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Child's school called CPS on me after I reported the teacher left bruises on my child! Need help asap!

2023.06.10 05:14 nixetheboomer720 Child's school called CPS on me after I reported the teacher left bruises on my child! Need help asap!

To start, I'm in NY. My child has had a horrible year of KINDERGARTEN. Yes, kindergarten. First few weeks of school,my son was getting punched by one particular student, kicked, cursed at and bullied. I advocated to no end, constant calls to the principal, the nurse, attempts at communication with the teacher to no avail. Generally he'd be deemed a liar essentially, or they'd claim "the cameras didn't catch it" or no staff member witnessed it. 2 DASA forms later, both determined unfounded, a handful of meetings with staff, calls to the superintendent's office and a mass amount of confusion,poor communication - they treated my son like a head case for being triggered by these same 3-4 students that continued to harass him through out the year. I've kept him home on some occasions until they'd come up with a new plan or resolution and he'd return and we'd see what happens only to have the process repeat and continue. By the end of January, they FINALLY removed the primary instigator from his class after charging across the classroom to slap my child across the face (this happened TWICE the same exact way only a week apart from each other). By this point, ky child had some mild aggression towards said students but the school took this as a point to send my son into the psychologist's office, the social worker, principal here there every where, every day without telling me. When I found out the severity, I threw a fit. Finally got someone from superintendent's office to call me back, she heard me out and seemed to take my case seriously. She arranged a meeting immediately. She scolded all staff members present for their poor communication and made clear of what was expected. Changes were directed to be made. I felt confident that maybe they'd finally do right by my child to give the safe, positive environment and education they deserve. Things seemed to improve, my child had more positive things to say about school (as they refused to talk about it for the whole year because they never wanted to even go). About a month or so after this meeting, brings us to about a week ago, my child discloses to me they are still going to the psychologist's several times a day every day and this conversation was prompted by a very invasive phone call from this "doctor" questioning my personal life. My child said she had been probing them about personal information too. Because of the excessive nature of these "earned breaks" out of class as my child's "reward" for good behavior, I called the superintendent to inform her that the staff had not followed her direction for the new plan. She lashes out at me and is wildly inappropriate with me. At this point, I write a letter via email to the principal (who I literally speak to at least 2 times a week this ENTIRE year since noone else communicates with me or calls me back), I inform him to discontinue all intersctions, sessions, groups etc with this woman (also worth noting, no my child has no diagnoses, no BIP, no IEP, no official mental disorders or disabilities as per the pediatrician and an evaluation by a licensed therapist as per the psychologist's recommendation-which i knew was bs but to appease and do the right thing, I had it done anyway). My child comes home that day and he didn't get sent to her office, they sent HER to my child's class to sit with them???!!!? At this point, I'm livid and have lost all patience and am now deficit in trust with these people. My child goes to school the next day, as I try to figure out what to do, calling education lawyers left and right with no success.
Here's where it goes from horrible to absolutely insanely ridiculously terrifying. I notice a small bruise on my child's outer forearm. I ask about it, they tell me the teacher grabbed their arm too hard "squeezed" like this my child gripped with white knuckles and teeth gritting. I'm horrified. Livid. Can't wrap my head around it but honestly in my heart, not entirely surprised.. this sad excuse for a teacher has been dismissive, neglectful, refuses to take accountability or responsibility, passive aggressive and nasty attitude anytime she had to dare waste her time talking to me, which has been one of the largest issues this year. This woman does not tell me what's happening ever. And always addressing literally any single issue with my child. For example, my child saying "butt" was deemed inappropriate language from her on a daily sheet report and only once i called and demanded what she was referring she said such language was "butt" ... Give me a break. She sends my child out to these other staff members whenever she doesn't want to deal seemingly because of my complaints about her poor practices. NOW, once my child tells me this, we go to the precinct to get it at least reported and documented and first thing the next morning, we go to the pediatrician. She documented as well and had to hear my child's account of what happened which she also documented. I took pictures the night of, the next morning and in the doctor's office. I kept my child home, of course and the principal contacts me. I tell him what I had been told from my child, and he says he'll address the teacher about it. She blatantly denies it. My child said they said "ow" to which she said "sorry" so she acknowledged she hurt them, and never informed me. Within 24 hours of my reporting her injuring my child, CPS knocks on my door with a wild accusation against me in hand. I explain to the investigator what has transpired and showed my child's arm, she documented that and with all the information I gave her and the things she confirmed with me, it became quite obvious the school made this allegation. She acknowledged that the more info she was getting from me, the more the picture was becoming clear of what was going on. I continue to tey to contact an education lawyer but I don't know what to do. None will call me back although the one that did I absolutely can not afford $5k retainer and $500/hr. Does anyone have any advice of what I can do or any resources? I've been collecting documents and also have yet to get my child's records which they also have refused to give me. I have a formal letter written for these records now that I'm submitting Monday. I have dates of incidents roughly not all of them, I have some phone calls recorded, held on to hand written noted given by the teacher, etc. Any advice would be absolutely appreciated!! Please help me protect my child!
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2023.06.10 05:05 cheners-08 Having issues with the Rmapency Mile stone

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2023.06.10 05:03 Some-Improvement-149 Volition Ark [25x][PVP][Steam][Wiped June 9th]

Volition Ark


Hello!! Volition Ark is a 25x PVP cluster that aims to give one of the best PVP & raiding experiences you can find. We utilize many mods, plugins, rules, etc. to achieve this goal.
Here's a handful of things to expect from our cluster:

Discord: Click Here!

- Current Maps & Connection Info -

- Server Rates -

- Mods -

- Plugins -

Thanks for checking us out! If you're interested in playing, be sure to join the discord!
Volition Ark Discord Server
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2023.06.10 05:02 Some-Improvement-149 Volition Ark [25x][PVP][Steam][Wiped June 9th]

Volition Ark


Hello!! Volition Ark is a 25x PVP cluster that aims to give one of the best PVP & raiding experiences you can find. We utilize many mods, plugins, rules, etc. to achieve this goal.
Here's a handful of things to expect from our cluster:

Discord: Click Here!

- Current Maps & Connection Info -

- Server Rates -

- Mods -

- Plugins -

Thanks for checking us out! If you're interested in playing, be sure to join the discord!
Volition Ark Discord Server
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2023.06.10 04:55 Ben10-fan-525 Across The Spiderverse is better then Into The Spiderverse.Let me explain:

First animation its just better no questions needed.Bigger budget and more styles for universes and characters.Really made everyone standout.
Gwens backstory and her struggles are more fleshed out.We get full rundown of her problems.Room to breath and see them develop.How she joins Miguel as she sees there is no place for her to go anymore.While tru out the movie she loses even more conections and sees she has been doing stuff wrongly.Then sees there is a way to save everyone like Miles thought of.Then she gets ready with her band to save everyone.
Theme of parenting is greatly expended with George Stacy/Miles parents and how they deal with there children drifting,away from them because of there insecuritys of there double life.So worth the runtime of almoost 2 hours.
Milese development is better he defies every Spiderman on what he should be and wants to be true Spiderman to what it truely is to be Spiderman.To save everyone and even got courage at the end to reveal his identity and be honest with his parents.
Peter B Parker was great.He didnt need much development its good enough that he shows what he learned from the past and how it made his life better.
Miguel is just excellent.His motives are perfect.Sound/Shown/Clear he seen the atrocity of defiyeing canon and we cant totally disagree that its good to defie it.He lost one of his alternate version child with a whole universe.Because he wanted a happy life.His hate on Miles is kinda justifed.Sure Miles didnt have a hand in getting Spot to teleport the Spider to him.But he still wandered in wrong place for events of first movie to happen.Which set all things in motion.Not right but understandable.
Pephitha Pephakra is cool.He is more no tragedy Spidey but thats kinda it?Its fine but tragedy is kinda core of his character so I dont think he is as interesting as other Spideys.
Robi is another great Spiderman.Appering punkish but actually is a coolguy who is just cool but then shows good side of his rebelios nature with him helping Miles and Gwen tru out the movie.Rebeling againts bad system of Spider Society.
Spot is better main villain then in last movie.He is more sympathetic/likeable/and you feel like you wana see him succed more then KingPin?You feel he really wana gets to be recodnised and when he finally does you feel scared.Which is kinda rewarding?Like you seen this man get so humiliated and lose his life while he finally gets what he wants..but yea he still bad guy who needs to be stoped.But he was so damn sad when he was weak and most villains cant pull that off.
The ending is phenomenal.Not only bringing the fact Mileses Spider isnt from his dimension even more into a plot point but makeing you feel even more sad for it.As this Miles became villanous while ours became good guy...even tho he was the one who was destined to become the villain..you wish and dont wish it happend diffrently.Its just sad to see Miles with such cold stare man.
Even if its a cliffhanger Mileses mind is already made up about wanting to trust his parents and be who he really is so..kinda not really a half made movie.Just a movie that keeps going.
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2023.06.10 04:55 Top-Camel-8515 Jimmy messed it up but these were my picks for the night pretty solid

Jimmy messed it up but these were my picks for the night pretty solid
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2023.06.10 04:52 Ok_Criticism452 Why did Youtube decide it is outdated to know how many days old the videos are and that you must keep scrolling?

Why did Youtube decide it is outdated to know how many days old the videos are and that you must keep scrolling?

I hate this new Subscription Layout with a passion. I went into settings and I see no way of getting the old way to go through your subscriptions and as far as I can tell none of my Youtube Enhancement tools can fix it. Just another unwanted forced update since Youtube loves giving the old "Fuck you" To it's users. Well Youtube Fuck you too.
First post i made on this Subreddit. I did not want to make a post complaining about Youtube updates but this one really pisses me off. They should just stick to a layout and stop changing it so often.
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2023.06.10 03:09 Content-Weird-5169 In-depth analysis of the universe system in "Three-Body 3"(4)

From Liu Cixin's description of this fish, the following preliminary conclusions can be drawn: 1. This kind of fish comes from the depths of the black hole, and the black hole is likely to be the "gate" of the big universe. 2. The spacecraft that this fish takes is extremely advanced. 3. The attack power of this fish is very strong. What is this fish? It is the "dark civilization" from other big universes.
  1. Why did "dark civilizations" from other universes invade the "Pastoral Age" universe? Is this your imagination, or Liu Cixin's setting?
A: This is Liu Cixin's setting. Because he put forward the following principles in "Three-Body 2". See page 5 of "Three-Body 2": First, survival is the first need of civilization; second, civilization continues to grow and expand, but the total amount of matter in the universe remains the same.
Sooner or later, civilizations will consume all the matter in their own universe, so they will inevitably need to find a "new home", and the "glutton fish" is a super civilization that has lost its "home" and needs a "new home". It is the existence of this kind of civilization that makes the "pastoral" universe inevitably become a new "dark forest".
This is logically inevitable. From this, we can see the rigor of Liu Cixin's Three-Body Problem series.
Do you mean that there are also dark forests between different big universes on the supermembrane?
Answer: According to Liu Cixin's setting on the fifth page of "Three-Body Problem 2": First, survival is the first need of civilization; second, civilization continues to grow and expand, but the total amount of matter in the universe remains the same.
There is also a dark forest between different big universes on the "Super Membrane". A "glutton fish invasion" will occur. And the "Glutton fish invasion" led to the dimensionality reduction of the universe's "Pastoral Age". Then the universe is destroyed. Then the escaped civilization (that is, the new "glutton fish") went to invade other big universes. The cycle continues.
It's a pity that according to the setting of "Three-Body Problem", such a dark answer must be deduced.
  1. If a certain universe is invaded by "glutton fish", can the civilizations in this universe "unite" and speak out as one?
Answer: The premise of "unity" is communication. For example, if aliens invade the earth, it is possible for all civilizations on the earth to unite. Because the earth civilization can achieve effective communication. However, if the scale of the universe is too large, and simultaneous communication cannot be achieved between civilizations, then it is impossible for these civilizations to unite together, because a "chain of suspicion" appears between them. So, the unity of this universe depends on, first, the scale of this universe is not too large, second, the speed of light is close to infinite, and third, there are no high-dimensional fragments. If the "glutton fish" encounters fierce resistance, then the most effective way they can take is to create "high-dimensional fragments", that is, to prevent the "quantum instant communication effect" and "close to infinite speed of light". Only in this way can the "glutton fish" survive in this new big universe.
  1. What if the "glutton fish" had not met fierce resistance and wiped out all the aborigines?
Even if the "glutton fish" did not encounter fierce resistance, all civilizations in the new universe would be wiped out. They still have to face the invasion of other more powerful "glutton fish". The invasion will not end. Therefore, the dimension reduction of this universe will not end, and this universe will inevitably go to the road of destruction.
13. In Liu Cixin's "Three-Body Problem 3", did the small universe appear only after the solar system was destroyed more than 10 million years ago?
Answer: No, civilizations capable of creating small universes existed from the very beginning. However, these civilizations have two options:
One, to find a new big universe, but that new big universe may not be a paradise, and invading a new big universe will cost a lot of money; two, continue to live in such a universe, and continue to enjoy it through dimensionality reduction resources of this universe. Like in a flock, a sheep is infected with a terrible germ. Some bacteria choose to infect other sheep, while others stay on the sheep and consume the life of the sheep. Macro and micro, many times, are actually similar.
  1. Wouldn't it be easier to connect the "small universe" created by a super civilization with its own "original big universe"? Can they connect with other big universes?
Answer: Because these civilizations are more familiar with the "star map" of their original universe, "black hole position", "physical laws", "mathematical laws" and "cosmological constants", it must be easy for them to connect with their "original big universe" of. And it is very possible that the relationship between these small universes and their "original big universe" is like "two bubbles stuck together" (this is still two different concepts from "big bubble" and "small bubble"). It is not easy to invade other big universes, even the newly born ones. It needs to stay away from the original macrocosm, find a new home in "Nothingness", and then stick to the new macrocosm. This process is likely to consume a huge amount of energy.
15. Is there any evidence of "other universes" "beyond our universe" in real life?
Answer: Yes. An inconclusive evidence is that, for example, the dark energy hypothesis is not the only but the most popular explanation for the observed results of the accelerated expansion of the universe today. Dark energy (also known as dark energy) is an imperceptible form of energy that fills space and increases the rate at which the universe expands. Recent observations show that the so-called "dark energy" did not appear with the birth of the universe, but popped out about 5 billion years after the birth of the universe; in the early days after the big bang, the universe experienced a rapid expansion phase . After that, due to the very close distance between dark matter and matter, under the action of gravity, the expansion rate of the universe began to slow down. But around five billion years ago, dark energy emerged. Its appearance has caused the accelerated expansion of the universe. Some scholars believe that this clearly shows that dark energy is not inherent in our universe, but comes from the outside of our universe, that is, the "outside universe". Of course, as Li Miao, a professor of physics at the University of Science and Technology of China, said: "There are as many dark energy models as there are dark energy experts." It is only one of several theories that dark energy is brought by the outer universe. However, Liu Cixin's cosmic system is likely to be influenced by such theories, that is, there are universes beyond this universe, and when other universes forcibly open the cosmic gate of this universe, the cosmic gate may swallow some dark energy to enter .
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2023.06.10 02:45 Then_Recording_7855 Why won’t the mission finish? Is it because I did it in my ship?

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2023.06.10 02:45 StalwartPine I feel like I tried as hard as I could, but it still wasn't enough

We were together for 2.5 years, and engaged for 8 months. I can't possibly summarize our entire relationship, nor do I think anyone would want me to, but in the beginning, I was very romantic toward her. I wrote a song for her on the piano, I regularly found little gifts for her that spoke to her heart, and I commissioned a piece from an artist who never does personal projects (i.e. only does pieces for businesses or museums) to commemorate a loved one she lost.
She was romantic to me as well. She's always made me dinners, wanted to spend every ounce of our time together, but she was very guarded with her feelings. It took a lot of me standing my ground to get her to finally express to me that she loved me, long after we both felt it, but I was the only one saying it.
It felt at times to me like she didn't want to know who I am as an individual. She never wanted to meet my friends and she disparaged my dedication to my career. She said she loved my work ethic, but it felt as if she didn't want me to care about something else besides us.
We had great conversations when we both just wanted to talk about ourselves, but she rarely asked me questions or acted as my cheerleader.
We got into it tonight because yesterday I texted her that I needed to work 1-2 hours OT and then I didn't text her again after that bc every second I had was devoted to getting this project done. Like, I was literally holding in my pee. She called me about 45 minutes into said OT and yelled at me for not texting her and said I was lying about working and that I was actually out to dinner with my coworkers. I took this call in front of my boss.
When I did finally get into my car, I called her and told her that the lack of trust, disrespect, and embarrassment she put me through would not be tolerated. She apologized later that night, but tonight was a different story.
She told me tonight she will continue speaking to me in that way if I don't "do enough to prevent it." The week before this I asked her how she wanted me to communicate with her and she didn't tell me anything, so I communicated as much as I would want and expect my partner to if the roles were reversed and she lambasted me for doing it wrong.
Also tonight, she brought up an instance in which she had come to pick me up from work so we could go to a coworkers event. She got out earlier than I did so she had to wait for me for about an hour. On that day, my boss unexpectedly took us down the street for ice cream as a reward for our hard work, and she was furious that she was sitting there waiting for me while I was out having ice cream and not working. She said I should've stayed behind and worked and then asked to leave early so she wouldn't have to wait. I don't really understand why it's so hard for her to just do something selfless for me and why I have to wring special privileges out of my boss who was trying to do something nice just to placate her.
Anyway, I left. She says I'm not prioritizing her and part of me feels like I'm not. She's supposed to be my wife. I'm supposed to stand up for her. But the ways in which she is asking me to, I don't want to so badly that I'm willing to sour other parts of my life. Am I in the wrong?
I brought my cat to her house two months ago when we decided we didn't want anything keeping us apart, and my cat was distant and rude for most of that time. I obviously took my cat with me when I left, and she's been purring and all over me for the first time in a while, so if anything else, I feel like this is what's best for my cat and I have to be a good "mom" too.
I feel as if I should've offered to do something to rekindle our romance, like taking the day off and just being together, but I'm sick of not being allowed to be myself.
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2023.06.10 01:40 lilyandhercoffee I (22F) need advice on how to hang in there in a messed up living situation (with 26M) and unfortunate circumstances

Where to begin; I apologize for formatting, am on mobile, but finally want to post this. Apologies for length; this post is a tad bit long.
I’ve (22F) been with my SO (26M) for 2 years now. And it’s been rocky from the start. To preface this, this is my first relationship; I was an ugly ducking in high-school and I met Ben (that’s what we’ll call my SO) on Hinge when I finally lost some weight and gained some confidence. I was feeling super lost at that point in life as I was a student (struggling to understand my classes online), but also wanting to experience a relationship as I felt unwanted as my friends all around me were having guys worshipping them and no guy even ever touched me.
Ben and I met on Hinge when I went a semester to a different state when COVID happened. We had sex soon after meeting - 2 weeks specifically, but I felt ok in engaging with sex with him as I felt he wanted a relationship with me, at least not fuck and leave.
But from the start, he tried convincing me to move in with him as his living situation was unstable - he lived together with his mom in a bedroom in his grandmother’s house (tldr: mom lost the family’s house a while back - 10 years ago - during divorce). I wasn’t super comfortable with the pace of all these things - I felt uncomfortable talking about living with him when I just met him 2 months ago and lost my virginity then. However, time passes; we find a sublease for 2 weeks (we had been dating like 3 months; and I had living accommodations at the time and it was cheap, so I didn’t mind this time ‘away’). Also … have I mentioned I’ve been a student this whole time, studying online during the pandemic.
So after this 2 weeks, the pandemic is practically over so I move back to my home state (across the US from Ben - so we enter a ‘long distance phase’). I tried breaking it off then because I wasn’t confident in pursuing our relationship as we would be then long distance and also due to other factors (he isn’t on the level financially where he can provide, or even provide partially and I want a providenot to help him pay for gas since he’s on his last $100 … call me shallow but I was to be secure in life and hopefully a SAHM mom one day - more to come on this financial situation). So we broke up, but got back together shortly after due to us being extremely depressed (I didn’t want to cut contact, so I still kept his socials), and still loving each other (he was my first love/relationship/ person I lost my virginity to).
So in fall 21, he moved over to my state where I’m studying and moved into my student accommodations. He helped with rent at the times giving me $200 bucks monthly and helping for bills such as buying most household items. So times were ok and we weren’t fighting as much.
However, he lost that job/wasn’t able to pursue it due to back problems in fall 22 - his father has a genetic back issue and Ben claims he inherited it. I don’t disbelieve him - he’s been physically in pain I can see. However, he hasn’t helped at all since Fall ‘22 (Aug) - and he has car payments every month and insurance - so I helped him out in the start and his parents have been helping him fully with his car bills since Winter ‘22. So I’ve been covering everything house - meaning full rent every month $650 where I’m at). So since his back is hurting, he must rest right … thus, he is constantly home. Ever since August 22, he’s been at home doing a mixture of video games, smoking zaza constantly tbh (I’m ok with smoking, am also a user, but he does it every waking second), walking our dog (although recently I’ve been doing it 100%), etc. However, he has been very loving and caring this whole time - using his car to take me to classes as I believe I have an autoimmune disease (just need to go to doctobe diagnosed) and have difficulty walking to class 20min, and basically doing everything on the side as requested - I.e. often going for deserts for us after a long study sesh day for me. So I would lie when I’d say he hasn’t fully been taking care of me and keeping me sane. I’m quite a bit shy, so I don’t have ton of real friends - just school friends and we’ve drifted apart since I just graduated.
However, I haven’t exactly had a high paying job in college this past year, so I’ve been running out of the funds I’ve saved up from my meager lil campus desk job. And he’s still not had a job.
Now recently, I’ve caught him talking to girls by chat on omegele and getting their telegram info to chat them on their. I’ve caught him doing this 3 times. The first time 2 times I saw the chats on his phone on the telegram app (basically calling them cutie, dear, flirting) with the majority of the chat being deleted. So I contacted these girls on my phone by getting their handle off his phone to find out what happened - and basically the girls said he was flirting, asking to call them endearments. Now this last time I caught him, the third time, it was 2 hours after my birthday. Now he deleted telegram after catching him the second time, but I caught him this third time by seeing that telegram was searched for on his play store app and knowing the last search was the day before. So, I redownloaded Telegram, did some backtracking, talked to this girl - and he did the same as with the other 2, but tried to escalate by offering to send a dick pic and wanting to send it to her until she refused. So nothing happened out of it ultimately - but this is the last straw for me in our relationship - I am hurting a lot from this lately. It was the downright disrespect of wanting to send your junk to others hours after your SO’s birthday not to mention we had sex a few hours before I went to bed and this happened. So I don’t trust him. However, his mom is homeless at the moment - she lost that bedroom because her other son stayed with her for a bit and disrespected the house (openly smoking weed in front of grandma). So she’s living in her car. I want to believe I’m a good person and I don’t want to break up with him right now as he has nowhere to go. Both our names are on the lease, but im this event, I would give him 2 weeks notice and tell him to leave and keep paying rent for this place … maybe sublease it later on. I just want to put out there that he has also threatened suicide if I leave him. I deeply care about him as I valued our time together albeit his ‘cheating’ (is it cheating??), so I don’t want to kick him to curb/make him homeless as I believe he wouldn’t return to Florida to be homeless with his mom — especially since he is starting a new job on Monday and I’m hoping he’ll get himself back up on his feet. So I’m hoping that in 2/3/4 months by now, he’ll be stable and his mom will be stable, and then I can morally be able to break up with him. It just physically hurts to be in his presence every moment still - I still think about him wanting to send that dick pic hours after we had sex and being sneaky and deleting telegram after. So I’m at a roadcross. I don’t have many people in my people except my mom and my bestie (who I also met on this semester away). Please Reddit advise and thanking you for bearing through my post.
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2023.06.10 01:28 JustAnotherTRALol I just finished Persona 3 for the first time. Here are my thoughts on what I'd like for Reloaded.

Hello everybody, hope you're all doing well.
Today I finished Persona 3 for the first time. Not in celebration of Reloaded being 'announced' (or, rather, leaked on Instagram); it's entirely coincidental. In fact I crossed the 100 hour threshold when I first was notified of the trailer's leakage on Twitter. (Learning that the game I just poured 115 hours into is soon going to be (presumably) obsolete is certainly a feeling!)
As Persona 3 is therefore pretty fresh in my mind, and I have no nostalgia or years-long cemented ideas about what makes it work or what doesn't, and as I also have absolutely firm idea about the content in P3P or P3:FES (I have only played the basic vanilla version, although know some vague stuff about content in FES and Portable), I figured I might have an interesting perspective on the whole Reloaded business that your average Persona 3 fan might not have (given I have only just become one as of... today). I'm sure I'm not alone, but I imagine there aren't too many people out there who played & finished Persona 3 for the first time this month.

Please understand this is only my personal opinion and I am only intending to present this as my personal opinion. If you have disagreements, or want to share your own opinions, then I fully invite you to do so!

Well, that's just about everything I think I'd want from Reloaded. I really hope it's a lot of fun. Having just played Persona 3 myself, I doubt I'll get it any time soon personally unless it has The Answer or a really large amount of exclusive content... but honestly, even on the day of playing the original, I'm genuinely kind of interested in it already.
What do you think? What do you want to see out of Reloaded? Do you think anything I suggested would be bad for the game or is just nitpicky? Do you agree with everything on the list and have additional ideas? Do you just want to share your own thoughts? Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone.
(P.S., if you're wondering what my impressions of Persona 3 are now that I've completed it for the first time, I liked it.)
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2023.06.10 01:01 Little_Acanthaceae87 Tips to improve stuttering from the book: Coping with stuttering (acceptance doesn't mean resignation; work on your acceptance, psychological adjustment and view/response to the feared word; don't wait on a miracle recovery; change your self-image; change the stutterer within you; reduce scanning)

This is my attempt to extract tips from this free stutter book (pdf version).
TL;DR summary:
In summary, this post discusses various insights and tips from a free stuttering book. It highlights the misconceptions about stuttering and explores the causes and treatment options. The book emphasizes the importance of stress management, maintaining a positive self-image, and setting achievable goals. It suggests techniques like stress desensitization, role-playing exercises, visualization, and classical conditioning to improve stuttering. Additionally, it also addresses relapses and the need for perseverance and commitment to the chosen strategies.
I hope you found these tips helpful! If you also want to write tips from stutter books, here are many free PDF ebooks about stuttering that you can read.
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2023.06.10 00:36 Unfairjarl I won, but at what cost ?

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2023.06.10 00:21 bast963 ban these cards

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2023.06.10 00:18 TangleBuddiess no idea if im a system or if im just making it up subconsciously

(first ever reddit post, sorry if anything is off)
about 2 months ago i learned what osdd 1b was and i was pretty freaked out to find it matched me pretty well. i spent some time looking into myself and trying to figure out what was going on. concluded im probably a system host and went from there, everything seemed to be going smoothly until everyone randomly disappeared 2 weeks later for 2 months. for those 2 months i could vaguely feel them sometimes and their existence if i really focused, but for the most part it was radio silence. i figured it was probably just a short phase of thinking i have osdd and tried to push it out of my mind.
however about 6 days ago i started thinking about osdd in depth again after seeing some posts online about it and 4 days ago half of them came back along with some new(?) alters(?) and now things are going better than ever, but because of those random 2 months of silence i kind of feel like im faking it subconsciously. the logical solution would be to see a professional but due to Reasons i cant, which has kind of left me to deal with this alone so i figured id turn to reddit.
its might be worth mentioning before i even knew what osdd was i had multiple "parts" of me. thats just what i considered them though, weird manifestations of my subconscious or something. i dont know anymore though. im very lost here and would prefer to figure out whats going on sooner rather than later so itll stop bugging me.
any thoughts or opinions on this mess appreciated, and sorry if this is hectic. thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.10 00:17 Quantaltro I'm stuck, near the end of this expedition.

I'm stuck, near the end of this expedition.
What missuion do I have to complete to unlock the one I've the mouse cursor on? I've completed all the missions of the first 4 phases, plus 4 of the fifth phase. Please, a little help :(
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2023.06.10 00:15 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 12

The audience hall was a long room with a high ceiling. From the ceiling hung metal chandeliers that held hundreds of small white shining stones that illuminated the room with a warm and gentle light. Sunlight cascaded from the tall, arched windows over a row of rose beds aligned through the side of the room. For a moment I forgot I was inside the Great Hall and I was transported to a summer garden.
The ornate wooden pillars guided my sight to the center of the room. An exquisite carpet embroidered with fantastical animals and monsters went from the entrance to the foot of the Marquis throne. Captain Kiln guided me into the room where the nobles from the balcony leisurely chatted around the throne.
“That man over there,” Captain Kiln pointed at a man near the window. “He is Marquis Tauron of Farcrest.”
The Marquis was a tall man with a squared jaw and wide shoulders dressed in a simple white shirt and a red vest. From his belt hung a gilded scabbard and a short cape with his crest, a man impaling a wolf, covered his left shoulder. His tanned skin stood out among the paleness of the rest of the courtiers.
“Might I ask what his class is?” I asked.
The Captain gave me an amused glance before replying. “The Marquis is a high level Flame Fencer. I can beat his ass though.”
Abei walked up to the Marquis and after a few words, he walked to his throne. The rest of the courtiers sat on the chairs by the sides of the room, chatting in lower voices.
“Robert Clarke from the City of Light, please come forward.” Abei announced with his voice magically amplified and I felt all glances falling on me.
The old man continued speaking, invoking ancient laws, but I zoned out. Unlike the rest of the people I knew, the Marquis seemed to overflow with magic. If I narrowed my eyes I could almost see red sparks of mana floating around him. A shiver ran down my spine, the Marquis’ mana pool seemed to violently boil inside him. There was something his mana had that mine lacked, but what?
As my mind wandered, a servant dragged an odd brass nest with a dark blue orb embedded inside. I instinctively identify it.
System Shrine Fragment. [Identify] ???
The System prompt caught me off guard. It was the first time [Identify] couldn’t give me extra information about what I had in front of me. I wonder if the System had a reason to keep the information about the fragment to itself.
“Put your hand in the Identify Orb if you are an innocent man, Robert Clarke.” The Marquis spoke out loud. I recognized his words were some sort of ritual because of the little spirit and great disinterest with which he spoke them.
I begrudgingly obeyed, there were a dozen courtiers in the room and I wasn’t eager to show them I was a [Lonely Boy]. I wasn’t eager to know if I had any hidden titles either.
Abei gave me a reassuring nod and I hovered my hand a few centimeters from the nested orb. Suddenly, a blue light surrounded my hand and a second later my data sheet appeared in the middle of the room for all to see. At least there was no cavity search in this world. Or so I hoped.
Abei gasped and the room fell in a sepulcral silence.
New title acquired!
Favorite Teacher (96): Going to school isn’t that bad with you at the whiteboard. [Identify] You have not only managed to teach your students but to earn their respect and affection.
Reward: Slightly increased mana pool (96).

New title acquired!
Confidant: A title for those who are deemed trustworthy and reliable. [Identify] Your wisdom and welcoming nature
Reward: Increased mana pool.

New title acquired!
Father Figure(2): Someone has to do it. [Identify] I guess you are a better father figure than none.
Reward: Increased mana pool (2).

New title acquired!
Classroom Fiend: Not even flies fly when you are around. [Identify] They know you are not like those pesky substitute teachers.
Reward: Increased mana pool.

New title acquired!
Master Tutor: Title awarded to those who had mastered the pedagogic arts and techniques, and have a deep understanding of what being a teacher means. [Identify] You should’ve considered early retirement by now.
Reward: Doubled mana pool.

New title acquired!
Silver Scholar: Title awarded to those who had a deep understanding of multiple sciences and techniques. [Identify] Neeeeeerd!
Reward: Greatly increased mana pool.

New title acquired!
Stalwart Mentor (7): No matter how many times they fall, you helped them stand again. [Identify] Having too much trust in humanity isn’t always a bad thing.
Reward: Increased mana pool.
Other titles kept popping up but my mouth went dry as I felt my mana pool deepening inside my chest far beyond what seemed possible. But even that sensation disappeared into the background as I came to the realization of what those titles meant.
There was no way in the world I was the favorite teacher of ninety six kids, and the notion I was someone’s father figure was just preposterous. I knew I was a mediocre teacher at best. The System was wrong, after all, I was one of those teachers who didn’t really make the difference.
Before I had time to dwell on it, my character sheet appeared with all of the new titles on it, for everyone to see.
Name: Robert Clarke, Human.
Class: Scholar Lv.12
Titles: Lonely Boy, Hot for Teacher, Confidant, Classroom Fiend, Favorite Teacher (96), Father Figure (2), Master Tutor, Silver Scholar, Delinquent Reformer (5), Stalwart Mentor (7), Role Model, Expert Mathematician, Expert Physicist, Adept Historian, Adept Linguist, Journeyman Biologist, Novice Chemist, Novice Orator.
“A-aren’t you too young to be a [Silver Scholar] and a [Master Tutor]?” Abei stuttered as he glanced at my titles like a child looking at a particularly colorful breakfast cereal commercial. The Marquis was at the edge of his throne and even the most gossipy of the courtiers was silent.
Something completely unrelated clicked inside my mind. I knew why Holst had abandoned the kids. He was farming them. The breakthrough Zaon was talking about had to be a mana improving title just like mine.
I withdrew my hand off the orb before it showed [Homicide Planner] or something along those lines because the System probably knew my [Awareness] was working overtime to plan Holst’s death. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.
“M-master Clarke? Are you all right?” Abei’s whispering brought me back to the audience room.
“Yes, yes… I just… I’m a bit embarrassed, that’s all.” I lied, hoping everyone had seen my [Hot for Teacher] title.
Abei gave me a reassuring glance from the side of the throne before speaking again.
“Most of us Scholars fell in love with a professor at some point in our formation, there is nothing to be ashamed of.” Abei opened his character sheet effortlessly and showed it to me without resorting to the Identify Stone.
Name: Abei Luzian, Human.
Class: Scholar Lv.51
Titles: Silver Scholar, Bronze Tutor, Favorite Teacher (2), Expert Astronomer, Adept Mathematician, Adept Architect, Journeyman Orator, Novice Musician, Passionate for the Professor, Archivist, Translator, Thaumaturgy Theorist.
Even if Abei’s character sheet was intriguing, I wished I hadn't seen it. By my Earthling standards that was a blatant breach to privacy. And yet, I couldn’t help but notice that [Passionate for the Professor] was a lot tamer than [Hot for Teacher].
“How long have you been walking the path of the Scholar, Master Clarke? I can’t fathom how much effort it took to get two expertises and one mastery at such a young age.” Abei asked, this time loud enough for everyone to hear.
The silence in the room was replaced by the whispering of the courtiers. Abei’s interest in my person felt nice but I didn’t want to attract that amount of attention towards me. I didn’t want to fall into any intrigue games that could be developing in the Marquis court.
“We have witnessed the titles of an innocent man. For that reason I shall grant you free passage across the kingdom.” The Marquis announced and got a round of applause. Now he glanced at me with predatory eyes.
Abei took out a scroll from his sleeve and with a movement of the hand, the Scholar made it float in the air. With another movement, mana emerged from the tips of his fingers and washed over the scroll like the waves of the sea. With each clash, the words were imprinted in the yellowy surface until the document was complete. Abei took it to the Marquis who pressed his ring against the scroll, leaving a gleaming symbol that slowly lost its magical shine.
“Here you are, Master Clarke.” Abei handed me the passage permit.
“Accept my humble thanks, milord. I will not take more of your time.” I mumbled, still confused by the whole experience. I knew one thing, I had to get away before anything happened.
As I started my getaway when the Marquis spoke again.
“Your knowledge and potential hasn’t passed unnoticed to me and I will like to reward you properly.” The Marquis said with a mysterious grin on his face, but I knew there was no such thing as a free lunch. Whatever the Marquis was offering me wasn’t a reward but a deal I wasn’t in position to refuse without insulting him.
“I can’t think of a reward other than a letter of recommendation for the Imperial Academy.” The Marquis announced with his mighty voice. “The royal family would be thrilled to have such a promising young man helping with the academic development of the kingdom.”
There it was. The Marquis wanted to turn me into a gift for the King of Ebros, and part of me was okay with it. A recommendation letter would greatly expedite my journey to the imperial capital for a foreigner like me, however, something prevented me from jumping headfirst into the offer.
“Can I ask a question, milord?” I said before I could stop my tongue. “I have been watching the comings and goings of the inhabitants of Farcrest and there is something that bothers me.”
I couldn’t accept the recommendation letter without an answer.
“Speak your mind, Robert Clarke. I’m well aware Scholars have ten questions for every answer they have.” The Marquis' attention was fixed on me.
“I couldn't help but notice a great amount of vagrant kids in the northern district while the farmlands around the city lack laborers and some parts of the city lack proper maintenance. Farcrest seems to have enough resources to flourish and yet they seem arranged in the most peculiar way. With a little investment in the orphanages, the Marquis could educate the kids so they become useful classes for the city.” I said.
Suddenly, the Marquis wasn’t as amused with my presence anymore.
“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I understand that for a Master Tutor every problem can be resolved through education.” The Marquis replied with a derisive tone.
I didn’t mention that the actual solution to many social problems was indeed education. Instead, I clenched my teeth and waited in silence. If I was to open my mouth it was going to insult the Marquis’ ancestry.
“Master Clarke lacks the context…” Abei started talking but the Marquis silenced him.
“Miserable orphan lives are a small price for Farcrest’s prosperity.” The Marquis rested his hands together and gave me a winning smile.
The picture of Elincia and her kids eating watery soup came to my mind and I had to bite my tongue to not open my mouth. I saw the tears of the small snake kids, Zaon’s doubts about the future, the bravery of the tiny harpy Shu. I saw Elincia clenching her jaw to withstand the pain of her wounded leg to return faster to the orphanage.
There was something I wasn’t catching.
“The King’s war machine can only be quenched with gold or blood, and orphan blood is cheaper than gold coins. We just take the surplus kids that can’t be fed in the orphanages and send them to the Royal Army.” The Marquis taunted me.
For an instant I didn’t believe what I heard. The Marquis was sending orphans to their certain death just to avoid paying the royal war tax.
“In any case, they are given a chance to survive but the Farlands are a treacherous enemy. Even if they die, they are doing a great service to the prosperity of Farcrest, and the realm.” The Marquis said with a predatory smile, then, he got comfortable in the throne, awaiting my answer.
“A cunning solution for a tricky problem, milord.” I bit my tongue.
The Marquis smiled full of himself, thinking he had secured a nice present for the royal family while outsmarting me in front of the court. The courtiers spoke of how benevolent the Marquis was for offering me a recommendation letter. But the mere idea of leaving Elincia and her kids to their fate made me want to puke.
“I can’t accept the letter of recommendation, milord.” I raised my voice, catching the attention of the whole courtroom.
The Marquis’ face fell apart.
“If you accept my proposal, you will be a Sage in no time. You will be freed of the shackles of a support class once and for all.” The Marquis couldn't hide the venom in his words.
My heart still yearned to accept the recommendation letter, travel to the Imperial Library, and become a spellcaster. But I couldn’t accept it. My new titles reminded me of how I felt years ago when I was a young and idealistic teacher. I felt like I could change the world for me and for others and no matter how naive it was, I wanted to preserve that feeling.
“I can’t accept the letter. The System made me a Scholar, and a Scholar I shall remain until it decides otherwise. Trying to change that unnaturally goes against my oaths. I hope you can understand.” I said, praying that invoking the System would save me from the Marquis wrath.
“Then you are a fool. We have nothing more to discuss, get out of my sight.” The Marquis growled and I felt the captain’s iron grip closing around my arm. She dragged me out of the room. As soon as the gates closed behind us, she let me go.
“That’s the biggest shitshow I have seen in a while, congratulations. The Marquis is going to hold a grudge.” Captain Kiln said as she signaled one of the guards to grab my backpack. My heart raced inside my chest but at least I was outside the courtroom with my head still glued to my body.
“Today I remembered something I had forgotten long ago.” I said as Captain Kiln walked me, or rather pushed me, back to the main entrance.
“And what is that?” The woman inquired, now more intrigued in my person than ever.
“I used to have strong ideals at some point in my life, might as well start following them.” I extended my hand, offering her the two silver coins she had lent me. “These are yours.”
“You are going to need them if you are going to do what I am thinking.” Captain Kiln said, pushing me through the door. The guardsmen at the gates glanced at me with amused expressions. It seemed that not every day the Captain kicked some random dude out of the Great Hall.
Despite her treatment, I noticed an approving look in her eyes. She took the money and put it into her pocket. I was having a hard time reading the woman. Was she loyal to the Marquis or did she have her own honor code?
“I’ll tell you a rumor I heard the other day.” Captain Kiln grabbed me by the jacket and drew me near to her so nobody else could hear. “Someone had been threatening lower nobility to not donate money and the merchants to not deal with orphanage owners. Do you understand what I am saying?”
I nodded in silence. The Marquis wanted to starve the orphanages so the kids had to join the army early. What I couldn’t understand was why the captain of the city guard shared that information with me.
“Lay low. Stay out of trouble, stay out of the Marquis’ sights.” Captain Kiln whispered as she turned around and returned to the Great Hall, leaving me in the middle of the main street.
Before the guardsmen could push me away from the gates, I turned around and entered the busy market knowing exactly what I had to do.
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2023.06.10 00:07 Gel_007 The Founding Chapter 7

June 19th, 327
We decided to construct some more structures to take care of the refugees that we rescue, assuming that this goes off without a hitch. Augustine asked Elock about the collar and she revealed that the collar had a size changing enchantment attached to it. Once the seven day period is up, the collar will shrink, crushing her airways which would instantly kill her. So Augustine teleported her back quickly which would kick step one of our plan into gear.
cut to Elock’s pov
Shopkeeper: Hello welcome t- oh! Welcome back sir!
A: Hey there! Project took longer than expected, but luckily an extra set of hands makes heavy work pretty light!
Shopkeeper: What can I say? She’s one of the best. And also sir, if you don’t mind me asking, what were you working on? I didn’t see you anywhere in town.
A: oh- uhh I’m from the town over!
Shopkeeper: Are your memories already slipping? I paid the town next to us a visit to chat business with a friend and I never saw any structures being constructed.
A: I- I live at the far end! Perhaps you missed it.
Shopkeeper: …Alright then. have a nice day sir.
A: …you too…cya
Elock: humming hm, hm, hmmm! walking towards the back
Shopkeeper: Elock…
Elock: eep! Yes sir!
Shopkeeper: Would you mind telling me what you 2 were doing?
Elock: oh! Just a house for his extended family. Nothing special.
Shopkeeper: “just a house”? Alright then…you’re off for the rest of today…go to the slave house. takes off her collar
Elock: Thank you! runs off
Shopkeeper in thought: …those eyes…they seem to both see nothing and everything at once.
Shopkeeper: I’d appreciate it if you’d look into it a bit sir.
“Very well, I’ll inform my boss about it and I’ll get to your problem right away”
Shopkeeper: thank you sir
Lulio: huh…very well then, it’ll be well worth your time I believe…
“Thank you sir”
Lulio: I think you’ll do well…Akano
Elock: bursting into the slave home owned by the shop keep Woo! Man that was nerve wracking, for a second I thought he was gonna catch on!
Thoughts: Alright! Now! Time to get on with this operation! Augustine’s counting on me and I can’t let him down!
plops down next to fellow slave
Elock: whispers hey!
Slave: eh?
Elock: um…I- words dying in her throat
Slave: …
Elock: ah- mm… you wanna get out of here?
Thoughts: Why did I say that?! I’m so stupid!
Slave: …you know they’re gonna send us back here again instantly right? Cute dream but it’s just that: a fantasy. gets up and leaves
Elock: hey, wai- sad sigh
next day
Another slave: Nice fantasy…leaves
Elock: getting demoralized
Slave: potentially losing my life by going with your outlandish proposal is a risk I’d rather not take.
Elock: defeated
the next day
Shopkeeper: Hello again sir! Another project I presume?
A: yup! I’d like to take the same slave again, she really made the work quick.
Shopkeeper: good choice! rings bell ELOCK! Get your ass over here! The nice gentlemen wants your services again!
Elock: hey A- Sir…
A: Nice to see you again. tosses gold onto the counter and leaves
A: So how'd it go?
Elock: no one was on board with the plan. They all claimed it was insane and had no conceivable way of working!
A: Expected. Not everyone has the same high risk-high reward mindset, c'mon let’s get to Zach first and then we’ll build off from there. teleports
Z: hmmmm I understand, they’re scared, they've only known brutality and slavery their entire lives. They fear that if this goes south, then they’ll be subjected to a fate worse than death itself.
Elock: look of guilt
A: I’m fully aware of the dangers that come with this. But we do get discovered, I’ll gladly take on every army they throw at me if it means that you guys would survive.
Elock: Augustine!
Z: We know how much you wanna help them Augustine, but you don’t have to take on a mountain on your own. We’re both here for you.
A: right…sorry.
Elock: please, it’s alright. We can figure out some other way. Knowing you, you’ll be able to craft something before dinner.
A: I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks Elock.
Z: Augustine.
A: yes?
Z: Are you familiar with the concept of mental projection?
A: Somewhat, they briefly skimmed over it in training back at the facility. The art of projecting imagery into other people’s mind on the battlefield to mentally erode them.
Z: precisely, but instead of breaking will, we’ll be building it.
A: What are you saying here?
Z: What if instead of trying to get slaves to get on board via words, why don’t we let them see for themselves what waits for them if they comply?
Elock: That’s genius! When they see the paradise that could be in their hands, there’s no way they can turn that down!
A: not a terrible idea, but I don’t think I have the chops to project an image into the mind of every slave in town, my skills in that department are unfortunately pretty lacking.
Z: Why don’t we go to the island again so you can familiarize yourself with the image you’re projecting, then use the mana crystals to give yourself some extra power?
A: Smart move, let’s do it.
exits cabin
A: Alright, time to go.
teleports both of them
A: Okay let’s get down to busine…where are we?
(Instead of being greeted with the base of a mountain range, they were still in the forest. Miles away from the cabin.)
Z: I- I don’t know!
A: I didn’t do anything different! But it’s alright, I remember the direction to go in, we can still fix this.
Elock: Alright then.
10 minutes of walking later
A: Get a move on Zach! We’re almost there! Shouldn’t be much farther!
Z: Hah…I- losing his breath how are you- how are you 2 still so energetic?
Elock: I’m a leopard. I'm meant to be agile!
A: This anti magic field’s edge shouldn’t be more than a few more minutes away! We should be out in about…NOBODY MOVE!
Elock and Zach: freezes in place What's wrong?
A: …we’re not alone. Someone else is here!
Elock: I don’t hear or smell anyone else besides you guys. Are you sure?
A: Yes I’m sure! I can sense another source of energy here!
???: I would say I’m impressed that you managed to detect me since I pride myself on being able to move like a shadow…but I sort of expected this with talent like yours.
Akano: Hello Augustine, been a while hasn’t it?
A: Akano? What’re you doing here…
Akano: boss sent me to hunt you down, anonymous source requested it.
Augustine thoughts: No doubt it was that shopkeeper.
Akano: Now since we’ve spent some time together, I’ll give you 2 choices. You can drop your sword and come back with us unharmed, or I paint this forest a lovely shade of red with your blood an-
A: Bring it on…
Akano: hm. As you wish…
Akano dashes towards Augustine with lightning speed, expecting to end this quickly.
An explosion sends a strong gust of cutting air across the forest. Zach and Elock took refuge behind a thick tree, powerless to do a damn thing to help.
Akano: oh ho! Quick on your feet are you?
Augustine who dodged into a tree: guess you can say that.
Akano: Well, I guess it’s time to turn this up a notch! pulls a strange amulet, with a large red gem resting in a gold frame
Augustine: hm?
Akano: Master Lulio entrusted me with this and I won’t let him down!
The amulet begins to glow once Akano puts it around his neck, The energy being given off was palpable from a mile away, to the point it could be severed with a knife.
The attack sends multiple large scale wind slices through out the area, yet even with this jump in power, Augustine doesn’t seem fazed with him perfectly dodging and blocking every slash as Akano watched, perplexed
Augustine: Your display of power is impressive. I'll give you that.
Akano: Keep talking little brat, the power contained within this amulet is beyond even your understanding!
Augustine: Oh really? What evidence do you have to back that theory up?
“What I’m saying is that even though you claim that this amulet is never before seen, you haven’t managed to land a single hit yet.” Augustine sneers.
Akano: beginning to seeth in rage
Augustine: In fact…you seem to be the most injured one so far…
Right on que, a small cut appears on Akano’s face as he looks up to see that Augustine blade is stained with his blood with a small smirk beginning to form on his face.
Akano: …You’re dead meat…
Akano launches towards the tree as Augustine simply leaps into another tree as it gets cut down, Akano sends jets of cutting wind at Augustine but he simply blocks or avoids them with seemingly zero effort. What confuses Akano even more is why he isn’t fighting back, with the worst attack he’s thrown so far being a small cut.
Akano: What’s wrong?! WHERE’S ALL THE TALK NOW HUH?!
Augustine: still dodging
Akano attempts to piledrive Augustine with his sword and successfully impales him through the chest.
The Augustine on his sword dematerialized as the real Augustine appears next to him
Augustine: Hey, nice effort.
With a swift kick, Augustine sends Akano flying into the trunk of a tree. Instantly causing him to cough up blood.
Augustine: I never wanted it to end this way, I apologize but this was your own doing.
Akano: barely mustering enough strength to stay conscious don’t think you’ve won yet brat…I’M FAR FROM DONE!
The amulet begins to glow a furious red as Akano leaps into the air, as he prepares to pour every last drop of his remaining strength into this attack as a last ditch effort to take Augustine down.
Elock: Is…is he gonna be alright?!
Z: Augustine has a knack for worming his way out of sticky situations, but I’m nervous even with the power he holds.
Akano unleashes a maelstrom of erratic sword slashes down towards Augustine, even faster than before. Augustine increases his speed to match but still gets 2 large cuts across his torso and arm. Seeing this Akano smiles and picks up his pace, confident that he would kill him.
Augustine: slightly pressured and tired look from dodging so much
Akano’s face changes from glee to horror as he watches Augustine blast a tree with a fireball to launch himself to his position. Augustine was now no more than a few feet away from him and there was no way he could raise his sword up to block in time. “This is it” he thinks “This is how I’m gonna go out? Taken out by a boy turned monster?”. Everyone holds their breath as they wait for the killing blow where they watch Augustine raise his sword up to Akano’s neck, waiting for the splatter of blood to rain down on the trees…but it never comes. Instead of beheading Akano, Augustine slams the edge of his sword on the chains of the red amulet, breaking it. The amulet drops towards the forest floor and Akano’s power instantly fizzles out. The amulet clatters onto the ground as Augustine gracefully lands in a tree with Akano falling hard on his side.
Akano: I- trembling and confused at what just happened I’m alive?!
Akano looks up to see Augustine holding his amulet, looking at him, not with rage…but sympathy.
Akano: I’m…Why didn’t you kill me?!
Augustine: Because I’m not like you, slaughtering people just to fuel your own ego.
Zach and Elock observe the confrontation, in awe.
Akano: Don’t come at me with that moral high ground! And I’m not done yet! grips sword
Before Akano could draw his blade, Augustine appeared in front of him holding a device in his hands.
Augustine: So this was the reason why I couldn’t teleport. slashing the black, rune carved tablet into bits
Akano: …feeling panic wash over him
Augustine: Just…do something for me alright?
Akano: looks on with confusion
Augustine: Just…try to be a better person after you get out.
Before Akano could question what he meant by “get out” Augustine pressed his finger onto Akano’s forehead and at that moment, Akano felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time: relief, like all the burdens of working for the grand Templar suddenly couldn’t touch him anymore. Still in this feeling, Augustine focused his energy into Akano, teleporting him away. Akano awoke on a strange beach, confused.
Akano: gah…what…happened? What did he even do? That sensation, it felt…good. Now where am I-
Basitin: HALT!
Akano: ah!
Basitin 1: How did you get on our island stranger?
Basitin 2: take him to the king, he’ll know what to do.
Akano: Basitin…KING?!
Augustine: sigh of relief with his wounds almost done regenerating That was scary, I’ve never been in a real fight before, he was stronger than I thought he’d be. turns to Zach and Elock you guys alright?
Z: Augustine…That was…
A: what? Why are you looking at me like tha-
Elock: INCREDIBLE! pounces on him the way you effortlessly dodged almost all of his attacks was so cool! And the way you took him down was just like in the fantasy books!
Z: Elock let go! You’re gonna squeeze him to death!
Elock: oh! Sorry!
A: It's alright, though maybe I should stop performing those feats in front of you then.
Z: So Augustine, where should we head now? A clearing with torn up trees isn’t exactly what I call subtle.
A: They’re gonna come looking for him by following his amulet’s energy signal. Disposing of it is what we should do, but there are some properties of it that I wanna explore so… grabs his sword and smashes the gem, taking a small chunk to observe at the cabin
A: alright let’s get this out of here. focusing his energy onto the amulet, he teleported it away to a place that no one would find it. No one at all. No sir
Smol basitin child: Hey! What’s this shiny red rock?
Another child: don’t know.
Smol basitin: whoa! It shoots fire, and the warmth feels so nice and…intoxicating…
A: They still might find this carnage though, heading back for the day I think is the better idea.
Z: well if you say so then.
A: Luckily with that device destroyed, I can teleport again.
Elock: let’s get out of here then!
A: very well. teleports
later that night
Z: Augustine you doing alright?
A: yes I’m fine, tomorrow it’ll look like these injuries were never there.
Z: No I was talking about your feelings, I thought you’d be demoralized after that attack.
A: quite the opposite actually, it felt good letting some of my feelings out in that battle.
Z: I see. I was expecting you to actually kill him, but was surprised when you just broke his necklace.
A: Guess the memory 2 guards I slayed in the facility during the escape still burned a bit.
Z: I understand.
Augustine’s thoughts: goes back to a conversation he had with Elock years ago
Young Elock: Augustine, how do you define a hero?
Young Augustine: hm?
Young Elock: I read a lot of fantasy and mythology books about epic battles and legendary heroes, what’s a hero to you?
Young Augustine: That's a pretty subjective question but I don’t think I’m the right person to answer that. I’ve always defined heroes as people who can take the villain down and nothing more.
Young Elock: I guess you can say that.
Young Augustine: So how do you define a hero Elock? Might as well get a second opinion.
Young Elock: Oh! Um! I’ve always believed that heroes are people who can both save the day, and send the villains down the brighter path. Not through power but through words, not simply killing them.
Young Augustine: Huh…that’s a new concept, pretty cool. I’ll give it some thought.
Young Elock: Thanks!
“Am I really a hero doing this?”
Elock: Augustine. You ok? You look lost.
A: snaps back huh? Oh right, sorry I was daydreaming.
Elock: disappointed that the plan failed?
A: I- yeah I suppose so.
“Well perhaps I can help with that”
A: Who said that?!
Z: Elock was that you?
Elock: I didn’t say that.
“It was me!”
Everyone looks around the cabin to see who’s talking.
“Oh my masks…HEY! IDIOTS! DOWN HERE!”
Everyone looks down to see…a white cat?
Z: a cat?
Elock: awwww! It’s so cute!
A: Oh it's you again. Hey there.
Z: Wait Augustine was this the weird cat I saw in the forest a while back?!
“Have some respect, Doctor! I’ll have you know that I have the ability to take your insides to the outside!”
Z: Who the hell are you anyways? And what are you doing here?! And how are you creepily talking inside my head?!
“Well if you insist”
“My name is Nora, or Lady Nora”
Z: shudders L- Lady Nora?! PLEASE FORGIVE MY RUDENESS!
Nora: oh please, get up from the floor already! Do you seriously deal with this guy everyday?
A: Normally he’s calm and collected. Guess in the presence of superiority he’s pretty shy.
Nora: typical humans.
Elock: Excuse me, lady Nora! But what are you doing here? Don’t you have more important business to take care of?
Nora: Dragon duties get pre-tty boring after a while, so I’m always looking for new stuff to do.
Elock: but that only answers one question! What are you doing here?
Nora: to help…duh.
Elock: really?
A: huh?
Z: what?
Nora: Yeah, I’m here to help. What?
Z: Is this a trick?! Are you waiting for us to reveal our plans to you just for you to tell the grand Templar?!
Nora: Are you deaf? I JUST SAID I'M HELPING YOU! And besides! I already know about your plan! Jeez your mind is easy to peek into!
A: Why are you helping though? Surely there are more interesting things you could be doing…not that we’re turning down your offer though.
Nora: Why does anyone do anything? When you get to my age everything’s pretty boring.
A: yeah…don’t think we’ll be getting there anytime soon. But how do you plan on helping? I mean I get how much power you hold but what can you do to benefit us?
Nora: You'll know it when the time comes. I’ll need a few days…and also! manifests a key out of nowhere for your buddy’s collar over there.
A: Oh! Thank you! Elock! You’re free now!
Elock: picks up Nora and presses her against her face Thank youuuuuuuu!
Nora: ACK! Get off me! I know you’re happy but limit the physical touch!
A: how’d you even get the key anyways? I thought that the shopkeeper held the sole copy!
Nora: oh! It was simple really, just made him a deal where for the key I show him uhh ahem a “pleasurable” fantasy if you know what I mean.
A: oh…OH…
Nora: right…anyways. I’ll be ready when you guys need me. Once you get your crap together I’ll be ready.
Z: very well then.
June 20th, 327
Zach wakes up to see Augustine sitting at his desk, tinkering with the red crystal sample seemingly puzzled and intrigued at once. Elock is still asleep on the bed as Augustine let her have it.
Z: what’cha doing there?
A: oh! Hey Zach! I’m just testing this sample I got from Akano’s amulet and it’s pretty interesting. First off, the size of the crystal never seems to shift no matter how much I use it, with me charging energy into one of our slabs of steak and the crystal never changes size at all! What I’m more curious about is the steak. I used my sword to cut it and to my amazement it started healing the cut right before my eyes, so in essence I imbued that piece of meat with my regenerative properties! Unfortunately it didn’t last long as the high amount of energy destroyed the steak’s cells and quite literally liquifying it!
Z: interesting…
A: But that does raise some red flags unfortunately…
Z: why’s tha- oh…you don’t mean…
A: yeah…that means that one day…I might befall the same fate. But when? I don’t know. And I don’t wanna think about it.
To be continued…
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2023.06.09 23:58 Brayden_D91 Thanks for the Impossible (Whispering) Vault

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2023.06.09 23:35 Old_Succotash1260 Pray for me

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