Gluten free restaurants in davenport iowa

Prepared Meal Services

2019.09.25 21:05 tiltedsun Prepared Meal Services

Ready Meals: Prepared Meal Delivery Services. Healthy prepared meals and diet delivery programs for busy consumers who don't have time to cook.

2017.07.11 00:46 nnephy Gluten free in houston

Free for anyone who is gf in houston, visiting houston, or is just curious!

2012.12.26 01:32 alleyoops The vegan and gluten free life

This subreddit is for people who are, or who cook, both vegan and gluten free combined. Everything is welcome from recipes, advice, questions, reviews of products, etc.

2023.03.29 12:36 MereIntruder it's just a matter of time now.

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2023.03.29 12:34 prismlead87 Long Distance Moving Tips in Bangalore

Long Distance Moving Tips in Bangalore
How to Make Your Long-Distance Move Stress-free with These Essential Tips
A long-distance move requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you're planning a long-distance move from Bangalore, here are some essential tips to help you make your move stress-free.

House Shifting Service in Bangalore

Before Your Move
Research Your New Location
Before you move, research your new location thoroughly. Learn about the weather, schools, cost of living, and local attractions.
Hire a Reliable Moving Company
Hiring a reliable moving company is crucial for a successful long-distance move. Look for a company with a good reputation, licensed, and insured.
Create a Moving Budget
Create a moving budget to help you stay organized and avoid overspending. Consider all the expenses, including packing materials, moving company fees, and travel costs. Add a cushion for unexpected expenses.

During Your Move

Pack Strategically
Packing for a long-distance move in Bangalore requires more planning than a local move. Pack strategically by labelling each box with its contents and room name. Use high-quality packing materials and wrap fragile items with bubble wrap. Pack essential items in a separate box to access them easily.
Keep Important Documents with You
Keep important documents like passports, driving licences, and birth certificates with you during the move. Keep them in a safe place.
Stay Connected with Your Moving Company
Stay connected with your moving company throughout the move. Provide them with your new address and contact information, so they could have proper communication with you. Confirm the delivery date and time and keep in touch with them during transit.

After Your Move

Unpack Efficiently
Unpacking after a long-distance move can be overwhelming. Unpack efficiently by starting with the essentials and working your way to less essential items. Take your time and avoid rushing.
Explore Your New Environment
Take some time to explore your new environment and get familiar with your surroundings. Meet your neighbours, try new restaurants, and visit local attractions. This will help you feel more at home in your new location.
Update Your Address and Services
After your move, update your address and services such as utilities, insurance providers, and banks.
Moving to a new city or state can be a daunting task, but with these essential long-distance moving tips in Bangalore, you can make your move stress-free. Plan ahead, pack strategically, stay connected with your moving company, and take your time to unpack and explore your new environment. By following these tips, you can enjoy a smooth and successful long-distance move to your new home.
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2023.03.29 12:31 Trivik2023 Top Lavish Hotels in Chikmagalur

Perhaps all of the ones should do is move away from the city’s nauseating hollering racket move away from the startling shrieking upheaval of the city and find a spot to live in the open country, like the lovely Chikmagalur in Karnataka. The best stay in chikmagalur grants you to have everything, whether you really want to soak yourself in the direct Malanad culture or wander around Mullayanagiri’s shady slants. You could experience the appeal of the Western Ghats in this little slant station, see the stream Bhadra run true to form behind your homestay, and watch the enormous green fields burst into a crowd of assortments and scents during bloom time.
Staying in a homestay is the best strategy for seeing a slant station like Chikmagalur, which is enhanced with coffee domains, extravagant foliage, calm ecological elements, and nature’s quality. Take advantage of your free time to loosen up and re-energize in one of the top homestays in Chikmagalur. Here is an overview of the top homestays in Chikmagalur for that serene break you’ve been holding on for, so moving along. So here are the top resorts in Chikmagalur.
Trivik Inns and Resorts:
Trivik lodgings and Resorts, arranged near Chikmagalur on top of Mullayangiri Slants, is surrounded by the exquisite ordinary view and coffee properties and it is one of the most amazing luxury hotels in chikmagalur. The housing offers rich offices enhanced by shrewd and grand plans. There are consistent mountain sees from every comfort. Visitors can relax by the limitless pool, look for a relaxing spa treatment, and take agreeable strolls through the bequests. The additional attractions consolidate a gaming locale, practice focus, multi-food bistro, bar, and barbecue workplaces.
The Serai Chikmagalur:
The Serai Chikmagalur offers faultless suites with private pools in a coffee bequest. The internal parts of the domains are sleek and contemporary with stacks of windows. They are open and very much lit up. At the Odyssey restaurant, relish central area food, or visit the Blue Sky Parlor for a glass of wine. Benefit from the retreat’s activity community and an excellent spa.
Vistara Area, Vastara:
The stay at Vistara Area, which is close to Hirekolale Lake, will be amazing thanks to the great assistance and first rate comforts. You can stay in the homestay’s rich rooms, all of which has a level-screen TV, cooling, and a spa shower. You can have your everyday central area breakfast on the shade of your lining room, which ignores a nursery, or you can swim in the pool.
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2023.03.29 12:07 Coffeeninjaforlife 30 [M4F] Missouri/Anywhere - Looking for a relationship, details inside!

Hello! I'm on R4R looking to chat with someone who is 21+ and looking for a relationship!
A little bit about myself... I pretty much spend every day in the gym! I have picked up a passion for weight lifting and it is honestly super fun.
Besides going to the gym, I love going to restaurants and hitting up coffee shops. I also like the occasional video game and I love to travel as well! (Ask me how many countries I've been to!) I just got back from a trip to europe!
If you are into any of the topics I listed feel free to reach out! I generally prefer the reddit chat feature.
Also a conversation starter: What is your favorite Style of food?
Also, here is a picture of myself!
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2023.03.29 12:02 dandely001 Check Out the Benefits of Women's Liquid Multivitamin

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2023.03.29 12:01 HasonKenji Amai Odayaka Elimination Concept

Amai Odayaka

Week 1

Week one there will be a little newspaper that is going to be put up, possibly outside of the school. This newspaper will be sold to everyone and will hint to you about the second rival!
The newspaper consists of Amai apologizing for being sick on the first week and saying she is making a bake sale to raise money for her mothers bakery!

Week 2, Monday

A secondary way of killing Amai could be to use the screwdriver inside of the science club, distract her by giggling to get her to move and then mess with the cooker for it to blow up in her face. Just a secondary simple killing method for Amai also.


Tuesday Night


Wednesday Night


Thursday Afternoon


Friday Night

Monday - Week 3

Monday Afternoon

Monday Cutscene


There is another cutscene of Amai crying her eyes out as she is scolded by the investigator. Not only did he leave such a disgusting review of the bakery but he shut it down, seeming it unfit to be cooking food inside of. Amai's mother was also arrested and she was forced out of town due to the findings inside of her kitchen.
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2023.03.29 11:55 hotwarioinyourarea It went against every fiber of my being to buy and eat these but they were really delicious..

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The Ortez E-Menu for restaurants makes it easier for customers to place orders from their own devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet, making it safer and more convenient for the customers. The main feature of the E-menu is that it doesn't require any additional app or feature to download.
#ortez #emenu #software #restaurants
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2023.03.29 11:07 alpha-plus-gaum Getting a Glimpse of Guam's Beauty with Just a Tap: A description of the Guam mobile app

Getting a Glimpse of Guam's Beauty with Just a Tap: A description of the Guam mobile app
If you're considering travelling to Guam, a beautiful island paradise in the Pacific Ocean, you should think about downloading the Guam Mobile App. This app is a comprehensive guide to everything Guam, providing users with information on everything from tourist attractions to dining options and local events.
Below is advice on how to use the Guam Mobile App efficiently.
  1. Download the Guam mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The software, which is available for free download, works with both iOS and Android smartphones.
After downloading the program, you must create an account to use all of its features. You'll be able to do this to save your favourite spots and activities and to sign up for alerts about upcoming events and offers.
  1. Make use of the app's search function to find the best eateries, tourist destinations, and other places of interest. With a comprehensive database of all the island's top sites, the Guam Mobile App makes it simple to plan your itinerary.
  2. Make use of the map function to navigate the area. An interactive map in the software shows the precise locations of all the local eateries, tourist attractions, and other points of interest. The map can be used to find your way around Guam's cities and villages.
  3. Use the app's event schedule to stay up to date on all of the most recent activities on the island. All of the exciting local festivals, concerts, and other events are listed on the calendar, so you can plan your trip to coordinate with any of them.
  4. To find the best restaurants on the island, use the programme's dining guidance. The dining guide's user reviews and ratings make it easy to find the perfect restaurant for your preferences.
  5. Make use of the app's language translation feature to communicate with residents. The programme includes a built-in translator that can perform translations from and into English, the local Chamorro language, as well as other commonly spoken languages like Japanese and Korean.
Last but not least, the Guam Mobile App is an indispensable tool for anyone planning a trip to Guam. Thanks to its comprehensive guide to everything Guam, you can quickly and easily learn about the island's grandeur with just a touch. Regardless of whether you're planning to eat, go sightseeing, or engage in other local activities, the Guam Mobile App has all the information you require to make the best travel plans.
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2023.03.29 10:47 Puzzleheaded-Set5646 Taste the Rainbow with Haribo Candies in Canada: A Burst of Flavours in Every Bite

If you're a fan of candy, then you'll be thrilled to hear that Haribo candies are now available in Canada! These sweet treats come in a variety of shapes, colours, and flavours, and they're sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. At Candy Ville, we're proud to offer a wide selection of Haribo candies, so you can taste the rainbow and discover your favourite flavours.
One of the things that makes Haribo candies so special is the variety of flavours and textures that they offer. From the classic Goldbears to the tangy Happy Cola, there's something for everyone in the Haribo line-up. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet, sour, fruity, or chewy, you're sure to find a candy that hits the spot.
At Candy Ville, we offer a wide range of Haribo candies in different packaging options, from small bags that are perfect for snacking on-the-go, to large tubs that are great for sharing with friends and family. Some of our most popular Haribo candies include the colourful and chewy Twin Snakes, the fruity and tangy Rainbow Worms, and the classic and beloved Happy Cherries.
In addition to their delicious taste and variety of flavours, Haribo candies are also made with high-quality ingredients and are free of major allergens like peanuts and gluten. This means that anyone can enjoy the delicious taste of Haribo candies without having to worry about any adverse reactions.
So if you're ready to taste the rainbow with Haribo candies in Canada, head to Candy Ville today! Our wide selection of Haribo candies is sure to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth, and with so many flavours to choose from, you're sure to find a favourite. Don't miss out on the chance to indulge in these delicious and beloved candies – stop by Candy Ville today and taste the rainbow for yourself!
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2023.03.29 10:42 daveishere7 Why not look for a dleiveyr job outside of the food gig business?

I used to do food delivery before the apps got so popular. And it's crazy how much entitlement these apps gave customers over the years. Back when people had to order from an establishment you didn't have so much control. You called the Chinese restaurant, pizza place or whatever restaurant and ordered in the phone. And you're food will get to you eventually in the lineup the restaurant set it up for.
There was no "hey where are you" or removing any tip or rating your driver. Because try not tipping back during those times and guarantee your food won't ever get delivered again from that restaurant. Because your boss will be right on his delivery guys side instead of a cheap customer with no appreciation for the service.
I feel like if you're in one of those markets that have been suffering bad. Where you've been out there for many hours and aren't even making 2023 minimum wage numbers. Then why not just start looking for like a delivery job but one that doesn't deal with the food apps.
Because it's like whether you're a new or old driver. You kind of already have an idea of your city and how to get around. And it should be obvious at this point if you're in a market where you probably won't even be getting most bills paid. So I would say just find a more steady delivery job. Because I know people want to be "free" and not deal with a boss or manager. But freedom don't pay the bills if you're out there for 8 hours an only made $50 for the day. You'll eventually be so free that you're homeless on the street still talking shit about Uber lol.
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2023.03.29 10:05 travelersessentials 10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Trip to Europe

10 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Trip to Europe
Traveling to Europe for the first time can be both a blessing and a curse. It's impossible to forget once-in-a-lifetime moments, such as seeing the Eiffel Tower at night or taking a gondola through the canals of Venice, if you go unprepared.
With our best travel tips for Europe, we've outlined exactly what not to do overseas. Avoid these rookie mistakes before your trip to minimize stress and save time and money.

Taking a Cab
Neither from the airport nor from the city. As soon as you arrive in a major European city, make use of the public transportation system. A train is the fastest way to get to the city center in Paris and Amsterdam, for example. A shuttle bus can also be a convenient and surprisingly fast alternative, such as Barcelona's Aerobus, which takes less than 40 minutes to reach the city. By avoiding high cab fares, you'll not only get a better sense of the area but also save money. Don't miss a chance to experience the historic streets if you are able to walk.
Buy tickets late
It's not a good idea to wait until you get there to purchase museum or popular attraction tickets. In Paris or Rome, scrambling last minute can leave you in a long line or worse, the venue may reach capacity and you may not be able to enter. Be sure to book all the sights you want to see in advance. Multi-day sightseeing passes are a great way to plan your trip and confirm tickets to major attractions in major cities. You may even want to book your timed-entry ticket as soon as you know the dates of your trip for extremely popular attractions, like Barcelona's Sagrada Familia, as there is a limit on how many people can visit each day.
Settling for the First Restaurant You See
Don't be surprised if the prix fixe option offered by the mob of tourists isn't as good as you had hoped. Don't take any chances when it comes to food. Set up a separate meal itinerary with reservations at local hot spots that are likely to be more affordable or at least worth your money. Plan your trip around classic and new restaurants by checking out local blogs and social media accounts. Do not eat at restaurants that advertise their menus in multiple languages if you are in desperate need of food but in the most touristy part of the city. Prepare a polite "no thanks" for the waiters waiting outside to welcome lost and hungry tourists.
Carry a ton of cash.
Don't worry, many places accept credit cards, and we're sure you have one in your wallet that won't charge foreign transaction fees. If you don't have one, look into signing up. While it's good to carry some cash, don't carry too much. It's best not to carry large amounts of cash on your person if you can avoid it. Pickpockets are quite common in tourist areas, especially in areas that attract many tourists.
Not spending plenty of time outside
Europeans love eating and drinking outdoors, so follow their example. Pick up some refreshments at a grocery store, and enjoy one of your meals at a plaza or by a river. It's a fun way to switch things up so you're not eating out all the time.
Forgetting to Check Your Phone Plan
Mobile carriers are increasingly offering international roaming plans. You can check your plan's details or call the company a few days before leaving to see if you have data abroad. Use your Google Maps app to find your way around.
Ordering Bread and water
In many restaurants, these items are not free and can quickly drive up your bill. Once you sit down, refuse that bread basket unless you're certain you want it. Get a jug of water at a convenience store for a fraction of the cost, fill up a water bottle, and carry it with you.
Not Claiming Your Refund
You may be eligible for a VAT refund if you spent a lot of time shopping in Europe. You just need to ask the retailer for the proper documentation and show it to the appropriate airport agents. Each country's process may differ, but getting money back makes them all worthwhile.
Ignore 24-hour time.
To ensure you don't miss anything, set your phone to 24-hour, or military time, if you're on a schedule. I once hung out at the Real Madrid gift shop during the game because I misread the time - don't make the same mistake.
Downplaying comfort
No matter where you go, there will be walking involved, so pack accordingly. It is never an ideal idea to explore uncomfortable clothing or footwear. If you're dressed inappropriately, don't complain and slow others down. I've been there, done that, and it's awful. The following are some comfortable, travel-friendly shoes to consider if you don't already have one.
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2023.03.29 10:01 ResearcherLame Am I really that unbearable?

I currently have been in the same class for almost 4 full years. It is true that while others entered the class via the exam score, I was transferred, but I do not think that matters. I have never been the social type, mostly staying with my head in the phone or at home, doing things like playing video games or watching TV. At the beginning of the first year, I was introduced to the other kids. They seem to have already made groups, really divided ones, that are still holding to this day. I, however, cannot find myself in any. I would, of course, like to be inside the boy’s group, but I do not think they like me. First, I should define those groups. There are around 3 girl groups and 1 group made of mostly boys. There are 30 students in total (including me), 15 boys and 15 girls. Now, the groups are:
-The smallest one (could not find a proper name, it is complicated) formed of 2 girls
-A smart girl's group, composed of 5 girls
-A big group formed of the rest, does not have a classification really. It is formed of the rest of the girls, as well as a boy
The boys got one, big group named “The Boys”. They usually play football or harass each other during breaks and talk about girls. They also have a girl that goes around them but she is in another group. I, however, cannot find a group to fit in. I am not athletic, but I also do not really talk a lot, preferring to listen. I, however, try to get involved in as many conversations as to gain their friendship. I have been doing this for 3 years, and to no prevail. I also feel like a boy has a grudge on me, as he keeps picking on me at random times and keeps talking bs about me. I, so far, only set up one friendship, but I am not sure if it is real, as the person seems to be cold and avoid me at times. The other kids in the class also seem to avoid me, usually not pairing up with me or sitting in the same desk as me if it’s free, choosing the other desks.
The event that signaled me was when the boys started to stop inviting me to events. First, they have a group chat with only them. I have asked repeatedly to be added, but I only received an ok, and to this day I am still in the same situation, outside it. They also go out to caffes and restaurants, or even parks. Last week, they were planning to go to a restaurant after an event. I happened to overheard the conversation. I waited patiently to see if I was going to be asked, but that never happened. A month ago, a boy celebrated its birthday. Invited every single boy and some girls in the class and even went as far as to ask some girls an around 10 boys from the other class. I waited, again, to see what he was going to do, but he never invited me. I really do not know what I am doing wrong. I am currently caring for my face, shaving, showering every day and working out, but am still not able to integrate in the group. I have adapted a bit to living without many friends, but I still cannot bring myself to peace, staying up all night and trying to find what I did wrong or what I could’ve done to improve it, but never find a practical solution. So, am I that unbearable?

(If you have any advice, I am more than willing to hear them)
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2023.03.29 09:52 JamesonRhymer 6 Dates to Marry- THIRD DATE: Your date decides. Who would you rather ELIMINATE?

This is part 3 of a week long game we started early in the week.
Part 1:
Part 2:
But to recap, I’m fixing you up on a blind date with 6 people. Each day, you will eliminate the contestant you are least interested in. At the end of the week, we’ll see who democracy has chosen for you.
Yesterday, the sub eliminated Penn.
You called Penn up to break the news, and thankfully they were understanding.
“I’m sorry to hear that, Redditor. I rather enjoyed our chats. You’re a great hang, but I understand. I’ve been single for a while so what’s a little while longer? I’m sure I’ll find the one soon and I hope you do too. Thanks for two great dates- you’re top notch.”
For the third round, your dates are taking you out to someplace that they love and you’ll get to experience a bit of what makes them tick.
Select the person you’d like to eliminate and tomorrow, you will go on a fourth date with the remaining 3 people. You can also revisit the links up top to review the first and second dates if you want to refresh on your previous experience with each of the remaining prospects.


“Hey there’s an open window. That’s perfect, let’s go in!”
Jessen leads you through a busted out window into the cement decay of an abandoned building that looks like it hasn’t been inhabited since the 70’s.
“Are you sure this is okay?” you ask.
“Totally! I do this all the time. I love finding new abandoned buildings to explore and see what I find. It’s like modern archeology. My parents don’t know though, so don’t say anything if you meet them.”
“Sure. How did you get into this?”
“Mmm. That parts kinda weird. But long story short, I used to cut myself a lot when I was really depressed. I’d come to places like this because nobody was here. But don’t worry, that’s all in my past now. These days I just explore and mess around. You can throw a brick at a wall or break a window and who cares. It’s just fun. Wanna try it? Take this rock and throw it at anything.”
You take the rock and half-heartedly throw it at a cinema poster on the wall.
“See. Who cares, right? Wasn’t that fun?” Jessen then walks over and kicks a small filing cabinet over.
“Take that, you stupid filing cabinet!” Jessen says laughing. “I’ve been trying to learn to look at the bright parts of life. But sometimes it feels good to kick over a filing cabinet.”
You guys spend an hour or so there talking about life. You learn that Jessen is a receptionist at a dentist’s office, but doesn’t really like the job, but also doesn’t know what else they’d do. Money is not an issue because they live at home and their parents cover a lot. So for now, Jessen is just killing time in life.


You’ve found yourself at a nice park on the outskirts of town. Sitting on a bench facing a large green area, Brux hands you some fabric and a needle and begins teaching you how to knit.
“It’s a little tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it,” Brux assures.
“So you knit here a lot?”
“When I can. It’s super peaceful and I like the fresh air.”
“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m surprised you’re into knitting. You don’t seem like one of those fashion-obsessed types.”
Brux smirks lightly. “You calling me a slob?”
“No, no, I-“
“Relax, I know you didn’t mean anything by it. Some things are more about the process than the result.”
“I guess you have a ‘point’ there!” you say, making a mock stabbing gesture toward Brux with your needle. But in a flash, Brux drops everything, grabs your needle hand, bending it behind your back, and shoves your torso toward your knees. After a second, they release their grip and apologize profusely.
“I’m so sorry!! It was a total reflex, I didn’t mean to do that! Please forgive me,” Brux says with a heavy blush as they help you back upright.
“Okay sure…but you need to tell me what’s up. Last time we met, you Houdini’d my wallet out of my pocket without me ever feeling a thing. Today you Bruce Lee’d me into a pretzel in the space of one second. I get that it was a reflex, but not a lot of people have that reflex. What’s the deal here???”
“It’s actually just from work.”
“I’m a stunt double. I work on films and stuff. My specialty is martial arts, so I stand in for a lot of the female macho types.”
“What?? Why am I just hearing this?”
“I don’t like to tell people because then they get all weird and start asking about celebrities and whatever. But I’m not a big red carpet type. It’s just a job for me. My parents put me in martial arts from an early age and I got scouted at a tournament and so I started taking film gigs because…money. But it’s not my identity. Sitting here on a bench with my yarns and good company is more my speed.”


And now for something complete different. After the blast you guys had at Disneyworld, this was a total contrast.
“Alright, we’re here!” Blue says as they park their SUV in a space beside a mountain. “This is the best hike in town!”
Blue then takes a swig of their energy drink and belches loudly as you guys open your car doors to get out. That burp sounded way louder than it needed to.
“Wow, you’re a rugged one, aren’t you?” you comment.
“I guess! I do a lot of camping and hiking and all that.”
Finally! That was the perfect segue to bring up that burning issue that’s been in the back of your mind. Sure, Blue was a sculpture-ready work of art, but that first date…
“Oh, so you do a lot of outdoor stuff? I guess that skill came in handy for that, uh, accident at the picnic the other day. I’m so glad you weren’t sick or anything. I was worried.”
“Accident? I didn’t have an accident. I took a dump. Just like everyone does- and a fat one at that!” they said with a comically exaggerated wink and a click of the tongue.
“But right behind a tree?” you say, trying to force a laugh so things don’t get too awkward.
“Life’s too short to hold onto energy. You see the peak on that mountain? That’s the challenge. You see this apple and granola bar? This is energy. Energy in, energy out, keep moving. Anyway, I grew up in a house with a dad and three brothers. We were always outdoors. But I’m kinda the high-fiber, water guzzling health nut in the family. My dad always jokes that my dog should carry a plastic baggie for me when we go out! But anyway, I’m human. I poop. Who cares. Now let’s get going- I’m about to take you on the best hike of your life and I can’t wait to see the smile on your face!”
Blue lets out a roar as they grab your hand and drag you toward the trailhead.
One thing about Blue you noticed is that they are always overflowing with energy. But they were a great hiking guide and knew all about the types of animals and plants you encountered. Blue shared lots of survivalist info and you could tell they were a master of the outdoors. You knew from previous conversations that they were a department store model and cashier at Abercrombie & Fitch, but you learned today that they’re in training to become a wilderness survival guide specializing in beginners who, as Blue described, “have never experienced the pure awesomeness of nature”.


You didn’t even need a car. Naeve had you meet them in a rougher part of town and you set out down the street on foot. Soon, you understand why Naeve told you to dress down a bit. Naeve as usual is wearing thrifted indie clothing, so no change was necessary for them.
“I want you to meet some of my buds around here.” they say as they led you to a tent up the way.
“This is Jim. He’s the funniest guy you’ll ever meet.”
Jim is a homeless guy with a friendly smile. He’s been homeless since the Pandemic and Naeve occasionally brings him food when possible. Over the next couple hours, you accompany Naeve, meeting the homeless of all walks of life. You learn that Naeve was homeless for a few months, but they didn’t even seem to mind it that much. Now they live in a rent-controlled apartment near the homeless encampment but still stays in touch with the others and does everything possible to encourage local restaurants and grocery stores to donate food that’s about to go to waste. Naeve also participates in local activism to help reduce homelessness in the city and pass socially focused legislation.
“See, that’s what I call a perfect exchange,” Naeve said. “We had a great time, met some cool cats, and it didn’t cost us a dime. People today waste too much money. The world is already free entertainment!”
One thing you notice about Naeve is that they don’t need good looks to feel confident. They may be on the lower end of average, but they have a knack for relating to anyone and matching their energy. They kept you included in all the conversations and by the end, you felt really knowledgeable about a portion of society you didn’t know anything about.
Who do you want to eliminate?
If you hit the bell, I'll let you know tomorrow when Date 4 happens with the remaining 3 people ;-)
View Poll
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2023.03.29 09:12 Foxy_Traine Benefits of bone marrow

Have any of you felt better after eating bone marrow? Are there any well studied benefits? Google just says the stuff in bone marrow has been studied, but not bone marrow itself.
Also how do you eat it other than on toast? I'm gluten/grain free so toast isn't an option for me right now. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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2023.03.29 08:31 danidelrey1 new to sobriety

So I’ve hit rock bottom a few times due to alcohol. I’m f24 and Sunday night really shifted things for me. I got blackout drunk in a nice restaurant for my sisters birthday dinner (wasn’t suppose to still happen bc of arguing prior to). I’ve never had the greatest relationship with my sister (26) due to being her punching bag when we were younger. I’m for the most part a happy drunk but when we drink, arguing happens & things get really bad on both of our ends. I feel so ashamed for letting myself get that drunk and I really want a change in my life that allows me to live shame-free and in peace. I’m taking steps now to better myself, I had my first therapy session today. I guess I don’t know how I’ll live my 20s sober and I don’t know how my friends will react to sober me.
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2023.03.29 08:00 Immediate-Length80 M19 Let's Chat [Friendship]

I'm always up for trying something new and exploring new places, whether that's trying a new restaurant or taking a road trip.
I'm a very easy-going and friendly person, and I value honesty and open communication in my friendships. I believe that a true friend is someone who you can have deep conversations with, but also have a lot of fun with.
If you're looking for someone to hang out with, chat with, or just grab a coffee with, feel free to send me a message. I'm excited to meet new people and see where our friendship can take us!
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2023.03.29 07:52 IvyRose19 Question about fasting in this group. A few years ago prior to being diagnosed with celiac, I had SIBO. I waterfasted for 12 days which really helped. Fast forward, I'm been gluten free from nearly a year and experience so much bloating and discomfort that I'm considering another water fast.

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2023.03.29 07:49 Buzz0016 Weird Seinfeld - Episode 6

Weird Seinfeld - Episode 6
Jerry and Kramer are sitting at their usual booth, drinking coffee. Elaine enters, looking excited.
Elaine: Hey guys, did you hear about the Soup Restaurant?
JERRY: What about it?
Elaine: It's up for auction because Peterman disappeared.
KRAMER: What happened to him?
Elaine: No one knows. But I want to buy the restaurant.
Elaine: I want to show Sue Ellen Mischke that I can beat her at her own game.
KRAMER: What game?
Elaine: The game of life, Kramer.
Kramer nods his head, pretending to understand.
KRAMER: I get it.
JERRY: Good luck with that.
Elaine: Thanks, I'll need it.
Elaine leaves the café.
KRAMER: You know what I need?
JERRY: What?
KRAMER: A petting zoo.
JERRY: A petting zoo?
[Later at Kramer's apartment. Kramer is seen in his living room, surrounded by a bunch of rats.]
Kramer: [Talking to the rats] Alright, boys, we gotta get this petting zoo up and running.
Jerry: [Enters the room] What the hell is going on here, Kramer?
Kramer: [Excitedly] Jerry, I bought a bunch of rats and I'm starting a petting zoo!
George: [Enters the room] A petting zoo? With rats?
Kramer: Yeah, you know, it's an untapped market.
Jerry: I don't think anyone wants to pet a rat, Kramer.
Kramer: [Disappointed] What? Come on, guys, they're cute!
[Later, at the Soup Restaurant auction]
Auctioneer: [Addressing the bidders] Alright, we are now selling the Soup Restaurant. Who will start the bidding at $100,000?
Elaine: [Raises her hand] $100,000.
Sue Ellen Mischke: [Also raises her hand] $110,000.
Elaine: [Raises her hand again] $120,000.
Sue Ellen Mischke: [Raises her hand] $130,000.
[The bidding war continues until Sue wins the auction]
Elaine: [Sulking] Damn it!
Sue Ellen Mischke: [Taunting Elaine] Better luck next time, Elaine.
Elaine: [Determined] Oh, I'll get you back, Sue.
[Back at Kramer's apartment]
Kramer: [Frustrated] This petting zoo isn't going so well. I'm losing a lot of money, and my neighbors are complaining about the smell.
Jerry: [Trying to come up with a solution] Well, what can we do to help?
Kramer: [Thinking] I don't know, but I can't keep this up for much longer.
Elaine: [Enters the room] Hey, Kramer, can I take those rats off your hands?
Kramer: [Surprised] What do you want rats for?
Elaine: [Mysteriously] It's for a personal project.
Jerry: [Curiously] What kind of project?
Elaine: [Evading the question] Don't worry about it.
Kramer: [Handing the rats to Elaine] Sure, take them. I don't know what you're gonna do with them, though.
[The next morning at the cafe]
Jerry: [Concerned] Elaine, what did you do with those rats?
Elaine: [Grinning mischievously] Oh, you'll find out soon enough.
[At the Soup Restaurant]
Customer: [Eating soup] Mmm, this soup is delicious.
[All of a sudden, rats start coming out of the soup and scurrying around the restaurant, causing chaos]
Customer: [Screaming] Rats! Rats everywhere!
[The scene then shows the news broadcast of the incident, causing a national uproar]
News Anchor: [Reporting on the incident] The Soup Restaurant has been shut down by health officials after rats were found in the food. The restaurant's owner, Sue Ellen Mischke, could not be reached for comment.
[Back at the cafe, Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine are watching the news]
Jerry: [Shocked] Elaine, you did that?
The gang is shocked as they watch the news report on the rat incident at the Soup Nazi restaurant. Jerry and Kramer can't believe that Elaine would be capable of such a thing, but Elaine is smug and proud of what she's done.
ELAINE: (smiling) Revenge is a dish best served cold, boys.
KRAMER: (shaking his head) I don't know, Elaine. This seems a little extreme.
JERRY: (looking at Elaine) What did Sue Ellen do to make you do this?
ELAINE: (shrugging) Nothing, really. I just don't like her.
GEORGE: (sarcastically) Ah, the age-old reason for revenge.
KRAMER: (excitedly) Hey, speaking of revenge, I've got an idea. What if we start a new soup restaurant?
JERRY: (skeptical) A soup restaurant? What do we know about making soup?
KRAMER: (confidently) We'll figure it out. And we can call it the Rat-Free Soup Kitchen.
ELAINE: (rolling her eyes) Oh, great. That's just what we need, more competition.
JERRY: (thinking) Maybe we should focus on something else. How about we help Kramer with his petting zoo problem instead?
KRAMER: (grinning) Now you're talking.
The gang heads to Kramer's apartment to check out the petting zoo situation. They find a mess of hay and rat droppings, and the rats have chewed through the walls and escaped into the hallway.
GEORGE: (holding his nose) This place smells like a barn.
KRAMER: (defeated) I don't know what to do, guys. I'm out of ideas.
JERRY: (looking at the rats) Hey, Elaine, what did you do with those rats?
ELAINE: (smiling) Oh, I took care of them.
KRAMER: (confused) What do you mean, you took care of them?
ELAINE: (nonchalantly) I released them into the wild.
JERRY: (surprised) You what?
ELAINE: (shrugging) I figured they deserved a chance to be free.
KRAMER: (panicking) Elaine, those rats were my investment! Do you know how much money I'm going to lose because of this?
ELAINE: (smiling) Sorry, Kramer. I guess revenge is a dish best served with a side of collateral damage.
The episode ends with the gang looking at Kramer in disbelief as he starts to hyperventilate.
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2023.03.29 07:38 Immediate-Length80 Be My Friend

I'm always up for trying something new and exploring new places, whether that's trying a new restaurant or taking a road trip.
I'm a very easy-going and friendly person, and I value honesty and open communication in my friendships. I believe that a true friend is someone who you can have deep conversations with, but also have a lot of fun with.
If you're looking for someone to hang out with, chat with, or just grab a coffee with, feel free to send me a message. I'm excited to meet new people and see where our friendship can take us!
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2023.03.29 07:37 Environmental-Key461 About Professional Wasp Control Canberra

About Professional Wasp Control Canberra
Get your time when deciding on a company. Termites hurt wood slowly; the level of injury caused by having an additional day, 7 days, or thirty day period to create an informed choice commonly is inconsequential. Stay away from firms that try and pressure you into signing a agreement immediately with specials or scare ways.
Arrow Exterminators’ STEPS software matches the Invoice. Finally, we focused on businesses expert enough to manage Every homeowner’s canberra ant controlexceptional scenario, building Ehrlich’s give attention to professional professionals a large contributing variable to creating it our runner-up alternative.
When searching throughout the listing of termite defense businesses, homeowners will wish to get Observe of each company’s company variety and space, as not all companies offer services in every condition.
They consume other insects mainly because they are predators. They may be, having said that, drawn to sugary foods and beverages. Wasps could be interested in an open can of soppy consume or a plate of food that is definitely left unattended. Drinks and open food items containers should be protected.
Paint harm: As termites eat and warp the Wooden of your home, they allow humidity into the realm. Generally, this results in bubbling or peeling paint surfaces throughout the household.
A nest is the obvious indicator of a wasp infestation in Canberra. Other indications of feasible infestation are bigger wasp quantities within the house and broken timber (chew marks on architraves, skirting boards, plaster walls, and household furniture).
If you reside in The usa, pick out your point out within the map underneath to check out what is actually accessible in your town. Alternatively, it's possible you'll check availability inside your nation by clicking the eco-friendly button under.
Termites check out your own home as a really appealing restaurant where the meals is cost-free and there’s an abundance of it. The foraging termites journey underneath pavers because they enter the structure, we generally discover termites under pavers, concrete paths and driveways.
Termite boundaries: Liquid termiticides for example fipronil and imidacloprid could be sprayed over the soil, mulch, or wood chips outside the house your house to produce a barrier. stands guiding their items. If you continue to have termites in your property after a 7 days of making use of Ultrasonic Termite Repellent, they will refund your cash and you can hold the unit. Simply just Speak to them by using mobile phone, chat, or email. Their customer support is obtainable 24/seven.
These superior-pitched Appears irritate them and scare them absent. Termite will simply just go away on their own. As soon as they're long gone, They are long gone permanently. Termite won't ever return to your own home if you have the Ultrasonic Termite Repellent mounted.
Everybody knows that sensation. You're sitting down with your chair, savoring a superb guide, when all of the unexpected you hear a rustling sounds. You search over and find out several little creatures scurrying all-around in close proximity to your floor.
Infertile males and ladies are known as staff. Fertile males are called Kings and every colony has no less than one, but perhaps two fertile ladies termed queens.
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2023.03.29 07:26 captintensity41 Nice pickle

Nice pickle
Once you pop you can’t stop
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