Is arkham knight 60fps on ps5

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2023.06.10 06:58 auakbulut Are PS Plus Extra Catalague games playable on PS4?

Hello everyone, I had a question. You see, I am still a PS4 user and can't upgrate to a PS5 for reasons. I want to get more into games this summer and I thought PS Plus Extra is the perfect opportunity to play titles such as The Ghost of Tshushima and Bloodborne. So 1 looked through the catalouge of games from A-Z and realised Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves was also there. As far as I know, that has released only on PS5. Now I wonder, are the games on PS Plus Extra catalogue only playable on PS5 or will I get the chance to experience many of them if I buy it for my PS4. Basically can I play PS Plus Extra Catalogue games such as Ghost of Tsushima on PS4?
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2023.06.10 06:54 anxiety_freak_2747 I don't know if I'm being taken advantage of by a mentally unstable friend

TL;DR unsure if chronically and terminally ill friend who is suicidal is lying and taking advantage of me. Tonight I'm torn between helping her out or just save my money.
So now the long version. I have a friend who struggles a lot with depression and suicidal ideation. We been friends for 3 to 4 years. She became my friend because we related a lot and she wanted to help support me through my chronic illness since she also is chronically ill.
Lately things have been bad for us both mentally. Her only escape is technology specifically gaming. In the past I've given her money for food, games, and a few months ago a PS5 controller since she broke hers in a fit of rage. Most of all the money was given when she's in a crisis and really thinking of suicide.
Lately she's been distant and really not a helpful support. I usually just get a "Im sorry", "I feel the same way" and then nothing else unlike before where she would give me a bit more advice or more support. I've been understanding but it makes me feel like crap and kinda gives me more suspicions.
My suspicion is if she is actually as sick as she says or if I'm just being manipulated. When we first met she told me she has MS. She said she had died multiple times for various reasons. About 2 years ago she got diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer and was given 6 months. This is where I start to question stuff. One time she showed me her port and asked if it looked infected. I saw that the picture was taken in a medical setting and there was iodine so I reversed google searched it and it came up. It was from a medical journal of some sort and published years ago. There was a few other things when I asked for medical support before this that was just totally inaccurate so I was already weary but chucked it off as she just didn't know or something. Just something to note, she stated she is a psychiatrist.
She has had a lot of medical scares like multiple collapsed lungs, fluid in her lungs, covid19 three times. She's been in the ICU quite a few times or so she said. One time she texted me saying she's intubated and fought sedation so she could tell me. I didn't know if that was actually true but whatever I'm more worried about her in that moment. Until I went on discord and saw she was online and playing a game. That has happened a few other times, she states she's in really poor condition at the hospital but she gets online on discord. She also showed me a x-ray of "her" foot but I searched it again, it came up on Google, and when I told her she said she sent the wrong photo then sent another x-ray that had no injury. She always tells me I'm one of the only people keeping her here both when she's suicidal or in "critical condition". A lot of people have left her. I'm kinda alone and I have lost friends to suicide before so that fear is already in my head.
Tonight she is suicidal and in her words she's "done". She spilled water on her PS5 controller and her apple pen won't write. I'm debating if I should scrape up $70 so she can get a controller but I'm also so suspicious now. She also tells me she'll pay me back and she will pay me back when she gets her monthly paycheck but something always comes up. I don't want her to kill herself but I feel like I'm buying her to stay. I'm not made of money I'm a chronically ill 25 year old, living with her parents who also aren't made of money and currently need to be careful what we spend since my dad is still hurt from a work injury. He hasn't been getting his workman's compensation for the past few weeks. My mom works part-time but is also taking care of me so she loses a lot of hours. It's just a stressful situation. I would be going into my savings for possible medical expenses to help my friend. I feel helpless and torn. I feel awful for even doubting a friend like this.
Please help, what do I do?
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2023.06.10 06:52 Coolb4school No PS4 expedition yet

Its on my PS5 but my PS4 says its up to date and there's no expedition. My wife and I can't play together. 😥. Is the PS4 no longer supported?
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2023.06.10 06:49 edu_1337 Last gen vs New gen lobby graphics

Last gen vs New gen lobby graphics
I have a queation, is this a bug or is it just like that?The lobby ground have detailed reflections on PS4 but on PS5 it doesn't, and looks matte. I took screenshots comparing on both last and new season:
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2023.06.10 06:46 AlphaArmadillo (EST) 22 M looking to form close, long-term friendships.

Hello all, I've made a post to see if I can find the right kind of people for me with similar values when it comes to forming a close and supportive friendship. I have often found it draining to have to keep messaging so many people online that I'd like to limit any potential pitfalls as much as possible when it comes to making friends online. From my experience, a lot of friendships don't seem to work out when there is not as much initiation from both sides which is something that I really value. I really appreciate direct and honest communication along with a willingness to work through things. I expect a certain amount of effort when it comes to responses. Although I tend to have higher standards when it comes to friends, I do not want that to deter others from wanting to reach out as I am quite open and understanding. I'm a 22-year-old and in my final year of college. I'm majoring in psychology as I want to be able to become a therapist/counselor and help others out where possible. Once I graduate, I am planning to pursue a master's degree in counseling. I live on the east coast side of the US and my MBTI personality type is INFJ as well. It's usually easier to mention this ahead of time but I have a physical disability that requires me to use a wheelchair.
Some of my interests and activities that I enjoy doing include playing games on pc, ps5, and switch, learning about other people and their experiences, watching videos or shows online, and voice chatting. Basically, anything where we can spend time together online in some way. A few of my favorite games are Final Fantasy 14, Xenoblade Chronicles 1-3, Persona 5, Pokemon, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. I am also open to talking about and trying out other games. As for shows and watching videos, I do enjoy watching anime from time to time and wouldn't mind watching them with others. Additionally, if you have any suggestions or things you like to watch I would be happy to watch those as well. We could even just watch stuff on youtube which is where I usually go lol.
I'm looking for the kind of one-on-one friendship where we can message/talk about whatever is on our minds throughout the day and be able to share everyday and deeper, more meaningful conversations. I enjoy having conversations on philosophical topics, anything science or education related, asking random questions, and psychology (of course) or mental health in general. It would be great to have long-term friends who prioritize a consistent, genuinely caring friendship and who are willing to put in the same amount of effort. I want to have friendships where we can open up to each other as much as we are comfortable with and be able to check in on each other.
I'm not expecting to become great friends with everyone but I am willing to give others a fair chance. Realistically, I want to invest in just a few quality friendships. Building a good friendship takes time and I only want to have friends who are specifically looking for something long-term. As long as you are willing to show that you value building the kind of friendship that I do, that is what I care about most.
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2023.06.10 06:44 PickleBram518 3 beeps on my PS5?

So I was just playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade and my PS5 just flashed a message I didn't get enough time to read and then it beeped 3 times and shut off. My PS5 is coming up on a year of owning it. Should I be worried? Is this normal? How do I fix this if it is a problem?
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2023.06.10 06:42 Safe_Summer_9831 should i buy it yes or no?

should i buy it yes or no?
There is a ps5 listed on mercari. The description says "I'm giving out this for free because I bought it for my son before he passed away in a car accident some weeks ago. Have been very depressed and it's not been easy for me that's why I'm giving out his stuffs freely to ease my mind. All you have to do is to pay for the shipment fee only if you are interested and text me with my cellphone number with the reason why you need it 213~309~1285" Should i risk it or no?
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2023.06.10 06:35 renegade7879 I feel like the game is eating inputs on PS5, anyone else notice this?

I know, I know, it’s just an excuse for my death against the Butcher. But I’ve even had issues with my “X” button presses (among others) being lost while in low stakes situations like managing my stash in town. Not sure if it’s just server lag related or what.
And no, it’s not my controller as it works fine with other games and I even tried my spare to be sure.
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2023.06.10 06:35 tinselsnips Poll: Blackout duration following admin AMA

This afternoon, the CEO of Reddit, spez, hosted an AMA concerning the API changes that have prompted the Reddit-wide subreddit blackouts beginning June 12th.
The quality of response was overwhelmingly poor, spez doing little to address community concerns as he vaguely reiterated previous-days' talking points and doubled-down on a baseless and unprofessional vilification of Apollo developer Christian Selig.
A more in-depth review of the AMA and the ongoing concerns can be read at /modcoord here.
As it's become clear that the userbase's concerns have fallen on deaf ears, numerous subreddits have announced an intention to extend their blackout well beyond the initial 48 hours, and some indefinitely.
That's not a decision we're willing to make without community support; while we acknowledge the initial decision to participate in the blackout was undertaken largely unilaterally, ultimately the mod team is a reflection of the subreddit, and the community's voice needs to govern on this.
Many of you could not care less about this. Many of you are already deleting your accounts and leaving for other platforms. We honestly don't know how the overall community skews on this.
The question then being:

In light of new information gathered from Spez's AMA and other sources over the last few days, should /PS5 extend the subreddit blackout beyond the initial 48 hour period?

Please participate in the poll, and leave your more detailed thoughts in the comments; both will be given weight. We're not going to burn the sub down without significant community support.
In case you're totally out of the loop:
The original open letter
Our previous post on this
The list of participating subreddits on /Modcoord
This helpful infographic on the main issue
View Poll
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2023.06.10 06:35 clarence90 Is there a cross play between PC and PS?

So I'm on steam, can i play coop with PS friends?or is it just between PS4 and PS5?
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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

MA = Movies Anywhere
GP = Googleplay
[?] = unknown definition
title = pending trade
If a title is no longer listed = It has been traded
TV Series Marked
Vudu Only
ITUNES Only MOVIES - No Port - Marked
CANADIAN CODES: GOOGLE PLAY / ITUNES MARKED I do not know any of these port
Titles I am looking for
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2023.06.10 06:30 AuSSie-HellCat Week 4: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

Week 4: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

GEW: Riot

Match 1 - Dolph Ziggler vs Ricky Starks
Ziggler, known for his in-ring abilities and resilience, took control early on with a series of well-executed strikes and grapples. However, Starks, the charismatic and explosive athlete, fought back with his signature blend of athleticism and showmanship.
As the match progressed, the intensity escalated, and the near falls kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Ziggler displayed his ability to withstand punishment and deliver devastating maneuvers, while Starks countered with his agility and innovative offense. In a pivotal moment, Starks seized an opportunity and delivered a thunderous spear, stunning Ziggler and setting up the pinfall victory
Winner: Ricky Starks by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with two members of The A-List Experience, LA Knight and The Miz, who have agreed to this sit-down interview to address their recent conflicts. Now, Miz, it seems you have something to propose to LA Knight. What is it?
The Miz: [leaning forward, a serious expression on his face] That's right. Knight, we've had our fair share of disagreements and clashes recently. But I'm willing to put everything on the line to settle this once and for all. I'm proposing a ladder match at the next pay-per-view.
LA Knight: [smirking] Oh, really? And what's at stake, Miz? Your pride?
The Miz: [nodding] No, Knight. It's much more than that. If you accept, we'll put your contract on the line. If you win, you'll be out of The A-List Experience for good.
LA Knight: [leaning back, contemplating the offer] Interesting. You're willing to risk losing me?
The Miz: [firmly] That's right. I've seen enough, Knight. You're out for yourself, thinking only of personal gain.
LA Knight: [smirking confidently] Fine, Miz. You're on. I accept your challenge. But don't think for a second that I won't come out on top.
Interviewer: This is a huge announcement, folks! The Miz and LA Knight will settle their differences in a ladder match at the next pay-per-view, with LA Knight's contract on the line. Any final thoughts?
The Miz: [looking directly at LA Knight] Knight, I hope you understand what's at stake here. This is about more than just winning a match. It's about loyalty, commitment, and proving who truly is the best.
LA Knight: [smirking confidently] Miz, you can put my contract on the line, but you'll never be able to take away the star power that is LA Knight. I'll show you why I'm the future of this business.

Match 2 - Bullet Club (JTG & The Gunns) vs American Alpha
The action started with Gable and JTG showcasing their technical skills, engaging in a fast-paced grappling exchange.
As the match progressed, The Creed Brothers utilized their power and strength advantage to overpower their opponents, delivering punishing strikes and devastating slams. However, JTG and The Gunns refused to back down, displaying their resilience and teamwork while they brutalized The Creed Brothers as Gable was barely conscious outside the ring from a devastating suplex off the apron by JTG.
In a critical turning point, JTG seized an opening and connected with a lightning-fast superkick, staggering one of The Creed Brothers. Sensing the opportunity, The Gunns executed a synchronized double-team maneuver, flooring their opponents and securing the victory.
Winner: Bullet Club by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Match 3 - Asuka, Kris Statlander, Liv Morgan, & Indi Hartwell vs Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Alba Faye & Jacy Jane
The match kicked off with a flurry of high-flying maneuvers and hard-hitting strikes as both teams fought for dominance. Ripley and Baszler showcased their brutal aggression, unleashing devastating power moves on their opponents. However, Asuka and Statlander countered with their impressive agility and technical prowess, turning the tide in their favor.
Liv Morgan displayed her resilience and quickness, evading the attacks of Alba Faye and delivering lightning-fast strikes. Indi Hartwell, on the other hand, used her strength to overpower Jacy Jane and keep the opposition on their toes.
As the match approached its climax, a series of thrilling near falls and dramatic saves had the crowd on the edge of their seats. In the end, it was the cohesive teamwork and resilience of Asuka, Kris Statlander, Liv Morgan, and Indi Hartwell that proved superior. They capitalized on a moment of opportunity, delivering a devastating combination of moves to secure the victory.
Winner: Asuka, Statlander, Morgan, & Hartwell by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)
Match 4 - LA Knight vs Grayson Waller
In a heated one-on-one encounter, LA Knight clashed with Grayson Waller in an intense battle of egos. From the opening bell, both competitors showcased their athleticism and aggression, determined to emerge victorious.
LA Knight utilized his technical prowess and power to gain the upper hand, grounding Waller with a series of punishing holds and strikes. However, Waller refused to back down, countering with his hard-hitting moves and resilience.
As the match progressed, the pendulum of momentum swung back and forth, with near falls and close calls keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. The competitive spirit between Knight and Waller intensified, escalating the physicality of the match.
In a pivotal moment, LA Knight capitalized on an opening, delivering a devastating signature move that left Waller stunned and unable to kick out. The referee's hand hit the mat for the three-count, signaling the victory for LA Knight.
Winner: LA Knight by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)
Match 5 - Bianca Belair vs Jaime Hayter
As the match unfolded, Belair unleashed an array of powerful strikes and impressive acrobatics, leaving Hayter reeling. The intensity escalated as the near falls and close calls kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
In the final moments, Belair dug deep and summoned her incredible strength, hoisting Hayter onto her shoulders and delivering her signature K.O.D. (Kiss of Death) maneuver. The impact was enough to secure the three-count, sealing the victory for Bianca Belair.
Winner: Bianca Belair by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Post-Match Segment
[Bianca celebrates her hard-fought victory, raising her arms in triumph. However, her moment of glory is short-lived as the arena suddenly goes dark. The crowd's anticipation fills the air as they wonder what's about to unfold.]
[A spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp, revealing Britt Baker, DMD, with a sinister smile on her face, wielding two kendo sticks.]
Britt Baker: Oh, Bianca, you may have won this battle, but the war is far from over!
[Britt Baker charges towards the ring, swinging the kendo sticks with brutal force, catching Bianca off guard. The blows rain down on Bianca's back, leaving visible welts and causing her to wince in pain.]
Britt Baker: This is what happens when you try to step into my spotlight, Bianca! I am the rightful queen of this division, and I won't let anyone steal that from me!
[As the crowd watches in shock, Britt Baker continues her assault, showing no mercy. Each strike echoes through the arena, heightening the tension. Finally, as Bianca collapses to the mat, Britt Baker stands tall, a sadistic grin on her face, with the kendo sticks raised in victory.]
Britt Baker: This is the fate that awaits anyone foolish enough to challenge me, Bianca. Remember, I am the face of this division, and no one, not even you, can dethrone me!
[Medical personnel rush to the ring to tend to Bianca's injuries as Britt Baker revels in her triumph, taunting the fallen Bianca and cementing her status as a ruthless force to be reckoned with.]
[The segment ends with the image of Britt Baker standing tall, the ring littered with broken kendo sticks, and Bianca Belair left battered and broken, a clear message sent to anyone who dares to challenge the dominant reign of "The Role Model."]

Match 6 - Blake Bailey, Adam Cole, Randy Orton & Malakai Black vs Bandido, Sami Zayn, Tyler Bate, & Ace Keeg
As the bell rang to signal the start of the highly anticipated eight-man tag team match, tensions were already running high among the competitors. The teams of Blake Bailey, Adam Cole, Randy Orton & Malakai Black on one side, and Bandido, Sami Zayn, Tyler Bate, & Ace Keeg on the other, were set to clash in an explosive encounter.
From the opening moments, it was clear that the animosity between the competitors was too great to be contained. Tempers flared and frustrations boiled over as the action escalated. It started with a heated exchange between Bandido and Orton, which quickly turned into a full-blown brawl.
The chaos spread like wildfire, infecting every corner of the ring. Teammates found themselves at odds with each other as the fierce competitiveness took over. Cole and Zayn locked eyes, their long-standing rivalry reigniting with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Bailey and Bate exchanged stiff strikes, each determined to prove their dominance.
Even the usually composed Black couldn't resist getting caught up in the whirlwind of chaos. He found himself exchanging blows with Keeg, neither willing to back down.
The ringside area erupted with a chorus of boos and cheers as the competitors unleashed their frustrations on one another. Referees and officials desperately tried to restore order, but their efforts seemed futile as the brawl spilled to the outside.
With no clear winner in sight and the match spiraling into utter chaos, the bell rang once again, signifying a no-contest. The officials, realizing the situation had become uncontrollable, decided to intervene and separate the warring factions.
The crowd, though disappointed by the lack of a definitive outcome, couldn't deny the sheer intensity and unpredictability of the encounter. It was a brutal reminder that sometimes, rivalries and personal grudges can overpower even the strongest bonds of teamwork.
As the dust settled and the competitors were forcibly separated, the message was clear: the animosity among these athletes ran deep. Whether it be for championships or personal pride, they were willing to go to any lengths to settle their scores.
- Match 1: Ricky Starks def. Dolph Ziggler
- Match 2: Bullet Club def. American Alpha
- Match 3: Asuka, Kris Statlander, Liv Morgan, & Indi Hartwell def. Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Alba Faye & Jacy Jane
- Match 4: LA Knight def. Grayson Waller
- Match 5: Bianca Belair def. Jaime Hayter
- Match 6: No Contest
- LA Knight and The Miz agree to a match. If Knight wins his contract with The A-List Experience is ripped up
- Hayter attacks Belair after her match with weapons
- The 8 men in the Glory Match brawl throughout the ring

GEW: Unleashed

Match 1 - Riddle vs Cameron Grimes
As the bell rang, Riddle wasted no time, launching himself at Grimes with lightning speed. With a lightning-quick combination of strikes and a perfectly executed Bro Derek, Riddle pinned Grimes for the three-count.
Winner: Riddle by Pinfall (1 Stars)
Match 2 - MCMG vs Aussie Open
In a highly anticipated showdown, Motor City Machine Guns and Aussie Open delivered a wrestling masterpiece that left the crowd in awe. The match was a back-and-forth display of athleticism, technical prowess, and tag team synergy.
Both teams showcased their remarkable in-ring abilities, executing high-flying maneuvers, crisp strikes, and innovative double-team moves. The pace of the match was relentless, with neither team willing to back down.
As the match reached its climax, Motor City Machine Guns managed to outmaneuver Aussie Open, capitalizing on a momentary miscommunication between the Australian duo. With a well-executed combination of kicks and a devastating double-team finisher, Motor City Machine Guns secured the victory, earning a well-deserved 1-2-3 count.
Winner: MCMG by Pinfall (5 Stars)
Match 3 - Swerve Strickland vs Happy Corbin
In a one-sided contest, Swerve Strickland proved to be a dominant force as he squared off against Happy Corbin. Right from the start, Strickland displayed his superior agility, speed, and technique, leaving Corbin struggling to keep up.
Corbin tried to mount a comeback, but every move he made was effortlessly countered by Strickland. With precision strikes and a series of impressive maneuvers, Strickland systematically dismantled Corbin, leaving him helpless and unable to mount any significant offense.
In the end, Strickland sealed the victory with a devastating finishing move, securing a decisive and emphatic win over Corbin.
Winner: Swerve Strickland by Pinfall (3 Stars)
- Match 1: Riddle def. Cameron Grimes
- Match 2: MCMG def. Aussie Open
- Match 3: Swerve def. Happy Corbin
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2023.06.10 06:25 NotaReli So... First impressions?

What are your first impressions with the season everyone?
For me, I hate being negative but so far I don't really like this season as much as the previous 2 from this chapter. Luckily it's just the beginning so that might change in the future but there are several things I don't enjoy at all about the game right now.
So to begin with is the new biome, it looks gorgeous, but it's terrible to play at, specially on console since you can't reduce foliage, enemies pretty much disappear in plain sight because of how many plants are in your way, the rain doesn't help either. Not to mention that at least for me on PS5, the pretty graphics mode has a bit of trouble sometimes with the biome, random stuttering sometimes which can get annoying, but I assume that might be fixed soon enough.
The new weapons are fun although the red eye is still better than both of those so either they need to nerf the red eye or that's going to be the only ar you see people using. Also the thermal seems to be bugged or something as 90% of the time the "thermal" part of it hasn't worked, enemies just look as blue as the rest of the environment.
Continuing with the weapons, the drum shotgun is a mistake, I'm sorry but it's still as annoying as it was back in ch3 S2, at least in zero build. It's very interesting to me that they decided to bring it back considering the backlash from that season.
The boomerang is fun but honestly feels lack luster when you compare it to the other 2 kinetic weapons from this chapter, specially because of the mobility thing.
On that note, mobility is not bad but coming from 2 seasons with some of the best mobility ever (maybe a bit too much during those star wars week last season) the game feels a bit awkward to play IMO, I'm used to be able to move vertically to gain a bit of high ground when in disadvantage and now that's pretty much impossible, also because there's no mobility items that you can carry, if you're caught on an empty field in Zero Build you might as well give up.
Augments are pretty meh once again, maybe we were spoiled in s1 but there's like 3 that are worth going for the rest are pretty disposable.
The battle pass is pretty good IMO.
So on first impressions I give it a solid 4/10 but as I said, that may change as updates go on, what about you?
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2023.06.10 06:22 Dmitri-Yuriev84 Anyone here have EA play for PS5?

I purchased EA play on PS5, but I’m not quite sure how it works. I went into PlayStation network and found it under subscription, but it has a very barren selection of games. The website said it should have over 50+ games and I see less than 20. I only purchased it because I wanted to see if I could play Dragon Age:Origins as it is listed in EA play website, but can’t find the game on the PS5 EA play section.
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2023.06.10 06:09 doubleglass2 RTX 4070, 4070TI, or 4080 for 4K?

building a PC and planning to run the game (Update 8 and later) on a 4K monitor. I don't need everything in ultra but I'd like it to run at a smooth 60fps and look nice with minimal alias.
Which GPU would be the best fit without being overkill?
I normally play on the console but another game I might be playing with this PC is the upcoming Cities Skylines 2.
Power efficiency is important as I will be doing an mini-ITX build.
CPU will probably be a AMD 7800x3D.
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2023.06.10 06:08 CaptSlayer21 Locked out of old account completely

I used to have a PS4 and sold it years ago, recently my roommate got a PS5 so I decided to recover my account and put it on his system. However, after resetting my password it's saying my password/ID is incorrect. I've tried on the system, my phone, through the app and the website, I have an email confirming my password was changed but no matter what I do I can't sign in, and now I'm no longer getting emails for password reset requests. Oh, and none of the security questions are working either. Please help me.
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2023.06.10 06:05 Cricket_Alive Help me build the Ultimate vr sim racing rig

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
For the most part VR sim racing on Iracing, beamng, dirt rally, and Richard burns rally. I want to run a quest 2 (PPE upscaled through the oculus app if possible)
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Around 1500-1800 but higher is possible and lower is appreciated
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
As soon as possible, likely due to current finances in a couple months.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
A complete pc, ideally air cooler as water cooling is probably beyond my experience. I have a crappy 60hz monitor so I am looking to upgrade to 120hz at least, but this isn't really a priority at all, as all the simracing I do is in vr anyway.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
USA, yes I'm about an hour from my nearest microcenter
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
My current monitor is an Acer, Id be reusing my SSD, which is an M.2 Samsung Evo 1TB.
I do have a keyboard and mouse but they were both free with my current PC and I'm also kind of looking for a upgrade, but that's not much of a priority.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
It needs to have an Intel CPU and a Nvidia GPU
I need this PC to run dirt rally and iracing at max settings 60fps or more. Anything else is appreciated but not necessary. I'm using Ethernet currently so wifi is not needed either.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
So long as it has a window, is black and has good airflow the case isn't such a big deal.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
I'd like windows ten.
Extra info or particulars:
I definitely want an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU
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2023.06.10 05:58 Excellent_Routine589 [Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden] I saw lots of postings of the recent SGF games but never saw one of this one. I like DontNod so figure I should put this out there if anyone would be interested or who knows, maybe to put the Steel on your radar for a later time

[Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden] I saw lots of postings of the recent SGF games but never saw one of this one. I like DontNod so figure I should put this out there if anyone would be interested or who knows, maybe to put the Steel on your radar for a later time submitted by Excellent_Routine589 to Steelbooks [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:55 BuddingSapling Tarot interpretation help?

Got my finals results a few days ago and now I'm trying to decide which college/program I should go for. Using the Yes/No layout from 21st Century Tarot here for all the readings.
Should I continue my studies at college A?
1 What the Question is about- 2 pentacles
2 Relevant Past- King pentacles
3 Difficulty to Overcome- The Fool
4 Help you are given- Page pentacles
5 The future outcome- Temperance
6 The answer- 8 swords
I asked this question because I've decided on college A already, until someone else suggested college B (hence the pentacles). What I read from this is I shouldn't, because 8 of swords = trapped/suffering, and the other cards suggest "pick the new option".
Should I do it at college B instead?
1- 8 Cups
2- The World
3- 7 wands
4- Knight wands
5- 9 pentacles
6- Ace wands
"Yes, do that". Here I was confused and didn't want to take the answer at face value, because it's a lot further (from where I live) compared to college A. Because I'm a stubborn chicken, I decided to ask the first question again but phrased differently:
Should I take program X at college A?
1- Knight Cups
2- The Fool
3- 4 Wands
4- 8 Swords
5- Tower
6- 5 Cups
That's a strong no 💀 Even threw the tower at me to make the point super clear... So I asked which program to go for in college B. In my mind, I decided that for position 6, a major card means "not college B", and each suit (sword, wand, cup, pentacles) would correspond to the only 4 programs available, so covering all the choices.
Which program (or not) should I take at college B?
1- 9 Pentacles
2- 10 Cups
3- The Sun
4- 2 of Wands
5- Knight of Swords
6- 8 of Swords
The answer is clear and I know what I'm "supposed to do"... the problem is I'm not sure if this is really what I think it means/ the cards are accurate? Mostly I'm worried I'm losing my coconuts 😭 I feel crazy for making decisions based on cards.
Can someone offer alternate explanations for what the cards might mean? Or if you've made decisions based on cards this way, how has it turned out even though at first sight the suggested action was unfathomable?
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2023.06.10 05:54 cravenj1 [Discussion] Chip Zdarsky: Good or Bad?

Chip Zdarsky, good or bad. A challenge, certainly, but not unsolvable, because all writers have distinct values, which I use to find answers. I read enough to find heh heh the answers. Heh heh. Because this this is my reality, this is how I learned to be, and my being doesn’t allow for Chip FREAKINg ZDARSKY! Okay? Oh, yeah! Hahaaa Yeah! Oh! Oh! Yelling like Chip Zdarsky Oh, I’m a cat. I’m a sexy cat. ha hahaaaa Oh! Oh! Oh! O-o-ohh!
Ok enough memeing. What do you think about the whole of Chip's output? Is he a good writer? Is he a good artist?
Personally, I see him as more of a writer first, artist second. When he's good, he's great. But when he's bad, it's like "Are you ok dude?"
Like Nic Cage, it's so hard to find a good place to start.
The good:
The bad:
The mid:
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2023.06.10 05:43 Elitezero489 How do I turn on remote play on ps5 if the setting is blacked out?

I’ve had a ps5 the last 2 months and I haven’t been able to turn on remote play because the option to is blacked out. I’ve looked on parental controls and I’ve turned off the setting on my ps4. I don’t know what else to try.
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2023.06.10 05:38 Ghost_Leader07 Unpopular opinion: Red Dead Online is better than GTA Online.

I genuinely don't understand why would R* abandon RDO, i might understand the appeal of GTA Online to a younger audience but that doesn't explain the way RDO was treated since R* is a greedy company who milks its franchises dry, they could release Red Dead on PS5 and PS6 and it'll still olds up well, i played it on release and didn't touch the online portion until 5 years later it's still alive and kicking with a big community behind it. I guess we should be "grateful" they didn't unplug it 3 years in?
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