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Weight loss has become an incredible part of our life and hence to know about the tips and tricks in it becomes significant. This subreddit is dedicated to those who are looking for weight loss tips, quick weight loss techniques and healthy natural weight loss products.

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Looking to lose some body fat? To improve your physique? To feel better and boost your confidence? Whatever your reason to lose weight you've come to the right place. You can discuss all things regarding healthy fat loss, strength training here! But first, before posting a question, be sure to review our Wiki:

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For Healthy living.

2023.06.05 04:33 WroachWrabbit Transwoman 5yrs HRT, experiencing FPB

Here's one for y'all, I'm a trans woman, been on hrt for 5 years (I am now 28), T levels very low, estrogen levels ideal. For the past year my hair has been shedding a lot. I have had super thick hair my whole life, but suddenly i have a noticeable part, and my bangs seem depleted and don't cover my temples as fully anymore. I haven't noticed a receding hairline, but when I really wash my hair out, a shocking amount seems to come out. I've been trying different methods for a few months including laser cap, and just start Finasteride to see if it helps.
I'm honestly stumped. Seems to follow female pattern hair loss. Haven't trued minoxidil, because it seems so costly when you extrapolate buying it forever. Any similar experiences? I always hear that HRT stops this from happening, but mine started years into being on HRT
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2023.06.05 04:32 idrkwisph 26M [M4F] US/EST/anywhere People to make good conversation with, potential for more?

And im cool with staying friends if things aren't ideal for either of us! Looking for something serious, monogamous and with someone that matches my energy.
Dad, writer (poetry), weight lifter, runner, film enjoyer etc. I wear a lot of hats.
Send me a song that's been on repeat a lot for you lately, or let's do a playlist swap (please use Spotify).
Don't mind swapping pictures so you can get an idea of what I look like (don't be weird).
I don't do short messages.
And no I won't add you on snap, I don't even have any social media aside from this lmao.
If you've read this far, send me your cringiest dad joke.
You reading this probably:
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2023.06.05 04:32 Moosalini42 Wanting advice on how to determine first marathon time to shoot for

I have been a consistent runner for the past 2.5-3 years. However I’ve had quite a shift in weight in that time. Last October I had weight loss surgery and since then have lost over 130lbs and am still losing weight albeit more slowly.
I am a 32 yr old male. Current weight 206. I have been running more consistently lately at higher rates of speed and because of this am having trouble knowing where to draw pace lines in my training.
My current PRs are 5k at 27ish. Did it on a treadmill and have a race next weekend where I will shoot for 26min.
10kis a 55:40 and where I had a 5k race start 30 min after I finished (weird 15k race format but it’s a fun local race I’ve done for many years). 400ish vert
half marathon is a 2hr19:54. I did it at the marine corps half marathon which has a murderous hill in the last 2 miles that really slowed me (and everyone around me) down. 800ish vert in the whole race
My longest run since surgery is a half marathon. Longest I’ve ever done is 16 miles. I average 4 runs a week and between 15-20 miles. But with scheduling I’ll be looking at 4-5 days of exercise per week as I’ve been more relaxed the last couple weeks. I will be cross training with rowing and playing with my rugby club.
I have the marine Corp marathon in DC on October 29th. Which says 650ish feet of vert.
I’m wondering where I should aim when training for a marathon. I think my main goal would be to be under 5 hours. Does this mean I should prep to run at roughly at an 11:20 mile. Am I being conservative with the 5 hour goal?
Would it be easier for me to start prepping at a faster pace and the dial it back or should I stay reserved in preparation.
Ultimately with my weight loss and surgery effects I’ve had little issue with hydration even as summer has been ramping up. Carb intake is far harder for me and this has meant that my race prep meals are usually more protein based than carb. I can’t eat pasta or bread in any large quantities so nutrition could be a limiter.
I am nervous to commit to a plan and could use some wise sage advice on best plans and aspirations. I’d be happy to provide more information to give a better picture. Thank y’all for your wisdom.
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2023.06.05 04:32 Acrobatic_Panic_7135 AITA for giving my friend a constructive criticism regarding her appearance?

My 20M and my friend 19F lets call her rose we’ve friends for over 3 years so she trust my opinion and we don’t usually sugarcoat things.
Rose has been actively trying to find a boyfriend on dating sites and she has almost 3-5 matches a day only and most of them are creepy old men.
Today she came and asked me for my opinion regarding her appearance and if i do think there is something wrong that can be fixed.
I told her that first her weight is big issue she’s morbidity obese ( due to PCOS) and she has a facial hair every time she shaves it grows immediately and her appearance in general doesn’t fit a “ female look” i kinda consider you as a one of the boys and i don’t feel any attraction toward you so maybe you could work on that.
She suddenly started crying and left the cafe, an hour later i got a call from mutual friend and said i was an asshole and that made me wonder Aita?
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2023.06.05 04:30 a_better_self Feeling gross - MIL touched me inappropriately

I struggle with my MIL. I used to cry almost hourly when we would visit. Now, I often favor group peace to my own direct comfort. I won’t speak up against her because it doesn’t end well.
Yesterday we attended a wedding. When discussing what we each planned to wear, I shared that I had a dress but I was self conscious due to weight gain and having to buy a new outfit. It is really cleavage-forward, which is not my norm. I don’t really know how to dress for my new shape so I went with something that was kinda sexy classic. Everything else seemed matronly on me.
When she saw me in the outfit, she pet and touched both my boobs (like the skin not dress). It was really strange but I laughed it off. Later that night she fake motorboated me at the dinner table. I had been drinking so I again laughed it off.
Today I feel so gross and dirty. I talked to my husband and while he was supportive it doesn’t really make me feel better. I really regret wearing that dress. I regret not feeling confident enough to correct her behavior. I am fearful that I wouldn’t be able to stop someone else’s behavior like that.
In my head, of course I would stop someone from touching me like that. In reality I made jokes. I have a history of SA and this makes me feel so vulnerable again. I thought that I had found my voice but now idk.
I have another week on “vacation” with MIL and I feel like I am suppressing all these emotions. I am embarrassed to talk to anyone about it because I don’t want them to judge me or her.
Eh ok I just needed to vent and maybe get validation that this was weird. It is weird right?! Right!?
Btw I am early 30s and she is mid 60s
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2023.06.05 04:30 MonthMammoth4133 Where do I go from here

Hello SIBO amigos,
I’ve been suffering from mixed hydrogen and methane for 3.5 crappy years now. It’s not for lack of trying to fix the situation. I’ve done 5 rounds of Xifaxin (with and without biofilm busters), 2 rounds of the elemental diet (same), and 4-5 months of herbals. Basically, I’ve tried every standard treatment, testing repeatedly along the way. My numbers never change really. At some point you realize that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.
So where do I go from here? The way I see it I have four options:
  1. Just assume this shit is for life and focus on symptom management, depressing as that is.
  2. Something is preventing me from clearing, whether it’s SIFO or parasites. Focus on that.
  3. Go all in on getting motility going. Maybe this stuff never clears until the trains are moving on time.
  4. Change tactics toward shifting the microbiome with targeted pre- and pro-biotics. Perhaps this is really just dysbiosis.
My main symptoms at the moment are mild constipation with loose/fragmented BMs when they come, zero libido (god I hate that one), general blahhhhh feeling, inability to keep weight on without supreme effort. I’m simply existing, not really living; which is no way to go on.
Any and all insight is much appreciated. Thanks you.
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2023.06.05 04:30 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading Program (Here)

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2023.06.05 04:30 Equivalent_Champion Am I being dramatic for wanting to go to the Emergency Room?

Is this enough of a reason to go to the ER?
I believe I’ve been struggling with Cushing’s syndrome for at least three years now. I have almost every symptom, including a large hump on my upper back and my face is expanding and swelling daily. I am only eating 1500 calories or less in order to not gain weight rapidly, I’m 5’10 and 245lbs. I’ve taken pictures and my face and neck has puffed up significantly in just the past week. I feel EXTREME fatigue. I was always a very active person and now even lifting my toddler into her car seat leaves me exhausted. The fatigue started three weeks ago and it gets worse with each passing day. I experience shortness of breath very often. I have migraines with pain so bad I vomit and my vision gets blurry. I went to urgent care last week and they tested my morning cortisol and it was elevated but only by 6ug/dL. I’m waiting to see my pcp for a referral to an endocrinologist for more in depth tests, but I am really struggling. I have to wait another month for my drs appointment just to get a referral to an endo and I feel like I’m dying a little more every day :(. I don’t know how much longer I can do this, but idk if the ER can even do anything for me. I would greatly appreciate any advice. ❤️
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2023.06.05 04:30 GloetechIndustries Risperdone and akathisia and severe withdrawls/dysphoria while on it

Risperdone and akathisia and severe withdrawls body feels on fire.
I've been taking this for about a year and had akathasia since, it finally clicked when I remembered what happened last time I was on it. I'm going off it in 3 days permanently. Will I go back to normal soon? I had the monthly injection does it vanish completely in your system after a month?. Also what I don't get is I feel like I'm withdrawing from Crack it feels like when im really craving a cig but worse like intense cravings its a kind of pain is this the intense dysphoria I hear about?. Also and sometimes it feels like my body is briefly on fire. Any help would be appreciated. BTW weed helps greatly but I'm in Texas.
Age 31, height 5'8, weight 235, male, meds are risperdone shot 234mg, gabapentin,trazadone at night, vraylar. I have schizophrenia no other previous medical conditions it's been 5 years with schiz the akathasia has lasted 7 months, location Texas azle.
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2023.06.05 04:29 greatestali A good customer service experience!

I ordered a V3 and a wooden palm rest. To my surprise, when I received the order it only had the palm rest.
I looked up on this subreddit to see what others experienced with Keychron customer service, and I actually dreaded what might be a terrible experience.
I sent an email to Keychron Canada support explaining the issue. I also sent them an image showing that the weight on the shipment label that was attached to the package and showed that the package was 0.322kg. Which meant that the keyboard, which is more than 1kg, was not in the package right from the get go.
To my surprise Keychron did not fight, they apologized and said they had moved to a new warehouse so it could be possible that the employees were not familiar with the new process.
I waited a bit and got the keyboard (which I absolutely FREAKING love btw!)
Just wanted to share my positive experience on here, especially since customer service in general seems to be going down the drain in every industry.
tl;dr: Keychron didn't send me my keyboard, I contacted them and they fixed their mistake without any extra hassle on my part.
PS: Only negative in this story is the palm rest is very uneven, I glued paper to the bottom of one corner and it fixed the issue but at this price point it's something that should at least be even. Would recommend the keyboard but not the palm rest.
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2023.06.05 04:29 No-Mail5202 10 days free after 11 years or Pmo addiction

Hi y'all. I just hit 10 days today and I thought it best to make my journey "official" by posting on this subreddit. Moreover, it is a requirement in my recovery plan. For the record, my first glance at porn was at age 8/9. I did not become addicted to it until the age 15. At first, I thought it helped me learn about sex and intimacy, today,11 years later, I'm sitting here writing this post having not achieved anything I had hoped for, just got kicked out of college last fall due to bad grades, financially unstable, no job and no healthy habits. Lately, I have had to deal with the consequences of being a liar to hide my addiction. The compounded effects of my porn addiction has left me with nothing but uncertainty. My family and a few close friends are all I have. I have suffered a wide variety of side effects from porn; anxiety, shame, guilt, regret, loss of relationships, loss of trust, PIED and porn novelty. Porn novelty has gotten me into dark porn places that had me feel shameful about what I watched. I'm a straight guy but I found myself watching gay and trans porn just to get off(no offense to gay and trans guys). I have been trying to quit since 2020. I haven't achieved success as I had wished but I have gained a better understanding of my addiction. I have also come up with a plan to ensure I maintain steady focus on what's needed to complete my recovery process. From today, I will post here once every two days to give updates on my progress and as a way to keep myself accountable.
I wish everyone on this journey success!
Thanks y'all!
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2023.06.05 04:29 Gracey21 Not sure if I got herpes- freaking out

Hi, I recently had sex with a partner and he had a cold sore on his lip (or i believe that’s what it was). I’m now having some spots on my vagina and I don’t really know exactly what they would look like. He went down on me, but he told me he doesn’t usually get cold sores repetitively . We have been close friends so I know his sexual history and know that he doesn’t have herpes (or atleast from sexual contact). I don’t really know how all of this works. If this is what it is, will it come back? Is it possible I could get it from that one time, especially if his isn’t a recurring thing? I am at a loss right now and I am only 19. I am worried sick and don’t know what to do. I don’t even want to go into the doctor.
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2023.06.05 04:29 BrianBash [USA-CA][H] Gigabyte 3080 12GB Waterforce, MSI Gaming Trio X 4090 BNIB [W] Local, PayPal

Happy Sunday,
First, old reliable, the 3080. Great card! Never overclocked, never mined, 3 years left on warranty. All original packaging included. I will also include a PCIe x4 Riser Cable in the deal. Always ran cooler than 60c playing Microsoft Flight Sim.

I also have a MSI Gaming Trio X 4090 that is BNIB. I got a bonus at work, made the offer on eBay and he accepted while I also impulse bought a PNY Verto 4090 from another user here. The PNY cost me less and the eBay seller does not accept returns. I'll take a little bit of a loss here because of that but its all good.

Local is 92211 (Palm Springs, CA)
Comment before PM
MSI Gaming Trio X 4090 $1600 Shipped/$1560 Local BNIB
GIGABYTE 3080 12GB Waterforce $520 Shipped/$480 Local Used, 1 yr. old. Mint condition.
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2023.06.05 04:28 PharmTechPillSlider Positive Story of Mounjaro and Lily ;)

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled at the foot of the magnificent Mounjaro Mountain, lived a young woman named Lily. Lily had always struggled with her weight and had often felt self-conscious about her appearance. She longed to embark on a journey of self-improvement and find a way to shed those extra pounds.
Mounjaro Mountain, with its majestic peaks and lush greenery, had always been a source of inspiration for the villagers. It was said that the mountain possessed a magical aura, capable of transforming those who dared to conquer its heights. Determined to make a positive change in her life, Lily decided to undertake the ultimate challenge—she would climb Mounjaro.
As she set off on her journey, Lily faced numerous physical and mental obstacles. The steep slopes tested her endurance, and the thin air at higher altitudes made breathing difficult. However, she persevered, fueled by her determination to overcome her weight-related struggles. With each step, Lily could feel the weight of her insecurities slowly lifting, replaced by a growing sense of accomplishment.
As she climbed higher, Lily began to realize the positive aspects of Mounjaro beyond just her weight loss. The breathtaking views from the summit reminded her of the beauty and vastness of the world. She met fellow climbers from different walks of life, all united by a common goal—to conquer the mountain and conquer their personal challenges.
On her journey, Lily discovered the importance of self-acceptance and self-love. Mounjaro became a symbol of her resilience and inner strength. It taught her that weight loss wasn't just about physical transformation but about embracing a healthy lifestyle and nurturing a positive mindset. She realized that her worth wasn't defined by her weight, but by her determination and the happiness she derived from leading a fulfilling life.
When Lily finally reached the summit of Mounjaro, she stood tall, proud, and lighter not just in body but in spirit too. The view from the top was awe-inspiring, stretching far beyond the horizon. The mountain had not only helped her shed pounds but had also gifted her a new perspective on life.
Returning to her village, Lily became an inspiration for others struggling with their own battles. She shared her journey and the positive impact it had on her life. Her story ignited hope in the hearts of those who had felt weighed down by their insecurities. Together, they formed a community that supported and encouraged each other in their pursuit of self-improvement.
In the years that followed, the village at the foot of Mounjaro transformed into a hub of wellness and positivity. People from far and wide flocked to the village, not just to witness the grandeur of the mountain but to seek personal growth and empowerment. The positive aspects of Mounjaro had rippled beyond weight loss, touching the lives of countless individuals and transforming the village into a beacon of inspiration.
And so, Mounjaro stood tall, not just as a physical landmark, but as a symbol of transformation, inner strength, and the boundless potential that lies within every individual.
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2023.06.05 04:28 Ikestrman Daily Pick'Em Thread Monday, 06/05/2023 Game day

Welcome back to another Pick'Em thread!
This post can be used to discuss your picks for 06/05/2023. If you have any feedback or suggestions on improving the thread further, drop a comment below or message the moderators.
Don't forget: picks must be submitted during the twelve-hour window before Noon EDT on game day, you can only make one selection per day, and missed days count as losses, so choose wisely and don't delay!
Games for Monday, 06/05/2023:
Matchup and Team Records Probable Pitchers (Season ERA) Estimated Win Probability
Tampa Bay Rays (42-19) @ Boston Red Sox (30-29) Shane McClanahan (2.07) / Brayan Bello (3.89) 53% / 47%
Detroit Tigers (26-31) @ Philadelphia Phillies (27-32) Joey Wentz (7.28) / Aaron Nola (4.70) 37% / 63%
Kansas City Royals (18-41) @ Miami Marlins (32-28) Carlos Hernandez (4.76) / Braxton Garrett (4.22) 38% / 62%
Oakland Athletics (12-49) @ Pittsburgh Pirates (31-27) JP Sears (4.37) / Johan Oviedo (4.50) 35% / 65%
Houston Astros (35-24) @ Toronto Blue Jays (33-27) Brandon Bielak (3.19) / Alek Manoah (5.46) 48% / 52%
Milwaukee Brewers (32-27) @ Cincinnati Reds (26-33) Julio Teheran (0.82) / Andrew Abbott (-) 55% / 45%
St. Louis Cardinals (25-35) @ Texas Rangers (38-20) Adam Wainwright (6.15) / Martin Perez (4.43) 42% / 58%
Chicago Cubs (26-32) @ San Diego Padres (27-32) Kyle Hendricks (3.86) / Blake Snell (4.50) 40% / 60%
  1. All columns are Away / Home. Records are typically current as-of the time of posting, and do not always contain the matchup results from the day of posting.
  2. A bolded matchup means that there is a "Probability of Precipitation" greater than 50% in a non-domed stadium at the time of this post.
  3. An italicized matchup means that it is Game 2 of a doubleheader, which for Pick'Em purposes will not be applicable (only Game 1 is counted, but Game 2 is still included above so that you can be aware that pitching management may be different than a non-doubleheader game day).
  4. Probable pitchers and stats sourced from (via the MLB-StatsAPI); weather data soured from the OpenWeather One Call API.
  5. Estimated chance of winning percentages sourced from FiveThirtyEight’s 2023 MLB Game Predictions, an ELO-based, easy to understand ratings system.
Details such as probable pitchers, winning odds, and match certainty are subject to change. Note that a pick for a team in a cancelled game (weather or otherwise) is automatically counted as a correct guess.
View Poll
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2023.06.05 04:28 ThatDudeRusty Made my first knife

Made my first knife
I bought some blanks online (high carbon railroad steel lol) as well as materials to make handles and such. I shaped the knife, the handle put a primary edge on it. (I need to clean that up but need some new belts to do it the way I want.) Sharpened it like I usually do and here we are.
I'm very pleased with how this came out. It's more of a German style knife in terms of thickness and weight. But I wanted to have more knives and thought you know what. I've seen some YouTube videos and I'm quite handy. Let me take a crack at it, I spent around what I would have spent on a good Zwilling Kramer, but I can say I made it with my own hands.
I'm very happy with how this turned out. Criticism accepted. Need to finish the blade but should be workable right now.
Labeled as content because I feel maker is reserved for people who sell and if I decide to go down that road I want to make more and refine my technique.
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2023.06.05 04:28 lunalovegood_22 Anybody wants to be my fitness buddy?

So I have put on a lot of weight due to stress and poor lifestyle habits. I want to start dieting and do some light exercising to keep my mind and body fit. Ever since I gave into this poor lifestyle, I have not been feeling my best self. I'm bloated, nauseated and my legs pain like hell with climbing just 1 flight of stairs.
I know someone who lost a massive amount of weight (nearly 15kgs) by only dieting. She didn't go to any gym or dietician. She looked gorgeous before and she looks even more gorgeous now. She inspired me to start my weight loss journey. I work a 9 to 5 job and I have no time to go to gym. I do my own cooking and so this is a big hindrance to my other activities. I just get tired from the cooking and also commuting between my office and house.
Any tips on dieting and how to stay fit would be appreciated. Also please share if you know any low carb high protein meal ideas that takes less cooking time. If you are also in the same boat like me, and if you wish to join in my fitness journey do ping me personally.
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2023.06.05 04:27 deeragunz_11 I sold my horse yesterday and now I have mixed feelings.

My horse is a wonderful horse, he truly felt special in my eyes. I just didn't have a mental or financial capacity to keep him anymore and he was starting to get sick, I monitored him for days until I had no choice to call the vets and found out that he had colic, it was apparently mild and he just needed some bute and electrolytes.
I was getting really fustrated at the agistor and how I felt like I was being taken advantaged of given he knew that I am not wealthy but was milking every opportunity to get some money out of me, he would buy hay bail without letting anyone know and would charge me for it, he would keep insisting that my horses hoofs need to be done again when they were just done there other week, that's another 80 dollars, it just all adds up and it was starting to become toxic.
The worst part is that, when they vets came that day to check on my horse, he dominated the entire conversation like as if that was his horse, so much ego I didn't understand why, he had no problem of me paying of course, but after I pulled out 400 dollars,the agistor tells me thinking this was funny that I'm "400 dollars poorer now". The vet strictly said do not give him hard feeds for 3 days only grazing and grass but guess what, when I went home, I was told by other agistees that he gave him some feed, wtf.
My partner is a dedicated horse trainer and much more experienced, my horse was a gift from my partner, at that time I was able to care for my horse financially and also give him time, but hey life happens. After all that commotion, I had the strongest but feeling to sell my horse and sign over ownership to my partner, where he can train him at levels where he will progress.
The agistors ego is so arrogant that when the vet said that my horse was healthy and fine, the agistor was adamant about him gaining more weight, more weight equals more food, more food means for pay for him.
Sorry if this was long but I needed to let this out!
I cried last night because I am seperated from my horse but I'm happy that he's with someone that I trust and will give him a good life.
TLDR: Horse got sick, agistor was being an ego maniac, kept trying to milk money from me, vets came treated my horse, after a hard decision I sold my horse to my partner.
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2023.06.05 04:26 Reality-Ripple Should I switch? Canon M50 Mark II to ________?

Hey there,
Amateur photographer in the politics/portrait/event photography sphere. I regularly photograph politicians at events, mingling with people, and speaking to crowds, like this (to a less professional degree --- my photos are not as good!).
I've been using my Canon M50 MkII for this kind of photography, as well as vlog and montage-style videography. However, I'm not content with the camera's performance, especially in low light situations (which is a notorious weakness of the M50). I usually shoot in Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, and occasionally in Sport mode, given that my subject moves very frequently.
My lenses are as follows:
Here are the performance issues I'm encountering:
Given my unhappiness with its performance, I've been toying with switching back to a DSLR and/or getting rid of my M50 entirely. The M50 is an entry-level mirrorless, and I feel I should be using something less....entry-level.
Here are the considerations I have for a possible switch:
So, all things considered: would you advise me to switch cameras? If so, what model would you recommend?
If you don't advise a camera switch, can you help me diagnose any of the image quality issues I'm experiencing?
Open to suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism. Ask me anything.
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2023.06.05 04:26 MadxWolf212 For my weight, which is better 60v/20 or 60v/30?

I’m thinking of getting an Emmo Ado. It says it holds 400lbs, I’m 270lbs. I’d get a lithium battery to save on weight. Will there be a performance increase if I spend the extra to get the 60v/30?
I want to make pulling me around easier on the bike but if the only difference between the 60v/20 and 60v/30 is a handful of KM difference, I’d go with 60v/20 since my commute is only about 5KM a day and then local travel in a small town on my days off.
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2023.06.05 04:26 thatbroadcast Creepy men at my bar - what to do? How to feel safer closing alone?

Last night I was tending bar and a customer sitting in front of my well, who I had been having a perfectly normal conversation with up until that point, reached across the bar, grabbed my hand without warning, and started kissing all over it. I recoiled, but in the moment, totally failed to say anything other than a semi-joking, “I think you’ve had a bit too much to drink.”
The thing is, after we had closed - about 20 minutes after, when every single customer and all my coworkers had gone - he came BACK through the unlocked side door, after clearly trying the locked front door (I heard someone pulling at it), and proceeded to walk over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He then asked when I got off, and if I wanted to come hang out with him when I was done. And mind you, this guy was not totally hammered - he came in sober, had two margs, and then paid and left. I was just flabbergasted. I had no idea what to say. I froze again. Eventually I got out that I have a boyfriend (I don’t, lol) and that we were closed, and he needed to leave now. He eventually left, but not before telling me I was “so beautiful” and that we “could have had a good time together.”
Should I have called out his creepy behavior? I close alone 2-4 nights a week, and the neighborhood is relatively safe, but being alone in a closed-down bar with a stranger who didn’t seem able to take no for an answer just completely freaked me out. Thank god he left without escalating, but what if the situation had gone another way?
So my question is this: what do I do to protect myself in the future? Get some mace? A small knife for my set of keys? Take some self-defense classes? Threaten to call the cops? I’m just at a total loss, and I can’t shake this icky feeling the interaction left me with. And the worst part is that, besides the fact that he came back, this is not the first time I've had to deal with this in the ten years I've been bartending. In fact, it's a pretty common occurrence. If you were in my position, how would you deal with men like this? How would you make yourself feel safe, alone late at night?
Any advice y’all have would be super, super appreciated. I just want to feel safe in my place of work.
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2023.06.05 04:25 BlondeMoana25 Mary and Her Miscarriage

I’m watching season three and I’ve come across the episode where Mary confesses to Chrishell that she’s considering freezing her eggs. She then admits that she had a miscarriage at nine weeks pregnant.
Earlier this spring, I suffered a miscarriage at nine weeks while pregnant with my first, so this conversation took me aback.
It’s an unimaginable type of loss, and miscarriage is such a taboo topic amongst people, so to see it discussed openly and honestly on such a popular show was a bright point for me and made me feel less alone.
Thanks for reading Selling Sunset fam.
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