?
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2023.03.29 11:49 LakeBum777 HayDay Has Jumped The Shark

I’ve spent way, way too much money on this game. I have a main farm (level 206) and a baby farm (Level 107). I buy Farm Passes for both plus all three helpers for both. I’ve spent a LOT of money for years upgrading my barns and silos. I literally blow through the diamonds trashing/reactivating Derby tasks and speeding up machines.
I usually play for an average 9 hours a day, no lie. I’ve not played either farm now for over 24 hours which is super rare for me. Even before this update, I had become increasingly annoyed at their complete lack of customer support. None of my issues ever get resolved and it’s damn funny that every single one always falls in their favor, never mine. (That’s IF I can actually get to a Chat menu to report my issue.)
I’ve told them of many bugs that have gone unresolved for over four years at least, i.e. the timer issue in the Bunny Derbies, the Bingo achievement doesn’t record our Bingo wins, and there’s been multiple times the Derby scoreboard hasn’t recorded our completed tasks causing us to lose 1st place.
I have a fully upgraded main farm and I was still collecting permits as I knew they would add more land to unlock eventually. Several months ago, they suspended my ability to receive any further permits and of course, BOOM, now I need them again. I.KNEW.THAT.WAS.GOING.TO.HAPPEN and I am way pissed it did. I would have stacked up a big pile of permits if they had been letting me collect them this whole time. That’s so not cool!
What has sent me over the edge, though, is the screwed-up functionality of this update. In keeping with prior updates, it appears zero testing went into this massive update. You would have expected someone, anyone, to have said hey, the ingredient list is ridiculous now and greatly slows down gameplay. You would have expected someone to say that hey, this thing messes up left-handed players now. But they didn’t, did they? They were too focused on further monetizing this legacy game—- a game that so many of us hold dear to our hearts.
I know they aren’t going to go back to the old format so it’s time for me to find another game to occupy my time … a game in which the Developers are still hungry to provide a quality product and who eagerly engage with their customers., not hide from them.
I won’t be spending another dollar with HayDay.
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2023.03.29 11:49 raj7905 please check the grammer problem please :) For my desktop, I have not had any good wallpaper that would not hurt my eyes.

i did not had any good wallpapper which do not hurt my eyes with too much brightness or darkness so i created for myself in 8k i wanna tell to my other friends but how do i say this
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2023.03.29 11:49 Undetaker1980 DAP or iPhone 13 Mini?

I am looking for a DAP as my phone is constantly buzzing with notifications (mainly from my work email and slack) and it's annoying when listening to music. I am thinking between Hiby R6 III or Fiio M11s. I use Lershore s12 Pro IEMs and Hifiman Edition XS. I also have an iPhone 13 mini lying around unused so I don't know if using that as DAP with only streaming apps installed would suffice as I have a Fiio BTR7 dongle as well to pair with it.
Message #buying-advice
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2023.03.29 11:48 DeepTissueMassage_ This looks good!: Mini massage gun for women, suitable for sensitive muscle, alsi can be a gift of mother's day

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2023.03.29 11:48 negativesleep Manual sleep log app WITHOUT tracking??

Hi, I’m looking for something very simple but that doesn’t seem to exist— an app where I can just input my sleep times without my phone listening to me, monitoring movement, etc. I find it a bit creepy and just don’t need all that, all I want is just a basic sleep diary. Analytic features or ability to add notes would be cool but all I really want to do is record and look at my patterns. thanks friends
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2023.03.29 11:47 thatguy9684736255 Unhinged

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2023.03.29 11:47 EffingKENTA NJPW talent* at WM weekend Schedule

*And notable past NJPW talent.
All times are in LA local aka Pacific. Some of this stuff won’t be livestreamed and is just for the benefit of those of you who may be in town looking for things to do.
FITE+ currently has a 7-day free trial offer for new members, which includes all the shows noted as being on the service.
Wednesday, March 29th
Thursday, March 30th
Friday, March 31st
Saturday, April 1st
Talent at WrestleCon
Autograph & Photo Sessions:
At the “Clark Connors and Friends” booth: - Clark Connors — When he’s not out wrasslin’ - Gabriel Kidd — Saturday, 10am-12pm - Kevin Knight — Saturday, 12pm-2pm - The DKC — Sunday, 10am-12pm
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2023.03.29 11:46 negativesleep Manual sleep log apps WITHOUT tracking??

Hi, I’m looking for something very simple but that doesn’t seem to exist— an app where I can just input my sleep times without my phone listening to me, monitoring movement, etc. I find it a bit creepy and just don’t need all that, all I want is just a basic sleep diary. Analytic features or ability to add notes would be cool but all I really want to do is record and look at my patterns. thanks friends
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2023.03.29 11:45 RealHeelBCFlynn Zompocalypse Now! US Livonia Xbox Hardcore Survival Vanilla+ Server. More Infected, Dark Nights, Dynamic Weather w/ Hurricane Conditions, Random Mili Zombie Hordes, and more!

Welcome to Zompocalypse Now! Can you scavenge supplies, fight the infected, and survive to the next day in the war torn country of Livonia?
Fight the infected or become one of them.
VDEP Zompocalypse Now! is a hardcore survival Vanilla Plus Livonia server offering a fresh take on the Vanilla Survival Experience while having a some QoL changes as well a few additions. We are a PvE/PvP server. Only Wiping every 4-6 months we provide a home for long term base building and survival game play. VDEP Zompocalypse Now! also features hand crafted lore and POIs unique to server, making up a new and different story for those who want a more immersive experience.
To continue along with the survival and “Vietnam” aspect the VDEP team is trying to craft for Zompocalypse Now!, we are currently LIVE testing our new Dyanmic Weather file on the server. This can/will/does include hurricane conditions! We are also implementing warmer AND colder temperatures!
VDEP Zompocalypse Now! Is a sibling server to VDEP, The Vanilla DayZ Experience Plus server. It shares many of the same settings and rules VDEP has

Server info

Server name: VDEP Zompocalypse Now!
Map: Livonia
Search: VDEP to find us! -----------------------------------------—
There is no Kill Feed, There is no Safe Zone, There is no Admin backed Trader.
Here's the list of things VDEP Zompocalypse Now! offers:
-Vehicles spawn fully built
-Loot 1.19 vanilla quality condition
-More Zombies! Larger Groups.
-Ever Evolving/Changing Zombie locations
-Jungle Action Movie inspired POIs/“Missions”
-Added: Unreleased Melee Weapons, colored Guns, Attachments & Helmets, Leather clothes, & more..
-Stashed items don’t affect the loot economy
-Building Supplies boosted slightly
-Grow your own Cannabis & Drink Vodka!
-Unique Lore to justify custom POIs and secrets of the map.
-Dynamic Weather including Hurricane Conditions
-Slightly Lowered “common” military weapons
-Slightly Raised civilian weapons & ammo
-Incrased the amount of heli crashes by 2
-Dark Nights
-Slightly Increased Animal Population
-Build Anywhere Enabled
-Raid 24/7
Base Damage: On Container Damage: Off
Server restart every 3 hours 3 hour days, 40 minute nights New York Us based Server 1st person only
We have punch and pie!
Come join the VDEP Community on discord
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