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Post food hacks and bog slop here: No Boglims allowed. Of age, alive, consenting, non-related, cisgender goth chicks welcome. TWU SATIRE. This page does not reflect the real business

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reddit... the front page of the internet. These are the posts of the subreddit /QuarksBar. This sub is for all things Quark, Rom and Nog related.

2023.06.08 11:19 R0senkohl Dance Scooter

has someone one of those Dance e-mopeds and knows if it comes including the handle bar for the phone?
What is your general experience with those in Berlin?
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2023.06.08 11:16 toddbrimstone Final Boss Fight

Has anyone got any tips for this? He is literally all over me from the start. Deflecting doesn't work as he only needs to get through with a couple and I am dead, he spams so many different plague weapons one after another I don't know whats coming next and I cannot get a heal off (long lasting potion) without an attack with ridiculous range getting me before I can actually use it.
The best I have done so far is about a quarter of the first health bar, it's not like I run out of heals, I normally die with the full amount because you just don't get a second to use them.
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2023.06.08 11:15 Serononin In honour of Pride month, I thought I'd share this beautiful poem again

In honour of Pride month, I thought I'd share this beautiful poem again
Jesus at the Gay Bar by Jay Hulme
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2023.06.08 11:15 Nodicwallartcanvas Whimsical Wonders: Playful Canvas Wall Art to Spark Imagination

Whimsical Wonders: Playful Canvas Wall Art to Spark Imagination
Whimsical Wonders: Playful Canvas Wall Art to Spark Imagination

Canvas Wall Art – In this article we break down everything you need to know about this popular print medium.

First wall art canvas, we will give a brief history of stretched canvas, break down the top 3 benefits of canvas wall art, and we will explain the different ways to order canvas prints such as gallery wrapped canvas, framed or as a triptych.


From original oil paintings to high quality reproductions of both paintings and photographic prints, canvas is extremely versatile. It complements a wide variety of decor styles, from modern to vintage and everything in between. Canvas wall art has proven the test of time, from its origin in the 1400’s to the present day. A glimpse at its history is literal testament to that point! Stretched canvas became the preferred painting medium for classic oil painters during the Italian Renaissance in the 16th century. Italian and French painters had an affinity for the medium for a variety of reasons- and these same benefits are the main reasons it remains a favorite to this day.
Frame styles change and become outdated, while aluminum and acrylic face-mounted art prints are arguably more suitable for modern decor. Over the centuries, classic stretched canvas art has prevailed as the medium that is here to stay.


Back in the 16th century, canvas material was made of tightly woven hemp, used to make sails for sailboats. Painters found that the material was both easy to come by and affordable! Today, most canvases are made of woven cotton, another affordable commodity, with some large canvases made of (more costly) linen.
When it comes to purchasing artwork, stretched canvas is one of the most cost-effective choices because a frame is not required. (Add in a frame and the average price becomes similar to framed fineart paper prints).


Revisiting the 16th century once more, Venetian painters struggled with finding a painting medium that stood up to their humid environment and would not warp, sag or shrink over time. Once again, canvas for the win! The fibers are capable of being tightly stretched, so warping and shrinking is much less likely. On a large scale, that can still be a concern, but mostly that became a non-issue. With inkjet printing these days, canvas prints are an extremely high quality media option, whether you want a small 12×16″ print or a larger than life 72×48″ print.
Additionally, high quality canvas prints have top notch archival properties, often with 100+ year lifespans. Many high quality canvas art prints are coated in a UV protective finish and as another bonus, are naturally glare resistant. If your wall is facing a window or getting a good amount of ambient light, UV protected canvas is a wise choice.


In terms of subject matter, canvas is suitable for virtually all types – abstract, landscape, seascapes, cityscapes, macro, portraits, and the list goes on. Coming from a photography gallery background featuring detailed landscape photography, I had a preconceived notion that crisp aluminum prints and/or fine art photo paper either framed or acrylic face-mounted were the optimal media options to highlight the exquisite detail of digital photography. I will say, seeing is believing.
The first time I saw Bella Bellagio by John Scanlan on stretched canvas (below) with my own eyes, those notions faded away. The detail in this photograph was certainly not lost when printed on canvas – if anything, the warm glow and sense of depth was enhanced. It was stunning!
Contrasting with the detailed landscape image, this abstract beach photograph is perfectly suited printed on canvas.


There are three primary ways to order canvas wall art – wrapped canvas, framed canvas, or as a triptych. Each of those options begins with the canvas print being stretched over stretcher bars.

Wrapped Canvas

For the cost-effective option, once the canvas is stretched, you are done! Simply hang the wrapped canvas print and enjoy. The term “gallery wrapped” refers to the method of stretching the canvas all the way over the stretcher bars and securing it on the back of the piece so that the edges are not exposed once hung. It is a polished look and our preference!

Framed Canvas

Another option is to add a “float” frame. The frame is attached to the back of the stretched canvas, leaving a narrow gap all the way around the front of the piece which creates the subtle illusion thecanvas is floating within the frame. The addition of a frame can transform the piece to complement a variety of decor styles: contemporary, vintage, rustic, modern, eclectic..
Adding a black float frame to a canvas piece makes for a modern or classic look.


This option is only available for certain images. Ordering the stretched canvas as a triptych divides the image into three equal pieces. This covers a large wall with ease, adds interest and is very popular with abstract art.
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2023.06.08 11:15 elizabethhjo Need New Users Plz!!

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2023.06.08 11:14 kjdvn1340 Lucifer: Season 1 2016

phim Lucifer: Season 1 2016 Tên lạ Lucifer Morningstar. Kiểu cũng như ""Who are you?. ""I'm Lucifer'. ""The morning star"". Lucifer giọng Anh, mặc suit nguyên tập phim, hết sức hay đùa cợt, không thích cách lao lý cập nhật kẻ phạm tội, thích trừng phạt bọn chúng theo phương pháp riêng của mình. cách dùng nói khôn cùng khéo léo bắt buộc cứ sau một mỗi bữa tiệc là thấy lên giường sở hữu 2,3 cô. tuy nhiên tính giải pháp thì đang dần biến đổi nhờ chị Thanh Tra. chú ý tầm thường mong giúp đõ người thân bằng phương pháp đi trừng phạt kẻ hại bọn họ. 📷 hình họa trong phim Chúa Tể Địa Ngục: Phần 1 - Lucifer: Season 1 (2016) Dù Lucifer nói khá nhiều trong phim tuy nhiên không cảm nhận chán nhưng mà ngược lại sẽ là điều hấp dẫn của tập phim. Lucifer không thuyết phục mọi người chỉ với quyện lực của bản thân mình bên cạnh đó bằng rất nhiều lí lẽ mà chúng ta không thể cãi được. gợi mở Lucifer cũng tương đối công bằng trong bài toán xét xử loài người. 📷 ảnh trong phim Chúa Tể Địa Ngục: Phần 1 - Lucifer: Season 1 (2016)
cốt truyện bắt đầu lạ, kiểu CSI hay Castle version Angel and Demon. Diễn cục đóng tốt, có một không hai là anh diễn cục thiết yếu. biểu thị một Lucifer thích bỡn cợt & coi việc trừng phạt kẻ tất cả tội là thú vui. tuy vậy cũng biết điểm dừng and hay nghĩ cho người khác. Thường ít lúc nào nghiêm túc nhưng mà hay đùa cợt khi có cách. Đan xen giữa thần thánh và Việc thực tiến hành khởi công lí của cảnh sát. (Lúc đầu bạn tưởng là thần đấu thần, cái đấy thì chán chết). mà lại là thần giúp công an giải quyết vụ án. Khá thú vị và mới lạ. 📷 hình ảnh trong phim Chúa Tể Địa Ngục: Phần 1 - Lucifer: Season 1 (2016) Chúa Tể Địa Ngục: Phần 1 vietsub mô tả bắt đầu lạ, kiểu CSI hay Castle bản mẫu Angel and Demon. Diễn cục đóng có lợi, có một không hai là anh diễn cục chính. thể hiện 1 Lucifer thích bông lơn & coi việc trừng phạt kẻ gồm tội là thú vui. nhưng cũng biết điểm dừng và hay nghĩ cho những người khác. Thường ít lúc nào nghiêm túc cơ mà hay bông lơn khi có cơ hội. Đan xen giữa thần thánh and bài toán thực khởi công lí của công an. (Lúc đầu mọi người tưởng là thần đấu thần, loại đó thì chán chết). tuy thế là thần giúp cảnh sát giải quyết vụ án. Khá thú vị và mới lạ. 📷 hình ảnh trong phim Chúa Tể Địa Ngục: Phần 1 - Lucifer: Season 1 (2016) Poster: trông như quảng cáo Bar, tiệm rược hoặc CLUB trai bao cho những quí bà đẳng cấp ấy. sinh sản cảm hứng cho tất cả những người xem sex scene sẽ nhiều and cụm cảnh 18+ không cấp thiết có thể True Blood (đúng chuẩn phim heo ). Cốt truyện: Chúa tể âm phủ chán đời sống âm phủ đề nghị xuống L.A quậy phá. tuy nhiên rút cục lại đi giúp đõ 1 chị thanh tra phá án cũng như trừng phạt gần như kẻ phạm tội. 📷
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2023.06.08 11:14 aftercloudia Despite purported animosity between the two...

Mariska and Philip had incredible chemistry on screen as Olivia and Stone. Not in a romantic sense at all, just in general. Their headbutting on cases and the personal moments like playing baseball with Noah and Olivia comforting Stone with his sister's death... it's great tv.
I know a lot of people in this sub don't care for Stone, coming off the immense high bar Barba set, but as a person Stone is blunt and engaging. He's true to his name, he is stone, a stoic. It's a great contrast to Olivia who tends to be like water (at least at the time, she's not so much anymore)
I don't know, I think season 20 doesn't get enough credit for the punches it delivered. Despite being a Barba girlie, I'm also a Stone truther lol.
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2023.06.08 11:14 Saruka24 Best Quality Gate Valves Manufacturer in India

Strong Valves is one of the leading Gate Valves Manufacturer in India.A valve is a mechanical engineering tool that controls the flow of fluid, gas, or steam by opening, closing, or partly obstructing a number of channels. A variety of valve types are needed in many businesses, including those that use water distribution systems, oil refineries, petrol pipelines, etc.We are a leading hammer valves manufacturers in India
Moreover, we are the top ball valve stockists in India.Because they offer precise control of fluid flow and pressure—which is required to ensure efficient and secure operations—valves are essential in many industrial processes. There are several varieties of valves, such as Gate valves, Ball valves, Hammer Valves and Butterfly valves, among others.
Product Source - check valve manufacturers
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2023.06.08 11:13 Olimp_277353 I've changed thermal paste on my processor and now everything is breaking

(Idk if this is a hardwere or a software issue)
Last week I noticed that my computer was overheating pretty badly so after trying everything else Ive changed the thermal paste, but when I tried to open my pc again as soon as I logged in I got a bluescreen, and that repeated like 10 times after restarting the pc eventually it worked after cleaning off the paste with rubbing alcohol but every app was crashing every few minutes games crashed, browsers crashed the search function on the task bar stopped working the audio stopped working and Ive started getting bluescreens again. Ive tried everything I could and it still isnt.
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2023.06.08 11:10 baconhammock69 Investing in a small restaurant, Good idea?

Hi Everyone,
First post, Iso go easy on me!
So basically I've got a situation where I've fallen in love with a small restaurant in my city, they make fantastic South American dishes, the owner currently does mostly bar take overs, residences and events, but I understand they're looking to open up a permanent residence at some point in the near future, because they've gained so much attention in the past year.
I want to approach him and offer to invest because I genuinely think he / we could make something of this venture, but I wanted to just pick a few brains on here really as I've never invested in a business before, but it's something I've always wanted to do as a way to diversify a little and quite frankly have something more interesting to invest in than an index fund!
My questions are:
  1. Is having basically no experience in the restaurant / hospitality industry a real issue? I'm hoping to be a mostly silent partner here, I do have some experience I can bring to the table (sorry for the pun) but it's mostly around marketing / sales and maybe a few contacts that could help.
  2. I understand it's a high risk venture, but even if it's successful will it actually see that much of a return all said and done? I'm not in a rush of course.
  3. Should I simply ask for X% of the business and get a contract written up, the legal bases covered or is there a different way of going about it?*
Apologies for all the questions, I'm typically quite a safe boring person with investments and want to test my comfort zone a little but at the same time not make any stupid / rookie mistakes with my 1st and hopefully not last investment in smaller businesses.
*For context I know the guy, but I wouldn't consider him a friend, so our relationship would be professional rather than personal.
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2023.06.08 11:09 Saruka24 Supreme Quality ASTM A193 B16 Round Bar Manufacturer in India

Tough Alloy is a Leading ASTM A193 B16 Round Bar Manufacturer in India. We never compromise on quality and always provide high-quality products all around the world.
Round Bar Manufacturer is also well-known as a cutting-edge manufacturing enterprise with years of experience, where we produce high-quality Round Bar using cutting-edge technology. Each material has distinct features such as strength, corrosion resistance, ductility, and conductivity, which enable it to be employed in a wide range of applications.
We are the top Inconel X750 Round Bar Manufacturer. The size of a round bar and its diameter, which can range from a few millimetres to many inches, is usually stated. We are also a Round Bar Manufacturer in Malaysia ,Round Bar Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia,and Round bar manufacturer in Turkey.
Product Page: Round Bar Manufacturer in India
You may also like : Round Bar Manufacturer in UAE
Mailus on: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.08 11:07 ceroij Best Tailgating / portable pellet grill?

I am looking at a tailgating / portable pellet grill that I can take between my parents cottage, house, and my own personal apartment. They already have a green egg and weber gas grill in their cottage and house and i want to add a pellet smoker for ease, and a tailgating one specifically for portability.
Is there one recommended tailgating one? I am located in Canada and right now am considering the Traeger Tailgater, the Grilla Grills Chimp, and the GMG Trek.
Right now I am heavily leaning towards the Chimp (wifi, folding legs, good quality), but Canadian shipping is expensive and I am looking at $750 USD for the grill plus $200 for shipping. The traeger comes in much cheaper ($600 USD), but seems like much lower quality. I am still researching the GMG Trek, but would probably need to get the legs with it.
Is there an ideal portable pellet grill?
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2023.06.08 11:07 david88sr Trek multitrack 750 1995 featuring "Deep Section" Prolite Bracianno A42W wheels, Ritchey Gravel Bars, Sensah shifters and Shimano altus

Trek multitrack 750 1995 featuring submitted by david88sr to xbiking [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 11:07 RivenMian22 EN- Best bar to watch champions league in on Sunday

Hey guys, I am Inter-railing and will be in Venice for the champions league final on Sunday and I am wondering which would be the best pub/bar to watch it in. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 11:05 smithjames96 Solution to Troubleshoot the “HP Printer Offline” issue

Solution to Troubleshoot the “HP Printer Offline” issue

Even after you have successfully connected your printer, your HP printer may still display the "HP Printer says offline" error message. This means your printer cannot communicate properly with your PC. There are more than one reasons why this error occurs. Here are some of them:
  • Due to outdated drivers
  • Multiple connection problems
  • Wrong configuration error
  • IP address conflict

Fixes for the “HP Printer Offline” issue

Here are some quick fixes you can try to resolve the error from your printer.

Fix1 (Check the Connection Status)

You must first determine if there are any connection problems. If you are using a USB or LAN cable to connect the printer, try reconnecting the cable. You can also try swapping your computer's USB ports or your router's LAN ports.Also, check if the printer is receiving a strong signal. Low signal strength can result in frequent disconnections, causing the printer to go offline. In this case, you can try to reconnect the printer to the Wi-Fi network or connect to a different network if available.

Fix 2 (Use HP Print and Scan Doctor)

HP offers the HP Print and Scan Doctor, a troubleshooting tool that helps diagnose problems with HP printers and offers users possible solutions.
  • Open HP Print and Scan Doctor on the computer.
  • On the main application screen, click the Start button.
  • Select a printer profile > “Next”.
  • Follow the instructions to resolve the issue.

Fix 3 (Switch to Online Mode)

If the printer was taken offline, it displays the Printer offline message and prevents printing. You can just check it and get back online.Go to the Control panel and then
  1. Hardware and Sound
  • 2. Devices and Printers.
  • 3. Right-click the HP printer and select View What's Printing.
  • 4. Tap on the Printer tab.
  • 5. Uncheck Use the printer offline.

Fix 4 (Assign a Static IP Address)

Printers often experience problems connecting to the network wirelessly.First, the computer needs to be connected to the printer with USB. Then follow these steps. open HP Smart on your computer.
  • Select the Printer Settings tab.
  • Under Settings, click Advanced Settings.
  • Select Network from the menu bar.
  • Expand the Wireless (802.11) menu.
  • Choose the network address (IPV4).
  • Check the Manual IP Address check box and assign a manual IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
  • You can use the ipconfig and arp -a commands to find out these details.
  • Open a command prompt on your computer.
  • Type ipconfig and press Enter. There you will see the subnet mask and the default gateway.
  • Now type arp -a and press Enter.
  • Assigns a unique IP address that is not in the arp list. In this case, we can assign any IP address that is not in the list and between and

Wrapping Up

To summarize, the HP Printer offline issue is a very common error and can occur to any HP Printer user. Although, the error is not that severe. But needs to be resolved. I hope the above-mentioned fixes have been informative for you. You can contact the HP Support team, if in case the fixes don’t work for you.

Source code:- https://hpsupporthelpinfo.blogspot.com/2023/06/Solution%20to%20Troubleshoot%20the%20HP%20Printer%20Offline%20issue.html
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2023.06.08 11:04 bitchinwitchy Witnessed strange lights

Witnessed strange lights
Back at the end of last year I had a series of weird things happen that I’m trying to process/get some insight on. It started a few months after I began experimenting with magic mushrooms. I had taken a fair amount of mushrooms before these events happened and hadn’t experienced anything out of the ordinary even taking probably close to 7 grams in a period of 2 hours or so - and did not have too heavy of a trip) I decided to start dosing before work which I figured would be chill as (like I said) I had already experimented and did not get visuals or feel particularly out of control. In fact it felt like I was a lot more in tune with my surroundings even driving and stuff.
With that said, I started taking about 1 gram or so every couple days and around this time is when I met Sue - a homeless woman who would come into our coffee shop almost daily while I was barista-ing. I was immediately intrigued by her and we became fast friends. She told me she was 67, half miwok Indian, half polish, and she was always dressed in a colorful outfit, beautiful rings, with her nails painted. She’d tell me about her tarot readings and we’d share a cigarette while I was on break. It was clear when I met her she probably had some type of mental illness going on because she would sometimes talk loudly about arch angel michael, money from god, and things that didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I tried to remain open minded and curious with her. I even offered her mushrooms but she refused saying she had “enough spiritual stuff going on in her life.”
One day, after a particularly interesting conversation with Sue, I disappeared off to run an errand for my boss, when I came back Sue was gone and my boss handed me a tattered book. it was “A Life in Drama” a biography on Shakespeare or something of the like, and the outside of the book was covered in cryptic pen drawings like I’d never seen before. There was an inscription “June Sue I learn from you!” Which immediately brought me back to the first day I met her. She had drawn me and I had told her loved that I loved her name - she told me I should add it to my name and I agreed with her.
“your guardian anglebirth” it read. And there was a sparrow hawk, trees, a ship all sort of in abstract pen drawing. On the front, in small ink, less than an inch, there was an almost abstract looking shape and in the center was the word “love” - she never told me what the shape was as she didn’t remember drawing it but later my therapist suggested it as a picnic basket. Anyway, a few days later I went and had it tattooed on my arm because I loved it.
I was in the process of quitting my job around this time so I wasn’t seeing Sue as often which prompted me to think about when to go visit her. I was in no hurry to show her, I knew when the time was right I would go.
A few afternoons later, after taking about a gram of mushrooms I bought 200$ worth and then went to see her. It was around this time that day I started hearing voices I thought at the time were god and the mushrooms themselves.
It’s been a while since this all happened so my memory is a bit blurry, though I did write down most of what happened shortly thereafter. Anyways, there was something about Sue that I trusted. I really wanted to show her my mushrooms so I took her to my trunk. All I remember is sitting in the back of the trunk with her and all of a sudden these crazy lilac purple lights start shining down on me like I’m on a stage? This is in broad daylight on the street. I remember there was like a little noise they made I think, and it felt like i was in the twilight zone. It was so bizarre - I’ve never experienced anything remotely like it. And the only place they really shown down on was my face and neck (where I had lots of acne). As I’m like, what the fuck is going on Sue looks over and says something along the lines of “many gifts are coming to you.” ( like I said, never experienced ANY visions before and having Sue acting like she saw the light too makes me feel like something weird is going on. )
Later on back in her tent all of a sudden I start experiencing the most insane pain but it’s not physical. To this day I don’t know how to describe it but I was deeply uncomfortable to the point where I am SCREAMING in this woman’s tent and she’s telling me to quiet down so the cops don’t come and commit me. After that she gave me water, food, and it kind of felt like she could read my mind which is a phenomena I experienced a lot the next few days. Everything I needed she provided. I was completely depleted and weak. She was yelling at mysterious powers saying “earthangel June (me) does not deserve this!!” She told me I had been divinely poisoned by the mushrooms because I had not blessed them before ingesting them. Later that night she also tells me that her tarot cards told her a young woman would come to visit her and that I was she.
I slowly came down a bit. Sue offered for me to spend the night, but I knew I wanted to go back home, though it was past midnight when I got home. I don’t remember much of the mundane time between - The next morning I woke and headed back to her where I spent another full day and find out both me and my dads debit cards aren’t working, and Sue is unsurprised (I’m starting to believe in this weird matrix of energy she’s talking about and feel like I’m targeted when I’m around her, or that she has some sort of bad luck) She dropped many lessons about God, energy, and demons and doing readings for people, which I started to come around to that day. I noticed that even people I would have avoided or felt unsafe with on my own, respected her or at least stayed away from her. I have a vivid memory of her saying “watch this!” And then with a lasso motion zapping me energetically so hard it makes me wince. That day Sue piled heaps of designer clothes into the trunk of my car which had been donated by the wealthy. As she does this she handed me a piece of paper that had printed on it what I later find out is a piece of “They’re made out of meat” by Terry Bison.
They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "Meat. They're made out of meat." "Meat?" "There's no doubt about it. We picked several from different parts of the planet, took them aboard our recon vessels, probed them all the way through. They're completely meat." "That's impossible. What about the radio signals? The messages to the stars." "They use the radio waves to talk, but the signals don't come from them. The signals come from machines." "So who made the machines? That's who we want to contact." "They made the machines. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Meat made the machines." "That's ridiculous. How can meat make a machine? You're asking me to believe in sentient meat." "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. These creatures are the only sentient race in the sector and they're made out of meat."
She asked me if I remember the guy who comes into our coffee shop with a helmet on sometimes, and I say yes, and she suggests he might be an alien because she found this on the table after he left.
It is clear to me now that day, November 29th I was beginning to open the question - who am I? I’d been curious of my lineage but also potential past lives.
I went back home that night and At 2am still hopped up from the mushrooms I put on some clothes Sue had given me and got in my car feeling called to drive aimlessly. After 15 minutes I reached a glowing indigo Hyatt sign and immediately pulled in. I had just quit my Hyatt job and figured at the very least it could be a job opportunity for me there (as I had just quit working at a Hyatt)
When I got there a short, beautiful, and politely unassuming woman greeted me at a desk amidst a beautiful well light welcoming room. She appeared to be completely alone and I immediately felt safe and welcomed by her, though I quickly revealed I wasn’t quite sure why I had intended to show up to the hotel. I went with the flow, the woman asked me if I’d rather be at a cheaper Hyatt down the road and I immediately refused. I went to use the restroom, when I came out there was a single strangely menacing, yet friendly guard.
I hung around aimlessly, asking if I could sit on the marble countertops - dressing and acting as if completely in a trance and unashamed of myself and still high on mushrooms. The woman discouraged me because I think I would’ve been seen on the cameras. Instead, I sat down on a comfortable couch and began to converse with her. I felt She was gentle and good hearted but I also felt we were deeply on the same wavelength somehow. She asked me about my life, and I vaguely mentioned it was changing deeply - referring to my experiences with Sue and Psylocibin, without mentioning them. I stared deeply and intently at her, listening to her talk a bit, while in my head I asking questions in my mind “who will I have children with?” “Where do I belong in this life?” Feeling desperate and exhausted by those questions.
The woman picked up her can of bright red coke with both hands, 3 fingers facing up on either side, and told me the answers would come to me in a dream. I broke out into surprised, joyful, and astounded laughter and exclaimed “holy shit!” Because in my state it seemed like she was totally clued into what I had going on. Then she said what translated to my trancelike state as something along the lines of, “this isn’t my first rodeo.”
At this point, I’m still in an altered state and believe this hotel is somehow heaven?
Once our conversation was over, we took the elevator up together, (I think she knew I was high and wanted to make sure nothing went wrong.) I asked for a room on the 4th floor, but she said an entire childrens soccer team was residing and that she’d give me the third. I laughed and thanked her. She asked me a few questions, I don’t remember what they were, but they were easy to answer and I only remember her saying “we just want to make sure what you took was clean.” I’m not sure what she meant by this looking back, but in the moment I thought she was asking me because there was something she didn’t want to share with me if the mushrooms I had taken weren’t safe. Like she wanted to check my purity or something (though I could be imagining that)
She lead me to my room, said I could leave the door open, with the latch, when I wanted to come down, and did not give me a key and then she said that she’d be with me all night long.
I put my things down, and immediately began to look at myself in the luminescent hotel room mirrors feeling a deep pain and sadness. I slowly and delicately put my hair up, washed my face carefully, got undressed and began to massage lotion into my skin for some reason?
Then I looked in the mirror and began to squeeze the gunk out of my skin, believing that I am somehow ridding myself of ancestral curses - famine, disease, rape, pain. I started to form a story line around potential past lives. I’ll spare y’all the details of the rest of my episode because a lot of it still doesn’t make much sense to me. But besides the light I saw, it’s little coincidences that I keep coming back to in my mind that are so strange.
Like, The next day I get a haircut, the barber is an eclectic guy and mentions my evil twin sister (something Sue also did) for no apparent reason (I’ve never met the guy before) afterwards I go to the kava bar and immediately meet a random girl who also seems to be in the middle of a psychotic episode. She starts talking about conspiracy theories and stuff and she tells me she is secretly a native woman who just appears to be a black woman. Then she pulls out a pendulum and refers to it as “this thingy” I’m a bit surprised because the night before Sue had shown me how to use one to read yes, no and maybe.
I take my new friend Candace back home with me (she reveals to me she has another name she only shares when she feels safe) I don’t remember what it was but when I introduce her to one of my roommates as Candace he says “oh no it’s something more ancient than that” which I find really weird because he’s never met her before (how would he know she had a second name?) and it’s just a weird thing to say in general.
I forget I have a therapy appointment that day and am all of a sudden skeptical of my therapist, Candace briefly meets her and then tells me “she was divinely sent” which makes me feel less paranoid and I remember expecting her to say something of the like.
It’s also around this time I find 3 dead birds on a bike ride on the ground (3 different species) within exactly 11 minutes and they seem to stand out enough to maybe be trying to tell me something. I asked my friend who is a medicine woman to interpret the meaning, and it feels pretty on point to what happened looking back.
In retrospect, not necessarily everything I’ve shared means something extra-ordinary, but I’m curious to hear some other thoughts on what happened, and the context.
I put my things down, and immediately began to look at myself in the luminescent hotel room mirrors feeling a deep pain and sadness. I slowly and delicately put my hair up, washed my face carefully, undressed and began to massage lotion into my skin for some reason?
Then I looked in the mirror and began to squeeze the gunk out of my skin, believing that I was somehow ridding myself of ancestral curses - famine, disease, rape, pain. I started to form a story line around potential past lives.
I laid down in the bed, bluntly put, grabbed my vibrator, and spent hours with a voice in my head I believe to be the woman. She was gentle, wise and delicate, and when I touched myself I felt it was not me but her.
She told me things I wanted to understand about original biblical references, the creation of Adam and Eve, or whatever names they were, and I saw and felt at times, that I was birthing other creations amidst the quiet, deep intense, solitude of our connection. It was deeply lovely. I looked at the clock and had an innate sense our time was coming to an end. Completely naked and feeling nothing but gratitude, love, and wonder, I opened the curtains and looked out at the most beautiful cloudy sunrise. I felt I was looking directly at god and not a word had been said all night inside the room. It was one of the most beautiful things ID ever seen - I was truly in it, and I just knew.
I forgot, that when I had first checked into the room I had texted the man I was sleeping with, whom I loved, but was feeling confusion around as we were staying only casually connected. I regrettedly called him back (he had tried to call me earlier after I had sent him a series of cryptic texts like “some really cool shit is happening call me when you can.”) I asked him if I could come over, he said “I have some things to do today, can it wait?” I said “no” “he said I guess I can make the time then, or something along those lines.” Still in a complete trancelike state, I got in the car and frantically drove to his house without any real permission, which is painful to think about in retrospect.
When I got there, I unassumingly rang the doorbell and he happily let me in as if, or as I thought, he’d been expecting me.
I crawled into bed with him and felt safe again, like I had with Sue and with the woman whose name I had learned was Alexandria. I thought I could relax, but then immediately sex ensued again, and I felt both more and less control than I usually did when I was not in this strange state.
I don’t remember much except screaming and crying loudly, calling his name and telling him I loved him (which I had never done before) and I remember him saying it back to me.
I could feel my spiritual energy was so strong he was responsive to it which was terrifying as it was so new to both of us. In retrospect, I feel we were-him most of all, somewhat blind to what was happening. Sue had told me we had the power to hypnotize men, but I didn’t think I would be doing that so soon.
Before I knew it he asked me if I had a condom. I said no only in my car outside. And he pulled out what almost appeared to be a flaming red one directly after asking me if I had mine. I don’t remember putting it on or taking it off. I asked if he’d had sex with anyone else and he said “last week” which was strange and hurt me because I thought we had been sort of accidentally exclusive for the majority of our relationship together - later he revealed he had not had sex. I recall holding his hand and showing each other the birth of creation, me showing him love perhaps, feeling balls of light and darkness as stars circle each other before they explode. After that I only really remember being on top of him, me in complete control, asking him to cum, him saying “I can’t” and then having a massive horrible realization, looking him straight in the face and saying, “ohhhhh you’re the devil aren’t you? You’re beautiful. Oh my god you’re beautiful.” He looked so beautiful and I held his face. Then I was professing my love for him again and again and again even though my heart was breaking as I did because I somehow knew the face looking at me was not capable of love. The rest was a confusing blur. I don’t remember much about leaving him except that it hurt me probably more than the spiritual pain I had experienced in the tent. I felt completely and utterly alone, heart broken, and terrified. Rattled, and in a daze I pulled up my phone directions, and drove for what felt like 20 minutes until I saw a beautifully insane woman, head hung low, dressed in black, almost like a shadow, sitting on the curb, both feet in the road. I slowed down, rolled my window, and asked for Sue. She said yes she’s already at the place with the TV, and she said she wanted something in return. She went to reach for my Bluetooth adapter and without question, I handed it to her. I had learned not to be afraid to lose things, my love and life was the only thing that mattered to me.
I drove onward, got on the freeway, and in memory, passed exits I recognized over and over again driving for what felt like an hour, miserable and screaming and crying in pain and fear, windows rolled down wind recklessly pushing and pulling at me, and calling out for Sue, understanding I was time traveling. I remember most vividly seeing the words “Richard blvd” (the name of my exit to Davis” at least twice between sacramento exits. I attempted not to doubt, only to trust, I would arrive home, though I was terrified for my physical and spiritual lives.
I don’t remember much about arriving home. I only remember being deeply relieved to be somewhere familiar again.
I would stay in this state a few more days…until my parents pulled me out, I believed my mother had died and I felt such agony I was screaming in the room of my house, my roommates rushing in to comfort me. I was not in control enough of myself to remain on those realms in any capacity after the days I had been through. I needed to be recaptured reraptured in love only my family could give me. And I am forever grateful they took me home to them.
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2023.06.08 11:03 swiftkick722 My wife (35F) cheated on me (37m). I'm still trying to make it work. 9 years together.

We had a son 1 year into our relationship and life got really busy to say the least. I've always helped with house hold stuff, cooking, dishes, laundry, diapers. I found it difficult to find a time and place for sex. She kept our son in our bed for the first 5 years. She would ask for sex and I would ask when? And how? I would ask her to get him in his own bed but she wanted him close. Anyway once things settled down and life got easier I had more opportunities for intimacy. Then she didn't want a anything to do with it and said I was only coming around because she lost weight. Her weight never had anything to do with it. She got a good job after she finished school and it was like someone flipped a switch, she didn't want anything to do with me at all. She even started going to bars regularly for over a year while I took care of everything at home. Slowly after a year or two she started to come back around and our relationship ended up being better and stronger than it ever was. Then last Oct she tells me she had an "emotional affair with a coworker on 2019 and that it wasn't physical and had ended early 2020". She told me only because his wife found out. I stuck my head in the sand didn't ask details and just said I'm staying let's move on. Then 5 months later I pick her phone up and it's on with them messing each other. Both saying "I love you". After talking with her I found out they had done physical stuff too.. and then a couple months later i even found old pictures of them together physically. She says it's ended with him now. But she's walled up and all this has taken such a huge toll. It's really hard to just throw away 9 years with someone, I built a life with this person. But at this point I feel like I'm fighting for this to work and she's trying but checked out. She doesn't want sex now. She comes home want watches Netflix on her phone most nights. We go on dates but it feels like she's forcing herself to do all this. My big thing is, why am I fighting for this relationship more than she is? It's like she gave up.
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2023.06.08 11:03 fart_boner69 Couple of bream I did at the weekend

Couple of bream I did at the weekend
Took up the entire Smokey Joe, but came out amazing Served with a chili, spring onion and lemon salsa Didn't get any pics of the prawns that I did first
Last cook on my old grill, got a mastertouch now, gonna be a great summer
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2023.06.08 11:01 plxmtreee SEC Drops the Hammer on Binance: Explosive Allegations Surface of Fund Mishandling and Regulator Deception!

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2023.06.08 11:01 g3rrity Hdin positioning and keybinds for tele stomp

I struggle to be able to hold shift while also teleing, hammering, and pressing alt to see drops especially in places like CS where lots of things are dropping and I want to be able to quickly see and scan them as I go. What is best positioning when doing this? I know where to stand generally to cast hammers but I’ve heard both keeping mobs to NW of you and NE of you when casting hammers. I struggle to position also with teleing in particular. It feels chaotic atm and not as efficient as I’d like.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions! <3.
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2023.06.08 11:01 SpiritDan Captain in Terminator armour loadout question.

I’m wanting to start playing in 10th. Looking at the loadout, am I right in thinking that the Thunder Hammer is far stronger than relic weapon, but with lower chances at hits? I have a spare thunder hammer at home and was wondering if the trade off is worth it.
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