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Kitaria Fables

2021.06.10 12:42 PQubeLimited Kitaria Fables

Official subreddit for Kitaria Fables. Kitaria Fables is an Action Adventure fused with RPG and Farming elements. Armed with sword, bow and spellbook, fight against a rising darkness threatening the world. Plunder dungeons in search of relics and resources, tend to your farm to make provisions and potions, and take on quests solo, or with a friend!

2012.05.24 22:04 orthzar Hocnet: A competitively decentralized internet

Hocnet is a concept for a competitively decentralized internet, solving the scaling problems of mesh networks through competitive interchangeable centralization that is not a threat to the decentralized nature of the network. Hocnet is designed so that everyone pays for what they use and anyone willing to provide a service to the network will make a profit.

2011.09.15 15:40 Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a proof-of-concept mesh network that is designed to avoid the scaling issues that we've seen in the past with existing mesh systems. It uses a spanning tree-based topology and aims to make all nodes in the mesh fully routable, even at massive scale. More at

2023.03.26 13:56 socialist_trash1922 Why the mainstream left basically cave to liberals and neocons on the issue of foreign policy?

As much as I like Vaush, whenever he opens his mouth about Ukraine I skip cause I can't stand him, it's like I'd listen to McConnell, Bolton or some Pentagon press secretary. Progressive democrats will support every single dollar to create and send more deadly weapons, in the UK the Labour leader kicked out Corbyn for calling NATO for what it is, an imperialistic organization and basically blackmailed others- either you fall in line and won't criticize NATO, or you'll be out too.
The only acceptable violence the left should ever go behind is the working class taking on the capitalists and seizing the means of production. The concept of a naiton is fake, the class struggle is not- russian capitalists exploit russian working class as much as ukrainian do with theirs, we shouldn't make this war longer by giving more weapons and make more people die for it, it's not a worthy cause. When one fascist president attacks the other there is no way I can support either, we should arm Amazon workers across the world, not Zelensky, not imperalistic NATO.
I've read a lot about the opposition to Vietnam war and how the pressure made it possible to change the course of the US government and pull out, it's horrendous to me that now the position of supporting peace is not only attacked by the right and centre, but many leftists too.
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2023.03.26 13:56 Last_Room_2247 Power level discussion

Im not sure what everyone is thinking of the new power level system. I hear a lot of positives and negatives.
Im actually quite fine with grinding, though i understand the new changes. The main thing i hate right now is the fact that upgrading weapons and armor, requires resources aswell.
I dont mind grinding loot if i could just infuse it for free in my gear. But having to keep them in my inventory, just so the level difference between the weapon or gear you actually play, and the loot you found is big enough to spend an upgrade module on, is totally stupid imo.
This way it actually made the grinding way longer than it actually should. In higher content/end game content, you want to have a lot of gear pieces at max level, not just 1 set. You want to be able to switch guns if your current loadout isnt working.
With the upgrade module system, we are automatically all (or atleast a lot of us) thinking: "I keep it in my inventory, but i will wait till i find a higher stat item before infusing, cause otherwise im spending 500+ upgrade molules if i start to infuse gear pieces that are only +1 higher". Which cost a lot of resources in the end.
But because of this, you will start having big stat differences in weapons and gear you played the last days compared to the once you played a bit less. Which makes it longer for people to start doing the harder content.
I know a lot of you will probably say, upgrade modules are not that expensive. But i dont agree, in the end you lose a lot of legendary shards, and since lightfall launch i have already lost so many because of this. Its not that bad if you already have 2000-3000 legendary shards to start with.
I think if this was already fixed, i would not vote against power level grinding.
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2023.03.26 13:56 dlivetvtr TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's Congress showdown: Five takeaways

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew's Congress showdown: Five takeaways

By James Clayton
BBC North America technology reporter
Bruising, damaging, relentless. TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew faced four-and-a-half hours of questioning at a US congressional hearing on Thursday.

As one congressman pointed out, some people run marathons quicker than that.

Mr Chew will certainly be feeling it, after a torrid time giving evidence. Many tech execs have stood before Congress, and they often don't get an easy ride.

But what was exceptional about this hearing was the stubborn, never-ending line of vicious questioning.

Who is TikTok chief Shou Zi Chew?
How a TikTok ban would - or wouldn't - work in practice
TikTok ban: What could it mean for creators?
From both Democrats and Republicans, there was no let-up. A spokesperson for TikTok said afterwards the politicians were "grandstanding". There is most certainly some truth to that. But between the sometimes frustratingly verbose questioning, we did learn a thing or two.

Legislators were united against TikTok
There was criticism of TikTok from Republicans and Democrats, and the level of distrust and scepticism from all sides was stark.
"Welcome to the most bipartisan committee in Congress," said Republican congressman Buddy Carter.

Media caption,
Committee chair to TikTok CEO: 'We aren't buying it'

"Thank you, Mr Chew, for bringing Republicans and Democrats together," said Dan Crenshaw, a Republican.

It was really quite something to see so many politicians - who agree on practically nothing - agreeing wholeheartedly that TikTok was a security threat.

TikTok complained afterwards that not enough time had been spent focusing on the platform's measures to keep data safe.

"Also not mentioned today by members of the committee: the livelihoods of the five million businesses on TikTok or the [US Constitution] First Amendment implications of banning a platform loved by 150 million Americans," a TikTok spokesperson said.

ByteDance engineers in China have access to some US data
Mr Chew kept talking about a "Project Texas", a proposal which will see it store all data in the US under the watch of American firm Oracle.
However, Project Texas is not fully operational. As of now, Mr Chew confirmed that engineers at ByteDance - TikTok's parent company - do have access to data.

"We rely on global interoperability, Chinese engineers have access to data," he said.

It was an admission that politicians kept coming back to. Their point was that if data can be accessed by engineers in China, it's hard to see how the Chinese government couldn't also access it.

On Friday, China's foreign ministry repeated its claim that it does not ask companies to provide data or intelligence located in other countries.

Chew has shares in ByteDance
Perhaps Mr Chew's least successful defence was his attempt to distance TikTok from ByteDance.
By any definition, the Chinese company owns TikTok. Mr Chew himself used to be ByteDance's chief financial officer.

When initially asked, Mr Chew didn't want to say whether he owned shares in ByteDance. Pressed by lawmakers, he eventually said he did, but tried to downplay the connection.

China's government says it would oppose any US plan to force ByteDance to sell TikTok - something authorities are reportedly considering.

Chew's children do not use TikTok
At one point in the hearing, Mr Chew was asked by congresswoman Nanette Barragán, a Democrat, whether or not his own children used TikTok.
He said they didn't because they live in Singapore. In that country the version of the app for children younger than 13 is not available.

Media caption,
TikTok CEO tells Congress: '150 million Americans love our app'

Mr Chew did clarify that the children's version of the app is available in the US, and he would let his children use it if they were in America.

What about Cambridge Analytica?
Mr Chew generally pulled his punches. He didn't often take the fight back to members of Congress. But there were rare moments where he did push back - and effectively.
1 TikTok Türkiye 2 TikTok 3 TikTok 4 TikTok 5 dlive 6 live 7 Arif 8 Erenköy Pilates 9 Arif TikTok 10 Arif TikTok 11 Arif TikTok 12 Arif TikTok 13 Arif TikTok 14 Arif TikTok 15 Arif TikTok 16 Arif TikTok 17 Arif TikTok 18 Arif TikTok
19 Arif TikTok 18 TikTok
The End

When quizzed on TikTok's use of user data, he said: "With all due respect, American companies don't have a great track record with data … Just look at Facebook and Cambridge Analytica."

It was a barbed comment, but a reasonable point to make.

Harvesting of Facebook users' personal information by Cambridge Analytica, a British political consultancy, and other third-party apps caused uproar when it emerged in 2018.
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2023.03.26 13:56 Sanarin Anyway for formula to just return a fraction?

Hi, I think it would be easy but took me a hours but I can't find it.
to sum up I have 2 number and want formula to show it as x/y but I don't know how to do it.
it is something like this
prop("Completed No.") / prop("Total No.")
with 1 and 2 for respective number it will return as "0.5" , are there anyway to make it show "1/2" ?
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2023.03.26 13:56 ZeldaAudio Bands wanted!

Hey guys!
There has been an overwhelming amount of support for the first zeldaaudio/Zanzibar "The Showcase" where we are giving back to the live music community with our D.I.Y shows! So we've extended it till August!!
Here are the next 4 gigs
May 26th June 24th July 29th August 26th
Same rules apply as last time.
  1. Ticket sales will be at £5 a piece, on the door and online sales. Online sales FATSOMA the company our tickets go through take a £1 cut!.
  2. As I am promoting this as well as doing the audio I will not take any cut of this shows money. This is purely for you, the bands.
  3. online ticket sales will be paid to bands 3-5 business days after the event with your bank details ( Yes, I will need them in advance).
4.Door ticket money will be handed out at the end of the gig, so please make sure at least one member is around to collect this.
  1. The more tickets you sell, the more you get paid, it's that simple.
  2. Everyone is equal, each band will receive a 25% split with proof of sales and a breakdown.
  3. We want to make sure everyones audio is the best it can, we've recently done work to the PA system placement to address feedback issues. We, as with every show, ask everyone to respect our audio teams instructions to stop making noise if we need to mix; we will be as quick as possible and let you get back to it as soon as we can.
If you are interested and want to put your band forward please fill out the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Please note, friend request to my personal accounts will not be accepted but if you do want to follow these show updates and news go to ⬇️
Thank you,
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2023.03.26 13:56 ataurindo Serious hats off to this episode

I always thought the Boruto manga was good. I never saw it as perfect and there were plot points and characters I criticized quite often. And I have had tons of issues with the anime adaption be it the "anime canon" or Pierrot's scheduling for this arc.
This episode however was probably my favourite Boruto episode of all time. The ending was nothing more than breathtaking. Writing the ending as a perfect setup to Part 2 and the current manga plot is genius. And I feel like it's done in a way where manga readers get really hyped but anime-onlys can also already see the conflict between Boruto and Kawaki on the horizon. The parallels at the end were amazing and every line of dialogue was perfect.
I also can't remember a single Boruto episode where the art was as great as this second half of the episode. They wrote a pretty much perfect ending to Part 1 and it makes me so happy.
They now have a lot of time to work on Part 2 and I am looking forward a lot to the manga in the next month aswell as the anime in the next years.
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2023.03.26 13:55 Medgirl82 Best Mesh Network for Long Range Coverage

Hi, unlike others, I don't need a mesh network to boost speeds for gaming etc. I've recently set up an office in my garage which is about 20-25 meters from the router and about 5-6 meters away from the back patio doors. Essentially it is outside of my property so what I really need is to increase the range of my wi-fi to cover the garage to be able to make Zoom calls, email etc. I've been looking into Mesh Networks as the Powerline Network I tried to set up would not work. Can anyone advice me as to the best mesh network for extending coverage please? I've been looking at the TP-Link Deco X55 AX3000 (3 pack) but there are so many out there I can't work out which would be best for my needs which are, I need the internet at a good enough speed but, more importantly, with a big enough range. Anyone got any advice? Thanks :)
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2023.03.26 13:55 TightAsF_ck Cheddar Passive Cashback on Your Shopping and £2.50 for Each Friend You Get To Sign Up (Similar to Airtime Rewards)

Cheddar is a cashback and payments app. Just like Airtime Rewards and LoyalBe, it is a passive earning opportunity - you link a card and once it is set up you get cashback automatically.
Once you card is linked, you get cashback at all of the approved retailers listed in the app. Examples include:
Set up Cheddar to get automatic cashback and a sweepstake entry
  • Download Cheddar by clicking here [no ref, no bonus]( > > Use code TIGHTAS if required.
  • Link your credit or debit card with the app
  • Make a purchase to get cashback on your shopping and to be entered into a raffle for a chance to win up to £1000.
Then refer your friends for a £2.50 bonus when they sign up!
Raffle competition terms
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2023.03.26 13:55 AutoModerator [Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

Get the course here:
[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical schoolat Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.
18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribersand was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of May 2022, my channel has over 3 million subscribersand I make over £100,000 ($130k) each monthfrom it (and over $350,000 per month from the business as a whole), with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.
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2023.03.26 13:55 AutoModerator [Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery

[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
Get the course here:
[Get] Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Creatorpreneur Download Course, Instant Delivery
I started making YouTube videos in my final year of medical schoolat Cambridge University. It was Summer 2017 and I started off with 0 views, 0 subscribers and $0 in revenue.
18 months later, my YouTube channel was at 100,000 subscribersand was making as much money as my full-time job working as a doctor in the UK. And now, as of May 2022, my channel has over 3 million subscribersand I make over £100,000 ($130k) each monthfrom it (and over $350,000 per month from the business as a whole), with 5-10 hours of effort each week. I know — it’s bloody ridiculous.
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2023.03.26 13:55 AutoModerator [Get] Allan Dib – The 1-Page Marketing Plan Course

[Get] Allan Dib – The 1-Page Marketing Plan Course
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[Get] Allan Dib – The 1-Page Marketing Plan Course

Allan Dib – The 1-Page Marketing Plan Course


Forget about random acts of marketing and the odd windfall.
The 1-Page Marketing Plan Course will teach you how to implement a marketing strategy that will make you money like clockwork.
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2023.03.26 13:54 cfs_kenshin Space, and village-planning in Dreamlight Valley

This started off as a response to a comment, but I realized I didn't want to come off as dumping on the commenter. So I decided that it was better suited to a new post. I'm gonna start on what appears to be a tangent, but it's relevant, I promise.
IRL, I watch a lot of YouTube channels discussing the problems the US faces that are caused by low-density housing, urban sprawl, and car-dependent regional-planning. (Strong Towns, CityNerd, City Beautiful, Not Just Bikes, RMTransit, and this great video by Climate Town)
It's resulted in a lot of cookie-cutter neighborhoods throughout the US that look ugly, and make their regions financially insolvent due to unbearable maintenance costs. NIMBYism campaigns by their residents lead to local governments deciding not to fix problems, and has led to a nationwide housing crisis. This is a GROSS oversimplification of a very complex and nuanced topic, and I'm not looking to start a political argument here.
While none of the political or ecological forces discussed in those videos really apply much to the channel - I'm recognizing that my fellow redditors are also planning their valleys with the mindset of desiring low-density, single-family homes that all "look good" together, with each home on a large plot of land (a.k.a. the "American Dream") This mentality, which has permeated post-WW2 US society (and is communicated globally through US pop-culture), is bleeding is over into Dreamlight Valley.
I'm bothered by the negativity that people have towards Woody's Carousel home. As someone who temporarily lived in an RV for the better part of a year while searching for permanent housing after moving across country, I'm offended by the elitist comments against the appearance Buzz's RV "ruining" their villages. Living in a real world where desperately needed multi-family homes to address housing crises are prevented from being built in communities because it would "ruin the local aesthetic / charm" and "hurt property values", it pains me to see these attitudes reflected in negative comments by people complaining about the potential addition of high-rise housing coming with the apartment building from Wreck-It Ralph.
Diversity in housing is beautiful, and interesting. It offers opportunities for people for find unique solutions to tie multiple visually distinct structures together with landscaping, paths, and fun public areas throughout their biomes.
So many people post that they can't figure out how to decorate their valley, or that they've hit item limits. It's because we're still in Early Access, and there are not enough houses yet to fill up the space. So people make grand estates and max out their item limits filling up one biome - because there's too much empty space. So many people post and comment about how they're out of space and there's no room for upcoming houses, so they want more biomes.
I'm not against adding additional biomes to the game, but there's already an insane amount of real-estate in Dreamlight Valley, and only a few houses currently available in Dreamlight Valley to fill it up. There's an achievement/trophy/Dreamlight Task for repairing 30 villager homes, and we currently only have 12. That means there are plans for at least 18 more houses coming to our villages. Once there are 30 -40 houses in the valley it'll be a much smaller task to decorate, and the restrictions / limitations will help remove the creative paralysis that too much freedom of choice causes for many players.
I'm HUGELY in favor of great parks, walkable city centers, and fun third places, in the real world, and also in Dreamlight Valley. Parks full of fountains and shrubs, cool beach areas, bars, ski resorts with saunas and igloos all provide unique charm and character to the valley - they can and should be part of people's design toolbox.
Sorry if this is a lot, and a bit heavy for a cozy game like Dreamlight Valley. I just had to get this all off my chest. Let's keep the discussion focused on Dreamlight Valley design and steer clear of the real world politics I mentioned, as they are better suited for other areas of Reddit.
Thanks for listening to my TED talk.
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2023.03.26 13:54 ThrowRA_engagement1 I (28M) am nervous about engagement with my girlfriend (29F) of 4 years

I honestly do not know where to start with this, and I am just really hoping my girlfriend won't see this since she is a frequent user of Reddit. But I cannot turn to any of our mutual friends and talking to her about the subject would break her heart.
This is the situation: met on a dating app, have been together for over 4 years. She is very present on social media since that is her job, has a large following etc, and oftentimes talks about getting engaged on her various social media platforms. She has mentioned wanting a proposal, the type of ring she would want etc. She has also discussed her wedding plans on social media (and with me), and I feel like the more she does this, the more pressure there is on me to get things moving forward. We have discussed engagement as well and I have told her that I have a proposal plan, but do not want to give her details.
The truth is, I am having second thoughts - not about our relationship though. I want to be with her and only her, not date others (which she asked about in a recent discussion relating to us getting engaged). I love her so much, and we are moving in together, and I absolutely see a future with her.
I come from a background of divorce. A large portion of my family members have been through divorce, and that's why I've always been quite nervous about the idea of getting married. Spending my life with her does not scare me, the marriage itself does. We have discussed kids, and are both on the fence about that. We also both have our own incomes.
We are planning a trip to Paris this year, and a part of me is quite sure that she might be expecting a proposal there. I have not bought a ring. I am not planning to propose in Paris, and I am extremely anxious about going there, because I know that her coming back to the US with no ring might just break her heart, and that's the last thing I would want to happen.
So dear Reddit. I want to spend my life with this woman, I love her to pieces, and would be devastated if she decided to break things up because of my hesitation regarding engagement and marriage. And the last thing I want is for her to think there is something wrong with her, because there absolutely is not. How do I tell her my feelings on the matter honestly and ensure that we are able to make it through this and that even if we do not get married that I promise to love her for the rest of my life?
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2023.03.26 13:54 I_am_not_a_twinkie Can someone help me find a song for a scene

I'm at the point where I don't think the song I'm looking for really exists.
But I'm looking for a song, any song, to fit a specific film scene and vibe.
The scene is a sort of a flashback of a young boy fleeing an abusive household after an explosive event, he is not being chased but is hurt, frustrated, upset, and running blindly in the woods whilst crying. He then falls to the ground and screams in pain, anguish and sorrow. His older self comes to comfort him, eventually the boy disappears and the man is left to leave the scene alone.
I want a song that is emotional and portrays the boy's feelings, with a crescendo when the two meet. But not a song that is very slow or too overpowering of the scene, if that makes sense.
I have found two songs that semi fit what I want but not exactly, being: Fairytale - slowed by Daryl Silvius And Running up that hill (from stranger things) epic version by Samuel Kim
Thank you, any and all help is appreciated.
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2023.03.26 13:54 KImk9ff (low effort Sunday) so many things about justu/character statements in naruto is farfetched at best and makes no sense at worst.

While this is not an exclusively Naruto thing. It is easy to point out.
1)kakashi knowing over 1000 jutusu and yet struggling in all of he pre war fights.
He struggled with zabuza, itachi, deadira, Orchimaru and kakazu. You mean to tell me out of the 1000 jutsu he has. None of were a powerful earth style. Anti genjutsu ability, a AOE or fast lighting style projectile, something to stop Oros substitution or elemental attacks to fully stop some functionally laser attacks.
2)hashirama being seen as stronger kage than hiruzen despite hiruzen knowing every jutsu in leaf whilst hashirama move set and be summarised as 1 good genjutsu counter and a lot of breakable trees. (hiruzen being the strongest kage statement also gets people weird)
3) minato some how never being counter by a shinobi with an AOE attack or good amour defence.
4) jirya's wide move seems to never be translated onto his students (especially naruto)
5) onki not just vaporising the other nations during the war and being seen as lesser than teleport with basic kunai mana and breakable tree guy.
6)itachi's absorbable and easily missable being seen as greater and greater than his 1 look and you die attack (I'm not joking, look at what he does to the girl that has crush on him in novels, I honestly don't blame people when they say he beats most nin4d+ characters)
7) haku being "kage level" when getting folded by 0 tails naruto
8) A basic kunai being implied to be able to stab through a giant fire chakra golem and lighting armor.
9)might guy some how not ever losing to genjutsu.
10)neji being seen as greater than shino despite the off guard loosing shino has with his bugs
11)tsunade thinking sauske was on steroids for him beating sakura, said, naruto and yamato
12) how unclear they make if if you can resist genjstu if you have a large enough chakra volume/control
Maybe for soem of these things I have missed some explaination or context but otherwise. The wring for this things are just plain silly
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2023.03.26 13:54 nemoj_da_me_peglas If you had 3 things you could change about the BSG story, what would you pick?

I've recently been rewatching the series again and it remains my favorite sci-fi show of all time, if not my favorite show period. That said, it's not without its flaws. I'll try to stay out of nit-picky territory but I appreciate the threshold of that differs from person to person.
For me, what I would change first and foremost is the treatment of the Final Five. There are many points within this that I won't write an essay about here (longer than this one already will be at least lol), but the gist is that I never really liked who they picked to be the Final Five because I had a hard time believing it and accepting it. Furthermore the mini lore dump by Anders was a bit "meh". I wish they went about it a different way. I guess the main reason I didn't like them was because I felt the undercover Cylon thing was a bit overdone at that point and though I know they were winging it with how they developed the story, nothing screamed "we winged this" more than the Final Five picks. I think had they planted more seeds early on I would've bought it (I'm not against all of them, but Saul I think was a bit too much).
Secondly, the Cylon "Plan" which was basically abandoned and never really existed. I'm not sure what the plan could've been, but perhaps it shouldn't have existed in the first place. The story for the most part hinges on them trying to wipe out humanity, and had it been anything else the tension for humanity finding a new home wouldn't be as dramatic because there would always be people "back home".
In fact, as an aside to all this I always thought this was a good idea for a future spin off show. There were humans that survived the attacks and I'm sure even with the effort the Cylons had there would've been remanents left before the Cylons moved on from trying to destroy them. Having a story where they try to meet up with the the rest of the fleet on Earth 2.0 and following the breadcrumbs could be an interesting idea to soft-reboot the show?
Lastly, I would change Gaius giving the nuke to Gina. This honestly didn't make any sense to me and I think paints a very different picture of Gaius than we're meant to get. Of all the decisions made in the show, I think this has got to be the worst by far and it's honestly hard to watch. Everything else I can get over or forgive but this one just seems terrible.
Anyway, with that out of the way, what are your choices and why? :)
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2023.03.26 13:54 SirLemonThe3rd Problem player, woo

So like most the posts here I’ve got a problem player in the group but he isn’t outright bad, he’s just problematic. His characters are just hard to like, he makes chaos left right and centre like making a mini boss which almost killed my pc, don’t ask, or just trolling for the sake of trolling. To put it simply he treats the game like a heavily modded run of Skyrim, he wants his own brand of fun which boils down to memes (like in a rpg where your backstory gives u powers but other players make said back story I gave him a cool space laser accident and my fucking balls got dipped into the kfc deep fryer) nothing has any consequence as his wack ass ideas are some dumb it would get him killed but the dm never wants to kill him (like walking up to an military base where one no one’s welcomed and 2 they had snipers, in this rpg it did in fact kill him but it was ain’t the first 10 mins of a game he got revived basically) as it would really disrupt the game so it just works.
But he’s never rude or racists, just dosnt like to be told no and if we did kick him he would get pissy which would effect the other games we play with him where he’s ok.
Yes a dm has talked to him about this problem, he didn’t listen, and yes I’ve talked to other players they have the same grudge I do but to a lesser extent.
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2023.03.26 13:54 Adam-best Classic Solitaire Ring Modern yet romantic, honor the one you love with this stunning ring. Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry. Our stones are cut and facet

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2023.03.26 13:54 No_One_1617 Can't remember the name of this book

A man lives in a hotel after being kicked out by his wife. He is a loner. He walks around the city, where he sees a strange door to a club (probably an illusion). One day he enters and sees a club where modern music from the 1920s was played if I'm not mistaken. Throughout this story, he meets many people including a woman with whom he makes a suicide pact. At the end of the book he kills her and leaves.
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2023.03.26 13:53 Local-Following-1674 Is there anywhere I can find positive and uplifting advice about dating?

I don’t even know why I stuck around a certain for so long. The women seem insecure, toxic and miserable. It’s not a good place for positive advice and I’m fed up with the negativity.
When people ask for dating advice, the women on there tend to be much nastier towards women that are inexperienced. They also tend to be meaner and harsh on the women while letting the men in the situation going unscathed. They also seem to enjoy gaslighting you and making weird assumptions about your character and personality when they don’t even know you. Then when you argue against the gaslighting, then people will attack you.
Besides a therapist, which subreddits provide non judgemental and positive support towards women who made stupid decisions regarding men? I need to find a safe space to talk about my dating woes.
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2023.03.26 13:53 jenneys_academy Hotel Management Institute In Trichy

colleges may vary depending on the criteria used to assess them. It is advisable to do thorough research and consider factors such as the curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and placement record before making a decision.

There are several top hotel management colleges in Tamil Nadu, some of which are:
  1. Jenneys Institute of hotel Management Trichy
  2. Tamil Nadu Hotel Management and Catering Technology Institute (THMCTI), Chennai
  3. Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (IHMCTAN), Chennai
  4. PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore
  5. Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
  6. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (IHMCTAN), Chennai
  7. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM), Vels University, Chennai
  8. Hotel Management and Catering Technology (HMCT), Anna University, Chennai
  9. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (IHMCTAN), Erode
  10. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (IHMCTAN), Kodaikanal
It is important to note that the ranking of these colleges may vary depending on the criteria used to assess them. It is advisable to do thorough research and consider factors such as the curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and placement record before making a decision.
what are criteria to rank hotel management college
There are several criteria that can be used to rank hotel management colleges. Some of the key factors that are commonly considered include:
  1. Accreditation: Accreditation is a process of evaluating and certifying the quality of a college or program. Accredited colleges are recognized as meeting certain standards of educational quality, and graduates of these programs are generally more highly regarded by employers.
  2. Curriculum: A comprehensive and well-designed curriculum is an important factor to consider when ranking hotel management colleges. Look for programs that offer a balance of theoretical and practical training, and that cover a wide range of topics relevant to the industry.
  3. Faculty: The quality of the faculty is an important factor to consider when ranking hotel management colleges. Look for schools with experienced and well-qualified faculty members who have industry experience and are actively involved in research.
  4. Infrastructure: Good infrastructure, including modern classrooms and well-equipped training facilities, is important for a high-quality education. Look for colleges with state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.
  5. Placement record: A strong placement record is an indicator of the quality of education and training provided by a college. Look for colleges with a high percentage of graduates who secure employment in the hotel management industry or go on to further studies.
  6. Reputation: The reputation of a college is another important factor to consider when ranking hotel management colleges. Look for colleges with a good reputation in the industry and among employers.
It is important to note that different criteria may be given different weightings depending on the specific ranking system being used. It is advisable to do thorough research and consider all relevant factors before making a decision.
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2023.03.26 13:53 rakhi_kawasaki I'm Crying

If you haven't watched The Whale (2022) yet, please do.
I can make this a movie review, talk about Brendan Fraser but I'd rather have you all watch it with an open mind and would love to hear your thoughts.
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